Hummingbird Meaning: Spiritual Messengers and Healers

Hummingbirds are amongst the most spiritual messengers of all. They are my personal favorite and have brought me much healing over the years. I hope that they will do the same for you!

What Do Hummingbirds Mean

The general consensus in the spiritual community is that hummingbirds mean: strength, tenacity and endurance. And these are accurate traits, for sure. But hummingbirds are much more than that.

To watch a hummingbird defend its territory against a bird that is 3 to 5 times larger than it is is incredible to behold. Proof the small things can make a huge impact.

Female hummingbirds can build a nest in record time using the tiniest spiderwebs. A true demonstration of single-mindedness.

My wife once found an injured hummingbird on the ground and its mate got under it and flew it back into a tree. Talk about strength and faithfulness!

To me hummingbirds remind us of unlimited potential. Messengers of hope and love.

Are Hummingbirds A Sign From A Deceased Loved One?

Can hummingbirds be messengers from deceased loved ones? They sure can!

I believe that hummingbirds are amongst the greatest proof of messages from heaven.

Here’s why: did you know that when hummingbirds go to sleep for the night they lower their metabolism down to near death?

The scientific terminology for this is called torpor. Their entire metabolism comes to an almost complete standstill. This allows them to conserve energy and sleep.

The cycle of them going through a vibrant daytime life to a nighttime “near death” and back to life again reminds me that we don’t ever die.

Hummingbirds remind me that our love ones are still alive in spirit although we may not see them physically there very much alive. Love never dies.

Hummingbird Meaning In Dreams

I was recently asked what it means when you see hummingbird in your dream.

If you need to ask what the meaning is, it is not a message.

Trust that your spirit guides and your deceased loved ones can communicate with you clearly and directly. If you do see a hummingbird in a dream you will wake up knowing what it means. You won’t be wondering. The message will be clear.

And as you can see by the comments above hummingbirds can be like a postal worker: the messages they deliver to you can be varied in many ways and yet very clear.

If you fall your spirit guides you won’t need to be googling what the signs mean. You’ll know.

Hummingbirds and Spirit Guides

Ask your spirit guides for help. Your spirit guides were given to you from the moment you take your first breath and will be with you today you take your last breath.

Your spirit guides will help you discern all messages – not just a hummingbird meaning – and will help you to understand what a message is (and what a message is not.)

Please check out my other article on the five signs that your deceased loved ones send you on a regular basis.

Have you experienced a hummingbird message? If so post below! I’d love to read your comments.