Mindfulness Meditation: Following Your Breath

Mindfulness Meditation: An Introduction

We live in a society of overwhelm.  It's no wonder there is so much stress–we are so busy that we don't even have time to think, let alone ‘live'. 

Wendy and I were recently in a fine dining restaurant and to my surprise, beside us a good looking young couple sat across from each other and both of them texted until the meal was served. No chatting, no loving looks. They were too busy for that. And, I might add, they both looked stressed. A sign of the times, I guess.

Mindfulness Meditation

Life is busy and chaotic. Our lives are filled with overload. It's one of the top complaints I get from coaching clients who are desperately trying to remove this block.

Well. There's good news. One of the very best techniques for ‘quieting your mind' is Mindfulness Meditation. It's extremely easy to do, works extremely well (and quickly) and is incredibly refreshing. My clients love it and I know you will too.

Follow Your Breath

How easy is it? Well, if you are reading this I'm assuming that you are breathing, here's all you need to do: follow your breath.

Imagine you can see your breath–like when it's cold outside. Simply stop what you are doing, close your eyes and imagine you can see your breath going in through your nose and down into your lungs.

When you exhale, imagine you can see your breath leaving through your mouth.

You don't need to slow your breathing or take deep breaths. All you need to do is… breathe. Follow your breath in, and then follow it out.

It's easy. You simply pay attention to your breathing, and nothing else.

In essence, you are concentrating on you and life itself, aren't you?

Try it. It works very well. Do this relaxing exercise any time you feel overwhelm. It's easy to do, and you'll enjoy how relaxed and refreshed you'll feel doing it.

Want to hear more? Would you like to learn a few more “tricks” that will make this work even better and be even more beneficial to you? If so, check out part two here. 

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75 thoughts on “Mindfulness Meditation: Following Your Breath

  1. Blair,

    I am really struggling right now and any pointers on destressing and finding my inner peace would be most helpful.

    Thank you for everything you do!

  2. This seems easy enough to try, I have been wanting to learn how to meditate properly to clear my poor busy mind for a while and I can’t seem to get it.

    Thanks Blair, Will let you know if it works.


  3. Hi Blair, yes I would like a few more tricks re mindfulness meditation. I definitely would benefit from a de-stressor. Thanks!

  4. I have tried to quiet my mind but it is hard. I constantly have other thoughts popping in. It is hard to think of nothing. This is a good method and it works. Thank you.

  5. Loved the breathing technique I will be using it often, my husband often says that I would stress if I didn’t have something to stress about and he is right I would. I would love to learn more techniques for sure.

  6. I loved using the breathing treat and will use it often, my husband always says I would get stressed out if I didn’t have something to stress about and he is right I would. I would live to learn more tricks to make this work even better.
    Thanks Lavon Krantz

  7. I really needed this !!! My stress level is off the charts !!! Thank you for your kindness and all the sharing that you give. Love & Light..

  8. Stressed out! I’ve got alot of big things going on in my life and am on medication for stress. Bad Karma must be staying with me for a long while. Relaxation! What is that? Sometimes I feel like I want to leave this world!

  9. As our world becomes an increasingly stressful place to live it is wonderful to have soothing tools to unwind. Thank you so much for this one and … Y-E-S … I would be interested in learning more

  10. I like this the way you describe doing it Blair, a lot of breathing meditations you read about ask you not to visualize, but i find its more difficult for me to experience things or learn a thing if i am unable to utilize more than one of my senses. Is that something other people have trouble with too? I would like to learn more. Thanks.

  11. Oh wow, thanks your simple tip came when I needed it most. Of course we would appreciate anything that helps us to access mental peace. Thanks and blessings to you both.

  12. It comes from a book by ABC news anchor Dan Harris called Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works–A True Story. It’s found on Amazon.

    What’s the answer? It’s actually a simple meditation technique – sit still and follow the breath. But this is actually a technique followed in the Zen and Insight Meditation Buddhist approaches.

    To tell the truth, the book The Relaxation Response Mass Market Paperback
    by Herbert Benson and Miriam Z. Klipper, had a similar technique about twenty-five years ago. It can be found on Amazon. But I think the Harvard Medical school writer does add focus on a simple English phase.

  13. I have a student in PE who gets really angry and frustrated. I am going to try this with him and see if it makes a difference when he loses it.

  14. Hiya Blair
    This tip is fabulous, started doing it as I was reading your message and by the end, I was cool, calm and collected. Love love it, thankyou so much xx

  15. This method of relaxing and de-stressing really does work, quite well and fast!
    Thanks Blair for bringing it back to the forefront again to remind people how simple it can be to recenter yourself in a quiet place inside!

  16. I do some kind of meditation exercise every nite to try and quite my mind . It’s my favorite time of my day. It’s when I communicate with my spirit guides also. I try to do it every nite also. There are certain meditations I use for this and they work perfectly. And I also use certain breathing exercises like this one you describe especially when I’m stressed and overwhelmed. I looked forward to your emails and your teachings Blair I have so much to learn and I’m having alot of fun doing so. Thanks for all you do. Keep all your emails coming please 😉 Jody Harris

  17. Lots of stress at the moment. . . .I’ll probably fall asleep like Harold in New Zealand!!!! I love your advice and appreciate it any time I can get it!!

  18. Thank you… this actually works!!! I can feel my energy lifting. Yep, breath, IS life. this can be done, anywhere @ any time; thank you.

  19. Hi Blair, This is what i do whenever i feel stressed, it always helps. Your messages are always very helpful and i look forward to them always.

    Thank you so much for all that you do.

  20. Thank you Blair….I Love all the advise you give. I am going to try this, as I often have problems with being stressed. When I try to meditate, I am interrupted by various things…sometimes just thoughts.
    Bless you for your advise & trying to help everyone. You are greatly appreciated. 🙂

  21. Blair, I know this doesn’t have to do with this but I was wondering if you would come to Baton Rouge.i would love to see you .you have help a lot of people.

  22. I am wondering if doing this will help me relax and be able to channel my loved ones. I have a very hard time with the outside noises. I will try it thank you.

  23. Thanks for sharing Blair, I need all the help I can get with finding inner peace, organizing my daily overload on my mind and learning to meditate….thanks for all you do!!

  24. Quieting my mind is very very difficult, and could be because I have ADD. Many thoughts run through my mind at one time. I like your tip of closing your eyes and concentrating on following your breath in and out. That does help quiet my mind for a few minutes. I’m hoping with practice the quiet time will grow longer. I’ve wanted to be able to meditate for quite some time now, but it doesn’t last long for me.
    I would love to learn more of your tips regarding quieting the mind.
    Thanks Blair!

  25. I am going to start using this technique. Thank you. I would definitely like to learn more tricks! My mind is always on overload. Bless you.

  26. Hi Blair,
    Thank you for the tip. I see more and more people paying more attention to their electronics than to each other which makes me very sad, but we’re all guilty of it.
    Breathing is what we all do and need to pay attention to ourselves more often.
    Thanks so very much.

  27. I have tried meditation before….but did not seem to get any thing from it…….I tried see my breath and was excited about the results……I closed my eyes and looked for my breath……..As I inhaled I saw small circles they would circle around fast…as I stopped to hold breath they circled slow……as I exhaled the circles would circle fast again……I felt calm. Thank you for the breath meditation……Helped me relax and feel calm.

  28. I have suffered from dissociation all my life. I have very much improved. At 85, does the progress continue as long as I live? There are severe setbacks from time to time. Is this the way I will continue to experience this suffering? Do my loved ones understand? We spoke on the phone a long time ago Do you remember? miriam

  29. I missed the last one minute of your webinar last evening, you were talking about homework, centering and a new meditative to do. I got ill and had to leave the room, I WROTE BEFORE with no reply. Can you please help me.

    YOur Student
    Melody Searles.

  30. I didn’t get to download the complementary meditation video, there was no No link to it 🙁 however I really enjoyed the program HOW TO CONNECT WITH SPIRIT GUIDES , it was informative. Thank you so much! God Bless you and yours.

  31. Qi Gong is the oldest form of healing. I breathe in a huge white light of protection and healing, I hold for 5 seconds and then imagine sending healing energy to any part of my body. To do effectively, breathe in big breath, hold for five seconds, and then imagine the energy going down your arms, legs and send all the negative energy into the ground out of the bottom of your feet. Also, as you breathe out, hold your tongue at the roof of your mouth. Practice, Practice, Practice and you will find the results astounding. Also, I would also like to add, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PRAYER !!! Thank you for all you do, Blair!! Carole

  32. Hey Blair how are you?well I hope. I will be receiving a settlement by August so my guides say so I would like to meet with you for a session with you I am buying anew RV and doing a spiritual journey and would like to know where you believe would be the best way to go I already have an idea of my destination but am open. Also I would like to know about myself before this life.

  33. I will put this to practice tonight. You answered my live question regarding arguing with my teens. I will let ya know if it works :).

  34. My girlfriend took her own life 9/8/16. I miss her so much.I came to bed with my phone,I wasn’t tired,but it was getting late.with my phone in my hand,I fell asleep for a few seconds.during my brief seconds of sleep,I heard a noice,I flipped on the light and saw her laying on the floor looking up at me.i asked her why she was here,you have passed,and commited suicide.she looked up at me and said she was ok,and was going back now.then I woke up with my phone still in my hand.I miss her so much.