SuperMoonThis Sunday we will experience a supermoon, where the orbit of the moon will be the closest to the earth. The moon will appear close to 20% larger and will have a strong effect on tides.

The supermoon also brings terrific spiritual energy and this is a terrific day for you to celebrate, create new goals and embrace positive changes. Here are six tips that will benefit you:

1. Create An Intention Goal

This is a perfect time to create a new goal and celebrate it with a simple ritual.

One of my favorite rituals on the evening of a full moon is to write out a goal on paper and burn it. So long as the goal is for the greater good, this is a way of showing that you have a goal and you are letting it go to the higher power to manifest.

A friend of mine writes her goal on a stick in black marker, then burns it.

Another friend in Auckland, New Zealand sums her goal up in one or two words and writes the two words in the sand at the ocean and walks away–not looking back–and lets the tides take it. Beautiful.

Frankly, it matters little what the actual ritual is, it's the spiritual process that counts. Try it.

2. Cleanse Your Oracles And Bless Your Sacred Objects

Do you have a family Bible? Crystals? Mojo bag? Tarot?

My Grandfather told me that there is no denying the tidal power of the moon, what other powerful energies does it hold?

If you have any of the above, place them outside in the moonlight and leave them there as long as possible to capture the moon rays.

A friend in Canada places hers in a large glass jar to keep out moisture at this time of year, and to protect the items from critters.

Putting these items in view of the moon rays on a window ledge works just fine too.

3. Embrace The Supermoon Energy

If find this funny… while many people already “know” the above tips, they often forget to put themselves out in the moonlight!

Yes! You are a spiritual being and the moonlight isn't just for inanimate objects. It is for YOU too.

Don't worry. You don't have to dance naked under the moonlight or do mystical chants. (Although, if that's what you are into, I ‘ain't judgin' ya'!)

Get out. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a full moon evening. I love to embrace the fact that the universe is huge and I'm blessed to be a part of it. I remind myself that while I'm simply a small speck in this universe I am not alone. And with that, combined with spirit, we can all do much positive things in our world. We can make a difference. We can make an impact.

Embrace the spiritual energy of the moon.

4. Send Out Positive Energy With White Light

You can send out white light healing energy to others.

White light is spiritual energy. The cool part is anyone can invoke it by asking/praying for it. You do NOT need to see a psychic, medium, minister or anyone else. It's yours, just for asking.

Send out the obvious: if you have friends or family members that are hurting, ask spirit to surround them in white light. To help them, and ask for healing energy to assist them. It costs nothing to do so, so why not do that?

Here's a valuable tip my Granda gave me: ask for white light to surround those who we may not obviously know are struggling. Many people carry pain secretly… quietly… so why not turn the tables and whack them with a beautiful dose of positive energy? Can't hurt, it costs nothing and… just… might… be what they need. Isn't that beautiful?

5. Ask Your Spirit Guides For Guidance

We all have spirit guides. Every one of us. Why not use this time to ask for help and guidance along the way.

6. Celebrate This Day

Just like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc., this is a wonderful time to celebrate. Yes, it's a special day, but be mindful that spirit and the higher power is always there to help you. Always there for you. Make it a special day to celebrate!

Blessings to you, and may all of your dreams, wishes and goals come true.

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Blair Robertson