Blair Robertson's Signed 5-Book Bestseller SetSORRY WE ARE SOLD OUT!

Many have requested us to release Blair Robertson's 5-book Bestseller Set of books as a signed set. We heard you! And now you can obtain all five of his books including:

  • Spirit Guides
  • Afterlife
  • Psychic Development
  • Afterlife Connections
  • Money Loves You

Each book has ranked as a number one bestseller on Amazon.

You'll Also Get…

Blair's mantra has always been “LOVE NEVER DIES.” It's a message that he believes he is called to deliver.

love never diesPurple is Blair's favorite color, as it was the color that glowed when he saw his grandmother in a vision… the same one who proved that while she had transitioned, her love had never died.

We have created a purple wristband with “LOVE NEVER DIES” for you to wear as a reminder.

But that's not all…

You'll also get a beautiful Guardian Angel charm to carry with you (or attach it to something to wear).

These Guardian Angel charms have been to Sedona, Arizona with Blair and Wendy and ‘energized' in the vortexes of Sedona. Blair has also asked spirit to protect anyone who carries one.

guardian angel

Get all five signed books, the bracelet and charm for only $49.99US plus shipping and handling. We only have a limited supply, so order yours today.