Not too long ago a client of mine contacted me extremely worried and concerned for her spiritual health and relationship with God.
“My Bible study group says I will certainly burn in hell for consulting with a psychic medium,” she said. She was genuinely worried.
I laughed, but I was angry at the same time. Putting aside Matt 7:1 about not judging, this is so wrong… and judgmental.
The verse they burdened her with was the road-worn Leviticus quote 19:31 that says “don't talk to mediums or spiritists.”
So, she and I had a heart to heart chat. I pointed out that her Bible group was denying Jesus by saying that.

Jesus Spoke To The Dead And To God (And It Was Witnessed)

A “medium” is defined as “a person through whom the spirits of the dead are alleged to be able to contact the living.” (
Whenever I'm confronted by misguided religious folks who attempt “Bible-Quote Kung Fu,” I typically remind them of Matt 17 where Jesus spoke to Moses and Elijah. Two very dead guys. This was witnessed by his disciples to boot!
Not only that, this was THE MOMENT that God proclaimed that Jesus was his son, to listen to him and that God was pleased.
Think about it. It can only mean one thing: Jesus himself was a medium.
This was a huge Bible moment. Massive. Bible folks even named it “the transfiguration.”
If speaking to the dead was okay for Jesus, it is certainly fine for me. The gift comes from the same source: God.
Of course, this is where the bible thumpers lose their minds. They'll come back with dozens of quotes to argue against it.
But they can never dispute that Jesus spoke to dead people. As it is written.
In the Bible.
For all to read and see. Denying it is to deny Jesus. Period.

Jesus And Afterlife Communication

Jesus never discouraged people to communicate with their deceased loved ones. In fact, he never mentions mediums once.
Jesus encouraged us to be like him. Given he spoke to the deceased and the fact that he never comments otherwise, I'm happy with it. It is a gift from God.

Leviticus, The Old Testament And Other “Classic” Rebuttals

Leviticus 19:31 is the most used quote mediums (and their followers) get hit with. It forbids talking to mediums.
But when someone quotes it, I always like to ask them how many doves/turtles they have sacrificed when they menstruate. Because, according to Leviticus 15:19-33, women must kill a couple to appease the Lord. (If it is a man, I ask where he sends his wife for 2-weeks so his disgusting wife will not defile him).
As you might imagine, this usually causes a complete melt-down with the Bible slinging hypocrite. In 30-years of me asking this question, not one has given me a number… they tend to be very evasive.
Some argue that Jesus died on the cross so no more blood sacrifices are required.
Ah. So, by Jesus dying on the cross, it erases some of the past rules? So, not everything in the Bible can be taken literally.
That makes sense, doesn't it? It does to me.
Just as it makes sense that Jesus demonstrated mediumship. And at no time did Jesus discourage anyone from practicing it.
NOTE: Leviticus 19 is but one quote. There are many other references. They all lead to the same end: Jesus demonstrated mediumship at a pivotal point in his life, witnessed by his disciples.

Mediums Heal And Urge People To Connect With God And Spirit

Every day on my Facebook page I see bible thumpers judging and posting misguided nonsense. Every day.
It's sad as they are allowing their religious leaders to misguide them. That religion is blocking them from having a true connection to God. It's sad that they cherry pick arguments from a 2000-year-old book written by men.
See, religion is man made. God is not. God has no religion.
Real ethical mediums focus on having a direct relationship with the highest source.
Ethical mediums prove that love never dies by bringing messages from deceased loved ones: who are now free from pain, suffering and their physical bodies and are now one with God.
That's why God has given all spirit guides to help us navigate through life. To thrive and live the best lives we can.
Don't believe you have a spirit guide? Have you heard the expression, “your conscience is your guide?”
Guess what? THAT is your spirit guide. THAT is the “still, small voice” so many refer to.

Spiritual, not Religious

I'm spiritual. Not “religious.”
Spiritual people follow God. Religious people follow dogma created by man.
Want to connect with God? Drop the religious clap-trap rules and regulations and become spiritual.
None better than Jesus himself said the two most important rules are to “love one another and love God.”
Religious leaders don't like it. Why? I suspect it's because you won't need them anymore. And that often leads to a dip in the Sunday offerings. Having a direct connection and relationship with God competes with the business of religion. Coincidence?

Mediumship Is Not Anti-God

It is tiresome being judged and persecuted. But it is part of the calling and gift I have been given.
Mediums are NOT anti-God.
In fact, anyone who attends my live events will walk away KNOWING that there is absolutely a God, a heaven and… that their loved ones are NOT “dead,” but very much ALIVE in spirit.
One only needs to visit my Facebook page and review the past live events… read the comments… SEE the proof.
Sadly, most bible thumpers are not interested in that. They are quick to judge – as soon as they see the word “medium” – which Jesus himself said in Matt 7:1… “don't judge.” It is sad.


So, what happened to my client? She dropped out of her Bible study group and is now happy connecting to God, her spirit guides and knowing her loved ones are very much alive in spirit. She recognizes the five signs her loved ones send. 
She's now happy, content and free.
You can be too.
Please check out my Facebook Page and read about the live events and the THOUSANDS of people who have connected to their loved ones and heaven.
I wish the same for you. Love and light and remember, “love never dies.”
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  1. Sue at - Reply

    Keep up the good work

  2. Sharon Heiman at - Reply

    Blair, you are 100 % correct and I totally agree with you. As usual those goofy Bible thumping nuts need to mind their OWN business and stay out of everyone else’s.

    I admire, appreciate and respect the messages and answers you bring to myself an others.

    • Stephanie. Rule at - Reply

      Hi Blair I’m religious think I mispell that but anyway my boyfriend of 15 yrs took his life in 2015 I still not over it. I am the one to find him hanging been a nightmare Blair I am still so much in love with him And I am always looking for signs from Jerry please help Thanks

  3. Suzi Keohane at - Reply

    Never better said. Agree wholeheartedly.

  4. Louise at - Reply

    I so agree with you, I went to Catholic school from second to twelveth grade and was raised in the church. It wasn’t until I got divorced and was going to have it annulled that I realized it was mans interruption of the Bible. God wouldn’t want me to stay in an abussive marriage and I certainly didn’t believe he would punish me for leaving…I feel a closer relationship now than I ever did before.

    • Vgal at - Reply

      Same here…I was pushed into going to Mass only because we had to give the money offering in order to stay in the Catholic school. It has always left me with a sour taste…(old saying). I am also spiritual. Reading and listening to Blair makes me feel happy.. is this what it’s all about? Thanks for your post.

    • DanTheMan at - Reply

      Believe in whatever you want is something that I preach and I agree that Christians can be extremely judgemental. I’m a Christian myself and I have to say that when it comes to this topic however, I strongly disagree with Blair’s interpretation of the Bible. It’s very clear that Christians are forbidden to contact the dead via mediums etc. I don’t see how anyone can read the Bible and not see this, unless they have not read the whole thing of course. I am assuming Blair hasn’t.

      Deuteronomy 18: 10-12
      10 Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, 11 or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. 12 Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord; because of these same detestable practices the Lord your God

      • BBrewer at - Reply

        Hi Dan, I, too, am Christian. My argument to this is that with the New Testament comes living and believing a new covenant. The Old Testament, yes, forbids utilizing mediums. The New Testament, however, the covenant by which we believe and live, says nothing. I have researched where it warns or forbids us in the new testament and can find nothing. Do you have any support from there?

        • Linda at - Reply

          How do you explain all the innocent children that see spirits. They did not ask for it, it just happens. I am Catholic and was taught not to ever talk to spirits. I don’t believe that anymore. I do not believe God wants us unhappy. When we lose a loved one as everyone has the pain can be intolerable. Bible teaches us that a passed loved ones spirit is still with us so why can we not try to communicate with them. The souls of our deceased do not want us unhappy and that I have found out first hand.

  5. Rebecca at - Reply

    Well said, Mr. Robertson! The most judgemental people I have ever met identify themselves as being “Christian” and are the first to tell everyone else they’ll burn in hell for…whatever it may be. Keep doing what you’re doing, because it is God’s work, it heals and it encourages people to do within and find their own connect with Spirit and with God. Bravo!

    with gratitude,
    Rebecca Trono
    Milton, VT

  6. Brenda at - Reply

    Thank You Blair for this information. It should wake everyone up. The truth is the truth. An your wording is perfect. Light to you. Brenda

  7. Bonnie at - Reply

    I really loved reading this, I do not go to church either but whole heartedly believe in God and I do pray to him, isn’t that what God wants us to do is love one another, not hate or judge.. Some need a huge wake up call..I guess best thing we can do for them is pray for them..

  8. Gaynor at - Reply

    Absolutely spot on Blair. I know too many self professed Christians and other religions who are not caring, not loving, ignorant of the hardships of many. Yet they talk incessantly about how they will one day go to heaven?

    The other side is for all but many people have a long way to go in their growth and others who know the truth are already well up there. I think of them as uneducated and just in the spiritual kindergarten.

  9. Karen at - Reply

    I agree with you Blair I am spiritual also not religious and it does state in the bible what you say.

  10. Carole Wasser at - Reply

    I too struggle with the Catholic girl upbringing. I struggle with all of my beliefs since my 2nd husband died. I struggle to want to believe that “love never dies”. I try so many ways to reach my guides but I feel left out in the cold.

  11. Joanne at - Reply

    Blessings to all of us, as we are one!

  12. Toni at - Reply

    Always uplifting…I appreciate your thoughts on this.

  13. Jennifer Rorick at - Reply

    The day the minister at the church we were members of stated when you die you die that’s it is the day I walked away! I am spiritual and yes I say my prayers and ask for guidance everyday but do not need a leader to tell me when to. Anyway thanks for being you and doing what you do.

  14. marsha allen at - Reply


  15. Georgette at - Reply

    Well put…I have seen too much hypocrisy within religion ..but have always kept my faith in a higher power!

  16. Tamra Gilman at - Reply

    Blair I have seen you in person and can say from my experience that I respect you and LOVE your honesty. I have your books and follow you on facebook and I am also on your mailing list. I have nothing but respect for you and your gift. Its the small minded and unhappy people who make stupid and closed minded comments about you and your gift. I lost my daughter almost 4 years ago and can say with all honesty that you and your books and your webinars helped me get through it and understand that she is still with me and I do get signs from her. I too am not into the comformed religion I am also more spirit and I want to say Thank You for all you do and for sharing your gift.
    Tamra Gilman
    High Desert

  17. Cindy Spain at - Reply

    Hello from California. I so wish I could afford to spend some time with you; but having a child who just had brain surgery makes that impossible. I am so grateful for your Facebook page and the blogs you write. I have followed you a long time. I think this is a lovely well written blog that is true to the core. Religion is man made. May I ask you though, do you believe in the ‘Christian’ God? I know you believe in Hod but I’m curious what you know of him through your gift? I struggle daily with what I believe because everyone seems to think they know and it’s never the same.

  18. Ellie at - Reply

    Love you Blair and God sends angels to help us heal and I appreciate all you do and love never dies .xoxo

  19. Debbie Cardenas at - Reply

    Hi Blair I agree I believe U Have a Special gift from God. It has been explained to me that the mediums that r talked about in the bible were like gods long long ago. They r not the mediums of today. U were given this gift to help secure the ffaith. God felt people needed U to spread the message that love never dies and r Loved ones r on the other side. It has brought me so much Comfort after losing my Beautiful Son 21 yrs old to Addiction. He had the biggest Heart and was so Caring and Compassionate. I miss him so bad my heart hurts …it gives me comfort to know he is around me and I will c him again one day. I was brought up catholic raised my kids in the Catholic Church but….recently went over to a Bible based Christian Church. I feel that the Catholic Religion is to judgmental especially about people being gay or divorced. I’m not either but I Don’t judge who r! I believe God Loves All his Children and who r we to judge. Ty for What U Do! It means a lot especially to those of us Suffering with Broken Hearts❤

  20. Joan Hickok at - Reply

    I know exactly how you feel.For many years I was a professional Astrologer.You can imagine the flack I received from the so called Christians I came in contact with. They quoted the Bible chapter and verse.I to am not religious but am very spiritual,I find that when I am deep in meditation I can connect with a higher source without the help of a middle man.Keep up the good work that you do and may God be with you.

  21. Vgal at - Reply

    Bravo well said.

  22. Arlette at - Reply

    We have got to change this severe disconnect from the only God of us of the Universe.

    It is time organized man made religion are brought to task, with their lies, and fear based teachings,

    We have got to fix this Blair as we are all children of God and messengers of God.

    I just can’t take this backwards world anymore to much is broken to much is dysfunctional and to to to many deaths have occurred, in the fear based world that man has created. Time to re-create and re-member what love is. Thanks for letting me say this on your blog. Arlette

  23. Debra L Schreurs at - Reply

    Thank you Blair
    This is as clear as you can get.
    Love never dies

  24. Deb at - Reply

    Well said! Wish everyone could have an open mind to the spirit world. Those who are closed minded are missing out! Maybe until they have their own personal experience with spirits….

  25. Sandy Breeden Mann at - Reply

    Bless you, Blair! I learned a long time ago (back in the early 70’s) how hypocritical overly religious people can be. It came about from bowling (yes, bowling) on a church bowling league. The group insisted that NO alcoholic beverages could be served, and NO swearing or smoking was allowed! Yet, when a church Elder missed his spare, he didn’t hesitate to loudly curse God for it, in front of all of us! Also, the minute they all stepped foot outside the bowling alley, they ALL lit up their cigarettes, and gossiped about one another! It was then I realized, you do not have to attend a church in order to believe in God. My church is being one with nature! In my opinion, it makes no difference where you are, God still hears your prayers and, like you’ve said, God did speak to the dead. I’ve had many people tell me psychic mediums are of the occult and are bringing forth evil. Instead of trying to reason with them, I’ve simply taken to telling them, “You believe what you will but I KNOW better, and I will continue with my own belief.” I’ve even had a pastor tell me that the reason my beloved husband passed away from cancer is because my husband and I not only prayed to God, but also included St. Michael and St. Peregrine in those prayers! What is that if not a “man of God” JUDGING others? Keep on keepin’ on, Blair! Those of us who know you, and your teachings, have great LOVE and APPRECIATION for you. We know that #loveneverdies ! Love & Light to you!

  26. lynda at - Reply

    Thank you blair this makes everything so clear for me. I know there are spirit guides. And we all have one. I look forward to you coming to ontario canada. Lynda

  27. Kim Kellar at - Reply

    God is you not outside of you! Humanity has changed so many things for their benefit and control.Awakened people know this others r lost in the outside world, which is an illusion. I do not listen to negativity,that can be hard because it is all around and so you r different than most and have to stay connected with source, spirit guides and angels to stay on the right path. I am you ! You are me with oneness of all, that can’t be explained, it has to be felt. Love is the answer. All of humanity who what to judge ,call names and whatever else is in the dark persay,until they ask for the light from source they will live unhappy. Love and Light! Kim Kellar

  28. Mary at - Reply

    It’s funny, I’ve always had a strong believe in God and Angels with no religious back ground. I feel like I just know & have always believed and had faith that everything will work out and be fine for me. My sister who is very religious has such a hard time with just having faith and her fear always holds her back from doing things she needs to do,,changing a job she hates, moving to a better place etc…because of lack of faith.

  29. Doris W LaFrance at - Reply

    I agree with you, I do not go to church but I love God with all my heart and pray to him everyday. I am Spiritual not Religious.
    Well said Blair, Thank you

  30. Betty at - Reply

    Thank you

  31. Virginia O'Donnell at - Reply

    Thank you Blair for speaking the truth. I am also spiritual and not religious. I agree with all you have said. I trust you and thank you for all that you do to help us.


  32. Cathy at - Reply

    Saw you last year in Palm Springs Blair…it was a definite WOW in my life as my uncle came through!!
    When are you coming to Canada?? Saskatchewan to be more specific…..
    Total believer in you & your work. I too am not religious but very spiritual.
    Thanks for what you do

  33. Vicki Berke at - Reply

    I am glad that you stand up to the so called religious zealots. They use their religion to club people to death with their rules and views about how others should think and act. Being clairvoyant is a god given gift it should be appreciated and revered. Edgar Cayce risked his life every time he performed his healing sessions. Many people in this country hide the gifts of perception out of fear of narrow minded people who will threaten their very safety and treat them like freaks or witches. Some of us will endure the ridicule and shaming when it is serving the betterment of others.

  34. Jane Cherry at - Reply


  35. Sue at - Reply

    I so enjoyed reading this as I recently stopped attending my church when our Parrish priest told the congregation that if we haven’t been to confession, we would not be allowed to take communion at a Christmas service. That was the icing on the cake for me! The God I know doesn’t point fingers as who deserves or is worthy to receive communion.

  36. Rose Bentley at - Reply

    I really loved reading this, I do not go to church either but believe in God and I do pray to him, isn’t that what God wants us to do is love one another, not hate or judge.. Some need a huge wake up call..I guess best thing we can do for them is pray for them..Keep up the good work…..Love Never Dies….

  37. Gina at - Reply

    Blair, Well said ! Your gift is amazing ! Thank you for all you do, as I was one to receive a reading and you were spot on ! Hoping you and Wendy return to the Northeast this year, best to you and your family. Love never dies..

  38. Janet at - Reply

    I too am spiritual NOT religious. I connect with God every day. All we have to do is talk to him, He’s always with us & listening, ready to help us & guide us.

  39. Carol at - Reply

    Excellent article are used to be one of those religious until spirit started speaking to me and showing me things that I thought oh my but believe me it has changed my whole life I am set so free and I thank God that I’ve been set free and people really need to know that Jesus was a mystic And they were afraid of him because of this and again excellent article

  40. margaret at - Reply

    well said, and I agree

  41. Debbie How at - Reply

    I really enjoyed reading you comments. Thank you for sharing and giving me something to ponder.

    P.S. I have attended two of your sessions in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and connected with my father and my daughter connected with her father. It was an amazing experience. I don’t claim to know the ins and outs of what you do, but I do believe you have a God given gift. The things you revealed to us and the physical gestures you made, were spot on and you could not have known any of this without knowing us or speaking with us prior to your visit. Why you have been given this gift, I don’t presume to understand…I have my own theory on this, I think it’s because you share your gift in a humorous, light-hearted way and you do it with love. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and I look forward to your next visit to Kingston.

  42. Kim at - Reply

    Haters gonna hate.
    All great points, Blair!

  43. ChrisseR at - Reply

    Anything and everything can be used for good or evil. God made each one unique – God doesn’t make mistakes. If you are given a gift, in my opinion, you are obliged to use it to help people. Blair, you have help SO MANY PEOPLE! It was what you were sent here to do and I am grateful for your gift and the help you have given me. To all the people who are saying you’re evil – stop living in fear. It’s exhausting and counterproductive to your relationship with God. If you’re in fear all the time, you are handing over all your power. Where is your faith? Do you not believe God works in and through all things for the good? Personally, Blair has been blessing in my life to help me handle an extremely difficult (and dangerous) situation that I didn’t know was coming. I believe God worked through Blair to help me and I’m grateful.

  44. Laura at - Reply

    I agree with what you said. I too was raised Catholic and went to church and the sacraments. My Dad was very involved with the Church through our his life. I was told by him and family that mediums were evil and such also. I feel I have a very open mind now and have gone and talked with mediums which have helped me with certain situations. I don’t go to church for I don’t feel accepted there. I pray and talk to God and feel I have a spiritual connection. There is so many religions and how they all interpret their way of what God is. I started following you and watch you on Facebook and read your blogs. I have learned a lot and thank you for all you do.

  45. Toni at - Reply

    I have been telling people this for years, and been demonized for not believing that the Bible is the “word of God.” I’ve even been told I don’t believe in God, when it is exactly the opposite. I don’t believe in MAN telling me how to believe in God. Thank you for this post. I am passing it on.

  46. Kay Brasher at - Reply

    I’m going on 64 yrs old, and I learned a long time ago NOT to trust Christians no matter what denomination they are!!!!!!!!!!!! I love God and I DON”T have to go to church to do that(my husband and I have both told some preachers that). I know to many CHRISTIANS who preach God to you and turn around and treat people like dirt!!!!! I use to watch my Ex-Mother-In-Law, force the young ones to go to Church(and then come home and cuss them out)!!!!!! I now watch Family members give almost their whole pay check to the church!!!! As far as I’m concerned that is what “CHURCH” is all about, how much of your money they can get!!!! Then you have your little CLICKS, who look down on others!!!! I thought we were ALL suppose love each other!!!! All in all, my whole point is this: Your Christians, churchy or not are nothing but a bunch of HYPOCRITES!!!!! Sorry if I offend anyone but that is how I feel and I have a right to that, just like the other side!!!! Blair, I am a lot like you, I say it like it is and I luv you for being like that!!!! Have a good day all!!!!!

    • Evelyn at - Reply

      I feel the same way too❤

  47. Barbara Ann Dabrowski at - Reply

    Thanks for this information – I was always told it was a grave “sin” to consult with a psychic, but did 2-3 times in the past. The “psychic” always said a prayer first – for protection, etc., and that impressed me. Now this article has really comforted me. I DO NEED TO CONNECT WITH MY LOVED ONES! I thank you for this article and I plan to immediately to buy your book.

    Continue your good work. I intend to make an appointment with you real soon,!

  48. Vicki at - Reply

    I too have left the man made religions, never felt right & for years I wondered why & why their message always seemed false to. Couldn’t buy their beliefs & rules. Always mire comfortable outside in nature. I just stopped it all. I can talk to guides, angels & loved ones on my own . Much happier & life is less complicated

  49. Helen Sweet at - Reply

    You are so right…and I believe ‘love never dies’! Love & light to you & Wendy.

  50. Kandice Manfredi at - Reply

    Blair, my grandson died of an accidental drug overdose, do you know how many people say ” oh no, he won’t go to Heaven” because it’s a form of suicide!! Suicide? #1 he did not kill himself #2 my belief is God is all forgiving. How dare anyone tell me Mathew is not in Heaven, he made a bad choice, he didn’t murder anyone! You have helped so many people heal and maybe lessen their grief, even if it’s just knowing their loved ones are in a place with no pain or suffering. Dear man, I for one am so very happy you have the insight to do that. Someday I hope to meet your for a reading, in the meantime remember you are a remarkable person. God bless

    Kandice Manfredi

  51. Cindi at - Reply

    I walked away from man made religion also . I feel and believe that my relationship with God is stronger now . So called Christians love to twist the word of God to suit their needs at the time . God speaks to us all the time , coming to us in many ways and forms , when you truly become spiritual , is when you really start hearing him . Love & Light to you Blair

  52. Evelyn at - Reply

    Thanks for helping us
    Giving your time to us I watch all your videos ❤

  53. Tammy Near at - Reply

    I come from a very religious background… both sets of my grandparents were preachers for 2 different religion’s… my parents were forbidden to date… needless to say they married and had me.. unfortunately one set of grandparents died before I turned 6 the others because my parents divorced I had not gotten to know and only had just reached out the year before they died… both times I have gone to your events… you have read me… both times it was my grandparents that NO ONE.. knew about let alone you… and my aunt… you gave specifics.. not vague fill in the answer crap….. and I have to say that for those reasons… the bible thumpers are wrong for judging… first off it says in their bible to not judge. That is gods job… so they are breaking their own rules per say… hang in there.. and thank you for everything you have given me in the form of recovered memories and information I did not know but have since confirmed …you rock… also… you come from the same town my husbands family comes from in Canada… cool to know

  54. Wanda Pender at - Reply

    Thank you so much for addressing this as I myself have struggled with it from a ‘religious’ perspective until a dear friend explained it to me the way that you just did, and it clicked! We are all given gifts, and yours is one of the absolute best because it truly HELPS so many people. I lost my little 3 month old grandson suddenly back in July (though I would still LOVE to connect with him) and thanks to you and to other special and gifted personalities, I can know that he is still with me and that the love that I had for him is still ‘alive’ today and (most importantly) that HE KNOWS IT. I can’t think of a more loving gift to give someone than the gift of knowing this, it has helped me tremendously, may God bless you always with this amazing ability. Thank you Blair!

  55. Fay Jickling at - Reply

    Have felt this way for years and know I’m never alone except when feel sorry for myself and then reality sets in lol ( like losing your mind for a short time )
    Thank you Blair keep up the good work.

  56. Lynne Meharrie at - Reply

    Your right Blair they’re just bible thumper that really have no clue. I myself have always had a connection with the indigionous faith they have quides and spirits I’ve always felt closer to that the anything else. I also have connection to spirit not every day but when a message has to be told mind you I don’t always understand the msg but I relate as it was shown to me. My mother never believed in what she called my nonsense but after her death I had a dream she was in a garden with carnat ions her dog (from my child hood) and her 2 cats her message I’m ok and here with dad ( hers) annother my exes brother severely burned himself several years ago wad in an induced coma that the dr had put him in his brothers and sisters thought for sure he was going after the call from my son and that night my mother in law came to me she only had to show me 5 little boys in a row from the oldest to the youngest to know what that msg was I let my don know the next morning do they think I’m wrird ( my children) yup but I don’t care spirit comes to me and I’m more than happy to receive and to hell with the nay sayers have a great Tue Blair many hugs

  57. Joanne Bryan at - Reply

    I too left organized religion behind many years ago. Man (society) wanting and expecting us to be led blindly down their path, to fit in their mold for us. Some who may be waking up even tell me what physics, healers, etc do is a gift and it shouldn’t be charged for. I always have to remind them that so is the ministry, health care providers, artist, writers, protectors, so on, so why do they happily pay for their gifts.
    Now I would like to ask for some guidance. In doing so I will give an example.
    My cousin, Marty, back in Florida has one of his children Dianne that I have been receiving messages about. I started receiving strong messages since last Wednesday of him and our deceased grandfather. They were odd at first but as things unfolded I began to understand what I was receiving. I sent Reiki that night after finding a Fb post requesting prayers for Di. I immediately remotely connected with her with Reiki. She was totally confused, lots of what I call brain static.
    The following morning another cousin contacted in response to my request informing me that Di, in her mid 30s, has a very aggressive brain tumor. That afternoon I once again connected with her. She was so much clear and all the static was gone. We communicated for a while; Di, myself and spirit. The message was clear, she was spending time with ancestors, loving her time with them but wanted to be with her Florida family. I heard spirit clearly say “she’s coming home. A bit started I asked for clarification of home – Florida or home the other side. Spirit immediately cleared matters up with “Florida “.
    Over a few days I found out that in the past two weeks Di had been put in a medical coma and went through two brain surgeries. Then they removed her from the medication to induce coma immediately after the last surgery 1 1/2 weeks ago, which she has not come out of as of yet. I have gotten messages from spirit and Di that rest is needed.
    Last night I paced, no sleep. When I finally could relax and began self Reiki Di came through. Her shooing people away, trying to get the crying and wailing to top. I saw Marty laying over her sobbing, they had pulled the plug to the respirator in this video clip I was receiving, I was so drawn into what I was seeing. Di begging me to make them stop and plug the machine back in. Me trying to bring Marty into action. Sobbed no and begging Di to use all her strength to touch, grab, her Dads hand.
    I was exhausted, drained and had to tell myself “this does not belong to me, they own it”.
    Marty and his family are devote Christians and growing up I was always told never to tell anyone about my craziness (gifts) including family. So that’s a part of me the family, over just recent years, are becoming aware of.
    My question is when do you withhold messages. I have always felt that when I receive messages they are intended to be given to the recipient. But through my life most aren’t accepting. They done believe it’s possible for me to know things about or they just don’t see how it fits. I have had a number of friends and family members turn their back to me over the years. Even placed my military career in jeopardy. It seems so much easier to share a message intended for that stranger that’s walking toward me on the sidewalk vs loved ones.
    We have been blessed that we clung to our gifts through our childhood and into adult life. But there are times where it feels like a double edged sword, like right now.
    There are times I will refrain from sharing but spirit can be insistent and I step forward and open my mouth. At times spirit may allow me to present the message in a soft gentle means. I have learned from spirit that most times they need it repeated exactly as they gave it to me, theirs are the best words for the recipient to understand and accept the message.
    Blair How do I learn to open my mouth and relay the message intended for them and not carry the burden of if I have made a rough situation more difficult? Any advise is openly welcome.
    Feeling lost in New Mexico.

  58. carolyn at - Reply

    our bibles were edit to control us so we would stay under the control of the kings in that time. And now we have gifted people to bring us to the light thank you Blair

  59. Wanda Thornton at - Reply

    I loved your reply to the received letter. It was very simple and straightforward.


  60. Nelda Taylor at - Reply

    I agree with everything you said. I am a christian but get very upset at those that judge and criticize others when that is not our place its Gods. Who do they think they are to tell others they are going to hell..they dont know and do not make that decision. I do not try to shove my beliefs fown someone elses throat. We are told there is life after death and those that can actually communicate with them have a gift from God. I would love to be able to talk to my parents and my husband but unfortunately i am not able to do so. Hope to see them again.

  61. Diane at - Reply

    I personally don’t believe that it’s one or the other. I am a practicing Catholic, who lost my son 3 1/2 years ago. I go to mediums, and I feel the healing power of connecting to my lost loved ones, more than just my son.
    I also go to mass and sing in the choir because I like it, it makes me feel good. I don’t discuss mediums with my priest, it’s none of his business. I believe that organized religion is lacking in some ways, as it was like you said, written 2000 years ago. We have come a long way. I take out of it the peace and serenity that it offers, and when I pray, I believe God listens. When I speak to my son, I believe he listens.
    I think you can be both religious and spiritual, it’s not a “one or the other” choice.
    What we have to get past is the guilt of the “rules” that organized religion has imposed.
    I am ok with the way I do it, and I think other people need to just take the good from their religious beliefs, and not sacrifice their spiritual beliefs for it.
    Thanks for the article Blair, I enjoyed it. Just remember, not all people who are religious are bible thumpers or zealots. Just regular folks like me, who need God in their lives.
    Love and light,

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      “Just remember, not all people who are religious are bible thumpers or zealots.”

      Just to be 100% clear, at no time have I ever said all religious people are Bible thumpers. 🙂

  62. Stacey Maines at - Reply

    Thank you for this….I was not raised with religion, not because it wasnt believed or whatever but just was not talked about. I went to church a few times with a friend as a teenager and a few Sunday school days with friends as a kid. But I have always had troubke accepting the whole religion thing. Ive always asked what makes one religion right? How does one know whos right or wrong? Ive questioned the bible being that it is a couple thousand years old and written by man. I have often wondered how many times through the years had it bed revised or added to. We really can not answer that.
    I did not however feel right in saying there was no God. Deep down I know theres something beyond life…..I started thinking maybe I was more of a spiritual person, it does make more sense to me and it just feels right.
    Lately with the world in such disaster Ive been thinking that my lack of church visits or prays to God , or not being a christian is going to affect what happens to me when I die. Ive been wondering what was right but most of all what was true and if I made the wrong choice in it all. I fear death, I fear the unknown, I can not help it. It terrifies me to think Ive not done right by religion and will pay. Then Im plagued with the what ifs…..what if theres nothing and when we die we cease to exist?
    After reading what you wrote I take a little more comfort in my choice…..that I am spiritual. Thank you.

  63. Stacey Maines at - Reply

    To ad to my last comment….I am plagued with what ifs because Im afraid after everything is done I will not be with my son again. Im afraid I will never see him again. So afraid.

  64. James Perry at - Reply

    Dear Blair,

    Your analogy regarding letting your conscience be your (giude) just turned a couple lf gears in my mind regarding spirituality .
    Thank you,

    • Carrie at - Reply

      Please, don’t waste your life being fearful–that is what Satan wants. You have to have FAITH, and trust in God that you will see your son again. Just keep in mind that your son would want you to be happy and unafraid.

      • Carrie at - Reply

        My above reply was for Stacey Maines

  65. Julie H. at - Reply

    Well said Blair.

    I too walked away from the religious dogma many many years ago–and I have never looked back.

    I contend that “religions” divide, where spirituality brings people together as one.

    Most of the “holy rollers” Ive met are hypocrites. As they say, going to church every Sunday does not make you a Christian, any more than standing in a garage makes you a car”.

    I love what you do–and hope to see you at a live function one day.



  66. Rene' Baugher at - Reply

    Thank you Blair for putting it into words how we feel. We all need a reminder now and then. Bless you and Wendy with Love and Light.

  67. Keith Tremblett at - Reply

    You are a gift from God himself to all of us my brother. Keep spreading your message, helping people connect and hopefully with the help from spirit help these poor lost souls out with the path to enlightenment.

  68. Susan at - Reply

    Perfectly stated, Blair! I get the same judgmental reaction from friends. I usually ask them, if they believe in the Holy Sprirt, then… Isn’t THAT believing in Spirit? Not to mention that God & Christ aren’t human, they ARE a form of spirit. Christianity is based on faith in spirit. Sadly, people seem to be led by humans who, yes, are more interested in the collection plate than Individual thought/feelings. Individuality is a threat to “organized religion.” I KNOW GOD & Jesus are REAL, without being told someone’s interpreted “rules”. Though I’m not a professional, I was born with STRONG intuition, (knew names of guides by age 3). You did a phone reading for me that gave us BOTH the AWESOME “chills”. Would love to speak with you again. Love your straight forward, “tell it like it is”, approach! Thank you for your FANTASTIC WORK!!!

  69. Rosy at - Reply

    Blair, you are right, I love you and your wife, everytime yoy come to our area we go to see you. I was born and raised catholic, I went to catholic school I worked for a catholic school, but no more, I saw so many things. I am spiritual now, I believe in God.

  70. Denise Allen at - Reply

    I agree with you i don’t need anyone to talk to God for me and a church should never make you feel bad only

  71. Gina Tice at - Reply

    Thank you, you have changed my life, I was afraid to live , afraid of life, now I’m growing spiritually and loving life, thank you for giving me life Blair, just by giving me truth!! Love and light.

  72. Joanne Popp at - Reply

    YEAH!!! I always say God created man. Man created religion and that’s where it got screwed up.

  73. Barbara Gribble at - Reply

    Totally agree!

  74. Shirley at - Reply

    I attend Church to spend time with God – I am spiritual not religious also – a person can “religiously” brush their teeth – I am also non-judging – it is not our role to judge – we have enough to do minding our own business – I pray daily and God is with me in Spirit – has been my entire life and that is a long time now – I also enjoy hearing and reading your messages, Blair, especially when you say “love never dies” – I lost my husband of 51 years – the words encouraged me – I know that someone can make us feel bad only if we “let them” – and with your following bad things may be said – but you are not discouraged as you continue your work in a genuine real manner. Thank you!

  75. Jill McCleary at - Reply

    Blair you couldnt have said it better, people have their own beliefs and that’s fine but dont rubbish others. As we all say, you should love one another and be kind to people, stop being judgemental. Live by whatever makes you happy but dont push your views, thoughts, religion or whatever else onto others if they dont ask for it.

  76. Marlee Oliver at - Reply

    Thank-you Blair! No need to explain anything! Everything in life has pro’s & con’s, good & evil, wrong’s & right’s!!! Every one @ some point in their life can ask, receive guidance & question help, but we all need to make our own decisions & destinies! Keep on doing what you know, the best you can, with whatever knowledge, experience & passion that you want to! You are “FREE TO SPEAK”!!! LOL…….. By the way….. I believe my mom was with me in the early morning of January 16th. I waited all eve of January 15th, which was her birthday & also the day you were on live @ the webinar. I listened to what you were telling us & later thinkin g about “everything” I could remember. I also took a few notes. I am not 100% sure it was my mom, or if it was my spiritual advisor. I had waited for a sign, but when i saw a shadowy spirit on my sofa, i think, it kinda scared me & gave me chills. Then right after that, it happened again. I dont get scared very easily, but I did when thus happened. I have also heard about tuning in to seeing things & being aware recently. “They” were speaking about seeing certain things like…. rainbows, pennies, vivid animals in your dreams & finding feathers of any colors, certain numbers continuously appearing or coming up & also songs that we might be hearing in our head, suddenly play on the stereo or show in a commercial. I have had all these things happen to me latley. They probably have happened over time, but i was unaware & didn’t pay much attention to it. Anyway thank-you for bringing this to my attention about “paying attention to what is going ob around me & my life”. Best wishes to you & your wife in “everything” you do! Marlee Oliver

  77. Sherry Barney at - Reply

    Totally agree with you Blair!!! Well said!!!

  78. Debbie at - Reply

    I whole-heartedly agree with you and feel that more people need to hear your message, but sadly there will always be “religious” groups to dissuade people from listening.

  79. Christine at - Reply

    Well said, Blair ! I agree 100%

  80. Angel Mueller at - Reply

    Whew large weight lifted off my shoulders! someone contacted me and told me that a medium needed to see me because my dead son was trying to get ahold of me. She offered me and my husband a free session that’s how important it is to her. I was feeling very guilty knowing that I was going to go even though I knew about the Leviticus verse. Please read our story at the our 18 year old son Dillon died of an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting 2 yrs ago. we did not know he was allergic.
    My husband and myself are huge advocates of getting awareness out about anaphylactic reactions and epinephrine auto-injectors.
    We are very spiritual and we decided to take the free session in hopes of getting some new ideas to reach our goals.
    We see her at the end of.
    Thank you,
    Angel Mueller
    Dillon’s mom

  81. Lisa Esposito at - Reply

    I was raised catholic, however I no longer follow any religion. At a very young age it occurred to me that God and would never pas such judgment as priests and the religious orders do.I believe in my soul that God always knows and understands our true intentions, and like any parent teaches and forgives us our indesretions.

  82. ann at - Reply

    I believe you are right. I was raised in a roman catholic home and school. I think we should read our bible but be spiritual and get connected in our own way. Love and light to all

  83. Brenda at - Reply

    I would love to go to one of your seminars but just can’t afford It I just can’t imagine with someone that has your gift to help us to reunite with our love ones Expect most widow to pay these high prices to get a reading it seems like this gift from God should be for everyone not just the wealthy

  84. Tena Jones at - Reply

    Thank you for all the peace of heart that you share with us. There will always be ‘nay sayers’, I’m sorry that they feel the need to destroy others hopes. Love & Light Forever!

  85. Marie at - Reply

    Thank you Blair, I don’t have a problem with honesty. More and more people are shifting out of religion because of the hypocrisy and I challenge people all the time when they say they have a strong faith. I’m not questioning their faith, I’m questioning their loyalty to their religion and encourage them to be a critical thinker. Thank you for your gift and know that at least one person is grateful you talk to dead people.
    Are you coming back to the London, Ontario area. I didn’t know you had been here until after you had left, sorry I missed you. Be well, be happy, please remain in touch with Spirit.

  86. Kathy at - Reply

    I am much more at peace and settled with connections with loved ones who do connect with me. I have no fear that following you is making the God I know turn away from me. Guess that makes me more spiritual than anything else. There are those in so=called religious circles who will never change their minds. Put a block on them and go on. Love never dies.

  87. Van at - Reply

    Since I was very young I always knew there was more to discover being the spiritual
    person I am.
    Every Sunday morning my Dad always told us kids, alright it’s time to get ready for church.
    My first book in high school was Wayne Dyer and this lead me even further into the spiritual
    world of psychics and mediums.
    Most all of my books are based on spirituality and mediums.
    So many of my loved ones have come through that have passed and I’m very grateful.
    Just had a connection on Sunday with loved ones from another medium who had a large
    group of people attend his event and took my daughter with me, and some of our loved ones
    came through and it was hilarious!
    I do work at my church part-time in the nursery with all my little ones that I adore and
    they love me as much as I love them. Children give so much love to your heart and soul and are
    so brilliant at such a young age.
    Plus being a jewelry designer brings much happiness to me as well.
    So I choose to do what I love and pay it forward.

  88. Carrie at - Reply

    As with ANYTHING in this world, there is GOOD and EVIL. I too, am “spiritual”, and do not (nor ever have) regularly attend an organized church. I believe that having psychic abilities is a GIFT from God, but there will ALWAYS be the ones who use it to con people and for evil purposes. As intelligent human beings, use your COMMON SENSE. If it gives you comfort and it’s not harming anyone, that’s all that matters. God/Jesus WANTS us to be happy and spread JOY while on this earth. Don’t waste your precious life worrying, fretting or being afraid about something you have no control over. We all have a DIRECT LINE to God through prayer, and don’t need a “go-between to seek God.
    Keep up the wonderful “work” that you do, Blair. Thank you.

    • Carrie at - Reply

      I should add that I am a Christian, too, I just don’t belong to one religion or attend church–it is a PERSONAL choice and I respect others choices.

  89. Tammy at - Reply

    The world is full of all kinds,the ones who point fingers are the most ignorant of all. Because you and Wendy are who you are you guys are the best I’ve ran across mostly the worst judgemental people who think they’re above everyone else so happy for once in my life to be content with meeting honest people like the two of you and nice. You are at peace with yourself Blair as you become more popular and by giving as much as you guys do there will probably be a lot more Ruckus so just keep stirring up the pot because I think you guys are great !
    Thanks for real people, like you,Tammy.

  90. Audra Blazey at - Reply

    My mother thinks I’m going to hell because I believe in mediums and I’m not very religious. I can’t wait to share this with her.

  91. APRIL penna at - Reply

    I Love this story! The old school(Catholic)…If your bad or lie cheat ect. Your going to hell..I never felt right about a God who can punish. Even as i was growing up and attending a Catholic school.The nuns would hit us with their ruler…Hmmmm..& They work for God? Anyway i love your page & you & Wendy so much! I did have tickets to see you on Jan. 14th but was sick 🙁 I know i will get another chance to meet you & Wendy! Great story & thank you Blair for helping me when you had no idea you were doing so…Love & Light

  92. Jude at - Reply

    Everything You just said .. The “crap” I take , when explaining ( I’m Spiritual Not Religious… as is my husband) Although I’d say We’re Christian;Believing in God & Jesus! When sharing About You- “HolyMoly” !! #narrowminded !

  93. Margaret Butcher at - Reply

    Hi Blair.Loving your bluntness.As I am too.
    So glad to read your clearly difinitive explanation.And oh boy,do i remember those dam Sunday offering plates.(
    I quit the cycle of that when I was quite young.Gladly so and very much releived.
    I also agree with you communicating with our loved ones.As you referred to “Jesus” speaking to the dead,so why not you? The blessing you have comes directly from “Our Worldly God” and rightfully so.You are blessed and I am greatful appreciative of your abilities.
    May you keep strong and read on to those of us who matter.
    Well written and stated.Thank you for being “BLUNT”.As the World knows nothing more than absolute right in your face action.
    Blair you are one of a kind.
    :). :). 🙂 :):). :). :). :). 🙂 🙂 :):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  94. Karen at - Reply

    You are a blessing for sure Blair. Love & light to you & Wendy

  95. Kathy Frolik at - Reply

    You are so right and a blessing to all of us. The spirits lead me to you and you have shown me the truth that I have always felt to be true, but now I’m not ashamed of what I believe in. Thank you for all that you do. Love and light to you and Wendy.

  96. Rhonda at - Reply

    I love what you said, I left organized religions a long time ago because of the hypocrisy, the inferiority, superiority, that ache of inflicting separation on humanity. I just believe we are held together in unconditional love by the One. I prefer the flexibility and the expansive…I intend to be in love with all of life, not limited by so called rules inflicted by control freaks who use fear as weapons in the name of God.

  97. Wendi Wiener at - Reply

    Blair.. since Stu died and really well before we were NEVER were the Greatest Jews…Did’nt attend Temple..when they wanted a copy of Of earnings to decide what our dues would be..That was IT..That was Many years ago. Since Stu died I have become so much more spirtual has Nothing to do with Religion it has to do with My Inner self and Listening to you Thru the years I can Now see WHY,opened my eyes in so many ways. Religion has NOTHING to do with talking to a Medium Nothing at all…I Know in My Life You have made me Know I’m NOT crazy and what I have been feeling IS Spritual…G-D is in Our Hearts we belive what we want…But to tell people NOT to connect with Love 1’s Like Husbands is a Bunch of I’m gonna say it “”””Shit””””..Thank You Blaire YOU are A real Person,Honest and matter of FACT ..If people don’t like it they need to Head ELSEWHERE…PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

  98. Tami Smith at - Reply

    Hi Blair!
    I agree 100% with everything you said!
    My sister tried to tell me that the message I got from our mom on the other side was from Satan. The message was so positive and it made me feel so happy I wanted to share it with her, but her religion prevents it.
    I love all of your books ! They are very helpful!
    Thank you!

  99. Barbara Pruitt at - Reply

    I have sigmed up for your newsletter several times but have not received yet.
    About your post….you are blunt and right to the point and I like that! My Sis and I will see you in Bakersfield this Saturday!

  100. Joan at - Reply

    Hi Blair: Love and light to you and yours. I absolutely agree with you that the way to go is spiritual not religious. There have been countless numbers of people killed through the centuries in the name of religion when all that is really necessary is a belief and faith in God and love and compassion for your fellow man…….

  101. Barbara at - Reply

    This is so very true. I come accross it all the time, And I hate to say it but my parents were the worst. They were predijice and said a lot of bad things about people.
    that drove me away from the church. I have my bible and don’t need some one to tell me if I am right or wrong in my beliefs.

  102. Monika at - Reply

    Bless you bless you bless you – I hear the same thing all the time and I refuse to deny my gifts that were given to me by GOD so that I may better serve HIS people. LOVE NEVER DIES and nor will my belief in God, Almighty – Creator of Heaven and Earth and me…. Thank YOU so much, Blair for affirming what I’ve believed in for so long.

  103. Jodi McBeth at - Reply

    Absolutely! After meeting with a medium after the passing of my Mother, it set my life in an entirely new direction, one that I continue today and most certainly will for the rest of my life. I know now that there is more. It doesn’t just end. Thanks to you and all who do what you do! It can and does make a difference in many lives.

  104. Connie Boudreaux at - Reply

    Thank you, no more confusion.

  105. Lois Molina at - Reply

    Blair you are so right. Everything you said was how I feel. I’ve also been blessed. It scares me some times but I take it one day at a time.

  106. Shari Morningstar at - Reply

    I totally agree, Blair! I left organized religion years ago too! Wish you would get to Sarasota, Florida! A very spiritual community! Unity Church is who you should contact!!

  107. Melanie at - Reply

    Organized religion just controls the masses and lines the pocketbooks, in my opinion. While I think it is wonderful that people find peace in believing, I just can’t buy into it. I find my peace through mediums

  108. Janet at - Reply

    Well said! Thank you.

  109. Anastacia van Delden at - Reply

    I lost faith in all religions for awhile now, but never in God. That is not to say I am always pleased with him. I believe everything happens for a reason, or I would be lost.
    In 2015 I suffered a heart attack, no I did not see any bright light or familiar faces, but for some reason I believe it was my time, I cant shake the feeling.
    That same year we lost our beloved cat and religion again told me he had no soul, or dead babies that died and were not baptised do not enter heaven. If the most innocent do not have a soul, then none of us do. Just a bit lost and worried about my kids. Thanks for being here.

  110. harold at - Reply

    Good on ya Blair … NZ slang … anyway – keep up your good work ..

  111. Lorree Appleby at - Reply

    Thank you Blair for your confirmation. I denied my public relationship with God for most of my life because I could not relate to the religious dogma I felt was being shoved down my throat. I always had a personal relationship but it was kept private. It never made sense to me that God was so judgemental and I was to be in fear and I didn’t know how to sort that out in my head so I just stayed away. After my grandmother’s passing (she felt somewhat this way too unfortunately) I connected with Spirit on a deeper level and it’s been so beautiful ever since. I’ll never forget her saying she really wanted me to have a relationship with God. I told her I did but it was a private one and not to worry, he knew.
    I took a few of your programs which helped me connect with my guides etc. So thank you for offering reasonably priced programs for people who want to explore connecting with Spirit. Now that my work involves spirituality I know, and have been concerned for the day that I get a’tongue lashing’ from a ‘bible thumper’. Now I know how to deal with it so thank you again!! ❤️️

  112. janie at - Reply

    I’m glad that you posted this. I was raised very religious. But have seen and heard spirits off and on since I was a child. It was extremely difficult with my parents. So I pushed it back somewhat but it reappeared on it’s own as an adult. I am a medium but I do not give readings as a business. That is fine if others do. I just don’t. But I just want to thank you for posting this. And I also have a question and would like to see what you have to say about it. Question: Why does the New Age Movement make a whole other religion (well just about) over spirit guides and not just say it is your conscience –that still small voice? Instead they have sessions where they describe people’s spirit guides to them ; it may be a man or woman from Egypt, a bear and whatever. You gave me a reading a long time ago and I don’t believe that I told you my history. But thank you.

  113. Marie Buschenko at - Reply

    I am a practicing, devout Catholic and actually had a Catholic priest recommend a medium to me and my sisters. In fact, two mediums I consult with annually are Catholic. I am not worshiping two gods, as some might say. I believe God gives people this gift to connect with their loved ones.

  114. Tina Ellis at - Reply

    Ty I lost my faith and belief in God so long ago and was so lost and must admit most times still am. But I try to tune into u when ur on Facebook live. I always feel better about myself and what is and has happened to me and I hope for better things to come into my life. I’m hoping that u come to St. John’s NL this year. If u do I know that one way or another I will b there. Ty love and light to u and Wendy.

  115. Mike Lujan at - Reply

    I’m glad your people delete all that negativity before you see it. You won’t have to waste so much energy rebounding from their attacks. My wife and I follow a Spiritual path rather than a man made religious one. Quite frankly a Spiritual path is more fun and “user friendly” and GOD is always at the lead along our daily journey; guiding and helping us along the way and yes, helping us up when we stumble.
    Keep up the GREAT work you are doing!!

  116. Kathy at - Reply

    Blair, you are 100% right..I was brought up Catholic, and by 8th grade being with the nuns for 8 years I had questions & doubts..Never attended church again, instead talked to God & my angels on my own, where & when I wanted to. You are very inspirational, please keep up the great works you do. As far as I know you are the only one that teaches & inspires us for free on the internet..Love your books, Love & Light, Kathy

  117. Theresa Clark at - Reply

    keep up the good fight !

  118. Shelia at - Reply

    Well said, Blair. You are right on the money. Hope this article clarifies it for those still unsure. Love and light to you and yours.

  119. Linda Hughes at - Reply

    Hi Blair i just want to know if i feel like something or some one touching me is that a love one or if its just me

  120. anna at - Reply

    Hi Blair Thanks for all the help you give us.

  121. Monika at - Reply

    Blair, you know that I always enjoy your posts, blogs, live feeds and more and when the time comes that you make it to Colorado, I’ll be there :). Thank you so much for your refreshing POV and strong belief that love never dies. I’ve been a psychic, medium, intuitive, reader – whatever label the world wants to put on me for more than 55 years. I went into a sunstroke induced coma when I was seven and God showed me heaven in a way so that a seven year old would not be frightened. I was met by an Angel and no, she didn’t have wings (another man made misconception because the artists that created the image couldn’t figure out the beautiful bright light of love around such beings) and she told me I wasn’t supposed to be there – in heaven. I told her I didn’t want to go back and she clearly stated ‘you still have much to do’ and three days later I came out of the coma. I’ve been speaking with spirits of not only my own loved ones but also for others even before that happened and I will continue to give the loving affirmations they bring until I return once more to heaven. I had ‘refused’ the gift for awhile there, not wanting to deal with the ridicule of others, with the exception of a few close friends but then I discovered YOU online and took some of your courses and read your books and made the distinctive decision that this was and always will be the ‘you still have much to do’ that I was meant to do. Blessed be and thank you for all that YOU do to serve others, to bring affirmations of love and peace and well being and a very special thank you to Wendy for always being right by your side and understanding and supporting you. You both have my deepest and heartfelt thanks….

  122. Rachele Trujillo at - Reply

    The first time I saw you I had questions about what my friends had told me about the Bible saying not to communicate with the other side. Back then, after I saw you, I went to your website, and you had quoted from the Old Testament, where some have the gift and shake all over and have visions and receive messages from the other side. It was the same experience that had happened to me when my grandmother passed when I was in the fifth grade, probably similar to your first experience of getting messages from the other side. It was so validating and true for me that there was no way I couldn’t believe what I have been experiencing all these years.

  123. Martha at - Reply

    I am so conflicted! I WANT to believe that our loved ones are waiting over there for us, but I see so many paranormal shows talking about the evil spirits and haunted houses. Are there really evil spirits who roam the earth or a certain place? I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

  124. Angela at - Reply

    I am also Spiritual, not religious. I have had many tell me I am going to hell, as I am a Hypnotist that does Past Life Regressions. Apparently many that believe in God, believe that we have only one life, and that I am messing with evil in some way. When I tell them I don’t believe in hell, that seals the deal for them! I have no conclusive proof of course, but as a mother, I can’t fathom ANYTHING that would even tempt me to throw my sons into a pit of fire to suffer for all eternity. Does that make me more loving, kind, forgiving, and empathetic than God??? I certainly don’t think so. I am human with only a human capacity for such things. Certainly not on God’s level! I came to the conclusion that there could be no such place, at least in the way the hell fire and brimstone preachers preach it. The only alternative would be that God is mean, spiteful, abusive and hateful. And I certainly have been blessed enough to know better than that!

  125. Shirley Mason at - Reply

    Thank you so much, I’m always having a time of it when I’m trying to explain to people the “I’m spiritual not religious” I’ve done it for so long they actually don’t bother my day to day comings & goings anymore. When I was younger and accused of BLASPHEMY it hurt my feelings, then pissed me off, then bothered me; I now don’t care. I’m SO glad that you’ve explained it for many who think a lot of you, as do I but I struggled with it being told over & over to go within. I got grumbled about THAT… I wasn’t a “happy medium” got so angry that I finally went WITHIN, and I found out I couldn’t force myself to know what I was experiencing, I truly had to go within. This explains that really well. You do a great service Blair, stay Blessed!

  126. Elinor McCartney at - Reply

    Hello Blair thank you for all your guidance it would have been our 57 wedding anniversary this Tuesday. So I’m not sure how I will cope but Ill certainly be talking to my dear departed love. As for religious leaders Our rev hasn’t shown face since the funeral meal when he shook my hand. Probably because I had corrected him ‘re my husband’s life in the Kirk 44 yrs an elder in several diff congregations apart from the few years here after retirement. My husband had been the elder or one of them for a care home belonging to the Church of Scotland and we attended funerals with only ourselves and a nurse in the pews so I just don’t get the idea my husband was not committed . Sorry for the diatribe but it really burns me up when folk aren’t given the proper thanks even though they wouldn’t be looking for it themselves……by the way I got a message one morning that I had to gift a book of my husband’s to our grandson. That was so clear to me and a thought I would just not have had myself. So yeah I’m a believer. Thank you.

  127. Josie at - Reply

    One of my favorite memes shows a man fishing, peacefully, in his row boat on a lake with the caption: I’d rather be fishing & thinking about God than be in church thinking about fishing. Spiritual vs religion. I graduated from a Baptist high school and I remember not being able to sleep at night terrified that my mother was going to burn in hell. I remember being so conflicted as a young adult. I knew God existed, but I also instinctively felt there was “more.” I was very pleased to learn that “hell” isn’t what I was taught.

    • Aurora at - Reply

      One cartoon here in Norway, has depicted Jesus walking in deep thought on the ocean, next to a boat of fishermen.. They all yell at him”Cut you hair and get a job, would ya? You slob..” I find that hilarious..

  128. Jenny at - Reply

    Absolutely correct. Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth.

  129. Cheryl at - Reply

    Have you ever read the books Conversations with God? It’s Exactly what you are saying

  130. Janice at - Reply

    Thank you, I was trying to explain this to my daughter. She asked me why I stopped going to church. She is married to a man whose family is full of ministers. When she was In labor she asked me to reiki her. Her husbands aunt was there ( a minister). I told her once she left I would. I’m sure if she got any idea about it I would be “doing devils work”.

  131. Robin Parker at - Reply

    I have psychic dreams and wanted to know how to have more awareness while awake. What do you recommend?

  132. Sue Holt at - Reply

    I’m like one of your clients. All my life I have been extremely worried about my relationship with God and if I would go to heaven when I died. Would love for God to speak to my heart and open my eyes so that I can rid myself of all the negative knawing thoughts about this.

  133. Gayland Degada at - Reply

    My family gives me a hard time about this. They use Luke 16:26…”Besides all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed, that those who want to pass from here to you are not able, and that none may cross over from there to us.” Would you be kind enough to address this verse? It would be very helpful to me.

  134. PAM at - Reply

    I have never considered myself religious but I have always loved God. I have been told, I have a good heart and try to find the good in others. Thank you for explaining to me that I am spiritual. That makes a lot of sense and does not actually label me.

  135. suzy at - Reply

    I spent too long in my life not fallowing my spiritual path because I could not find a home in a church that did not judge others. I am, and always have been a medium with channeling powers that I suppressed because of the influences of religion. However, I have a very close connection to Jesus that is undeniable…Love is the bottom line. Love all others….no bible verse is needed. Jesus so loved us that he gave is life to save us from our sins. Stop judging one another and love. Start with yourself and then ask Jesus too enter your heart and use your hands as his to love all those you come in contact with each day. Life is good. You can be a blessing to all those you meet each day. Much love to all of you…

  136. Linda Hardin at - Reply

    As a young boy, maybe around 10 years old my late husband went to church with a friend, he decided to go again the next week and the minister told him that if he wanted to go to that church he had to bring money as an offering to the church or else he could not attend that church..He was a child and didnt have money so he left and never went back to that church again..

  137. Aurora at - Reply

    Hi Blair 🙂 love and light be with you, thank you for this great webpage! I have always been a weird one, seeing things before they happen and seeing things from long ago. At age 19, I almost died from someone poisoning me, many people died from that in my country that year. Almost no one would belive that I was poisoned, even the hospital did not and said they had not heard about the poison(even after it got published in the National News), and I suffered for 6 months, trying to keep the pain away(the drug is nicknamed Dr.Death). So I prayed to God, wich I had not done for a long, long time. I prayed for God to prove to me that God was with me, and that there was hope and a meaning. Every day after that night, has been weirder and yes, facts are stranger than fiction. For my gifts became clearer to me, I can connect with enteties, read energies and have seen the work of The Divine Creator with my own eyes. I have been scared that my gift ment that I was a dark soul, a doomed one. I feared that I was lead astray. Now I think, I will read the Bible, since Jesus did communicate with the dead and God did name him his son when he did. All I have yearned for for so long, was a family, somewhere I belong. Maybe there is a reason I did not die, God knows I tried again and again, and some people tried to kill me. Maybe I am supposed to fight for and with The Divine One, as he did for me. Do you think, maybe Jesus was labeled a witch or something of that sort, because of his gifts? Either way, thank you for revealing another piece of the Puzzle to me. I am very grateful and I thank you, Blair. God bless.

  138. Aurora at - Reply

    Another question.. what do you belive the NPD’s, or Psychopaths/Sociopaths/Narcisisst are here to do? I have a lot of experience with them..

    • Jessica Hall at - Reply


      I hope you get this, even though it’s been several months since you’ve posted. Personally I believe that everyone on this Earth is here to learn lessons, and to grow more like Christ everyday (note: I’m not going to beat you on the back of the head with Bible quotes, but I love Jesus, so He’s going to be in my conversations). I think Narcissists (while they might think they’re here because they’re the hottest thing on the block and everyone else can kiss their ass) are here to remind us what NOT to be like, and what NOT to do. I can’t very much talk about the psychopaths/sociopaths because I don’t want to give you wrong advice/information that I don’t have. I believe that everyone has, to a certain extent, free will. These people have become twisted in their minds, their souls, and their being. They are, I would guess, emotional vampires who feed off the energy of those who are compassionate, caring, and friendly. They have suffered (most of them, anyway) and believe that they are the sole executioners of judgment to repay back to those who have wronged them or people who fit into the mold of those who have wronged them.

      That’s the best I have for you but I am praying that you recognize Jesus’s love for you…and are truly filled with His Spirit and not like those Christians that claim to have the Holy Spirit but really don’t.

  139. Suz at - Reply

    Many thanks it is so nice to find words that reflect what I am feeling

  140. Taron at - Reply

    Hello 🙂

    I have experienced some difficulty in knowing who & what God truly is. I don’t know if you know about “The Shiny Show” on Youtube starring Alison & Kari. Alison is a medium as well.

    She has channeled “The Source – God” & God refers to Himself as not being male or female, but yet in the Bible, he is referred to as a male spirit.

    I feel that listening to all of this information creates a bit of a spiritual conflict within me, because we were taught to only believe what the Bible says. I feel like if the Bible is so holy, why would it then be contradicted?

    God apparently also says that He once was human just like us, & that He too had a God, because time does not exist; we are infinite beings – that I seem to be able to grasp, but not the conflicting issue with God’s gender roles & true identity.

    I know He can morph Himself into being male or female (he is SPIRIT), but what I want to know is, is He a father or is he a mother? That’s it. It’s a simple question really.

    Unless he IS male, but he doesn’t believe in division among genders, because we are all spirit & are all an extension of Him.

    The way that I see it is:

    He created Adam in his image (male); & Eve (female) was then created in the image of Adam; therefore women are an extension of men. We are all the same being, our genders only differ; if that makes sense?

    This is literally all I need to know; just so that I know that my beliefs are in harmony with what the Bible says.

    One can truly drive yourself crazy seeking the truth.

    I don’t want to know that God only exists in everything around us; I want to know if He’s a father that I can one day embrace in spirit & touch (spirit has high vibration), because that is the essence of love. Love cannot be without touch, i.e. not showing it through actions. Without His embrace or touch as a father, I would feel lost…

    That’s the best way that I can describe it.

    Also; when we are spirit; are we only allowed to see Him when we have reached a higher state of being?

    If so, then only experiencing His presence makes sense (lower plain); UNTIL I have reached the celestial plain & I can then come into contact with Him.

    They also say on that show that Jesus IS in fact married to Mary & that they have five children together; but once again; the Bible describes Jesus as being this pure being. To me, I find that to be a bit of an insult to Him.

    As you can see, I’m VERY confused. I don’t know if I’m being mislead in some way, or that I’m just being very narrow minded.

    I would appreciate any insight or ANY form of guidance.

    My spirit goes against all that is being said, basically; something just feels off.

    Warm regards,
    Tarry xx

    • Jessica Hall at - Reply


      I am in a similar boat, though I would venture to guess that I have been leaning more towards Christianity than any other “religion.” Even New Age, though I have come to have a love for crystals/stones. I believe that there are times when I have an emotional connection/spiritual connection with Jesus, but then I ran into a girl whose mother is a highly gifted woman. She hasn’t used her gifts in twenty years because she told God that, if Natasha would be born (her daughter) she would gladly trade in her gifts. She’s only been using her gifts recently, but I struggle with this because she believes in reincarnation, and the Bible is against reincarnation. I don’t want to go to Hell but I agree with a lot of stuff in the Bible but if what this woman is saying is true…then…I feel like I’ve been cheated.

      I don’t want to believe in anything just because man has told me so because this world is so confusing. Here I am, typing on this screen, and I just…I don’t know. I don’t know what to Believe in it feels like because I don’t want to believe in a lie and then go to Hell for it because I was lied to. When I meet God, however that plays out, I will fall on my knees and apologize profusely to Him. I’ve been an insult and I don’t want to suffer eternal damnation and I just sometimes wish God would kill me now because I don’t deserve what He has to offer. I don’t know. I’m not going to commit suicide or anything, don’t worry about that. It’s just…God is real, right? I just want to know Him and experience Him and love Him…maybe not be one, I don’t need that. I just want to be with Him but I can’t because I’m a sinful being….

      For now, I would listen to that gut instinct. Maybe it’s time to cancel that show and just pray and meditate and wait. I know it sucks. I hate waiting. I’m so impatient. But that’s why I pray and read my Bible because it’s my anchor, my backbone because I don’t want to fall into a state of disarray and assume that nothing is real and that I’m just…a speck of dust. I’m praying for you and for me and maybe my prayers will get answered. I don’t know. I sometimes feel like my prayers are invalid.

      God bless <3

  141. Annette Byczko at - Reply

    Thank you so very much, Blair. I come across too many people on a daily basis that believe these “Bible” rules. They don’t seem to realize that GOD is spirit and, now, JESUS is complete spirit also. I sincerely hope people find the right road to Heaven and GOD. Blair, thank you again.

  142. Nancy at - Reply

    I read all of this and was certainly amazed I always knew that love never dies, I’m talking about the ones that I most closest to like my parents . I dont deny that they are sending signs but I don’t recognize them . A nd I realize that they wouldn’t want to scare me like showing up so I put a dime in back of a picture and asked for them to move it to the front of the picture that was on a coffee table in my livingroom.I let them know that this wouldn’t scare me at all. but I still nevergot any responce so I pretty well gave up.

  143. Jessica Hall at - Reply

    I keep trying to tell all those that I know: Christianity is NOT ABOUT DOGMA!

    Yes, there are rules mentioned in the Bible to keep us from crossing the line into the chasm. I’ve been struggling with the past couple weeks about meeting a girl who has a mother who is very gifted. I’m conservative (even though I’m only 21) because I am afraid of going to Hell. I don’t want eternal damnation. I may not believe in reincarnation, but I do believe that these stones/crystals were created by God to be used (much like medicine). Not wearing stones is like telling someone “you can no longer wear a wedding ring” because diamonds are the most idolized stone/crystal here in America.

    I don’t want to be without God/Jesus. I want to be with Him in Heaven, and I don’t want liking stones/crystals or talking with psychics to send me to Hell. The thing is, though, is that Satan likes to deceive people. I guess unless you’re as seasoned Christian who is completely reliant on God, be careful about traversing the metaphysical realm because Satan is looking for someone to devour and he’ll absolutely pounce on you when he has the chance. I trust God to be my anchor, and that I really was saved…I don’t want to be one of those people that fall away from His teachings and am sent to Hell for eternity because of it. I get so much anxiety because of it…and I pray for others because I know that a majority of humanity is in the same boat, no matter where they are from all across the world.

    Who wants to suffer in Hell for eternity?

  144. Rou at - Reply

    The bible is written by man, but the project was guided by the Holy Spirit his blessed self, yes it was 2000 years ago but God never changes he is the same forever, we are to seek God only for guidance, not spirits, they may be from evil powers, and God Is everywhere, so God is needed as the Guide, not spirits unless God directly commands obedience to them

  145. Brenda at - Reply

    My husband died in May I do not feel him or Dream of him we where married for almost 51 years I am so lonely for him all I do is cry I have tryed to to positive things for other people

  146. Steve winnie at - Reply

    Thanks I am in need to seek some help, there is a man an hour away that many people in my family delt with him. Phil Jordan. As of now I feel totally lost. But I had a friend tell me I would go to hell and never see my wife again.

  147. Jeff at - Reply

    Jesus can raise and spek to anyone because He is God. He still forbids others from being mediums and the bible is clear about that. “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. “For whoever does these things is detestable to the LORD; and because of these detestable things the LORD your God will drive them out before you. And dont try to tell me that it’s old testament. jesus used scripture in old and new testament to rebuke and teach. Turn from your sin before it is too late.

    • Michael at - Reply

      It’s old testament. Do you sacrifice animals when you wife menstruates? WAIT. Don’t tell me it doesn’t apply. It is in the OLD TESTAMENT and you just said that Jesus taught from the them!

  148. Jacob at - Reply

    not agree!!!!!

    what is the verse in the bible that talks about the use of water, oil, stickers etc all over the world by everyone calling himself a prophet? Medium is not only referred to the dead.
    explain to me the scripture that Jesus said to his disciples that if you believe, in my name you shall cast out demons, lay your hand to the sick and they shall recover, remember it says in my name..

  149. KDC at - Reply

    Not all Christians would thump someone for being gifted, but there are many who believe that they’re watching out for those who are, that is the truth or mindset that they are familiar with. There are many who may be gifted but don’t want to make fellow believers upset if they come forward. I consider myself sensitive, and I follow Jesus. To me, these are gifts that help us be a light to others, especially someone who needs something (whether they know it or not), that God leads us to at a particular time, for instance. Well anyway, just putting that out there… I hope my response blesses whoever reads it. I am actually reading a neat book now, God’s Purpose for Psychics…and everyone,
    by Kevin Schoeppel.

  150. Logan at - Reply

    Whoa Sharon,
    Why so judgemental? Goofy? Nuts?
    I happen to be a Bible thumping Christian..and a born psychic.
    It’s actually possible to honor God, the Bible and intuitive gifts – all at the same time. I’ve seen/communicated with spirits all my life and go to Church every Sunday. Some people understand, others don’t, but the last thing this world needs is more people judging and criticizing one another.
    The most important message I’ve received through my gifts, NDE’s, Angels, Guides and Jesus, is that we have one simple purpose:
    Spiritual Enlightenment- “To unconditionally love and forgive others, as well as ourselves”.
    I strive/pray for that daily. If people chose to encourage rather than discourage, compassion over criticism, the process alone of just thinking gracious thoughts would result in an enormous the energy shift.
    If we don’t like something, don’t idly complain. Channel it into doing something, make changes. I’m stunned by how many people are “angry” at various things and the huge time/energy put into negative thoughts, words, reviews, etc- yet people rarely DO anything about it.
    If I can’t change something I dislike, I certainly don’t dwell on it, I focus on positive things. Most people I read for are surprised when they realize how much negativity they attract just by their thoughts.
    I won’t expand on all the purposes religion serves, but when people congregate in the name of God and love, I can say for certain there’s large groups of Angels around, direct from God, and Blessed.
    Bottom line: Stop Judging…if you don’t have something nice to say….

  151. Charlotte at - Reply

    But what do you have to say in response to Moses’ words because he said that God told him this.

  152. Teresa at - Reply

    Thank you so much for your information. I would love to visit with you. My son died tragically and I have so many underlying questions. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to him I’m so sad about it and it wasn’t like something that he would do. Thank you again

  153. dogonit at - Reply

    I was recently called to task from my head minister for my belief in mediumship. He shared specific bible scripture, and pointed out that I should really think about what I was doing, and that I should consider what was good and true. What is good and true is the love and connection I feel when I have communication from a loved one who’s passed. God is in the present, not just in man’s written words that contradict themselves in the bible, and cause much confusion…some obviously God inspired, some of it seems to have another agenda. We are all divine, eternal and connected to God. We are to love God first and love one another. If we follow this new testament law, we should be okay in what we do, and not be fearful of what others think. Jesus didn’t judge others, and he loved everyone. I’m wondering, did Jesus condemn prophesying and mediumship?

  154. beauty99 at - Reply

    The only difference here is it was “God” who spoke to the dead. That is the key difference. The Bible clearly says don’t consult psychics or mediums. Period. No if, and’s, or but’s. I too, was obsessed with contacting psychics until I was directed towards the truth. In essence, people will bend their beliefs to do whatever they want. The Bible says he who contacts a medium or psychic, he’ll turn his face away from them. Now, who in their right mind would want that? Surely not me! As hard as it was to stop contacting psychics, I had to stop. I fear God too much. He has kept me throughout my darkest times. Anyone could leave me and it’ll be okay. But, God could never leave me. I would “Never” be okay with that. Nobody should. Your life would be hell.

  155. Suz at - Reply

    One day I thought about someone I was missing and a stream of energy started raining down on me. Wherever I walked this energy followed me. I stopped and gave into it and shut my eyes and tried to describe it as it flowed all over me. The only word to describe it was “deep” and the energy went all the way down and didn’t end and it went all the way up and didn’t end. The energy flowed on to infinity. That energy was love. And love lives on forever. The energy eventually fizzled and dissipated. I’ve never experienced anything like it since.

  156. Tyler at - Reply

    Are psychics clearsentient? Is it true that they can’t feel vibrations of spirits & demons like mediums can?

  157. Tracy at - Reply

    If you truly believe your gifts come from God why call yourself a medium knowing that word carries such negative biblical connotations? Can’t you think of another word that defines your talents that doesn’t spark so much controversy & drama? The bible warns Christians against consulting mediums. Yet that’s what you label yourself as & then get offended when folks call you out & attack you.? It’s like a pharmacist referring to themselves as a drug pusher. Although some might consider that label closer to the truth, how much trouble, let alone legitimate business are they going to bring in?
    Also, Christ was God incarnate. He was the Spirit of God in flesh.
    May God bless you! <3

  158. Sara at - Reply

    Hi Blair my mom went to be with the Lord she in Paradise. Please let me know if she is near me please help me what happen to Mom she left us all suddenly I’m missing her so much.. please

  159. Thank you for writing this! I agree with your beliefs. God Bless

  160. Geoff Cummings at - Reply

    To use the argument that ‘Jesus spoke to the dead’ is disingenuous and bordering on blasphemy. Naturally Jesus / God may speak to the dead if he so wishes; he is God after all! The Bible clearly forbids the practice for US on the grounds that it is detestable to God. Mediums may be able to make contact with some force or other, but it most certainly will not be the soul of a dead person. Naturally, any supernatural being, spirit , demon or whatever, will know all about the subject , and so will be able to
    know certain things that only the dead relative/friend would be expected to know, and so the deception would be validated (the medium themselves would not even be aware of this, so their protestations are worthless)The ‘comfort’ that this nefarious practice brings to the bereaved is false and cruel, as it causes the individual to trust something other than the one true living God, JESUS, who promises true resurrection and life eternal to those who truly trust and obey him.

    • Michael at - Reply

      Bollocks. Jesus was not God. Jesus was the Son of God. What part of “my only begotten son” do you not understand? The Bible was written by man and is riddled with inaccuracies. Jesus himself said there would be people with greater gifts than himself. In my red-letter version, not a single word is mentioned about not communicating with the dead. Not one. Me? I worship the living God. You go ahead and worship a book written 2000 years ago if you like. But you are daft doing so. You hypocritical bible folks are all the same.

  161. joe smith at - Reply

    your full of shit …that lady will burn in hell & so will u ….GOD KNOWS u did that on purpose…MISLEADING HER & anyone who is stupid enough 2 follow your advice …GOD SAYS “NO” to consulting with mediums.

  162. Carol at - Reply

    Jesus spoke to the dead because that was his sacrifice for us! No one other than Jesus had that gift. His journey and sacrifices were to die for us and rise again!
    So, he does not speak through mediums. If you actually believe that mediums are on the same level as Jesus you are sadly mistaken!
    Your loved ones go to wherever there journey leads them into the after life.
    Why do people have to reach out to mediums? Is it out of guilt?
    If you believe than you you will know you will reunite w the dead when Jesus takes you.
    This whole medium stuff is a dangerous entity. It’s opening portal’s against Christianity. Leave Jesus to guide you, not mediums for a hefty buck

  163. Brit at - Reply

    **I’m going to share Bible scriptures because I do not care to give me opinion on such a serious matter without it being supported by the Word of God. You can’t reference Jesus talking with Elijah out of context, or Jesus bringing the dead back to life, out of context, and not have it supported the the entire Word of God.**

    “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

    The New Testament qualifies EVERY STATEMENT in the old testament. It doesn’t cancel it out. So if your standing on the conviction that the New Testament doesn’t mention mediums directly– I feel this is incorrect. The New Testament does reject witchcraft. What is witchcraft? Well, witchcraft as I was informed by Caribbean voodoo practitioners is “taking matters into your own hands.” Simple, right? Forget the pointy hats and satanic rituals (which I’m sure is a subgroup of the overarching practice). Even in this simplistic, seemingly harmless definition of “witchcraft” the Bible still speaks against it:

    “So Saul died for his breach of faith. He broke faith with the Lord in that he did not keep the command of the Lord, and also consulted a medium, seeking guidance. He did not seek guidance from the Lord. Therefore the Lord put him to death and turned the kingdom over to David the son of Jesse.”
    (1 Chronicles 10:13-14)

    “For rebellion is as the sin of divination, and presumption is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, he has also rejected you from being king.”(1 Samuel 15:23 )

    “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.” (Leviticus 19:31 )

    Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you, and I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty.” (2 Corinthians 6:17-18– New Testament)

    “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” (Revelation 21:8– New Testament)

    Why does the Bible say not to consult or practice these things. Because it is rebellion. As a Believer, when we need guidance we should consult the Most High, not psychics.

    This is coming from someone, who before I had this revelation was heavily into astrology. I did some tarot. And my understanding of astrology was logical because there’s science and calculations to support it. I wrestled with knowing the planets had certain influences on us and was curious why the Bible, or pastors who preach against it so heavily, when it was real. ‘Doesn’t the Bible reference the timing of stars and the moon,’ I would think? But it is clear, that if you cling to these things more than you cling to God and his wisdom for your life that you are holding these things as idols and that is what is sinful.

    My conviction for myself now, is not to rely on the stars for my path but on God. I am reading the book of Acts and learning more about the walk of Simon who practiced magic but turned away from it with the glory of Christ was revealed to him (Acts 8:9-13).

    I know the psychics and astrology are not the same thing. Some psychics incorporate the stars and others rely heavily on the energies and spirits in the universe. I think you should fast and pray and ask God to breakdown any rebellion within you and reveal the way he would like you to walk with him.

    “As we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a slave girl who had a spirit of divination and brought her owners much gain by fortune-telling. She followed Paul and us, crying out, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to you the way of salvation.” And this she kept doing for many days. Paul, having become greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” And it came out that very hour.” (Acts 16:16-19– New Testament)

    Again, as a Christian, we should be seeking to align ourselves with His will. If God said I want you to go right, and you say well I can get to the same place going left, then you are out of order. Re-read the story of Saul and see how he lost out on his blessings operating out of order.

    The Name of Jesus is powerful. The word of God, the Bible, is more powerful. But our habits aligned with the word and will of God is the most powerful resource we as Christians can possess. To practice (habits and actions) the ways of the world nullifies the word of God operating in our life.

    -Stay blessed and continue to prove yourself accord to the Word of God.

  164. Andrea at - Reply

    Very interesting comment regarding religion. Thanks for all you do

  165. Sue Hewett at - Reply

    Ok so first off I am not sure how to begin this message and really been going back and forth on even commenting but here we go.
    First off I lost my son last November and I definitely am not sure how to put this but I definitely never have been through the sadness and guilt and so many emotions that I have since the moment he passed.I think that I have been doing a bit better for a little bit but worried that I will go back to the crippling condition that I have been through. Bedridden and actually suicidal a couple month’s back. I finally found on Facebook a bunch of amazing group’s that have people like you. I have had 2 different lady’s that convinced me that this is a true ability and I definitely would not be even close to where I am without their help. It was absolutely amazing and so 100% spot on that I would love to get into some of the thing’s that they said that I literally had no idea what to do to get help for and they knew exactly what the issues were and my son came through as my Dad did also that passed in 2003. I was absolutely in a state of mind that I felt it was a dream. I will only say that when one of them said that the reason I couldn’t cut myself is because my Dad stopped it and first off no word was even mentioned from me a out my dad and I was confused on how she knew. I said that I literally was suicidal and she is the one that said your dad stopped you from cutting myself. Talk about a shock. We have very sharp knifes and I definitely tried over and over without barely a little scratch. The same Facebook message on messenger where we were chatting back and forth she said my dad passed of cancer and also that he was singing a song. I was blown away to the point that all she said about my son Andy and what issues I was dealing with she got right on and said my son understands and for me to quit feeling guilty because it wasn’t my fault. That by far was the worst part that was killing me deeper everyday and poof she said exactly what I was concerned about like this was something that she knew I needed help with. I am going to say that I literally was at the point of all the emotions that I have lacked since my son passed came back. Happy and positive and basically the emotions that I have not had besides the sad and depressed one’s. Then she goes on to say that my dad was singing a song like I said previously but when she wrote the word’s of title I think I was on the verge of fainting or really can’t explain but I was completely in some form of shock. Have you heard the song that goes ” this little heart of mine I’m going to let it shine let it shine let it shine” Ok well I was singing that same song for a week or two everyday over and over. No clue were I got it from but I was actually telling my Fiancee that I am not sure how to get that song out of my head. All I know was I was singing loud everyday and basically only the part I wrote because that was all I had in me but it was stuck and I definitely caught myself singing loudly over and over. Sooooooo much that the day your tickets were advertised on Facebook I told my Fiancee that I felt I really wanted to go see this live. He bought us both tickets and I bought one the next day for my granddaughter who is 20 on the 13th a ticket because of her deeply hurt and emotional issues of losing 2 uncle’s that she was close to and one is my son and the other from her father’s side because her father is in prison for rape of child that is her. Her uncle the father’s brother testified on her behalf and the rest of his family sat in the courtroom on the rapists side. He turned to alcohol and died about 2 plus year’s after because of the whole family and my granddaughter holds guilt for both uncle’s death. I really felt like we would be able to get her some relief and that Ben or Andy would definitely have the chance to comfort her. I was so upset that I literally dreamed of the day getting to see you and nothing at all was stepping forward. I looked at her during your readings and she was crying with happiness for everyone that was picked. I was absolutely in the worst pain after this show feeling that I literally dreamed of her getting a little relief like I have even on messenger was going to happen for her. I really felt like I was just absolutely a idiot to feel so excited and strong about this that I let everything that tried to stop me from getting there that day and evening pushed away. I must of had 10 thing’s happen to me that I was actually thinking to myself that someone really doesn’t want this to work out. I really would have just said forget it on any other occasion but I definitely had to push all that aside way to much to get there. I was absolutely in very confused state of mind and to be honest I was mad. I am glad that I got this out and please let me know if you received this so I can change this terrible attitude around to positive and not this draining negativity that is soooo draining and not who I am out of me. I feel like I am not myself and I definitely can’t take much more of this bitterness that I literally have to say is not something that I am proud of. I just wanted to make sure that I got it out and now make sure you get it and close this terrible chapter I chose to get myself in. Thank you for your time!!

  166. Anna Locklear at - Reply

    This is a question that has been bothering me for awhile. I have been to see my medium several times. She is usually spot on, but the last few times she has not been. The first was a relationship. She saw a future for us, she saw that he cared deeply for me, and that we would support each other. Two weeks later, he was gone and had moved on to someone else. She was perplexed and said that she truly felt that his feelings were genuine. Needless to say, her vision gave me hope, and because of it, I have had a very difficult time moving on. I still hope. Maybe someday…
    The other vision she was certain about was a career opportunity. She could see that there were few applicants and said that mine stood out and I would surely get the job. I didn’t even get an interview. Nearly a year later I received a letter stating that they had hired someone else.
    So, because of this I have wondered if I was being punished for seeking insight. Or maybe she was picking up on my enthusiasm, maybe she was seeing off into the distant future. And there’s the lingering hope.
    I am a christian and go to church. I have heard the teachings against seeking out mediums. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t been back. It never made sense to me, though, because of all the biblical teachings of people communicating with God. If they could do it then, why not now?
    The other is something someone else said. They told me that if she received wrong information, then perhaps she was receiving it from a dark source and the protection of white light she prayed for had been broken.
    I am planning on seeking out my medium again, but I am afraid.
    I’d like to hear anyone’s thoughts on this. Thank you.

  167. Trudy at - Reply

    I am just curious if you believe there is a Hell and that evil people will be heading in that direction when they die?

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