Psychic Medium Blair Robertson Socks Validation From Deceased Husband

On Sunday I did a reading for a lady named Barb. Her deceased husband came through…

Now… for those of you “new” to what a medium does, we bring through what are called “validations.” Deceased loved ones always say/do/mention something so that you KNOW it really is them.

During this particular reading, he said for me to “mention the socks… mention the SOCKS. I had a LOT of socks”

I did mention it.

Barb mentioned that yes, he DID have lots of socks. Like, maybe 100 pairs!

Today she sent this photo to me via email. I'm sure you'll agree, that's a LOT of socks! I've never known a guy to have THAT many socks… LOL!

But… even though this brought levity to the reading… it brought healing to her heart. She KNOWS he's alive in spirit and she KNOWS that love never dies.

Love and light to you all.