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“My daughter told me that she saw a short bald man standing in the corner of her room and that he was friendly. Later she told me that there was another tall man with a stick who hit a girl and it scared her. Is this all real?”

The question came from a listener on Newfoundland's K-Rock radio show and is a common question I get asked.

Can kids see ghosts?

First, I'd like to change the wording. Ghosts conjure up images of good and evil. Movies like Poltergeist and the terrifying scene in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark don't do much to help with that (although I loved both movies)!

I prefer the term spirit. So, can children sense spirits?

The answer is yes and here is why: young children don't have the limitations of life and belief systems installed fully. They haven't been “taught” that “ghosts don't exist” so that limitation isn't there.

Our deceased loved ones are most certainly watching over us and I'm absolutely convinced beyond a doubt that they exploit this “opening” to visit young children in particular. After all, young children are new life and it brings joy to spirit they are embarking on a life journey.

Who Are These Spirits?

The spirits will most often be deceased relatives and much of the time they will be grandparents coming through, although not always. When my daughter was quite young, she described both my father and my mother to an absolute ‘t'. Not descriptions of dress, as she knew what they had looked like in photos, but stuff she couldn't have naturally known, such as mannerisms and behaviors.

Can They Be Frightening?

The short answer is yes, although they don't mean to scare or frighten. At least, not intentionally. IF you have a child that is frightened, you can calm them by letting him/her know they are friendly and that they have the power to tell them to stop doing what frightens them.

Can We Banish The Spirits?

Absolutely! But that would be very sad, as their intent is only love and encouragement.

How Can I Tell The Difference Between Spirits And Imaginary Friends

Most kids have imaginary friends, particularly under five years old. I'm not a psychologist, but I did speak to one who informed me that imaginary friends at that age is completely normal and to be expected.

So, what's the difference? Well, imaginary friends tend to be flexible to a situation. When you ask you child about details they'll often pause as they create answers. Frankly, it is quite adorable at times and fun to experience.

But a spirit, like a real person, won't be flexible and the answers will be quite forthcoming. They'll often be able to describe them with terrific accuracy and details without hesitation. As in “the man was standing THERE and was wearing X, Y, and Z.”

Yes, Blair, But What If I'm Scared?

Well, there's nothing to be afraid of, really. In my case, my Mom passed several years before my daughter was born. She had several grandsons, but no granddaughters. She would have loved to have been around for that but it wasn't meant to be. It tickled me pink knowing that death didn't stop her. It brought me comfort knowing that she would visit my daughter.

Be careful that you don't pass YOUR fears along to them. Embrace it, as I have experienced many clients who have had messages brought forth through youngsters from the deceased that have been extremely helpful!

A Child Brings A Welcome Spirit Message

Nancy, a client of mine recently told me her brother's dog had had to be put down due to illness. A brown Labrador retriever that was a best buddy to her daughter Lissa. Naturally, the family was quite devastated by the loss.

One morning her daughter came bouncing into the kitchen and informed her, “Mom, Buster is happy now.”

Nancy was busy, smiled at Lissa and both went on about the day.

Later, Nancy was struck by the complete change in attitude in Lissa from utter sadness to being completely okay with it all.

She sat down and chatted with her daughter to discover that her daughter had seen Grandpa the night previous in her room and Buster was with him, happy as can be–no longer in pain or suffering and, she reported getting spoiled by Grandpa!

Embrace these wonderful connections! Learn what they are trying to show you…

Got a story to share from your childhood or experience as a parent/grandparent? Share it below! I'd love to hear it, and I'm sure others would too!

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  1. Sharon Tutkus at - Reply

    My son sees spirits, angels & other “beings of light” all the time since he was little. I have photographed him & captured these spirits in many photos. He is also able to describe them in great detail. Blessings!

    • Sharon Ludviksen at - Reply

      I’m not sure but my granddaughter says she sees my Little Kitty, friend David, and my grandmother sometimes and one night all 3 at the same time. We’re not sure what to say or what to ask her to know if she is seeing them or if it’s just because we talk about them. How do we handle it? She’s 6.

    • latasha at - Reply

      My 13 year old daughter has been in a uproar for about 3 month now she said a tall man with a stick keeps coming to her telling her he is going to kill her also she see a lady who sits in the corner an just rocks back an forth she is scared of the tall man.. because he yelling at the two of them.she shaking crying she tell me that when she pray it goes away but he tells her that he will be back for her she said mama he doesn’t like you.. please help me with her..

      • dad19 at - Reply

        My daughter’s 7 and had a flu and fever (around 102) lying on her bed. Mid-day when my wife was on the hallway (across my daughter’s bedroom) sorting the dirty clothes for laundry, my daughter asked her to go with her on the bathroom to pee. My daughter started telling her that she see people on her room yelling to her mom to “hurry up”. While my daughter was telling it to her mom, they started telling her to shut-up and not tell it. She said that they were many (around 5male and 5 female and they were aound her room and even underneath her bed). Im not sure if she’s hallucinating as what convinced me she’s seeing this is when she told my wife that someone is telling her to “shut-up” and not to tell. May I know what did you do and say to your daughter after that? Any advise that you received how to handle it?

      • Amanda at - Reply

        Another psychic aid to sprinkle salt around the outside perimeter of your house to make them leave. Did this for my granddaughter and the bad ones left, good ones stayed. Also can ask if they are from the light. If they aren’t, they will disappear. These worked. My granddaughter began seeing many spirits at 8 years old and some were too much for her to deal with.

      • Angela at - Reply

        My daughter is twelve , usually kids are younger Where you able to help her or resolve any issues. I don’t know what to do!

      • Debra at - Reply

        My daughter passed away 2005 2012 another granddaughter was born who is so much like her that it’s scary, she tells us she see a ghost sometimes, she talks to someone name Munches, its like she’s was here during the time my daughter was living, I really believe that Victoria comes through her, is it possible?

    • Liliana at - Reply

      I have talked to spirits ever since I was four and the last spirit I have seen is my cousin when I was 13 which I’m 13 now. I can’t see them anymore but I can feel them. Why is that?

      • Matthew Rice at - Reply

        Hello…. You have shut your senses of due to what we call the real world. The spiritual world is seen by the third eye. The only reason why you still sense them is because you know they are there. You don’t see them because your at an age when relationships with the opposite sex come into question and hormones come into play and this can make you lack attention in real world. Did any grades drop? Anyway, I’ve been able to see them my entire life. I went through a period of being told they did not exist and it was shut off for me. After growing up and coming to my own conclusions I have re opened my third eye. Do you ever wonder why allot of us don’t remember anything before 5 or 4 except a spirit guide or something that is the complete opposite. When you get back to seeing them, well if you do be careful. I have been harmed. When you overcome what your going through you don’t want to stare at what you see all night. The longer you stare the better you will see them and then your stuck seing them that good for the rest of your life. You don’t know how many problems that could cause. I suggest that you understand that God is real since you see spirits. If it ever gets bad pick up the Bible and read from it and no matter whats Infront of you from the spiritual world it will go away.

        • Cindy at - Reply

          Hello Matthew, I am 21 years old. I have been able to see and sense spirits ever since I can remember. I’ve had a lot of weird, crazy experiences. Lately it has calmed down and I’ve wondered why.. This has been a part of me that I have always been super interested in and wanted to develop it more. My aunt’s aunt, she has the ability to see ghosts and angels. She can also see your third eye. She said my third eye was half way open, that I am only to see spirits as shadows, and that’s true. That is how I see them when they decide to show themselves. I would love to talk to you about this!

          • Reba at

            I also see shadows I didn’t understand that it was because I was only half open to it how can I open it fully. We are starting to believe that my toddler is psychic he speaks of things he can’t possibly know of that are actually correct when I have asked the involved person. And he mentions family names of people that have long passed and not been talked about to him as he’s three could he really be psychic

          • Victim of K.Green at

            My 2 yr old freaked out last nt I believe she saw a bad spirit but don’t know who I only have one person she knew wbonwas evil n lost touch with them don’t know if they’ve passed on would love 2 know who she saw

        • Lori at - Reply

          This is true. I had a ghist that would not leave my housr. I am an empath. I could sense him and feel him staring at him. I would be up all night because I worked nightshift. At 2 AM they are more active. He would turn my light off while I was reading. He made electronic toys go off in my son room. I knew he died in my sons room. He had cancer. I felt like he commited suicide. His wife put holy oilover every door and left all their wedding pictures in the house when she sold me the house. She trapped him ?

  2. Kim wolfe at - Reply

    I lost my father three weeks ago. I’m having such a rough time. I was with him when he passed. I just feel like there was more I could have done. I need to know he is at peace.

    • Carol Franks at - Reply

      I lost my husband 4 years ago, he died in my arms, I tried CPR but there was nothing I could have done to prevent his death. I put myself through the mill all this time, blaming myself for not preventing his death. I blamed myself because my CPR was ineffective and I didn’t think to give him his Nitro-glycerine pill. I was consumed with guilt and deliberately kept everything that would give me pleasure away from myself. I destroyed many of the things I loved because I believed that I didn’t deserve anything that I enjoyed. I have finally come to realize that my husband doesn’t blame me, he still loves me. He is in a far better place that I am in, he’s in spirit, close to God. I was hurting him by not letting go, I was clinging to my blame and grief, he wouldn’t be able to move on to do the things he needed to do. I had to let go, for his good as well as mine., It wasn’t easy but I’ve finally managed to let go, I feel so much better and I know I’m doing the right thing for him as well.
      Just know that your father is free now. Free of that cumbersome body, free of time, free of needs and wants. He loves you and is around you. He hears you when you talk with him. Best of all, he is happy! Keep this in mind, and let yourself heal. He doesn’t want you to suffer and feel guilty, there is nothing you could have done to prevent his passing. It was his time. One day you will be with him but until then, live your life with joy. He would want that for you.

  3. Kellie Jordan at - Reply

    I am a Psychic/Intuitive and come from a long line of them ….I have a Granddaughter that was born on May 23, 2014 (she is barely 2 weeks old) and her mother has told me (she is a sensitive, also) that 3 spirits tried to go through her back to get to the baby as she was nursing her. I had told my Daughter-in–law that Karolyn (the baby) was going to be a psychic ‘powerhouse’ . I went in and cleared the house and covered everyone, including the house, with White Light, and I do this every night for them. I guess my comment is: Why am I unable to tell who these spirits are? They did not seem malicious to me, but very pushy, so to me…they could not have been family… Do you have any thoughts (not a reading) perhaps just a prior experience with this and if so. how do I deal with it, other than what I have already done. Thank you in advance for your consideration ….also I always love your blogs; always very helpful. ~ Love and Light ~ Kellie

    • Carla Vandenberk at - Reply

      Hi Kellie, my sis is psychic and she also has them pushing at her back to try to get in. Babies are completely protected by angels but you can ask Archangel Michael to protect babe at all times anyway. Put a bubble of white light around her. Does her Mom do any channeling because my sis does and I think that is what is happening but as long as her boundaries are up they can’t get in, they need to be invited. Not really positive but I think it’s more for her than the baby. God Bless!

  4. candee mirkin at - Reply

    I am positive that my grand daughter has been visited by her deceased grandmother since coming home from the hospital.She is not afraid and will point to her picture when asked, or somewhere in the room. She is 19 months old and will point and say Bobbie randomly. I believe that children as well as adults can see spirits. I am an aging child and I see spirits of loved ones often.

  5. Ana Corcoran at - Reply

    My father just recently passed away and since before he passed, during his illness, my 5 year old nephew has always said “Tata is going to be okay!” One night, dad was not feeling good at all and we thought we were losing him that day so we were all crying then my nephew walks in and says “what’s wrong? Tata is sick?” So someone responded with a “yes” and very calm he says “don’t worry…he’s going to be fine!” And ran off. Fast forward a few months later after Dad passed away my nephew calls my Mom and says to her “I was asking Tata how I could make my day at school go by faster and he said to quit complaining, so I did then mommy picked me up” we were all pretty shocked, it totally sounds like something Dad would say. My nephew hasn’t been afraid once I anything related to Dads passing. I swear that he is able to communicate with him in ways that none if us can’t. I’m grateful for that.

  6. louise rogers at - Reply

    Oh, that last one was a tear jerker–I haven’t even had my coffee yet!

  7. wendy wells at - Reply

    I have a 3 year old (step) grandson that continually says he talks to Grandpa Bob (my husband). They never met. Bob died in 2007. We always comment how much fun the two of them would have had together. They are not blood related, but could this be true?

  8. lisa curry at - Reply

    Blaire I have a question if I may we have been having some things going on in my moms home where I stay and take care of her she is 85 and I have been with her 3 years now . we hear foot steps sounds of cabinets closing and our Tv in the living room comes on and goes off by it’s self . also I have had a blanket pulled off of me my body feels like it’s on fire at times I am not the only one in our family that is aware of these things others have witnessed as well what can we do it does not feel friendly at all. need answers please help

  9. Gaille Robertson at - Reply

    My ex husband, father of my six children, died on May 13th after a fall. The night he died, before anyone knew he had crossed, my three year old granddaughter who lives in another state, woke my daughter up during the night whining and saying “Mommy turn off that light. I can’t sleep. Mommy that light is too bright!!” There was no light in the room. My daughter didn’t see any light but the baby insisted that it was too bright in the room for her to sleep. I’m sure her grandpa Dave had stopped by for one last hug on his way through.

  10. Heather f Durchman at - Reply

    My son has asked ‘who’s that guy’ Since he could talk and since we moved into a new place he had said he sees two guys and he’s also seen a ton of ‘babies’ kitty babies I’m assuming as he’d bend down to pet and play with them, I’ve had alot of kittys thru my life and my mother was passed on since 89 and my father passed 18 days before my son was born I have a feeling both of these ‘guys’ is my mom & dad as he really didn’t understand the difference between male & females at the time and well my mom was tall and had broad features lol one time he said he had two mommys and I said oh, where’s the other mommy? He said back home.. I grew up in the same house since my birth and had to move out shortly after my father’s death so I can only assume ‘back home’ would be my childhood home

  11. Carol Franks at - Reply

    All my grandkids, all 13, are scared of my second floor, they all say it’s haunted. My 10 year old grandson, in particular, is afraid to go up there. He told me there was a man there named Bill and he was mean. At one time a man by the name of Bill owned my house, nearly 100 years ago. To help my grandson relax and be able to sleep, without me, I told him that ghosts don’t like the smell of sage. So now we burn sage when my grandson is ready to go to sleep, it helps and we all sleep well.

  12. Louise Whaley at - Reply

    My Gr-Grandaughter Danni, named after her Uncle Danny who pass 8yrs ago from C.F., is always telling me that she has talked to her Uncle Danny all the time. Danny also tickled my left ear when he is around. Danni is almost 4 and I hope she never loses her connection to her Uncle.

    • Martha Jette at - Reply

      Hi Louise: I had to giggle at your comment about Danny tickling your ear. It really touched me (no pun intended) because my father does exactly the same thing! For instance, I took my granddaughter to a football game in our home town a couple of years ago. My father had loved that team and had taken me to many games when I was younger. The tickling began in the car even before we got there and really kicked into high gear at points during the game. This had happened before so I knew without a doubt that he was enjoying the game with us.

  13. Bridget at - Reply

    I read your article and I absolutely agree. I have been really sensitive in noticing when spirits are around. I’ve become a single mom of two young boys and we moved into a house that has four apartments. After awhile I started feeling that we weren’t alone. Then I started seeing orbs in my livingroom. My dad had passed 9 years ago and every now and then when I’m really sad & stressed I get the smell of fresh coffee or the smell of cigarettes in the wee hours of the morning. My boys have also experienced things like the feeling someone has touched their heads, seeing figures tall and small. One day I decided to contact a local paranormal team. They came did their testing. What they found was unbelievable to me. A dog barking was picked up in my room. I knew that bark anywhere it was my dog who was put to sleep a few months prior. They also picked up roughly 30 yes 30 spirits. When asked how many spirits were with us one came thru saying 30. They did a cleansing of sage just in case there was any negative energy’s here.

  14. Carol at - Reply

    My grandson is 3.5 years old. His mom and him moved into an old home in november. He see’s spirits in this house and decribes them to me and his mother all the time. There are two of them a older man and women. But he says the scare him. they growl at him, and make mean faces. He wont sleep in his room any more. He has woke up with scratches on him as well. I have had the house cleared. But it is still happening. I feel so sorry for him . I’ve told him just to tell them to go away, but he is to young to understand why they are bothering him. I myself am very intuitive, ive asked them to leave and go to the light, saged and sprayed holy water. But they are still there. I dont know what else to do.

    • Reba at - Reply

      I feel for you I’m in this situation also my three and a half year old boy won’t sleep in his room he tells me his room told him it doesn’t like him and that it’s not his room he also says this is not his house he wants to leave as he’s not happy here and in saying that as soon as we moved here his behaviour changed and we have had a lot of sleep issues. He sees things that aren’t there and also talks about things and people he doesn’t know of

  15. Sandie Wolfe at - Reply

    It was Christmas Eve, I was a very young child say 5 or 6. At my parents house, the family had celebrated the holiday and the children were sent to bed. I remember looking out the bedroom door to the hallway and a figure walked by. At first I thought it was my Grandmother who was staying with us for the holidays, but when I looked at the face, the figure had to hallowed out eyes and they looked in my direction while walking down the hall.
    Now that I am older, and have had several paranormal experiences, I believe it was my Grandfather who had been deceased for only a short time.

  16. Martha Jette at - Reply

    Having written about the paranormal for many years, I too much prefer the term ‘spirits’ because that is what they are – the human entities that is. Yes, children are more open and you’re right on with the reasons why. Both of my older grandchildren saw spirits when they were young. However, their parents seriously downplayed these ‘events.’ Since they knew I was more open on this subject, they took me aside and talked openly with me about what they had seen. My granddaughter had seen a man, woman and two children, whom I later learned through property records, were former owners of the house. My grandson had seen them too, as well as spirits outside and at school. He also saw angels. Due to all of that, he was afraid to sleep at night and actually pulled the covers over his head for quite some time. I tried to calm his fears by letting him know that the spirits were once people just like us and explained the many reasons why they might have chosen to linger here. I also let him know that angels might appear frightening and powerful, they were there to protect him.
    Both of my grandchildren are now teenagers and happily, still open to such things despite their parent’s attitude, which was to squash it right away so they would not be afraid. As you know, that just makes things worse in many cases. My grandson, who saw the most, recently asked if he could read one of my books about spirits and I was very happy to give him a copy.

  17. ANNA LOTITO at - Reply

    Hi Blair….Your are an inspiration to many. My daughter Ida has seen spirits in my bedroom a few she said its a little girl with long black hair and a white dress and has her head down. She has experienced this twice. She also, hears people whisper her name in her ear from time to time or she feels someone following her up the stairs. She is 16 years old, she is not freaked out by this at all and embraces it. I was just wondering Blair, is this her spirit guide trying to tell her something? She actually senses things all the time. Brief story, last year during summer break she’d stay home and do nothing like most teenagers 🙂 but the one morning on July 30/2013 at 6:00 am she woke up and said mom can I go spend the day with grandpa and of course, I brought her because her connection with my dad is amazing she loves him more then life. Well, that day he went into CARDIAC ARREST in front of her and called 911 within minutes they were at my dads house, he wasn’t breathing so they had to use the difibulator. Needles to say that he survived and the DOCTORS/SPECIALIST told her that she saved his life that day. Also, for some reason when my dad was on lifesupport for a few weeks, she would say mom don’t worry grandpa will be fine trust me. Just wanted to share my story and thank you BLAIR for all you do.

    • Carmen Bowman at - Reply

      Hi Blair, I am 83 years old and my daughter (57) died 3 years ago under a very stress circumstances with her boyfriend and me, as I was not aloud to call her, though I did every day but no answer or allowed to call me. Could not allowed to see her, so even though my daughter and I were very, very close the end was.horrendous for me as I am sure for her. She died and I was called later about her death and was not allowed to be at her service if there was one. My son died in a tragic accident at age 27 and all I had for family was my daughter and my mom and she passed away leaving me all alone. I have to know through my daughter spirit why did this happened. I can’t sleep just trying to know why she let this happen. I can’t afford you as my Medium but if you can see her, and if you can communicate with her, please, please tell me. Her name Sherian Bertsche, I just list my mother at age 104 and I want to know if they are together. The above situation happened also with my mom who lived with me until her death. She died peacefully and beautifully. Please email me @ carmen.bowman@ PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I NEED TO KNOW. THANK YOU!!!

  18. marge smith at - Reply

    My father passed away in 2004. My grandson is 3 years old. My daughter has a charcoal picture drawn of him during the war, hanging on the wall. I was showing my grandson the picture of my father. He said he saw him in his room, and he gave him a kiss on his cheek, and that he is very nice. He wasn’t afraid, and in fact very happy about the whole incident, as well as I was. I was with my father every day till he passed. He promised me if he could come back he would, and we even have a code word to know it was him. I’m so happy he came to my grandson, and to know he is around!

  19. Cayce at - Reply

    Namaste Blair,

    I am just going to make a long story short….

    I have seen spirits far back as I can remember..I also knew that my mother was going to die and for a whole week, all I did was cry. My mother also had the gift. She also knew something was going to happened to her and that is why she argue with my father about getting life insurance. So he did and my mother died a tragic death. I was 6 yrs old and there was this entity who was a girl, she had long red hair and she wore a blue dress. She would be there to comfort me, her name is Rita. My grandmother who had to come to help dad, she would see how I was talking to what she seemed to think a “imaginary” friend. But Rita was real to me. I have always seen spirits around our home and at nights, I would hear pots and pan moving in the kitchen and I knew that it was my mother.

    Love and Light….Cayce

  20. marge smith at - Reply

    My father passed in 2004. Before my Dad passed he promised me that if he could come back he would. We even have a code word only known to him and I, so I would know it was him. My grandsons are 5 and 3. I love both my grandsons, but I have a special bond with the 3 year old. My daughter has a charcoal picture of my father, that was done during the war while he was stationed in England. My 3 year old grandson asked me one night who that was, and I explained that he is your great grandpa. He interrupted me with “He was in my room, and he gave me a kiss on my check, and he is very, very nice.” i explained that he had passed on and was in heaven, and that he was most likely dreaming, He got very mad, and insisted that he was in his room. Do I believe him? Yes, even though my grandson has never told me the code word, it wouldn’t be in his vocabulary anyhow, I am comforted in knowing my father, who I miss deeply, has chosen my little “mini-me” to visit.

  21. Mel at - Reply

    When I was 10 I saw my grandfather. It was a couple of weeks after he had passed and he came and said goodbye. He had a lady with him. I had never seen her before. Once I described her to my family I was told she was his first wife that had passed away over 30 years prior.

  22. Edi at - Reply

    My 2 year old grandson was so sensitive when he was born we had to put sage in the house to help him out. He wasn’t able to tell them to slow down or leave him alone. As he is growing his is getting better and doesn’t seemed so bothered.

  23. Bonny Chrystal at - Reply

    I just need to send you a big THANK YOU for all you do for all of us. I stayed up (it’s 2AM here) to view some of the email messages I have piled up, and have spent hours listening to you. Thank you for all you do.
    PS. Is there any chance you may come to NY?
    Bonny Chrystal

  24. melodie hill at - Reply

    My mother was from England. During the Vietnam war time my dad(in US Air Force) was stationed in England, met mmy mom married her, and brought her to the States. I never met any of mom’s relatives, nor did I ever get to talk to them on the phone as I was very little. My parents both passed when I was only 13, but my memories are as if it was only a year ago. Mom loved telling her friends( I later found out) about her father(also long deceased), and the conversations I had with him as a little girl. She would say that I would tell her stories about her growing up in England,that Pappy(my grandpa) would only know!! I described her to a T, and knew Pappy’s knick name for her. I told her about when she accidently caught on fire by the fireplace during WW2. She said I would sit with her a long time( whatever that is for a energetic 3 year old) and tell her thing even she had forgotten about!! For her it was magical, to know her beloved dad was seeing his grand daughter, that I could see him, and that he was still very much “alive”. I do have memories of my “Pappy”, and also talking to others no one else seemed to be able to see. I’m just glad I was able to make my mom happy, cause she missed her family so. I have a baby grand daughter now, I’m excited to see if she will be able to see and speak to my mom and dad!!!. Sending much Light and Love Always.

  25. Heidi falso at - Reply

    My 2 year old daughter started saying she saw a gohst last night and I blew it off thinking it was just her imagination but earlier to day she sat on my mother s good friends lap staring out the window when my mothers friend asked why was she looking at she said the gohst … I again blew it off but my mother asked her what the gohst was doing she said he going home and when asked where is his home she said home here him home …. She started trembling and said he’s cold mommy he is cold. I had not said any thing to my daughter yet and I went along by saying oh Yea. Why? She simply replied his boo boos hurt . I asked her where his booboo was and she said his belly mommy he says his belly hurts . when I asked her to tell me why she said she dono and that he was gonna go fishing and wants me feed the ducks with him … Now about six years before my father had passed away I was about six and had told my mother that she wasn’t gonna let my daddy go we then found out the fallowing day he was put in to a medicly indoused coma that he wouldn’t wake from every day I spoke to my father about my day and how I missed him and wanted to see him again. Hours before I was going to fly down to my father in the hospital I was crying on the phone with him singing you are my sun shine during the second verse the phone made a loud snaking noise in my ear and went dead I was terrified I had lost him but several hours later my step mother called me to tell me he was awake and had woken up whail on the phone with him my father told me that he was fishing with his mother and heard me crying and begging him to get well and he knew he couldn’t go yet … My father then passed away from hepitice c and serousis of the liver he chose to pass in his home I spent my last few months with my father the night he died he sat up out of his bed and said mom can we go fisshin and feed the ducks and began making the jesture to toss bread at ducks … My father died in 2009 I had my daughter in 2012 and my son in December of 2014 my son is only two months old….. And I recently moved back in to my mothers home. This is my first experience with these things … When I showed my little girl a photo of my dad she said gohst and pointed to the picture and giggled abd said he help mommy he help me he pick up brother and give hugs his hugs cold ….. She has never done this before . I am scared if I should cleanse my house just incase it is an evil spirit acting as my father to get to my baby’s or if my father has come to see my baby’s because he always wanted a grand son

  26. Catherine Delgado at - Reply

    When my son was 7 yrs old, about a year after the sudden death of my daughter (his best friend), we were both laying in my bed at 6am. He was staring at the ceiling, in the corner. He said, “Mom, our house is full!” We were in a small condo and had just bought new furniture, to furnish the house we were waiting to close on. I told him, because I thought he meant that we had TOO much furniture, that our condo was full of furniture for the new house. He pointed to the ceiling and said, ” You don’t see them?” Then I knew. He told me that his sister, my mom, my dad, grandparents were all here. I asked him how this made him feel. He told me he felt safe because they were here to watch over us. At that very moment I heard a Distinct loud whisper in my left ear saying, “Mom.” I turned to my son and said, “Yes?” He told me he didn’t say a word. We both just looked at each other and said my daughter’s name at the same time. It was a beautiful moment. Love and Peace

  27. Cindy Dale at - Reply

    My Grand daughter Goes up to the picture of my son (her uncle) and will blow kisses to him. She is only 3 but she tells us that he is in her closet. She refers to him as a “monster”. I only know that she wakes up after being asleep for about an hour crying and wants to be with her mommy and refuses to go in her room again alone. We have had to keep her tv on but sometimes that does not help. Lately she has been talking about another spirit in addition to the one in her closet that she says is all pink. She points to one corner of her room and says scary monster. I do believe she is seeing spirits.

  28. Julita Le Blanc at - Reply

    When my daughter was 4,we were watching tv, she got up and walk to the hallway and started speaking spanish, she could hardly talk english yet, when she was finish, she came back and lie beside me, her father ask her who she was talking to, she said an old man, he said he was going away, about 2 minutes after the phone rang and my mother in law told us her father had just pass away.

  29. susan MacDonald at - Reply

    My granddaughter started seeing my grandmother when she was about 2. She had never seen her before and kept saying she talked with grandma MacDonald. She was to young to even realize that was my last name. She tell me she lived far far away. Was very cool cause I’ve always felt her around me . She had never even met my granddaughters moma she wasn’t born till 4 yrs later. But one day she saw a picture of my grandmother and grandpa and there dog in picture. That’s how I knew it was her. She’s was almost 3 by then that’s when she told me that’s who comes to see her. So awesome!

  30. Toni at - Reply

    My granddaughter has really been talking about seeing dead people. Said they are in her closet. While riding in the car with her mom, she started yelling there was a man kneeling down, and told what kind of clothes he had on and he was bleeding, and he got dead, her word.. Of course there was nothing where she was pointing. She still tells this story and its always the same. She is three years old. I always encourage her to talk about this and the other grandmother, who is scared of her shadow, tells her ghost do not exist. So she is so confused. I really don’t know how to help her. She will just come out with stuff. She told her mom that grandpa came to see her and when shown a family picture picked him out.( He has been dead long before she came to us)
    We thought this was awesome. So children can communicate with their innocence.

  31. Debra Gouveia at - Reply

    I believe my son (who is now 20) when he was 2 we were staying with my grandmother while our home was being built. My son, would go into the back room and say he was going to play with the “green ghost”. He was never afraid. When we moved into our new home, he was looking out the window and saying “Nonno, look at the bunny”. When I asked who he was talking with he just looked surprised and said no one. My grandfather spoke with a broken Italian accent and my son sounded like him on several words. I was very close to my grandfather, and he passed before my son was born. Everyone thinks I am crazy when I tell this story.

  32. Anne 0. at - Reply

    Unfortunately, when I was younger, I was never one of those children who are lucky to be able to sense or see spirits. Even I would freak out from just a glimpse of a ‘ghost’. But so to say every one of us has had an experience even with the paranormal or spirits. So back in my childhood country, I was always the kid who was carefree and open, even I would play with imaginary friends (sorry no spirit interaction, just imaginations). It was during the time of the fresh age of 3 or 4 (when I could speak loud and clear) when strange things began to happen. I lived with both my parents, grandpa and two housemaids. (Lol ‘m not rich but in this country it was safe to assume to have housemaids to look after your children when you have to work for a living). Both my parents were unexpectedly working overnight so I was left with my grandpa and two housemaids. It was bedtime and I would often sleep in my parents room. As I got to prepare for bedtime and shift my sleeping position before closing my eyes, I suddenly felt a presence behind me in the big bed I was sleeping on. I shook it off and just fiddled with my hair waiting for my eyes to droop to sleep.

    A few minutes passed and I still felt a presence next to me until what felt like someone tapping on my shoulder. I freaked out but then remained calm and turned to see no on there. I still remember to this day and to me at that time it strikes as odd. So yes, children with the ability to see spirits are lucky while some react differently.

  33. Michelle carter at - Reply

    Hi. My granddaughter is now 5 yrs old and forever telling me she sees sparkly dust and white hair.she also says two angels talk to her good and bad but she only listens to the good one.she is very inteligent and just seems to know everything, sometimes without being taught. When she was just under 3 yrs old and sat in the back of my car, she said to me…. grandma do you know when I lived in heaven with my other mummy and daddy before they sent me here. Honestly I nearly crashed the car. After asking her more questions she said they were called sarah and john???? I don’t know a sarah and john!!! She went on to say sarah had silky hair and lovely skin and she misses them sometimes, but they told her she was going to another mummy and daddy. She wasn’t even at nursery school when she told me this. Is she psychic?

  34. Zack Gomez at - Reply

    Ones when I was about five me and my dad were laying on the couch in the living room with each other his head was on one side on the couch my head was on the other I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid thinking about the goosebump books at one point I went under the blanket out of fear when I looked out from under the blanket I seen this thing completely engulfed in flames it had big blue eyes as I screamed too the top of my loungs it slowly evaporated away what do you think this was about my fear are was it something else?

  35. Katie K. at - Reply

    My fiancee and I had our first child 2 months ago a baby girl named Lylah. His mother passed away 2 years ago before I could ever meet her. Ever since my daughter was born things would happen. While I was giving birth a nurse named Melissa came in to help coincidentally that is my fiancees mothers name. After we brought her home she always looked to were we have Melissa’s picture. However our daughter has also been “moving” at night. I use quotations because our daughter doesn’t roll yet and we wake up into the middle of the night and Lylah is on the opposite side of her play pen on top of the blanket. Last night however we were watching a movie in the living room while our daughter slept on our bed when we heard her cough. When we come to the room to check on her she was in a completely different spot with a blanket in her. I’m not to scared but I feel uneasy simply because I know she doesn’t move like that on her own. Could it be that her grandmother Melissa is holding her at night?

  36. Leslie at - Reply

    I used to speak with spirits when I was little and on up into my early pre-teen years. I met a gentlemen who stayed by my side and showed me the scene of his death and how it happened. Before he came to me, everyone thought he died of suicide, including my mom and siblings from her previous marriage. The gentlemen in question was their dad, her ex-husband. During all of this, the woman my mom’s ex-husband cheated on her with while he was alive, was terminally ill and on her death bed. Well, right before she passed, this gentlemen smiled at me and told me his time was coming and that he enjoyed my company. Days later, this woman passed away and he was gone. I never heard from him again. I told my mom everything and to this day we both know, especially me, what really happened and who killed him. Everyone else still knows it as suicide.

    My son, aged 7, has the same ability I did when I was little. My Peppy (grandmother and best friend) visits him often and he tells me of their talks. He has also had the honor of meeting Baby Isabella, the baby my brother and his wife had stillborn 2 months before I had my daughter. He tells me off the nice spirits, yet is frightened to sleep in his room. Looking back now, all the conversations he started about spirits, angels, Heaven, etc…. all make sense now, now that I know he has my ability that I had when I was little.

    I hate that I have lost my ability, or I just haven’t been paying attention, as I have been too busy working or too exhausted to notice, but I am glad my son is able to do so. Maybe if I clear my heart and mind, my loved ones will come back and talk to me as they used to.

  37. Cathy J at - Reply

    I have a 3 1/2 year old granddaughter who talks all the time about other lives she lived. One was a co-pilot( exact words) Even as to go as far as tell of dying by being kicked by a horse in the head. Now with a new sibling coming anyday, she is talking all the time and no one is in the room. If you ask her she will say “I am talking to the man or talking to the girl”. I think it is wonderful myself to have a gift of connection with lives of past, present and future. The subject spooks my daughter and my son in law just dismisses it.

  38. clemencia at - Reply

    My granddaughter saw a spirit of a baby sleeping next to me when I was asleep what does that mean

    • Nadia at - Reply

      Clemenica? Have you ever had an abortion or miscarriage? It could be the spirit of that baby.

  39. Angelia at - Reply

    My son is 3 years old. He came to me and said he seen a mommy and two baby’s and a daddy above the trees. I asked some questions. He said they were fishing and happy. But my son don’t know the loved ones that died before he was born. Does this mean something bad is going to happen to my son or one of us????

  40. YOLYANE at - Reply

    My daughter is 4 now but since 2 years old my daughter has been playing with her imaginary friends she calls them Neighbor. She explains that they are a man and a woman they live in heaven and they come out of the hole in the sky to play with her and tell her they love her. But other times she wakes up very scared in the middle of the night and says Neighbor hit her and that is so scary for me, because she is crying hysterically when i tell Neighbor to go away she says no because she loves them she just wants them to say sorry and they dont. She has told my mother and friend that their mother’s said hello from heaven she also told my friend that her mother would come back as Erica. I dont understand what any of this means. Is she seeing spirits or getting messages from them? Because other time she acts like Neighbor really is an imaginary friend where she tells me he is invisible and only she can see them and like when she told my friend her mother would come back as Erica 2 seconds afterward its like she never said that I asked her is Erica a baby and she said I dont know who Erica is mommy your so silly. So I would just like you oppion on what maybe happening.

  41. Peter at - Reply

    I was wondering how to help my son. He says he sees people that neither my wife or i see it is hard to tell hi. It is ok. I was wondering if there is other research i could do. I used to see similar things when I was younger I was what I thought was attacked but I was told it was sleep paralysis. I am starting to think my son actually sees things because some times I get the feeling g I used to get when I saw things the feeling of a presence. At time this is before he says he sees something. I just don’t want him to live with the fear I did. His only 4 and its hard to explain to him it is ok and not be afraid. I wish I could see what he sees like I used to so I could be more helpful to him. I feel something were we live like some one is watching me and he sees what I feel. Any help would be great.

  42. Angela at - Reply

    My son senses people around in our new rental house … my mom passed away last year and I have experienced paranormal experiences from the door bell ringing to , knocks at the door , to someone touching my hip and sitting on my bed …what really got to me was she had passed at 244am the door bell started ringing after that …. i miss her tremendously …She always worried about me because I am raising 2 autistic kids alone. ..

  43. Rachel at - Reply

    My daughter is 20 months old. Tonight we were in the back room in our motor home and she started pointing to the corner ceiling and saying “guy”. She was also afraid of our Dreamcatcher hanging from the ceiling . I took it down and asked her if she didn’t like it and she clinged to me super tight and was terrified. So I put it away. She was very frightened by the “guy” she kept seeing on the ceiling in the same place. And the Dreamcatcher. Do you have any idea what to make of this? I’m getting rid Of the Dreamcatcher cause it scares he sooo much. But she looked at the ceiling as if she was looking at me. What do you think of this? Thank you very much.

  44. Jessica at - Reply

    What questions do i ask my 3 yr old daughter who plays and talks to her deceased grandpa that shes never met he died when i was 15 im now 26… Iv never delt with this at all i need help she even crys for him i mean really crys real tears and all… She describes him to me almost perfect (in a 3 yr old way) i need advice on what to ask her or what i should do plz and thank you any advice would be awsome

  45. Halea Speer at - Reply

    When I was a little kid I connected with my deceased grandma and grandpa one time each. Then when I was 11 I dreamed that a neighborhood friend of mine was dead. 1 year later he died in a car accident on his way home from being with friends.I heard he was having a diabetic attack thst Ade him crash his CSR. So I am still unclear if it was the crash or from the attack of which he died from. I still wonder why god pickede to see this. He was standing in front of me smiling in my dream. In the dream I already knew he was passed due to a split second glance of a casket. And then another neighborhood friend passed away a few years later on the use road he wrecked on. This time it was a girl . She overcorre ted her CSR and hit a construction truck head on. My sister took her place at the local cinnabon in our mall a fewonths after her death. One night I called my sister thinking it was only 9 pm asking her to bring me a coke. I called and someone answered hello. The employees were not supposed to say hello while answering the phone. It was supposed to be thank you for calling cinnabon. So baffled, I asked who is this, and she said Stacey. The girl who I grew up with and worked there at the time of her death was named Stacey. I replied I’m sorry I got the wrong number .I hung up and I checked the number again and it WAS the right number. So I called back within se onds of hanging up and no answer. Come to my lack of looking at the clock it was 10:15pm of my first call. My sister pulled up seconds after the second phone call. She said she was already closed up for the night by 9:30. My friend was sitting there when I made the initial call so I know I’m not crazy.

  46. Savannah Ward at - Reply

    My niece is saying things that has come to my attention. My grandmother passed away 2 months before my niece was born. And the past year she has been saying names of pets that my grandma had and pets my grandma gave us that my family hasn’t had for years. The other day my mom had a picture of a German Shepherd same as what my grandma had and its name was coco. and my niece only over a year old pointed at the picture and said coco. Now today we were watching a movie and a calico cat came on and she said that’s calli. This was a name of a cat we had before I was born and I’m 19. This is starting to freak my mom out but I belive that some things are trying to communicate with us through my 2 year old niece.

    • Samantha T at - Reply

      I am dealing with a situation like this too, with my nephew. Just posted my post a few down from you.

  47. Veronica at - Reply

    My granddaughter is 8 years old and my daughter told me today that she has been seeing a shadow person.
    How are we suppose to deal with that
    Help please.

  48. Samantha T at - Reply

    I have a nephew who is 4 years old. My grandpa, who would have been my nephew’s great-grandpa, died 4 months before my nephew was born. My nephew (who is my brother’s son) all live in our grandparent’s old house. My grandpa died in that house. My nephew told my mom (his grandma) that he plays with Poppy (What we called him) and my mom asked if she could play with him too and my nephew said no because he is dead. But he also will point out hats in a store that my Poppy would wear. And remember, my nephew wasn’t even born yet when Poppy died, so he has never met him. Do you think it is Poppy’s ghost there?

  49. Stacy at - Reply

    Hi.I am having issues with my 4yr old grandson.first he saw a lil boy in his closet which proceeded into rest of house they were fighting over his pullups and then halloween candy this spirit started getting mean and sumwat physical with my daughter and her boyfriend but to my grandson it was a new spirit which he called “him” and this one terrified him So much so we tried to have the spirits drawn out but was to many and too strong for the 3preachers that tried they decided it was best to move…all was gud for bout year..near thanksgiving my gson told his MOM there was a nice lady in his closet which talked to him then told him she had to go n said bye…3days later there’s a monster in his bed with a monster book bag and he’s sleeping on his pillow…this one scares him He will not go near his room!! My G-son has been dedicated to GOD and they attend church every Sunday the only thing that KINDA calms him down is telling him JESUS is right beside him….how can I help my G-son ????

  50. Tangie fry at - Reply

    Thankyou for the information! My son who is nine now has been seeing spirits for about five years ! Do you know what a small animal like thing is that he is seeing that the only thing that scares him bad?

  51. Pamela Biase at - Reply

    My grandson just told me he saw “foggy people” watching us sleep one night. When I ask him about the “foggy people” he said “they are human like me and you but don’t walk like us”. He said he only seen them the one night. He also talked a little about “shadow people” but didn’t go into details. He said he mostly only sees their face. What do you think? He just turned 5 in August.

  52. Gina at - Reply

    My daughter who is 8 has said since she was 2 or 3 said she sees spirits or ghosts. Each time she says she sees them I ask her how they look like, and she describes them. Each time they are a different type. Theres been a few times where its been the same one. Is there anyone I should take her to see or talk to more about this.

  53. Amanda at - Reply

    We’ve been living with my parents for about 2 years. There has been lots of silly activity there. We are pretty sure it’s an old man that likes to just play tricks. Well one night my dad was walking down the stairs to the basement and my 3 year old tells “Alex you can’t go down there, you will fall”. My dad half way down the stairs looks back up at my son and is very confused. About 2 months later we got our own place and my 3 year old talks about and too this Alex thing everyday, he says it’s his best friend, he will tell you it’s an old man, he’s tall, he doesn’t like being around a lot of people. We have had some silly activity go on at the new place but it may just be things we do and not realize at first. But I’m just not sure if this is really some spirit or just an imaginary friend. We don’t tell him it’s wrong or it’s fake, we encourage him to talk about his friend we like to learn about him.

  54. Brenda Posival at - Reply

    My 6 year old granddaughter has always been able to see, talk, and connect with her grandfather. He died 3 years before she was born. She talk about him all the time and what they talk about and I think that is great. However, my granddaughter came home crying from ball practice wanting to know why her Papa Paul doesn’t come to see her anymore and she misses him. I don’t know how to explain this to her. Can you help? She was the first grandchild of ours and she was a girl. We raised 2 boys. She is definitely the apple of her grandfather’s eye.

  55. Lynette at - Reply

    My six year old son has the ability to talk to spirits. He has told me several times that he hears his great grandparents, my mother, God, and Jesus talk to him. I am not sure what to make of this. I believe him, and at the same time, it is a bit scary for me. If he has the ability to talk to good spirits, would evil spirits try to talk to him as well?

  56. Ashley Nickell at - Reply

    Hello, my name is Ashley. I have a 23 month old son, who for the last couple months or so has shown signs that there is another being in the room. He will suddenly point near the window in our kitchen and say “doggie” and/or “pet”.. Or he will just wave to that certain area and say hello or hi while waving quickly. Is he seeing people or pets that were special to us and are no longer with us? The window is quite a bit taller than he is since he is just about 33 inches tall or so or I’d say maybe its his reflection and we live behind a building near that window anyways so there aren’t any neighbors or animals near us. My husband and I are pretty curious and really wonder what it is that he sees. We have 2 deceased dogs as well as some family members. Thank you for any reply in advance. I look forward to speaking with you. Have a nice day. ☺

  57. Jet at - Reply

    I need help. My son is 11. In the last few months his attitude has changed. He is unhappy, lacking sleep, irrirable. He tells me nothing is wrong.. well the other day his little sister tells me he has seen a ghost. She is a little girl that stands in doorways. When he looks up she is just there looking at him. He won’t tell me anything else and now when I ask he says it’s no big deal, it’s nothing. I’m worried about him and I don’t know what to do. He is changing.

  58. Robin Gustafson at - Reply

    We lost our son about 4 years ago he was 28 years old and sadly committed suicide. Our family is very close and this was devastating. We have been blessed with a new Grandson who is now 18 months old. On several occasions he points up to the ceiling and says my sons name. He also looks into mirrors and says his name. He has been doing this since about the age of 10 months. I have 3 large pictures in my house of all three of my kids and I have always told him his uncle’s name when pointing to the pictures when he was learning to talk. He is not old enough to ask where he is yet so when he randomly just points up and says his name its pretty remarkable and gives us great validation that there is life after death. I have also lost my first little girl with a heart condition and when my son was 9 years old he came flying of the steps in our house and said mommy there is a little girl in your bedroom and described her. He was white as a ghost and I said its ok maybe its Amber the little girl I lost. 19 years later my son came to stay with us when he was troubled and came down the stairs one morning before work and said your never going to believe who I saw last night. I said who did you run into and he said I saw that same little girl I saw when I was a little boy. I was shocked! I now wonder if that little girl was my daughter and if she was coming to familiarize herself with him because we lost him 6 months later.

  59. Alana Stevens at - Reply

    My daughter is 12. For the last 2 years she has talked about my grandmother, her great grandmother coming to her at night. She describes the visits in vivid detail and says she really enjoys her visits… at first I was not sure what to make of it, but now I think she really is experiencing something meaningful.

  60. shirley at - Reply

    hi my grandson is 3 1/2 years old and hes been seening a green man coming out wall he so scaried how help him my email add if youcan help can give any ieada

  61. shirley at - Reply

    hi my grandson is 3 1/2 years old and hes been seening a green man coming out wall he so scaried how help him my if youcan help can give any ieada

    • Rebecca at - Reply

      Shirley, my 3 yr. old grandson also sees a man, but he is a “blue” man. He has seen him a couple of times before at night time and has woke up crying and almost unconsolable to where he had to go downstairs to sleep with his mommy and Daddy to calm down. A couple of months ago after such an episode I was visiting and told him if he saw him and he was scared and didn’t want him there to tell him, “go away, I don’t want you here!”. We did not know if he dreamed him or what but he said the blue man woke him up? So, this evening my daughter texted me to say he saw the blue man again only this time we know he wasn’t sleeping. He had just had his bath and put his pajamas on then went to his room to play a bit while his Mommy rocked his baby sister to sleep in her room. He ran to tell his Mom the blue man was in his room playing with his trucks and cars. He said he told him to go away and he did, out the window! The window had not been unlocked or opened? In any case, it worked so you might tell your little one to do the same. This time he seemed to not be frightened – even a little empowered. Just 2 weeks ago he was visiting me and started talking about his Grandma & Grandpa that was at his house and he loved them very much! He calls his Paternal Grandparents PaPa and Yay Yay and he calls us – his maternal Grandparents Grammy & Gramps and his living Great Grandma GiGi! I asked him if he meant any of us and he was adamant they were Grandma & Grandpa! The year he was born both his paternal Great Grandma’s had passed before he was born and the yr. before that his Great Great Aunt who was extremely bonded to his Daddy. All Great Grandpa’s passed years earlier. Since he was born you could see orbs around him when you took photos of him and as a baby he would stare off and smile at that which no one could see. I am empathic and sensitive, as is my mother, and as was my grandmother and we believe my great grandmother. Mother has actually seen spirit, I sense them and have spirit visit visitations in my sleep but do not see them. I have always suppressed my abilities out of fear and only in recent years are becoming more comfortable with it. To my knowledge my children do not share the ability although my daughter did see a spirit once as a teen. The thought frightens her too much. Now we are thinking more and more her little son may have a gift. He has always seemed like an old soul in a baby’s body and far more verbal and imaginative than most children his age which are both good indications. I would suggest you just don’t tell your little one you don’t believe him/her. It will just frustrate a small child, and have him try telling the green man to leave or go away. Good luck.

  62. Dakota Welch at - Reply

    My son is autistic, and five years old. He has been waking up screaming and crying and not able to communicate what is wrong. He has always had sleeping issues in his room. Naturally, I always suspected it was related to his autism. But we have lived in this home for almost six years now. I do not believe his sleep patterns are connected to regular problems. We have had toys move by themselves, knocking on the walls, and foot steps going throughout the home. We need help. The activity has increased a lot in the last few months. My son is at the point where he only sleeps an hour or two in his room, then wakes up crying and shaking. Please help us.

    • Pj at - Reply

      Hi Dakota,
      Have your son’s sleeping problems improved since?
      Does he stares at nothing and eyes follow something that is not here and cries?

  63. diana at - Reply

    its nice to read all this but im kind of scared as i was picking my 4 month old baby up from the babysitter in the lobby all of the sudden he screamed from the top of his lungs and stared to side of where i was and nothing was there he cried and screamed so much i was was like if he was looking at something…

  64. Star Ruiz at - Reply

    I will make this pretty short and simple. We moved into the house were purchasing about 5 years ago, prior to this we rented a house in a town an hour away. At the time my oldest was 12 and she experienced something which I thought was pretty scary . She woke up crying , literately yelling and said there was a lady with white long hair and dressed in white as well standing in the entrance of her room by the door. So that was an incident, the second time we moved to the house were currently living in and it happened again, she saw the same lady in her room. So now the last time was last night, she went to my bed and stated she not only dreamed about her, but also woke up and saw her. I am not to sure how to help her . Please advice

  65. Tedra at - Reply

    The other morning while I was in the bathroom combing my hair, my two year old was coughing while standing in her crib and I heard a voice saying “are you alright ” and it sounded like my deceased brother who passed away 3 weeks ago. There was no one else in our room.

  66. Amanda at - Reply

    We took my son to meet his Grandma for the first time. She had passed just weeks before my husband and I got married so he has seen pictures of her and knows it is Daddy’s mommy. He’s almost 2 and just learning to talk. We took him to the cemetery where she is buried and within the first minute of being at her gravesite, he screamed and laughed and said grandma for the very first time!!!! Then he just jabbered away and stood on her head stone and said “up” and lifted his arms like he does when he wants to be picked up. I was absolutely blown away but not surprised. I know without a doubt she was there!!!

  67. Renee Coder at - Reply

    I had multiple miscarriages before I was able to have my son. My son is now two and has been randomly telling me, “my sister died.” My babysitter told me he has been telling her how he plays with his sister in his room sometimes. When she corrected him and said you don’t have a sister he became upset. She asked him what she looked like and he said, “like me but a girl.” I was only like seven weeks along during my miscarriages. He also has been waking up crying saying his sister came through his wall and it scared him. Could a spirit at seven weeks come back as a little girl? Am I crazy for thinking this is real? I’ve never felt like a spirit is around and I’m very open minded.

  68. Thomas at - Reply

    For the past year my little girl is scared of a guy dressed in all black that runs at her and laughs in her face before telling her he his going to kill her.
    We where at a school trip and all the teens where playing with her and she was happy and laughing before she would stop and just stand there crying yelling to tell him not to kill her.
    It is random and we thought something might be making her thinking this but for a 3 year old to stop in middle of the town yelling with her eyes closed and ears covered “please don’t kill me, me not bad” is scaring alot of people.
    Any help would be greatful.

  69. Kim at - Reply

    My 3 year has seen a friend of mine that died when we were kids he is also named after him he was giggling and talking to someone and i asked him who he was talking to and he said your friend russel mommy and a few weeks ago my youngest she’s 16 months and picks up on words fast and was giggling and jabbering in the play room and i heard her say debbie and giggle some more which caught me off gaurd cause my great aunt debbie died before my daughter was born and we hadnt talked about around her

  70. Marie Solomon at - Reply

    My 16 year old daughter sees her uncle who died when she was 3 not sure if it was suicide or murder. But he is covered in blood. She not know what he wants he dont speak. Now she believes she need to find out what really happened. What do i do?

  71. Raquel at - Reply

    I believe my 3 year old sees spirits the first time I noticed it was maybe 6 months ago she was taking a bath I heard her say stop doing that stop poking me so I asked her who she was talking to I couldn’t understand her all I know the name started with a O ever since then I hear her talking to someone I know for sure the one spirit that comes is her cousin who was murdered exactly 2 months before I had her cause there are times she talking I’ll ask who she talking to n she say his name and just a couple of weeks ago my niece had tried to commit suicide and was in a coma I had drop my husband off at the hospital so he can visit her my daughter was asleep at the time when we hit home she ask where daddy at I told her he went to visit her cousin she looks at me and say Sissy died I told no she didn’t and she said it again Sissy died then I found out couple days later they said yes they lost her a couple of times the next day we went to visit her we were tgere maybe 15 minutes when my daughter said Mommy let’s get out of here she kept looking up I ask what are u looking at she said the boys n ask me again to get out of here my husband video her telling to say I love you aunt Marilyn n then I love you Tito she looks down the hall she has a dirty look on her face who ever it was she told them to shut up and then says Tito said to shut your mouth there is also a time when she told me Tito was at her aunt’s house holding a baby so I asked what the baby name she says baby estrada so I’m assuming it’s the baby I lost 2years before I got pregnant with her n tells me she talking to her sister I asked what your sister name she says Aaliyah the name I was going to name the baby I lost then today around 5 she starts getting up set n mad I once again ask what is wrong she says the boys won’t leave alone are there bad spirits too

  72. AMARIE Lopez at - Reply

    My 19 yrs old autistic son (high functioning) saw last night a woman staring at him at the end of his bed. When he turned the light on she disappeared. More strange when he called us we found his book bag in the floor all wet and there was no cup or water bottle near it.
    What does this mean?? Thanks

  73. Shawnta Cain at - Reply

    My father died almost a year ago, my son was 3 at the time, he had only met my father one time right before he turned 3. I didn’t speak to my dad at the time due to our stubbornness to completely forgive each other from the past. I never called my dad, spoke about him or anything, matter affect the only reason he met my dad was cause I went to Ohio to visit my mom. My parents are divorced, but very much still best of friends and still loved each other very much, after my dad died I heard he had told my family that he was going to be with my mother again. So my mom set us up to go to his house, and to lunch. Derrick my son didn’t pay much attention to my dad, we got one photo that’s it… Anyway after my dad died and his body had been cremation, my mother brought my dad to me a few months later. Once he started talking about my dad. My father died on his birthday, last year, sad messed up situation. My dad was a body builder, boxer, 3rd degree black belt, huge 6’3 man. He loved fishing and women unfortunately. None of this is things my son could or would no. So he started telling me he was play fighting my dad and my dad let Derrick hit him, and my dad fell back and said that it was ok, he liked playing with him. I asked where he was at that time, he said that papaw mark was going to check on his girlfriend, he would be back. Then this has continued since just diff things, papaw mark is fishing outside, I live on the bay. He came to me one night and said papaw mark said that he wanted me to know that he loved me, his sissy, his daddy, him, and mamaw. It got quiet for a while, I was on meds that made me numb, so I didn’t show much emotion. Over the past weekend though I got off my meds to switch to something different, it was to risky and no docs would do it so I did it on my own, to say it was bad, is an understatement. I had to stay at hotel so I didn’t scare my children. Since last weekend alot of emotions are hitting me and I’ve been crying ALOT. I was outside and my son came out and looked towards the driveway, shook his head turned to me and said papaw mark said no cry no crying. My dad didn’t like emotions, it was weak to cry. And my son moved his hands just like my father would have. My husband thinks this is my son’s imagination and creativity. I want to believe he is here I need him to know I love him and wish things would have been different. He sometimes runs in screaming ghost I live near a cemetery, and he said he scared of them, I assume it might be my grandpa, or my husband’s mother watching as well, which he didn’t no either of them ever so would naturally not trust them. Idk what to do…

  74. JuliAna at - Reply

    Another episode happened with my 4 year old . . . This has been happenin for 2 years now. First, it was my step dad. My son at 2 started talking about papa which he had never met and said “papa is an dentist”. Something he would never know. I finally had to pull out pictures and asked him if papa was in any of these pictures he pointed to my step dad. So after 2 years he stI’ll talks about papa. Well today it was my father who had passed away over 30 years ago. I have never spoke of him to my son. He said his name was junior. My father was a junior and it stated that he doesn’t talk to him much cuz he had no legs and hurt his head. My father was in abandoned horrible pedestrian car accident which amputated his legs and severe brain damage. How would my son know this? My question is it common for multiple spirit’s to come through to my 4 year old son? And why?

  75. Tabitha at - Reply

    Both my daughters 7 an 4 which are very bright lil girls and are very well aware of spirits as we teuly believe in them for many reasons that i will not explain here.
    Tonight as they both were preparing to get their pj’s seen a spirit very clearly but the sex was not mentioned of the spirit. My 7 yr old did freak out due to the fact this one had a cut on its throat. Which has me concerned an puzzled. We have never known nor do we have family nor friends that had been passed on in no such manner.. what is your advice.

  76. Elsie Turia at - Reply

    I’d like to share my experience ofvour grand daughter’s birth. My daughter wanted to share her first child’s birth with me. Korzayais 3weeks old.
    At first the midwife sent us home saying baby may take a while to arrive. So we prepared to go home. Immediately my daughter went cold and shivered so much we had to put the heater on. We live in Queensland Australia. It was so bad her bedroom was like ice. Once my daughter was having 3 minute contractions we went back to the hospital.
    Every time my daughter had a contraction the light above us flickered. At first we just ignored it but it became more noticeable that the midwife turned the lights out. But when a cushion in the far corner of the room flipped that to me was enough. I got up from the cornrr of the room and listened to the nurse and started to realise my grand daughter’s head wasn’t positioned right.
    I began to tell the trainee midwife to check my gran daughter’s heart beat everytime my daughterchad a contraction. My daughter was 9 cms dialated and wanted to push so desperately But she wasn’t allowed to until Korzayas head had turned correctly. This took hours of persuasion and both her partner and I had to grab all opportunities to give my daughter the strength to manipulate babies head around without baby being stuck in the birth canal. I truly believe her great grand parents (deceased) were present. From 12am till 5.44am and Korzaya arrived. I do believe she has her nannys and poppas with her.
    Korzaya dreams alot and smiles alot when sleeping.

  77. katie at - Reply

    my father in law recently passed 8th sept 2016, my daughter has since told of several dreams/ visits from Grandad.
    First been him been accompanied by my grandad and my husbands she named and described there exact manorisums and things they’d say. At the end of telling me about it she also added “oh and there was peter to your other grandad”. My daughter is 3 and my grandad peter passed when my dad was 18 long before I was born so I’ve never really mentioned him to her certainly never told her his name??!! No one has!
    Then the other day she came through to our room during the night which she never does and it was very strange but half asleep we just got her duvet and she slept on our floor. The next morning she informed us of how grandad had come to see her again and that he loved us and missed us and was sad to be in heaven because he missed us, she then continued to say he followed her through to our room give me and her dad a cuddle then her then floated off to see her brother and give him a cuddle. She described him as having a see through bum and arms and she said she came through cause she got scared and she thought grandad was a ghost.
    Later in the day my husband asked her about it and we got on to what he looked like……she placed her hands on her chest (just like her grandads were in the funeral home) and said he had a red flower here and pointed to between her hands.
    She never saw him once he had passed nor did she know my mother in law had place a single red rose in his hands that were placed across his chest.

  78. Mica henderson at - Reply

    My 17 ur old son has been seeing a male ghost for over 2 yrs now. He can describe what the guy looks like and everything. My son also says my youngest son who is 14 also has a ghost that is a female. My boyfriend saw a figure in my room this past Saturday night, while I was in the bath tub. He described a make that seemed similar to what my oldest has been seeing so I asked my oldest to describe his “friend” when my bf started describing what he saw it was not my sons ghost friend. I haven’t ever seen anything or heard anything but all the males in my house have. I am really curious about ghosts and stuff and just curious if there could be a reason why they won’t show themselves to me. My sons’ ghosts only seem to come around if my oldest is stressed or worried or scared of something. It’s starting to bother me that I haven’t seen anything yet. Lol

  79. Pauline Moxley at - Reply

    My grandmother could see. My mom see. All my grandaughters and daughter see and hear spirits.. I cam feel and hear them.

  80. Susan Jones at - Reply

    My son passed away in Oct. 2014. He was only 26, and was the youngest of our six. And always the one to get a laugh out of people, and truly doted on his nieces and nephews. When he died, his little nephew (my grandson) Adrian was only 22 months old. Barely talking, but adored his Uncle Ian. He started doing things like giggling and pointing at the corner of the room a lot, or saying “Ian funny!” or “Ian peek a boo!”

    His older brother who is now 10 also told us, about a year ago, that he had seen Ian in our house. Kind of hazy and transparent, but in the hallway. Ian often played Nerf guns with Alex, so Alex said to this image “Wanna play?” And reported that Ian said “yes” in a voice that sounded like when you talk underwater. <3

  81. lynn at - Reply

    Since the passing of my husband almst three yrs ago, my youngest granddaughter hs always told me that her Grampy smiles, blows kisses to her from the clouds and tells her how much he loves her. She has recently told us and her teacher thst the one place that makes her happy is her grandfaters grave. It warms my heart as his last night with them was a surprise, he loved all three so much, but Sam and Sicily had a different bond maybe the baby syndrome but it was special. He died that night a hour and a half after saying good nght in our basement.

  82. Janelle at - Reply

    I was 12 or 13 and visiting family out of the state. I had a “dream” I saw my cat dying, with patches of hair missing and a worm coming out of him. The next thing I saw was the cat restored to health, resting on a rock and looking beautiful, in a warm light. When I got home from my visit I found out my cat had eaten poison and died.

  83. Alexis at - Reply

    Why can I not see them. As a child I would talk to my dead grandfather. But I can’t anymore.

  84. Eve at - Reply

    My grandson has seen spirit since young.he is seeing shadow people this year and he said it chased him.he came to stay and has been here 4 weeks and last night slept in other small room.he told me he saw a man figure with hunchback and shoulder length hair standing in doorway. He is very distressed about it. I have cleansed house put salt in doorways . How can I help him he is 14 years frightens him

  85. Susan Jones at - Reply

    Yes, indeed… my son was 26 when he passed, in Oct 2014. My daughter and her two young sons, and my son, all lived with us at the time. In the months following Ian’s death, my grandson Adrian (who was 22 months in Oct 2014) kept doing things that proved to us that he was seeing his uncle. He would laugh and point at the corner of the room, and say “EEE funny!” Or he’d say “Uncle EEE peek a boo!” This happened quite frequently. And, even now, as he’s just turned 4, he is still talking about him with such familiarity, as though he has been with him all along. This from a toddler who could barely talk at the time he lost his uncle. We know Ian is with us all the time, because the rest of us get signs on a regular basis. Love really IS forever. <3

  86. Sue at - Reply

    When my grandson Connor was three, he told my daughter that he had a sister but she lives in heaven. This child was not aware that my daughter had lost a baby early on and she was unaware of the sex of that child.

  87. Sal Hammond at - Reply

    When I, and my very young children lived in the UK, (way back in 1970’s), we got a small terraced house and along with it we got a spirit called Katy. Katy would visit with my Son, who was less than 2 yrs. old, in his bedroom in the evenings, and I would hear him conversing with her, it set the hairs on my neck rising. Naturally I could not hear her but it was obvious he was talking with someone. When asked, he told me she was ‘a lady’ and her name was Katy.
    We had no relatives or friends of that name, he had never heard that name before. When I inquired of the neighbours if they knew of this Katy, they informed me that a woman had lived in our house who loved kids and fostered them, but she had fallen down the stairs one day and died… her name was Katy.
    When we were making plans to move to Canada and had our house up for sale, I literally felt her trying to turn me over (pulling at my shoulder), when I was in bed. She woke me up! My husband saw her disappearing through the wardrobe and wall to go into my Son’s room. I don’t think she wanted us to leave.
    My eldest daughter has seen many spirits throughout her life.

  88. Nancy Kilby at - Reply

    I was sleeping pretty hard after a long week of hardly any rest working and taking care of my young kids needs cleaning and meals etc. But I woke up to see a older lady bending over my youngest son, it didn’t scare me and she was dressed ain a white lace dress. she just looked curious like a Mother checking in on a sleeping baby. I was touched and thought many times after this that it was my Parental GrandMother whom I had never met because she passed before I was born. I did see pics of her and not totally sure by them but I felt safe and secure knowing she cared enough to check in. 🙂 Of course she was gone after a few moments but I welcome the thought anytime she wants to come.

    • Nancy Kilby at - Reply

      I mean Paternal. lol not parental. 🙂

  89. Shelby at - Reply

    My nephew was killed when he was 19 years old. At the funeral our friends Little girl asked her mom who was the man standing by the box and waving to her. She was referring to the casket, and there was no one standing next to it.
    This was after the service but before the burial.
    It gave me comfort knowing he was aware of all that were there to say goodbye to him.

  90. Rhonda at - Reply

    My son see his grandma he never met,15 years between his birth and her passing. But she tell him he is the worst Draven ever.Which would never say, Ever. But I believe their is a child spirit involved as well. Who may be mean. I encourage him to talk to grandma, To tell the child to leave him alone. Should I sage my home and wish it gone, Or Do I leave it be. He knew things about my mother he would have never known unless she was with him. Help?????????????

  91. Fran jackson at - Reply

    My mum died last july and for the past few months my little girl has been terrified of being upstairs alone because she says “ma ma”(her name for my mum)is there in her room.
    Its pretty scary as she keeps saying she has seen my mum in her dreams but shes been “chopped up”.
    My little girl is distraught.shes so scared she wont even go upstairs to the loo alone and has even started peeing on my stairs carpet so she doesnt have to go upstairs.
    She isnt sleeping very well due to it all and has started being naughty at school due to tiredness.
    I have told her that grandma is in heaven and wont hurt her but she wont have it.she genuinely is petrified and its got the whole family worried for her.

  92. Kathy at - Reply

    Hi Blair, Love this Ghost Story. Thanks. When my 2 year old great-granddaughter was a newborn her father came to tell me that my late husband had come to him in a dream and told him that he is looking over the baby and is her “angel”. It was so real that my grandson-in-law was convinced. He and my granddaughter have since been honoring my husband’s German heritage with Sophia. She uses Oma and Papa to denote her grandparents and is a happy, loving child. We have many pictures of my husband with his grandchildren crawling all over him. He delighted in them and the little ones in the neighborhood. I am sure he looks after all of us. LOVE NEVER DIES.

  93. Emma at - Reply

    What does it mean when grandkids say they see there dead grndma in the room

  94. TINA MALLEY at - Reply

    My little granddaughter lives with me and quite frequently she will turn around and talk to someone in space as I call it. I was in the living room one day and she came running in there from the den where she had been playing happy as a lark. I ask her why she was so happy and she told me “I have been playing with my friend”. “He looks just like me and his name is Joy”. Cora was born with a twin brother,(Joy Lee) who passed away from SIDS when they were 3 months old. One day she came to the kitchen and she was mad. I ask her why she was so mad and she told me “Joy brought a friend with him to play”. “I don’t want him to bring any friends with him, he’s mine”. A month ago she had two cousins burn up in a house fire. These were on her fathers side so we didn’t know about it until the following day. On the day of the fire she kept coming and telling us that she had two cousins with Joy now. We kept telling her that no she didn’t and she was insistent that “yes, I do”. I encourage her to visit with the spirits and have fun with them. Cora is 3 years old and I hope she keeps this gift.

  95. Lisa at - Reply

    A few days after my moms memorial my 9yr old woke frightened. He said he kept seeing hands trying to touch him. I knew it was my mom

  96. Garry Johnston at - Reply

    My 4 year old son keeps saying he was in a car crash with mum, dad and his sister and we all died, but he doesnt have a sister only a big brother does this mean anything? Can any one help me?

  97. Rachel at - Reply

    My son is 6 and his hands were “stinging” and felt like they were in “hot lava.” After a trip to the ER with nothing physically wrong, I asked him about it this morning. He had no recollection of his hands burning or going to the ER last night. He’s told me that ghosts are in his room but don’t talk to him. Except a few months ago when that ghost told him that the ghost will kill his mommy. What can you tell me about possession?

  98. Joann at - Reply

    My daughter was in labor and said my mother who has passed told her to tell me to “stop it” and agustavastava …whatever that means. I have tried to look this word up but cannot find any meaning. This was a very hard labor and delivery… what is my mother trying to tell us ?

  99. Tiffany at - Reply

    My son woke me out my sleep and said the black man woke him up. So I said what .yeah mommy he touch my face and woke me up mommy .my son is 5yrs of age this the 4 time he told me about someone waking him up .and when I tell him it’s a dream he tell it wasn’t so am think if there is something in my house cause my 3yr old daughter always telling someone to stop touching her in her sleep am so worried at this time can’t sleep wake up to see if my kids are OK in there rooms

    • Rebecca at - Reply

      Tiffany, my 3 yr. old grandson also says a “Blue Man” woke him up. 3 times in past 6 months the last of which was 2 days ago while he was awake with lights on before bed time! I had never heard of spirits of color (their skin, not a color haze) so I’ve been doing some research and read elementals or non human spirits can have various color skin and black is one of them? Fairies, gnomes, elves, etc. and all earth/nature beings thought to be mythological fall into the category of elementals. I don’t know if this is what your son sees or if he is seeing an African American human spirits but thought I would share. This is totally new to me and I am a little concerned my grandson is seeing a “small Blue Man”. Human spirits are a little easier to accept in my mind. I would like to hear from anyone that might have any info that would help ease my fears of him seeing a negative entity. I wrote a blog answer to “Shirley” a little ways back in this blog with some history. If anyone knows anything about the “Blue Man” please reply.

  100. Diane at - Reply

    When my daughter was very young about 2 years old, she saw “light balls” as she called them in the corner of her room near the ceiling. Every night. There were 3 of them.I asked her once if they spoke to her and she yes, but all they say is that everything’s going to be alright. She had severe asthma as a child and could have an attack in mere seconds. One night I was awoken by a bright ball of light zooming super fast around my room. I knew to go check on her immediately and thank goodness we lived a 5 minute drive to the ER. She was already turning blue. If her “light balls” hadnt woke me, I hate to think what could have happened.

  101. My son passed away suddenly over 6 months ago and my granddaughter who is 4 keeps having dreams and visions of him they were very close she often writes him nots and posts them on his bedroom walls she started putting her fingers in her ears while driving and my daughter ask her Lala what are you doing she says trying to hear uncle Rob music is too loud and he’s talking to me she says what is he saying she reply he said I miss you too baby don’t worry uncle Andy will take care of you she also says she has bad dreams but when she tells you what the dream was it’s super nice things about the family I have no doubt he’s talking through her some of the things she says has to of come from him I’m so happy she tells Grammy n mommy of her drams missing him is sad but love ❤️ that he talks to us through her I believe she is 4 and can’t possibly know some of the things she says without it coming from my Son

  102. Cathy Herod at - Reply

    My husband passed a year ago. He was extremely close to our six year old grandson.
    Reid told me that papa was an angel now and hugs him in his bed. I begged and begged my husband to get me a message that he still loved me because of how he died. I cried and cried for months begging and begging for him to tell me he still loved me. One day I was with Reid the grandson and I asked him if he ever saw papa and he said yes. I asked him where and he said in my dreams. I then asked him if papa ever talks to him and he immediately said without hesitation “yes, papa wanted me to tell you he still loves you”. I damn near fell over, I started to cry and poor Reid got upset thinking he made me cry and I told him they were very very happy tears.

  103. Sherry Pylant at - Reply

    My husband David passed may 28,2016…I have 6 grandkids but the 3yr old sees her pawpaw Everytime moon is out and in her room..She talks to him but has never told about their talks until a wk ago when she told me paw paw loves you nanny and is waiting for you in heaven…She told him I loved him but couldn’t come right now because she needed me….She points him out when she sees him by the moon but only she sees him

  104. charmaine therrien at - Reply

    Very interested in hearing what you have to say. Thank you Blair 🙂

  105. Nancy at - Reply

    absolutely kids see spirits. my daughter, when she was may be 3, told me my great grandmother told her that she was not in pain anymore and she was happy. she only saw her great great grandmother once when she was like a month old – it was the day she was baptized !!!!! love never dies.

  106. My 5 year old granddaughter has always been spooked by a tall black women that “Visits” her at all times of the day. My daughter has been taking her a therapist to see if she can get help, they have tried many different medications to get the “manic episodes” under control. With no luck in either therapy and medications we are trying to understand more of what she is dealing with. She has often screamed in terror in the middle of the night, ran from one end of the room to the other and hid under the furniture because someone was in the other corner watching her. She also talks to herself making no sense at all. She sometimes yells “leave me alone!” when no one was even talking to her. My granddaughter was an infant my daughter would often call with strange things that happened in the apartment. Lamps would be nocked over, kitchen lights would flicker and many different (Strange) things. We are so desperate to find the right help for her. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Bethany at - Reply

      I may be a child but a few things worked for me. Have you tried saying prayers before bed time?

  107. Kristina at - Reply

    This is more a question than a comment I suppose. My daughter says she sees ghosts and she is afraid of them. She will not sleep in her room because that is where they are.

    Sometimes she’ll be talking to me and whisper to her side “go away”. She says someone is talking to her and it scares her. She says it is a ghost.

    My mother recently told me that when my grandfather passed away six years ago, my aunt ( Who is now also deceased) had a circle of everyone joining hands in the living room and each person said something to release him such as “it is OK to go” etc. They joined hands in celebration of life and love, that was the intention.

    My mother also told me that when I arrived, my grandfather had just passed and my mother took my three week old daughter and put her on his chest and in her mind “willed” some of his spirit into her, with the intention of passing along some of his spirit to her, so we could live on, in her, where she would never know him in life.

    Where the “intention” was positive, is there any risk to my child? I know that intention is a powerful thing and her tensions were good but I worry about what kind of things could’ve manifest.

  108. Shari at - Reply

    My 25 year old daughter passed leaving behind her 3 year old daughter. One day her daughter was in her room singing a song about how her Mommy was in heaven and that’s why nobody can see her(repeating what I had told her). She ended the song with…but I can!!!

  109. Myra O'Hara at - Reply

    my greatgranddaughter told me that she knows how her Nana’s Dad had died. Nana being my daughter and her Dad my husband. how is this possible, as no one has ever discussed this with her as she is only 5 years old.

  110. Myra O'Hara at - Reply

    my greatgranddaughter says she knows how her greatgrandfather died and no one has ever told her this. she is 5 years old

  111. Bethany at - Reply

    Please help me! I am a child of eleven and last night my dog wanted to come in. As I opened the door I saw a little girl, about 6, in a hospital wardrobe. Long black hair. I could see through her and she was blue in the face. I looked like someone had strangled her. This scared me to death. I did not get any sleep in fear that she was going to somehow get into my room. My mother said that my nana has blessed this whole house. I was afraid to close my eyes, or look out any window. Last night I heard things shifting. Please help me!! I do not want this spirit in my life! I am afraid she is going to hurt me!

  112. Ashley Obrien at - Reply

    A family friends 13 yr old daughter recently passed away 2 yrs ago and i went to see a medium recently to get some answers as to why i was feeling a friendly presence of something/someone around me and than she went on to tell me that my 4 yr old daughter constantly communicates with her and she even described what she looked like to me to a “T” and the medium had said that shes around my daughter all of the time what does this mean

  113. Steven at - Reply

    My daughter continues to to speak to nothing claiming it’s her “ghost sister or sisters “. I thought at first it was just an imaginary friend, however tonight I over heard talking and it was a little unsettling.
    Stepped out of my room to call for her when I over heard her.
    “Why would you do that ghost sister? That would be mean. Okay I’ll be quiet but why? Why do I need to be quiet?”
    This whole time I was repeatingly calling her name. This has been going on for two years and tonight was the first time I’ve gotten chills from this.
    Should i take her to therapist?

  114. Melissa at - Reply

    My best friend passed away back in January. My 3 year old daughter sees and talks to him all of the time. We were laying in bed the other night, almost asleep, when she sits straight up and says, mommy chi said he loves you. My heart skipped a beat I swear. (His name is Richie and she calls him chi) Then today she went for a walk with my daughter and came home with a little gumball machine ring she found outside. She was showing me and says, chi showed me where it was. So I called my other daughter in to ask her where she found it. She says, mom it was so weird because it was on the side of the street underneath stuff and she walked right over and picked it up. I can say that I feel relief knowing that he is still very much here with my daughters and me. I never tell her she doesn’t see him or she can’t. I ask her to tell him things like I miss him or love him too.

  115. Leisa Massey at - Reply

    My grandson often says he can see Poppy ( my Dad ). He also says that Poppy is all gold. I’m not sure what that means, but would love to know. When my grandson was younger he told his Mum that he was playing with his friend and when she asked his friends name he said Piggy. When she told me I smiled and said that that was what my brothers ( who passed in 1978 ) nick name was .

  116. Leticia Garcia at - Reply

    I woke up and saw my 2 year old son at 3am sitting by the closet talking to someone but didn’t see anyone. Also I was watching tv with my 3year daughter old when we saw something pass by so quickly. We looked at each other and she asked what is that?” I thought I was the only one to see it. I said, is nothing and she layed back down. I’m a little scared, because I seen her talk to someone inside the closet. My son also has ran from the closet to the other side of the room scared and points at the closet.

  117. Colleen Wadman at - Reply

    My 20 month niece came to my house to visit. That evening she stairing out of the window saying over there and pointing her. There was clearly nothing outside of window so I took her outside. She walked down the driveway pointed and yelling over there. She stopped about midway in the driveway and looked up at me and Weggey. That is what my sister called my son but he passed away 4 years ago. His really name was Wesley. He loved the stars at night and often say on the tailgate of his truck stairing at them. I do thinkmy niece saw Wes that night. Sometimes I feel like he is there myself.

  118. Savannah at - Reply

    Is there a reason I can here spirits but only seen them every once and a while? Like I’ll b up for hours and discus things with a voice that comes from next to me in my room but I’ve only seen the boy who I’m speaking with once.

  119. I have a six year old granddaughter who is seeing her sibling that passed away at 3 months old she would be nine now, so she has never meet her but dose know about her,
    She says Skyler sleeps in her room so she is no longer scared to sleep in her room now with no light or TV on now. Is this normal. Her dad is deployed alot so she misses her dad alot.

  120. Ann Marie MacDonald at - Reply

    Hi Blair, This is the first time I have done anything of this sort. Here goes: I have an Aunt who lives in Boston and I live in Canada. My Aunt has cancer and not much time left on this earth. We haven’t spoke in over a year and just recently I decided to call her. She said that she wanted to call me for quite sometime but thought that she insulted me somehow because I wasn’t calling her. Anyway she asked me how my daughter was and (her words) “I’ll tell you why I’m Asking.” She said that a spirit has be telling her to ask “how is my daughter?” and find out how my daughter is”. My Aunt has never met my daughter. She only knows her name. I was only 15-16 the last time I saw my Aunt. My daughter is 42 now. My Aunt said that every time she would open up her phone book the page with my number on it would be right there and she also stated that last 4 digits of my number would be going around in her head continuously.This is bothering me quite alot. My Aunt thinks that it’s my Mom asking her about my daughter. My question: Is there something wrong with my daughter?

  121. Georgene at - Reply

    I truly believe that our loved ones are very close and definitely young children can see them-I see signs all the time! Would love to be able to communicate with my loved ones! Wishing a medium would connect me! My greatest wish!

  122. My Niece was 5 years old and would be patty the chair. when ask what see was doing. she told us she was patty great grandpas leg.. he had past away in 1997. she also seen him and he’s mom(grandmother) when she was bathing. same age.I believe her. I do believe in in ghost . in spirits’
    growing up I had seen a few ghost in my childhood and adulthood. and feel that their some here with me in this house. not afraid. anyway thought I would share.

    Thank you

  123. Pauline Mero at - Reply

    Wonderful.Can dogs see spirits as well.People often wonder what our dog is looking at when there is nothing there.Or is there hahaha

  124. terry ferguson at - Reply

    My grand daughter is 5 almost 6…She has been telling her mother that someone named Rebecca is telling her to take a knife and stab her 1yr old sister emma in the heart…Is this something that a spirit would do, or do we really need to be worried about another issue?

  125. Sharon at - Reply

    After my brother died unexpectedly, suddenly from terrible farm accident ,my son kept dreaming of him . His dreams many times had a special dog who we both had a unique relationship with. Shared ownership you could say . After my brother s death i remember asking him to give that old dog some love from us . In my son’s dream this dog was often with my brother.

  126. Lois M. Wallace at - Reply

    My daughter is currently being tested for hallucinations to see if the family of 4 spirits are reaction to meds or what. It’s always the same 4.

  127. Jane at - Reply

    Tonight my daughter was laughing uncontrollably in the back seat of my car. It was really unusual and distracting. My son in the front and I kept asking what she was laughing about on her own behind us in the dark. She blurted out “Mum, was your dad funny?”. I replied “He sure was” and she said I know because he keeps pulling faces and tickling me!”.

  128. Hi, I have a 2.5 y/o grandson that says “will” and points at the woods behind our house. He will see “will” at numerous places which is always around a tree. This started about 4 months ago. At 1st I thought he was saying “well” because their is an old well on the property. I asked my daughter, and my parents did you say anything to jackson about the well. They said no. Everyday we go out to play and he would look over at the woods in the same area and point saying “will”. I believe in spirits and I also believe that theirs good and bad. When we were playing bevidence the cars 1 day I was putting his toys in the garage and turned my back for 2 sec. He said “will scare me”. I said what did will do. He made a growel noise. I looked at my dad’s truck and noticed jackson had opened the gas tank door on his truck. I told jackson that “will” knew you shouldn’t touch the gas door on pa pa’s truck so he was trying to scare you because touching the door is a no no. I have asked him show me were will is. He walks up to a tree and pats it saying “will”. He has done this many times. If we are walking in different areas he will walk up to a different tree and say will. I have taken many pictures. I don’t see it. He can look at the picture and he points to the spot and says will. Yesterday when he was riding his jeep we go beside the woods and he said will scare me. I said what did will do. He said “will dark”. I asked him what color is will. He said dark 1 day then white like jackson. Our property is in the area of “trail of tears”. We don’t have the history of it but their was people living on the property many years ago. I was thinking will is a Indian or someone who passed many many years ago. It’s 5 areas with woods around it. I’m sure he’s seeing someone but what’s strange is when we are driving or go to the park he will point to trees and say “will”. I have a great uncle whom I wasn’t close to named wilburn. My grandmother is named willodean. I have a K2 meter and I asked questions with will and did the yes and no questions. The lights would flash for yes and not flash for no. I know I’m dealing with a spirit that can carry on a conversation. It’s not a child like I thought at 1st. We have pictures were a woman was watching him and she’s a spirit sitting on the ground with her arms resting on her knees. I have another picture were a child is next to jackson while he’s looking at his easter gifts in 2016. Sincentives I’m a big believer in do worry that Jackson is seeing stuff that’s scaring him. He said will touch on an occasion. That’s when I told “will” you don’t touch jackson ever. I had jackson repeat the words I said”go toward the light and be at peace”. I pray and say the Lord’s prayer. He’s staying around for some reason. How can I find out what he wants. Should I encourage jackson or keep quiet and say nothing. My neighbors whom live on the same property did have a dad named william. He passed about a year ago. He was white and jackson didn’t know him. I didn’t know him. Please give me some advice on how we need to handle this. My parents are in their middle 60’s. My dad was never a believer but he’s reconsideringredients now that their is something. My mom believes in spirits but she’s not sure what to think of this. My daughter is like me. Huge believer but worried. Can you recommend someone in the nashville tn area who could help us. “Will” isn’t the only 1. Our property is prime property for a spirit to build their energy. We have a spring, tons of quartz. AND also someone many years ago build a rock wall with different rocks from our property and the surrounding propertys. Who knows.. the rocks and trees absorb energy so theirs no telling what or who have touched or walked on our property.

  129. No matter what home I live in, my house is a highway for spirits. They come and go. I feel them come into our house. Some spirits try to hide their energy (sneak into my house) and some are not too concern if I know that they are there. They move things and open doors or hide in corners. I never spoken to anyone regarding the feelings I have had from a very young age nor about the ongoing activity I have lived with. I have always been sensitive to energy. All energy ranging from people, to animals, to things I can’t see. I feel vibrations in rooms and off people. Since around 2007, my daughters are now seeing and hearing spirits (no matter where we live) as well. Our animals see them, my daughters see them, and they are always different spirits with different energies. My daughters had no idea about my abilities when they started experiencing it as well. We hear them walking through the house at night. The animals hear them (dogs and cats). My cat has chased spirits through our house, growling. Last night my 12 year old heard someone walk into her room and looked and no one was there. She turned over and tried to go back to sleep and it grabbed her arm and said TK in her ear. I have looked and looked and I don’t know what it means.

  130. Taylor Jaime at - Reply

    I have had an experience with this. I am 11 years old right now. When I was younger I played with my Grandpa Ben. I drew pictures for him, picked flowers with him, and I loved my Grandpa. One day my sister was babysitting me and she called my mom crying. She said I was talking to some man about shiny shoes. My mom and I talked and she said how my Grandpa once bought my sister shiny tap shoes and said take good care of them they are expensive. So that explains the shiny shoes part but I have been so confused since my mom told me my grandpa had past away before I was born. But I told her about a time we had a BBQ and her friend, Denise, was there and she hugged my Grandpa and they talked. She told me that that is wierd because my Grandpa Ben like her friend Denise. To this day I get confused and wonder if it was just all a dream. But if it was it was a wonderful dream.

    • I can tell you aren’t 11 years old.
      You are older. My word for this is that you have an old soul. I do not believe in re carnations but you have absorbed energy from somewhere causing the memories. They are not your memories. They are memories you have absorbed from others or objects or environment.
      You probably do not have many friends because you do not connect to piers in your age group. Your beyond your years in wisdom, therefore, you do not fit in the typical social groups. I immediately identified your message not being from an 11 year old. I’m not claiming to be anything I’m not. It’s just my initial feelings one line into your reply.
      I apologies in advance if that is offensive in any way.

  131. Xander at - Reply

    My son one day did the sign language for More when I ask him if he wanted more to eat.Now only one in our family knew sign language was my brother son Auggie who had pass away few years back from cancer at the age of 5 my son was just lil over a year when he did the sign for more an amongst other things like taking pictures of Xander an there be orbs in the picture.ok just last year my niece came over one day and to use the shower so as she was in the shower my son Xander had ask if he could use the potty so my niece was behind the curtain as he use the potty came out out said nothing as my niece exited the bathroom brushing her hair Xander came in the Dining room were I was an my niece was standing an said to her “Who was that man in the standing Bathroom” She look at me I look at her said I was sitting here the whole time no one but Xander an jj was in an out that door he still talks to whom ever is there an times when my son says dad I’m going to get a toy remind you all the lights are out pitch black walks back there an comes back with his toys …I tell him if he ever feels scared to tell me he not once says he scared .

  132. ANNE COUTTS at - Reply


  133. Corrine Settle at - Reply

    Glad you’re feeling better. I was wondering if you know if animals can see spirits. My son-in-law’s dog, Zoe, constantly looks up towards the ceiling or over our heads and it feels sort of creepy or eerie. What are your thoughts on this?

  134. Debbie Schmidt at - Reply

    My grandson was about five when we had a death in the family. At the funeral home he and I were enjoying some cookies in the family retreat room. He looked up at me and stated that there were a lot of kids there playing. Since we were in the room all alone I asked him where they were. He said they were jumping on a near by couch. He wasn’t bothered by them and neither was I. So we just finished our cookies and left.

  135. Sheila Pruzinsky at - Reply

    My daughter is 11. She was born in 2006. I lost my mom in 2002. Marion was named after my maternal grandmother who died at 72 in 1979. Marion had regular conversations with my mother. Always at night. Always outside the bedroom door. She tells me things that my mom had said. Favorite sayings. I would like Marion to be able to deletion her gift. She is now speaking to several people she has no names. Can you guide me ?

    • Sheila Pruzinsky at - Reply

      I would like Marion to develop her gift. She is walking the house at night the voices keep her awake she has many visitors. She only recognizes NANA. Please guide us. Some mornings she is worried and exhausted.

  136. Jennifer Merritt at - Reply

    My dad passed away 2 weeks ago. Ever since my dad’s funeral at the grave site my 10 year old is saying he is seeing my dad’s spirit. He watches him play video games, he will tell me poppop said he wants to sit up front with you while you drive. Today we had dads celebration of life party. My son said he didn’t see dad there but he is here now at home. I don’t know if he is trying to comfort me or if he can really see him.

  137. Amamda at - Reply

    My daughter is almost 13 and lately she has been telling us about the people in the shadows or out of the corner of her eyes that she has been seeing. She has ran out of her room screaming. It is really scaring me and I am not sure how to comfort her please help! I don’t want to frighten her anymore that she already is 🙁

  138. Nancy at - Reply

    When I was younger, I had dreams that became reality and it scared the liven heck out of me. So, when I told my mother about this she told me not to be afraid that I had been blessed with a unique gift. I told her I didn’t want it because of the fear I when they became reality. From that day forward, I believe the fierceness of my request ended it. Now in my elder years, I see spirits and the scary thing is I can sometimes feel their sadness. Some of my adult children are experiencing the same thing home. How do I help them and myself in dealing with this…

  139. Lynn Bergsma at - Reply

    What if it terrifies the 3 yr old. Who says an old man sits on her and talks about killing, she sees him in her room n little sisters room? Please email me

  140. Aimee at - Reply

    My 11 year old got up this morning and insisted that there was a boy sitting on his brother’s bed they had made on the floor in the TV room. He said he saw the boy tieing his shoe. He thought his brother was getting up to leave at 2 a.m. The boy then got up and left the room. That is when my 11 year old realized his brother was still laying in the bed. He is convinced this was not a dream. What do I tell him?

  141. Shirley Ann Mac Lean at - Reply

    Hi Blair, I have a story I would love to share with you. It happened on Nov.6th, 2015. My mother in law was in hospital and I went to spend the night with her. Her daughter was with her when I arrived and said she was pointing to the corner of the window, and she had told her that what she was seeing ,was her personal belongings bag. After her daughter left I sat with her and she continued to point to that corner of the window of her hospital room. She had a dish of butterscotch pudding and then said to me ” look at the beautiful baby”! About 3 hours later she passed. Just outside that window was the wing of the obstetrics unit, so I thought maybe she was seeing a baby coming into the world , as she was close to leaving this world and maybe the channels crossed. Then it came to me! She had lost a beautiful baby girl at 6 months of age to meningitis many years earlier, and I truly believe that her baby Pauline came to escort her beautiful mother home when she passed. She gave the most previous hugs and I was honoured to spend her last few hours with her! I miss her so much. Her name was Shirley also, and I always had a special connection with her! I miss her hugs! I wish you a continued healing of your injuries and keep you in my prayers. Stay safe!

  142. Kriszti at - Reply

    I have 3 children (8yr old daughter, 6yr old son, 3yr old daughter). My 6yr old son Logan passed away last year, 3/20/16, he was 5 years old. It was a completely random, out of absolutely nowhere, 100% fatal, inoperable, aggressive brain tumor called DIPG and Logan was given 6-12 months to live upon diagnosis, he only lived 7 weeks from that day. Ever since Logan passed away I’ve had over 20 dream visits from him where he’s giving me messages, hugs, I love yous, and he’s SOLID, warm, healthy, and as real as you and I. We went to a Monica the Medium event back in October 2016 (6 months after Logan passed) of over 400 people, and Logan was one of the few to come through, the last one of the night, and we were called on stage. Told specific details no one else knew but Logan. Aside from that incredible experience, I have had heart signs dropped in my lap, and in my path every single day since he passed, never once before that. My youngest daughter who’s 3 also sees Logan. She will imitate things she sees him doing, repeating phrases he says (she was too young to do that when he was still alive), and she says and does things she says Logan taught her to do. Just tonight she told me Logan doesn’t let her sleep, some nights she says he keeps talking to her, other nights she says he’s jumping on the bed trying to play as she’s trying to sleep. I believe her, I KNOW our souls live on after this life, and some people do have the ability to see and hear what most cannot.

  143. Jeccica Schelble at - Reply

    My son is almost 6yrs old now. About a year ago, my son was playing with his toy in his bedroom and I could hear him chatting away. When I asked him who he was talking to, he told me “his friend.” I said “great, have fun” as my other child who is 9yr old had a “friend” when he was small too (I thought nothing of it). However, it continued on every few days and I then asked, What is your friend’s name? My son told me “Bobby”.

    This was a little odd to have that name come out of his mouth because the only person I knew was my uncle who passed away back in 1984 from a motorcycle accident before I was even born (1989). I told my grandmother about this and she wanted me to ask my son what “Bobby” looked like, etc. He couldn’t tell me much about what he looked like but when I asked where does ‘Bobby” go after you two are all done playing together… My son told me “Bobby goes home”. I asked “where does Bobby live”. My son’s response was “Great Grandma’s House”…. I was a little taken back by this but was not scared as I do believe in spirits myself.

    I left it alone for a few weeks and the chatter still continued while playing in my son’s bedroom… And one day we were at “Great Grandma’s House” and of course there are photos around the house of different family members. My grandmother has Bobby’s high school graduation photo on the wall where it has hung since I was born. My son shouts out “Bobby”.

    To this day, I am convinced that my Uncle Bobby was the one with my son while he played with his toys for a few months but now for the last 6 months I have not heard my son say his name again at all. I wish he continued but I’m glad it happened for the time they spent together.

  144. Lisa at - Reply

    My son passed away 3 years ago he left a 9 months old son He is 4 and lately had said things about he dad. One he was eating ketchup I said you never liked that and he said mama doesn’t but daddy does. How do you know that he said I talk to him in the clouds. And yesterday I asked him where he got his new ambulance. He said Uncle Josh from heaven. I said what do you mean. He said daddy sent it down to Uncle Josh to give to me and he has a lot of stuff in heaven that he is sending to Joshy for me. He also wants to know why daddy is in the clouds. I don’t know how to answer that. Thank you for listening

  145. William at - Reply

    My daughter is seeing spirits of children and adults . She also knows how they died. I had her draw a picture of all the spirits she has seen she also added names to each drawing. My daughter is 8 and for the last year She’s been talking to theses spirits. Some are good and some are bad they tell her to kill her self so she can join them.

  146. Ben at - Reply

    Hi my mum died when i was 14 now im 25 i have a daughter that is 1 she has never met my mum and she wakes up at same time evry night looking at a serting part of the bed room wall with her hands out saying nanna nanna this normal

  147. Susan at - Reply

    I had 5 who were “regulars” when I was a child. All happy & comforting. . 4 were girls that were a bit older than myself & were always in a group. The man was the only one who would appear apart from the group, (usually when I was in the bathroom) to give me comfort & advice. I guess that’s the only place he could have my undivided attention, & get away from all those girls! They all have distinct personalities & I know their first names. My son had a man who visited him… I certainly understood!!!

  148. My grandson sees spirit. At my house he would see my deceased husband and a former owner named Bill. I did a little research and there was a William who owned the house in the early 1900’s. When I moved, my grandson saw my husband in my new living room. He said that “Pappy” looked back and forth, looked at him (grandson) and nodded his head “yes”. My husband gave his approval on my move and my new home. I am envious of my grandson’s gift and quite proud of him.

  149. Charrise at - Reply

    My daughter see spirits but she says sometimes there is no face. She also said that she had felt someone tapping her. When my daughter comes to my room to lay down with me, she is very frightened and her heart beating fast. I tell her not to be afraid but I’m not sure if I’am telling her the right thing.

  150. Alexess Zabriskie at - Reply

    My daughter is 13 and from the time she was a baby I was always told she was a medium. And around this age she would start to have trouble with it. So now she keeps having sleep paralysis and out if body experiences. She said at first they were dark and scary but now a little girl keeps coming to her asking her for help but she can’t speak. She is 100 percent awake while this is happening she just can’t move. I don’t know what to do to help her. Is this real is she really seeing spirit?

  151. Toni jane at - Reply

    My friends nearly 2 year old has a gift of seeing spirits, not nice spirits at all they are evil and very scary for him the spirit stops my friend from being able to help her son when he is enduring the spirit contact evil spirits I should say, the house has been blessed of the original spirit that was staying at the house, is there anything we can do to help keep the evil spirits away please, it’s causing my friend much anxiety and the fact when her son is seeing the evil spirits and they stop her from helping him is my upmost concern please help with some feedback of what we can do please

  152. Jamie Taylor at - Reply

    Hi! I hope and prey, someone can tell me more about this visit I had one night when I was between 9 & 10 years old. (I’m now 48) in all my life sure as I’m sitting here this happened!
    I was sound asleep one night and I was awakened by someone who was kinda gently shaking my leg sitting on the end of my bed, it was a she, she said softly and gently, Jamie….Jamie Lynn….wake up, I woke up and felt frightened very scared but she wasn’t evil.
    She said “can you come with me for a while I want to show you something”…..I said “yes, but I have to go potty first” she said okay I’ll wait here.
    I went down the hall and did just that…..the whole time I was scared I didn’t know what to do or where she wanted to take me I sat their thinking what do I do? So I flushed the toilet and as fast as I could ran past my room and went to open the door of my parents room but so quickly something was pulling on me, I started yelling….”dad, dad” …and the minute my dad turned to see what I was yelling about, I fell forward to the ground the spirit pulling me let go.
    I slept in my parents room that night, the lady was wearing I white she had her long dark hair pulled up in a bun, and I remember brown eyes and red lipstick.
    This spirit was gentle and did not want to frighten me, but I was a child and very scared.
    I’m not sure but when I was two years old my grandma passed away at the age of 50, I don’t remember her, my daddy was her only child. I just feel now like it was her and from the photos it had to be her.
    What do you think she wanted to show me, and why did she want me to go with her.
    I wish I knew not to be frightened and scare her away! Please Blair could you give me some pace of mind on this, I’m not crazy and I do have visitation dreams from my other GMA all the time but I’m sleeping when these happen and she doesn’t come and put her self while I’m awake right in front of me and talk to me. She clearly sends me messages and leaves dimes everywhere for me! Often plays music on the radio to affirm she’s near by! Please help me find some sort of closure or explanation for this visit I’ll swear by till the day I die!

  153. Thanks for addressing this Blair your articals always give me a bit of clarity

  154. my name is christina and i need to now should i be scared that my 9 year old see and air ghosts very seen she was a baby. she gets scared by them all the time what should i do. and i now there are there but i cant see them or air them and i us too think it is not really but maybe they are. any im getting worry because i have a 5 mouths old son. what should i do and who do i now there here.

  155. Debra at - Reply

    My daughter passed away 2005 2012 another granddaughter was born who is so much like her that it’s scary, she tells us she see a ghost sometimes, she talks to someone name Munches, its like she’s was here during the time my daughter was living, I really believe that Victoria comes through her, is it possible?

  156. Kenneth Matthew at - Reply

    Hello. I would like to say since a kid “around age 5” I’ve always experienced several para-psychological abilities. The most common ability I’ve experienced is clairvoyance, second: most common is precognition, third: very light Mediumship, forth: I would say medium to lite telepathy, fifth: I would say medium to strong psychic healing, sixth: not really seeing auras but more like feeling the character of an aura however when I try really hard/open an empty mind free of thoughts then focus purely on what I’m sensing I find that I have accurately noticed the gradients of the perceived color of an aura to be surprisingly accurate.

    I’ve tried really hard with psychokinesis but it just does not work however it tends to work if I…….let’s say this for example, “pull yourself into the future you want by way of……” it’s hard to explain do to the limitations of words but I do my best to explain. Let’s say you are 5 years in the future. You can sort of feel where you are for just a spit second. Let’s say you don’t wish to be where you are based on what you sense within that extremely short time. So you take your energy signature from that time and ping it back to where you are in the present. Then you telepathically force yourself onto a different path in life in by way of partial psychokinesis. This is possible because although the future is not set in stone, the current path your on now will definitely lead to all kinds of futuristic events good or bad but by continuously pinging yourself every now and then in the future you can most definitely at least avoid the worst kinds of events/hardships you do not wish to experience in life.

    It’s not easy at first to control these things but I’ve practiced allot and have learned that even though these abilities are good to have when you need them most there are things you may want to stay away from meaning that there are good forces out there and there are bad ones. I’m also part Cherokee Indian so I kinda think sometimes it could have something to do with my experiences? Any other way I’ve been able to avoid many hardships in life by sensing how I feel in the future.

    I’ve also seen several kinds of spirits/entities when I was younger. If I close my mind from all of my experiences in life and focus only on absolutely nothing as if I was just born then I can get these visions/flash images of things that could be around me however I don’t practice this skill often at all because some things I see just simply scares the crap out of me so I mainly just leave my senses open to avoiding bad futuristic events which works extremely well.

    I have to say spirit walking has been the most thrilling experience for me. There are times when I did not like it but even during those times to see myself jump back into my body while asleep was just amazing. I’ve experienced many things and have experimented a great deal also which enabled me to learn allot about these things “the ones I practiced most”. Most of us loose these abilities as we age as other blind “3rd eye” adults discourage us about the slightest possibilities of these type of experiences. I’m in my early 30’s and with the way the world is today there is no way I would have survived this long without practicing the use of these abilities.

    Like about 10 years ago when I was randomly targeted by a Mexican gang while taking a walk. I was going to go into a bread store and told myself “Nope can’t do that because of this odd vision of me being gunned down when I got out”, so I stopped for a second on the side walk because the feeling of immediate death was so overwhelming. I then sensed that it’s best to just start moving towards the street I lived on so that’s what I did. About 40 seconds later I heard a gunshot. I thought to myself “I wonder if someone is shooting inside an apartment”. I then heard other gunshot and my mind just went into hyperdrive and my head tilted to the right on it’s own. I thought to myself “it feels like” someone is shooting at me. I then sensed an immediate lethal threat and right as I heard another gunshot my head tilted to the right again but this time a bullet barely grazed my left ear.

    I looked behind me and saw a black truck about 100-200 feet behind me with something long sticking out of the passenger side window. Before I had time to think allot of rounds started going off so I ran and looked towards my right at a street. After looking at myself being shot in the back I then saw a bush in someone’s yard in ran/dove behind it sensing that if they can’t see me than they will most likely miss. I knew nothing about weapons at the time but the sound of bullets hitting the grass around me after every popping noise was an audible verification as to what was happening. After a car drove down the street they quit firing and yelled something at me right before slamming on the gas and taking off with tires squealing as I looked behind me while lying on the ground. Luckily no one was injured during this event but I’m sure the guys who randomly shot at me had no idea every round missed except for one which barely grazed my left ear.

    Several years later that even reminds me of the matrix and while dodging real bullets was not fun I do think I survived that attack in a very awesome way. I got better at sensing things afterwards and learned that if I have even the slightest bad feeling to STAY AT HOME.

    I’ve experienced many things “enough to write a book”. I’m also always exited to find others who have experienced any of the many great things I have. One thing which intrigues me the most is when others describes spirits that they have seen and when I have experienced seeing the same thing based on there description. It’s just nice to know many others have seen some of the same things I have.

  157. Patricia Foshee at - Reply

    18 years ago I lost my daughter at birth. I now have a 14 year old daughter. I have never spoken much about the baby is lost to my child. She tells me frequently that she is able to speak and see her deceased sister, is this possible?????? My daughter described what she looked like and said her name which frightened me!

  158. Mark at - Reply

    My 36 year old son occasionally has conversations with his dead uncle and grandmother is this normal

  159. kass at - Reply

    My 3 year old grand daughter was running around the house and suddenly shrieked and cried. She clung me saying the man told her to stop running. I asked what man and she said the one in the hall. The one that doesn’t live here. He yelled at me.

    It wasn’t until I found this page I thought. My father passed away in this house and he didn’t like children running around the house. But..he would have loved her so maybe a strange voice frightened her.

  160. My daughter annika will staredown the hall way of my apt and when I ask her what she is looking she will say papa weaver . my daughter has never met him he died Dec 2012 and she is 2 and was born in 2015 . can you help me understand ?
    Thanks Emma

  161. Ian Patterson at - Reply

    I was 8 years old and heard a noise upstairs in our house when I went up to see there was nothing but as soon as I turned to leave the upstairs bedroom, me cheek was kissed and it gave me a real start. I then took off down stairs but was never bothered again. I was really shocked but however I was not hurt or anything just startled.

  162. June at - Reply

    My sister had an experience with her son then age 3 who she caught talking to what she thought was an imaginary friend in his sandbox one morning (and many mornings after) and asked him who his friend was and he said their name and she asked him to describe the person….she turned white as realized he just described her husband’s (his daddys) grandfather which would be her sons great grandpa who her son never met as he died before her son was born ?… this carried on for a long while- she never interfered just listened to him talk to his “FRIEND” HIS GREAT-GRANDPA…

  163. My 23 yr. old daughter committed suicide recently & I’ve been keeping her 2 1/2 yr old son & 6 yr old daughter. The 2 yr old seems to accept his momma is gone, he claims she’s in the sky. I’m very troubled by daughter’s suicide thinking I may have pushed her to do it by my words of anger all the time. I miss her so much & need to know why? Not just whether I was to claim or not but WHY? Also is she with God??

  164. Doreen at - Reply

    When my daughter was three years old she told me that she was speaking with a man in her room with white hair, wearing a gray suit in a wheelchair and that he was very nice. I mediately ran to her room but she said mommy he had to go. Only months before her grandfather had passed away and he had been in a wheelchair because of a stroke. He had beautiful thick white hair and was buried in a gray suit. It only happened once. He was such a wonderful man and I was so happy that he came for a visit.

  165. Rita Grimes at - Reply

    My grandchildren saw sports at early age. Two has out grown but twelve year old continues to see. He tries to not let them know he sees them. Any suggestions for him?

  166. Geoff Roberts at - Reply

    Ok. Officially spooked out. My 4 year old grand daughter has apparently had a visit from both my parents and grandparents. All deceased. She has ‘seen’ my parents and my wife’s parents as well on previous occasions. My wife’s mother passed in June and she saw her a few days later happy to be reunited with her late husband. We put it down as a ‘maybe’. This time is rather different. She reported seeing my parents but they had another man and a woman with them. The man had a ‘triangle’ hat and seemed to be green associated with it. He told her he was ‘hurt by a gun in the shoulder with a big bang.’ A number of family have been in the military so it didn’t immediately make sense. Later however she said he was ‘resting on a rock’ when it happened. This is an exact description of how my grandfather a WW1 soldier described being wounded in Turkey some time after the Gallipolli landings. He died in 1968 and told me the story a couple of years earlier when I was ten. Neither my daughter (child’s mother) nor my granddaughter ever met him or saw a picture of him or knew this story. Only my wife my brother and I. Sophia also said he had a friend with him, who she named as Private James Robertson, who seemed to prefer being addressed that way. She also saw a young girl ‘with no hair who was at school’ (when she died?) who she named as ‘Lily. She said goodbye to her because, in her words ‘her door opened’. She encountered another girl with red hair and a ‘Doctor Bill’ and apparently their ‘doors opened’ as well. Not sure what to make of it or how to advise my daughter about how to deal with it. There is no way for her to have known my grandfather’s injury details. To the extent she said he told her ‘the nurse didn’t believe him’ about where the bullet was, as he was hit at the distal end of the upper arm and it travelled up his arm and lodged in his shoulder where it was eventually found. She also told us he ‘kept it and it was silver’ which he did – and it was steel jacketed so silver works. He had it dipped in gold. My brother has it. Something very unusual going on she’s only 4 and can’t read yet… any advice appreciated.

  167. Elizabeth at - Reply

    My mother passed away about 4 months ago. My father about 11 yrs. Both in the same room. My 11month old granddaughter screams and starts to cry if you even get her close to the door. It’s worse if you go in. I thought it was for another reason she was upset, my daughter has a dog. I didn’t even think it would have anything to do with them because I felt they had no reason to hang around, no unfinished business. Maybe , I was wrong. What can I do to help her?They were both very kind and loving people who cherished their great grand children.

  168. Nancy at - Reply

    My grandson first seen someone in my home when he was two. He is now 7. He has all ways been very nervous in my home. I’ve ask him on several occasions if he sees sprites. He never answers me. Tonight he was dancing around in the living room and all of a sudden said I keep seeing someone in your bedroom nana. I asked him some questions and he said it was like flashes. Real fast. Do you think he is to old to be seeing sprits or is his nervousness something I really need to talk to him about? Any advice?

  169. Joan at - Reply

    Hi Blair

    My grandson (10) has seen spirits since he was 2. Recently though, the spirits have become scary and his mum asked him to draw what he had seen – looked like a demon with a tail. His mum has also seen mist surrounding his brother and area around him was freezing. White orbs are seen regularly.

    His older brother saw a dark shadow standing in the door way.
    What’s happening to my family?

  170. Christy at - Reply

    My 9 year old son recently saw a man dressed in tan pants, tan shirt and tan hat. There was a US flag patch on the man’s shirt. He had gray hair. He said the man walked across the room and disappeared.

    It seems like he described someone from the Military. This happened at my mother-in-law’s condo. He mentioned it a few days after it happened, he doesn’t usually tell us immediately after he sees something.

    I try to sound very interested (because I am), but also so he doesn’t feel scared. I always tell him how cool and interesting it is to see spirits.

  171. Ana Garcia at - Reply

    Hi my name is Ana, I have a almost 5 year old son, Anthony. He’s been waking up for 3 nights in a row crying covering his head with his blanket saying that he’s scared that there is someone in his room. And tonight he woke up crying again, but this time he saw a tall slim man standing by the window next to his bed dressed in black and wearing a black tie. I’m concerned because I myself as a child saw things like that in the closet

  172. Julie Stanley at - Reply

    My dad died 3 years ago. He only met the youngest grandchild in hospital and died a few months later. On my dad’s birthday in December 2017, my brother heard his now 3 1/2 year old chatting away in his bedroom that night. He went up, opened the door and asked who he was talking to. He said ‘the man’. My brother said ‘who?’ and He replied ‘he said hello honky tonk’. (my dad’s usual greeting) My brother showed him a selection of family photos later and he greeted the photo of dad with ‘Mr Honky Tonk!’
    It certainly has made us think.

  173. Connie mikell at - Reply

    My son said he saw two gost in my house and the we’re children one boy and one girl and they looked like him and his sister what could that mean

  174. Kalysta Howard at - Reply

    My mom told me a couple of years ago that When I was younger (about 2 or 3) I was distressed between 12 am to 3 am because there was a little boy crying in the room I was in. She had not seen a little boy, but she went along with it and told me I should ask him if he wanted to play. So I went over and shared my toys with him and the crying stopped. This happened on and off for about 3 months. It has been about 1-2 years since me and my mom had a conversation about it and out of nowhere this summer I had a dream about him. My mom never gave me any details about what he looked like or what he wore, but in the dream I knew who it was. He was crying in the dream and when I tried to get to him he would end up in another place. He was wearing green corduroy overalls with a white and green T-shirt under it and his hands covered his face so I could not see him. His hair was blonde and to his eyes. When I told my mom about this dream she was amazed because that is how I described him when I was little. I need some answers, like why did I suddenly dream of him and how could I remember what he wore. Why did I meet him when I was little. Anything would be appreciated. Thank you.

  175. My daughter keeps seeing a spirit with red n dark blue eyes. N even after we cleanse with sage she says it’s like it can’t leave n my daughter is not scars of seeing spirits or relaying messages but this one scares her. Any ideas

  176. Patti Gordon at - Reply

    My great grandson who will be three in march is talking to a spirit, my granddaughter is very scared and so am I, we do not know if its a child or an adult, I need help with this, can you help?

  177. We are convinced that our 5 year old son knew that something would happen to his grandma. About 2 months before his grandma passed very suddenly and unexpected who started mentioning her constantly. Every sentence started with grandma this and grandma that. So much so that it started to freak me out. He couldn’t tell me why. Then we started to notice sparkles and orbits around his neck on pictures , taken by different people with different phones on different occasions . Always just around him (almost like a scarf). A few pictures also contained orbs. One day I took a picture of him in our lounge and I could feel and see something fly past (again I caught it on camera). I didn’t think that him mentioning his Grandma over and over again, the golden sparkles and the orbs around him were related at the time. However we took the pictures to a medium and a spiritual church out of curiosity. Both unrelated to one another and both said that our son was a highly spiritual child and most certainly a crystal child. One lady at the spiritual church could also see a spirit in one of the pictures that was watching over him. Most likely his great grandma. After 2 months of him saying her name over and over (he would say her full name on most occasions) and the sparkles around him on pictures his grandma had a stroke and passed. Her death was very sudden and unexpected. After his grandma passed our son stopped saying her name all the time and we haven’t noticed any more sparkles when we take pictures. We believe that he had a premonition .

  178. My son passed away and our local news was taking photos of the scene and in 2 different photos from different angles you can see what appears to be a young child sitting on what was the back porch. Can you help me understand if it was my son and is there something he needs me to know about his death. Please help

  179. Marina at - Reply

    My 4 year old granddaughter became aggressive when my daughter, her husband and their younger daughter who is a year and a halve now moved in a new house. When they were living in apartment my older granddaughter who was then 2 kept saying she was seeing a man in her room. Sometimes she was afraid of him. My daughter was watching the camera that was in my granddaughters room and recorded. We watched that camera . She was sitting in her crib at the middle of the night and watching orbs that were moving up and down . From ceiling to the floor and back. I got very scared. I got even more scared when my parents ( it sounds funny, because I had my kids when I was very young, and my parents had me when they were very young so my parents are still not too old to watch my grandchildren) were watching my granddaughter. My mom called me at work and she was so scared. I said … Ma what’s wrong? Are you ok? She said that my granddaughter was playing and then ran to my parents and she looked scared. She said there he is again. I am scared. So my father went to look in her room. Nothing was there. When they moved to a new house she is telling me that she sees someone in her room and plus she got very aggressive . She started to yell at my daughter and Babysiter. She hits. I thought that she was jealous of a little one. But we give her so much love and attention. I don’t know what else to do. I wanted to sage the house but I don’t know how to do it correctly. Does somebody know?

  180. So,I know someone will my younger brother that just passed away about two years ago and know,I get a phone call from her teacher telling me she been talking to someone and smiling and just reaching out with her arms up in the air during class season which is causing attention to the rest of the class room,I talked to her and she said she’s talking to her Dad.He comes with NO harm.Reading one of your articles I thought I bring this up because its TRUE they are a easy target with SPIRTS, But in GOOD TERMS.

  181. Sarah at - Reply

    My daughter has been saying that she sees a little boy with blood on his mouth now sometimes the blood isn’t there but about half the time it is. She seems to be frightened by him and I don’t know what to do. I have asked her questions and she says he follows her around she will see him in random places and she is terrified most of the time. How do i know if the spirit is good. I don’t know of any young boys who have died in our family besides my sister in laws miscarriage 2 years ago. My little one is 3. Please help.

  182. My 3 yr old grandson has stated he is seeing a spirit and it is telling him to do bad things. He won’t even sleeo. What do we do?

  183. Craig at - Reply

    Three year old asked me to take my shoes outside for the ghost in the tree
    The tree was broken in the morning.

  184. Since the day of giving birth to my son, i have taken pictures of him, and now being almost 5, he takes my phone ans does the picture taking himself. Amongst giving birth, his dad took a picture of me holding him for the very first time and there was spirits in the photo, scared us all, it has happened a few times since, just the other day my son had my phone and was taking selfies and there is a lot of activity and one in particular is one i’d like to not acknowledge………it is scary! For my son fights his sleep since birth and this may be why??? Any suggestions, PLEASE!!!

  185. Amber at - Reply

    My daughter sees her grandmother (my mother-in-law). She has since she first passed away when my daughter was just 2. It will come and go. There will be periods where she doesn’t mention it for quite a while. She is now 11 and it has seemed to be more frequent and stronger this past six to eight months. I am always happy to listen to her talk about it and encourage her. She also sees our family dog that passed and my grandpa that passed when I was 5. My grandpa has been the most recent. She described him to me prior to pulling out pictures. So far it has only been the loved ones. I really want to support and encourage her. I am looking to learn more on the best way to do so. Trying to search out books or other options. I find it to be an amazing gift, but do caution her that not everyone agrees with that perspective.

  186. Megan at - Reply

    My 8 year old daughter has been seeing spirits for over a year now, at first she said they were just shadows in the shape of a person. Now she’s seeing them clearly, only for a few seconds but she can describe gender, young/old, what they’re wearing, how tall etc etc. Today she saw a young girl in the kitchen in what sounded like period clothing, she had a dirty face and she looked cranky. She’s also seen a tall man wearing a suit w/ a bow tie and brown hair. I’ve noticed orbs around her in photos throughout her life. It’s starting to scare her, any advice?

  187. Gma at - Reply

    My granddaughter just turned a year old this January and we noticed a few months before her birthday some strange changes. At first we thought that she was just staring at a certain object but then she would follow with her eyes or her head something that wasn’t there. We didn’t think anything of it at first but this behavior was happening more and more often, what really caught our attention was when she would laugh and play with what seemed like nobody but herself. There’s days were she’s sees spirits and days were she doesn’t and every time it’s different sometimes she looks and reacts with fear crying clinging on to me and other times she’s olaying, laughing and chasing this spirit around. My question is …… Can this be passed down by a relative who has also been able to connect to spirits?

  188. Diana Gomez at - Reply

    Hello! My daughter has seen an old man standing by her father with his hand on her fathers shoulder my says its his grandfather watching over him,but she also saw him at her school in the hallway coming from the restroom but he was holding out his arms like he wants to hug,she says its the same old man but she says he is old and tall who can this person be,she has never met her dads grandfather or grandmother only seen them in pictures and there is another man which is her fathers uncle that died too but we have only seen him in pictures,who can it be and why are they coming out??

  189. Josephine at - Reply

    My son who is now 15 told me he has seen ghosts at home and in a park called Dead Mans Pass which is near our home, he has been going to this park most of his life.
    When he was aged 6 after his grandfather had died (my husbands father), he had a very scary nightmare and he came into my room as he needed to be comforted as he was absolutely petrified by this dream, also I will point out that he has always slept in his own bed and never sleeps with in his parents bed.
    This particular dream was about his Grandfather and his Great Grandfather and he told me that the Great Grandfather’s head was off his shoulders which was pretty scary for a 6 year old child to see, this must have then led him to leave his bedroom and come and seek some solace from myself (his mother). My Son always asks me to take him to bed, which I have always done so. I recently bought a Himalayan Salt Lamp for his room which has a nice soft glow which stays on all night in his room, this not only helps purify the air but provides a dim light in the darkness. After his nightmare I did notice a personality change in my Son, it seemed that he has had two personalities ever since and it can be quite difficult at times as you can’t always see which one you are dealing with.
    Is it possible that he has these deceased spirits with him all of the time? Should I seek someone who can remove them by performing
    an exorcism as I do honestly believe that they are interfering with him in a dysfunctional way!

  190. Tina at - Reply

    My granddaughter just turned a year old this January and we noticed a few months before her birthday some strange changes. At first we thought that she was just staring at a certain object but then she would follow with her eyes or her head something that wasn’t there. We didn’t think anything of it at first but this behavior was happening more and more often, what really caught our attention was when she would laugh and play with what seemed like nobody but herself. There’s days were she’s sees spirits and days were she doesn’t and every time it’s different sometimes she looks and reacts with fear crying clinging on to me and other times she’s olaying, laughing and chasing this spirit around. My question is …… Can this be passed down by a relative who has also been able to connect to spirits?

  191. Karen at - Reply

    January of 2018, my 3 y.o. Granddaughter Willow, in her crib, often asked for her crib to be encased with blankets, like a tent, as if she had was afraid of something.
    February 2018, I asked her if she was hiding, she replied, “Yes, from the Triangle.”
    At the time last week, when I began napping Willow in the twin size bed, rather than her crib..
    I lay down with her, as she begged. Room dark, almost immediately she told me that she saw the “Triangles” again, right above us, and “they start coming at us like pieces of a puzzle, all connected, then they separate.”
    March 20, we went to her room to play, Willow shut her bedroom door. I asked her why, she said, “to keep the Ghost out.” I said, “I thought there was no ghost at my house?” She replied, “the Triangles.” I said, Honey, if they want, they can just walk through the door or wall, yes?” She said with a frown, “yes, I know.” I said I wonder what color the Triangles are. She said, “They are brownish.” “Sometimes white-ish.” Then she said to me, “They come to fix my hands,” she opened her right palm slightly to show me. I asked her if they would fix my hands too, she said, “no Grandma.” I pouted.

  192. Rachel Stanhope at - Reply

    So, tonight as I’m putting my daughter to sleep, we were reading a story and she just happens to look up and start pointing at her ceiling fan. I instantly think that she is wanting the light on but as soon as I starting saying “no hunny, it’s time for bed”, she started playing peek-a-boo and laughing with a big ol’ grin on her face. I had to hide my instant fear of what “it” could be but I was super happy that whatever it was made her exetremly happy. She did say daddy but that was really confusing to me because her daddy was fast asleep in the other room but on the other hand my dad passed away only a few months ago of lung cancer. My daughter wasn’t even a year old yet so there isn’t anyway she would remember him.

  193. Melissa J Love at - Reply

    Ive seen and felt the presents of someone else (angle or demon) my whole life. The person is never the same and the feeling is never the same.My 3 year old described my mother and told my dad where she was,she pointed to his file cabinet so he opened it and a picture of my mom was sitting on top of the papers. My daughter said “grandma put it on top so pawpaw could give it to momma”(me)(passed away in 2004) and talks to her meme (my grandma who passed Feb.2017) all the time and the last few days/nights she has been terrified of this man she calls Avery. She tells me he’s tall and dark. When I ask her why she is scared she says she can’t say. She refuses to sleep or play in her room. When I walk into her room I feel very scared myself and that’s not like me. My boyfriend thinks we are crazy and has told this “Avery” if he wants him to believe then throw a toy down the hall and our front door slams shut. The door opens towards her room. So no wind could of done it. He still doesn’t believe. I don’t know what to tell my baby so she’s not scared.

  194. Joe Hernandez at - Reply

    my grand daughter said to her mom that she saw two older woman dressed in white. We don;t know if she being truthful cause she always saying I was just kidding and getting in trouble.

    Concern Grandpa

  195. Kate at - Reply

    My son is 10 and was playing with his 3 year old sister. When they ran past her room hand in hand and into the kitchen where I was sitting he was notably shaken. He said He was “freaked out” and needed to sit down. I asked him what on earth was wrong and he told me this. He said as he ran past her room he saw his sister (wearing a yellow dress she quite often wears but was not wearing that day) saw his sister playing and crawling in her room. She no longer crawls but may do if she’s playing on the floor and something is out of reach. So he saw his sister wearing a different outfit playing in her room but at the time he saw her he was actually running past the bedroom holding her hand. Weird. Don’t know what to make of it. Understandably he won’t go in her room now.
    My 3 year was recently shouting and crying in her sleep. When she woke I asked her what was wrong and she said there was a purple lady trying to scare her! The lady was outside my son’s door which is next to her room. She said the lady kept trying to grab her belly and saying boo to scare my 3 year old. Apparently the lady was big like a mummy not a kid. Over active imaginations maybe??

  196. Ashley at - Reply

    My son is 2 and plays with spirits. Honestly, for all I know, it could be imaginary friends.. But there are 2. One tickles him and plays in his hair (follows him everywhere , it seems) & one that lives in the bathroom. Aidan is terrified of the bathroom now and I’m not so sure why.

  197. Antonia at - Reply

    What does it mean when a close friend got killed on my daughter’s birthday? And then my other daughter delivers her daughter on my friends birthday obove. Now she’s going to have her second daughter that’s going to be born on May 9th on that day my baby sister passed in 1992. Does it all have a connection I would like to know? Should I just bring my White Sage and burn it, along with my myrrh incense?

  198. Tonya at - Reply

    My son is 2. We’ve passed by two different cemeteries on two different days and each time he looks at the cemetery and says, “Night night”. Could he be seeing something I don’t see? He is just learning to really talk, so he doesn’t have any clue about death.

  199. Allison Ervin at - Reply

    My son told me he saw a shadow when he was in the bathtub. The shadow was watching him through the window in the door. I dont understand it yet but im trying.

  200. maria serbin at - Reply

    i have a question my grandson has a scent of lipstick on his forehead almost daily every morning and this has been going on for months now is this a sign that he is being watched over by a loved one or a lonely spirite who loves him we have friendly spirites in our house that are mainly children spirites since thats all we have seen

  201. Bette at - Reply

    My son died 2008 a gun shot in my back yard. It split the family in all different ways and we split from our church. Nothing has ever been right since I found him. Fast forward I have 2 small children now. They refuse to go through hallway to bathroom without turning on all the lights. They said they see a big boy in black in the living room and he spoke to them. They pointed him out but I seen nothing. It’s happened to others coming in the house. They said it’s Tomis my son. Neither one has ever met Tomis. I appreciate any thoughts you might have.

  202. Lisa at - Reply

    My daughter at 2 years old would always get super excited and point every time we passed the cemetery in the car and tell me to look. Then it stopped for about a year. She is almost 4 now and we drive passed a different cemetery and she says mommy my baby is in there pointing at the cemetery repeatedly. I don’t know why she said this and I feel a little scared. Do you have any idea why she did that and if it is a sign or something?

  203. Diya at - Reply

    Hi my 6 year daughter is a active and loving child who love playing with her friends. But when it comes to bed time she cries and gets scared. When ask she will say she hears ghost .. and some time sees visions dont know what to do?

  204. Aleeza at - Reply

    Just yesterday my 2 years old niece who was sleeping alone in her room came out running, very happy and excited. When my mom, who was sitting in porch with my dad, asked why was she so happy, my niece replied, ‘Papa has come. He is in the room’. Her dad left this world more than a year ago at a young age. My niece was barely a year old then. We don’t talk to her about her father except for a few times when her mother showed her the pictures hung on wall and told her that he is papa. She has been pointing towards walls and just saying ‘papa’. Sometimes she would say papa ate chips with me. Other times she would be just looking at the door, simply staring and sometimes, telling her mom in the morning about her papa’s presence in the room. I hope he is really around. We all miss him.

  205. Veronica at - Reply

    My 9 year old daughter is seeing this lady dressed in white long dress and she also sees it in her dreams. She is very scared to go to sleep and also to go back after she awoken by the spirit. Well, I don’t know what to do she said she sees her everyday and everywhere she goes. Please She needs help and so do I. Just to know what to tell her.

  206. Diya at - Reply

    Hi i dont know what to do… my child is complaining of being watched… she is very scared dont know how to help her..

  207. janie at - Reply

    my daughter is 5 years old she said shes seen a lady she showed us where she is she told us what she looked like white hair and smoking and showed how she was smoking with her hand we cant not see nothing and she was getting so angry with us couse we couldnt see her this was in 2017 …. and now shes telling me she feels a lady around her BUT she looks like a rainbow [Black gold Purple] she said to me the lady will be coming to her at bed both times this as happed have been in the garden.need help to fined out what is going on with her so i can help her ..

    • janie at - Reply

      this keeps happening in the garden

  208. Eugenia at - Reply

    My 15 month granddaughter loves to look at pictures on my phone. She gets watery eyes and is sad when she sees pictures as newborn and infant. what does this mean?

  209. Bruce at - Reply

    My encounter was during the day, I was listening to music I recorded at a dance club in 1987 and I was thinking to myself if anyone that visited the club was still alive. I turned the music off and in the corner of my right eye I saw a rotating mist about three feet from the ceiling, as I turned and looked a face appeared. The face was sunken in and very gaunt with eyes wide open. I was not afraid and I just gazed upon it and within a few seconds the face rotated down and the mist disappeared. That evening I said a prayer for the spirit I had seen and hoped that the lord would release him from his earthy bound and be allowed into heaven. I did not recognize this apparition and it has not visited me since but it has only been a week since this happened.

  210. Cindy at - Reply

    Yes just tonight my granddaughter told me she has seen many shadows and she hears lots of voices but she can’t understand them cause they all talk at once. I told her mom and her words where “if you just don’t pay attention they will go away “ but I found out this has been going on for years and her mom just wants it to go away how do I help her my granddaughter? I do believe in her and what’s she is hearing and seeing. She don’t like going to bed at night she sees a lot of shades please how do I help her?? I do think she’ A medium but my don’t believe and the same girl thinks her brother sees me ghost also. Please how can I help her? I promised her I would help her and yes I did tell her it might take awhile but she can tell me anything.

  211. Margaret Mackay at - Reply

    My 6yr old granddaughter sees things but last night she was terrified she said she saw something horrible outside her mum’s bedroom she won’t tell us she doesn’t want to talk about it

  212. Niaobi wilber at - Reply

    Both of my daughter’s, ages 10 and 13 can see spirits. They visit them more now that we live in town. They are afraid to sleep in thier room. The first time it happened was when my 10 yr old was staying at her aunt’s house while I was on a trip. She was alone in the room, when it got cold and felt something touch her shoulder and tell her..” no matter what happens, your mom will be alright”. Two days later, I was in a horrible car wreck. It was so bad, I should have died. But I believe that spirit held me in the car and protected me.

  213. Verna at - Reply

    My great grandson is two years old, and his grandmother and aunt was killed in a home invasion two months ago,and today he said grandma was shot ashes looked up at the sky. I asked him to repeat what he just said and he just look up to the sky,and then start ed playing with his toys. I believe both of them visit him.

  214. Betsy Sorrentino at - Reply

    Two nights ago my three year old grandson was playing in his room when he suddenly came out of the room and said ” I saw a ghost” and asked his mother (my daughter) for his flashlight. He then proceeded to turn on all the light switches in all the rooms. My daughter told me he has recently said this a “few other times.” They have recently refinished their basement, and my son-in-law said that soon after the renovation was completed, he and my grandson (then 2 and 1/2 year old)went down to the basement, my grandson was about 4 feet into the room when he shrieked and ran back to his father and was acting scared. My concern is that the previous owner who had built the house in 1950 lived downstairs on the basement level and I’m not sure if he passed away in the house at a very old age. I believe that my grandson saw something. I don’t like that he was a little scared. How can I help with this situation?

  215. Rebecca at - Reply

    My Grandpa and Grandma bought a house in Riverside CA .in the back yard was a one room shack.
    Where with bunk beds my Mom dad and two older brothers slepted .I was 2 and a half. And I reamember it. My Grandpa bought us 3 candy my brothers ate there’s then came for mine I hid it behind my back and told them no I could hear my brother he’s the oldest of us three tell my second to the oldest that he was going to kill that night
    He was 5 well that night I woke up being carried into my Grandma and Grandpa’s house through the door the door was not open I remember looking at the face of a black shadow man who was holding me in his arms I felt safe and comfortable knowing I was in my grandma’s house I woke up on my aunt bed with my whole family surrounding the bed asking me how did I get into the bed and into the house who brought me in there I remember answering a man brought me in I never did tell anyone it was a black shadow I only said amen all my life till I was 23 years I kept it a secret till one day my uncle had told me that black shadow used to visit him scare him every night when you slept in that house as a teenager and it scared him so bad he couldn’t get out of bed and a bird was at the end of the hallway outside of his bed that banged is up against the cage and died other things like that stills happens to me .

  216. Anonymous at - Reply

    My child keeps telling me he dreamed about a bad man with purple eyes. He woke up screaming for me one night and told me the next morning. He said the bad man put blood all over me (mother) and killed me. He said he was up in the sky. Odd thing is…he has told me he saw this same man in his room before. What should I think? He’s just a few months shy of 4.

  217. Lisa at - Reply

    We were leaving the community chapel on Sunday and my three year old daughter starts crying and says ” God is sad” and I asked why is he sad sweetie and she continue to cry and repeated “god is sad mommy.” So I asked her why, do we need to come see him more often? “he wants candy.” my husband and I were shocked and were wondering what does this mean?

  218. Diya at - Reply

    Hi i have no clue how to handle this.. my 6 year will go to bed… then 40 minutes she will come crying. That she hears a voice. . A voice said hello to her.. some time shes so afraid she will look up the stairs none stop crying wont go up… she be terrified in her own home wont go in her room .. sleeping inmy room .. i need to know what i could do..

  219. Olivia Knight at - Reply

    Hello my 22 month old son seems wake up crying at night and points into the dark as he may be seeing shadow figures. I see split seconds of them. Moving in the darker areas of our tiny apartment. This occurs at night (12am-3am) but occasionally it happened in the day to me seeing them quickly.My sister passed away a few month ago in April. I asked her to watch my Son to be there for him. How can I know if bad spirits are trying to get to him??

  220. Yoshi at - Reply

    My 2yr old daughter pointed to my grandpa pic in the den, then asked who is he? I asked,”do you know him baby?”she replied yes mommy that’s David”.Well, he passed when I was 1yrs old!

  221. Dina at - Reply

    Hi. I’m not a child but I have always had a slight sense. Anyway, I was at the neighbors who was a kinda low level pet hoarder. He had puppies in a open enclosure in his small kitchen. I was playing with them when I went to stand up there was a boy with blonde hair about 12 or close to it leaning in the back door by the puppies. He was looking straight at me we just stood there for about 3 seconds then he was gone. He was a beautiful child. That neighbor has sense moved and sold that house and I was wondering does the spirit stay with the dwelling? I believe he was drawn to the house by the animals. He seemed to be enjoying the pups. What do you think?

  222. Suzanne Nelson at - Reply

    Hello, when I was very young, 6 or 7-ish, I experienced an evil “spirit”, “demon”, “ghost”, whatever it was, it was terrifying. I remember this happened about 3 or 4 times. I would wake up, get out of bed and just as I was about to walk out of my room, a face would appear above my door, right in the small space between the top of my door and the ceiling. I could see the face clearly and hear and understand what it was telling me until I was so terrified, I would have to force myself to snap out of it and I would run out of my room. I was paralyzed while it talked to me. I couldn’t move. Once I snapped out of it, I could never remember what it was telling me or what it looked like. I’ve kept this in the back of my mind throughout my life and I’ll never forget it. All of my life I have wondered what it was. All I know about it was that it was REAL. And it was EVIL. I’m 50 years old now and would like opinions on my experience. Maybe other people have had the same happen to them? I would like any information you have. Thank you

  223. Daisy at - Reply

    Hi, my name is daisy.
    I have the ability to see spirits but i have been told to shut it out, after coming in contact with demons.
    Since that time i think i did shut it out but i would really want to open my third eye again, i love it when i can see the people who are looking out for me.
    I’m now 15 years old and i still have no idea how i can open my third eye. As much as i would like to talk to someone about this whole seeing spirits thing, there arent many people who i can talk to about this, eventough i am not the only one who sees spirits in my family because my older sister can, she doesmt want to help me because its not right in her oppinion. I know jt can be dangerous, i have experienced that, in the real world but also in astrale projection.

    Can someone please help me?

  224. Grizzel Fierro at - Reply

    My son is 2 years old and is hard for him to talk last night around 2:30am got up to tell me a boy was in the ceiling I asked him what does he said he said “open” and he keep saying open do you know if it has a meaning? Then he was so happy cause the boy said bye.

  225. Jennifer Sexton at - Reply

    My son is 4 years old and saying hes seeing a dark scary person in my back yard and its really scarying him! What can say or do to make him noy afarid?

  226. Kimberly S Morgan at - Reply

    My granddaughter is 13 and she sees my dead husband, her papa, all the time and it scares her. He has been gone for 3 years and she still sees him. He is the only one she sees. I don’t know what to think about it or how to help her.

  227. Kay at - Reply

    My mother was waiting on my daughter, who is 13 years old, to come from school at about 3:00 pm. When she hears a knock on the door looks through the peephole and see my daughter.. she opens the door see my daughter lets her in. My mother states, that my daughter never said anything walked in and went to the back of the apartment towards the room. I called my mother at 3:30 to let her know that I had that I had picked up my daughter from school and that she is with me. The whole time since 8:3o am my daughter was in school until the 3:15 when I picked her up. At no time did my daughter leave school, she was with the school staff and I had her in the phone the whole time I was in route to pick her up. She had never left the sight of the school staff, teacher and paraprofessional, the whole time. My mother and I were on the phone around 3:45 , when she stated, that she was calling for my daughter then looked in all three bedrooms and all rooms(bathroom, kitchen and closets) , and did not find her, creepy and scary. I have read about doppelgänger, you

  228. Anna at - Reply

    What about this situation. My kids come running downstairs, upset and worried, because the ghost told them it’s going to take my head away? That doesn’t sound like a loving family member.

  229. Sarah at - Reply

    My 13 year old son and a 14 year daughter has been seeing things sents my husband passed 4 months ago and I do t know what to tell from it. A couple of night ago my son said he came out of the restroom and the light just turned off before he did touched the switch and he assumed that the bulb went out then looked in the living room to see a 3 to 4 feet dark shadow in the middle of the livng room, he walked to it and it grabbed his arm. I told him if he told it to leave and say It was not welcome here he said yes. It just weird. then the other night my daughter said she seen a dark showdow walk out of my room too. when we were just sitting down talking. I have 2 dogs and 3 kittens none of them seem to be scared. But what could be happening? I wonder if it’s my husband or another family member trying to warn us or tell us something. Sometimes I feel like I’m being watched but most of the time I’m calm. Me and my family have always felt things and seen little thing and shadows but sents my husband has passed it’s been stronger and more and more has been happening.

  230. Christine at - Reply

    My daughter recently has been feeling spirits. She says at night they touch her comforter and poke at it and is so scared. Just last night for the first
    Time she saw one and she said it wasn’t bad. She said she was sitting on the couch in a white dress then the spirit got up and was peeking at her by the curtain. She said she got scared and went under the sheet. I don’t know what to tell her. I believe in spirits but my husband doesn’t so we both tell her different things. I just don’t want her to be scared. It was making her lose focus in school last year. (She’s 9) any advice?

    • Patricia frost at - Reply

      Hi there, my daughter just turned 10 and started seeing ghosts too. I know theyre real because i hear them. Ive been hearing them, so i kind of knew.
      Can you ket me know what has been working for you. Im in LA. Where are you living. Best Trish

  231. Patricia frost at - Reply

    Hi There, My daughter sees ghosts. Stella is 10 years old. Its been about 3-4 weeks now that it started. I also hear them, my dog too sometimes barks. At this point i can hear when they come in and sit on a chair. Theres usually a tick sound. Ive been banging a large wind chime to disperse them. Im wondering if you can help her or at very least guide us to help her feel less afraid and to give her tools to disperse them herself. She needs empowerment. Weve tryed calling Arch Angel Micheal and it hasnt worked. She has the name of one of her Gaurdian Angels and asking her hasn’t worked.
    Why doesnt it work?
    What can we do to make it possible for her to make them go out? What can i do to keep them out? So she has a safe place?
    She started seeing them at school now and thankfully the teacher didnt freak out when she told him. Can you please help us?
    Also she seems to see them more if shes a bit down, like if something happened at school or at home that upset her. I dont think theyre grandparents though, they seem to be different all the time
    Thank you very much.
    Best Patricia Frost

  232. Corita at - Reply

    Last night my 6yr old called me at work to say she is not feeling well and it was not her head nor tummy. She just didnt know what it was. My sister whom was at home with her soon call me to say my daughter just asked her seriously if she knew what it feels like to die. I rushed home and for over 2hrs she engaged me in a conversation about death and dying. I was not ready for this conversation. At almost 11pm we said prayer (mostly to comfort her) and went to bed. I woke this morning to sad news that a dear friend of mine had passed around the time we went to bed the night before. He was ailing and would have called me but the phone # he has for me have been out of service about 5 days now. I believe he was trying to reach me through my daughter.

  233. Camryn (KY) at - Reply

    So, in my mother’s hometown (Vine Grove), a woman named Alice killed herself. Her house was left abandoned until my mom’s friend Deveney moved in. My mom has always had a strong spiritual connection with ghosts, and as soon as she walked in, she felt Alice’s presence. She recently told me that she thought Alice attached to her, then on to me, do to a few things. When I was about 3, I randomly stopped playing, looked my mom dead in the eyes, and said “My name is Alice,” which was odd because I didn’t know that name yet and I don’t remember having any imaginary friends named Alice, or any at all. The second thing was that as I got older, I slowly adopted Alice’s personality. I ended up being very artistic, socially awkward, and becoming depressed/suicidal many times. I don’t know if this is a huge coincidence or if I am either possessed or the reincarnation of Alice.

  234. Frieda at - Reply

    Thank you. Its my moms mom who i initially saw and always remembered.

  235. Tyrae Marine at - Reply

    I used to see spirits all the time when I was younger but after I turned like, 10, I think? I stopped seeing them. I remember my mother taking me to doctors and them saying that I’m seeing illusions and they put me on pills. It stopped for awhile but I saw things again from time to time. At that time I saw multiple spirits. Then when it stopped we moved. The first night being there I saw a cowboy and I saw him vividly sitting on my bed. I remember his hair color too. He just sat cross legged on my bed and stared at me but disappeared after I did a double take. I remember other experiences after that with different entities but they were at different times in my life. It never lasted long. I could see them vividly with color and everything when no one else did. For instance, the cowboy had red hair, he was older with wrinkles, older but not too old. Looked like he was in his forties. He was wearing a light brown shirt with a dark brown vest. He was also wearing something simular to jeans. I’ve had threatening experiences but never too extreme, unless you consider getting hit by the fridge extreme when you were the only one in the house with your dog locked in a cage in the basement. But what I’m trying to say is, I haven’t seen anything in five years besides for twice. Anywho, I was wondering if it’s possible for me to be a physic, medium, sensitive, or something like that? And is it possible to stop seeing things? Possibly block them out or something?

  236. Nicole Rodriguez at - Reply

    My 5 year old daughter came up to me this morning saying, “Should I hurt myself?” Obviously very alarmed and taken aback, I hugged her and said a very adamant “no.” She, however, seemed largely unaffected.
    I was, obviously, extremely concerned as to where she heard this. I asked who told her to harm herself and her answer shocked me. She said that “Gramma Millie told me to hurt myself.”
    My mother, Millie, passed away 8 years ago after a long battle with an autoimmune disorder. Obviously the two had never met, and I’ve only spoken about my mother to my daughter on a few occasions.
    She has been “talking” to my mother all day, and she keeps bringing up the idea of hurting herself and insisting that it is Gramma Millie’s proposal. I’m arranging for her to see a child psychologist as soon as possible, as her statements are exceptionally worrying.
    However, I can’t help wondering if there’s something else going on. She has never had an incident like this before, and I’ve never even seen her talk/play with imaginary friends. She’s always been a bright and happy child.
    The severity of this situation makes me wonder (if this is a spirit and not some sort of mental health issue) if whatever being she is communicating with is malevolent. I just want answers.

  237. Jill at - Reply

    My father past when my oldest child was 4 months old. My son has been able to describe his looks, mannerisms, coined phrases and we have talked openly about his visits with his “GrandParent Papa” A name he has invented for his deceased grandfather. This has been going on for five years. I have taken comfort in the idea that my dad is not missing my son growing up. But this week my son suddenly became very sad at a very random moment and told me that his won’t be seeing his grandfather anymore. That he was told he has to go away. I am sad and feel like I am losing my father all over again. But my underline question is “what does this mean?” Is it reincarnation” is my son losing his ability to see him?

  238. Lynn Youngblood at - Reply

    I have grandkids who never met my mom either,but they see her all the time. I haven’t seen her since she passed and was in her casket, but it was in my living room. She held her arms up and ask me to go with her but I didn’t.
    No back to the granddaughter who sees her most. She told me a while ago that she saw her again but it looked liked her but now she has blood on her neck and stuff. Could you explain this to me so I can explain to her. I do believe in spirits. We actually have a little man and woman in the wedding attire that live here. But my granddaughter is scared to go back into the room she saw my mom in this time because of the blood Just so you know I would love for my mom to come see me.

  239. Theresa Sutherland at - Reply

    My granddaughter who is eleven told me there was someone sitting on her bed but she didn’t elaborate on it when i asked questions. She has always has the ability for great attention to detail and suffers with sensory prosessing issues and was diagnosed with trisomy x. After my mum passed away she told her mum that gran was in her room the night before. Carla never lies and can’t keep a secret. Should we believe her. As i thought maybe she had been dreaming

  240. Keri at - Reply

    Blair, I am in desaprate need of help. My 8 year old daughter over the last couple months has been waking up about the same time. Two hours after falling alseep. She talks jibberish like she’s sleep walking or having a night terror. She swings her arms and completely freaks out yelling. Then all of a sudden, she’s calm. She’s completely coherent. She says she does not have nightmares and that nothing is bothering her. But she won’t tell me what wakes her up. Could this be spirits and she doesn’t want to tell me because she’s afraid I won’t believe her???

  241. David Markos at - Reply

    When I was a young boy, I experienced things floating in the air while lying in my bed. Thing is, I could only see this “matter” after forcing my eyes to stay open to the point of pain on my eyeballs. As soon as I blinked, the matter vanished completely. Truth is, I was afraid of the dark and sleeping alone but I forced myself to do this almost nightly. The objects would float in many directions at different speeds and I never experienced anything else that was in addition to the floating matter. These were not shaped like bodies or anything else I’ve witnessed in my 56 years of life.

    Anyone know what this was?

    Thank you,

  242. Ann at - Reply

    Just want to 8 year old son.. he sees twice this lady with the long hair and wearing a white my son said his hearing that someone is calling I’m quite scared why just my son experiencing this…
    Could someone please help me

  243. Cathy at - Reply

    My daughter has told me that someone ( a spirit) is following her and is making her feel unhappy sometimes. What advice should i give her?

  244. Granny at - Reply

    My 5year old daughter see things she capturing spirit and she talks alone n call someone we don’t see to come eat with here

  245. Michaela Sampson at - Reply

    My brother and I are 3 years apart (he’s older). When we were growing up he was always terrified of a hand that would grab at him at night. My mother says that it started at age 3 and ended at 6 or 7 years old. He has always been very connected to spirits, and sometimes I could see the same things. It runs in my mother’s side of the family, but we all have different abilities. Well… I’m 19 now and I have a 3 year old son… He has been terrified of a hand at night. I know it has to be the same hand, and I know it’s real. This “hand” has never been mentioned to him or around him… EVER. It concerns me because he is usually fearless and this has him so shaken up. Anybody know why this “hand” is bothering the bloodline?

  246. Tina at - Reply

    My daugter is 8 and just told me that she sees angels and colors. She says she is afraid. I asked her what made her afraid and she said “the angel that would not let go of my hand at school, i kept trying to move the angel from my hand and couldn’t.” Last night i asked her about the colors and she said they mostly scare her. So i asked which colors scare her and she said Green, blue, white and a few more i cannot remember, not black or brown. Then i asked her which make her feel safe and she said the purple one. I said is that all, and she said yes. I was raised with spirituality in my family, my grandmother an ordained minister and medium. But this stuff is something I have not heard of before with the colors other than auras. She also said she has always had them around since she was born.

  247. roslyn at - Reply

    my 9 year old says he sees a woman in a white dress with blood on it and leaves bloody hand prints on the wall she hasnt touched him just waches him can anyone tell me what that means

  248. Lindy Liz at - Reply

    My nephew has been saying for the past 2 days that he sees our dead cousin, who passed away in about 2010 or 2011. His mother also passed away in September 2016, he was only one years old at the time. At the time of her death, he would look up and yell her name and reach for the ceiling or towards the wall. He constantly did this for months or so, and now he is telling everyone he sees our cousin and she is standing between a pathway of the house my cousin lived in and our great grandmother’s house. He claims she stands in the pathway in white, she has tan skin so we assume she is wearing white when he sees her. We are very freaked out and do not know how to go about this, could it be that he is really seeing spirits?

  249. Jason Hutchinson at - Reply

    I am 3 years old and I see ghosts and they talk to me and I hear them moving around.. is that okay.

  250. Robert at - Reply

    when you die next comes the Judgment the Bible doesn’t say anything about turn into a ghost it’s all Bs

  251. Julia Rose Michael at - Reply

    Hi my name is Julia Rose Michael. Iam nineteen years old I can see the Dead my brother passed away 2 years ago when I was 17 years old a lot of freaky things have been happening to me and my friend. Cheyenne well not all the time my brother died on December 3rd 2016 I was only seventeen at the time that was a year before I turned 18 now that I’m 19 I saw my brother’s spirit like an orb or something floating around my head sometimes I can feel him hugging me or other times I can feel him touching my arms one night I saw a tall dark figure standing in my doorway for a minute there I thought it was Joy my cat then I thought it was my mom or Mike

  252. Angela Richardson at - Reply

    Hello my 4 year old says she has been seeing ghosts and they scare her. She always scared anymore. I see them too sometimes. But no matter what i tell her she will not stop being scared. Im worried for her. Is there anything u can suggest to help her not be so scared. She should be haveing fun not be scared all the time. I mean she gets so scared she starts takeing it out on us in a bad way. Sh ed says things we have never said around her. And my husband dont quite get it. He gets mad and yells about it. I need to figure this out before they hurt eachother. Please help.

  253. Vanessa at - Reply

    I have been told by a medium that my 3yr old son is a medium and I often see orbs in his room on the baby monitor. I have woken up with a scratch on my neck and back. My son had 5 finger tip bruises on his little bottom
    Can some spirits be mean?

  254. Kelli McFarlane at - Reply

    When I was a child about five years of age a friend of my father died riding a motorcycle. My father was saddened by the lose of his friend so much that he could not bare going to his funeral to say his last goodbye. A couple of days after his friends passing his spirit came to our house. For 3 nights he set on his motorcycle with his helmet resting under his arm outside of my parents bedroom door. And he looked right at me, his bike is as positioned in the hallway facing my room. I was so afraid I put the covers over my head and each time I peaked to see if he had gone he was still there.
    I could not articulate that to my parents at that time, but when I got older I told them what happened and they were shocked. So, I have first hand knowledge that these things do occur. That is not the last time I would see someone that had passed come to me.

  255. Bernie at - Reply

    Not all spirits are love and rainbows. Please be very careful about who your child connects with especially if they are truly gifted. They become a beacon of light for whatever is around. Be sure to ask lots of questions and shut down anything that is threatening in nature via clearing the space, salts, etc. It’s taken me a life time to figure out how to block certain energies and protect myself and now I do the same for my son. Love and light to all.

  256. Susan Tondreaus at - Reply

    I had terrible sunburn at the age of about 18 all over my body after falling asleep in the sun on a very hot summers day at Sandbanks and was in bed in terrible pain.I had been waking in the night and not realising taking more pain killers as I should.Being very hot and delirious.I remember in the very late of night opening my eyes and in the corner of my bedroom there were 2 big bubbles.One had my late Nan’s face in and one had my late grandads face in.They were looking at me and my grandad still in his flat cap turned to my Nan and said Nel,that was her nickname,She’s going to be ok and pop went one bubble and pop went the other.I always knew they had come to check on me and this has always given me great comfort in my life and also a believer of life after death.

  257. Amber at - Reply

    My five year old daughter hasn’t been sleeping because she’s been hearing a child saying mommy in a raspy voice for the past few nights. I was a butthole and blew it off as sometimes like other children she hates bedtime. However, this afternoon in the kitchen I kept hearing “ momma” as well. I kept screaming “yes” and “ what?” because I was looking through the pantry for supper. No one came. I then proceeded back to cooking thinking they resolved whatever issue they might have been arguing about. I heard “momma” two more times. I went around and looked and no one was there. I went to check on my kids they were all silent watching tv. I asked if anyone called me. They said no. So so far me and my two youngest daughters have all heard the exact same voice. My five year old first, my 8 year old second , and then me third.

  258. Maha at - Reply

    Hi folks. My daughter, six years old now, has had night visions since she was 2, however they terrify her. Usually she’s awaken from sleep, is shaking, pale skinned and is in a cold sweat. I’ve assured her she safe and it takes me a while to calm her. I can’t get her to open up to me. She refuses to describe what she saw, she says it’s too scary. Also please note she has this happen in many places, not limited to our house so this vision or visions follow her. How can I help her? Advice is appreciated.

  259. Kaci at - Reply

    My daughter sees a man with red eyes a bullet hole in his head and wears a red shirt and red pants! She says he stays u see her bed and here lately we all have been having bad dreams! She also sees other ghosts when we go other places and has told us some events that have been happening but don’t happen right away! This spirit don’t let her sleep at night.

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