Afterlife Connections: True Stories That Prove Love Never Dies

Afterlife-Connection-EbookCover-smallWhen you’ve lost someone you love, holidays and other celebratory days are the worst. It can be quite painful.

But the truth is that love never dies.

Yes, each and every one of us at some point must physically leave our bodies, but our soul-spirit lives on.

Signs From Our Loved Ones

As I discussed in my previous/companion book, “Afterlife: 3 Easy Ways To Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones” our loved ones regularly send signs to us to show us that they are still there. And those signs can bring incredible comfort and healing.

(By the way: if you don't have the book Afterlife, don't allow yourself an excuse to not to discover all the ways they can and do communicate. If you haven’t got the book, please do yourself the favor of identifying what signs are real and which signs are not. Once you do, you’ll start noticing them more. And the best part: Kindle readers are free as well, and you can download them to virtually any device.)

A BRAND NEW BOOK Filled With Inspirational Stories

You know, over the years, I’ve received tens of thousands of stories from people of their personal Afterlife Connections. They’ve been shared with me at live events, privately, in emails, on Facebook, on blog posts, etc.

But many have been lost. I felt a pull from spirit to put some of them into a book format to encourage those during difficult times that love never dies.

That's why this book is designed to be a quick and inspirational read. It’s designed to help you realize that your loved ones are near. That love never dies.

All stories have been shared by everyday folks just like YOU.

NOW Available On Amazon!

It’s available on Amazon right now. Be inspired by healing messages from beyond that prove love never dies

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I hope you enjoy it. Love and light to you all.