Visitation Dreams: How To Know For Sure If They Are Real

Dreaming of a deceased loved one: what does it mean?

Visitation dreams: Have you ever woken up dreaming of dead relatives talking to you, or dreaming of someone who has passed away, wondering if it's real or not?

Visitation Dreams

Visitation Dreams just happen to be one of five common signs our deceased loved ones show us.

It happens to almost everyone at one point or another. And I've got good news for you: many times those connections are real.

So the question is: how can you tell the difference between a dream and a spirit connection?

First, let's define the difference between the two.

What is the difference between a regular dream and a dream visitation?

Regular Dreams

Regular dreams are a naturally occurring phenomenon. Dreams tend to be complete nonsense and often weird.

You woke up and get ready for work.  As you leave your house, you climb upon a giant rubber duckie and float down the street. You then actually wake up and wonder, “what the heck was that all about?”

That's a dream. Many aspects of it might seem very real and clear. Your street, your house, front door, even the giant rubber duck might have all seemed real.

But it is just nonsense.

Typically, when you “see” people in dreams, they are simply roles. Most often you don't see faces or great details. Yes, you “saw” the UPS driver drop off a package… but when you wake up, you can't remember it was a man or woman. You saw the role, not the person.

These are simply dreams. Visitation dreams are much, much different!

Visitation Dreams Characteristics

Can dead people communicate through dreams? In my book, Afterlife, I shared how my spirit guides revealed to me that we don't dream of our loved ones.

Instead, our loved ones come to us either before or after we get into the dream state. Rather than call them visitation dreams I call them sleep connections. Big difference.

When you are asleep, your critical mind shuts down, and it leaves it free for our loved ones to easily communicate with us.

When a deceased loved one connects with us while we are sleeping, you will know it is them. It will be 100% clear.

Example from before: in a dream, you won't remember very much detail about the UPS driver coming to your door. It will just be someone delivering a package.

However, when your loved one comes to you, you will see them clear as day. You'll see all their features, all the details, and characteristics they have.

It will be just like a person standing in front of you when you are awake.

You will know it is them.

Signs Our Loved Ones Send Us

Please remember this: there are no rules: they can talk, show signs, hug us, kiss us, give us something, trigger a memory, etc.

It's unlimited.

That said, as a spiritual advisor I find that people get upset with these connections if the dead loved one does not behave in a certain way.

“My Mom came to me and hugged me, but she didn't say anything about her granddaughter!”

Be still. Be happy that they came to you. The fact they came to you is a sign in itself and shows that love never dies. It shows they are there; they are aware of everything that goes on and love never dies.

Still Not Sure If It Is A Visitation Dream Connection?

In my 30-years as a psychic medium, please let me share the two biggest key indicators that you had a direct communication dream visitation.

1. You'll wake up feeling like they were just standing beside you. Remember, your deceased loved ones are energy, so the feeling that “if I had have opened my eyes a moment sooner I would have seen them,” is a sure sign.

Of course, had you opened your eyes a moment earlier, you wouldn't have “caught” them. But cherish that feeling! It means they were there.

2. Your loved one will often show you a secondary sign soon after. Not always – and I'm not guaranteeing it – but it is more often true than not.

It might be a sighting of a bird, a familiar or unique sound or song, a touch, smell or taste. Be open to these.

Here's a bonus sign: do you have a pet? They often act strangely after connection. Remember, they are better at picking up on spirits than we are. After all, they haven't been “taught” that dead don't talk or appear.

Love Never Dies

Your deceased loved ones WANT to connect with you. For almost everyone, this is one of the easiest ways to connect.

Know the difference between a real connection and a simple dream.

Once you know the difference and start trusting in the visitations, you will find that many of your loved ones will start connecting with you. Make sure you recognize the signs that your dead loved ones are sending you.

Why? Because they will know and understand that you are now an open door for them.

Your loved ones want to connect. Let them and experience the fact that love never dies.

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100 thoughts on “Visitation Dreams: How To Know For Sure If They Are Real

  1. I had a visitation the other night – first of all – I had a stroke in September and three weeks after that I was told I had cancer….well, in this visitation a friend of the family came and delivered an envelope to my daughter and she gave it to me. It was a ‘get well card’ ! Is there a special meaning to that?

    • So I had a dream of some guy I sort of knew in high school, he passed away 3 years ago. A month before he passed away I seen him and he didn’t see me but I felt the urge to speak to him but didn’t. Anyways well I had a dream of him but In the dream we were dating and I secretly would knock on the door and we’d kiss and what not, it felt so real. I felt warm, safe and loved and when I woke up still felt that. I had a crush on him my sophomore year and I think he did to but we never ended up really talking cuz he was really shy and ended up dating another girl etc.. well it felt so real, I woke up not remembering our surroundings but him and the moment we were having.. was it real or fake?

  2. Wow just what I needed to read this week cause I had a strange dream visit and was unsure I know it was now because my cat was acting weird thank you love and light

  3. Wow!! This is awesome! I had a dream about my mom just hours ago.. Then I see this
    Confirms what I have already known.
    Thank you very much Blair.
    Blessings multiplied,

  4. Blair… My husband whom I loved and still love very much passed away 9 years ago. We were very close but each time I dream about him something always happens that saddens me and I don’t understand. Each and every time in my dreams he’s always turning away from me, either walking or running away from me. It’s never been that warm happy reunion others talk about and that scares me. Why does he always go away from me?

  5. Thank you Blair. Right after my loved one crossed over, he came to me in a dream/sleep connection. He stood in front of me and was wearing a black Patagonia vest. I noticed this was odd, because he only wore north face as a brand. He gave me a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers and hugged me. Then he was gone. Since that time I have noticed that Patagonia seems to be a sign from him. Also, in a reading you gave me last year, he wanted you to ask me if “I got the flowers”. Amazing! Love never dies. Xo

  6. I found this article to be very interesting, thank you for that. I do have a question because you brought up something I can’t answer on my own.

    I have had visitation from my parents (along with other loved ones) a few times. Perhaps it’s just my mind ‘blurring’ the lines, but I can swear that at the same time they were present, there were others around whose faces I could not see, similar to the UPS delivery person you referenced in your article. For instance, we will be meeting in a park that we went to many times when I was a child. We’ll be walking along the path and pass by other people whom I cannot really ‘see’, such as their faces, but I can see us passing by them. Thank you for your wonderful newsletters.

  7. We had a dear friend pass suddenly in a motorcycle accident. I’m pretty sure he came to visit me. In my visit we walked up to him at a motorcycle event he was working at and he walked up to me with his arms open to hug me. It was very special. I told his best friend about this and he was disappointed that he didn’t have the same experience. He did mention though when he visited his grave an acorn hit him from a tree that was not close enough to be fallen from. :-). Thanks for your letters of information!

  8. My mother does not come often but when she does it is about a message the dream is about. She does not speak, ever. Instead she watches. It always feels like she wrote the dream script and is now watching to see how it turns out. When she was alive I did not like her. She had a mean streak and enjoyed hurting my feelings. I did not speak to her the last 5 years of her life so I am really surprised that she comes. She comes only once per year or so.
    I had a dog who clearly saw spirits. He was smart and had this look in his eyes like he was wise. He comes in dreams and behaves in a human manner. Like when I was given some photos in a dream, I turned and gave them to the dog and he took them to another room and spread them out to look at them.

  9. Four months after my husband passed I had a visitation.My husband told me to download a story that I would find on Amazon called The Girl on the Stairs.He said it would explain everything.I opened my eyes and my IPad was on the floor next to the bed,I went on Amazon and there were four books with that title.My husband said the book would not coast anything and there was only one story that as a prime member I could get free.The short story was about a family that lost there daughter but her ghost was still around all the time.The last sentence of the story was .Be careful the ghost is watching you.

  10. I very rarely remember dreams. Sometimes I wake up and think, “what was that?” But I did one time connect with my dad and I KNEW it was him and it was real. I was having extreme troubles in my personal life with a relationship that was failing. I was terribly depressed. My dad came to me just before I woke up. And I remember it to this day. It was in the early 90’s. My dad didn’t say anything to me. He just came to me and hugged me. It was so incredibly real. I felt the love gush from him to me while he was holding me. When I woke up, I felt incredibly rested. I felt energized. I felt extreme warmth and love. I’ve never felt anything like it before. It made me very happy. Shortly thereafter, I almost died. He came to me then and stopped me from going into the light. He’s always there I think.

    • Had a similar dream about my nephew who passed in a auto accident 5 yrs ago, He was so loved by all. Shortly after he crossed over I had a dream of him standing to the top of my driveway, I ran up to him so shocked to see him , he was standing there is nice bright clothing with a very care-free pleasant demeanor , he never spoke just smile, it felt so real . When I awaken I also felt so energized and great, my cousin explained to me that he had a similar dream of my nephew and he felt the same way. His sister in law just recently passed at the age of 30, her funeral is today and I had a dream of my nephew once again last that was so real and I felt so refreshed after. The only time I feel like this is when I meet him in my dreams.It seems like he makes his presence when I really need it. I miss him so.

  11. Blair, last night my dogs were looking at things in the air and one of them was barking. My Blue passed away August 2015 and has been around a bit. In the evening I was visited by someone which was holding my hand; I could feel the fingers and asked for them to spell on my palm who it is. They did not, I just rubbed their fingers and then they left. I thanked my guide and hope I can figure it out.

  12. I dream of my mom and dad all the time. We are always in the house I grew up in always. Sometimes my older brother will be there. He is deceased. I dream of them so much and I hear them see them it’s wonderful. I always have a safe calm feeling when I wake up. We were very. Lise in real life and I still have my parents ashes at home with me. Thank you Blair for confirming what I thought that my parents were really there

  13. Thanks Blair, even though I have read your books a couple of times, I love to read them and your articles again and again. It doesn’t hurt to be reminded of the facts. Love never dies

  14. My mom passed 35 years ago and I’ve only had 1 dream of her. I’ve meditated, prayed and followed your instructions and nothing. What am I doing wrong?

  15. 2004-2005 changed drastically for my family. The years my oldest son (age then, 28) and my husband of almost 30 years were both diagnosed with cancer within months of each other. Our son is a survivor, and husband passed one month after diagnosis, in January, ’05. That year, October, I believe is when I met a man who would become a great friend and who would eventually become my husband, James.
    One early morning in ’06 in a dream, I was standing in James’s kitchen talking to James who was standing in his living room and there was a large hallway (dog trot style) between us. Suddenly my deceased husband appeared between us . He was vivid, full bodied and actually wearing a shirt which I still had in the closet. He was known for his large charming smile and there he was, smiling at me. He walked towards me and with a felt swoosh through me..I asked James “do you see this?” He said he didn’t see what happened, then my deceased husband walked back through me from behind, same swoosh was felt then walked to the living room and walked through James turned around and came back towards me with that same smile. JAMES said “what was that?”. He had felt it!! I explained to him what had just happened and then I awakened with that VIVID memory and a peace in knowing we (our two son’s and I ) were safe with James. I actually didn’t feel I needed confirmation that James was to be the one I would marry, it was just known to me that it was right for us to be together. The peace I felt in that dream, and as I awakened was obvious to me. I haven’t had another dream of my deceased husband, not one that I can remember at least. And actually held onto that particular shirt he was wearing in the dream for a long time. James and I married in September, 2009. Living life as it is handed to us and happy! 11 years after this dream, I remember it as clearly as the day I awoke with that memory. I remember the peace I was provided through that experience as well. Unfortunately, I am unsure what became of the “shirt” because we purchased a new home, and afraid it was lost in the move. Although it MIGHT be in storage.
    Isn’t this AWESOME!!??

  16. I had a strange dream about my dad. He told me he was at the Turkey farm. I had know idea what he meant by that. Later that morning I got the call he had passed away. A few days later my sibling were going through his stuff and found a stack of hats he had. In the middle of these hats was a hat that said Burkel Turkey Farm! They were so shocked. They sent me a picture of it lol. We have no idea where that hat came from! I’ve always been a believer in spirit and now they finally are too! They have always thought I was a little weird about things I’ve felt or seen. This just validated what I’ve told them all along. Thanks Blair, I hope to meet you some day , I always enjoy your messages!

  17. I lost my 16.5 year old Yorkie Cocoa this summer due to my negligence when I left her out in the backyard and she drowned in the pool. I have not been able to forgive myself, I kept her ashes lit a candle several times in her memory, but know she is gone it hurts every day. I did adopt a stray 6 months ago and he is a hyper crazy dog but I am working with him none the less. Last week I had what felt like a conscious dream of Cocoa pulling on her leash next to my scotty Kyra, and thought she is no longer here I must be dreaming. I then woke up and fell asleep again and Cocoa was there again, I pulled her over, picked her up and kissed her crying all the time I miss you, I miss you so much. I could feel her body first time in a dream I was ever aware of something having form and substance I know she was there. I pray she is at peace and happy I adopted her at the age of 2 from an abusive owner, when I was ill I made one mistake that caused her death.

    • Vicki I think it is very possible that your little dog had a stroke or heart attack at her age and fell into the pool. Please don’t blame yourself. You gave her a wonderful life and she was obviously grateful.

  18. Hello Blair, I wanted to let you know that I read all your emails. I enjoy every single one and want to THANK YOU for sending out the information that’s so insightful and helpful in our daily lives. Sincerely, Terri

  19. I bought tickets to go see you in Sacramento in January for my birthday . I had a great time and brought my daughter too.
    After your event I went upstairs to sleep and was woken up in the midal of the night and was in the arms of someone I cloud not see but was engulfed and white light and I felt so great. Then he said look into my eyes several times , over and over . They were very light blue . Then as I was waking up I seen you .
    Did this happen ?
    Because I was asking for healing light too when you were helping someone else toothat night at the event .
    Thank you for readding this even if you can’t respond . It was a wonderful experience .

  20. regarding dream visits-my husband and son visit me in dreams-my husband mostly! I would certainly love to see my son more often. Last week my husband was in my dream one night and during the course of the night, I woke up several times. I would go back into the same dream and he would be right there. He kept trying to find some money I had hidden and was very animate about it. Upon awakening, I knew he was trying to tell me something about a situation having to do with money, but I really had no clue. Several days later, I discovered that one of my W-2’s had the completely wrong social security number on it and I could not file my taxes right then. I am sure that my husband was trying to tell me to open them up and take care of the problem with my employer. It really is more in depth, but I am giving you the shorter version. Yes, they visit us!!! I know this was what my husband wanted me to get to the bottom of.

  21. My dad & brother has come to me many times! But one evening i asked my mom ‘mom are you busy there? Why don’t you ever come to me” That early morning about 3 am. My mother kissed my cheek & stroked my face! I wasn’t scared because i knew it was her. I said thank you mom 🙂 & just fell back to sleep. Thank you Blair for teaching me all i do know about spirit today!

    Love & Light

    April Penna

  22. I have had many visitation dreams from my mother, father, and once with my grandmother. My question is this…in my last visitation dream with my mother I remember feeling so happy to see her again. We hugged and I could smell her hair and I distinctly remembered how short she was and chuckled about how I had to lean down to hug her. During the visit though my Mom was crying. I knew, without her saying it, that she was crying because she missed me. I told her I loved her and not to worry and we would be together again someday. I’ve had previous visitations with Mom in which I was the one being consoled and she reassured we would reunite someday. Why do you think this happened? From her perspective now surely she knows how this works. I didn’t think in the hereafter we would have emotions like that. I’ve had enough of these visitations that I can clearly distinguish them between dreams. This was definitely a visitation. Thank you for any input.

  23. When my dad passed I was sleeping down stairs in the family room and this would be a day or 2 later What I wasn’t sure of if it was a dream or communicating with me but I was at the bottom of the stairs that led up to his bedroom and he was at the top of the stairs. All of a sudden I was at the top of the stairs and he hugged me and said he loved me and also said remember to always read the fine print. Which to this day I am not sure what that meant but I always do pay attention to fine print now more than ever. He also had a bright light around him like a glow and I really to this day only remember the top part of him like from the waist up. So what do you think of this, could this be him communicating with me. I have also had him come to me in a few more dreams but haven’t heard from him in a while. Although my daughter has had him come to her in her dreams where he will most of the time not say anything but she said it’s like he is right there, very real. I also remember him reluctantly telling me that about a year or so before he passed he would have visits from my grandmother who passed several years ago. At first he thought he was dreaming but he said he was awake and she would come to him and communicate to him that everything will be fine and he will be very busy when he crosses over. He didn’t tell anyone about these visits because he didn’t really believe in it at first but then he had to face that this was really happening and told us. She was giving him messages and even something about a picture when my mom was little that she explained to him, and he was trying to find it. I think it was to confirm it was her. He also said she was much younger and when she spoke her lips didn’t move and it sounded angelic very peaceful. He said like it was telepathy.
    So do you think my dream was him talking to me and what do you think of his visits from my grandmother which he said helped him when his cancer was winning, he passed about 2 years after her first visit and she visited him right up to the end.

  24. My sister visited me in the dream state so I know she is alright. My father did the same many years ago when he passed. During the day, wide awake my mother slapped me in the back of the head as she would when she was here! Know one else was around and I remember her slap! What kind of visitation is that? (LOL) Thank you Blair. People do not think I am so crazy any more.

  25. Hi Blair
    This is so weird that this email came to me about this subject. This past Sunday I had one of those visitation dreams. I could feel every emotion they were sending me. They were guiding me. I have always had these dreams growing up some great some not so good. I have had deceased loved ones come to me and tell me they are ok and show me were they reside waiting for there loved ones, is that weird??? Even from my husbands side of the family. I try to explain to my family but I know they look at me strange. God has always been in my life and I live by this path, if not I feel I would not be here. He has given me strength. Thanks for your gift it makes a lot of difference for us. Gives peace.

  26. My uncle Hartley was in the hospital having surgery and his heart kept stopping and when they got his heart started again he showed me that he was in the hospital so in the morning I called my aunt DeeDee. She told me what happened. He was my favourite Uncle .He lived with us when I was younger. When he was gone he still shows me signs when he is around me

  27. My Dad visits me quite often and he is always surrounded by a bright white light, so bright you need sunglasses…LOL!….this is true. One time he even had my deceased cat on his lap that passed away 2 weeks before he did. My cat was white and so was the cat on my Dads lap. He gave me a message to give to my Sister. How cool is that!

  28. Hi Blair.
    That was so good to read and confirm the visitation of loved ones.I lost my loving boyfriend 19 years ago.I was 20.When my son turned one in 2009.My loved one started visting me when I was sleeping.It was often until 2014 until me & my to be husband set a date for our wedding.In my loved ones visit he would hold me tight and make me feel loved.The love by him hugging me felt so pure it was amazing.He would talk often and say he loved me.Once he sang a wee tune and said I will always love you.In 2011 My daughter was born with a condition and we were in and out of hospital for 2 1/2 years,it had got rough.But I felt strong because I could feel him with me.I feel like he had a connection with my daughter as she was so sick but she was very strong.In December 2015 my future husband and I talked about getting married when my daughter was better and no more hospital visits.I had what was to be my 2nd last visit from him.He was on a big dirt hill,we both were,in the middle of nowhere.He had a cellphone and wanted to call a female to come and get him.I was saying “No stay,I can look after you”but he wanted to go and he gave me a hug.Our date was set for the wedding and one last visit from my loved one.I watched him as he came out of a house with a tuxedo on.He smiled and he walked off into the distance.I think he wore the tux maybe as asign or my wedding.He has not been back,I was sad for awhile but then I realised its ok because He had to let me go and I had to let him go.I feelgood now because I know he will always be with me.

  29. My dad died this past Thanksgiving morning around 5:45 AM six weeks to the morning I had a visitation from him in a dream he walked me into his home he was being jokey with me as he usually was and then he walked out the front door and I didn’t see him anymore I felt that he was telling me the people that are buying his home he is fine with it I woke up feeling so good because I got to see My dad again and he looked really good I like your articles you do a good job and you explain things very well I have one of your books I do want to get the afterlife book when I go to Barnes & Noble again I will look it up thank you

  30. I’m confused now Blair. So if we have a “dream” in which our deceased loved one is in with you and interacting with you and family. This is not a visitation. Can you explain for me what you mean by just before or just after. Sorry confused. Thank you.
    Rene’ Baugher

  31. I was very sick a one time did not know yet what was wrong I thought it was my time I was loosing a lot of weight my loved one came to me and just said to me you are not coming here it is not your time.

  32. I often have dreams of passed over loved ones. I have dreams of them guiding me and even showing me they’re happy. Sometimes I feel their energy when I am awake sometimes I feel drained by the contact, and then sometimes I just think I’m just crazy and making it all up. Can spirits attach. I do believe I am an open door for them.

  33. I haven’t had a visitation. I usually can’t even remember my dreams. But I would love to to have a visit from my mom or sister or my brother. I could really use it right about now.

  34. This confirmation of loved ones visits was very helpful . I get feelings & don’t know how to understand them.

  35. Hi Blair, my mom passed away this January 6th, I’m hoping she can find away to connect with me so I know its her so far not yet that I know of. I’m having a hard time as I’m sure a lot of people do.I havnt had a dream connection with her yet anyway. thankyou to you and wendy I love your live sessions with all of us that catch you..

  36. Thanks for this clarification Blair. Now that I think of it, I have had both kinds. The real and the just a dream. Nice to know the difference.

  37. My brother passed away an the very Next nite I saw him around 4 am he was on a motorcycle looking like he was around 19 Ana when he passes he was 69. But he was dressed in a white shirt black jeans an he looked so happy he waved bye to me an I work crying but I saw it as a sign to me that by big brother was fine. An a few days later I had some car problems an some wonderful ppl helped me I felt my brother again assembling these wonderful ppl to get me home safe. An other things have happened I found a picture of him an my Mom an I never knew it existed , an one of him an I it was great an I knew he wanted me to have these pics.. I’ll never for get.

  38. It was the second summer since my mom had passed..I was at my trailer all alone and that day had been missing her terribly..I cried and reminisced and told her how much I missed her..locked the door and went to bed..the next morning I woke up as I felt the bed depress..felt a stroke on my leg down to my toes..felt the bed go up again and now sat up in disbelief..saying “did this really just happen?”..not even 1min later the door to my trailer blew open with a bang..I got up and looked outside and at my watch..just shy of 8 am and no one was awake yet..there was no wind? What the heck?..I knew she had visited me..everyone I questioned said that no one was stirring yet.all slept in as it was Sunday morning..there were only 7 trailers on the hill including mine

  39. Wow, amazing, The night before my mum passed away, i thought i was dreaming of being beside her in her room, as My Dad came an stood in the door way of her room.(Dad has been gone 12 Years now). I immediately felt calm, that my Dad was there to guide mum. I am so grateful for his presence to me.

  40. Hi Blair, my daughter and I saw you in Peterborough Ontario last year. It was wonderful and can’t wait for you to come back. Since then, my husband passed and I feel that he is around me still but I’ve yet to dream about him. I’m sure he’s around because one day I was watching TV and his favourite commercial played back to back, at least 10 times. At the time I thought that this was very stupid so I changed the channel and this commercial started again. Finally I realized that this was my Richard and it made me smile cause I knew he was connecting with me. It stopped playing as soon as I acknowledged that it was him.

  41. Thought I would add another dream..actually 2 related ones.. I was planning a trip to visit my bestie in BC with the intent of travelling to Vancouver Island to a small town where 25 years before..I had lost my fiancee who tragically drowned during a rafting incident ..I had always wanted to go back and throw a red rose into the river there for him..I hadn’t made any bookings yet.. This was about February..I dreamt that my friend and I were sitting on a small olive green love seat talking and in the white chair across from us sat my fiancée just smiling at us..I could see a yellow wall behind the love seat..I told my friend about it..then forgot about the dream.about 2 mos later as I was searching for a B and B for us to stay in..I was repeatedly drawn and attracted to a particular one.. I tried to book a suite that I wanted but was told it was unavailable at that time but they had another that was more expensive but that I could have for the same price..I took it..almost 4 mos go by..trip time..2nd dream..I wake up with a song in my head..I check the lyrics on YouTube and start playing the song..I am just bawling now as it’s an old song by The Association called Never my the video plays I see scenes of a couple on a beach that flood in old memories of the two of us at Long Beach Vancouver Island..just like the lyrics said..” How can you think love will end when I’ve said that I’d spend my whole life with you?” Never my love..lots of synchronicities happened along the way..flash forward to the B and B ..this is where I got goosebumps ..there was the room in my dream with the green love seat and white chair..but the wall was green too..I said to the painted that was yellow wasn’t it? He confirmed it.. And I saw a picture of it before he painted..same room..needless to say I was on the right place with my bestie and I knew my fiancée was with us 2.. The owners were also instrumental in helping me to locate the spot on the river where he was my intuition..I got to do my tribute on the river in his memory as I had wanted to for 25 years

  42. Just read your Visitation Dreams article. It makes so much sense and gives me new insight into the difference between the types of dreams. My late husband does connect with me in dreams. I have not really experienced him talking to me (or at least I don’t remember him doing so), he tends to hug me and hold my hand as he did so much before he passed. For many years my grandmother and mother have come through to me and I easily recognize signs they send me. During the worst of my grief over the loss of my husband I was blocked from allowing him to come through. Thanks for your insights and advice. I have come a long way. Love never dies.

  43. I lost my twin sister. I miss her so much. Before she passed away we made a pact to give the other one a sign. I haven’t had a dream or pennies, nothing. It’s been 3 years. I need to know she is OK. Why haven’t I had dreams or something?? I am going to come to your meeting in Lake Havasu on the 20th of March. Our birthday is March 6th.

  44. Thank you for all your information. although I haven’t “heard” from Mom in a while for me it’s an Owl that appears in my back yard usually when I am at my lowest…. but because of you I know she hasn’t left me….
    Although I don’t recall dreams with Mom or Dad I am sure that they happen as there are so many time I wake with a peaceful mind.
    Thank you again!

  45. Hi Blair hope all is well.I have read your books. I want to thank you I just have a question that maybe one day you can answer it for me. I use to have a lot of nightmares growing up so I was told dream catchers would take them away so I am now in my 60s and I still hang them and I am wondering if this would stop my family from visiting me in my dreams. I don’t dream at all. Thank you

  46. I wanted to know if my dreams are and you say they are. That makes me fell good, when I woke up from surgery I only wanted to know where my father was, because I was just talking to him. Everyone thought I was nuts and it was the drugs they gave me. I said no he was right here. Unfortunatly he has been gone 6 years. Now I feel he was with me and I was really talking to him and I am not crazy. Is that right? I can remember everything and we were at a floating table. My husband was so confused and actually walked out of the room a few mins because he thought I was loosing it.

  47. About a week ago, my mom started appearing in my dreams. She passed almost 14 years ago. I was asking for a drink, but she didn’t answer. I kept asking if she could hear me, but no answer. When I woke up, I felt as though I was still with her.

  48. Blair..I was wondering does a loved always show up looking like them or will they sometimes show as someone you’ve never seen before but the feeling or connection. You feel to this person is so strong.. I dream of this man James..I don’t know him but he is such a reassurance and comfort I feel he might be my father

  49. I had a very vivid dream three nights ago, my Greg visited me, we chatted in the dream, I knew it was a visit (thanks to your book) it was lovely

  50. Hi Blair, I was at your show in St. Petersburg last night. It was awesome by the way!
    I, like many hoped by a personal reading as I lost my mom back in April 2008 five months after losing our son (being 5 months pregnant). It was a devastating time for me. I know she connected with me when I found out I had breast cancer last November while also dealing with Lyme disease for the past 5 years. Lights kept coming on in my house for no apparent reason. When I asked her to turn the light off on the china cabinet light so that I would know if I was choosing the correct treatment, the light turned off. It was amazing! Then last night after your show, I had a visitation dream where she was laughing at me (we always goofed around together…she was a comedian) then she kissed me. So incredibly real. Thank you SO much for your show. It means so much to me and so many others.

  51. I have had I think a few visitations from my husband. He always comes home, and I’m saying but I saw you die. And he tells me the doctors made a mistake, that he woke up in the morgue, his heartrate and breathing were so low it wasn’t picked up by the machines. Then people think I lied to them about him dying. And he tells me I told you I would never leave you. I have felt his hugs, his kisses, and wjen I open my eyes I expect him to be there. But he isn’t. I don’t know what he’s trying to tell me. Does he not realize he died, was he not really dead…I saw his body in the funeral home, none of the other family did, it would have been too traumatic for them, they didn’t sew him up after his autopsy and all of his organs were gone…did the doctors mess up…?

  52. Dear Mr Robertson, Do you perform private readings? If so, I will travel to your location for the reading. I just recently lost my husband. Thank you.

  53. I know that all you have written is absolutely true. I have many sleep connections. I have many random dreams. I know the difference. I vaguely remember the random dreams .The sleep
    Connections stay with me all day. It’ s a wonderful way to spend the hours of darkness.
    Way to

  54. Both my mom and dad have visited me in dreams. My mom came to tell me that our dog Abbey was with her and she wanted me to know. After my dad passed, he came to me in a dream. He came to the door of my home and I was so happy to see him and hugged him. Then I was so suprised, realizing that he could walk as he had his leg amputated later in life. He smiled and said that he was whole again and felt great! Both were such detailed dreams.

  55. One of my experiences while asleep was that I opened a door and walked into a room where there was a lady in a bed facing away from me. I knew the moment I saw her that it was my mom. I got into the bed and snuggled up to her and put my arm around her waist. I noticed her body was younger and slimmer than before she died. I said to her ” you’ve lost weight, and she telepathically said, ” that’s the way it’s supposed to be. ” I also noticed her hair was shorter and darker. Her love filled the room.
    (This is how I knew it was her ): When I was twelve years old, I would hear my dad going out the door to work in the early morning. I would then go to mom’s room and get in bed behind her, put my arm around her and fall asleep til it was time to get up for school. She was a beautiful and loving mother in life and in death. I get euphoric every time I think of that time. Like you said, Blair, love never dies.
    Thanks for all you do.

  56. Hi ..
    my little brother just lost one of his cousins not to long ago .. he was fairly young , left his infant daughter and the mother to morn ..
    Mind you he isn’t a relative to me, only thru marriage and stuff.. I barely even met this guy ..

    But I just woke up from a dream where he was in it asking of his girlfriend and telling me to make sure she was okay . He was happy full of love and touching and playing with my hair. When I woke up I had a strong urge to contact my little brother so he could tell the girlfriend..

    My question is , how do I open myself up so I can receive more in my dreams? .. I lost my father almost 2 years ago and I would love for him to visit me .. I feel like he has before I just can never remember the whole dream ..

  57. Hi my name is Debra I’m a Widow my husband died three years ago he got killed three men killed him in another country I remember when they brought him back home the next day we had the funeral for him but I felt it was something wrong a couple of days later I had a dream about him that he was looking at my window from the outside. I lived on the first floor back then his face was leaning close to the glass I seen him as clear as day like a few was right there he was trying to tell me something but I couldn’t hear him after that day and never seen him again can you please tell me what was that all about. He was on vacation with his friend his phone was in the bar restaurant he went out to get cigarettes which he stop smoking so I don’t understand this maybe he had a craving but all I know is what the friend told me that he was walking to the store to pick up cigarettes he was 2 blocks away from immigration he died in the Philippines but I still feel this something not adding up I know he wanted to tell me what happened but I guess I’ll never know.

  58. OMG Blair it happened to me the other night , I had just got into bed and was laying on my left side when all of a sudden I felt something get into my bed which I thought it was my american bulldog but when I turn to fuss at her she was not there and my door was still closed, so I turned back on my left side and tried to go to sleep when I felt it again , I stayed still and felt someone laying up against my back with their head on mine and felt arms ontop of my arms and giving me a big bear hug , instantly I knew it was my husband who had passed away 11 months ago and I started crying and said his name out loud then about 10 seconds he was gone !!! I was so happy and filled with excitement I could hardly go to sleep. Ive waited so long for a sign, its when we don’t expect it that that will come. What a surprise 2 days before Easter

  59. I recently moved from my house ito a condo, when I lived in my house I would occasionallly see cardinals in my telephone lines in my backyard and in the trees but never close to the house. However once I have moved a cardinal appears on my balcony and flies into the glass bedroom door, the other day he flew into the glass living room door a few times and at one point stood on the molding around the glass and looked into the living room for a few seconds and then flew to the banister of the balcony, stayed there for awhile singing then flew to a tree where he continued to sing for awhile.
    I guess I want to know if this is a visitation sign from a loved one
    Or am I reading too much into it.

  60. I’m sure I had a visitation dream of my deceased mother coming to me walking over a farm towards an old abandoned house that I was standing on the porch looking through the glass double doors and my mum was telling me about how it had changed, apparently we lived there when I was a baby. I felt good after this dream.

  61. This morning my husband who passed away 1yr THIS JUNE.Came to me as though he was right in the room with me I heard him as clear as if he was.He told me it’s time for me to get rid of his clothes and shoes to someone can use them.And then I yelled out his name and woke up and he was gone.Hazel

  62. I believe I had a visitation dream last night. I dreamed I was moving into a humongous house in Maine (her state). Everywhere I turned there was another bedroom. I was trying to decide where my Dad (also deceased and in the dream) and I would sleep. In the kitchen, I came upon my Aunt who has been dead nearly 30 years. In life, no one would ever describe her as beautiful. She was morbidly obese. But, in she was beautiful. She didn’t speak to me. But I touched her cheek and told her how beautiful she looked. She was wearing lilac colored eye makeup. It was as if an artist had painted her face. The lilac extended beyond her eyes. It was very sparkly. It was a very pleasant dream.

  63. My sister has come to me at least 3times, that I absolutely know for sure, were her! The first time, she whispered just my name, loudly enough in my mind, that it was almost like she whispered it right into my ear. The 2nd and 3rd times were both in sleep, the first showed me that she was on the other side, happy, healthy, full of life and love and joy, the 2nd time, was a waking dream, she put her face and hand right in front of mine and blew on her hand, towards my face, like when someone blows you a kiss. I’m ever grateful for her presence and her love and ESPECIALLY that first, wide awake visit, that left ZERO room for any doubt in my mind, that there is ABSOLUTELY Life, after this life….

  64. Many years ago I was waiting for a job at CBS NEWS I hadn’t heard from them for 6 months since I went gorgeous and interview. It was the year my mom passed and I had alrwady felt her physically touch my head the week she passed So I had a dream one night I was standing before famous CBS news Walter Cronkite, he was on a throne and wearing a crown. I bowed to him. THE next morning I received a call from CBS news that they had a full time job for me

  65. Hi! My name is Kanne. Just pronounce it like “Connie”. In 1997, I dated a guy named Demeatrias. He was my very first love. My first everything. He was in the 11th grade and I was in the 10th. We attended different schools. So, by the time he’d be graduating from high school, we decided it was best that we broke up. He went to Ohio for college and came back in 2003. We got back together. By that time, I had a daughter. She wasn’t quite 6 months at the time. I was in college and taking care of my daughter. While I had class, he enjoyed spending time with her. He taught her how to walk! I can remember one day out of the blue, he said to me, “You know, if anything were ever to happen to me, I’d make sure that you’d know as soon as it does.” I thought it was one of the weirdest things ever……
    So fast forward to 2013. His cousin found me on Instagram and said he wanted to know that I was ok. Fast forward once again to January 2014………he had a heart attack and died in the 3rd. I called his mom as soon as I found out. She said, “Kanne……baby, Demeatrias just passed a half hour ago. How did you know?”

  66. My husband died of als 10 years ago, only 54. We had 6 children 17-4. When he passed I felt angels intensely and was calm and felt love. I dream over and over that he never died and has been living close. He is not paralyzed, yet not back to his very physically fit self. I feel guilty to have moved on to have 3 more children. He is never mad and just wants to help me with all of the 9 children as if they were all his. He just starts organizing and fixing the the things I have not maintained and acts like my new spouse is insignificant,he’s aware he is there. My last dream ended with us dancing to our song ” beauty and the beast” . But his body became a wooden six panel pine door,normal head,neck,arms, knee down with feet. I always feel like it’s real when I wake up and just want back into my dream.

  67. I had a dream of my son and he was saying to me ma get up we have to go to the store at that time it was 1:15 in the morning because I woke up and looked at the clock so I went back to sleep and my mother came to me and I told her what my son said and she said why would he want to go to the store at that time in the morning. Then I woke up at that time at 2;35 in the morning so was that just a dream

  68. I have been having visitation dreams..I can’t believe how unbelievably beautiful they feel. So sad. My beautiful man passed away three months ago. I love him. The dreams are so real. Last night he was kissing me. I was telling him how in love I am with him. It was so amazing. I like being asleep. Funny thing is I woke up mid kiss. I could feel him..he was holding my hand. What an awesome feeling..just wanted to felt so real. Lots of love.

  69. I had received a quick (and somewhat disappointing) visitation “dream” from my husband about a month after he passed away. (It was just too short, and I barely got to interact with him.) After about 2 months, before I went to sleep, I asked him if he could visit me soon. (I also asked permission from God, in my prayers that night.) At about 3:00 am, I had a very powerful visitation dream from my husband. It’s odd because at first it seemed like a dream, but then, all of a sudden I realized it wasn’t. I looked at him, and he looked back at me like he knew of my sudden realization. I got a little scared and tried to wake up, but couldn’t. I went back into the dream and was suddenly face-to-face with him kissing!!! The feeling of love was overwhelming. I woke up crying tears of joy. Couldn’t sleep for the next couple of hours, and knew he was with me (in the spiritual realm) I’ve always been a person of faith, but this “sealed the deal”, as they say. THIS was REAL, and they are there, with us. We DO go on!!!

  70. This happened to me one night ago. I felt like I was actually “hanging out” with my loved one. It was absolutely him and he almost had a glow to his complexion. I was sad when I woke up because I literally wanted to spend more time with him. When I went into my kitchen, I saw my bunny and wondered what the heck the bunny had done to his cage during the night. It looked like he must’ve been running around it like crazy! Very unusual!!!! A matter of a few hours later I was having lunch and my song for my loved one came over the restaurant! It’s not a common song at all and I was stunned. And tears started falling. I’ve been very open to messages from my loved one as I believe we have a soul connection (same soul group, twin flame, soul mate..I’m not sure which, but it’s something along those lines). .

  71. I lost the love of my life about a month ago and I believe he came to me in a dream. Ive never had a visitation dream that I remember before. I was at a beach amd he was just stood there smiling at me. It felt so real and still does to this day. I remember the dream so well. I woke up asking if it was just my mind grieving for him or if it really was him. It was a comfort waking up from it and gives me confort to think about it. He has already given me the sence of touch for sure and delivered a messsage that hes with Jesus. Its pretty amazing as hes the first person ive lost who was very close to me. I never asked him to show his presence, but did ask him never to leave me.

    • Hi Jenny! The same thing happened to me. I hadn’t seen the love of my life for decades when out of the blue, I began having dreams of walking with someone, but I couldn’t see WHO. Night after night I dreamed, then it came to me! I thought I was being ridiculous, but I googled his name & up popped his obituary!! I’ve always believed in the afterlife…. God in His mercy gave me proof and the knowledge that my First Love, still loved me after all this time.❤️

  72. During June of 2012 I began having strange dreams… Night after night, I was walking with someone in a shadowy place, but couldn’t see WHO ! They felt familiar somehow, but never spoke . This went on for over a month, when I got the uncanny feeling that this PERSON was My First Love, whom I hadn’t seen in
    decades! I immediately googled his name and up popped his Obituary! He had passed away unexpectedly in June! I can’t begin to express the feeling that came over me! I then looked up his brother and got in touch. We hadn’t communicated since 1957….when I told him my story he was amazed!

  73. Hi there,

    My late father died a little over 6 months ago. Since his passing, I observed several signs around his home and I also had 4 different dreams about him.

    The first one appeared to be a warning because the event of his death triggered several issues regarding my inheritance, which other relatives are still trying to tamper and play with.

    The second was an assuring dream in one of his old homes where I was as tall as a small child and he simply held me close to his chest and he was significantly taller in his team.

    The fourth strangely came at a night when the chandelier and the stretch cables over his sick bed in his room suddenly began shaking even though there was no earthquake and nothing was going on in the floor upstairs. That night I asked him to visit me in a dream if that was his spirit shaking those items on the ceiling and I did see him. He was in his death bed with the blanket over his face. A man who may have been his father or spiritual father was standing over his bed and when the blanket was lifted to reveal his face, my father woke up and began crying. It was as though he did not want to die. What is strange is that I have no siblings, but a young man, who was his other son in this dream, and I took our turn after the elderly man to run up to his death bed. We were both crying too and trying to reach him as fast as possible. We knew we had to say Good Bye one last time before he closed his eyes and died again. What is strange is that my father died overseas in a 3rd world country where he lived, where I am right now, and I do sometimes suspect that he was murdered and the murder was committed in such a way to make it seem like it was a death that came to him naturally. My husband and I knew the maid at his home was being bribed under the table by my uncle who is now trying everything he can to make impossible for me to claim my father’s estate. I do believe my uncle conspired with the maid to expedite his death after he began transferring some of his properties to me because he strangely died in less than a month since I flew back to the States.

    Please tell me what I can do to connect with my father’s spirit and get the answers I need.

  74. I need a some. Help..guidance if you will. My closest guy friend who also I had been intimate with at pints off and on…we had known each other since 07’. He passsed away December 21st 2014…just right before Christmas. I’d never lost someone before I was in such shock..he wasn’t there for me anymore I couldn’t call him,I’d pull up his contact to text him and realize he as gone. That following may I had this huge what seemed to be hours long of a connnecting dream first I saw him walking on the side of the road wearing clothes he wore back in the day…7-8th grade he was just walking blankly and I told the person driving “hey that was tyler” and I kinda like made it a misssionn to find him I was controlling this dream at this point so vivid I could pick out colors and faces and feelings..the energy was unreal. I eventually come to this place wheee I’m having to sneak in to retrieve something I wasn’t sure why I was go No where I was but I know how to hide and sneak around the building ones I came to this hall…giant wife hall. BRIGHT as could be I get like it was blinding me.!i heard people coming so I ran down the hall and went to the first room I saw on the right..when I got I. The room again everything clean,white,shining. And then in the middle of this room was a stand with an orb like thing on top…was glowing of different colors and then appears a small person who explained to me what the device does..she said that this is how we connect with you when it builds up enough energy we are able to send it out and had me place my hands on it as a was,the ord was warm and the colors were changing so fast almost flashing. Mostly purples and blues. She had given me so many small details about this device…and after m hands wheretaken off Tyler appears and full embraces me holds me so tight and said “I’m ok everything is ok” I was crying and upset and I just knew that at that time he was telling me he made it to heaven…I was so happy. But then it’s like he was suddenly gone and I just was lifted fro the room. He told me he would see me again. This was may 29,2016. Since then he’s popped in and out of my dreams very small bits then today before awakening me Tyler and some friend asked were walk-in around somewhere I had just been in a dream the day or two before…my friend with her boyfriend (I couldn’t see their faces) only his said L”hey there’s that guy yoI said looked like Tyler” and I tried to show tyler the guy as I was pointing the other mans face,who’d resembled Tyler so well started to get blurry but then when I looked back at Tyler he just kissed me,happy. Like a 2 second pop kiss with his arm around me and in my left side I remember hearing the pop of our lips and wondering if the people I was with saw it or heard it…as soon as this happened I woke up. This was today December,17th,2017. Also if this has any meaning my number is “17” I see it everywhere,it’s always a number I pick,I see at random. Ect. But every year as it gets closer to his passing….I see him more. I love it so much. I wish he could stay. I wish I could realize in my dream that I wanted to stay and keep myself there as long as possible. Sometimes this is…sometimes I just wake straight up. But I’m asking is…what is he telling me? What does this mean…with the relationship we had we were the best best of friends. But we also had intimate moments for years. The year of his passing we didn’t spend too much time together he got the no good girlfriend that changed everything. We just spoke on and off….I feel like I never got to say goodbye MY way…never saw his face for the last the funeral I could hardly bare to look at him even though how handsome he looked in a button up red shirt “he prob would have never worn” lol bearing a red rose…he looked peaceful but I just ran after I saw him. He’s been stuck on my mind a daily thing…off what to do. I just want to be in heaven with him.

  75. So I had a dream of some guy I sort of knew in high school, he passed away 3 years ago. A month before he passed away I seen him and he didn’t see me but I felt the urge to speak to him but didn’t. Anyways well I had a dream of him but In the dream we were dating and I secretly would knock on the door and we’d kiss and what not, it felt so real. I felt warm, safe and loved and when I woke up still felt that. I had a crush on him my sophomore year and I think he did to but we never ended up really talking cuz he was really shy and ended up dating another girl etc.. well it felt so real, I woke up not remembering our surroundings but him and the moment we were having.. was it real or fake?

  76. I had a cousin that took his own life a few weeks ago he hasn’t sent me signs or anything. I’ve had dreams about him but I don’t think they were ‘visitation dreams’. Do you have any idea what’s going on?

  77. Thanks for this been wondering if my dreams are of my son Jonathan. Sometimes I only recognise the energy and it’s as I see him in an alternate life with other members.

  78. I had a dream a bout an elder telling ne to my face that it was too late I was able to say it was never too late she told me she was stuck in my sisters old house I told her its never too late just pray as I had told her to go to the light she kept saying its too late My husband woke me up saying I was talking in my sleep this happened in dec and I still remember it! Also I dont know where I just knew what to say to her was so suprising!

  79. 2 and a half weeks after my Nana passed away. I had the most beautiful dream. I think she took me to her, we were in a VERY bright place with beautiful music playing. My nan looked younger, she was standing tall and even walked about (had been in a wheel chair for over 20 years). Her hair was coloured brown not grey. She was wearing the outfit she wore to my wedding 15 years ago and makeup. I think the message (no conversation) tell the family I’m young and fit again. She looked so happy. I totally believe I saw her for real and all her pain and illnesses are gone.

  80. Iam very worried about my dads sprit. He was vietanam vet, US NAVY, passed on veterans day this november 2017. Not that this matters, but he was my step dad and I was connected to him from the first day I meat him when I was 12. My mom suddenly passed in 2007 I was 33, there was no warning she was not ill, She just passed awat. My dad LOVED HER she was his life. 8 months after her passing, I asked dad to come live with me. 10 years he lived with me, my husband and kids. We never fought or argued. He had years of heart issues then lung cancer hit slow and then heart failuer. We knew time was short. Yet dad still passed in a sudden un expected way. The day before he died he told me he did not feel he had much longer. I HAVE BEEN DEVASTATED ever since. I know he always said when his time comes he would be with my mom. I HAVE HAD 2 DREAMS of him both very CLEAR!! The love and connection we are both missing eachother. He hugs me hard. I talk to him he responds to my questions. I ask him if he is happy where he is and both times he says he is not happy and he is not with my mom. The tone in his voice seems as if he does not understand. In my dreams we both know he is gone and he cannot stay long to talk. Is he not really HAPPY. Also he does not appear in the cloths we buried him. Both times he was wearing cloths I from his wardrobe. What does all this mean?

  81. I’ve heard of these dreams and believe it had one last night. My mom died 1/11/18 from COPD & congestive heart failure. (She was on oxygen 24/7) It was terrible to watch. Last night in my “dream” she was laying in a bed blinking her eyes in an odd manner like there was something stuck in her eyes , her hair done and about 10 years younger and she wasn’t wearing any oxygen. She looked great.
    She said something to me but I couldn’t hear so I leaned in and I asked her what she said to which she whispered “I’m blind”
    I immediately woke from my dream and have been perplexed since becasue she didn’t have an eyesight pr Been when she was alive and it had nothing to do with her death. I feel like it’s a message but I have no idea what it means. Has anyone had this happen ?

    • she loves you very much she there with you always she might be wanting you to get checked or want you to check your heatlth

  82. I had a dream about my mom that’s been deceased since 1998..In this dream she came up to me in the store and smiled and She open her arms up to hug me and I just fell into her and I remember saying they told me you were dead? My mom never said anything she just seemed so happy and kept smiling.. lately I have been under alot of stress is could this be way of her saying it’s going to be sure feels like it

  83. My male dog was hit by car on the 20th and he was hit close to home.can a dog spirit go into other dogs that are male that are in you house because my mom friend just brought her male over here that was a different breed and a little smaller then e was and this dog came to me he sleeps with my me talks and all like my other dog and just a minute ago my female started humping her daughter witch was his daughter to and the mom dog is fixed and she has never been like this be for could it be that my male dog who has passed put his sprit in that male dog or my female dog because all of the sudden my mom and daughter were playing and they stopped and acted as if they were depressed and scared

  84. How do I get your book … afterlife ?

    My husband passed 17 months ago and came to me in a visitation dream, he was just sitting in his usual place on the sofa, dressed in his usual clothes, very vivid color. He didn’t say anything but so startled to see him I woke and sat up. He was gone but I talked to him, shook for an hour. I had never heard of this happening before.

    Thank you. Jean