Your deceased loved ones in the afterlife want nothing more than to see you happy and succeed in life. They want you to live your life to the fullest.

How To Quickly Solve The Biggest Problems With Afterlife Help

“Into every life, a little rain must fall.”

We all have earthly problems and challenges in life. Some more, some less. But we all have them.

How To Quickly Solve The Biggest Problems With Afterlife Help

Challenges help us to grow spiritually.

As I see it, there's nothing wrong with an obstacle or challenge. That's not the problem.

So, the experience isn't the problem. It's handling the problem or challenge that we need help with.

That's what your spirit guides are there for. To help you and to guide you.

In my book, “Spirit Guides” I discuss the major mistake people make when praying/asking for divine guidance.

Your Guides Guide And Your Loved One's Love

Time and time again I get clients who are angry, frustrated or just feel lost when praying for help.

I hear things such as, “I prayed to my mother asking for her guidance and I've heard nothing…”

Here's the problem: our loved ones aren't the ones who are supposed to give us guidance. Yes, they love us, encourage us and cheer us on. But it is not their role to guide us.

Our guides guide us. That's why God gave us spirit guides. To give us direction from the spirit world.

Our guides guide us. Our loved ones love us. Remember that, and you'll discover that many solutions will start “appearing” almost magically. Other challenges will suddenly start fading.

See, your spirit guides are your helpers. And they don't charge you anything. All you gotta do is just ask for help and guidance.

It's really that simple.

It's SO SIMPLE that many don't try it. A shame really. You have no idea how hard it is trying to get people to do it.

But those that do reap immediate benefits. Not only that, they have better and stronger connections with their deceased loved ones as a result!

It's a side benefit. Really.

Your deceased loved ones in the afterlife love and care for you. They have not abandoned you. They have not “left you.” They are very much alive in spirit.

Post below how your spirit guides have helped you!

Remember, love never dies.

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  1. lynette iverson at - Reply

    still waiting to hear about what to do about my husbands illness iam keeping my mind open and praying thank you

  2. Denise Cetta at - Reply

    My spirit guide has helped me, by giving me the strength, to overcome being angry at everything. When I lost my son 17 months ago, I became very bitter and very angry towards everyone. Since following you and reading your 5 books, praying and finding my spirit guide, I have overcome my anger.
    Thank you Blair,
    And of course my guide.
    Denise Cetta

  3. Karen Peirce at - Reply

    I had just filled a perscription for my son before Christmas and had put it in the bathroom. I recall thinking that I should move it to the kitchen where I usually keep it, but left it on the bathroom counter. A few days later, I could not find it. I had my whole family looking around the house for it, but it was no where to be found. Only the paper bag was in the trash from the order. That day I prayed and asked the angels and my guides for help finding it. I was worried because of the cost of a refill that would have been so soon, and did not even know if it could be refilled so early. The next day the pharmacy left me an automated message that my perscription was ready for pick up. I had no idea what it was, since I did not call anything in. I went to the pharmacy and told them that I had received a call to pick up my perscription. They asked for my phone number, and checked the computer. They said that it must have been an error. I then decided to explain the situation about my son’s medication. I asked them to look up the information for my son’s medication. They pulled him up in the computer, and then the pharmacist said “oh, hold on, that perscription is ready” she went to get it and gave it to me. I did not have to pay, and it was just like it was routinely filled. I drove away in shock, as I knew it was divine intervention from my guides and angels that refilled that for me.

    • Heather at - Reply

      That is so cool!!! I love what happened to you, it makes doubters into believers for sure. I’ve been a true believer for many years but I can’t hear interventions enough. I love them. God bless LOVE NEVER DIE

  4. Jennifer Rorick at - Reply

    My loved ones are just as you say, cheering on all the time. The signs come all the time. I do talk to my spirit guides thanking them daily for their guidance and for the love I still feel from my loved ones and the opportunity to know the signs they send. After struggling for a few years in a dead end job, I have finally found a great job and plenty of growth potential and for that I am thankful.

  5. Donna at - Reply

    Yes! I talk to my spirit guides daily….I have often heard that your intuition is your spirit guides trying to ‘nudge’ you/communicate with you….I always ask that they walk with me through this day and am grateful for any guidance… is all POSITIVE!!! Just wanted to share…

  6. Candee at - Reply

    I’ve read your book and have taken to heart that my loved ones love me. Nith Haiah( my guide) gives me nudges. Sometimes I need a PUSH not a nudge. I am grateful for whatever I receive. I love the signs, usually in the form of orbs of what looks like snowflakes, or a change is music on my iPod. There are signs everywhere. I just have to keep my eyes open!!

  7. Meredith Rutkowski at - Reply

    I have asked for a more positive attitude and a release from the immense sadness I have felt since Carl passed, as I feel this will enable me to deal with other issues head on. I believe I am seeing or I should say, feeling some results.

  8. Laurie at - Reply

    All my life I have always had messages come to me. Some I listened to, some I didn’t . Well I’m sure you know how the ones I didn’t listen to turned out. But great lessons learned along the way. Well, 16 years ago I met this guy that was very nice, funny and kind but to me he was not my type of guy that I usually dated. We went out for a drink just to meet each other and while we were sitting having a drink his hand touched me and I immediately I got this “You are going marry this one.” After our meeting he asked me out on a date. I was just about to say no thank you, but a message came through asking me how my other choices in men worked out over the years and to take a chance. Well, the message was right. My passed choices in men were not great so I decided to to take that chance instead. He and I our now celebrating our 17 wedding anniversary this year.

  9. Alison Pedwell at - Reply

    I realize this has nothing to do with spiritual guides ( but maybe it does ) and I know you don’t like personal questions but I am writing this because it may be an issue with others. ( I hope not but probably is ) My family stopped talking to me 9 years ago. Many events have happened during that time that I had hoped would mend our relationship but sadly not. My dad passed away last November. My birth mother and brothers refused for me and my family to go to the funeral home and they omitted us from the obituary. I called my mother to try to make sense of it but she was very bitter and mean. She said my dad was the one who told her what to do regarding leaving me out. ( He died in his sleep from heart failure. ?) Who should I be reaching out to for guidance. I am really hurting and not sure how to move forward. Thank you for just reading this.

  10. Jeff at - Reply

    Really? They want us to be joyful? Sorry, but I have lost the most important and best person in my life, “joy” isn’t what comes to mind.

    • Wanda Thornton at - Reply

      There are 7 steps of grieving. Have you followed up on them?

    • Jennifer at - Reply

      I lost the same person in my life in October so I know how you feel. Maybe joy isn’t the word but it does help me to reverse the roles in my mind and to think about what I’d hope for my husband if he were suffering with having lost me. I’d want him to be happy as best as he can. Knowing that he wants happiness for me makes it a little more possible. Also, I practice just sitting quietly and breathing and while I breathe in I think of breathing in all of his love, his essence, everything about him and when I breath out I think about breathing out my sadness and my grief. I find it helps some. It all still sucks and I am truly miserable too but these things have helped some so I wanted to share in case it helps you some too.

  11. P Furno at - Reply

    Blair; I have often “felt” things that I later discard. I have stayed in fear for a very long time (over 8 years) rehashing what I saw in the healthcare industry with my husband. I am realizing how I gave away my power to him after being diagnosed with MS and trying to reclaim money that I didn’t know how to receive. I am on a much better path now but the truly ironic thing is that I would like to move away (or not) and can’t because my guides are keeping me here due to a septic issue. I can literally feel my heart enlarging having gotten here. The fear is still there but like you I need to step out of my comfort zone now and F K everything! Am grateful for the guides because I have often thought of my husband’s horrors with what he was thinking about me and our son. WOW!

  12. Gladys at - Reply

    Hi Blair, just Love you and Wendy. I have been my daughters babysitter for years. I have wanted to quite for years now, but she always puts the guilt trip on that she will have to quite her job . Because she wont have anyone else. I say Im done but , Im always there.This weekend I said Im done , I can not do it anymore. Ya I found someone to take my place, who she will trust. But Finally Im free, im 65, not in good health . I beleive my guides have gave me the much needed courage to stand my ground. No means No. Love me Grandkids, to death, maybe now I will enjoy them more that Im not with them 24/7. Thank You Guides for your Love and Support.

  13. Kyrle D'Arcy at - Reply

    My spirit guide has helped in many ways giving me the strength carry on . Especially after the passing of my wife in Dec , 2016 . Listening to the direction even though I know I have the free will to do differently I choose to keep my mind open to this thought and direction from my guide. I always receive something even if small after following my breath with breathing meditation. Staying focused on this year 2017 and will push my comfort zone farther is what my guide is telling me . The best to you all .

  14. margaret at - Reply

    thankyou Blair, I do have this book, and I do what you say, I no longer ask my loved ones for anything but to send me signs they are ok and around me……………I hope you come back to Oshawa, Ontario soon, thankyou x

  15. marilyn stair at - Reply

    Love never dies my spirit guides me everyday i do have a lot. On my plate but with out them guilding me i would be lost i found out my guilds names …Gabriel… Ural i do have 3 dont know the last ones name but iam guided each & everyday i thank you blair for helping me. & Wendy xoxo

  16. Dee at - Reply

    My spirit guides are helping through a difficult time of a deep betrayal by my husband. I doubted the last 19 years of my marriage. My whole life is changing, and they are helping me along the way to understand that our relationships are not always meant to last (even after many years of marriage). They are helping me to understand to be filled with love and light, to share my love, light and blessings, and that my future is sooo bright and even better for me! My way to communicate is through a pendulum. The only thing I wished I had been more aware of in the beginning is knowing that I am speaking with my guides and angels and not a “trickster” or negative influence. I was guided to a question, that helped me to understand the difference. Although, I can now almost immediately tell when its a negative influence, I still frequently ask a religious question that only being of light can respond to in the positive. Every day I ask that my angels and guides connect with me and help me to keep my vibration raised so that I can clearly connect with them. I have progressed where I very rarely have a negative influence trying to come through. I have also progressed to where I can feel the vibrations in my mind for simpler issues. Your book about imaging you are in a field and surrounded by light helped me immensely in the beginning. My guides and angels led me to you. You were the very first person I learned from. Thank you!

  17. Monika at - Reply

    They help me constantly – daily in fact – with life’s biggest decisions and sometimes the small ones too – okay, so at the time they seemed small but had I not listened to my spirit guides the situation wouldn’t have been so small – it would have been HUGE. A really good example is – I had been looking to buy a home – I searched for what I thought I wanted and put in lots of offers on homes – none of which came through until after four years, I finally sat down on my couch, threw my hands in the air and said ‘God, I’m sorry – please forgive me – obviously, I am not supposed to be moving right now. I’ll stop bugging you about it and I surrender myself to your will. I heard a voice in my head say ‘go to the computer and look, just one more time’. I have to tell you I fought that voice but I got up off the couch – went to the real estate site and there were 8 new listings – nope … nope… nope… not that one… no … no thanks… maybe – nah, not that one either – then the very last listing caught my eye – I read it – re-read it – didn’t believe what I was seeing and/or reading. Called my realtor, put an offer on the home sight unseen and to make a long story short, I am now living in my dream home for the last 2 1/2 years. I have learned over the years that when I hear that little voice in my head telling me to do something – inspiring me, offering suggestions etc that my wonderful Spirit Guides that God has surrounded me with are there for my best interest and by golly, I’d be a fool not to listen. And Mama didn’t raise no fool 🙂 Blessed be Blair. I love all that you do to help make people understand that love truly never dies. I have been blessed with the ability to see and speak with those whose body no longer exists but their Spirit lives on and it is truly wonderful. I am a firm believer that loved ones love – Guides guide and they all want us to be at our best, for our best and for the greater good of all.

  18. Morgan at - Reply

    Oma oma opa

  19. Gina Tice at - Reply

    They have helped me through many deaths in my family. I only wish I could know their names.

  20. Barbara Ann Dabrowski at - Reply

    I’m not sure how to seek help from my Spirit Guides. I need help right now. My cat (my only companion) is hospitalized with some mysterious problem and might lose him. Do I ask my Spirit Guide to make him well – because I need him? or do I accept what might be losing him. I pray every day for my depression, loneliness, etc. My daughter is in Australia, one son is a math professor in Indiana – another son who hasn’t talked to us for whatever reason in 18 yeasrs is an M.D. and just a half hour away. We had a great relationship and I don’t know what happened. How do I resolve this? Can I expect my Spirit Guides to come to my rescue and my son/family come back into my life? And will my little cat get better and be my “buddy” again? Life to me at this point has no purpose!!!

  21. Barb Harrell at - Reply

    Was working 3 part-time jobs, at 40 something I was discouraged, working 7 days a week, going no where, I arrived at one of my part time jobs as a waitress, at 5:30 in the morning and got everything ready for the breakfast rush. I had finished, exhausted, I sat alone and the only one there, on the stool at the counter of the fifties diner I worked at, head down feeling as low as one could get. Suddenly the antique juke box kicked in….”Mockingbird Hill” (I think that’s what it’s called) started playing,….tears came to my eyes. I had not heard that song since my mother, who used to sing it to me as a child. I could feel her near me as if she was sitting right next to me. I thought someone must have come in the back and I didn’t notice. I checked, not only was there no one else there but me, THE JUKE BOX WASN’T PLUGGED IN.Later on in the day, I tried to find the song on it so I could play it again. IT WASN’T THERE ! So, I know she was there,telling me, chin up, I’m here with you….

  22. Mary at - Reply

    I am new to this but I wish that I could hear from my husband. I miss him so much

  23. APRIL penna at - Reply

    I have to admit Blair. I asked you one question about connecting with my dad. & you answered that simple question. By doing that …It has opened up a new world for me! I now connect with my dad my brother & my mom. I knew i was different (growing up)..I now go to my spirit guides & my loving family in spirit & talk to them daily! I want to thank you Blair…For all your books all your videos etc. Now everything i have learned i now pass it on to anyone who need it! You & your books have helped me in so many ways. I will never forget that one question i asked you ..and you answered it! I now live in a peaceful..loving life! Love & Light to you & your’s always xxx

  24. René at - Reply

    I get help finding things I lose at home. Like right after hubby died I had his wedding ring on right hand index finger. Was going to have our rings made into one ring. Lost it. I kept getting a message to look in trash, I had taken trash out. Went thru it. Was heartbroken. Asked for help again (more like begged) still got the answer in trash bag. Eventually it dawned on me to look in new bag in house I’d changed. Yep it was there! I was definetly guided to find that ring! Thank you spirit! Love Never Dies! (24 hr process)

  25. marti at - Reply

    I was how my sister that died a year and half a go unexpectedly can you tell us if she’s OK thank you so much I’m your biggest fan we struggle every day it’s so hard please help us my mom she has gone down a little ,thank you for your time just my 8th knee surgery and if I has the money we would come to see you much love from Altoona PA,we love you very much

  26. Sharon Berntsen at - Reply

    Enjoyed, last night’s Evening Of Spirit Connections. You are truly gifted and I THANK GOD for you and other Mediums who help HEAL our Weary Hearts. I lost my only child a daughter so I know the pain. If it weren’t for people like you helping us improve and heal we would be in a Mental Institution. Your very funny and uplifted everyone. Anyway, you mentioned a free book so I would love to receive the book. Thank for being in all places American Canyon.

  27. Margaret at - Reply

    Dear Blair,
    I am very religious as well as spiritual. I don’t think it’s against God to do what you do. I think it’s a gift that God gave you. You bring people peace and hope. And all those Christians out there that say it’s against God they are hypocrites. And God doesn’t like hypocrites. I myself have witnessed the power of the Lord he walked beside me in a difficult time and yea he sent spirit guides to help me make really big decisions and so I did. Sometimes I question the descions I made. But I am human and therefore as hu man beings we all question ourselves at one point in our lives. I am closer to God now more then ever. But, I have also witnessed spirit. People tell me I have the gift but unfortunately I don’t know what to do with it or how to use it to help others. I am very intuitive and am a strong believer in following my intuitionbecause it is usually right 98% of the time. I can look at someone and look in their eyes and basically see there pain or happiness. As the eyes tell alot about a person. So what you do is not against God it is a gift. Thank you for all the help you give. Wish you came to NJ so I could have a riding in person with you. Magaret.

  28. Margaret at - Reply

    Dear Blair,
    I am very religious as well as spiritual. I don’t think it’s against God to do what you do. I think it’s a gift that God gave you. You bring people peace and hope. And all those Christians out there that say it’s against God they are hypocrites. And God doesn’t like hypocrites. I myself have witnessed the power of the Lord he walked beside me in a difficult time and yes he sent spirit guides to help me make really big decisions and so I did. Sometimes I question the descions I made. But I am human and therefore as hu man beings we all question ourselves at one point in our lives. I am closer to God now more then ever. But, I have also witnessed spirit. People tell me I have the gift but unfortunately I don’t know what to do with it or how to use it to help others. I am very intuitive and am a strong believer in following my intuition because it is usually right 98% of the time. I can look at someone and look in their eyes and basically see there pain or happiness. As the eyes tell alot about a person. So what you do is not against God it is a gift. Thank you for all the help you give. Wish you came to NJ so I could have a reading in person with you. Magaret.

  29. Linda at - Reply

    They have guided me to you! I shall always remember to ask for guidance and remind myself that Dad still loves me. I realize that spiritual solutions are the ones that will help the most. Thank you Blair. I would like to think of you as a guide to help me connect better with my quides.

  30. Taren at - Reply

    Just started reading this book. After seeing you in person, I would love to have your books as audio books.

  31. Elinor at - Reply

    Blair I have a new friend we support each other virtually have never met as he is a carer for his disabled wife some distance from where I live. I just don’t want Emmy husband to think I no longer need his love as that was so so special. However the chat and laughter do so much for my well-being I just don’t want to be selfish. Thank you for your insight to things we only surmised before

  32. Jenny BomBerry at - Reply

    How/what do I say to my guide for help? So far…no enlightenment…no signs of direction or conscience help…still waiting…still believing an answer will come….sure isn’t instant…but i am a believer…watching 4 signs

  33. Lorraine Luscombe at - Reply

    I have had major turmoil over the past few years. I need help what to do next with my life. i am so confused.

  34. Colette at - Reply

    As a young pregnant woman, I was leaving the OB’s office walking down the stairs at the parking garage in downtown Detroit when I heard what I thought was a “gang” of kids coming down the stairs behind me. I was frightened and scanned the deck looking for a place to hide when I heard a voice telling me, “Walk as if nothing is the matter.” As I did, I heard the kids coming down the stairs behind me, they fell silent and walked away. I often wonder if they saw something or heard something.

  35. Dear Blair,it’s a true blessing to read everything you write. I miss my sister so, so much. I do talk out loud to her, I have her picture beside my bed, and in my truck. She was my best friend. My question, is can I get closer to my spirit guides, I believe in all I can’t see …Mother God, The Power of the Universe, Blessed Jesus * I know I have been watched over, I feel it .what’s the best way to pray to all of the above…thank you, in advanced **

  36. I want all 5 of your books, what are they all called ?

  37. Joanie at - Reply

    Hi Blair – my husband passed 9 years ago. 5 years ago I met someone new and we were together until he passed suddenly at the end of May, 2017. Who am I supposed to connect with now? Have they met each other on the other side? It feels very strange.

  38. Jenny at - Reply

    PRIVATE PLS: How I would like an answer to my prayers for Guide & Angel help…my suffering PTSD depressed marine gets so lost emotionally & I feel left out while he recovers 🙁 …I need Guide & Angels’ help…to help me to talk effectively to him…but I feel helpless…he won’t talk to me…I felt like Guides put us together 4 a reason…as he so believes too…

  39. Donna at - Reply

    I lost my 14 year old to suicide 20 years ago , my heart is so broke , people tell
    L me just be happy , my grandkids give me so much love , I want to work , can not get my self together

  40. Joanne at - Reply

    Blair. My husband passed 2 wks ago he wad cremated I was wondering if being cremated do you still get signs. I talk to my dad everyday for the 3 yrs and I get signs I have a picture of him and it falls face up when no one is in the room so I know that’s a sign. This means alot to me if you can answer this question for me I understand your busy but I really would appreciate it if you would do this thank you

  41. Dawn B. Farrington at - Reply

    On my way to work I was talking to my son and asking him to give me a sign so that I would know he had healed from all his pain and suffering and if he knew how very much I missed and love him. When I got home from work that day I came in the house shut my alarm off and was going to go sit out on my back patio and as I approached the sliding glass door to go outside there on the rug by the sliding glass door there to my surprise was a BIRD!! Just resting, didn’t even budge as I reached to slide the door open, when I did open the sliding glass door the bird flew outside. The amazing thing I have a cat in the house and my cat did not touch the bird. Since then several things always involving birds keep on happening and I know in my heart these birds that keep coming to me are definitely signs from my beloved son

  42. Lani Amann at - Reply

    I lost my 20 year old son last year. He was away at college. Half of my heart is gone and it feels as though my soul has been ripped away. My sons are everything to me. I would have given my life so my youngest could have lived his. I don’t know how live anymore. I just want to connect and make sure his spirit is okay. My mind is constantly asking where are you, are you safe? I recently joined your VIP group and I am reading your “Afterlife” book. I am going to start praying to my spirit guides and following your recommendations. I know it won’t bring him back or heal my heart but if I can just know his spirit is safe and we will be together again someday it will help some of my anxiety. Thank you for helping people. I have lost many loved ones but losing a child is literally loosing a part of yourself, loosing your hopes and future. Loosing everything that matters most.

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