Karma: All Of Your Deeds Are Noticed

This is, an amazingly powerful video that illustrates the power of doing good. Spirit sees all. Karma sees all.

How does this video impact you?

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8 thoughts on “Karma: All Of Your Deeds Are Noticed

  1. I try very hard to do things small gestures for people even if its just a smile a short chat or to help in some way It makes me feel good!!

  2. I have seen this video quite a few times before each time I watch it my heart keeps getting Warmer every time . I think to my self and say to myself if only more people would just do what the young man in this video does this earth
    Would be so much better off.mankind can learn so much from this young man
    Love ,kindness, careing, giving of our self would and is the way God wants us all
    To be with each other no matter where we are from what nationality we are or what colours we are or how we speak. We all need to love each other be kind and helpful to all people love everyone and do this with out expecting anything in return. This is what I get from this video. I am mired the man in this video is quite the role model.

  3. Makes my heart swell and tears fall. Very touching. I’ve seen it before, with the same results. I too do things always out of Pure Love with no expectations. LOVE seeing the Loving things in Life… <3