Are Finding Coins Really Signs From Our Spirit Guides, Deceased Loved Ones, Or Angels?


Dimes and pennies from heaven are one of the signs that our deceased loved ones show us. Nearly every day people comment along the lines of “My Gary sends me pennies from heaven,” or, “I found a dime on my pillow, and I live alone, is that my deceased husband?”

[featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]To the very best of my knowledge, there is no mint in heaven. They do not manufacture coins and toss them from the clouds.

Not all signs are signs. It is important to understand the difference between a coincidence and an actual spirit sign. I'll help you here.

Pennies From Heaven: You Are Loved And You Are Important

The angels, spirit guides and your deceased loved ones want you to know that you are important to them. They want you to know that they are with you and see everything going on in your life.

The message is simple: you are loved and valued.

Causing coins to appear is a very common way to demonstrate they are around you.

How Do I Know The Difference Between A Coincidence And A Spirit Sign When I Find A Coin?

But not all signs are signs. A coin on the sidewalk is likely from a hole in someone's pocket. Change on the ground of a heavily trafficked street corner? Probably a coincidence.

Too many psychics and mediums try to convince people that EVERY coin is a sign. Sadly, that dilutes the meaning of a real sign.

How will you know if it's a real sign or coincidence? The answer is surprisingly simple: you'll KNOW.

A woman posted on my Facebook page how she lives alone since the passing of her husband. She found a dime on her pillow. That, my friend, is a sign.

Dimes and pennies will often show up in unique places. You'll know them when you find them.

But please remember this…

Spirit Signs: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

A relative of mine wanted to visit where my parent's ashes were scattered, a beautiful area with a walking path and view of a river. As we pulled up, I wondered if my parents would show a sign.

We went to the spot, shared a prayer and headed back to the parking area. As I walked up to the car, I noticed a penny on the ground by my door.

I had pulled a muscle in my back, and given it was just a penny I intended to ignore it. But something – an urging – told me to pick it up. I struggled to bend over, and I picked it up.

It was older than usual. Very worn. I looked at the date and was surprised that it was from 1920, the year of my Dad's birth. A warm feeling came over me, THAT was a sign.

Why Is Finding Dimes and Pennies A Bigger Deal Than Say Quarters?

Ah, this is where it gets cool. Pennies have the numerology/Angel Number value of 1. Dimes ALSO have the numerology Angel Number of 1 (because 1 + 0 = 1).

Angel number 1 is a reminder that we are all ONE. We are one with spirit. It represents new beginnings, the start of a new chapter and a fresh start.

Lost a loved one? Feeling alone? The sign of a dime or penny is a reminder that they are still with us, just in spirit. Love never dies.

Struggling with something in life? It reminds us of our power to begin fresh and tackle anything that comes our way.

Be open to the signs that your messengers and loved ones are sending you. 

Have you experienced pennies from heaven or found dimes that were clear messages? Please comment below! I, and others, would love to read them.

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  1. Lorraine Luscombe at - Reply

    I find dimes in many strange places. In my shoe, under boxes in the house, in the middle of the dining room where no one has been. It is strange. This has been going on for years. I always believed they were coming from my father who passed in 1980. They have slowed down since my mother passed a year ago, I still get them but not so often. Is this a sign?

    • Veronica Montalvo Owen at - Reply

      After my husband passed away, I began to find dimes. Not only did I find dimes but I began to notice that when I made a purchase most of my change was given back to me in dimes.

      • Jay Crawford at - Reply

        What about Nickels? I’ve found Nickels in weird places. 1 while I was taking a shower and praying.

    • Mona at - Reply

      When my ex commited suicide.There was 13 pennies on my stairs..I do believe it was from him..I believe that now that Canada doesn’t use pennies anymore..I’ve been finding dimes.from my love ones who have passed ..
      Just and light

    • Angel Vigil at - Reply

      I was participating at a workshop at Camp Widow last summer. Right after I successfully completed a very powerful exercise, the room of 15 participants and I all about fainted BECAUSE a quarter and a nickel materialised in thin air right in front of me in mid air and fell to the floor at my feet! I literally had coins being tossed at me from beyond as in a message of “well done!”

    • Brenda at - Reply

      My husband passed suddenly. I found him and it was horrible. Soon after I started finding dimes. It’s often when I’m having a tough time. Also it will often be in a place where moments before nothing was there. I hope they’re from him.

    • Jamie at - Reply

      Ok…recently lost a couple people in my life this past November so 4 months prior to this, one being my nephew and the other being my mom who I hadn’t seen in a year. Anyway on the typical Saturday, stepped into my kitchen to find an old dulled dime almost underneath a wicker basket that was sitting on an otherwise empty counter. I’ve been collecting change and it was almost hidden under the basket so never thought a thing about it, immediately picked it up and put it into my wallet. Return to the living room for about 10 minutes or so then walked back into the kitchen only to find a shiny dime. sitting on the same counter, beside the basket, this time in plain view… brought chills down my spine, knowing that 10 minutes earlier there had been nothing on that counter but the basket…

  2. Bootsie Schaefer at - Reply

    I heard a psychic say that if a coin is face down, it wasn’t meant for you. Pick it up and look at the date. It probably is a year that has meaning from someone you’ve lost. Say thanks to the spirit, but leave the coin, face up for the person who it was meant for.

  3. Wendy at - Reply

    I have been finding nickles for years now.They all are my birth year.I started a collection.Wish I knew who is responsible.I have also awakened by strong smells of cologne or perfume.

  4. Dawn Wilson at - Reply

    Since my daddy passed so tragically in September I look for every sign I can. Pennies, birds, feathers,rainbows. I have been so depressed I haven’t done anything. This week I got my courage up to go back to my happy place, the gym. After I got my butt kicked I went in the restroom and looked down and found a penny. It was a old worn wheat penny. I’m sure someone dropped it, but I’d like to think it was a sign from him telling me he was proud of me for going back and doing my thing. He always encouraged me when I didn’t want to go and was proud of what I was accomplishing at my gym. I’m a gramma that just turned 56 and I completed a warrior dash in his honor before he passed. He was more proud of that big medal I earned than I was and I was so happy to honor him by actually completing it! It was from 1958 the year my parents bought the lot that they built our family home in by themselves before I was born.

  5. Heather Ferrar at - Reply

    When my Dad passed away a few years ago I used to say I wanted a nickle in the grass to know it was him..several years later I now lived on the other side of the country on a Sunday morning walking my dog,she was being difficult not wanting to walk (suddenly) so I go over to her and there was a nickle in the grass,I knew it was my Dad .The dog continued on with our walk and this happy lady knew her Dad listened and I still talk to him and all my other family cause although I cannot see or hear them they are there.

  6. Jo-Ann at - Reply

    Dear Blair, First of all, thank you for your wonderful articles! Secondly, when are you coming back to Canada?I find dimes in very unusual places. One was on my way to work at quarter to seven in the morning by the curbside. It was dated for 1974, the same year my grandma died. I find them in the dryer, washing machine, on a rack at work and in a crack in the middle of the road. My friend tells me the year represents the year your loved one passed away. Thanks again

  7. Deborah Fochler at - Reply

    I had a very close friend. She was struggling with cancer. I had two bouts with it when I was younger and as she got sicker and sicker she would call me in the early morning hours. We would talk about what we thought happened when we died. The morning she died she called me at 3 am and asked me to watch out for her son. She jokingly said “I will send money when I get to heaven or wherever I go”. I said “yea pennies like the movie”. Her reply was “No you cant buy anything with a penny so maybe dimes.” I have a box that has over 200 dimes in it. Her birthday was last week, I found ten dimes on that day – everywhere. The bank parking lot, the grocery store, ground by my car and even in my car.
    Her son has been having a hard time – he lost his job the day before Xmas and he called me for help. I sent money and he found another job just days later. I know she is around me as is other family members. So yes love never dies.

  8. Sharie at - Reply

    My son sends us quarters. I have around 30 or so. They usually are from his year of birth, signify a special occasion. I literally saw one drop out of thin air at my feet on my daughter, his sister’s birthday. That one was from her year of birth. Today is his birthday, so maybe I will get one today!

  9. SHIRLEY A WORK at - Reply

    My son went to the scene of his fathers accident and found a very small feather that was part of a pin he wore on his vest. When he showed me I told him feathers would now be a sign from his dad. orist to order the flowers, and when I came out of the store, there on the side walk were 2 feathers (2 sons) I brought them home and everyone was in shock. We still find feathers in odd places. He lets us know he is around.

  10. Krista at - Reply

    Years ago, I used to find pennies in my old house which I figured were from my grandfather, who when he was alive, often gave me silver dollars and coin sets from the Royal Mint.
    Now since my Dad passed in Nov 2015, I have found dimes from time to time. Just recently, I opened up the fridge, and on the floor in front of the fridge, was a dime. I couldn’t see it there until I opened the fridge door. Random! 🙂

  11. Lisa M. at - Reply

    The day my nephew passed away from a brain tumor at 39 I decided to take a walk with my best friend to talk about thing. He left behind three beautiful little girls. As we were walking I looked down and saw three shinny pennies! I knew it was him telling me he was here and would be the guardian angels watching over his daughters. When his wife came to visit with the girls a couple years later I told her the story. I gave her the pennies. I hope she holds on to them and gives each one a penny on their wedding day!

  12. Janet Upchurch at - Reply

    I find pennies from my son and daughter. Heads for son, tails for daughter. Now I find dimes from my husband. I know they are from them, they know when I need them. I deploy with Red Cross and have found them in places they could have not gotten easily and when I need encouragement. Haven’t looked at dates, will do so in the future.

  13. Jenny at - Reply

    After my bf of 14 years passed 10 years ago my oldest daughter and I started to find dimes here and there, sometimes in the weirdest places and when my grandpa passed a couple years ago we started finding pennies . I think one doing dimes and one doing pennies was their way of them saying that it was two different people. We always wondered if it was actually them. I’m so glad I came across this article, it makes me feel better knowing that they are still around.

  14. Terri at - Reply

    I was helping my husband in the shower due to a shoulder injury. ..I took my slippers off in the bedroom , my husband was waiting for me in the bathroom, when I was done I was putting my slippers back on and there was a dime ON TOP of my slipper. I was so surprised and a happy feeling came over me. At that time of my life it was tough times, I was finding dimes everywhere, now that things have changed I don’t find them anymore.

  15. andrea at - Reply

    My first dime from my son was about 3 months after he passed. As you say, it was very unique place to find one. To celebrate my son’s 36th birthday a couple weeks agi, I invited friends to a pub for food, beverages and karoake, something my son loved to do. Out of nowhere a dime appeared on the table, I spotted it first. Even though I knew what it meant I still had a moment of doubt that it was from someone at the table or the server. So I asked all in unison…is this someone’s dime? Everyone said no…is fact not one of us had ANY coins on us. So I took great delight in others seeing this connection.

  16. Karon Walkington at - Reply

    I was in the store a few years ago and was shopping and thought I would go over by the dishes, and there on top of a plate was a penny, I do believe at that time it was a sign from some one in heaven and still believe it.

  17. Ann Driscoll at - Reply

    I would like to share this with my older sister (we’re both in our 70s). She has mentioned a few times that she finds pennies every so often and she feels strongly they are from our mother, who passed in 2010. Since I’ve never had any of the same feelings when I find the occasional coin, I tease her by reminding her that “Mom always liked you best.” Seriously, I’m happy that she feels that peace knowing mother continues to watch over her.

  18. vickie at - Reply

    My mother told me before she died that every time I find a dime I would know she was thinking about me. I find dimes often and one day I found seven bright silver dimes in a small group.

  19. Arlene at - Reply

    My coin story is very significant to me. It has been going on for years actually. So much so, that others around me even know it’s my dad. It all started when one day I noticed a penny on my bedroom floor and picked it up. It read 1995. That was the year my father passed. Then, I realized it was Dec. 2nd, the DAY he passed…I thought hmmm…A month later, I found another penny on my bedroom floor…same spot even. It read 1995. I then realized it was Jan. 27th…his birthday. I got chills, smiled and said wow…hi Dad.❤ Ever since then, I know when I find a 1995 penny, it’s him. A more recent one happened at work when I was asked to cover the front desk when our office manager was sick. So as I sat there answering the phone, I saw a silver quarter on the keyboard. Quarters aren’t silver anymore. It had a different feel to it and then I looked at the year, it was a 1944 silver quarter. I sank in my seat in disbelief because you see…it was Jan. 27th that morning…my dad’s birthday. And if my office manager had not been sick that day, I would have never seen it. Later she said it had been there for weeks…but of all days, she unknowingly called in sick on his birthday. She said it belonged to me after that day, and I still have it. There are so many more incidents, but that was the 1st that started it all, and one of the more recent “coin”cidences that my dad is with me.☝

  20. Jenifer Doyle at - Reply

    I always find a dime and a penny together …that I feel is a sign from my father who when he got sick we all started to notice the number 11 (11:11 we made/make our wish) after my father lost his 2nd battle with cancer when I find a penny there is almost always a dime near it …..I forgot to mention my father was born on the 11th day of the 11th month and was born 10:49 (11 minutes to the 11th hour) and yes you guessed it there was 11 people in his family. So yes I believe pennies and dimes are a sign from my father ❤❤️

  21. Jill at - Reply

    After my son passed I would find coins. I told him, “Mama needs money! Send me more!” That afternoon I was moved my vacuum cleaner and there was a quarter. I know it was from him. I find quarters all of the time in unusual places and thank him for each one, after I kiss it.

  22. Sand at - Reply

    A week after my son passed I found 5 dimes and 5 pennies in five different places side by side like someone had lined them perfectly one of each on both sides of my younger son’s bed , one of each in the window sill, one of each at my feet when I sat down on the curb at my husbands office 30 miles away from my house, I A’s so freaked out I got up while talking on the phone and was telling my friend about the 4 different pennies and dimes I walked about 50 feet in between 2 18 wheelers and low and behold there were pennies all over the ground, it looked like someone threw them in the air, after crawling and picking them up there wee 10. I then went into the building to the women’s restroom
    And there was one of each on the back of the toilet. I find pennies and dimes all the time and keep them in a jar by my bed over 350 pennies and 200 dimes in the 3 years my son has been gone

  23. Carol Tiberi at - Reply

    I often find dimes in my washing machine or on the ledge of the dryer door. I always check the pockets for stuff (tissues have made it too many times) so I know there was nothing there before. My mom passed in 2004 and my dad in 1973.

  24. Kim at - Reply

    I used to get pennies from my dad now it’s heart’s, either in the form of rocks, or paper, lint, thread.
    The last time I found a penny I asked for one. The very next day, outside….directly across from his army grave plaque thats on my fence on the ground where no one else but me lives or can get to, was a penny. When I picked it up and examined it, the date was 1984. The year he passed! I now get heart’s. The one I found yesterday at my feet on the carpet was formed from the torn off meds bottle lable. I found lint in my pocket, formed in the shape of a heart….wrapped in a tissue!! I have them all too. Nothing short of a miracle….love never dies <3

  25. P Harper at - Reply

    I was taking my great grandson to Walmart the day after his mother passed, my grand daughter I look down after I got out of the car and found four pennies. One each for her husband and her two children and the fourth for all of the people her life had touched.

  26. Paula Tusa at - Reply

    Oh totally believe, when my dad passed I wrote a poem about pennies to heaven, I also found pennies with the year of my birth and siblings and my moms too, we had them buried with him so a part of us was always there with him. During this time my hubby and I were in the process of adoption. 2 months later we had a call that a baby was to be born in a week and the birth mom chose us! Yeah! But when we went to finalize the adoption at the courthouse we walked into court signed the papers etc, but as we walked out, on the floor were 2 pennies one had the Year of my dad’s birth, and the other of my husband dad birth! Who had passed 2 years prior!
    I say they had a helping hand bringing one baby to us! That was 14 years ago!

  27. Cindy Steward at - Reply

    About a month ago I found a penny on my garage Floor.I thought it was weird it was by my car and any change I might have had is always in my car in the little holder.I put it in my Room,and about 3 days later thought i would check the date 2015 it was,the year I found my brother-in-law Dead in his bedroom?Heart Attack.
    Yesterday went to a home with some friends to check it out,there son had just purchased it,no one was there,we were walking the drive and table was there at the end,and I looked down and on it was a 2015 Penny?Makes your Mind wonder!

  28. Carol at - Reply

    JUst this morning my granddaughter and I were cleaning in our barn. Picking up some fishing Lures that had been dropped. My husband and our granddaughter fished together most every day the last few years of his life. She couldn’t understand why these lures were on the floor. As we were picking them up. She picked up a penny and a dime. She said pennies from heaven. We both smiled. Then she said. I guess Popo was lonely today too. I miss him more out here. Yeah baby. I do too.

  29. D. Sheeler at - Reply

    I was at an October Fest celebration at a local restaurant. They have extensive grounds and set up tables outside in every conceivable open space. I met some friends and sat at a table in the only open spot which was perched on a grassy knoll with quite a slant. As I was leaving I tried to move my chair and it was stuck in the grass. As I was yanking on it I reached down to untangle the grass around it and found a dime in the exact spot. Having lost my Dad 3 years earlier we were reminiscing about our time spent in Germany so he was on my mind. Seeing the dime I realized it most definitely was a sign from my Dad.

  30. Dawn Snyder at - Reply

    My husband passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly about 4 months before our new grandson was due to be born. My husband had been SO excited about his impending birth and had talked often of everything he wanted to do with him as he was growing up. I was devastated at the loss of my best friend, the love of my life and struggled daily to go on without him, I was still struggling with these issues, and finding it hard to find joy in my life without him him by my side. When our grandson was born I had a momentary reprieve from my grief as I celebrated this new little life as I visited him, my daughter and son-in-law in the hospital, however, as I started to leave the hospital the sadness and emptiness threatened to crash back down around me as I walked down the hallway reminiscing about my husband’s excitement of this new little life and thinking to myself, “oh how I wish he were here to see him and share in the joy of this new little addition to our family” at that very moment I saw a shiny new penny, in front of me in the middle of the hallway right in my pathway!! It was lying heads up and in perfect alignment, as if placed there rather than haphazardly dropped….at that moment i “felt/sensed” my husband saying to me, “honey I’m here and I’m seeing, sharing and celebrating his birth with you all!”….what a comforting and heart lifting sign!!

  31. Charlene Green at - Reply

    Talking about messages from loved ones in the form of dimes this is a true story. Was on a shopping trip to a huge mall and we were meeting up in the Bass Pro shop to get ready for our trip home my suffer from debilitating back pain and needed to sit so I found myself in a comfy area with a fireplace and big comfy oversized chairs so I sat to wait. As I was sitting and looking around the vast store noticing all the hunting gear, stuffed animals and all terrain vehicles I thought to myself my husbands Dad never got to come here and that was sad. Now I’ve heard of dimes being a sign from heaven or the afterlife and as I was pondering about my father in law I looked to the chair beside me and in the middle of the seat sat a dime it was not there when I sat down I know because I looked at both seats before I choose the one I wanted to sit in. I picked that dime up and held it tight to this day I will always remember that happening and so will my daughter who was with me.

  32. Sandra at - Reply

    I often find dimes in the most unusual places. At the bottom of a grocery bag (no reason it should be there), underneath a can of something ( will go to pick it up and there it is ), in the corner of my living room as I’m vacuuming. I know it’s them, I just give a big smile and say hello

  33. Andrea Kann at - Reply

    Blair, I lost my first grandchild to SIDS 6 years ago. Since that day I promised I would never forget him and I talk to him all the time (I know he’s here). For the last year or so I have asked him to send me a hawk to see while I’m on my way home from work. Sometimes the hawk will be on a wire within a few hundred feet from me asking, other times I have been looking for one and it will be in an odd place (on a fence, top of a far off tree, in the grass) and I will suddenly notice it when I normally wouldn’t. I always say thank you Eli! One time I didn’t see a hawk all the way home and as I turned a corner near a lake I said “so I don’t get a hawk today Eli? That’s ok.” Just then I looked up in a tree and there was a bald eagle! So I don’t get pennies or dimes but I get something better-a kiss from a hawk! (That’s what I call it).

  34. Marion at - Reply

    My mom had a gold wedding band from the day she married my dad. This is not a penny or a dime but a definite sign. My mom had stopped wearing the gold band because it became to small. My dad bought her a diamond band to wear for their anniversary, this is what she wore on her left ring finger. My dad passed in 2001 and my mom a few days after dad’s funeral went in to take a shower and when she came out her gold wedding band was on her bed. She started to wear it on a chain after that. There wasn’t anyone that could have put the ring on her bed.

  35. katie at - Reply

    My son died tragically. Several days later I met his 16 yr old son to have a counseling session in regards to his dad’s death. He was going home with me afterwards. When we got in my car there was a penny and a dime on the floor board of my car. I knew it was my son telling me and his son he loved us and was watching over both of us.

  36. Christie Hill at - Reply

    I find dimes in strange places and when I least expect it. My husband passed in 10/13 and i have really struggled raising three kids on my own. It seems each time there is a battle with one of the kids or something happens, I will find a dime in my bathroom or right by the drivers side door of my car when I get home. If I close my eyes and I tell him I miss him and just need to know he is around, I will find a dime shortly after.

  37. Carol at - Reply

    After my husband passed I found pennies in places they shouldn’t be. I’d dust off a stand and later a penny would be there, this happened daily. Later I started seeing a man from my past, he lived 1100 miles away. As I was loading my car to travel to see the man, I asked my husband if I should go, if I was making the right choice. I loaded the car and as I went into my house to lock it up, on my steps was a shiny new penny. I took it as approval. That was the last penny from my husband.

  38. Linda at - Reply

    Last year, 2 weeks after my mom passed, I was in her room lying in her bed for hours. When I finally got up and was heading out of her room there was a penny in the middle of her doorway that was clearly not there when I walked in several hours earlier. I stopped and stared and remembered that pennies could be signs of deceased loved oned. I picked it up and went home. When I researched pennies from heaven it said to look at the date. It will be a significant date. It was 1993. The year I got married. I had been in her bed and crying asking her what we should do with her house. I couldn’t bare living right next door to her house without her in it. Then it dawned on me that the penny was from my mom telling me I should move in her house! So my husband agreed, we sold our house in 2 months, and me my husband and my son moved in. We are happier here then any house we’ve ever lived in! As painful as it is to live without my mom, I feel like she is with all the time now. Right here in “our” house.

  39. Monica Cerminara at - Reply

    I’ve never received pennies or dimes from heaven; but, I did lose an earring at work. I searched under my desk and found the back of it and I searched the areas I walked and I didn’t find it. Then about a week and a half later I was walking to my bed and something told me to look down on the floor and there I found the earring shining in the light. When I lost it, I checked my hair and shirt to make sure it wasn’t caught in there and it didn’t fall. So, I think my husband found it and brought it to me. Others tell me that it was probably stuck in my hair or clothes but I still believe it was My Love, Paul!

  40. Karen at - Reply

    This is the first I’ve heard about finding dimes. I’ll have to start paying more attention. I do look at the date on pennies for relevance. I do believe I’ve heard from my loved ones.

  41. Scott at - Reply

    I came across your site when I was researching something that has been happening in my home for a while now. Pennies will drop to the floor out of nowhere! At first I ignored it but then it happened so frequently that I couldn’t. I have looked for a reasonable explanation but there is none to be found…even if I stretch my imagination. These pennies are dropping from, what seems to be, mid-air! It happened again 2 days ago after a long period of it stopping. Is this a common occurrence?

  42. Brenda at - Reply

    Will I believe they are all signs from heaven.

  43. Nancy Hills at - Reply

    My Dad died 9 years ago. After his service, we went out to the golf course to play a 9 hole round in my Dads memory because he played golf everyday and loved it! I have never played but my Mom was also a great player so she took my husband and I out. We also wanted to find a perfect spot to put his ashes. It was a sunny day and as I was approaching the 3rd green, I was walking up to hit my ball and something shiny got my attention off to the right. I ignored it and continued to the green. As I was walking back to the cart after I finished putting, I noticed that same shiny thing caught my eye again. I walked over to it and it was a new shiny gold one dollar coin! I knew it was from my Dad! I felt he was thrilled that I was golfing on his golf course. So now I golf every chance I get and collect coins, when I find them on the ground, mostly pennies and have then in a dish.

  44. I was going through a really hard time a few months ago.when I got up in the middle of the night a dime fell from the ceiling and I asked him is it you and another one rolled over to my bed.

  45. Sandy at - Reply

    I lost my husband to a heart attack one year and three months ago then my dad shortly after. My heart was so broken. The two most important men in my life gone. As i walked to the service at the cemetary for my father i heard someone say look down. I was walking alone. I looked down and there were two pennies side by side. I picked them up and when i got into the reception looked at the date. One of them was the year my husband got married. I knew immediately my husband heard my prayers to him to take care of my dad. Such a blessing. Took my invalid mother for a walk the other day on wheelchair and we found 2 pennies again next to each other. I told her it was dad and jerald saying hi. We both cried

  46. Nancy at - Reply

    My oldest son was very close to my father (we live halfway across the states from one another but after my mother passed 14 years ago, he had some special visits with him and forms a close bond. My father passed 3 years later). This past year, my son and his fiancé purchased a house that had been vacant 2 years. It had been renovated and was in great shape. Before they fully moved in, I was dropping off some bedding upstairs and noticed a dime on the bannister. It would not have benn overlooked if it had been there previously. I asked my son about it and he said no one had been upstairs or picked up a dime and set it here. I feel like it was a sign from my dad that he was watching over them and that he was giving his blessing from Heaven.

  47. Elinor McCartney at - Reply

    I got the notion one morning that a certain book an anthology of Winnie the poo ws to be given to my grandson.It belonged to my dear departed husband and too heavy for me to handle easily.Our grandson teaches in Budapest…. When he arrived I told him his grandfather wanted him to have that book. The delight was palpabal. Insise the front cover was a photograph of his gramps. Another reuest wals where is my fathers presentation watch? Well in my underwealr drawer there wals al tapistry wallet and yes there was that watch.. Yes Blair Im a believer.

  48. Sandra at - Reply

    I put together a vase with stones that I collected from the East coast. One day I moved the vase to clean and seen a dime inside the vase in the middle between the stones.

    I find a lot of dimes.

  49. Barbara at - Reply

    It started several years ago when i dug a penny out of the ground for the mother of a murder victim. It was on the ground where he worked. I find pennies mostly on the ground and i know they are either from Jon or other family or friends. Dimes i dont remember finding and from now on i will pay more attention to the pennies i find to see if they are for me or to leave for someone else.

  50. I have often times found coins scattered everywhere on the ground ever since I was a child but what makes me feel like angelic messages are the feathers I find along my path. One day I was walking my dog came around a hill and looked ahead on the ground I saw numerous feathers of all kinds and sizes.. Spirit must have has a sense of humor.

  51. Dawne Howes at - Reply

    I’ve had pennies show up since my dad passed a few months ago. Never had that happen with other relatives when they passed. Pennies also have a special connection for my dad with me, so it also makes sense as a sign. I’ve had a CRAZY amount of angel number signs since his passing. 111, 222, 333, 444, 555. Everyday in my face. I don’t go looking for the combinations, they just sort of hit me in the face with their appearance. It’s always a way in which I can’t miss it. I don’t understand the numerology of them all, and what they all are trying to tell me, other than I have angels around me, and they are letting me know that. But it’s always numbers 1-5, never higher.

  52. Chris at - Reply

    I found 9 pennies in an unlikely place I had pulled over onto a dirt patch near a cross road due to work asking if I had something in my van, I pulled over to check … after check my van I closed the rear up and a penny caught my eye then I notice the others scattered about. Not sure what it’s about but I would have never pulled over at this dirt patch if work hadn’t needed me to check for something.

  53. Christie at - Reply

    I lost my son almost 3 mo. Ago,while he was alive we had a hobby together collecting wheat pennies..since his death in have randomly found 2 wheat pennies here in our in the bathroom and one in the living room as I was vacuumimg..I belive with all of my heart that was him as I’ve only found theses pennies at work as he did also working with money

  54. Joan at - Reply

    My elderly Mom has a health issue of which I am very, very worried. My brother came to visit us today and later in the evening, I noticed three pennies on the couch. (They must have fallen out of my brothers pocket as he sat there). I was wondering if this is a sign from above that spirit is with us as we go through this difficult time. Today is Monday. Her specialist appointment is tomorrow. Last Thursday, going to the regular doctor, I found a ten dollar bill on the pavement when I was arranging to get a wheel chair for her. Are these signs???

  55. Rose at - Reply

    My estranged daughter just passed away June 5th and within 24 hours when I went to the coroners and funeral home and one on my door step when I returned home began to see pennies I thought this was strange to have run in to so many and thought it was a coincidence and then today I was told it was messages being left from my loved one. Can anyone tell me anything as to if there is any truth in the pennies and what the messages might mean ?

  56. Jackie at - Reply

    My cousin was killed 27 years ago tomorrow, today June 9th 27 years ago was the last day I saw him. I was in my den cleaning today and there was a penny in the middle of the floor, I have never thought twice about looking at any coin or penny before… something told me to pick it up and I had this overwhelming feeling I was going to see something significant… well it was 1970.. the year my cousin was born! If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!!!

  57. Lynette Lara at - Reply

    My boyfriend is a sceptic . Dimes are always in his life. Sometimes he thinks maybe. Other times not. I always tell him it’s his mom. He gets more noe that I’m around. My mom always leaves me dimes.

  58. April at - Reply

    I have been finding pennies for years now . They come in places
    I don’t even understand . For instance I will have just vaccumed
    Or cleaned the house and I know for sure the penny was not there. I’m afraid to say anything for fear I am crazy . This is the first time ever I have even looked this up. Why does this keep happening ? It’s been happening for so long I’m not sure what it even means or what to do with the pennies. Am I crazy ?

  59. Pat at - Reply

    My sister-in-law, who we called Penny, passed away from pancreatic cancer on September 14, 2016. My husband went out for a run the day before her funeral and as he ran he asked for a sign. As he ran, he looked fofma penny but didn’t find one. The next day when he was getting ready for the funeral, he reached in his suit pants pocket and found a shiny penny. We knew this was a sign from Penny that she was ok.

    Fast forward to Tuesday, June 13, my husband’s brother, who too is suffering with pancreatic cancer, was in ICU with pneumonia. His wife found a shiny penny on the floor of the ICU. Not thinking anything of it, she picked it up and set it on the vanity in the room. As she was driving home that day, she felt something under her foot. She reached down and there was another penny. When she got home, she found two shiny penny’s in unlikely spots.

    The next day when we were visiting my brother-in-law, I asked my sister-in-law about the penny on the vanity and then she told me about finding the other pennies. That night when we were walking to the car, my husband found a shiny penny in the parking lot and the date was 2016, the year of their sister’s death.

    When I told my daughter about finding pennies and she burst into tears. She said she too had found a shiny penny on her kitchen floor on Tuesday morning.

    My brother-in-law had an aneurism that was to be corrected last Tuesday, the same day the pennies started appearing. Due to the pneumonia, the surgery was canceled. On Thursday, the aneurism ruptured. He was life flighted to another hospital and the aneurism was corrected and he was in ICU.

    Yesterday when I was in his room with his wife, she got a strange look on her face, pointed her finger and told me to look. There by the door to his room was a shiny penny. Coincidence or a sign? I know it is a sigh!

  60. The past few weeks I have been finding dimes and pennies in my path. I am going through some big upcoming changes in my life. The numbers 111 have also been appearing…

  61. Glenda Keck at - Reply

    Right before Mothers Day of this year I was in my kitchen and I heard something hit the floor so I turn around and there on the floor was a penny , I look around and did not know where it came from , I got this really happy and good feeling inside , I smiled and said thank you mama , and Happy Mothers Day to you too !! Love never dies !!

  62. Christine at - Reply

    My husband passed last August. One morning this June, I was listening to some music before work. On comes the song, “Endless Love”, it was the first song at our wedding that we danced to 34 years ago. Of course the tears poured out of me. So I continued to get ready for work but on my way to the front door, I have 4 steps to walk down and there sitting on the top step was a dime. I knew it was a sign and it made me stop crying!

  63. Jac at - Reply

    Recently I found a 1929 nickle in the console of my car. I’m feeling its a reminder of the great depression and I either need to watch my money closely for hard times coming or its letting me know my financial position is about to improve. I have two family members that passed in dec 1928 and one in march 1930 so not exact to pin.

  64. Deborah Fochler at - Reply

    Blair: I had a dear friend. She was like family to me. She had cancer and knew she was dying. Almost very night she would call me in the early morning hours when her son was asleep. We would talk. She asked me to look out for him. Try to convince him to move from VA. His friends were an issue and she wanted him to leave. The morning she died, she called me at 2 am and we were talking about dying. About what I thought happened. She said I am going to come back and make sure you do what I asked. I said Wendy If you do, please send me money. She laughed. She said what do you want hundred dollar bills. I said no – pennies will do. Wendy being Wendy said “Sh** you cant buy anything with a penny. I will send dimes. At her funeral I looked at my feet and there was an old dime from 1955. I have found so many old dimes in weird places since her death – it boggles my mind. I have kept them all. Her son has moved, gotten married and had a child. He still calls me “Mom”. I miss her everyday but I know she is around. I have proof.

  65. Rose at - Reply

    I lost my first born grandson coming up on two years now he was murdered and he was so full of life lived my all never had an enemy my granddaughter his sister came over and we were going through photo albums looking for pictures of him as I walked into my living room on the floor was a dime. I knew it was from my grandson his sister is so upset as we all are and I try my best to help her and all the grandkids with his loss and his mom my daughter

  66. Patti at - Reply

    I was cleaning out out boat last month and found a penny in the cup holder, I looked up and said hi honey! Yesterday I was in the boat and found yet another penny, you see I am trying to sell the boat because I can’t drive it, I hope he’s letting me know it’s ok to sell it, Patti

  67. Julie Hassler at - Reply

    I don’t put change in my pockets ever and I came home day to open my windows I saw something shiny in my bed mind you it is only me and three dogs here. So I walk over to see what it was and it was a penny dated 1982 the year my husband graduated. My other experience was getting on a plane to fly to Hawaii to spread some of his ashes as I get to my seat I’m in the middle one the man in the end gets up and man at window helps me to get my seat belt all three of us looked at my seat in amazement two pennies heads up in stereo both said wow that’s odd they were not there when we sat down! Wish I could attach that picture to the comments

  68. Susan at - Reply

    One day I was feeling particularly down about my poor health and my cat dropped a dime at my feet while I was sitting on the couch. I’m not sure where he would have gotten in the house as I don’t keep loose change laying around.

  69. Three days in a row I found dime, penny, penny in parking lot of food store. I felt like someone was telling me better times are coming. Years ago I knew someone going through a very rough patch . Something happened where I feel I was used in a situation where he got hurt. It was not something I ever wanted to happen. I just wanted help for him. I need to know that he forgives me. Initials T A. Thank you for any insight you can give me. P S Day I found out he passed I had lost a cross off my charm bracelet and found it in my lunch!

  70. Stacy at - Reply

    My dad recently passed and it wasn’t expected. Last week while at a lake with my boyfriend a penny falls in my lap. There were no trees or anything above me. Just open sky.

    Last night I opened my makeup case and there was a dime on top. I never have money in there.

    Today I’m at my boyfriends camp dropping the boat off went in the bathroom washed my hands. I just went back in the bathroom and there was a penny in the counter that wasn’t there before.

  71. Heather at - Reply

    I had just got done vacuuming the hall I turned to put vacuum away and a quarter was right in front of me this has happened twice the same way after I had just got done praying and talking. With my dad who has passed

  72. Aly at - Reply

    That’s crazy cause last week every where I went I found a dime and I’m like I keep finding dines and my daughter say mom why do you keep finding dimes lol.. But now it makes sense thank you I know that’s my mama in heaven letting me know she is still with me.

  73. Aly at - Reply

    That’s crazy cause last week every where I went I found a dime and I’m like I keep finding dimes and my daughter say mom why do you keep finding dimes lol.. But now it makes sense thank you I know that’s my mama in heaven letting me know she is still with me.

  74. Shatasha Walker at - Reply

    Last night I was sitting at my dining room table. Tv was off just the kitchen light on. Im scrolling on my phone and a penny literally falls on the floor next to out of nowhere. Nothing was on the table or near me so first sign to me was that was my dad. He just passed a little over a month ago. I pick up the penny to read the date then put it back in the same spot. I came back later bcuz i was going to keep it for good luck and it was gone!

  75. alesia corbett at - Reply

    Found 8 pennies on a tree stump behind my house. Dates not significant to me.

  76. Alex at - Reply

    I find dimes all the time since my son passed. I can be in a room no pockets on me , no counters nothing around, I’m not touching anything there is no one around and all of a sudden a dime FALL AND HIT me. It’s happened to my youngest as well. .. we find just dimes the house now very often . I have a pile that we have collected over three past 3.75 years .. i just know it’s my child..

  77. Robin at - Reply

    My Father passed the day before Father’s Day 2016. This year on his 1 year of passing, I was waking the dog and al of sudden the dog wanted to sit and not move, 30 seconds later a white feather came floating down from air by my feet❤️ I just looked up and said Thank You Dad❤️

  78. I find dimes EVERYWHERE in the oddest of places. Today it was underneath the plastic wrap that I use most days. It wasn’t there yesterday. I found one on a dusty window sill on a window that I never have the blinds pulled up. The dime was shiny and had no dust on it. I had just vacuumed my rug, walked back over and there was a shiny dime right where I had JUST vacuumed. I was walking through the lobby at the Bellagio in Vegas and a dime literally fell from the ceiling. My then husband was with me. We both were blown away because there was not a source for it to have fallen. I could go on forever. This has happened at least 100 times over the past 10 years. It’s comforting to me.

    Alyson Gustafson

  79. Marilyn at - Reply

    I found a penny outside a pain clinic I go to, I know it was from my friend as we went to the same clinic and we haven’t used pennies in Canada for a couple of years.

  80. Kerri at - Reply

    Hi, Today I found a penny under my son’s window and I asked him if he had one put away which he said No and then I asked my husband if he found it while cleaning and he said No. So I was wondering why I was the one who found it and what does it mean? I believe and feel it was a sign as I have been excited and wondering all day what it could mean and feel peaceful.

  81. Kelly at - Reply

    I was cleaning a house for a realitors and I thought it was strange the amount of dimes I kept finding on the floor, stairs, laundry room. Now, my mom passed away in 2011, and the lady who owned the house I was cleaning, I knew who she was but we weren’t close. She was a victim of a murder suicide. I find dimes at house too. I never knew they may mean something till I mentioned it to my aunt who then informed me.

  82. Mary at - Reply

    I too find dimes everywhere…in odd places…usually right next to my day outside in an area of my yard which is not a traffic area…I looked down and there were 3 dimes laying there in a I found another dime just beside my foot on the floor..I had just cleaned and was not there 15 minutes ago…I continue to find only dimes and always seeing 1111 as well. I lost my mother and father and I believe they are trying to tell me they are looking out for me…I find it comforting. I am a believer.

  83. I want to start off with whole life I’ve believed in angels spirits and negative energies. One day in late 2001 I had my first experience with finding feathers..Christmas 2014 I’m wearing a long black sweater talking with my sister n law my mom says where that on your arm. I turned around and as I’m walking towards my mom so she can get whatever is on my sweater off my sister n law says loudly LOOK, it was a feather floating midair on my sweater a been at my mom’s a few hours nothing was on me..I’m not finding bird feathers as they are signs also these were fairly large and fluffy pure white ones..its been awhile since I’ve seen I find dimes . My father n law past away feb 14 2015 and we had talks if he made it to the other side he wuld give us a sign..his truck interior light above the visor would blink on mind you it has a toggle switch you have to manually turn on or off yourself. Id come out after work noon would be on driving down the road noon blink on finally I told my was his father who passed away.I told him he was not as enthusiastic about the idea of it being his dad , until we went into Wal-Mart came out I started crying..he wanted him to see the light and know it was him after that the light worked but never randomly turned on again. There after dimes began to haunt me . Just last week getting ready for work took out my shirt n was gonna wear went to the bathroom and there was a done on my shirt I find them in all random places . It will be like .. I cleaned off the counter come back a bright shiny dime. I’m taking pics now every time I find one..someone said to me maybe it’s evil something evil leaving these since the feathers stopped. I wonder. Anyone know if this is said to be true ..also 11:11 &1:11 haunt me..its 1:11 right now I was unaware of the time as I’m writing this..I have goosebumps

    • Diane at - Reply

      The spirit or spirits are probably good ones I would think they have stopped because they don’t want to scare you. They know they let you know they are there but you are becoming frightened. They will probably start up again later but not as much to let you know they are still there.

      • Diane at - Reply

        The reasoning for this is because I have a ghost who resides in the attic in my home and when I tell him he is scaring me with one of his actions he stops.

  84. I just wrote a post and the time is wrong it says 11:12 and it should be 1:12 off is all

  85. My daughter leaves me dimes. I bought a new car, after driving it home as I got out, I saw I had been sitting on a dime. One day when I got home from work, walking up the stairs a dime was laying on the top step.

  86. My husband always left me pennies. I’d find them in odd places. The thing that convinced me that they came from him is that I’d clean an area and later find a penny there. I almost never carry cash on me and therefore I wouldn’t have change lying around for me to drop somewhere. When I started dating my Childhood Sweetheart, the pennies stopped.

  87. Debra at - Reply

    My husband had passed in May 15 2017 it’s been really hard on me . But I was changing my bedsheets and in between the sheets on my husband side which is not disturb at all was a dime I have chang my sheets before that nothing was there I have had several other occasions where I find dimes in the house or my kids will kids dimes in places in the house we all tell my husband thank you keep sending them we know your around

  88. Maria Imes at - Reply

    My other half asked me what was on my leg and I looked down and had a penny stuck to it. I have no idea where it came from or how it even got stuck to my leg because I lifted it right off and it wasn’t sticky or anything.

  89. Martha Hammers at - Reply

    My first husband died a couple of years ago suddenly. He was found deceased at home, and I had to go identify the body. As I was leaving his apartment, I looked down and there were several new pennies on the sidewalk by his apartment. I felt an urge to pick them up, because I felt like he was telling me he was ok now.
    To this day, I always seem to find pennies when i’m feeling sad or anxious and I always think he is telling me things will be ok.

  90. Andrea at - Reply

    We are finding dimes every where in the truck car under beds kitchen myvhusband said i am doing this i tell him no

    • Andrea at - Reply

      Wee t to store pennies all over floor Boy

  91. I was getting ready to lose my eyesight in one eye. My retina was detaching but I was not thinking it was an urgent matter and I was dragging my feet to get to a Specialist. I went to Walmart and was standing on the white tile floor. I looked down and right between my feet was a bright shiny penny. A few minutes later I was standing in another spot and there in front of me was another penny. I thought “Alright already, I will go to the doctor as soon as I can!” Luckily I did or I would be blind today. I had to have emergency eye surgery.

  92. Diane at - Reply

    Yes many times I know a coin penny especially sometimes dimes were not there and no reason for a coin to be where I found them in the home.

  93. Monti at - Reply

    Ever since my mothers passing a year and a half ago… I see pennies all the time. I found three just today…… I save all of them as a reminder that angels are watching over me and reminding me that I am loved and valued .

  94. Mark Wilson at - Reply

    I’m only 15 years old and ever since I have started my therapy for my anxiety I have been finding pennies and dimes EVERYDAY and just as I was writing this the TV literally had a commercial that said “A penny has never been so important!” So let this be a testament to those that do not feel loved and feel lost that God is always with you. May The Lord Bless You!

  95. Doreen at - Reply

    Yesterday I picked up my Cats water bowl and under it was a new shiny penny, it was heads up?

  96. Doreen at - Reply

    My question is about finding a brand new penny underneath the water bowl of my 2 cats?

  97. Shannon Seniceros at - Reply

    My Mother has cancer and Is in her final days, My sister in law keeps finding sets of 1 dime and 1 penny. this has happened several times 10 or 11. my Ex husband also has came in contact with recieving the same coins in change back. Or finding the number 11 on something what does this mean.

  98. Robyn at - Reply

    My boyfriend got up in the middle off the night 3 days ago to use the washroom. He got up and stepped on change on the floor. It totalled 1.51. It was made up of quarters, dimes, nickels and one penny. He looked in the bed and no change was found. He didn’t think much of it and picked it up and put it on his side table. I made the bed as I always do each morning and still found nothing in the bed.We were quite busy the next day going about our business and he was building shelving in our storage room.
    He took off his shirt that evening and on his back was three coins (2 quarters and a nickel). Without removing the coins I told him to turn around in the mirror and look at his back. We were both in awe!! There is no way that change could have been stuck to his back ALL DAY with the activities he and I were doing. He was wearing a loose shirt all day too! Could this be a sign from his spirit guide or past loved one?

  99. Ajai at - Reply

    Today when I came home for lunch I took off my high heels and put my slip on shoes as I always do to take my dog outside. When I finished I came back inside took of my slip on and put my high heels back on. When I tried to walk I noticed something was hurting my foot. I took off my shoe and it was a shiny penny. No one was home at the time which made it even more strange. My mom passed away 2 years ago and I was having a rough week and then that happened. She is always with me.

  100. Bron at - Reply

    Holy cow! I had just written my recently passed fiancé name on a post of yours, as you said type the name of a loved one and you will soon get a sighn.
    Yesterday, I felt compelled to get the paper, and walked a long way out of my way to get it, as it’s something we used to enjoy together, doing the puzzles.
    Well, on the way home, i look down to the ground, and found a $2 coin, which totally repaid the cost of the paper!
    I was wondering if this was a sign from my beloved, and fast forward to reading this article, where it says are the coins a sign from my Gary; well the hairs stood up on my neck, because that’s my beloved’s name………….. Gary.

  101. Rhonda at - Reply

    Every single day I see a penny. Old or shiny new. Heads or tails. Not one day goes by I don’t see one. I pick it up and put it in a cup. What does this mean? One time I went into a store, no penny, when I came out penny near the gas pump!

  102. Lynn at - Reply

    I had a dream about my son who passed away 3 1/2 years ago. It was about 2 weeks after he passed. He was showing me something with a teasing smile on his face. I had never read or heard anything about signs from loved ones after they had passed. I had never lost anyone. I got up close to see what it was and it was a face of a dime. I was surprised. I thought it was going to be the face of some religious icon having raised our children catholic. 2 days later I was taking the trash cans out and at the end of the driveway I saw something sparking from the corner of my eye. I was afraid to look but I did. It was a dime. I thanked my son for the dream and the dime and started putting them in a jar. I know that was my son telling me he was ok. Maybe a week after that I was driving to my favorite beach (a few miles from my home). I was thinking about my son and for a few moments I felt an understanding of some of the issues he had dealt with. Not a general, I get it, feeling but an I know sort of feeling. I parked my car and planned to walk the beach. As I went to put my purse in my trunk, behind my car was 1 dime! I knew it was Anthony. I have had so many moments like this and cherish them all.

  103. Today marked the 4th month after losing my first born and only son. My son died on May 20, 2017. He died 5 days after my birthday and died in my arms. He was only 29 years old and was struck with an incurable disease Spinocerebellar Ataxia at the age of 26.
    I was feeling down today as it seems to be getting harder for me to overcome his death. My heart has broken into a million pieces of losing him. Today as I said was a bad day and just started off bad from the beginning. I went to the bank and after I left the bank, I decided to go to the gas station. I made a turn to the right and started heading to the interstate. Why? I don’t know it was completely the opposite way I needed to go. I open the door and get out of the car. I look down and see the brightest dime ever. I immediately knew it was from son because I just posted on Facebook that I wondered if he knew how much I loved him and missed him terribly. We had a tight bond as I had him at a young age and we were very close. I rub the dime between my finger and thumb as I smiled. I look at the year. YES!!!! A MESSAGE FROM BRAD.
    The dime was 1988, the year he was born. It was confirmation that yes indeed he knows how much I still love him and that he’s still with me and loves me just as much as he always did on earth. I knew it before I even looked at the coin. He has a strong spirit as I felt God come to get him the night he passed. Right before his heart stopped I told him to reach for God’s hand and not to look back at me. I would hurt but would be okay and I loved him so much.
    No sooner than I said that, his heart stopped and I felt an overwhelming peace and had to take a big breath as I got chills over my body.

  104. Annette at - Reply

    I too find dimes alto and in places that I have recently cleaned and didn’t see them then. A prophetince once told me to go home and put a dime in my bedroom window and that my husband would come. Still waiting after numerous dimes have been placed there.

  105. Maura Weis at - Reply

    I was young maybe 5 and alone in my single Mom’s apartment in Queens.
    I used to talk to what I refer to as spirits, we were certainly not rich and
    I was wishing I had a little money to buy some candy. A handful of coins
    were right by my couch when I got up from it and of course I thanked
    them and went right to the candy store which back then you could
    get a lot for a little. I always felt like they were with me and even though
    I was left alone a lot I felt protected.

  106. .Evelyn at - Reply

    We had guests over last night before going out for dinner. I had taken her wine glass and placed it on the counter and poured her a glass of wine. There was nothing else on the counter. When I returned home there were two shiny pennies heads up perfectly lined and about 2 1/2 inches apart. They were in the precise place that I poured a glass of wine. I truly believe it’s a meaning just not quite sure what .

  107. last year i bought a home an i kept on coming upon pennies in the house. Like they were tucked away an I can see them peeking out from things. upon my dads passing, prior he had told my mom that he would look after all of us, I think he had been doing it for the past 32 years since he’s been gone. There has been so many other signs since.

  108. Steve at - Reply

    Today as I was leaving for work in the afternoon, I went to get the mail on the front porch. When I looked down I saw 5 quarters placed tightly together in a north south east and west position and one in the middle with cut grass laying on top of them. I have no idea what this means. The first thing I thought was angels or parents.
    I wish I could share the picture I took of it. If there is a way to share my picture please let me know.

    Steve G

  109. Joan Dandoy at - Reply

    A couple years ago I was walking through an airport. In one. Gate area I found a dime. I walked to another gate and had another dime in front of me. I. Went to the restroom and something told me to look under the sink. Another 10 but this time a gold coin from Africa. A 10 made in 2010. I still can’t figure out its meaning but surely meant something!

  110. Nicole at - Reply

    My boyfriend just died from pancreatic cancer on Mother’s day. He was my first love when I was 18 years old. We worked in a restaurant and he was my manager, over 25 years ago. We broke up after a little over a year and it was devastating to me. We both got married to different people and then divorced. Long story short…he found me on facebook last September. We immediately were back together and in love. Two weeks later he found out he had Cancer. During this time I began a new job at a prestigious hotel and restaurant; he was the reason I have a passion for the business. He would talk about an area that he was a Director of and tell me how great it was and wished I would be able to work in an area like that. There was alot going on at that time with his chemo and I did not believe he would die, I remained positive and thought he would beat it. About a month ago I decided that I needed to find a new place of employment. I put my resume out and had many places call and I set up interviews. A couple of interviews I had to cancel due to work. On my birthday I went and had a 3 1/2 interview and was offered the position that day. After giving notice I began 2 weeks later. After speaking with some of his friends, it came back to me that he was the Director for the grounds I’m now currently working. My first day was Monday; after lunch I noticed a penny on the floor; I usually pick everything up that I see but the penny was heads down so I left it not thinking about it. Less than 5 minutes later I see the penny again right in my path. The penny was near a corner table but now it was 2 tables down; nobody was around to move it. A server comes by and picks it up and says “it’s a message from heaven”, I never heard that before. I couldn’t believe it! I told her I didn’t pick it up because it was heads downbeing my first day thought it would be bad luck. She said I guess it wasn’t for you then. I came home and looked it up on Google; remember I mever heard of this before. Am I crazy to KNOW it was him sending me a sign?

  111. Maria at - Reply

    I think i just experienced my penny meaning. I read a few days ago signs of angels and pennies were mentioned. I’ve been concerned with an exciting and possible love opportunity with someone that is 1300 miles away. he came to visit me, but cancel the second visit this week and i am somewhat upset about. However, a long time friend who we both are very attracted to each other, been calling me for months and today i finally asked him with no reservations, what is he planning on doing with our relationship? he said he is truly and seriously thinking about if we are taking the next step or not. I like guy too. He lives closer to me and i know him longer (4 years) and meeting casually. I was shocked to tell him that we need to give each other a very serious chance. He agreed. This guy is not going anywhere or he might be gone forever… i then headed to the gym and on my way back home, i found a 2016 penny in the elevator, brand new and shiny. I noticed it… an angle is with me… in 2016 the only big event in my life is the meeting of this person who lives 1300 miles away. I believe finding the penny is a message from my angel. Right now, i am at peace. 🙂

  112. Mr.Blair, I rarely pick up pennies, more so if they are faced down.My mother told me it was bad luck. This morning I was walking out my door to go shopping,there lay a penny right beside my door matt…heads up* I good luck..went to my truck before I looked at you said..check the date to see if there is any significance..and said 1996..the year my dad passed. And then..i said out loud…Ooo daddy…if this is from you ..please give me another sign…as I was writing my check out for my groceries… old school….i looked at my phone for today’s date…9/28…the day my daddy passed. The feeling was so strong and overwhelming!! Please tell me I’m right…it wasn’t a coincidence ***… and light to you ***

  113. HI Blair,
    I totally believe & trust in you.
    I have been noticing a repetitive of numbers constantly appearing on the clock. I don’t look at the clock a lot, but whether its morning or evening,
    (932) which was my parents address, both my parents are deceased now.
    (719) is my sons, ( he’s in our military ).
    But, it was also the date of my mothers passing.
    (713) this was my sons birth weight, (he’s in the military in London, my same son as above).
    It also was my 1st love, we never married or anything, there were a lot of medical issues he had . Long story, but (713) was also his badge number while working on our city’s ambulance.
    This number never came up before my father passed on.
    I’m curious if Steve is with my dad?
    Dad & Steve always was great with my dad.
    I’m, really not sure if it all has to do with my son, he’s having a hard time trying to divorce his present wife.
    He’s only 34 yrs.old & getting divorced for the 3rd time.
    Military life isn’t easy, I really think he doesn’t know how to find happiness.
    Thats all he ever wanted as maybe 1 child.
    I would appreciate hearing from you, I’m not sure if its a sign that something is going to happen to him, beings two of these numbers keep coming up.
    Its almost all the time i keep seeing these numbers no matter where i go anymore.
    Thank you for reading this.
    Love & light.

  114. jen at - Reply

    January 2017 my mother passed away. I just had moved into my first apartment and constantly I would find a pennies and dimes around my new apartment and always thought it was strange because I’m not a person who carries change on them and since my apartment has a washer/dryer, it isn’t like I needed change for that. I would just pick them up and place them on the table thinking nothing of it.
    My sister had just said while she was washing her hair, a penny had fallen from no where and she told me about the penny/deceased love one myth.
    I went out my car to put my backpack in my trunk ready to leave a long say of studying behind and right when I popped open my trunk, there was a penny and I felt nothing but warmness and happiness and instantly started to cry.
    I know this is my mom leaving me signs and letting me know she’s always with me.

  115. sandra otto at - Reply

    My mother in law passed in July and we packed up her belongings and brought a few things home with us. I brought the boxes with me that I had got from a local store and don’t remember any coins while packing. As I was unpacking I found 10 pennies laying at the bottom of the box. I took the time to read the dates and there was our wedding year and both my childrens birth year.
    Very special for my husband and I! God is Great

  116. Stacey Hauser at - Reply

    My father passed away 2 weeks ago. I work alone in an office. When I go out for a break I step out the back door to a private driveway. I do this several times in an 8 hour shift and find a dime every time. Dimes I know were not there an hour before. I know he put them there, to let me know he’s still with me

  117. Lynda at - Reply

    We have been packing to move. Not just a little move but one across the globe. For two days, I have found a dime and penny together. Not just around my house, but at the store, on the road. Outside, inside, and just again 5 minutes ago, cleaning out a candy bin. 11 cents. 1 dime, 1 penny. This now makes 66 cents thus far. If it was once, I wouldn’t think anything of it, but 6 times in 2 day? Never a nickel never a quarter.

  118. Debbie walton at - Reply

    I found 3 perfectly spaced dimes in !n arch shape on my chair. I know it’s a sign since the dimes were not there 30 minutes earlier. Why put them in a particular way. That doesn’t make sense to me. Does it you?

  119. Nora De Anda at - Reply

    I was in orientation and of no where a penny is rolling in back of me, passes behind me and then stops under a table. In the room was me and two other people. We cannt figure out where it came from.

  120. Jesica Waszak at - Reply

    My husband and I have always found a dime and a penny, almost constantly for about 10 years now. We call it the 11 cent phenomenon. We even tied the knot on 11-11-11 bc we both felt that it is a significant sign of our love and that we are meant for each other. I’ve always wonder why it is that we both constantly find $.11, always a dime and a penny and any place you can thing of. Is this a sign of approval from one of our loved ones or is it just coincidence?

  121. Cindi Romine at - Reply

    Thanks for your article on this. I appreciate it because….3 years ago Jan 1st, my friend from high school died in a car accident. She had been going thru alot with her health and marriage. She was over coming these issues though and we were all happy for her. We shared a love for horses and boating. I had not seen her for a while but out circle of friends were always keeping touch via F.B. After I got the news…all of us were heart broken, 52 is still young. After her memorial service on a saturday…I put her service pamphlet on my fridge…her picture on the front with her dates. I went to work that monday morning….but as I was putting my brief case in my car, I halpened to look down and there was a penny…I was NOT going to pick it up, it’s just a penny, but for some reason I got a thought of curiosity about what the date would be of the penny and so….I picked it up and guess what….the Date was 1980….the year we graduated from high school! I broke i to tears and told
    my friend…I know it’s you!
    Thanks for the opportunity to share my story.

  122. hi i was asking my Angels for a sign that my wishes for abundance would soon be answered whent in to a shop and there was a penny at my feet what does this mean thank you

  123. Sabrina at - Reply

    Been home all day. We were eating supper and heard something in the living room hit the hard wood floor and there were 2 quarters facing head up inches apart perfect line up. 2 hours later no one in the living room again same thing except 2 dimes . And then another 2 hours later exact same thing and it was 2 quarters again. All in different parts of living room but all perfect lineup except dimes were head and tail and same with last quarters.

  124. Sylvia Rouzes Bayert at - Reply

    My daughter was born in 1986 and died in 1993. I have found many pennies and dimes throughout the years, but yesterday was my biggest sign ever. While doing some shopping at 5 different stores, I found a penny in one parking lot as I opened my car door, a dime in another parking lot as I opened my car door and another dime inside a store. Today I decided to look at the dates. The penny is 1993, the year she passed and the penny had an airplane sticker on it as if a child put it on there. The dime first 1986, the year she was born. The other dime from inside the store was 2017. And since rainbows were my daughter’s passion, when I got home and looked at her FB memorium page, 2 of her cousins has posted 2 beautiful double rainbows on her page. So with all of that, I couldn’t not get any better sign from her.

  125. I have been finding shiny new 2017 pennies in my apartment lately . Today while cleaning in the basement I found one on the floor that just appeared at random ,tonight I blew a fuse with too much electricity on and found the same penny again in my bedroom just before frantically trying to leave for work . Is this a sign or just coincidence?

  126. Richard Crawford at - Reply

    I had heard that finding a shiny penny was a message from someone in Heaven. While I wasn’t sure whether I believed it or not, I would pick them up and think of what a lovely idea it was. Today as I was walking to my shop I saw a penny on the ground. It was very corroded and dirty looking. I thought “I don’t want to pick up that filthy thing.” A few minutes later I felt a strong desire to go back and pick it up. Perhaps it was a lesson about not judging people by their appearance. Some less than beautiful people on the outside are some of the most beautiful inside. Whether it was coincidence or not, I learned a valuable lesson.

  127. Dodie at - Reply

    I find pennies constantly within the last ten years and never had like that before, occasionally dimes, but it really happens a lot and I don’t go around looking for them either but I will step out of my vehicle and there it is or be walking along and get the feeling to look down and there it is, it’s pretty crazy to say the least. I always love to think that it’s a sign, gives it so much meaning.

  128. Lana at - Reply

    Woke up at about 12:30am because in my dream someone touched me….. it seems like I was dreaming about being asleep in bed lmao! Anyway so I wake with a jolt and lie there for like ever calming down and refusing to turn over in case someone is there as you do! Eventually I decide I’m safe and tired so I roll over on to my back and feel what I can only describe as a “wet patch” by my back. So now I’m back to freaking but I’m feeling braver lol so I slowly move my hand under me, behind my back just below my shoulder blade, and feel something cold…… I pull it out and it’s a cold coin. I’m lying in bed thinking what the actual fuck??? Why is there a 5p in my bed??? And I slide it onto the nightstand thinking about how in the hell it could have possibly got there.
    I must point out at this point that before bed (for over an hour) I was lying in exactly the same position on my back watching tv and that there was NOTHING in my bed! Not to mention that I’d have seen it when I got in to bed in the first place as it was right where I pull the covers back.
    So anyway this morning I wake up go wake the kids for school as I come back to bed (lmao well it’s them that has school, not me!!) I see it’s not a 5p at all, it’s a silver sixpence. Fast forward to me being back in bed and freaking yet again. Too strange! So I investigate and pick it up. It’s not a sixpence at all it’s a dime. Now explain that if you can please!! (Oh and mum, can you also confirm that the strange pattern on it, is normal? Guessing it is and I’ve just never noticed it before as it only shows up under bright light when you look from a very specific direction) xxx

  129. Sandy at - Reply

    My son was on his way home July 3,2017 on his motorcycle. It was 11:30 pm and someone saw his headlight but thought he had time. He didn’t. Travis t-boned him. He was airlifted to a hospital in Edmonton where he was on life support. We made the difficult decision on July 9 to take him off.
    Travis had built himself a chair. He had bought a couple seats which had hoped would fit in his car and when they didn’t fit he made himself this chair from that seat and an old office chair wheels. He had put this chair in our garage a few days before his acciden. It was about a week after we celebrated his life when I looked at this chair and I find a dime on the seat. I never knew about the dimes from heaven until after. I just left the dime on his chair. I felt it meant something. Just not sure what. A friend of mine was telling me a story about someone found a dime after a family member passed away. It gave me chills because I had never mentioned finding this dime.
    I really believe it was a message from my son.

  130. karl at - Reply

    what does it mean I keep finding always a dime and a penny what gives

  131. Pam at - Reply

    I started noticing that everyday everywhere I went there would be a shiny new dime. All by itself. Sometimes two dimes but very rarely any other coin. After about 2 weeks of this I realized that this was crazy. And something was going on. I mean I would go to sit down somewhere and u always look before u sit. Nothing to move or anything so I would sit. When I would go to leave I would look down at where I was sitting to see if I was forgetting g anything and there would be a shiny dime. Like I was sitting on it. But I looked before I sat. It wasn’t there before. Or I would jump out to put air in my tires and there would be 2 shiny new dimes right there in front of me at the hose. I went to let my dog outside n a shiny dime was lying right in the middle of my small mat in front of the door. By then I had blamed my boyfriend because I told him about this weird experience with me lately. He swore it wasn’t him playing with me. I found one on the sidewalk walking into Lions Choice. It was lunch so it was busy but nobody else picked it up. Right there so easy to see n so shiny. One time I found 16 dimes at a friend’s house. All just lying randomly by theirselves. 16 all together and I was only there maybe 30 minutes! No nikels or quarters just shiny dimes. It happened so much every single day. I’m talking probably 6 or 7 at the least every single day. So I thought I got know what the heck is going on. If there is something going on at all. So I googled it. I wasn’t even sure what to type in it was so crazy. But there definately something going on with me. I really didn’t expect to find anything on line. But I did! Wow! And people have even written books on it. So I am not crazy. Well, I don’t have any papers saying I am anyways. Ha ha. But I would love to know FOR SURE what it stands for. I have had a lot of people close to me die. So I could never pin point it for sure. But this kept happening to me for a couple of years!! It has really dwindled now. But it was very very explosive for a few years. I probably found a couple hundred dollars worth! I wish I had saved them. Lol. But there were so many it was routine for me.

  132. Julie at - Reply

    I am having some serious challenges with my 15 year old daughter who is experiencing depression and feeling like she’s not worthy. She’s been going to counseling since July. However, seems as if every time I try to help her, we end up in a major fight. I’ve prayed and prayed to God to help me find the right words to say to her—to no avail. Today, after yet another disastrous fight with my child, I just had enough. I yelled and screamed at God asking him WHY he wasn’t helping me! Why he couldn’t help me help my daughter after I prayed to him for so long:( As I was walking into the grocery store, I noticed something shiny. It was a penny. I knew that God heard me this time because I’ve experienced receiving a penny from heaven a few years ago when my husband and I nearly lost everything with our business. Immediately, my heart softened and I felt relief and peace as I headed down the isle—fighting back the tears because I know what finding that penny really meant today.

  133. charlene at - Reply

    After answering questions for my granddaughter about photo’s of some relatives that are no longer with us I went and stood at the kitchen sink. A penny fell from behind my ear down my night gown and on to the floor. I was stunned and my brain can’t process how this was possible. I think it may have been my uncle who used to do coin tricks with me as a child

  134. Beverley MacNeil at - Reply

    My boyfriend passed away in a house fire this February and I have been finding dimes. The latest was this evening, I live alone and I posted on Facebook a Christmas message from heaven and when I went to get up off the couch a little while later a dime fell right off my lap and I was wearing my pj’s so there was no way it could have come off me..I cried uncontrollably!

  135. TJC at - Reply

    Today, December 12th, is the 7th year since my mother passed away. I have been missing her immensely. I walked into the lunchroom, and there in the middle of the floor was a dime. (I had never heard the idea of dimes from heaven). I was busy on a call, so I signaled to the only other person in the room to pick it up and keep it. However, she picked up, and when I finished my call, she told me about dimes from heaven. I told her today is the 7th anniversary of my mother’s passing. She told me the dime is meant for me to keep it. I went and told my friend about it, and she told me to check the date. I have bad eyesight so she checked it for me. It is a 2010 date, which is the year my mother passed away. It is amazing to me, and wonderful all at one time. A true blessing from heaven and my mother.

  136. Stan Spencer at - Reply

    I am a handy man who is a Christian who wants to help people. Special customers will find a few pennies and dimes in their house in different areas. If a lonely woman, on her pillow. I mean no other thought than kindness. It’s a way for me to give back emotion and kindness that was afforded me in my life. If more of us would do similar, this world would certainly be in a batter place !

  137. G* at - Reply

    Home alone with my cat, and I hear a coin drop, out of nowhere, as if it dropped from thin air, all by itself. I check where I heard the sound come from, and I find one cent on the ground from the USA, I didn’t even know I had that in my place as I thought I had only Canadian change on my corner table… But nobody’s home with me, just me and my cat were sitting while I was singing for the past hour, it was an emotional song… .
    Does this mean anything specific???
    I could use a psychic mediums help right about now. 😛
    Lol… Thx a bunch.

  138. Ron at - Reply

    I couldn’t sleep thinking about my girlfriend Vanessa who had passed almost 5 years ago. Well my Pennie experience was a little different…I was doing laundry one day with nothing but her on my mind, like always. A Pennie fell out of my dirty pants, something i felt just said look at it. 1985 the year she was born!

  139. CR at - Reply

    I’m spotting dimes everywhere and all the time. Not the occasional occurrence of a penny here a dime there.. but as in so frequently it is not to be brushed off, as if in response to the first few found and my thoughts being, “yeah, people dropping money,” whoever is communicating should be assured I am paying attention! This has been going on for about a good month. To the extent that I am pretty certain that if I look down, there will be a dime.

  140. Stephanee at - Reply

    I find dimes all the time. My mother does as well. We both live in different states. We were finding them, or rather they were being left for us. That was a sign that my grandmother was sick. After she died, we did not see them for a while. Over the years I’ve noticed that when a dime appears, it’s most likely that someone gets news of illness and then death follows. Last week i walked into a dressing room where there were 5 dimes on the floor. If it had been someone who dropped change from his/her pocket, why would there only be dimes? I’ve never come across more than one dime. It was a sign. Shortly after, my friend’s father passed away Christmas morning. A couple days later another friend’s mother died. A few days after that, today, a dime literally dropped from the ceiling onto my coworker’s shoulder. What the heck does all this mean?

  141. Carmen Woods at - Reply

    Today is New Years Eve. I live in Ohio and yesterday we had about 3” of snow. After breakfast I went outside to shovel and sweep snow off the porch and patio. In my driveway is my dads truck that I drive. My Dad passed away October 13, 2015. The truck is white and was covered in snow. As I was brushing it off I was talking to my Dad telling him I was sorry his truck was so dirty from the snow. He lives in Arizona and never had to brush snow off the truck. Anywa. I continued to clear it and then finished sweeping the steps to the side door. I then went back inside to get my keys for the garage. I needed to get salt to put down on the sidewalk where I just swept and shoveled. Now mind you, I JUST just got done sweeping the steps!!! I proceeded back down the steps, into the garage, for the salt and sprinkled it along the sidewalk. As I was done I walked back up the same steps I just walked down and there was a shiny penny laying In the top step. I picked it up and the year in the penny was 2015!!!! I KNOW that penny was not there because I JUST got done sweeping those same steps !!! I smiled and knew my Dad was telling me it was ok that “his truck was dirty” from the snow. He was sending me his love !!! It make my New Year !!!

  142. Monique at - Reply

    Yesterday I took my son to the doctor and as we went to find a seat the chair I chose had in the center, a penny facing up and when I picked it up there was a dime stacked neatly beneath it. Any thoughts? Earlier that morning i caught 11:11 on the clock.

  143. Lori Zeneski at - Reply

    My Mom passed away on Aug 23rd, 2017, from Pancreatic Cancer 5 weeks after being diagnosed. Saturday night 01/13/2018 I was talking to my Mom telling her how much I missed her. I told her it was not fair she was taken from me. I was crying and so upset. On Sunday 1/14/2018 I woke up with a penny in my hand. I believe it was a sign from my Mom saying she is with me.

  144. Manny at - Reply

    I’m glad I came across this article because I felt like I was losing my mind. I tragically lost my father Dec 5th 2016. The guy I’m dating was being very mean to me last night and was trying to argue with me. I was in my bathroom rinsing out a bucket in the tub when my bathroom lights started to flicker. (Which has happened a lot lately but only when I’m around it stops when someone else walks in room). After I got done with cleaning the bucket I went to my night stand and silently cried while talking to a photo of him taken on his birthday in 2015. (Which was also the year me and my daughter lived with him) This morning I got up out of bed still upset about everything and wishing he was here now and as I stood in the kitchen pouring milk into a sippy a penny came from no where and landed on the kitchen floor. My daughter was in her room on the other side of the house and everyone else was still in bed. When I picked up the penny it felt warm to the touch and when I looked at the year it was made , the date said 2015! I hope it’s a sign that he’s here with me watching over me and his three grandkids.

  145. Erin at - Reply

    I had noticed a 5 Cent coin behind my bed whilst I was making it and decided to pick it up. I then went to make another bed in the house and noticed that there was another 5 Cent coin behind that bed too, in the same place! After making that bed, I heard the sound of a coin hit the floor. I couldn’t have missed it, there was another in the same spot. I didn’t think much of it at the time but I had a feeling it was no coincidence. Come to think of it now, my grandfather who is now in heaven used to always give his grandchildren the loose change from his pocket. I believe it was him.

  146. Brian Atkinson at - Reply

    A few days ago I found a penny in my shower, my wife had no idea where it came from. A day or two later I woke up, rolled over and discovered a penny stuck to my leg in bed. Today, while eating my wife and I heard something hit the ground. I looked down and saw a penny. The first two pennies were placed ina coin jar, however, looked at the most recent penny which had the date of my daughters birth. She is currently out of town interviewing at a potential graduate school.

  147. Donna at - Reply

    My name is Donna Youngblood and
    I have 17 properties
    vacation rentals in Panama City Beach Fla. that I manage.I also have a cleaning business. And I work at a laundry mat 4 days a week. I have quit the laundry mat 3 times but end up going back to work there it’s not for the money but because of the customers that come in and the strange things that have happened with some of them usually it’s people that come in That aren’t regular customers. More about that later. My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and she only lived 20 months from the day she was diagnosed. The weeks before her passing I started finding pennies everywhere. I was finding 30 or more a day at the laundry by my car on my porch if I went outside to sit on the bench several pennies were there. The day she passed I got up went to work told my boss I couldn’t work left went had my oil changed in my car went bought new black dress went home packed mine and my sons clothes and started the drive to where she lived about a 5 hour drive. When I was about an hour away my brother called and told me I needed to come home the Dr had told them to call the family. I told him I was almost there. I arrived and held her close and told her how much we loved her and that it was ok to go… She died 2 hours after I arrived the hospice nurse told me she was waiting on you…I came home and then I started finding pennies and dimes together everywhere in the washers in the dryers in my washer and dryer, on the floor at work at the store at my car, on my hood of my car. It freaked me out. So I looked it up and was suprised to find the meaning of both dimes and pennies. It stopped or slowed down for awhile but 3 weeks ago I started finding dimes and pennies together everywhere in my medicine cabinet, out on my window sill, even at work everywhere. Three days ago my brother called me and said my dad had a stroke and it wasn’t bad small bleed. But I just knew it was really bad and sure enough they called me back and he had a seizure and had a masive stroke. They had him on life support until I could get there because I live 14 hours away. I got there to the hospital in complete shock because I had just talked to him the day before he was 80 but in great health. We took him off life support and he just looked like he had fallen asleep in his recliner. He lived 9 hours after we removed him from life support Dr said he had a strong heart. I have 4 brothers and they were all there with wives and me and my youngest son. So we took turns saying our goodbyes and then everyone had left the room. except my self and my son we were both holding one of his hands and he would squeeze them every few minutes. Nurses said he could hear us and was responding. He took his last breath while. just the two of us were in the room. I knew he was gone and I buzzed for the nurse. She came in and he took one more deep breath and tears streamed down his face. This really haunts me why was he crying?
    Because he saw heaven and all the loved ones that passed away before him? Or was he crying because he didn’t want to leave us? I had seen several people pass away but never seen them cry. It was several tears I wiped away not just one or two he was crying. We buried him today and the sadness my heart feels is unexplainable. I really haven’t dealt with my moms death yet and now my dad is gone too. I could not let go of his hand during visitation at funeral home my son had to pry my hand away. All I could think was These hands have held me and helped me for 60 years and I was holding his hand when he took his last breath. And that when I let go it would be the last time I could hold his hand. His mother my grandmother lived till she was 105 she still drove and lived alone. my dad found her she just passed away in her sleep. She was full blooded Indian the medicine woman of her tribe. She had 7 sons and I was the first grandchild and I was a girl. I have 4 brothers and I have three sons. I am the only girl. My grandmother and I were in a bad car accident when I was 5 years old. I woke up at like 430 am and she was going to pick up my cousin whom was a bady so her mom could go to work. I can remember what I was wearing and I can remember waking up and begging to go with her. Two blocks from her house a drunk driver ran a stop sign and was travling at high rate of speed and hit us head on. I went through the windsheild and split my head open till you could see my brain I broke both arms my collar bone and both my legs. I almost died and spent a year in the hospital. My grandmother crushed the walls of her heart and broke her leg and had several lacerations. But she wouldn’t leave my bed side. Every time I awoke she was there asking me who I was who she was what year was it who was president did I have siblings what were their names. Drs said she kept me from slipping into a coma. After that accident things happened I would dream something and it would happen. I know you dream all the time. But. I never remembered them. If I did remember them they would come true usually small things but sometimes it was like I was dreaming of a beach house and a year later I moved into that same house. I would dream of things and I knew what I needed to do. For instance we were going on a cruise and I insisted on buying travel insurance 35 bucks everyone laughed at me until we were coming back to the port we departed from New Orleans and I thought we were going die ship was like a toy in the ocean and the captain finally told us we were 150 miles from hurricane Katrina and that they were taking us to Galveston Texas cause the storm was so large and strong they had closed the Mississippi. River. We went to Galveston waited Katrina hit nothing bad so we rented a car and drove to New Orleans right when we got there the levies broke and we were right in the middle of it. That 35 bucks paid for everything. Then I had a baby that died in my arms when he was 8 months old and I went crazy I got on drugs really bad. I was shooting heroine and I was a junkie. Everyone but my grandmother gave up on me. She would follow me to drug houses and drag me out… I would do drugs for months then I would go back to grandma’s to rest eat and get healthy then I would leave again for months. Until one day I went to her house and ate and fell asleep when I woke up I was tied to the bed and my grabdmother was standing over me and she said I want let these drugs take you from us. I don’t remember much cause she was giving me medicine she made so I wouldn’t remember. I went through all the horrible detoxing and she took care of me after about two weeks she untied me told me to get a shower and I ate. Then she put me in front of a mirror and asked me what I saw I said nothing she said I see a skeleton and if you walk back out that door you will die. She said your choice or you can ask God for forgiveness and you can make a deal with God but careful whatever deal you make you must keep it. I thought she had lost her mind but at that moment I prayed for god to help me and I asked him if he would give me a healthy baby I would never do anymore drugs. Then she told me pack your bags you can’t live here in this state any more I said why and where will I go. She said because this is where all your demons are and you can’t stay here. She said you pick a place and I picked Georgia cause I had family there. Two years later I was married and I gave birth to a baby boy he weighed 10 pounds 9 ounces and I had him natural. While giving birth and when they told me how much he weighed and that he was perfect. I said ok God I got it. That was 36 years ago and we both kept our deal. I have been clean for 38 years. She saved my life. She told me before she passed that putting me on that bus and sending me away was the hardest thing she ever had to do. After her passing I was the one that went over and cleaned her house out. I found a book with medical recipes from her tribe to heal about anything. I also found a bible with every family members birth death marriage children recorded and I found a journal she had kept since my birth. It talked about my imaginary friends that I talked to all the time. How she had to keep the evil ones away from me. It talked about documented things I had said or dreamed that had come to pass even at a young age. It talked about the car accident we were in and how she saw my spirt leave my body and how she begged for them to take her not me. That when I awoke that I had a light in my eyes that she knew I had been given a gift to use for good and not evil. She always told me this but I really never psid much attention. I knew I was differnt and I knew that sometimes I knew things before they happened. But after her passing was when the pennies started appearing everywhere then when my mom passed it was pennies and dimes and before my dads passing it had started again. Then the tears he cried during and after death. That memory keeps playing over and over in my head. I know we just buried him. But I guess I am worried what did that mean and why were me and my youngest son the only ones in the room when he passed? Now don’t think I am crazy but since my grandnothers passing I have had several people that I didn’t know come in the laundry mat and either they had just lost a loved one or was about to a few even got a call while they were with me at the laundry that a loved one had passed. Now I knew none of these people. But their love ones would talk to me and ask me to give them messages from them. I even had a son that his mother whom. had just passed on to leave a poem that her son had written 40 years before for me to give him. It was in the washer but wasn’t wet, I heard her tell me make sure my son gets this and that he knows I will always be with him and that I kept everything he ever made me like this poem and that I love him very much. I did and it was very emotional. That’s when I thought I was going crazy dead people were talking to me.. I started seeing a therapist and I told him what I had been through with all the deaths. But I couldn’t tell him that I was seeing and hearing dead people. I know this is alot and all over the place. But I just wondered if it will continue?? Will it be differnt now that my dad is gone also? Will he try to connect with me? What your thoughts are? I know my mom is around the coins, I smell her perfume when I walk in a room sometimes, I can hear her voice in my head at times but I can’t make out what she is saying exactly. It’s weird, and my grandma visits me a lot.. I have seen her by my bed, I have awoke to the doorbell and nobody there…then the next morning there would be some kind of bird or animal at my door or in my window. Indians believe in the animal spirits so I know it’s her…I guess since my dad died suddenly and the tears what do You think all this means? Or am I crazy? Anything you could tell me to help me make sone kind of sense of all this would be so greatly appreciated. My heart is broken and the grief is consuming me. Thanks for any in put you can give me. Sorry this was so long. Can’t wait to hear from you..Thank you!!

  148. Yvette at - Reply

    Yes! This happened to me while waiting at a bus stop that is not heavily trafficked…a mental nudge told me to look down at my footware to see if it matched what I was wearing today…something I NEVER really care about, but almost immediately, I saw a penny, then another one, then a dime, then another one! I scanned the ground looking for loose change, but saw nothing else. I was kind of perplexed at first then thought about the significance. I have been going through a tough time and had just communicated to a friend when she asked how I was doing and I replied that I was “moving towards that hill as I was still in the valley , but getting better”. I KNOW that I was heard. That mental nudge to look down at my shoes was the communication and lo and behold! I am more aware now.

  149. Matthew at - Reply

    Is it bad a random amf coin fell out of know where

  150. Cynthia at - Reply

    I had been out side a couple of times this morning on the porch to go to garage and let the dog out. Well I just went outside to shake the bathroom rugs and on the rug by the door was a dime. Now I had already been there a few times and it wasn’t there. I was still in my pjs so I know I didnt drop it and knowbody has been here all day. I looked up to see if it meant anything and I read it means coming full circle. I have been struggling with some issues lately and I pray this sign is hope.

  151. Coqui at - Reply

    I need to know I’m not crazy! I’ve been finding a penny and a dime for about 2 months in the last 2 weeks it’s been a little crazy how I would find them no matter where I am. Yesterday as I was walking my dogs a penny fell from the sky. I looked around to see us he could’ve been a car or another person. But there was nothing no one around. The sound of the penny falling made me take a look and it was a PENNY!!

  152. Tonya at - Reply

    Today is my brother’ Birthday, he left us 2 weeks prior to Christmas and this was his first birthday that he isn’t physically with us.
    I did some dishes first thing, and about 30 minuets later I went to dry them and there was a 1980 penny sitting there that wasn’t sitting there when I washed the dishes. Nobody had been in the kitchen in between the time I was there.

  153. Laura at - Reply

    I found it odd that I was finding dimes everyday on different streets. I am a mail carrier. I had a cousin who passed at the age of 7 back in 1999. I was thinking of her and asked her if she was leaving me dimes. I asked her if she was the one leaving me dimes to give me another sign. I asked her to leave me 3 dimes. A week later I found 3 dimes together. I usually find 2 dimes a day. It doesn’t matter what part of town im at delivering the mail.

  154. Beth at - Reply

    Lately I have been seeing all kinds of things. My sister passed away 5 months ago, whom I was close to and miss like crazy! First it was tiny white feathers, then a penny here and there. But i was kind of teasing her and said I needed another sign thean pennies and then for two days I was finding dimes…but now it’s back to pennies…I say keep them comming! Thank you for your site!

  155. Kevin at - Reply

    I first heard about finding pennies in ’08, a few months into recovery, and I have been finding both pennies and dimes since. I first looked it up around 5 years ago and it (the article I read) also explained that the harder to spot coins are special. *I found one behind me by its reflection off the glass on the door to 7/11.

  156. Payton at - Reply

    My grandma passed away in December, she was my best friend and really the only person I’ve ever been close to. This passed Sunday my great aunt, her sister, passed away as well. They both had always said they would go together and basically they did. But yesterday I went to my great aunts funeral, I was never very close to her but I felt that I needed to go in my grandmas place.. also I don’t go to funerals, that’s something I refuse to do, I didn’t even go to my grandmas. Anyways once the service started I look down and right in front of my foot was a penny, instantly I felt comfort and started crying as well. I know this was her being with me and being with the family for her sisters funeral. It truly was a beautiful moment

  157. Kim at - Reply

    Penny’s have been showing up in the most random places since my mom died. My husband and I were unpacking for our vacation. Half way between my clothes was a bright penny laying on my pants! I was vacuuming yesterday and found a shiny bicentennial quarter under the dog bed. We just got back from New Orleans and they were celebrating their tricentennial.
    How awesome is that!!!

  158. Darci at - Reply

    The very night my father passed, my sister and I had left the hospital… when we got to our parents home to tell our mother he was gone, we where standing at the front door unlocking it a DIME fell from nowhere inbetween us. This was less than 1/2 hour after his passing, could this have been a sign from him or his angels telling us they got him? My sister to this day finds dimes all the time, me, I have only found 1 since.

  159. Hello- I really wanted to share my experience. I have been finding dimes and pennies together for about 4 years now. In random places. It was happening so often- and only 1 dime and 1 penny- nothing else, that I started to collect how many. I have a box full of them now. Even this morning, walking out of the grocery store- there was one dime and one penny- nothing else. I felt love and well- I just smiled from my very insides. I scooped them up to add to my collection. It never occurred to me it could be a past family member…angels or guardians is what I thought. I feel it is them watching over me. Frankly with me, my guardian angels have to do double time. I am just trying to figure out why so many- why so often- then just the number 11. 11 mile marker…watching tv- eleven comes up- on a bus or say – “this 11 year old child”…all the time. I’d love more insight.

  160. Betty Bates at - Reply

    My mom died July 2016 one of the things she did was collect pennies in a jar – since her death I have found pennies in places that I know are signs. I had been out of my office three days – door locked- but when I got to work I found a penny laying on a piece of paper on the floor – no one had access to my office. This is just one of many examples over the past year

  161. Debbie at - Reply

    This past week end I went on my 1st real vacation with a close friend and my oldest granddaughter to NJ. This trip was planned in Feb the day after my husband my husband died. When we went to the beach a woman was walking to her car to get her cell phone to take a picture of what was on the edge of the ramp. She said 111 this makes you really think about death. She also said a man had been standing there but was no longer there when she came back up the beach. We had never heard this before. When we looked there were 10 dimes with a Canadian dime with the ship facing up. All the other dimes were heads up and 1 penny head up. When we looked my friend had already looked up information and found this web site. As we were reading she asked me when my anniversary was. It was Feb 12th the Monday before he died. She said there are 12 coins. This is meant for you to know you should be on this trip and that he loves you. I had also told him after we were married that if we lasted 10 years then we had this. He was my 4th marriage. My 1st marriage lasted a little over 10 years. Also, I felt that the ship meant for me to stop worrying about stuff. Either it was going to be smooth sailing for me or he had sailed where he wanted to be. I took pictures but didn’t take the coins. We went back but the coins weren’t there. I asked my friend if I should get them. She didn’t. Know. I felt a homeless person or someone else may benefit from having them. Now I hope I didn’t brake what I felt when we were there. If it happens again I will make sure to get them. Thank you for reading my experience.

  162. Yolanda at - Reply

    I woke up, Yesterday morning 4-10-2018 and as I was pulling my blanket I found 2 dimes on the second yr Anniversary when my mom died. She passed away on April 10 2016 and to find two dimes I see it as if Mom put them there for me and my little brother even though we live miles apart she is watching over is since I’m the youngest of the girls and my brother is the baby if the boy’s Can it be her telling me she is with us.

  163. Andrea at - Reply

    I am not sure if I belive it or not or just trying to find a sign. My mother very tragically and unexpectedly died two weeks ago from lung cancer. It was the worst thing I have ever seen and I am so lost and heartbroken with her gone. Today I went to get a couple boxes that I started packing from her apartment. I started breaking down and sat on the couch and cried. When I opened my eyes there was a penny between my feet on the floor. I may have dropped it but I don’t think I did. I want to believe so bad it was her.

  164. Carol at - Reply

    My husband died Jan. 3rd. I asked him to send pennies so I would know he was watching over me. I have 7 shiney pennies in 3 months

  165. Elaine Washington at - Reply

    I was sitting at my dad’s funeral when I looked at the floor in front of me and saw a dime. I took it as a sign. Was it a sign from my dad?

  166. Mariah at - Reply

    on my 16th birthday i got a car. as I took the car driving for the very first time, a penny fell on my lap. the penny was from 1998, that was my birth year.

  167. Margaret Elliott at - Reply

    Blair I have been finding dimes in the most unique places that make no sense. It’s always a dime. YES I have a ‘knowing’ that it is absolutely from spirit but my question is constant. Who? And Why? Am I missing something. There has been a span of 2-3 months where dimes have been constantly placed in my path. Why & who? What are they trying to tell me?

  168. Deborah Carmichael at - Reply

    I have been finding a dime and a penny, 11 cents, for the last week. My mother passed away in September. I recently saw a medium and asked if mother was “around”. She confirmed that she is. Then I decided to leave the guy my mother didn’t want me to go back to. She kind of made me promise before she died. I went back to him 2 months after though. Anyway, after I decided to leave him for good, I started finding a dime and a penny. I believe this is my mother letting me know she is here and encouraging me to keep making good decisions for myself.

  169. Jackie Cullen at - Reply

    I was putting away laundry- my boyfriend hangs all his t-shirts- I was laying them out on my bed before hanging- I had shaken each one first before laying them out. I got hangers to hang them- each individually. When I came to the last one there was a dime sitting on it. There is no way a dime could have fallen on this t-shirt. I had shaken each one as I said before. I do believe it was angel sending me a message.

  170. nelly becerril at - Reply

    My boyfriend passed two months ago due to complication during surgery , he was 30 yrd old when he passed…we has plan together he was my future .. i’m depressed and crying all the time i missed him so much. Yesterday i was changing purses .. that night i dreamed asking God i needed help financially and I needed support i needed my boyfriend to let me know he’s with me .. next thing i know i see my boyfriend sitting on a chair waiting for me anxiously we hugged it was beautiful i never wanted to wake up… but i did i woke up at 3:16am got up when to the restroom and when i stood up and there was a penny sitiing on the toilet sit.. i was like whaaat ??. i though that penny had been stucked to me on my thigh all night when i was changed purses.. somehow i knew it was a special penny.

  171. Ashley at - Reply

    My boyfriend died a year ago today. After his death my friend told me that pennies with the persons birth year is a sign from them. I have searched every penny I’ve come across for the past year and nothing…
    I was cleaning out my purse and there was some change, including 3 pennies. The last one I turned over was his birth year 1977.

  172. Alyssa Paugh at - Reply

    I lost my dog on Friday. He was hit by a car…. he was my life. Today is Wednesday. And it has been really rough for me to even function. We buried him and I’ve been visiting him and talking to him. We had a bear on the back deck last night and I got mad at Jake and told him he was supposed to be here protecting me…. I also asked him something else…. you See, Saturday morning. (The day after his death) my husband had a pop up on his phone. The same breeder we had gotten Jake from posted they had puppies! When my husband mentioned the pups I freaked out yelling No! No more. Until he said they were Jake’s brothers (different litter) I stopped. We had been watching and waiting to get another one as Jake was the perfect dog and we wanted a friend for him. So I didn’t know what to say. We asked for 2. BUT I have been full of guilt so I asked Jake this morning if it was ok we are getting them (This Friday) because I’m afraid we are trying to replace him… later on, I had to pick up my children at the end of our driveway where Jake was hit. So, I cut a peony to place on his “spot” … laying there was a shiny nickel. The date 2016… the year we got Jake. My question is, can dogs leave coins? And if so, what could this mean?

  173. Ann Higginbotham at - Reply

    Yes and it was crazy i had a box of sweet tart candy eating them i poured some in my mouth and a few mins later the taste was nadty metallic..i spit them in my hand and a penny was in my mouth..i started freaking out of nowhere did this happen

  174. Peggy Voss at - Reply

    Yes, it happens to me all of the time. Ever since Barry, who was my high school sweetheart who came back into my life for a short time after 33 years, then suddenly due to a car and motorcycle accident, died. The last time I saw him, he said, “a penny for your thoughts”. It was less than a year later, that he died. I had a dream about him a few days before he died. It was the kind of dream that comes to me before or around the time other loved ones have died. I found my first penny on the day that I was informed of his death, but i already sensed that be had passed. And I have been finding pennies ever since. He died in 2005. I will find a penny in my room or on the bed; places that I know I did not leave one there. My daughter started finding pennies after he died, as well. She knew they were from him.

  175. I lost my daughter 6 weeks ago.I miss and love her so much.she overdosed by mistake she did not want to she sad cause we left on a bad note.we argued that morning and was mad at me.

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