Why Didn’t I Predict Flight 370 Disappearance?


Blair Robertson Official Statement Regarding Missing Flight 370


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Over the past week I have received literally hundreds and hundreds of messages asking what has happened to the flight 370.

At the time of this posting, it is still missing.

A number of people have indicated they are “angry” that I did not predict this and have even been accused of withholding information regarding it.

Much of this is simply unrealistic. I hope this video clarifies what I can and cannot do and urge all of you to send healing energy to those who have missing loved ones AND to those involved in this search.

Love and light,

Blair Robertson

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112 thoughts on “Why Didn’t I Predict Flight 370 Disappearance?

  1. I understand why you didn’t know about this…it puts you at risk and your guides will never put you at risk! I will continue to pray for those involved…thank you for all you do!

  2. Blair, firstly thank you for posting your video, and secondly I am sorry that you have recieved so much negative contact around something that you had no knowledge about……… human beings really are funny creatures sometimes..sending love, light and healing to all affected by the missing flight, and sending love and blessings to you and your family, for all the good that you do.

  3. I think it is simply ridiculous to expect any psychic medium to predict or automatically be able to assist in anything. It’s like saying, “Okay, turn on that light switch and tune in”

    Personally, I thank you for your gift and am grateful for all you do.

    • Couldn’t have said it any better, Sue!

      Keep on keeping on, Blair! Thanks for everything!
      Love and Light to all…..

  4. Dear Blair, I thought your “postman” analogy was terrific! As you were speaking I thought of what I have often said to my friends whenever I’ve had premonitions…that is I cannot reach out into the universe and pull out information to share, it is more like waiting for someone to pull back the curtain and allowing me to glimpse something of significance and I am always appreciative of the powers that be that show these things to me on occasion. God Bless! -Sharon Takerer

  5. Thank you for your announcement………I can understand. Wish it were otherwise, but I’m sure you do too.

  6. Well said! Love the analogy of being a post man, but you know… some people just don’t get it. They love the drama of making it someones fault.

    Best to you Blair, and to your wife.

  7. Sorry to hear that people were mad at you for not knowing this was coming with this plane.And what you stated in your message you are so right,you can’t predict everything.We don’t know what tomorrow will bring or what God has in store for us.Right now everyone should be praying for those people and thier love ones.

    • Very well said Dawn. Keep up the great work Blair. So much happens in the world everyday . It is impossible to predict it all, you are only 1 person. You are only human. I hope to god they are still alive somewhere. God bless.

  8. Please rest your heart remember we are all growing in life and death. You are not the greatest physic but you are a respected one. U are to be commended on your answer by video to folks demanding psychics to give the answer its true only God knows all truths. But I thank you for stepping forward in an attempt to answer to upset coward worried for flight 370. When painful things happen time is the healer. I am not one questioning your ability I fully understand the position of knowing. Have a beautiful day love, sue

  9. Your usual honest humble self Blair, I would not think any less than your straightforward reply to people. My humble man. Cheers,

  10. Thanks for your insight, Blair! Sending positive energy your way, as well to the families of the missing plane and the rescue crews –

  11. hello Blair
    my brother was in the Navy, on the destroyer ”La Ville de Québec” and also spent the night picking up dead bodies from the waters off the Nova Scotian shoreline after the crash of Swiss flight 101. It deeply traumatized him more than all his years in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Syria. He is now with the air force working for the DART division of deployment during disaster situations.

  12. We don’t have many colorful sunsets where I live, and when I see one, I have come to associate it with the death of someone important. I usually don’t find out until days later if these deaths are far from where I live. I did see a rosy sunset last week and wondered who would die. This is the closest event I know of now.

  13. Blair,

    I’m stunned and sadenned that people are actually making negative comments to and about you – simply because you did not predict this event. Its just so unfair.

    As you say in your video, if you are not informed (from behind the veil) in advance then you cannot share the information with people here.

    There will always be events which will not be disclosed in advance. Exactly why I do not know; it just seems to be how things are.

    This specific event seems to be within the “man/woman made” category, it did not have to happen – except that certain powerful people who are working against the best interests of humankind decided that it should. Its likely that their actions will backfire, as it will lead to a desire for greater light becoming known as to who they are, their real intents, and then for them to be rendered harmless.

    Let us pray for the best outcome (for *everyone* involved) – all the passengers and flight crew are speedily returned to their loved ones, alive, healthy, smiling and those culpable find themselves being brought to account for their actions.


  14. Hello Blair
    Thankyou for explaining this – so many people just don’t understand the process and as you say, look for someone – anyone – to pin something like this on, as they cannot accept the lack of information, etc.
    I never wondered for even a nano-second, why you didn’t foresee this. I totally get it. I have small psychic episodes of my own, especially when I’m about to be affected by something significant, however some of the major things in my life, like my estranged mother’s death, I didn’t see coming either, yet I felt her visit me at the time she ‘departed’ and I have had many experiences of her ‘being with me’ since.
    It’s a strange old world and I feel terribly sad about this latest plane misadventure, and it does frighten me somewhat, that it’s happened so randomly, however as you point out, we should be sending out positive feelings not negative ones.
    I continue to follow you with huge interest, Blair, and admire you and Wendy’s wonderful relationship with each other, and with your followers.
    Thankyou, and love and light to you both too.
    Regards, Maggie, NZ

  15. Blair, Thank you for taking the time to direct a more positive light and energy on those who are still searching for answers. Thank you for your gifts… Love and Light to you as well.

  16. Hi Blair! Thank you for posting this video. I don’t understand how people can send you so many negative statements. It is ridiculous. Your video was very well said. God bless you friend.

  17. People need to understand you are not God!
    Instead we all need to be praying for the missing people and their families. I believe it is wrong to think you should have known!
    People get down on your knees in prayer instead of wasting precious time on blaming him.

  18. Thanks Blair for sharing this information with us. I never thought of you or any other psychic/medium when this tragedy took place…why would I? You can’t possibly know everything or there would be nothing to look forward to. Good things happen and bad things happen…it’s part of life. I agree with you though, we should all be praying for the families of the people on the plane and those trying to find them.

    I look forward to meeting you in person on May 7th in Kingston, Ontario. My daughter and I have tickets. Actually, I was probably the person who suggested you put Kingston on your list of places to visit.

    Take care and see you on May 7th!


  19. Thank you Blair for taking the time to make the video. Some times people expect too much of you. And frankly I feel it is rude to send you nasty messeges like that. You do an awesome job. Keep up the great work. Hugs from Ohio. To Wendy also.

  20. Wow there are always some people that have to blame someone, sorry they have picked on you. Most of them do not understand at all as to how things work. Then the other thing if someone would have predicted it no one would believe them anyway, dog eat dog. We all still believe in you.

    Say Hi to my Mom for me 🙂

  21. Thank you Blair…. You are right! My thoughts and prayers go out to all those that are effected by this tragic event. To the people on the plane, their families and all those who are suffering due to this sudden mystery/tragedy. Hopefully, there will be some answers so people of those love ones can have some kind of closure. What we should be doing is putting out positive energy and love like you said, instead of questioning our fellow humans. Light a white candle and pray for them and their families….

  22. Blair, I look forward to your predictions, but I haven’t been getting them for quite some time now. At least this year. Do you give them sometimes now. Would like to see them again if you are presenting them. Thank you for your time.

  23. You are right, you are not G-D and if spirit wanted to inform you, they would have. Those who are blaming you or casting negative energy have too much time on their hands. It is unfortunate that you received so many emails that blamed you.
    Thank you for all you do.

  24. No one can predict EVERY event that is going to happen and those who have been critical of you are ridiculous for condemning you, or anyone else, for not “seeing” this tragedy!

    That being said, it sure was nice to hear you speak! Your accent reminds me of my Grandparents who were from London, Ont. Nice to hear it again after so many years! 🙂

  25. Blair, I am sorry people have treated you so badly over this. It is not right. You just deliver the mail and you are not responsible for all the mail that was not handed to you. Those that have done you this way just have a little more growth and evolving to reach before they can stop that kind of behavior. They don’t know what they are doing. I send to you and your family, love.


  26. blair, unfair to blame you for not getting advanced warning, but why oh why, did you tell us you were going to go from weekly prediction to monthly prediction and then just stop posting ANY predictions all together? Unless I’m only getting some of your postings ( doubtful) you haven’t published any in MONTHS. What’s up with that? I feel like you let us down by telling us to expect monthly updates. best, e.

      • I saved your predictions for this year that you made to us, and so far
        3 have happened. Last one had the right number in it 3, but did happen last week. Avalanches and GM recall. You can,t have every event covered
        predicted, your not God. Bless you and Wendy and keep the spiritual
        knowledge flowing.

  27. Thank you Blair.
    Sorry to hear about all the negative. Maybe it’s as they say, some people only feel good about themselves if they are being negative about everyone and everything else.
    Sure hope that your brother will one day find peace with the images that still haunt him. I know it will take a lot of years but positive thoughts going his way as well as to all the searchers and families.

  28. Sorry you have been handed a tall detail to keep us informed of that days dismise. If liife were only that easy to turn on a switch. Hope you can rest at night without to much on your shoulders. I respect your gift and we are to ever know what happened the Lord will put in proper perspective. Prayers and healing for all involved and may they have closure over this situation soon.

  29. Very well said Blair. As you said, only God knows, and I hope the God spirit will lead people to find the truth about this horrible situation.

  30. Amen! Love and light to you also – and my commitment that only light be sent to all of the people directly involved – searchers and family alike.

  31. Blair,

    It saden’s me that negative energy has come your way perhaps it’s just due to growth but I will pray for all including you my friend….

    Lots of love and light to you too…


  32. Ok Blair you Claim to have “Guides” that Help you so why not ask your “Guides” to help track down information about this Conspiracy are the passengers and crew still alive? did the plane land safely? did it fall out of the sky and end up in the ocean? when you talk about your guides giving you info if they it is guiding you why not ask for directions to another area?

  33. Thank you for sending positive energy for those that are suffering. You can’t be expected to predict what a terrorist will do, or what leader in the middle-east is planning to do; to expect you to know all the evil doers out there is to expect a perfectionist to live in an imperfect world. It is torture; you couldn’t stay grounded or lead a “normal” life.
    Thank you again for trying to change how people view not just this tragedy, but life it’s self.
    Your Fan, Bonnie

  34. What is wrong with people? I feel embarrassed that I have to apologize for my fellow humans. Just praying for those lost passengers. Put your energy into that, all you naysayers and criticizers. Bless you, Blair.

  35. I didn’t realize people would think that you’d be able to “predict” at the drop of a hat. I understand…this is something given to you from sources outside of this earthly realm. Your video is perfect…it explains the process. Thanks and keep on keepin’ on!


  36. “In patience possess ye your soul.” ~ Edgar Cayce

    Bless your Heart, Blair ~ all good things and more to you and yours in the coming times.

  37. Loved your response. It was honest, genuine, and you shared your truth. Blessings to you and Blessings to the families of loss. Keep being a light in this broken world.

  38. Honestly folks Life does not work this way….The only one that is all knowing is our creator. Point when Blair fell why was he not told to watch his step? It’s what we deal with daily one never knows the outcome. Love & lights to all involved in solving this tragedy. Blessings!

  39. Well said, Blair–
    Too many people misunderstand how the gift works, and when seemingly very visible global events happen that are not called out ahead of time, people go into attack and blame mode.

    I completely understand all the families frustration about not having any answers, and in that frustration they lump yourself and others who share your gift as authority figures “who should have known”.

    Glad you’re not taking this in or letting it bother you, it is nothing more than human frustration, and a desire for answers. Those families are owed that, at a minimum, as misguided as their blame may be.

    With all the mystery surrounding this event, it very well could be that people with your gift were intentionally blocked from seeing it , either from means in this physical world, or other planes of existence. What I mean is, if 10 countries working together ( which in itself is a miracle!) can’t figure it out, I believe you share no blame in not having definitive answers.

    Again, well said. As the facts come out, we will all know why you could have or could not have seen it. Your gift thrives and exists, and we all thank you for using for good to the best of your abilities.

    Tom Stempfley

  40. Your response was excellent. Sometimes I just don’t get people. There seems to be for some, some kind of archaic need to “blame” for everything. Bless you for what you do and love and light to you as well.

  41. thank you so much for your message. Much appreciated. I feel so sorry for those who condem and blame rather than listen intently to the news and pray for the safe return of the innocent passengers, and crew.

  42. Blair, I’m sorry that you and others are being blamed for the lack of information from spirit, in this instance. People will be silly. Some psychics do not even know when things are about to happen in their own personal lives. Does that make them, fake, weird, liars!?! I’d say no, because we do not know what life path was predetermined for these individuals who may or may not have stolen the Aircraft. That’s been the concensus as of todays’ news, that it was stolen. Furthermore, for these negative people, if the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) feel the need to call on the Spirit through a psychic, they will. We just cannot try to browbeat a person into predicting what wasn’t given, so, please sit back and wait like the rest of us to see how this plays out. Love and light to you all, in a world that’s filled with evil.

  43. Oh Blair, I neglected to say, you are sweet and kind in addressing the negative questions/blame. You simply could’ve just ignored it, but you made a video to explain AGAIN the process. Hope those who needed to hear it, got it. I really don’t think a psychic can commandeer a Spirit to give them what they aren’t meant to get. It works the same way in this Earth plane too. Thank you for being so generous with your time and gift. We love you and appreciate you. Love and Light to you and Wendy, always.

  44. Blair…I Love your dedication to your many fans…your heart is huge and I can see how much this is affecting you. Because of being the greatly gifted psychic that you are…you are going to come under attack now and again…your true fans…who cherish you and feel so blessed to have you as a teacher and a guide through our many various journeys…that’s where your energy should go…not on trying to prove your worthiness…you don’t have to prove anything to anyone…it is what it is…you have been given a gift and a purpose all of which you are manifesting and communicating beautifully. Those who recognize your true worth will remain by your side and reap the rewards of unconditional LOVE through your many teachings and communications…those who don’t…maybe if they’re ignored…they’ll go away!!! Sending you positive energy…much Love and Light “HUGS”.

  45. Remember Blair is but a vessel used by higher entity. If you yourself have experienced visions before, you would know that sometimes there are things not meant to be known before they happen.
    So less dwell in sending positive healing energy to the loved ones that are a live and mourning the loss of their loved ones

  46. Thank you for that very positive reminder Blair. On more than one occasion my guides have told me the answer to a question is just not meant to be known. And while that’s sometimes hard to accept, accept it we must.
    Love and light

  47. Thank You for the work you do. Sorry you are getting these negative messages, would be nice if people would stop and be a bit more realistic. they are just afraid for the people who are missing and that is fear coming out towards you. Perhaps they have landed and are being kept alive…. lets think my be the case. The plane has not been found…down anywhere yet.

  48. Blair, I don’t understand people, saying u should of known this was going to happen. You cannot predict everything. That’s ashame people are so negative. But, some people just won’t ever get it. God bless

  49. Awesome response to the negative emails and postings. People need to remember you don’t work miracles , that’s up to our father in heaven. Prayers going out to those who are missing loved ones .
    I’m sure if you get a message you will share. God Bless all you do.

  50. Hi Blair. It never even ocurred to me to expect you to know about this. I’m surprised you received so much negativity. Only God is all powerful, all knowing and all seeing. I so value your honesty and appreciate your being so down to earth. Greetings to Wendy. Be well. Peace and blessings!

  51. Not one of us knows all, someday we will, and it will happen in the time set. No worries should surround you but blessings should light the way for all.

  52. Asking you to predict every event is like asking for the winning lotto numbers. So sorry for the negative responses. Hopefully enough love and positive energy will be sent to those who need it during this time…

  53. Things happen beyond our control. there is no way to predict everything. Thoughts and prayers to everyone on this flight, their families, and everyone involved the search. Hope they find it soon so they can have closure and answers.

  54. I think I’m more dumbfounded that people have sent such emails to you and I’m sure other psychics regarding this matter. I certainly hope that all the victims families get closure in this matter. I thank you for all you do to help people in a positive way. As a retired law enforcement officer, I am appreciative that you have included those assisting in this search in your thoughts and prayers. God bless you for everything.

  55. Unnecessary guilt to put on you! Continue delivering the messages that come to you! Awesome message you gave in re: to pray for strength for families of passengers

  56. Good morning Blair:
    I do not understand why people would get upset with you for not predicting this horrific plane incident. Thanks for setting the people straight.
    In love and light,

  57. Hi Blair Im sorry for the negative response from some people you certainly do not deserve this.Thankyou for sharing your thoughts.I do miss your prediction, I understand why your not doing them.I have truly appreciated your valuable time spent on all your predictions in the past.love & light 🙂

  58. This is my fist time in sending you a message Blair. After reading your email about those who have criticized you for your lack of knowledge about this missing jet, I was “dumbfounded” as to the complete ignorance and stupidity of those who sent in those negative remarks. Thank you for letting us know about this … and know that I too support you … I am praying daily for all of those related to and involved in this tragic event.

  59. Thank you so much Blair for sending this message. Some people don’t understand as psychics we do not know everything, nor are we told everything. Some messages are meant to be known and some are not. I understand this very well and I hope this message gets through to others. It is much appreciated that people understand, we are not miracle workers only messengers.

  60. Thank you for letting people know that we don’t always get information that others think we should. Well said. We receive what we need to at that moment in time!
    Sending healing Light to the situation!

  61. These people need to get over it – you’re not G-d and therefore can’t know everything. I think people need to stop attacking you – it’s not right.

  62. Dear Blair, if the universe wanted you / other psychics to know, the universe would’ve send you the “mail”. Some people just don’t have a clue as to how it works when you’re psychic. Thank you so much for all the love and positive words you always send out, it is much appreciated by many many people. i always say: the truth always come out, sometimes we just have to wait a while for it, sometimes years, even centuries, but it does eventually come out. Love and Light to you

  63. Truely sorry about the negative words people have spoken to or about you based on this. Their own ignorance perhaps has clouded their thoughts but you are afterall still human like the rest of us even if you do have gifts …

    Thank you for shareing this video !
    I am drawn to the hope they will be found and will continueing to pray for atheir safety and well being as well.


  64. Hey there, love and light to you.

    There will always be negative people that will never understand how life plays out. You were not sent messages because this incident was not one you were supposed to know about. We are all where we are supposed to be and we don’t make life happen the way we would like it to be. That’s reserved for a much higher power. We appreciate the much needed help and hope you provide for us all. Thank You. Dorille

  65. Understanding that some facts are not to be known by psychics/sensitives, can NO ONE know if ANY of those on board are now disembodied, “on the other side”? Is that so difficult or hidden? Lee

  66. Hi Blair,
    I understand fully where you are coming from. You explained everything so well. Stay positive and my Prayers are being sent up to the families of their missing loved one. Love & light to you too Blair!

    Lori 🙂

  67. Namaste Blair,

    I think most often when someone who is sensitive and are helping others to hear from their love ones, somehow they expect mediums to predict other things such as the world event of disasters.
    I really feel within my heart that you shouldn’t have to explain your reasoning why you did not predict the flight 370 disappearance. However maybe that’s what they need to hear to have a better understanding.

    I am sure you are not the only medium who has been questioned.

    Love and Light

  68. There are some things that are not revealed in advance to any medium! How and why these occur, only the universe knows. Why are some people upset about this? Does God tell you all his plans, and what is going to happen to everyone everywhere? If He does then please share with everyone! We need positive healing energies sent to these unfortunate people! Compassion, not negativity, is required! We may never know what really happened, only speculation! If that is the case, then God will know and deal with this.

  69. Blair, I have great respect for you. You did not allow negative emotions to get out of hand. You faced it! What you share with us is a gift, your gift. You do not have to share it with anyone. I pray that you continue to share your gift, and that your guides keep you safe.
    Love & light,

  70. Wow…I am actually surprised that many are asking why you didn’t predict this. Much love to you for addressing this. I am giggling a little because it seems angry when you do (and get it wrong) and anger when you don’t. You just gotta smile and love the way life works sometimes. I will keep sending positive energy to the situation about the missing 370 plane…I feel like I have been holding my breath and waiting for the day their will be news that allows me to exhale…I know the loved ones of the passengers must also be feeling that way. XOXO

  71. Why do people believe that you will know everything that will happen, whether good or bad? And if you say that you weren’t given that information, they are angry? God lets us know what He wants us to know for His own reasons! If anyone knows the Mind of God about everthing, then speak Now! Otherwise we have to wait and see what will be revealed! We may Never know! Please send the people who were caught up in this mystery lots of positive prayers for their souls. Isn’t that what we would want if in their situation? Do not blame the messenger for not having been sent this message, their is a reason, we just don’t know what it is! Blessings Blair and Wendy!

  72. Obviously, many people DO NOT understand how psychic ability works. I call my psychic messages “God nudges”, as that’s the only place that this “intuition” comes from. How we iterpret these messages as humans makes all of the difference, as well as knowing the future CAN be changed!

  73. Blair.. I stumbled across your video tonight.. I am from Peggy’s Cove area, Halifax, NS where Swiss Air flight went down. It was very tragic and you mentioned that your brother (I believe it was) is still affected by it today. Many of the local fishermen here in Halifax area who helped in the recovery of the remains of that flight have been affected and suffer post traumatic stress disorder from it. My heart goes out to those lost in Swiss Air, your brother, the fishermen here in Halifax, and the families in agony now over their loved ones on flight 370. Michelle

  74. Sorry to hear some individuals criticized you Blair. Try not to take it to heart and be forgiving of these individuals, they just haven’t found peace in their lives yet.I am praying for everyone involved in this sad tragedy. Blessed be to all.

  75. Blair;
    Thank you for all your work and predictions over the years. A very generous thing for you and Wendy to do. Sorry for all the grief your have received about this horrible event.. My prayers for all those lost souls and families. Love and light to you as well. 🙂

  76. Why all the negative stuff, love and light to all affected by this horrible tragic injustice, May all be graced by Gods love and help all those still suffering! Thank you Blair for clearing up all the “Whys” and Why don’t you’s, Thanks for all you do!

  77. OMG…Blair I appologize for all the people here that has to find fault in every medium…geesh….I think because you connect with the other side, which by the way brings much happiness to those seeking…they expect you to know everything that is going to happen at any given moment or each and every day….like you are plugged in all the time and don’t have a life…it’s rediculous really….The plane is a horrific loss, and those poor families are suffering the ultimate…instead of the redicule of bashing Blair…Lets all get on our knees and pray for those souls….For the One who knows all is God himself…no one here on earth….God’s speed everyone….

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