Here are seven of the most-asked questions about the afterlife I get at my live events, live broadcasts or at book signings. The goal of this article is to show you that Love Never Dies and that your loved ones are alive and well on the other side.

1. Your loved ones are alive and well in the afterlife

Yes, it's true that our physical bodies do expire/die. But our souls are eternal. Your deceased loved ones are very much alive and on the other side – heaven, if you will.

You cannot die no matter how hard you try. Once you leave this body that we are born into, we return to heaven to meet up with our loved ones in the afterlife who have gone before us.

Over the past 30 years, I've literally brought back tens of thousands of specific, explicit messages from deceased loved ones. There's simply too much proof that they exist on the other side to deny it.

Love never dies.

2. Your loved ones are NOT in pain

One of biggest hurdles that people struggle with is the last memory we have of our loved ones. Especially those who have suffered greatly with a terrible disease.

I have good news for you. Once you leave your body, you are no longer in any pain.

Unfortunately, we tend to remember how our loved ones died, rather than how they lived.

Your deceased loved ones – if they suffered – are no longer in pain.

Here's a humorous example from a recent live event: I brought through a Dad who immediately showed me he was doing a funny dance. The young lady burst into tears saying it couldn't be him, his legs were amputated!

But here's the thing: his physical legs were amputated, yes. And he suffered before passing. But on the other side, we are returned back to the “image of God” and restored.

Dad was dancing to show his daughter he was alive and well in the afterlife. Hilariously, she admitted that when he was well, he danced silly at her wedding and it was a memory she'll always remember.

See? It's the happy memories they want us to remember!

3. Your loved ones don't miss you!

This often shocks people. Your deceased loved ones DO NOT miss you.

How can they? They aren't “dead.”

Your deceased loved ones are very much alive in spirit.

They are still loving and very interested in the goings-on of your life.

Yes, my friend, they are very much alive. They can see and hear you and they know what is going on in your life. They don't miss you because… they are still here, just in spirit.

How much can they see? Well…

4. They see everything in the afterlife! Everything

I'm often asked, “Hey Blair, do they see… everything?”

Bad news: yes, they see EVERYTHING. Yes, they can see you naked in the shower.

One lady told me that after her Mother had passed she refused to have sex with her husband because she didn't want her Mom to see! (I'm not joking).

Yes, they can see everything. However, they are free from their bodies and very much evolved and enlightened. They no longer care about the material or the physical in that specific way.

Please, have showers and take baths. Your deceased loved ones don't care, and your friends and family will appreciate it.

5. They can hear you in the afterlife

This is a BIG ONE. As a medium, I'm often asked a variation of “Please tell my ______ I love her.”

You don't need a medium to do so. Your deceased loved ones can hear you perfectly fine. I repeat you do not need a medium to talk to them.

I'd highly recommend trying out my T.A.L.K. method from my book Afterlife. It works well.

6. They are sending you signs and want to connect with you.

Here's a comment I get a lot: “My ______ never sends me signs.”

I'm sure that people are sincere and believe that when they say it. But it is absolutely not true. Not at all.

Your deceased loved ones send you signs on a regular basis. No, not every single day, but often enough to encourage us.

So, the problem isn't with the signs. The problem is RECOGNIZING them.

In some ways, it's like a language. If you don't know the meanings of the words, how will you understand what they are saying?

Thankfully, recognizing the signs is easy: you need to know what the five signs are and you need to be open to experiencing them.

7. You won't burn in hell for experiencing love.

Unfortunately, religious dogma has messed up a lot of people and guilted them into believing that connecting with deceased loved ones is evil. Or that you'll burn in hell if you do speak with them.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In the Holy Bible, Jesus spoke with both Moses and Elijah who were deceased at the time. If Jesus could talk to the dead with his Father's blessing, it certainly is okay for you to as well.

The confusion comes from religions and religious texts being man-made. They are filled with conflicts and errors.

Of course, you are welcome to believe what you wish. By all means, live the rest of your days sad and lonely. It's certainly a choice, but it is not of God. And honestly, I feel sorry for people guilted by this flawed dogma. I hope and pray you are not one of them.

I hope this helps you. Love and light to you.

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  1. Ellie at - Reply

    Thank you Blair I needed this after I lost my best friend my world has been upside down

  2. caroline at - Reply

    Thank you for answereing these questions. These were things i didnt know. God bless you and have a wonderful day.

  3. Kyrle D'Arcy at - Reply

    Thank you Blair love these E-mails news letters .

  4. Mattie Perry-Lightfoot at - Reply

    I love this and I already knew that they can see and hear us. My Moms spirit has always been with me every since she passed. She actually makes a lamp come on and I know something is going to happen or if I am in a depressed state she is telling me its going to be ok. This has been going on for 13 years.

  5. Christine Korosec at - Reply

    A perfect message for me today, as it is my husbands birthday!
    Thanks Blair
    Love and Light to both you and Wendy <3

  6. Jillsummers at - Reply

    Thank you for the email,yes I do believe very much so that when I speak to them they hear me,i just wish I could hear them.thank you for keeping me updated,love and light always,thank you Blair and God bless you

  7. Cherie Saindon at - Reply

    Thank you Blair. What I like best about you is the true simplicity in which you correspond with us. I have visited other sites and never felt so comfortable. My husband passed three years ago and I think of him every day. We were married for fifty one years and I have met another man. But, this relationship is so different. I wish I knew if he is okay with this. I keep asking for signs, but, never recognize if I get any. Thank you for your guidance. Forgive my rambling. I hope you have a great week.

    • Shanen at - Reply

      Your husband was probably the one who put him in your life. That was his sign

  8. Roseanne at - Reply

    i just got diagnose positive for cancer. I’ve felt God with me through out. My family came to me prior to this event. I woke up depressed and a little upset but, I knew it would be ok. Now I got my sign about the radiation and I will do it. But, I am having doubts about chemo and i hav’nt recieved a sign on this. What’s your feelings on it?

  9. Rene' Baugher at - Reply

    Thank you Blair for taking the time out to connect with us and teach us more and to realize and live our lives as though our loved ones are there. I feel my hubby all the time and I can definetly relate to the lady who wouldn’t have sex cause her Mom would see. I went thru that years ago as I was living in her house after they died and in her room. Was creepy but got over it. I’m starting a new relationship and it seems my hubby is around even more when I’m home. What do you think he’s trying to tell me? I’ve asked but have not received an answer. Be safe us there in the air. Love and Light to you and Wendy. Love Never Dies.

  10. anna at - Reply

    thanks Blair for helping everyone. I think I got a sign the other day I was in bed sleeping and heard a big bang in my front room I went to see what fell nothing had fallen. so I don’t know what my love ones were trying to tell me or were they just letting me know they are with me.

  11. Joan Hickok at - Reply

    Thank you Blair,I really liked this

  12. Jane Cherry at - Reply

    Hi Blair, I enjoy reading your emails and also your books. Keep up the good work and hopeful messages.

  13. Theresa Hipple at - Reply

    Thank you for this message today. I lost my 19 year old son 5 years ago and my best friend last August and then husband in October. I talk to them all the time and get signs constantly. Sometimes I feel guilty like- I live more for the dead than the living.

  14. Muriel C Moore at - Reply

    Thank you, I needed to hear that. My dad and my younger passed many years ago, they both suffered with kidney problems, I still miss them both and cry a lot for what they went through before they died, I always pray that they are at peace, no more suffering, now I know they can see me and are in no pain and that I will see them again one day. Thank you sooo much for putting my mind at ease, I can now be at peace with what happens after we die, we do live on in spirit. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

  15. France at - Reply

    Thank you Blair! That is very enlightening post.

  16. Toni at - Reply

    Thanks, Blair…I always enjoy reading your posts. Hi to Wendy!

  17. sherry Benson at - Reply

    Thank you Blair, I love your name. Will you ever come to Hot Springs Village, Ar. or Hot Springs, Ar. or little Rock, Ar? We are now in the process of making a change as I need to be near family in Katy, Texas….I am a caregiver for my husband. Our youngest son was a homicide victim in 1990, he was the one that was going to take care of us when we got old, I am not old, will be 70 on January 28th and Ipray my son will send a cardinal…I am the new 50….Again love your name….Sherry Benson God Bless you

  18. Cheryl at - Reply

    Thank you soooo much for this email!!! I did go to a group meeting with a medium and it was mind boggling! !! My dad and my brother…both deceased…came thru doing a happy dance and I totally felt it!!! Now I need to hear from my mom!!! Ps…also heard from my husband at that reading!!! Again Thank You!!!

  19. Angie Husnick at - Reply

    Thank you ❤️❤️

  20. Barbara at - Reply

    Hi, unfortunately I am one of the people who wonders why I don’t hear from my mother. I am finding that as time goes bye, it is worse for me I miss my mother more and am finding it hard to find my joy again.

    • Diane Frieders at - Reply

      Since my Mom passed a year ago, it is hard to find joy. Mine comes from my family and grandchildren. Thank gawd for my 94 year old healthy Dad. But you do feel different and joyless – it comes back little by little – but do the things that bring you joy – seek them out. But I know I will never be the same since she left and we change with each life experience.

  21. Dawn Diaper at - Reply

    Hi Thank you, just before my mum died, I asked her if she could let me know in some way that she found dad, when she died we were spreading her ashes and a little robin came down and hopped around her ashes, do you think this was a sign, ?. Also my son a painter and decorator was at work, he was wearing a coat that belonged to my dad, but was feeling a bit guilty about it.
    When a robin came and sat on the scaffolding he was working on. I think dad was saying it’s ok. Do you think so too.
    Love and light

    • Diane Frieders at - Reply

      He was, there are signs all around us, we just need to pay attention and believe. His Dad is happy he’s wearing his clothes and is close to him and reminded of him. I wear my Mom’s, and it brings me happiness. We need to keep all the memories we have and get all the happiness we can.

    • Diane Frieders at - Reply

      Yes, that was your Mum’s sign.

  22. Laura at - Reply

    Thank you. Do you go to hell if you commit suicide?i really need to know

    • Wendy at - Reply

      No you don’t.

    • Diane Frieders at - Reply

      No, there is no hell, and if there is, it is on earth. They are at peace – know that.

    • Brigitte at - Reply

      You don’t. You will be loved as well. The medium however said my son felt guilty , and needed us to confirm forgiveness …

  23. Karyn Jarvie at - Reply

    Blair, From all the reading that I have done of the afterlife and I have done heaps of research since my only child transitioned at 15, that not necessarily will the transition mean that they are “very much evolved and enlightened”. This maybe the case for some, but there are also many who go to the darker life. While I fundamentally agree with most of what you say, I think that saying people are more evolved and enlightened is historically not valid. We know from all the studies done and much research that transitioning does not confer automatic evolution and enlightenment. Love & Light Karyn

  24. Janet at - Reply

    Loved this! Thank you!

  25. Nelda Taylor at - Reply

    Thank you Mr. Robertson. I have felt very alone for a long time. My husband passed away suddenly 11yrs ago and my parents before that. I have talked eith seversl different ministrtd snd they all told me our lived ones arent allowed to know what is going on hrre on earth with us as it would worry or upset yhem and thst wouldnt be Heaven for them. Its nice to know they dtill care. Would somedsy very much like to attend on of your meetings.

    • Diane Frieders at - Reply

      Nelda, that is the strangest thing I’ve ever heard – why would a minister ever say that to someone – that is so sad! Our loved ones are always with us – I truly believe that now since my Mom has passed. She has given me so many signs, I hate to tell people as they will think I’m crazy. But, for me, I know it’s true.

  26. Wanda Pender at - Reply

    As always, an uplifting message, thank you Blair! My grandmother passed in 1989 and came to me in ‘a dream’, dancing! I knew that it was her way of letting me know that she was ok, alive and well! Such a weight was lifted off of me after that and I knew that it simply wasn’t… ‘just a dream’.
    I believe! <3

  27. Ivett at - Reply

    Hi Blair. I read this email. I do know this and I always enjoy rereading about our Loved Ones on the Other Side. I never tire of it and always gives me a boost in validation when I need to be reminded. Thank you.

  28. Tracie P Gutierrez at - Reply

    Thank you

  29. maryann at - Reply

    lost my partner of 24 years i belive what you say but i don’t get any thing that makes me feel shes here i talk to her all the time i’m very depressed and cry a lot but ty for this

  30. Rita Bright at - Reply

    Thank you. I talk to Angels and family every night, mostly thanking them for helping me through the day and keeping me and my family safe. I do believe they help me when I ask. In the recent few months I have had 3 problems that I prayed for help. First we misplaced the key to our new car. I asked for help all day and we did find them. Then I was to have an echocardiogram and I asked for a good report. When my Dad was the age I am now, he had quadruple bypasses and it has been something that I’ve been very afraid of. I asked Mom and Dad to help me and they did. Last week I had to have a minor surgical procedure which came out fine and I had no pain afterwards. I know I was helped, but, now how do I thank them? These were such big events for me that it brings tears to my eyes and although I thank them often, is doesn’t seem nearly enough.

  31. Peggy Gilliland at - Reply

    Thank you Blair I sure have wondered about these 7 things you mentioned here…i am glad it is straight in my mind now…

  32. Luanne at - Reply

    Thank you Blair. Your always helping others your the best . Love never dies .

  33. Debbie at - Reply

    I hope that this helps some. I find hearts. If water has boiled over on the stove and when I lifted the pot the water left hearts on the glass top. After rain, when my drive way is soaked, there are dry spots of hearts randomly in my driveway. This happens quite often, so someone close to me is sending me love.

    • Judy at - Reply

      Myself and my youngest son is always seeing hearts. Even when I have made homemade pancakes there are times one will turn heart shaped all on its own. So many times and the weirdest things, even had a heart shaped cut (healing scab) on my finger, my son is convinced it’s his daddy. There are times when I believe the same but I don’t know…. I have spoke to him many times and even begged for him to come to me, just to let me see him but the most I got was my dreams. I used to pray to dream about him, just so I could be with him again, and I did have some prayers answered. There were a few dreams though that felt more real than the others, especially one, as I was waking up he kissed me and it felt so real, I cried….I felt his sweet lips kiss me in such a tender way, it was a goodbye kiss. The memory of that kiss still hurts now and that was a few years ago. I do still wish I could talk to him, I can’t say there were any regrets but like everyone, I have questions I would like answered, some type of closure.

  34. carylee at - Reply

    Thank you , my mom just passed away Dec, 3 2016 . This article has been very helpful thank you

  35. Betty at - Reply

    I recently lost my husband. I have not seen any signs that he is still here with me. I feel maybe he thought I didn’t do enough to save him. I did try cpr but it was too late. I feel that he is mad at me for sometimes not being nice and not as patience as I should of been. I have tried talking to him to please show me a sign he is here and that I love him and always will. I just hope he didn’t suffer and felt no pain.

  36. Janet Durham at - Reply

    Thank you. This helps me a lot. My husband died in August, 2013 and I still grieve for him and miss him.

  37. Karen Bement at - Reply

    Thank you for this information Blair. I absolutely believe our loved ones are with us but wondering what they experience in heaven. Do they have jobs they enjoy etc?

  38. Dotty at - Reply

    You are a true blessing and a gift to all of us. Thank you for being you and sharing.

    Love and Light to you and Wendy!

  39. Carol at - Reply

    Thank you Blair. I not only believe everything that you say because, I myself have been blessed to experience many signs from my deceased family. I am a believer and always keep my eyes and ears always on alert. I really wish I could attend your show in Las Vegas, NV.
    Many blessings and white light.
    Carol in Las Vegas, NV

  40. ARHONDA HASSEN at - Reply

    Blair, thank you so much for the info….I never ever would have expected to receive the info, and I was really happy to be able to read it.. I’m going to share it with my family. God bless you.

  41. Brenda Faulk at - Reply

    Thank you so much, Blair, I really needed to know this! I lost my sweet sister in July,2016, due to someone poisoning her. I know it had to be a painful death and this is something that has really bothered me. At least I know she is still around & sending me signs.

  42. Violet at - Reply

    Hi Blair! Love all the positive things you give out to the world. They have really helped me get through the past few months since my husband passed away. Question: What do our loved ones do on the other side once they have passed away? Thanks again for all the love, light and encouragement. Best wishes from snowy Québec City

  43. Amy Aldridge at - Reply

    Thank you Blair! Your newsletter has really helped me learn so much about the afterlife and have a better understanding of it.

  44. Terri at - Reply

    Thank you Blair! i have been having a really bad time with grief since my boyfriend died in October 2015 a couple days before my birthday Thank you for being there to tell us these things! God Bless you!

  45. Bonnie Souriol at - Reply

    Thank you so very much for this Blair. When I lost my son, I received so many wonderful signs from him. It truly did make me realize that there is life after death. That love never dies! I want to thank you for all that you do. You bring so much hope and closure to all that need it. I am going to past this on to my Cousin. She lost her Mom recently and is feeling very lost. Love and Light! ❤️❤️

  46. sandi at - Reply

    thank you , this answered several things for me , I feel them , different ones at different times and without thinking talk to them . I didn’t know if this was weird or not , but think I understand more now . you have eased my heart so many times and I had to say thank you one more time

  47. Vivienne Darden at - Reply

    Thanks Blair. I have contact with some people that have crossed over. My Dad, Dan, in dreams and he has left messages in dreams to my oldest daughter to tell me he loves me. The past more than a year two of my uncle’s I have seen. A mother of someone I know shows herself at times when I am with Tamara. A gentlemen friend crossed over a year ago Halloween. I felt his presence and felt a physical kiss on my neck. Blair I was having some experiences before you, but since I have read your books, I have had a lot more experiences and my connection with them is different. I don’t want you to be offended by a message that I sent you previously about your latest endeavor in books. I enjoyed them and you did a good job. There was one paragraph in the last book that was really confusing and I would have to go back and find it. In the first book, only. two letter words that should have been changed. I only want to help you. I only think your mind might get ahead of you. Again, thank you for your help.

  48. Susan Jones at - Reply

    This is so reassuring. I feel my son, I get signs, but it always helps to hear this again. One question… well, I’m sure I could come up with a lot of questions. They hear us, the know what we are doing, they see us….but is that all they do? Do they have jobs, or activities other than just watching things here?

  49. Mary at - Reply

    Thank you for all this info. It was very interesting to read.

  50. Faith at - Reply

    Thank you Blair. Nice refresher

  51. Marguerite O'Quin at - Reply

    My husband has passed away in Oct. 2016, my sister in June 2016 and my brother in Feb. 2016.

  52. barbara mc menamie at - Reply

    Thank you, Blair. I am presently witnessing my son die a slow, painful death. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Your words are a real comfort to me for I cannot pray for him to stay here when I know how much he has suffered. I just don’t know how to live without him.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful work you and your lovely wife do.

  53. marilyn stair at - Reply

    Love & light blair. Thank you so very much for everything you do .. you bring people peace xoxo

  54. Yvonne Rietschy at - Reply

    I sit on my late at night and I hear music playing . Some time is the harp playing ,some one singing opera. It very pleasant to hear but I’m the only one that hears this music. I check ed all the rooms to see if the tv is on .everything is off and everyone is sleeping.

  55. DAWAINE LEMLEY at - Reply

    Hello Blair. I guess at my age, 83 and 9/10, I can leave off the Mr. with no offense intended. At 30,000 feet you should be able to look out the window and may see an angel or two. I read every thing you send and have about everything you have in the way of books and other things. I really was upset when I read this information you sent. Item 3 really bothered me. I was in good hopes that Carolyn really missed me. Carolyn has been gone now a little over 2 and 1/2 years and to my knowledge she has never been in my dreams . I do everything you advise but no luck. I believe that Carolyn has been here twice, a light blinked and the smell of candles in her room. We were married over 42 wonderful years and every one of them years was full of love. Our love was being together every single day. It is hard for me to think that Carolyn does not miss me. Thanks for all your help. Love and Light back at you and yours.

  56. carole at - Reply

    i know they’re out there and i always want to see my grandma in my dream but she never came … but last week in my dream it was like a party and i saw my great-grand mother and have her a hug and then grandma was thete i was crying telling her that i saw my great grandma so she was laughing at me then i woke up and realise no wonder she was laughing at me cause she was thete too LOL

  57. Shelia at - Reply

    Thanks for the great reminder, Blair. Love and light.

  58. Donna Kuzmicz at - Reply

    Thank you for your comments about religion and contacting the departed. My daughter sees that as against God or evil. I do not agree as I know my husband Michael is now happy, joyous and free of pain. He lets me know he is around often. I have read and enjoyed all your books and have learned alot from them. I also go to your seminars when you are in the San Diego area. The next time you are in the area again I will come and hope he will come thru. Keep writing and doing what you do!

    Donna Kuz

  59. Mary at - Reply

    How can we tell who it is that’s giving us the signs? I have asked for particular signs if its my mom, dad or son.

  60. Deb Dow at - Reply

    Hi Blair,
    I discovered you; and your online seminars ;following the death of my husband Feb 2015. Since then I have learned much . Your teachings have made a positive difference. Thank you!
    I would like to purchase all of your books but have forgotten what my passwords are to download them.
    How can I get a hard copy of each book that you have written?

  61. Carrie at - Reply

    Thank you, Blair. My family has always believed this way, so for us it is natural to “notice” and experience our “crossed over” loved one’s “signs” they give us. It is very comforting. I’m sure you have helped many people to pay attention to what their loved ones may be trying to tell them.

  62. Theresa Girard at - Reply

    This came to my e-mail at a perfect time when I needed some “re”-confirmation on my loved ones passing..I struggle daily with trying to push him out of my mind to not feel the greif and heartbreak and yet I continue to be aware of signs I might receive…Thank you! I enjoy all your articles and carry your motto…”Love never dies”

  63. Sharon Williams at - Reply

    The 7 Afterlife Facts was very helpful for me you answer every question I wanted to know thank you so much,

  64. Margaret Butcher at - Reply

    Blair I’m always excited about reading the next lesson you send our way.You have given me assurance that it is truly ok to chitter chatter with our deceased loved ones.Love an light Blair.Im very glad you had a good time in Arizona.Keep the updates coming.Have a great day. 🙂

  65. Betty at - Reply

    Thanks Blair….your messages are very uplifting and seem to come at a time when I need that reminder. My sister and I enjoyed our evening with you in Bakersfield and we both were able to get separate readings! Hope to see you again sometime in the future and maybe it will be in San Luis Obispo, CA. You and Wendy please travel safe!

  66. Veronica at - Reply

    Thanks for your encouraging comments; I miss my husband but know he is safe and sound and not suffering.

  67. Linda Blythe at - Reply

    I absolutely love this! You have such an amazing gift & have made a huge impact on my life. As a mom losing her son there is so much worry, confusion & guilt even when your head knows you shouldn’t feel guilt, but you just can’t help it. Although I struggle daily with him being gone, I realize my tears are for me & not for him. You help put some of my horrible fears more at ease. I wish there were something other than thank you that I could say to you. The softening of the hole in my heart is appreciated more than I can possibly express. – PS. It was amazing to see you in person in Indiana. Looking so forward to you coming back again!

  68. Heidi Mathiasen at - Reply

    Thanks reading this makes me think of signs I have been getting from my son

  69. Taren at - Reply

    Not long after reading this, I jumped in my car to drive home from work and Don’t Stop Believing was playing on the radio. Here was a sign!

  70. Catherine at - Reply

    Thanks for this Blair, I seen you in St. John’s NL in June and had my father and grandfather came through it was exciting for you to tell me things that you could not possibly know, I am so thankful and I can’t wait for you to come back. God Bless you and your family.

  71. Joanne Gonzalez at - Reply

    Hello Blair,I would like to know about the Mother of Jesus??I am a catholic and believe in the virgan Mary,& Joseph the father of Jesus.I’m not sure if it’s true as far as religion goes,I have read about spiritual books.They dont say anything about Jesus parents or even mentioning them.I believe we are incarnated,& i find that info interesting.I hope you can shed some light on those questions.Thank You,Joanne.

  72. Elinor McCartney at - Reply

    Thank you Blair your posts help me a lot.

  73. Amy Tumminia at - Reply

    I believe everything you say! I witnessed many signs from my Mom during Christmas and after. I had to put down one ☝️ of my dogs. Bella a sweet mini schnauzer 10 with advanced diabetes We didn’t know. I thought she would just get medicine. That I can do. How do I get pass this? Please help me. Overwhelmed with grief. Thank you

  74. Marian at - Reply

    My wonderful father told me in a reading that he wished he could tell me he missed me, but he said I’m with you. He said but I know you miss me. He told me many things. He protects my house.

  75. Janet at - Reply

    I know it doesn’t because our Daughter has seen my husband and he came to her in a reading at one of your events. I’ve never felt him and was ignored at the event, makes me feel like I wasn’t loved after all, it’s devastating.

  76. Marlee Oliver at - Reply

    Thanx for your insight Blair! Love & light to you!

  77. loretta smith at - Reply

    My husband will be gone 6 years on the 13 of February I never receive signs from him and tal to him most every day His name is Ron.

  78. Carol at - Reply

    I would like a reading. I have a lot on my mind that needs clearing up. My husband passed over five years ago and I had to put my 15+ Years dog to sleep a week ago this past Friday.Thank you. Carol

  79. Mary Ovalle at - Reply

    Thank you so much Blair for all the information, It was very helpful and helped me to understand about life after death. God bless you.

  80. Norma M Hastie at - Reply

    So glad to have read this message. I loss my husband almost 3 years ago. I’m always hoping and praying he can hear me. Wishing all the time for him to send me a sign.

  81. Janet at - Reply

    I signed up for your webinar. though I found
    it very interesting, I couldn’t find it helpful to me. My husband has appeared to family members, and came through to our daughter in one of your events, during which he ignored me. I have never felt him nor has he ever come through to me. That makes me feel that since love never dies, he apparently didn’t love me even after 35 years years together, and I am devastated. He was my love, my life, I cry everyday to think he didn’t love me after all.

  82. Vonnie at - Reply

    I just want to say thank you for all the great tips in communicating with our loved ones it is so comforting
    I have bought all your books and look forward to and hope that you write more!!

  83. Deborah Jean at - Reply

    Thank you Blair, I Really needed to read this this am!

  84. margaret at - Reply

    Thankyou Blair (love to Wendy), I have had this happen twice, I repeatedly asked a family member to come see me when im sleeping, I swear 2 times, I heard these exact words “hi Margaret” it was so vivid and real, I felt had I opened at my eyes I would have seen my loved one right there, I know what I heard, but it was like they were alive, it was that real, Thankyou Blair for all you do, I am very much looking forward to when you return to Canada, I keep cking your event sked……………..thankyou :)))

  85. Josie Pupo-Bassford at - Reply

    Thank you. I recently lost my 51 year old brother unexpectedly and I’m having a difficult time (i’m his older sister). I did dream with him, and he has sent me a couple of strong signs. I just miss him. I know he’s ok. And I know he wants to see my happy and not grieving. But how does one do that… connect the mind with the heart. That’s the hard part. I have tickets to see you in Miami and I’m praying he comes through. I know he’s around. I just wish I could hug him one last time.

  86. joan arnold (joni) at - Reply

    Good afternoon Blair;

    My daughter and I look FORWARD to meeting you in Ft.Myers, Fl. on February 10 @ 7:00 pm. I can almost guarantee that you will feel the energy from me if you will…..seeing as I have lost so many family members in such a short time. I have experienced TRULY AMAZING signs that I believe are connected with my my LOVED ones who have passed.. Wishful thinking? I’m hoping you can enlighten me on that! Hopefully it is meant to be that you personally will reach out to me on Feb.10th..

    Look forward to the spiritual evening……Safe travels!!

    Joan ( a.k.a. Joni)

  87. Cindy Ober at - Reply

    I have had so many connections with my husband since he died. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was real. I took your class, got your book and now I know that I am making connections. Before my husband passed away, he requested that I have his funeral in our house. I was painting a stencil on the wall before the funeral, this is something my husband didn’t like because when you repaint he always felt it was hard to cover the stencils. I taped the stencil to the wall, climbed down the ladder to get the paint, climb back up the ladder, and the stencil would fall down. After the 3rd time, I said don’t make me get out the duct tape because you know I will. This was a standing joke between us and the stencil stayed up. I think he was teasing me. One time when I had a water problem that I didn’t know about, he came to me in my dream and showed all of the sprinklers going in that area covered in ice and snow. I had just turned the system off for the winter, and thought it was a ridiculous dream, but after having the same dream over and over all night, I checked the area and I had not gotten the shutoff completely off and water was running up out of the drain. Most of the time when he comes in my dreams, it is to warn me about a potential problem. However sometimes he just comes to visit. One night I found my self updating him on all of the things happening in the family, who had passed away, who had gotten married, pretty soon I realized he already knew everything that was going on and we laughed. Sometimes If I am having trouble sleeping, I feel his hug. I always ask him to stay until I fall asleep and I know he does. Thanks for giving me the tools to understand these connections are real.

  88. Lucy Poulus at - Reply

    My loved one passed on Halloween. Among his possessions was the keys to his truck. I had a visitation from him asking about the keys and I told him I had them. I knew, without a doubt, that it was him. The feeling I had was something I hadn’t experienced before in my life.

  89. Brenda at - Reply

    I have feathers after my mom and friend passed away different colors and sizes.

    • Brenda at - Reply

      Also felt bottom of my mattress go down day time was by my self.

  90. Mary Decunzo at - Reply

    I missed you in Melbourne, Florida this year because I was in the hospital. All is well, but I wanted to thank you for two years of wonderful messages you brought to me last year and the year before. Love and light with many thanks.

  91. Marisa Sharp at - Reply

    I need help. My husband passed 3 months ago unexpectedly. I’m grieving so much that i’m not picking up on any signs. I talk to him every day, but i get nothing. I feel like a huge part of me is missing .

    • Debbie Marie at - Reply

      I’m sorry for your loss and he pain you’re in right now. But you answered your own question when you said “I’m grieving so hard that I’m not picking up on any signs”. You may just be missing them because of your grief. It’s ok, he will continue to show you signs, and when you’re ready you will see them. Until then take care of yourself and know that it’s true – love never dies.

  92. Christine Derby at - Reply

    How will i know what really happened in a murder to where my son is apologizing to me and yes he was truly loved we just want answers and justice

  93. Debbie Marie at - Reply

    I love that you make the afterlife easy to understand. Some people make things so complicated, it’s understandable why people are confused. Life changes once you know these 7 facts. Thank you for all you do.
    Much love,
    Debbie Marie

  94. Kyrle at - Reply

    Always a thank you from me Blair. You seem to send what I need to read at the right time . Thank -you . Kyrle—-Ottawa Ontario.

  95. Wendy at - Reply

    Just love hearing these facts

  96. Caroline at - Reply

    How do I recognise these sign from the afterlife?. How do I become more susceptible to the signs. I have had eerie moments and only once I have opened myself to what I think is the third eye. Am I just believing what want to believe or is there more to what’s happening with me?

  97. Stacey at - Reply

    Well written, well said – great job of educating~! Congratulations~!

    I’ve learned by my maternal grandmother, whom I never met, sends me pennies, so now, I save those pennies I find in interesting places.

  98. Peggy at - Reply

    You’re explanation of many of our fears and concerns are so comforting to me. You are as real and down to earth as it gets. Thank you for that.

  99. Danita at - Reply

    I just want to say Thank You! I lost my brother from this world just days ago and the pain is great at times. You’ve given me hope and validation. I’ve always talked to my love ones and believed they could hear me.

  100. Sandra Harding at - Reply

    I feel the presence of my parents every day. I often now they are near by the sweet smell of lilies and it seems like for no reason at all I look at a clock somewhere and it reads 11:11 I take comfort in knowing that they are near and that they know how much they are loved and missed

  101. SHIRLEY A WORK at - Reply

    I believe this is true but i also believe this is not the end . We will stay there or come back if you believe in reincarnation. And this will continue until Judgement day. This is my belief what do you think? Because no one can really know for sure

  102. Ann weippert at - Reply

    My youngest daughter died when she was 30. I talk to her all the time. I also leave her messages on her memorial site online. I know she reads those and hears me talk to her. She still, after 14 years, leaves dimes for family members.

  103. Linda at - Reply

    Hi Blare, I lost my Soul Mate, almost 8 years ago now, on August 18, 09. I talk to him regularly, and am pretty good at recognizing signs from him. The Butterfly, for one. I just havn’t had a visit from him in my sleep in years now, even though I ask him to come to me, every night. I need to see him. What’s wrong???

  104. Susan Weidner-Moennig at - Reply

    I talk to my heavenly family every day!

  105. Shirley Mason at - Reply

    You’re well loved, because you’ve shown people the NO B.S. Way to know our loved ones & the love NEVER DIES!✨✨

  106. Penny Gibson at - Reply

    I have lost almost every loved one i have my mom dad 2sisters 2brothers and my husband i never had chance to say goodbye i would just like to know if my family are together and happy also if my husband is reunited with his family. I know you say they become joined after death. But i just would like to know if they were because when my 2 brothers died they drowned and there bodies were never found uve always wondered if they are still alive and have amnesia or something. Would be so nice to have confirmation of this. I look forward to your show in kingston ont Canada on may 24 2017 .My daughter and i went to your last one there as well although i didnt get a reading my daughter did you are amazing thanks Blair

  107. Deborah Edwards at - Reply

    Thank you for this. One thing that is a pet hate of mine is various spiritual people giving me a reading that say “your mother died peacefully” I automatically say “no she didn’t” and they don’t know what to say. Mum lived the last months in excruciating pain and the doctors/hospice put her in a morphine coma to try and alleviate her suffering which didn’t work. It would be a lot more respectful to say “she is NO LONGER IN PAIN”. Saying things to placate or generalise makes me wonder if I am being taken for a ride.

  108. Mary Candelaria at - Reply

    Hello, My son was murdered 7 months ago on 08/15/2016. He was 28 years old and a father of 3. I am very spirtual and often have seen other loves ones in my dreams. I finally had a dream about my son but he was already gone. He woke up and smiled, danced with me and told me he loved me and missed me. He proceeded to dance and hug my other family members in the dream. Was this a sign that he was telling me he was ok? To this day I worry that he is not at peace due to the circumstances that he was taken from us.

  109. michelle barbuto at - Reply

    My son passed away 28/3/1917. The pain in my heart is unbearable…Thank-you for your posts…

  110. cindy chief at - Reply

    thank you so much for enlightening my beliefs and giving me hope,my son died in april 2011 and i was so devastated and at the time i believe he started to show me he was still here but i was blind to the signs because i was grieving and always crying..we started finding dimes at odd places and we started putting the dimes in a special vase..i finally had the courage to hang up his pictures and can look at him without crying and the best part is his legacy to this day is a beautiful little girl my granddaughter who will be turning 6 in august…thank you blair for listening and god bless you

  111. Jaclyn at - Reply

    Blair, do you not think that our loved ones miss being able to physically hug us and ‘feel’ our hugging them back? What about missing the ability to have even a small amount of dialogue rather than hearing us only….for those who do not have any of the ‘clairs’?

  112. Donna at - Reply

    Good morning Blair. ..thank you so much for affirming what I already believe. I greatly enjoyed reading your books “The Afterlife Collection “.
    I have the collection on my Kindle, and purchased the paperback version as a gift.
    I wear the bracelet that came with the paperback version everyday as a reminder that “Love Never Dies “!
    It brings me comfort and the patients that I work with in Hospice.
    Thank you Blair!

  113. Valerie Robbins at - Reply

    I am sending this off to a loved one , here on earth

  114. Anna new Gurnari at - Reply

    THANK YOU…..:)

  115. michelle barbuto at - Reply


  116. Annette Ortiz at - Reply

    Morning my fiance past 2 weeks ago. I was in process of moving there. I spent a week there with his daughter and mine, I am in a place I need to hear him. He was in great pain for along time but much has come out and I need help. Funny how I saw this today I am beyond moving on.

  117. Annette Ortiz at - Reply

    I just lost my Fiance we intended on starting a new Life and make the most of our last years however as I was packed and packing Mar 15th I git a call from the Marshall in his State and they told me he had past. I about fell on the floor. Questions have risen and he had shared his will between his middle daughter and I. I am torn… Now I am not sure if what we had was real.

  118. Sherrie at - Reply

    Good morning Blair. Thank you for your loving messages in regard to our deceased loved ones. I truly believe that religion, all religion, is man made. It was put into place to control the masses. Scare tactics…I respect anyone and the religion they believe in. Just don’t condemn me for not participating in the beliefs. I am a spiritual being not a religious one.
    Thank you again and give Wendy a hug.

  119. Judy at - Reply

    I have my recently passed boyfriend’s picture (with me) on my desk and talk to him whenever I feel like it. I received a “sign” from him within 12 hours or so after his passing. I’ve received a very few more subtle signs since – such as a “flutter” of light, or “whiteness” in my lap and a shadow off to my side. I am grateful for these. We had a very deeply loving relationship for many years (we are both ‘elderly’) and I think our connection continues. I have an unanswered question is: since we had such a loving/lasting/beautiful relationship and his health issues were pretty much unbearable for him the last months of his life – WHY AM I SO SAD????? I expected to be o.k. with his death considering all I had to be grateful for but instead I am profoundly sad. Will it end soon? I stumbled across Blair’s web site, etc. and am so glad I did. Hope to meet him one day.

  120. Brian Robillard at - Reply

    After all the tears, and, you begin to think again our love ones have never left us, they have moved on because we are now stronger and in a heartbeat will be there to guide us when we have those trials and tribulations.

  121. Lenette Hastings at - Reply

    so, just a question… I get that they hear us on the other side and communicate, but you also say that we have multiple lives. If their spirit goes on to another life than do they continue to communicate in some way or do we loose the connection because they are starting over and occupied with the new life? How can they continue to be around us all the time when their spirit is in new body? Could this be the reason that they stop visiting in dreams after a year or so?

  122. Janice Thompson at - Reply

    I recently lost my love to suicide. It is hard some days more then others. I do beleive he is has no more pain and is at peace. I am just struggling right now between missing him and wanting him next to me . There is death and then there is suicide. I have questions that won’t ever be answered. Knowing I will never get them is the hardest part.

  123. Pamela at - Reply

    This article was amazing and comforting. Thank you

  124. Kim at - Reply

    Hi I do believe that our souls never die. How long does it take to be reincarnated? And do we get a choice?

  125. Kathleen Pergentile at - Reply

    thank you glad you are posting to facebook I am reading your second book and enjoying it very much

  126. Diana Escobar at - Reply

    Dear Mr. Robertson:

    In reference to #6……In 2000 my beloved mother passed away and 2 weeks later I had a dream with her that she was an Angel. I was surprised and I said in the dream. Mom you are an Angel and with feathers too! Well, ever since that dream I receive feathers no matter where I am. One day at work we were having a meeting and this feather came out of no where flying across the room landing on me. I find feathers any where and I always know that my Angel is around.

  127. Jenny at - Reply

    I need 2 know…my love is so great for my partner now…I really do not want 2 lose it/my love for him…when he or I pass on…do we really lose love here or is it gone when we cross over?

  128. Hugh Burritt at - Reply

    Unfortunally I won’t be in Arizona when you come here which is too bad. Wanted to meet you. Been wanting to talk with someone one on one who has died and come back. Sincerely, Hugh

  129. Susan at - Reply

    They removed a friend from life support today. Oddly, im not sad. More ready for him to be free from the earthly burdens. Thank you for the reminders

  130. Tina Cantwell at - Reply

    I have been a believer for a while now. You affirming how I believe, and “know” what I believe is such a blessing.
    Thank you so much!

  131. Donna at - Reply

    Thank you Blair. I have purchase the Afterlife. It has help me but I still feel lost. It has been only 3 1/2 months. I wish he never left but now he is in peace and can breath better. I know he is happier. Are you ever in The Geneva, NY area. I would love to meet you. Thanks Donna

  132. ELSA at - Reply

    Thank you Mr. Blair Robertson… I love this so much I needed this. There are time I want to talk to you, closure. Thank you, you are truly bless.

  133. Tammy at - Reply

    I lost my best and lifelong friend in 2014 to cancer. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay and take care of her with the help of our other best friend. We grew up together and had a lifelong friendship. Towards the end of her life she had said to me “I will find a way to get through to you, I will leave you a feather somewhere and you will know it’s me”. I am a courier delivering to hospitals and soon after her passing while I’m still sad and grieving I make a delivery and when I get back in my vehicle for some reason, which I never do, look under the front seat and there are two feathers. I started bawling knowing it had to be her. There were no feathers anywhere around outside. The same day I turn on the radio and one of her favorite artist, Catie Curtis is playing on the radio. The song, I’ll Cover You. It was a great day knowing she was there. My other friend also experienced her. My friend who passed, her last name was Cooley. So my other friend pulled into a parking lot and the vehicle she pulled next to had a sign on the car saying Cooley Construction. We were both blessed to receive these messages.

  134. Elinor Mc Cartney at - Reply

    Blair I want to thank you just told my Carer my husband had just told me to buy a ring from him…..His anniversary was Friday I truly believe it was his push that l thInk made me makethe purchase. I have hard several direct thoughts from him Pwherevto find a watch in my underwear drawer. To give our grandson his cherished Winnie The Poo book.

  135. Barbara Miller at - Reply

    I loved reading this especially since I talk to my mom who has passed all the time…nice to know she’s listening I do miss her she was not only my mom but my best friend..

  136. audrey conrad at - Reply

    I am very impressed by your 7 afterlife facts. I lost my husband of 58 years , 4 years ago, and I keep asking myself why I never get any signs from him, whereas my daughters get signs all the time. My daughter who came from Florida a week before my husband passed was sitting on my back porch 2 days after his funeral and she suddenly came into the house and said ” I just got my sign from dad that he is O.K..” she said that one of my wind chimes on the porch above her head suddenly started going “crazy” – it was blowing every “which-way” while several others remained perfectly still. It was 7 a.m. in the morning and everything was calm and still with not a breeze in the air. She is totally convinced that it was her first of many signs from him.

  137. Vasanti Prabhu at - Reply

    This gives me immense pleasure to know the facts. I am grieving the tragic death of my son. I am talking to him but not believing he could hear me. Now after this I am happy he hears me. Thank you. God bless.

  138. DONNA R OETTEL at - Reply

    This is the first time i heard about you.We have a medium here in baltimore named Kelly i went to her twice and both times my dad came through. I always believed in the afterlife, but since right before my dad passed he went to Israel , he was jewish. When he returned he began talking in tongues and was truly blessed when he stood with his hands on the wailing wall. When my dad had a stroke he also had lung cancer but it was the stroke that took him. During his illness after the stroke he told me he was on Jacobs ladder and Jehovah had his hand…he took me up that ladder with him and describe everything to me. He was paralyzed and couldnt get up his eyes were closed but he needed to go to the bathroom so the hospice friend put him on the potty chair and all of a sudden he rose up with his arms and hands up to the sky with eyes opened and then fell back on the potty. Our friend say we need to get him back in bed and tell him our final goodbyes. Well as far as im concerned he was healed and saw the face of God when this happened. Within 10 mins he passed

  139. I am able to hear spirits, I have had them talk through me, I get dreams that are like a movie that I am floating above them and following them through the movie. I get premanitions of things to come.I just know things and I get feelings of bad or good when I go to some place and it is in my stomach. I get a knowledge of what has happened in the area that I happen to be in or am passing in the car. I feel others pain, anger, happiness, etc. I can hear spirits and my husband and I can communicate with out talking. And once and only once I heard my sister-in-laws thoughts.

  140. Annette Byczko at - Reply

    I finally received your book Afterlife. Although I really enjoyed it, it failed to answer my one bothersome question. I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. I know my child is in Heaven, but will I get to hold her as a baby when I return home? There are a couple of other questions I have, but I won’t go into them now. My grandmother was a spiritualist, and I learned a great deal from her. Your videos only confirm what she taught me. Thank you for that.

  141. cheryl at - Reply

    Hi Blair my name is cheryl. There are times when i really miss my dad and step-dad. Some days are worse than others. can you possibly give me a clue as to how i can contact them or what to look for when they’re around? thak-you

  142. Peggy at - Reply

    Thank You

    I miss my Mom and Brother a lot.
    I pray I will learn to accept their messages as such.

  143. Glad you posted this. There are people that need this information and it will bring comfort.

  144. Kathleen Pergentile at - Reply

    thank you

  145. Brigitte at - Reply

    My 23 year old son died 8 months ago and I am still heartbroken.
    However, I do believe in the universe and afterlife, and I am determined to keep up the communications with him.
    on of the messages I found was the noting of pennies.
    A consistent pattern that started after the first month ( and random signs).
    I found pennies everyday almost, in my bed, under the bed, between magazines, etc.
    It gave me comfort, and feeling of love.
    About 4 weeks ago, it suddenly stopped .
    For about 3 days, I found dimes that seemed oddly placed.
    Then this stopped as well.
    Another strange thing was a white feather when I opened the trunk of my car.
    Please note, I have no chickens or birds 🙂
    Now it is quiet, I feel distance to my son.
    Feeling sad and confused.

  146. Janice at - Reply

    My partner committed suicide April 13th of this year. To say it was a shock does not come close. Ever since the next day I have been writing, pretty much every night, letters to him basically. It was an almost fanatical need to put pen to paper. I like to believe that he is reading them as I write. There is a lot of pain in many pages as well as much healing. In some of those times I lay the pen down and talk directly to him and I do feel that he hears me. It’s hard to understand how even though I believe he is in a happier, peaceful and loving place, surrounded by loved ones. I am selfish and want him back with me. That is the hard part of all of this that only time will heal. One day I hope to meet you and maybe he will come through for me. Thank you for your messages.

  147. Sandra Schultz Poole at - Reply

    Dear Blair,
    I certainly believe and have received signs. Keep on doing good work, and I wish more people are willing to experience such a great gift.

  148. Paulette Craven at - Reply

    Yes I believe all this,I have all my life.I was raised this way,but as I got older I have seen signs,got messages that only my loved ones could of given me.Love n Light to you.

  149. Christine at - Reply

    Thank you. This is wonderful to know my loved ones are listening and near

  150. Sharry at - Reply

    My mom died 4 montjs ago i still desptetley want a sigm from her?

  151. Tracy Haines at - Reply

    thats very comforting. I had my first ever reading last Friday and was shocked. So much was accurate.

  152. Marianne at - Reply

    Very nice article. What if someone comes through that you really do not want to associate with? How do you handle it? I never remember my dreams, and I don’t recognize signs. My mother always seems to pop up at events and I do not want to have anything to do with her. What is the best way to handle this? She was a horrible person and I am not the only one to say this. I think as long as I have physical pain in my body I can never forgive. How do I get past this so I can get a reading from someone I want a reading from?

  153. Eileen at - Reply

    Hi Blair.
    I know that there is an after life because of different things that have happened in our family. I just told my father that there was another Mason coning his way. Hopefully he heard me. I used to feel my husband with me every time I had to drive any distance. He was a truck driver.

  154. Nadine at - Reply

    I lost my son recently and I’m having a really hard time moving forward. I do talk to him and I always say to him I hope u can hear me. I miss him beyond words. I am in this terrible depression from his loss. We were very close. I really like what you have to say. I had thought about seeing a psychic medium in hopes it would help me in the healing process.
    Was wondering if you are coming to Maryland in the near future. Thank you for all you do and your encouraging words. God Bless

  155. Linda Borell at - Reply

    In the night my other passed, my EX-fiance’ refused to bring me to her bedside. When I found out she passed, I lost it! I could be stop crying! Then, I heard my niece’s voice telling me, “I’m o.k., I’m o.k. .” I became instantly calm. Mom is finally pain free! Whenever I will Parliament cigarettes , it is her sign that her presence is around me. It a comforting.

  156. Linda Gifford at - Reply

    I am coming to Chandler, Arizona to visit my son, Oct.5-16. I would very much like to schedule a meeting with you, since that is a suburb of Phoenix.

  157. Helene Menzella at - Reply

    My dear mother passed away 3 months ago and I miss her so much. We were so close. We were never separated from each other for most of my life. She was so kind and giving and always had a kind word for everyone. I talk to her every day and kiss her picture. Funny since she passed my tv remote goes dead about every two weeks and I have to change the batteries. I know that she is communicating with me. What do you think? Love your blog. Hope to hear from you.

  158. Deb at - Reply

    Thank you for sharing this information… cobfirmation! I would like to think that once a person passes away they become the best version of themselves. All the pain and nonsense of this world is taken away and they are in a sense able to become more whole. Just wish I could “see” them…but knowing they are around me, is a comfort.

  159. Elizabeth at - Reply

    Beautiful!! Many should read your words and heed them….having had many visits from those who passed on, I know they are there and well and enjoying their new life!! You put it so clearly and lovely to read….carry on, dear heart and enjoy this life!! They are in the sunshine, the air , the water and rain…..everywhere…….our beloved dead, our guides, our angles all!!

  160. Jennifer Winkle at - Reply

    Thank you I know my father has been with me lately, I find myself talking to him as if he was with me physically. But he is happy, and not in pain.


  162. Roseanne Algerio at - Reply

    Thank U so much 4 the Free download on Ur book … I am so enjoying it … everything that U have discussed in it I totally beleive & have tried 2 pass on 2 some family members /friends but if U don’t beleive then it’s not going 2 work … when I was 11 yrs when my grandmother died she came 2 me & I saw her we spoke & she’s always been with me … I am not one that is afarid of so called ghost … lol … I do just as U say … have always done it … I just say hello or welcome … I hope Ur doing well from Ur accident … trust the spirits & take it slow …
    Blessings & Light 2 U & the family
    Roseanne Algerio <3

  163. Donna at - Reply

    Many years ago my daughter and I discussed the fact that one of my friends had died and told her daughter she would always be with her and that she would leave a dime in an unexpected place to remind the daughter that she was there. My daughter and I decided which ever one went first (always assuming it would be me-the Mother), that we would leave pennies in unexpected places. So…every time I find a ‘penny out of place’, like in the parking lot or in a pocket of a jacket I haven’t worn for a long tim…this penny is put in a special place where I see it each day. My daughter did die before me (in 2009) and I have many many pennies…however…they have stopped coming. I haven’t ‘found’ one in months.

  164. peter scalcione at - Reply

    Dear Mr. Blair: I am sorry to have duplicated my after life experience in October once again thinking that there might be a repy this 2nd time around in view of lack f feeling, love or emotion involved in a relationship that effectively ended some 50 years ago with a personal friend and who I last saw at the funeral of the lead friend some 40 years ago. (Despite the years its all a very well recalled period of my life.). Thank You

  165. Betty at - Reply

    I hope my son is happy with the gentleman that I have chosen to Mary

  166. Carol Franks at - Reply

    I agree with everything that you said! I’m happy for my loved ones who have passed on, they’re in a better situation than I am. Also, I don’t believe in Hell or the Devil, they are a fiction invented by churches to keep their parishioners under their control.

  167. Rose at - Reply

    Thank You. I Love getting these emails and newsletters..Love and Light.

  168. Loved thus! But signs come thru…but Blair…I don’t know WHO is sending signs! I need help w/now ppl…how ca. I receive help in dealing w/ppl who now r around me in this world…they need help…but I don’t know how!

  169. Penny at - Reply

    Thank you Blair for the emails… I do get messages from my loved ones, and I know they are with me. I love all your videos and emails keeping me updated… Love and Light to you and Wendy. ❤❤❤

  170. Bridget at - Reply

    Thank you so much Blair and of course Wendy as wellI look forward to your emails. You have answered some of my questions.

  171. Margie at - Reply

    Thanks Blair

    I’ve been a long time follower
    Margie from Australia

    I have had this book for some time now
    & love everything in it

    #loveneverdies #loveandlight to you

    Thankx for being You xxx

  172. susan passmore at - Reply

    thanks blair for all the insight

  173. Thank you Blair for this message it helps alot. Ive list alot of people in my life but my brother a year ago is the hardest for me to get through i talk to him everyday! What i wouldnt give to hear him talk back 1 more time..but atleast now i know he hears me..

  174. Jan Lack at - Reply

    I lost the love of my life…my beloved son on 11-11. We think he fell trying to get out of the bathtub striking his head (all banged up and scalp cut) lost consciousness and drowned. I am lost. Can’t go on without him. If only I could get a sign. Would help me find some semblance of peace. I have nothing to live for.

  175. Patricia horn at - Reply

    Thank Blair for helping me understand the 5signs that a loved one is still with me

  176. Sharon at - Reply

    Hi Blair I’m coming to see you in January in Sacramento, I’m so excited. My question is ; my nephew shot himself in the head about a year and a half ago. Was it accidental or was he that depressed and did it on purpose? It weighs so heavy in my heart..

  177. Taya at - Reply

    I just want to thank you for this. I lost my 19 year old son on May 16th, 2017. I am of course devestated by this but i know in my heart that i will see him again. Reading your articles, your book and listening to your videos has brought me so much comfort. I know that i can still communicate with him and he can communicate with me! Thank you again.

  178. Annette Byczko at - Reply

    Thank you and many blessings

  179. Rhoda Yackez at - Reply

    Thank goodness for you. It took away the never ending pain that I had since age 16 – my father’s death.
    I can’t say enough good things about you and your style or reading and your strait forward attitude.

  180. Sapphire marshall at - Reply

    Thank you

  181. MARY at - Reply


  182. When thinking of loved ones I get a chill all over my body. Not long after my Dad passed away I fell asleep in my recliner he gave me and I woke up feeling hi hand on my shoulder. It felt so real. I looked all around and no one was there physically but I knew it was him. I was at a funeral and seen an Uncle I hadn’t seen in years and commented to his daughter how good he looked and that he had almost an angelic look about him. She told me he had quit drinking and started going to Church. Within the next year he passed away from a heart attack. A few months ago I was at my great Aunts funeral and seen my cousin I haven’t seen in a couple of years and I told my Aunt how good he looked and he had an angelic look about him. Within a week he passed from a heart attack.

  183. Helen at - Reply

    I often get signs from my Mom, that she is here with me…and I talk to her all day long…Love Never Dies! Blair, thank you for your encouraging words..keep up the good work! You are an inspiration!

  184. Cathy white at - Reply

    I feel so all alone since my baby sister ,Connie, was killed in car accident on Thanksgiving Day two years ago. We talked everyday and we were neighbors. I just need to hear from her so much. I watch, listen, smell and wait for anything. She was also my neighbor. Our parents are dead and we both have a baby that we lost. All our aunts and uncles are dead. I feel nobody wants contact with me.

  185. Jennifer at - Reply

    I absolutely love this!!! My son passed over almost a yr ago(age 21) i talk to him out loud ..cause not only does it make me feel better but i want him to know he is just as much a part of my life as ever……he also sends me signs from time to time!!

  186. Joy at - Reply

    Blair thank you so much for confirming my experiences of recent so much love to you and Wendy for the message of love you bring always beautiful always healing love light and blessings to all

  187. Pippa Zamora at - Reply

    Thank you. I often Wonder if the dead can help the living? My son is lost and has been for some time with his life. My husband passed away recently and my son is grieving terribly for not having made better choices so that he could have had a better relationship with him. We have no money to pay you so no worries if you don’t answer 🙂 Blair, for me..will my son stop making these bad choices? Can my husband bring him some peace?

  188. Sheila at - Reply

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your event on 2/14/2018 and I am looking forward to future attendance. If my husband 2 or 3 show up at one of your future events , they were always late in life, so sorry too

  189. Rita Williams at - Reply

    Blair I agree wholeheartedly signs are all around us! I get them all the time. Thank you for all you do!

  190. Mary Falzon at - Reply

    I am going to the May 5th show in Burlington. I am very excited. Hoping to hear from my mom who past away 2 years ago suddenly in Europe. Never got to see her or talk to her . I miss her terribly. I have had a couple of dreams about her since and they were so special
    One that stands out the most is when I went to Europe to look after my dad 6 months after she passed and she was in the kitchen and when I went into kitchen she stretched out her hand and when I touched it I can feel the warmth of her body all was magical.

  191. John Woodbridge at - Reply

    Dear Blair, Can you tell me, Is it possible for Spirits to make me sweat when woken from a sleep at night? example; I get woken by a visitor, usually I wake for no reason, then feel the cold of their energy through my body, sometimes in waves others like a freezer being opened above me, the level varies from soft to strong, but sometimes after when I ask them to go (mentally not verbally) I get very hot sometimes so hot I sweat a lot! My question is; Is this them or is it a reaction by my body to them? I do keep Crystals such as Black Tourmaline nearby for protection, Rose quartz under my pillow to promote love and good sleep and have others such as Clear Quartz, Citrine etc.
    My house was so ‘busy’ at one time I did get a Lady Healer to come and move them on. All I really want is to be left alone and get a good nights sleep!
    Best regards; John.

  192. Yolande at - Reply

    Thank you Blair for this book “Afterlife” that I just received, and I love your e-mails news letters.

  193. Margaret Elliott at - Reply

    Well said Blair! Your explanation is ‘spot on’ I’m 100% in agreement on all counts. I say this based on my OWN life experiences. Thank you!

  194. John at - Reply

    Thank you for answering my questions, i never got to say goodbye to my dad before he died, but I believe he visited me in a dream, to let me know he was okay now. He looked about forty and wasn’t wearing glasses, I told him he looked great and he said he felt great. The whole thing seemed like a glimpse of heaven, I didn’t want to leave, I felt absolutely peaceful with no problems whatsoever. I hope him and my mom are waiting for me when it’s my time to go. God bless

  195. Laura at - Reply


  196. NORA SANDERS at - Reply

    Thank you Blair. Looking forward to seeing you tonight in San Diego. I also purchased your 3 book bundle at Amazon for my Kindle. As you indicated on your webinar it only cost a few dollars.

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