Want to Connect With Your Deceased Loved One, Free?

Blair Robertson's 2016 Christmas Connection Experience

Want to connect with a deceased loved one?

I have conducted this experiment over several years with tremendous success… this year the goal is to reach as many people as possible. The more that participate, the greater the success so please spread the word and share!

Follow These Easy Steps Exactly As Outlined:

Step One. Post name and relationship of ONE deceased loved one below in the comment section.  No need for details or story. Just three or four words. Example, “My Dad, George.”

Step Two. Find and have a photo or a memento of the loved one nearby during Christmas day, December 25th. Don't leave it to the last minute. Do it now, before you forget. It is very helpful to light a white candle, if only briefly, as well. A white (actually natural cream color) beeswax candle is BEST.

Step Three. On Christmas Eve, December 24th, before going to bed, ask spirit and your guides to facilitate a connection from your loved one on Christmas day. Be OPEN to a connection no matter how dramatic or minute it might be. Be thankful–in advance–for ANY connection. Big or small. VERY important. And…

Step Four.  VERY IMPORTANT: ask/pray for a connection for OTHERS *BEFORE* you.

Imagine the amazing POWER that that will hold! People praying for YOU, YOU praying for others. One hand washes the other. Do this with the spirit/attitude that if you don't make a connection yourself, you will rejoice in a connection for others. Be self-LESS, not self-ISH. Get it?

Can You Imagine?
Tens Of Thousands Of People Around The World Actively Praying For Your Spirit Connection?

IMAGINE: tens of thousands of people praying for YOU to have a connection with your deceased loved one! Do NOT miss this step.

Step Five.  PROMISE that you will report back–as soon as possible BELOW–the connection you made. Your connection will inspire others and demonstrate that love never dies.

That's it.

The Spirit Of Christmas!

On December 25th, at 12:01 am MST in the USA, I will read through the list and ask my guides and pray for each and every one of you to have an experience/connection.

Some of you will have a connection while you sleep. Some of you will feel a presence. A song might play. Something unusual will happen or stand out to you on Christmas day. You might smell their cologne or perfume. Be open. Be ready. Believe and have faith!

I'm EXCITED for this! I'm EXCITED to facilitate this… this isn't from ME… this is from my guides… my friends… that recommended I conduct this again… I'm SO GRATEFUL, and SO MUCH look forward to the results!

Get going!!! Post the contact below!!!

NOTICE: Please… only ONE name per person. ONE contact only. We want to focus ALL of our energy on this ONE contact for each of us. IF YOU POST MORE THAN ONE NAME, YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED! Let's make this happen, people! Let's sound off alarm bells on the other side that we WANT a connection. Be open, be ready and get READY to experience a connection!

How Much Does This Cost?

Nothing. Zero. I've been doing this for YEARS now and there is no charge. I WANT you to have a spirit connection. Period. All I ask to make it easier on MY end is that you follow the really simple instructions above.


I DO highly recommend that you get my book Afterlife and read up on the FIVE signs deceased loved ones show us. Most people MISS these signs, my book will help you not only for the Christmas connection, but also year round. The book has helped thousands, it can help you. Don't miss a sign from a deceased loved one.  Click here to grab your copy.

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This event is now over. Thank you for participating!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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2,467 thoughts on “Want to Connect With Your Deceased Loved One, Free?

  1. My beloved sister Sherrie just died on the 28th of Nov 2016 . Can you tell me anything . I miss her so much. She raised me since I was 11 yrs old and we were so very close.she was the best sister any Girl could ever wish for and more.

  2. As with all the things that you do and offer to others, you first of all, have my sincerest thanks. God bless…. I would very much like a connection with my amazing mother, Else. Blessings of spirit and love to all who participate. Merry Christmas, Blair.

    • On Christmas Eve, as I was falling asleep, I could feel his nails rubbing up and down my side. On Christmas day, I could smell cigar smoke as I turned off the lights in the living room. I walked away and walked back in the room and the smell was gone (but that might have been my grandfather) Last night, he laid with me in bed in my dream. I could touch him and he held me as I slept. I miss him.

  3. I would love to hear how my dad entered heaven…I whispered softly to Dad in hospice to go to mom. Dad suffered with Alzheimer’s for 6 years and I want to hear him say he knows he was never a burdon always a blessing.

    • I received a validation Blair . My wife has only passed a few short days ago on Dec, 9, 2016 . My guide kept telling me to go to the boxes I keep under the stairs . There I found my wife’s graduation book of signatures from friends and also my home movies from the 90s . The first tape is my wife talking about the birth of our oldest son Garrett. I cannot get a better validation then this from Kim . Who I have loved all these years then this . Thank you and greatful for the healing you give to me and others ….Loveandlight .Loveneverdies . I truly believe this Blair……Kyrle from Ottawa, Canada

  4. Blair,
    I can’t wait to coonect with someone I miss and love wholeheartedly. But Christmas Eve and day hold no meaning for us. I have no Christmas related photos, in fact I have only 2 photos . Is it possible to still connect?

  5. I pray & ask sprit connection with my grandmother rose …& i pray for all others that ask sprit for a connection… i thank you blair & Wendy love * light to you both