What Is Living In Heaven Like?

Life in heaven is beyond our human comprehension. In this brief video that I reveal an epiphany/analogy that my spirit guides revealed to me. It illustrates the magnitude of heaven and life after death.


Check out this 3-minute video for the revelation that I had this past week…

Does that help clarify things for you about heaven? Feel free to post your comments below.

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60 thoughts on “What Is Living In Heaven Like?

  1. Good morning Blair.I just watched the video of Heaven.Its still obviously incomprehensible for us to get it.But knowing our loved ones are free and unconditionally loved is as great an explanation needed.Also thank you for always reassuring us that love never dies.
    Love and light back to you,dear Blair. 🙂

    • Wow, I’m so happy to have that explained in that way to me it’s just such a beautiful way to explain it! Thank you!
      Sincerly, Jamie

  2. thankyou Blair, before I came across you Blair, I went to see another medium, I went to a group reading, very small 17 people, one of my loved ones came thru because not only did she say her name, she described what she did for a living, she also mentioned what I did the last time I saw her, how could anyone possibly know this but her?, that’s when I knew this was real, she said to me where she is, is paradise and she would never want to come back here, she also said a few other things that blew my mind because no one but her and I know these things, but that’s what she called it “paradise”

  3. Blair,

    My husband, Jim, used to ask the Minister of our Church almost every Sunday if he could tell him where heaven was, and the Minister continually answered with “you’ll know when you get there”. This wasn’t the answer Jim was looking for, but he often wondered about it. Jim had been in a coma for 2 weeks before he passed, and three days before he actually passed, he hugged me and his eyes were bright and shiny and a big smile was on his face. I knew that he had glimpsed Heaven and was ready for the next life. This of course gave me great comfort in knowing he would be happy, and I told him that he’d better be waiting at the Gate for me.

  4. Thanks yet again Blair for taking time out from your beautiful R&R to help enrich our lives….what a wonderful description. Makes total sense too!

    Love ya, Wendy too! Have fun and absorb all that beautiful Sedona energy. Love n Light ❤️❤️

  5. Hi Blair

    The video was excellent! Thank you☺

    I had a dream of a shelter dog I was close to taking home to give a forever home to My own dog died last March on the 06th 2016 Her name was Sarah She had a good full life To make a long story short My neighbour saw a large dog,the only dog at the shelter a few months after Sarah died and thought the dog and I would be a good match She said I knew it is too soon but the dog needs a home It looks sad I waited a month and went to see him A beautiful white German Shepard,Malmute Husky cross with maybe some Hybrid wolf He looked like a big white wolf Beautiful with a good temperment One blue eye one brown eye about 5 years old I fell in love with him Sean was his name The shelter named him Sean Funny my dog Sarah died in March on the 06th and Sean arrived to the shelter in March on the 10th Strange hey? Or meant to be? I went everyday to visit him for 3 months Walked him I filled out adoption papers straight away He was strong , not leash trained well ,he pulled alot He was not socialized with other dogs,children not known He did not like men He had a bad past He arrived to the shelter with lice,flea infestation,very under weight No matter what this dog had been through , he always was happy and smiling There were a couple of days I dud not go but very few Sean then was very sad the shelter said He was missing me Before my car got into the parking lot Sean would be howling in his outside play pen The shelter knew I was soon to be there Many people visited Sean daily at his outside play pen When Sean met me he chose me over everybody I was the lucky one and I was so happy he chose me He got sick in November the 27th and by the 30th he was dead He died of Torsion (bloat) He jumped up and down a lot with excitement He gulped his food as he was most likely fending for himself before arriving to the shelter He was vomiting alot in his inside kennel The vet came and thought he ate something not good for him as he had access to the public during the day I don’t have the information of what the vet did for him with the visits to Sean The vet obviously did not know what was wrong with Sean for him to die or too late by the time he was diagnosed I never heard of this condition Apparently it is quite common in large,deep chested dogs and wiener dogs I never was allowed to see him when he was sick or say goodbye when he passed away I am now grieving two dogs passing the same year I am angry with the Universe as Sean deserved a better outcome The shelter brought Sean back to good health It took a long time but they did a good job I am surprised they had no knowledge of this medical condition of Sean that happens commonly with large dogs I am devasted I had a dream on January 29th/30th Exactly two months after Sean’s death I think God wanted me to know Sean is good and ok I was with someone in my dream I do not know whom The person was on my left side I was speaking with I do not know what the person looked like or male or female I was looking into a beautiful park The sunshine was warm and loving There was a warm breeze , beautiful green lush grass,beautiful flowers There were lots of dogs there There were lots of people,children Famlies together having a picnic Then suddenly I said OMG there is Sean The person asked who is Sean I said Sean the big white dog over there The person asked if I knew Sean I said yes Sean was at the shelter and he was to come home with me really soon and he got sick Sean was found dead in his inside kennel I was shocked and I am very sad I loved him so much I miss him terribly The person said oh I then called out to Sean He saw me but hesitated to come to me I kept calling him to come There seemed to be a family around him I then thought the shelter lied to me saying Sean passed away and let this family have him Then I thought no because they were not sure how Sean was with children I then explained he was not going back to the shelter You could tell he did not want to go back there and he was associating me with the shelter I explained he was not going back to the shelter and for him to come to me I was crying at this point and telling him how much I loved him,missed him and wanted him with me at my house That he was getting leash training lessons and that maybe only two more lessons and then he would be coming home with me He did come to my house once over Halloween which was not a good time to take a dog home to try for a weekend The shelter nor I was thinking Halloween We both were happy he was getting out of the shelter for a bit to see how things went He was very strong Everything was ok the day before Halloween The day after Halloween he had enough being here He was spooked during Halloween night and well into the next day He was wanting away from here I thought ok for his well being I will bring him back to the shelter to calm him down and then try again The shelter thought I was returning him permanently I explained again once I arrived back to the shelter I was made to fill out a form as to what happened at my house and reasons for his return I was thinking why am I filling in these form pages I then thought it is their policy? Not sure I did write several times that this was temporary and I wanted a second attempt/chance with him I was put through hoops pretty much for the whole month up to his death I even said during training look Sean is pulling me towards my car He wants to come home again with me No answer at all from the trainer He totally ignored me I felt sad leaving him behind each day My heart broke each day having to return home without him Had I known I would be put through hoops like this I would never have brought him back I would have just said all is ok and kept him I feel so bad for returning Sean I wish I could have brought him home and then went there everyday with him for the training until completed there I would also have continued with the training with a professional trainer after he was finished there I should have just asked to take him home and continue training with a professional and not accepted the training help of the shelter I feel so sad and devastated I miss Sean so very much He deserved a better outcome So not fair to him I am very happy to have had this dream When Sean finally came to me in my dream I wrapped my arms around Sean and gave him a great big bear hug Then I kissed him on his head a lot Hugged some more I was crying telling him how much I loved him and was missing him I told him he was so close to coming back home with me again and for good I asked what happened I told him the shelter would not let me come to visit him I told him I called everyday to ask to see him etc I explained to him why I was not there He seemed to understand He was happy I was hugging him kissing him and explaining all to him Next he then had to go and started to walk away to where he was with a family He turned back twice to look at me I was crying so much I kept talking I the noticed he had no collar on or a leash I then noticed none of the dogs had collars or leashes on Everyone got along Then I looked to Sean again he was standing with the family sitting on tbe grass I said Sean you don’t have your collar on or on a leash He was just smiling at me I knew I was looking in from outside but at the same time felt like I was on the inside? He wanted me to follow him as he kept looking at me I could not It was like I was watching him on TV Then he faded away like an old TV would go faded with the picture gone and the lines going up the TV screen and then all went away I woke up crying but happy to see Sean happy and content I knew he was missing me also but he had to be where he was He seemed ok with this He did kiss/ lick my face when I hugged and kissed him once more before he left my embrace Sean will be in my heart forever I hope I will be reunited with Sean, Sarah and former pets as well as family and friends when it is my time to depart What I saw was really beautiful It felt peaceful The warm sunshine was so conforting I am not sure if the people saw me The dogs were playing with each other and with the children and the people Everyone looked very happy and content I feel very honored to have had this dream I feel God wanted me to have this dream to feel ok with Sean’s passing and that Sean was ok I think God saw me crying and crying for Sean and wanted to comfort me God did comfort me and made me feel better about all I still cry as I miss and loved him so much Over all I feel better but still feel Sean deserved a better outcome which I cannot accept especially after all the hard work to bring him back to health So not fair to him but I cannot question it for only God knows all the reasons why Thank you for your time to read In memory of dear “Sean” Mommie loves and misses you my good boy RIP SEAN❤

  6. Hi Blair it’s Barbara I saw you in Miami with my girlfriend Carmen we would like one of the first that you got to I had that bright colorful dress on my mother always commented on my outfit and then she commented on my hair was pretty funny however I hope you’re doing well and I was wondering when you might be in Florida again I had an awesome time and I read your books all wonderful I’m feeling more peace with myself I thank you for all you do and say howdy a beautiful bride Wendy thank you again for all you do

  7. Ihave had that experience and the life is fantastic, I did not want to return on earth but was told my time was not to be yet so here Iam back on earth , it was great……….

  8. I guess I just can’t comprehend. You say our loved ones are still here as spirits but if they’re still here what is heaven? As a child we were taught you go to heaven (or hell lol) but if you’re in heaven how can you be a spirit here.

  9. Hey Blair loved the video many years ago during a dream state I visited a friend who passed from suicide what I see was absolutely beautiful beyond my wildest imagination I was told that this was heaven and I didnt need to worry about him anymore because he was in this amazingly beautiful place. Fast forward 6 years ago I was doing hospice care for my Aunt she was afraid to die when I told her this story she didnt believe me but than lapsed in a coma when she came out of her coma she whispered in my ear that I was so right and it is everything I described to her It gave her peace and me confirmation she passed away a month later.

  10. What a lovely description! My cousin passed away and came through to a medium to his grandmother. He told her he was learning from the masters there? What do you think he meant? Is it like Jesus learning biblically or is it music fro m Bach or mathematics from Einstein? Just wondered about that.

  11. Blair if i move on in life with Apple New partner who helps climb out of my deep grief .does my idea departed husband understand or feel aggrieved apnd is the “”death us dopart”” vow enforced to allow him to marry.

  12. Hi Blair, I am finding it hard to believe there is an afterlife as it is coming up to three years since my husband died and I have had no signs from him or even dreamt about him I miss him so much and am sure if there was something else after this life he would have let me know. I ask him every night to come to me but nothing.love and light Valerie.x

  13. My mother passed away in 1988. A few days before she passed, she sat up and stated to me “dont ever be afraid to die, it’s beautiful, she sees her mother, father and brother”…I found such peace ever since she said that to me that I have no fears like I did before….

  14. Hi Blair, I’m looking forward to seeing you in Houston, TX next month with my family group. My question is, “Does everyone go to Heaven?” Love and light, Rebecca

  15. Hi Blair
    I was told a while ago during a reading, that my mum was late coming through to see me….then when she arrived, she said she’s been very busy looking after children! And I also remember another reading where a relative plays the piano up there. So- there IS real life after!!

  16. Hi Blair, I loved the video & I am so looking forward to meeting you in April at the Baton Rouge ,I bought 3 tickets for a neighbor & my daughter . Thank you so much for all the E-mails you send me Kathy

  17. I have had way to many young deaths in my life and am having a very hard time dealing with this a niece who was 19another niece who was 40 my mom was only 40 when she died and I thought that was going to be the hardest thing I would have to go thru but boy was I wrong I’m looking forward to seeing you in march in Las Vegas and maybe getting some understanding

  18. Thank you so much for all your kindness and love
    which you and your wife has been given out many
    people and also reach out to me.
    My question is why is our love one always crying in our
    ears ? what do they want ?
    I wept as well because is the same voice before they cross over
    Please teach us about their weeping into my ear which make me
    deeply sad. from Nikky Paul

  19. Oh blair i just love watching your videos after I listen to them it just lefted me up like riding a cloud lol I love what you do you have helped so many people including myself i learned so much from you love never dies & love & light to you & Wendy xoxo

  20. For some odd reason I couldn’t pull this video and I’m sure it’s interesting I’ll keep trying to see if it will come in for me otherwise I don’t know what to say take care Blair

  21. Thank You Blair! You have helped me more than you will ever know. When my daughter passed away I struggled immensely and didn’t even know how to breathe. My sister and I came to your show in Indianapolis (I’m the one who’s Uncle was murdered by a screwdriver to the ear) and I felt some peace after being there and listening to my messages. You told me you would pray for me that night and I accepted that and opened myself up to it. This short little video has reinforced those feelings for me. I still struggle at times but you have given me peace at times and for that, I will be forever grateful! Love and Light my friend! Robin

  22. Blair, My son died in a tragic auto accident at 26 just this past Sept. Ever since I have been getting
    messages from him and I guess my guides to learn why he passed. I was guided to read about your
    soul’s contract. I have been in so much pain from this accident but I truly feel he had me read about
    that so I would know it was his choice and it is my lesson. Am I correct with this reasoning? Also,
    I have been receiving repeating numbers. 333,444, 1111. I have once again been guided to write about this experience. Am I correct with all these thoughts? Everytime I ask Michael, my son, to send me a sign he always does. I miss him so much.

    Karen Smith

  23. Could not understand why I was not getting any more messages with you Facebook kept somehow every time I would go back to you it says I was not following you hope to hear from you soon you and Wendy are the best

  24. Hi – I was just wondering if you could ask a loved one who has crossed to the other side, where would they describe “heaven” to be and if, they would describe it to us, as if it was like a “rebirthing” experience? And if you could ask them if there are non-humans from other existences other than earth? You see, I too believe we are just visitors and that is why it takes us so long when we are growing up to get used to our bodies- our new earthling form?

  25. Hi how are you i am writing because i have ask for help so many times i want to know about my son oscar 11.21.82 he passed on 8.12.12 no one seems to know so i ask are you real or fake to

    Thank you
    Yolanda aquino

  26. Will we now are loved ones when we leave this world. Will they be in spirt for. Will we be able to say with them and what do we do when we get there.

    Flossie Edgett

  27. How do I contact my father I have never seen him have only received a picture of him a couple years ago. To see your father’s face after 62 years
    How do I contact him. I’m not sure he has passed

  28. Hello Blair ! Thanks for your interesting video on heaven. I have a question : i would like to know if our parents when they die actually stay “our parents “? What I mean is that I’ve been reading recently that, in the afterlife, we are all souls…no more family “role” or relations.. like we all are “. Actors” of theater on earth, but after, we are not in family relations anymore…. i lost my dad recently and I wonder if he still sees himself as my dad or not….it makes me feel like I’ve lost him twice ….. and i wonder if we still have in afterlife, the great bond we can have with someone here on earth…….. I hope my sentences makes sense as I am French and maybe can not clarify my thoughts as I would like…. I don’t know if you can answer this question but Thanks a lot by advance.

  29. I thought I had heard you say in the past that there is no heaven and hell. Could you clarify for me. Thank you!

  30. Thank you, Blair. Always thoughtful and insightful. I see you when you come to Melbourne, Florida. You are a comfort and inspiration. Twice you have brought my family through and I can never thank you enough. Love and light.

  31. The baby coming into the world is a good way to explain heaven Blair. I read more posts I hadn’t seen before, you always say that things are how I thought they would be. Was wondering if you are in Sedona to energize some things for us? Besides yourself. Also I wonder what happened to Debbie Marie. She n I discovered we were both having a surgery back in Jan. We talked n promised to check in on one another. I’ve never gotten an answer. Don’t see her here anymore either. Light n prayers to her. Love Never Dies Blair. Enjoy!

  32. My Dad and I never got along. After he died remorse. Decades later I asked him to contact me. Weird enough my Son and I have the same relationship. We don’t like or speak.

  33. I lost my 33 year old. Son James, in June 1st of an apparent overdose. I know in my heart he is at peace and is with his father who died 11 years ago. My heart is broken in half. I stood my him thru all his recoveries and sober times. Maybe I was just too overwhelming in my efforts to keep him sober. James was an amazing person inside and out. So many family and friends miss him. How long before I can get peace over this horrible tragedy. Thank you

  34. Blair Robertson What Im going too post below was put on a Widows site i belong too, and It is a wonderful letter / post that was shared .. I have re-read it over and over last few days and I love the fact that it is also what you tell US and everyone going through this everyday… I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.. and that you will comment and pass it on too your followers .
    Please keep negative comments, and differing beliefs off the comment section.
    This is only meant to comfort those that need this, and accept this. The rest of you, can go about your grief the way you do. And I acknowledge you.

    Thank you

    Dear Spouse,

    Now that I am in Heaven, I know that life for you there just isn’t the same.
    I want you to know that I hear you say how much you miss me and love me every day.
    Yes, I still hear you.
    I love you so much too.
    My love for you will never waiver from Heaven.

    I can’t say that I miss you because you see, missing you is a negative emotion and we simply don’t have negative emotions here in Heaven. And so, instead of missing you for all of the years that you have left in your life, I will Love you through them.

    I know it is hard to continue on when you feel you are walking through life without me, but I want you to know that I am right here next to you.

    I walk through your life with you now, guiding you and helping you along the way. Our relationship never ended when I graduated to Heaven, it is simply different now. Heaven is all around you.

    Heaven is truly only 3 feet off of your floor. I want you to look for the signs that I leave for you from Heaven.

    You won’t have to look very hard because I will surround you with signs in so many different ways. You see, I am limitless when it comes to leaving you signs.

    Birds, butterflies, silly shaped rocks, rainbows, clouds that look like me, electronic mishaps, songs on your radio, coins, feathers, oh I wouldn’t begin to be able to tell you how many different kinds of signs that I can bring into your path.

    When you see the signs I send, don’t let your conscious mind tell you that it wasn’t from me, because it really was.

    Sometimes you may miss the signs that I send you because it is hard to see the beauty in the world around you through tears and that is okay, I will just keep sending signs of love until those tears clear.

    I am not missing out on your milestones or the milestones within our family. I love the way you think of me so often. I think the ways that you and the family have honored me since I journeyed home to Heaven are pretty amazing.

    Please try not to dwell on the day and way that I passed each day, for my legacy of love that I left behind for you is so much more beautiful than my passing.

    It hurts you to think of my passing and that hurt is not the best part of me that I left for you. I want you to hold on to our sweet memories that we share with one another.

    When you find yourself in a day of tears, please just replace one of those tears with your favorite memory of me. I will sit with you as you remember me and enjoy the memory with you.

    I know you would love to see me in dreams every night as you go to sleep. I would love to be there in your dreams each night as well.

    When you say out loud, “I never see you in my dreams”, it places blocks in my way because your energy says that you don’t see me.

    I want to help you with that. I want you to change that phrase to, “ I look forward to seeing you in my dreams in your perfect timing”.

    It will help you to place this positive focus on seeing me in your dreams when the timing is right.

    The reason I don’t come every night in your dreams is because you really do need space to work through your grief as well.

    You see, you are gaining more strength through your grief than you ever knew you could carry in life.

    Part of that strength is my gift to you and that gift will only make sense someday when you return home to Heaven here with me.
    We spend our lives there living for our spiritual growth.

    Some of the most beautiful and strong spirits write some of the most difficult paths and I want you to be so proud of yourself for the life you are living with all of the obstacles you placed within your path.

    I also want you to know how extremely proud of you I am as I watch you learn and grow from Heaven.

    God didn’t punish you when I went to Heaven before you. I simply reached my soul’s beautiful goal of growth in life. I reached that amazing goal before you and it didn’t mean that I left you for one moment.

    I graduated to the next part of my eternal journey in Heaven. Oh, you should have seen it when I got here!!

    All of our family and friends who graduated to Heaven before me were right at my side to greet me when I arrived!

    Even the pets that we had long the way were waiting with smiles and wags as I walked into Heaven’s light!

    I went into a review of my life after I arrived and it was truly amazing to see all of the lives I touched there with mine.

    I got to re-live my life through the eyes of each and every person that my life touched along the way.

    It was beautiful to watch my life through your eyes as well.

    Don’t worry, when you get here, you will get to review your life through everyone’s eyes as well as your own and even through mine.

    There will be moments you are extremely proud of and there will also be moments that you will recognize that you could have handled differently.

    But, the beauty of those moments is that you are living and in your life, not everything will be perfect and that is just part of our growth.

    None of us can take back the things we could have done differently, but we sure can grow from those moments.

    Of course, me telling you this now gives you an opportunity to look at the days in your future differently so that you will be proud of them when you look back.

    I didn’t have to make myself a home when I arrived to Heaven because I already had one. You see, I lived in Heaven before I lived there on Earth with you and I simply returned to my beautiful home in Heaven.

    You will remember it too when you get here.

    The colors here in Heaven aren’t like anything you have there on Earth! The light that fills the air lifts our souls with love for it is made of God.

    The Angel’s choir has such a Heavenly sound that it brings peaceful showers of love down upon you all on Earth.

    The weather here is perfect always.

    Time doesn’t exist here which is really nice too, I mean we don’t have to run around heaven looking at our watches on our spirit wrists worried about being late for anything ha ha.

    You see, you can’t place a time on Eternity.

    We don’t work here in Heaven the way that you all work there on Earth, but we do work.

    We work on our spiritual growth as we are part of God and we are always working on the beautiful evolution of our Souls growth and strength.

    Just remember as you walk through your life each and every day, that I am right here at your side.

    I cheer you on in your times of Greatness and I wipe your tears in your moments of pain.

    So what if you have a day of tears, I will stay at your side for comfort.

    I can tell you that I am most proud of you as you get out and live life to its fullest.

    I don’t want you to think that you can no longer live because I am “Gone” because I am not gone at all.Carry me with you in all that you do for I am here.

    The dreams, that you wish you could have lived out with me in life, are still possible. And don’t you worry, I won’t miss them.

    My biggest message of all in this letter from Heaven to you,.. Is, that I am perfect.

    Don’t worry about me. I Love you, and I am with you for always.

    I want to see you live life to its fullest. I want to see you catch your dreams and I see you and hear you always both when you speak out loud and even when you speak silently to me in your mind.

    Someday this will all make perfect sense when you get to Heaven with me so don’t worry that it doesn’t make sense now.

    Just know that you are a miracle because you are made of God and because you are a miracle, you are capable of creating miracles as well. I Love You……

    All Of My Love,

    Me Up In Heaven

  35. How can I ask you this…?
    Are the souls sitting there doing nothing…? Are they getting ready to come back or just resting for good, because one time is all souls come to have a Phisycal body? Can they come and go if we need them, or just comunícate in crucial cases?

  36. Hi i lost my grandson 3weeks ago he,was 12 and that the only child my daughter has I miss him so much is there recarnation I believe in that. Can my grandson hear me and see me. I miss him so much I can’t deal with the pain how long would it take to get feeling little better.

  37. I would like to know why I do not feel my husband around me he died in May everybody said they feel the persons but I don’t respect 50 years loveing years

  38. On June 29, 2015 our Granddaughter gave birth to a baby girl in Denver. 12 hrs later at noon June 30 my husband passed away in FL. therefore he never got to meet his Gt. Granddaughter. This summer at age 2 yrs. she visited our home. I have several small framed photos on a table, she went to it and named all the family she knew. Then pointed to the last photo I had of my husband and asked who it was. I told her Grandpa, she carried the photo close to her heart for about a 1/2 hr as she acquainted herself with my home. That night she went to sleep in a room “Grandpa” spent most of his last 6 mos. watching TV. About 10pm after she was sleeping a few hrs she awakened crying. Her dad went in to look and came back very ashen. We asked what was wrong. He replied “ I asked Lila what was wrong and why did she awaken” she said “grandpa was hugging her”. The following morning at breakfast I asked her what woke her last night. She quickly replied “Grandpa came in my room”. We all accepted her answer and didn’t make an issue about it. But I do believe he came to meet her, what do you think?