Dreams of Deceased Loved Ones: How To Connect

Almost everyone has had dreams of deceased loved ones visiting us.

We wake up feeling that they were really and truly there.

Then, doubt creeps in. Maybe we were just imagining it?

Until recently, I used to tell people, “YES, our loved ones do indeed visit us in our dreams.”

However, in the process of writing my upcoming book, my awesome editor Allison made me realize–by pushing me to the edge–that I was wrong.

No, our loved ones do NOT visit us in our dreams.

Instead, they make connections with us while we are asleep.

What is the difference between a dream and a connection?

Dreams are typically weird. They make no sense.

You are riding a big giant yellow “rubber duckie” down a street going to work… you wake up and wonder, “what the heck was that about?”

In dreams, you will meet and talk with people, but cannot remember anything about them. They are typically faceless or shadows. (Note: not “scary” faceless people, but people whom you simply can't recall).

Connections with the deceased are extremely clear and memorable. You will clearly see the person who is on the other side. In other words, if your grandmother is making a connection with you, you will see and know it is her. No if's, and's or but's about it.

Here's Another Fascinating Characteristic Of A Deceased Loved One Making A Connection

When you wake up, it will feel as though if you only opened your eyes a second earlier you would have seen them right there.

There will be a certain warmth or characteristic of them having “just” been there.

Of course, your logical mind will tell you that they have passed on so there's no way they could have physically been there, but nevertheless the feeling will be there!

Three Steps To Connecting With Your Deceased Loved Ones While You Sleep

Your deceased loved ones desperately want to communicate with you. Understand that to begin with. Now, they might not communicate with you on a daily basis, they are there, they are around you and they can, do and will connect with your when you are asleep.

With that in mind, follow these three simple steps to connect with your loved ones.

First, it's important to relax. Trying to connect with your deceased loved ones when you are stressed and preoccupied can be a challenge. So, if you have had a stressful and anxiety filled day at work, this will decrease your chances of making a connection.

My advice is to meditate or relax. Take a warm bath. Go for a long walk. Wind down.

I do not recommend alcohol or drugs to “relax.” This affects your mind and body in an adverse way and will likely block a connection.

Second, I recommend that you write their name. In today's digital age this can be either on paper or typing it on a computer. Makes no difference. It's the ceremony of it that counts. You can also light a candle and or use incense.

Finally–and this is the easiest part–get into bed and make yourself comfortable. Ask you guides “please help me communicate with (name) tonight while I am asleep.” Then go to sleep. Silently say their name over and over again (example: “uncle Bob, uncle Bob, etc.)

Watch Your Expectations!

Your deceased loved ones in heaven have lives too! They don't jump just because you call upon them! Make sure that you open yourself to making connections upon their wanting to make a connection with you. NOT the other way around.

My Dad died March 23rd, 1995. He has only come to me four times since his passing.

That's right. Even I–Blair Robertson the medium–have only connected with my father on a few occasions.

That might sound depressing. I get that. But nothing could be further from the truth!  Every time he's connected with me the connection has been nothing but profound.

My expectation is this: I'm here when my Dad wants to connect. I ask regularly for him to connect, but I'm happy if he does not. In other words, I'm “open” to him at any time.


You might not make a connection immediately, but look at it this way: you have nothing to lose! You must sleep anyway, so why not ask for connections every night?

It's easy, and best of all… it's FREE!

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And when you DO make a connection, post your success in the comments below!

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