Butterfly Messages From Heaven?

At a recent event a lady asked me to spiritually give her a butterfly meaning. Was it a sign from a deceased loved one? It’s a great question and in this short article I’m going to show you the differences between what a sign really is and what it does not.


Butterfly Meaning: What Exactly Are They Trying To Tell Us?

Are butterflies angels? Are butterflies signs from our deceased loved ones?

They can be. Butterflies are a fabulous way for the spirit realm to connect with us and communicate to us.

Because they are often bright and colorful and fly in an erratic manner they are hard to ignore.

As such, it makes a great way for the heavenly realm to wave the flag to get our attention.

The conventional meaning of the butterfly is that of transformation.

Just as the it grows from being a caterpillar into a beautiful winged butterfly it reminds us that we are designed to grow and flourish in life.

Depending on how and when it presents itself it could mean that you are about to grow or congratulations for your growth. We’ll talk more about that in a moment.

What Does It Mean When A Butterfly Lands On You?

Seeing a butterfly is one thing, but to have one land on you… That’s a sure sign it’s a message from the heavenly realm.

Most of the time the message from your deceased loved one is very simple: “I am alive and well and have not forgotten you. I love you.”

Landing on you certainly drives that message home!

Butterfly Color Meanings

In Japan a white butterfly is supposed to symbolize the soul of a deceased loved one. A black butterfly is believed to be an omen of an impending death.

I personally do not believe that butterfly meaning. Nor do I believe in putting too much weight on the colors of a butterfly.

Spirit – and your deceased loved ones – don’t need you running to books or searching online for deep meanings of these things.

Think about it. A butterfly lands on you. Do you think spirit needs you to work out its color meaning? No.

For centuries they have been sending simple messages of love and hope to us. Embrace the message of the humble butterfly when you see it.

Open Yourself To Messages From Spirit

We are all given spirit guides to help us discern the messages that spirit sends to us. It often comes across as a “gut instinct.”

As mentioned above, you don’t need to spend time thinking about it. Trust your first instinct.

Perhaps you’re going through a rough patch of time and you see a butterfly. That is spirits way of letting you know that good is ahead. There is hope and change is coming.

Perhaps you’ve achieved success of some degree. You see a butterfly… Perhaps it is a way of spirit letting you know of how proud they are of your achievement.

In other words, avoid letting “knowledge” limit the butterfly meaning  and the message the spirit is showing you. Follow your heart, not your head. Take the message, give thanks and embrace it.

When you are in tune with spirit, you don't need anyone else to interpret the message. When they send us signs, you'll intuitively know.

Have YOU experienced a healing message from spirit via a butterfly? I'd LOVE to hear about it as I know others would too! Let me know in the comments below.