Suicide: Do Our Deceased Loved Ones Burn In Hell?

Suicide is painful for those who are left behind. In fact, a friend of mine who lost his fiance to suicide summed it up perfectly: the victims of suicide are the ones left behind.

Suicide: A Medium's Perspective
At the time of this writing, I've been a psychic medium for 40 years. I can tell you for a fact that your loved one is NOT burning in hell!

That's religious B.S.

What Happens To Those Who Pass By Suicide?
Suicide is a no-no spiritually. Forget religion. In the bigger picture, there is no excuse for suicide.

When you pass over with suicide, you are definitely “in trouble” with the spirit world.
There is NO HELL. Relax. Your loved ones who have passed by suicide are NOT made to live in eternal hell.

Look: I think that notion was created to *scare* people from passing by suicide.
But we ALL have free will.

That said, you are absolutely going to experience a reprimand for it if you pass by suicide.

Suicide is NOT an escape. It may give a minuscule level of relief, but the consequences are powerful.

In every single case of a suicide that comes through,  as a psychic medium there are a number of things I want to share:

1. Suicide Regret
In every single case of a suicide that comes through, I need to share with you the fact that if they could do it all over, they would. Once on the other side, they quickly recognize the hurt caused, and that nobody can truly escape karma. I have yet to meet anyone that has crossed over who was happy about the pain of those left behind, and doubt I ever will. There is regret, but this is a good thing, something to rejoice.

2. Suicide Punishment? More Like A Review.

Every suicide I have had a connection with has expressed that they have been put in a corner, so to speak, and they certainly DO understand the PAIN of EVERY SINGLE PERSON left behind.

In every case of a suicide I have brought through, they are happy to go through this as it helps them develop, grow and understand the spiritual impact of this.

3. Good News!
There is NO HELL. They do NOT “burn in hell for eternity.” Religion teaches that. And, there's no such thing!

Yes! If you have a loved one that has passed by suicide, they absolutely WILL experience the pain of those left behind and go through a review for doing so… but they will also experience…

4. Forgiveness.
They will experience forgiveness. While they WILL be “put in a corner” briefly, they will be forgiven.

Good news is that your loved ones will eventually realize the pain that they caused and they will understand that suicide was not an option as far as karma goes.

They WILL realize that what they did was wrong. It's guaranteed.

Now, having said that, some will realize this right away. Some will realize this in due time.

But know this: your loved ones will realize it sooner or later.

5. They will connect with you again.
Sooner or later, they will connect with you again. It may be a few months, or a few years. But they will.

Know this: you can't escape karma. Your loved ones know this. You should know this.
Suicides only hit the “pause” button. They WILL return and have to relive the events that brought them to suicide and will definitely make better decisions the next time around.
If you've lost a loved one, rejoice! They WILL return and they WILL triumph!

They are not “lost.” Forget the “burning in hell” bullcrap taught by many religions. Your loved ones are fine (or will be as soon as they pay the price on the other side).

Love never dies.

Remember that. KNOW that they are good on the other side. KNOW that they will return eventually. KNOW that they are no longer in pain.

Rejoice. They are with you in spirit!

Blessings to you all.

Love and light,

Blair Robertson
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