Do The Dead Know We Miss And Love Them?

Do the dead know that we miss them and love them? Hey everybody my name is Blair Robertson, psychic medium best-selling author of the book afterlife three easy ways to connect and communicate with your deceased loved ones and i'm here just to answer a question i've been getting a lot this week and the question is do the

dead know we miss them and love them?

As a medium i can tell you unequivocally absolutely yes, your deceased loved ones are now more aware of what's going on in your life
now that they're on the other side than they ever could have been when they were here.
They're not sad and they're not feeling bad because they don't feel like they're dead!
One of the tips that i like to give my followers and and people who come to me for consultations is this if we stop seeing them as being dead stop seeing
them as being gone or seeing them as in some place that we'll never see them ever again
if we stop thinking that way and understand that they've now become part of the universe they've become energy they've become spirit they've become the heavenly realm once we know that and understand that it can bring you peace to know that well yes they're physically not here i i understand that pain that you're going through but to know that they're around and being able to see everything that you're going through and to know that they're supporting and cheering you on that's a beautiful thing
One more tip for you and that's this they don't want to you they don't want to see you stuck in the past they know that their transition was painful for you they know that the transition hurt and the adjustment to that is very very difficult they know you won't get over their loss but they do want you to get through it they want you to laugh again they want you to find joy again
so anytime you start to feel sad anytime you start to feel bad dig up or think up some sort of wonderful fun memory that you had together maybe something where you laughed maybe something where you did something that made you smile or brings joy to your heart and instead of thinking of how they died take a moment just remember that beautiful time that'll put a smile on your face it'll put a smile on their face and it will help you through the healing process
my name is blair robertson i've got a lot of videos on youtube right now and on facebook that will help you with this and they're all free so click the
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Remember: love never dies