When spirit brings through messages to me, they can come through in a manner that I don't understand… or that the person receiving the reading doesn't understand at the time.

I always encourage people to remember what is being said regardless as it will often make sense at a later time, or after speaking with another family member.

In the following email I received, it references an event where a Mother came through and was discussing a chair that I interpreted as needing to be thrown out.

The lovely lady politely said that couldn't be correct. Her Mother then told me to say “bullshit.” Yes, those exact words.

Now, from the attendees point of view, it can easily look like the medium (in this case, me) is wrong… but wait for this fun validation…

No B.S. Testimonial

“I don't know if you recall the reading you did for me at Best Western Casas Adobes in Tucson last week. My Moms spirit came thru and you said she was saying “bullshit” in regard to a chair I should get rid of. I had no clue as to what that was all about.


“I came home and came out to the patio to reflect on the wonderful evening and sat in the chair with this pin on it! When a friend sent the pin to me, Mom said it was stupid and didn't think it belonged on a chair.

So there you have it! It wasn't the chair she thought I should get rid of, but the pin. You were spot on with everything you said and I am so grateful to you. Thank you so much for an excellent evening! I'm certainly looking forward to seeing you and Wendy again.” Linda S., Tucson, Arizona

Love Never Dies

Isn't that cool? I'm always amazed at the details that spirit brings through. Incredible. Remember: Love Never Dies!