How To Use A Pendulum To Enrich Your Life

The pendulum is one of the easiest tools you can use to connect with your spirit guides. Easy to make, easy to use. You can literally be connecting with your guides within minutes. Check out this live video that appeared on Facebook where I'll show you how to use it.

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  1. Cathy at - Reply

    Do you give private readings

  2. Peggy martin at - Reply

    Thank you for all the good you choose to do helping people who are lost hurt and facing the hardest of life. You make people lives better by being the athletic kind person you are I love listening to you on the pod cast thank you love and light peggy Martin

  3. Ellen at - Reply

    Thank you so much for your instructions on how to use a Pendulum. The one you use in your tutorial is beautiful. I find your advice valuable, helpful and insightful. Many thanks.

  4. Denise Moore at - Reply

    Ive been working with my Pendulum, I asked a question about finding love again since my husbands crossing and it replied NO…Can I change that path?

    • Maggie at - Reply

      I have asked mine if I will find love again it says yes. Circle is correct right? It have been 11 years since he died. It is still saying “yes” but I have no idea what the problem is.

  5. Shelia at - Reply

    Thanks!! Could not remember which was “yes.” You need to write a b ook just on Karma.

  6. Hallie Dodd at - Reply

    I’m sorry but think this might be the fastest way to reach you with this question. I am Clairvoyant myself. And with that …. every time your name comes to me …. I get shivers. Have grown to call them Clairshivers. BUT!!!!! I am doing my own work and those shivers …. they are MY greatest physical feeling of Divine affirmation of a referral to me. And I know you might not need/want referrals BUT it’s important for people searching for help to have value based referrals. AND the website I’m doing is about validation as well. Which includes reference to others who are gifted. To help share the Divine gifts. Especially since the world is so dramatically increasing in tragedies and death. And I know you are someone Divinely referred to me so I will be putting your name on the website I’m doing with a link to your website and FB page. BUT!!!! I would REALLY like to use a picture. Are you willing to email me a JPEG that I can use? PLEEEEEEASE? And the sooner the better if you don’t mind. I’m working very hard on this. It needs to get properly set up and going asap. Thank you for your consideration Blair.

  7. lynda robinson at - Reply

    Blair , my life has had a black cloud over me since my dad passed away in 1988, he died september 1988 and my mom september10 2003, they shared the same birthday but differant years 1924 for her 1911 for him, I cryed at his funeral deeply ,but tht Lord let my mom and i heal some what . I have tryed to move forward but i cannot seem to, Once in a while a hear the name Kiddo which my Dad use to call me, And a week he died i smelt his coffee, One day my daghter now29 , my mom bought her an activity book, she stop omn the hall way, 18 months old said look pap ,gram bought me this. mom and i look at eachother, then when we got home my 18 month old went up stairs found the camera we were looking for said papa told me to look there. she says she doesnèt remember but i have not forgottennow I wish he could help me get my adoped son home to me love and miss him ,all is missing his flight ticket ,restdone, please help me

  8. Carolyn at - Reply

    Blair, I realize this isn’t about the pendulum, but I’d like to know the cost off a phone reading please? Thank you for everything you do for us! Much love!!

  9. Christine at - Reply


    I was so sorry to have missed tonight’s class on guides. My attention was called to family. I’ll enjoy listening to the replay.

    Truly, I have enjoyed this class. Your style allows me to easily understand and to practice. You keep the words and actions uncluttered so that my direction is clear. Your sharing of stories and examples add even more layers to the understanding.

    Thanks to you, my communication with two guides has opened. I’m loving get the connection.

    Thank you so much for your teachings. Christine


  10. Jan Barké at - Reply

    This is for you, Wendy & Blair! I know you love hummingbirds Wendy!

  11. Teri Lydell at - Reply

    I was Manifesting site and all is said and my Kindle went from the book I was reading to your site . Which I think is wonderful and I’m grateful to God for it . I have been told by five psychics now that I am a psychic along with a list of other things and I’ve known I am a psychic since I was a child . That thing is I have no idea how to use this yet it’s a wonderful gift it I have no one to turn to to teach me . I read and read and read boy have I read . Can use it just to me any classes or whatever on my I need to get going on this I’ve tried by myself but I don’t know where to go or what to do I talk to these five psychics and they don’t want to have anything to do with me as soon as I bring up the fact that I need a tutor a mentor . So God must’ve sent me to you for a reason if you could get that to me I would very much appreciate it

  12. Sherry at - Reply

    Your books are great Blair. I have read them all several times. I have been to two of yours events so far, and have attended several of your webinars. You have helped me a lot. Thank you for all you do. You’re amazing.

  13. Margaret Lebo at - Reply

    I am so sorry I missed you in Orlando!
    You are one of my favorite teachers, it is with your training I accomplished the most so far.
    Thank you,

  14. Janice at - Reply

    Please consider adding New York City to your Northeast tour. I would love to see you in person!

  15. Sandra Busch at - Reply

    Thank you Sir for sharing your gift with us. God bless you. I have not been able to find the cost for tickets to see you in person, I live near Phoenix Arizona and I see that you are coming to this area. Would LOVE to see you in person. I think my spirit guides would be waving at you for attention. PEACE LOVE AND LIGHT to you and your family.

  16. Tanyl Hodges at - Reply

    Ok this has nothing to do with connecting to I loved one ,I have recently found some information on this plant X and I need to know is the government and NASA hiding something from us please buy her Robinson I need to know what you think about the subject

  17. Patty at - Reply

    I was at your meeting tonight in Albany New York I was wearing the purple shirt hoping to see either my dad or my boyfriend who both passed in the last 4 months.
    I was feeling very emotional but I was really touched by the readings that you did and especially by the couple who lost their sixteen-year-old daughter I believe that our loved ones are on the other side of that Love Never Dies.
    My cat had died in the midst of all of this and it’s been a bit of a struggle I guess I heard you mention something about sending white light and I’m just asking if there’s a way that I can connect with that white light I think I’ve had some really bad luck in the past year and I just want to make a turn around.
    My boyfriend was the light of my life and I met him after many bad experiences.
    Love him, my dad, and my mom who died 6 years ago.
    I know they are with me.
    Thank you. I would just like things to be a bit brighter but I know their Spirits are with me.

  18. Victoria at - Reply

    Hi. I took my daughter to see you in Sacramento last year. We prayed before hand to hear from my mom, her grandmother. The first person to come through at your event was my dad. Without going into a lot of dialogue you literally saved my life and changed so many people in realizing that there really is life after death. You made a believer out of an entire family and I heard my fathers message loud and clear. Thank you so very much.

  19. Theresa Ramirez at - Reply

    When using a Ouji board, are you suppose to pray over the it before and after?

  20. Carrie at - Reply

    Blair: I have been receiving your Newsletter since 2011, and do enjoy your wonderful insight and tips on how to develop our psychic abilities. Since you have become so involved with Facebook, those of us who aren’t on Facebook and don’t plan to be, are left out of the “loop”. Maybe you could figure something out so the rest of us can enjoy the activities more fully. Thank you.

  21. Lisa Crilly at - Reply

    Hi Blair,
    This is my first message to you and its in regards to our loved ones “being in the next room.” I’ve heard you say a few times that it is the same as when you are in your office and Wendy is in hers, on the other side of the house. You can’t see her but you know she is there nonetheless. I know what you mean, I know you mean well, but it is NOT the same Blair. You can walk out of your office and into the arms of your wife. You can share a glass a wine in the kitchen, you can share a joke in the bathroom, you can hug before leaving the house. I’m not berating your talents, only asking for your understanding on a larger scale. When you can hold, touch, smell and kiss a person that you love dearly, there is no comparison, nor should there be. But please, please do not compare your loving wife, under your safe protection and the shelter of your home to the loss that so many of us insanely sane parents (me), children or partners have to live with on a constant, never ending basis. I know my son Joshua can hear me cry, laugh, and talk to him but there is no “response,” no discussion, no changing the outcome. Please be more aware, maybe make a video about it if you care to address it. I truly mean no offense as I greet the one year anniversary of my 19 year old son Joshua’s (aka:JJ, Yoka, Yoshi, Yokahama) passing.
    Most Sincerely,
    Joshua’s mom – Lisa M Jona (Crilly)

  22. Laurie at - Reply

    Thank you so much for teaching us how to use a pendulum! How to use it correctly IS sooo important, and it is amazing how much it enriched my life immediately! Thank you, thank you!

  23. Alcira Bello at - Reply

    Blair, it was so nice to see your video and how optimistic you are.
    I use the pendulum very often, and I ask my guides and angels to show me the truth and I ask a question.
    Now for me when I calibrate my pendulum a yes, or my name is the pendulum moving from right to left, horizontal. The no is going back and forth from me .
    Sometimes it doesn’t move at all, so I believe it happens when I have to figure it out myself.
    Question: am I using it the right way? I like the fact that you surround yourself with white light.
    God bless you, and thanks for sharing.

  24. Linda Seguin at - Reply

    My Dad (Seg)

  25. Jan at - Reply

    Blair, Just wanted to let you know that I might get a couple of your news letters, then l won’t get any & I’ll have to sign up again. I had to do this twice. I really hate missing the news letters, l enjoy them so much.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  26. Lisa at - Reply

    Hi Blair, I bought a pendulum and was trying it out the other day. I asked a question (is my name ….)
    and it went in a circle. Does your pendulum always go in a circle for a yes or can it go back and forth?

  27. Susan at - Reply

    Thank you that was really informative I already use a pendulum but you taught me something I did not know about the left hand usage even with the crystal ball very enlightening.

  28. Marilyn at - Reply

    My husband Charlie

  29. Linda at - Reply

    Hi Blair…. Happy Thursday,

    Just watching your vedio on how to use a pendulum. My pendulum does the complete opposite when asking it a question. Back and forth for me would be a no. And when it moves in a complete circle that would be my yes. So my question would be does every ones pendulum communicate differently with them? Have the bestest day ever….thanks.


  30. Pat Leydet at - Reply

    My mom Madeline

  31. Cecelia De Mattos at - Reply

    My Beloved Husband, Dan

  32. Theresa Dempsey at - Reply

    Anthony My nephew.

  33. Shirley Blazon at - Reply

    My 23!yr son died from diabetes and full organ failure and he knew his last night was upon him I need to know how Robbys doing his mom hurt so bad

  34. Angela Hare at - Reply

    Blair, you have a great sense of humor. People just amaze me sometimes with their comments.
    I’m in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, do you ever come up this way?

  35. Barbara at - Reply

    I just washed the webinar and I’m trying to download the triangle connection and I can’t find it how to download my email address is

  36. Michele at - Reply

    My past, present, future. Answers, forgiveness,truths. Love, happyness, wealth. Deceased friend, love ones. So much I would like to know. To reconnect, without is looking after me. I want to know some future…

  37. Wilma Jokela at - Reply

    I ordered a vortex pendulum on Friday, after you did a reading for me. Thank you so much, I really appreciated and enjoyed the reading. Now I am patiently waiting for my pendulum to arrive. Love and Light. W.

  38. Saraphine at - Reply

    Hi Blair.
    I recently lost my Beloved partner Daryl, I am still having difficulty moving forward as we were so happy & in love with each other.
    I was blessed to have him in my life .
    Bless to have a talk with him before he died. I am not motivated like before, the stump is hard . I miss Daryl.
    I do need to live again. Please help me.

  39. Sue Oberlin at - Reply

    Blair, I am so excited I will be attending your event tomorrow night in Scottsdale, AZ!! I am attending with my friend Sue who lost her brother a few months ago and I hope he comes through tomorrow to give her a healing message!! See you tomorrow night!!

  40. Rosemary at - Reply

    I just watched this video on pendulums Thank you so much

  41. Debbie menghini at - Reply

    When will you be coming to Greenville sc

  42. Sandy Wise at - Reply

    Will I be married to my husband when I crossover?

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