Phone Consultations With Blair Robertson

Please note: due the COVID pandemic and overall uncertainty, Blair is focusing his energies on his group healing messages events as well as smaller healing circles. He will not being doing individual phone sessions until further notice.

To see his ONLINE event schedule, please visit his main page for details

What Others Say About Blair Robertson's Private Readings:

Do it!!! Blair is really accurate, I had no idea that I would be where I am right now! After a disastrous marriage separation I asked Blair if he could see future happiness for me, and he said yes, by the end of the year which I didn't believe at all! Well I have met the nicest guy who I have been long distance dating for just over a few months now, and have plans of moving cities in the next 3 months to pursue this! I never would have dreamed I would be this happy again. Thanks to Blair I have so much more insight into my future and how to look at things!! TRACY L. AUCKLAND, NZ

Ok, enough said. I wish to sincerely thank you for taking the time from your very busy schedule to do my reading. Everything you said, I can relate to and it all made sense to me. I am now very reassured that I have made the right decisions to change my life and will now feel stronger to keep on going. Again, thank you. Looking forward to your next visit in Ottawa. Ginette M. Ontario, Canada

I loved my 3 question reading, so worth it and such a reasonable price for a personalized reading . I have no doom and gloom in my life which Blair clearly picked up on, as he told me I had a bright aura. I came away feeling uplifted and happy, with confirmation that I am on the right path in my life and to follow my instincts to pursue my passion as I will do well. Maude T. Avondale, NZ

I have to tell you it gave my mother in law piece of mind knowing that her son is happy on the other side and that he truly does love her. She was filled with so much sadness and doubt I was very happy to deliver the message to her from William. She has now started to believe in the spirt world and feels William's presents with her. I will take advantage of the discount reading for sure within the next 6 months. I have recommend people already to contact you for a reading. I am hoping you come back to the Ottawa area very soon so I can see you in person. You have a very special gift to offer all of us on this side of the realm. Thank you again chat very soon. Debbie T. Almonte, Ontario

Blair was so honest.. Great information and to the point. Thank you I enjoyed my psychic reading! Debra S. Hammond IN

Blair is not only very accurate in his readings but he is such a kind, compassioniate person who truly cares about you and speaks so genuinely from his heart. After a reading with Blair I always feel uplifted and inspired and thankful that I am the recipient of his words of wisdom. 🙂 Kelly M. Swanzy NH

That you really do have a gift! the things you told me in my readings were so accurate and actually became reality. I am truly amazed by your abilities and I would definitely go back to you if I wanted another reading. I have told friends and family about you. thank you so much and blessings to you and your family! Cynthia A. Levis, Quebec Canada

I would say it was a great reading, very insightful. Barbara T. Montgomery AL, USA

Blair's reading was very spot-on- he confirmed several things I'd been feeling and that was awesome. Make sure you read his website before so you ask questions in the best way! Dierdre V. San Diego, CA, USA

I had one done and it was very enlightening to know what my future holds. He told me about myself and I let my family listen to it and they said he was right on. I will talk to him again as I have other questions I would like answered. Jaqueline S. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

It has been an absolute pleasure receiving a reading from Blair. My life has certainly changed direction since my reading and am very thank-full to Blair for giving me encouraging words to help me on my life journey. Amy J. Ottawa, Ontario Canada

It is well worth it. Blair is amazing, I really enjoyed the reading ! What a wonderful gift he has! Marlene D. Woodlawn, ON Canada

I have listened to Blair on Hot 899 for quite some time now and always considered getting a reading. I finally did it and asked my questions. I was thrilled with the outcome and how concerned Blair was that I wouldn't get discouraged by the timing of some outcomes. Now I want a personalized phone reading! Thanks so much Blair! Caroline C. Orleans, Ontario, Canada

Many of his comments touched on personality traits that were accurate and caused me to reflect . I had asked three questions for the reading type selected and now that some time has passed I can confirm that Blair was able to accurately comment on events that had yet to pass in my life. I was pleased and impressed with his reading – In the future I plan to request another reading with Blair. Sonya D. Orleans, Ontario, Canada

Be prepared to hear the truth mixed in with good humor! And quite inspirational too – given with a positive vibe. Makes you feel good about yourself, where you've been and where you're going in life even if we have stumbled along the way. Michelle B. Redbank, NJ. USA

Blair is a wonderful man to listen to and enjoy his thoughts on your personal life and stories. He is very detailed and specific to how to be guided along the paths of life you choose to learn more about youself and some decisions you are encountering and deal with. Karen D., Ottawa, CA

Blair was very helpful with my questions and before he'd even met me or talked to me (it was an e-mail 3 question reading) was able to describe me in better detail than most people can. His answers to my questions were detailed enough to give me some peace of mind that I haven't had in a long while because life has seemed so chaotic. I really enjoyed the reading and felt it was money well spent. Thank you for your time and for sharing your gift with us, Blair. Tiffany Y. Bozemon MT USA

I very much enjoyed the reading. When you initially talked about me, I think you nailed my personality… I did the 3 questions by email and while the reading was only two weeks ago and some things haven't come to fruition, I have had the same feeling about my questions and you just validated it for me. Holly N. Sammamish, WA

Blair is great at identifying personality traits and provides suggestions to address key issues and concerns. Karen G. Carleton Place, ON Canada

Blair's reading was very spot-on- he confirmed several things I'd been feeling and that was awesome. Make sure you read his website before so you ask questions in the best way! Dierdre V. San Diego, CA USA

Blair was great, and told me that he believed I was on the right path, and up until now I have believed that, although I am at a crossroad now and a bit confused, as it appears my current path is going to change. I believed all along that I was on the right path, but now I l believe that I have had to made a change which has been been out of my control. Karyn C. Auckland, NZ

I would tell someone thinking about getting a reading that you made me feel very at ease with you and it felt as if we actually knew each other already. I could relate to what you were saying in response to my 3 questions. I would like another reading in fact now too as wondering whether my current new work project will be successful! Alan C. Sydney Australia

Blair's reading has guided me to decide my path forward in life.I have been going through trying times and Blair's reading provided me the insight of my future. Arundhati C. Fort McMurray Alberta, Canada

Good reading. Allayed my anxiety. Thank you. Catherine B. Christchurch, NZ

Go for it I had a reading from Blair, and it was spot on. I let some very close listen to it and they thought the same thing. Thank you Blair and I would do it again. Margot B. Christchurch NZ

I felt that Blair's reading was extremely accurate particularly when it came to family and generally how I was feeling at the time and he also did provide future events (not yet occurred) for later on this year and that time-frame did fit in with what I had felt myself. I highly recommend Blair for a reading and I particularly enjoyed his “psychic cycles.” Nannette D, Queen Creek, AZ USA

I would tell someone thinking about getting a reading: DO IT! I have passed along this message over and over again. I much prefer the MP3 version as it allows me to go a re-listen to it any time I want to. You are the only psychic I would feel comfortable speaking with and spending money on! Sarah C. Ottawa, ON Canada

GO FOR IT… my reading wasn't at all what I expected and the message wasn't even for me (directly). But, it certainly reinforced my beliefs that our loved ones are watching over us. Thank you Blair. Yolande L, Mountain ON Canada

Blair Robertson's readings are accurate and to the point. He takes the time to listen to you and is amazing what he'll tell you in your reading.I've had readings with other psychic in the past . After my reading with Blair Robertson, I definitely will have Blair Robertson, do all my readings from now on. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED. Tina C, Claremont, NC USA

Totally worth it, and take it seriously. Blair can help you find a new enlightening perspective on life. He's straight to the point, and breaks it to you in a positive way. Jaclyn S. Ottawa, ON Canada

I would tell someone thinking about getting a reading: to absolute do it Blair is friendly and so amazing. I have a party and a reading and in both times I have felt very at ease with my situations after talking to him. Sue D. Morrisburg ON Canada

Blair is very easy to talk to, and gets straight to the point. He's very honest and blunt. Chelsey L. Orleans ON Canada

I found that Blair really is a very caring and understanding person thank you my friend well worth waiting for will be in touch soon Shane T. Christchurch, New Zealand