Dragonfly Meaning: Spiritual Messengers And Healers

A dragonfly can be a powerful spiritual messenger and have the ability to bring great healing in times of need. They are truly magical creatures.

What Do Dragonflies Mean

Most people in the spiritual community believe that dragonflies mean: change, flexibility and courage.

But to my mind, a dragonfly represents one thing: living fully in the present moment.
See, dragonflies only live a very short lifespan: they live only long enough to reproduce and that's about it. Typical lifespan is six months.

As a result, they've got to make the most of the time they have in life. No time for procrastinating or putting things off… gotta get busy living NOW.

Are Dragonflies A Sign From A Deceased Loved One?

A dragonfly can certainly be a sign from a deceased loved one!

Dragonflies only survive near water. As such, spiritually, this means that they connect to the water element which represents spirituality, intuition and reflection.

That said, as I teach in my best-selling book, Afterlife, your deceased loved ones aren't restricted by rules. Anything can be a sign. And dragonflies are no exception.

Dragonflies, due to their incredible colors and dynamic flying abilities, have an amazing way of capturing your attention. The message they deliver can be fluid.

Dragonfly Meaning In Dreams

Last week at a healing circle a woman shared how she was struggling with being over worked. In a nutshell, a position was removed and as a result much more work is now on her plate for the same pay.

She loved her job (and was excelling at it) but felt she deserved a raise.

But not just a minor raise, a major one.

She meditated on it and asked her guides for guidance. She patiently waited for guidance but felt it wasn't coming.

The night before attending the healing circle she dreamt that she was in the forest by a beautiful stream and stunning dragonfly landed on her.

When she woke up she felt exhilarated. She felt like that dragonfly filled her with electricity and confidence!

“Was this a sign? Does it mean I should ask,” she asked me?

Absolutely it was a sign I told her. It represented being confident and assured and to live in the now… to go for it.

This morning I got an email from her. They HAPPILY gave her the raise she wanted as they “couldn't afford to lose her at any cost.”

Dragonflies and Spirit Guides

Ask your spirit guides for help. Your spirit guides are with you from the moment you take your first breath and will be with you today you take your last breath.

Your spirit guides will help you discern all messages – not just a dragonfly meaning – and will help you to understand what a message is (and what a message is not.)

Please check out my other article on the five signs that your deceased loved ones send you on a regular basis.