Christmas Spirit Connection: Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones Christmas Day

WATCH the video, please. The following is only a thumbnail summary. The video IS important.

I conducted this experiment several years ago with a very small mailing list with tremendous success… frankly, I'm embarrassed to say it hasn't occurred to me to repeat it until TODAY!!!

Three Easy Steps:

1. Post name and relationship below. Example, “My Dad, George.” No need for details or story. Just three or four words.

I will read this list at 12:01 Christmas day (in the USA)… every single name… no matter how long the list. More in a moment.

2. Have a photo or a memento of the loved one nearby during Christmas day, December 25th, 2012. It is very helpful to light a candle, if only briefly, as well. A beeswax candle is BEST.

3a. Ask your guides to facilitate a connection from your loved one on Christmas day. Be OPEN to a connection no matter how dramatic or minute it might be. Be thankful–in advance–for ANY connection. Big or small. VERY important.

3b. VERY IMPORTANT: ask/pray for a connection for OTHERS *BEFORE* you. If 1000 people ask the same… imagine the amazing POWER that that will hold. People praying for YOU, YOU praying for others. One hand washes the other. Do this with the spirit/attitude that if you don't make a connection yourself, you will rejoice in a connection for others. Be self-LESS, not self-ISH. Get it? πŸ™‚

4. PROMISE that you will report back–as soon as possible BELOW–the connection you made.

That's it.

On December 25th, at 12:01am MST in the USA, I will read through the list and ask my guides and pray for each and every one of you to have an experience/connection.

I'm EXCITED for this! I'm EXCITED to facilitate this… this isn't from ME… this is from my guides… my friends… that recommended I conduct this again… I'm SO GRATEFUL and SO MUCH look forward to the results!

Get going!!! Post the contact below!!!

NOTICE: Please… only ONE name per person. ONE contact only. We want to focus ALL of our energy on this ONE contact for each of us. πŸ™‚ IF YOU POST MORE THAN ONE NAME, YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED! Let's make this happen, people! Let's sound off alarm bells on the other side that we WANT a connection. Be open, be ready and get READY to experience a connection! πŸ™‚