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Achieve Success With Self Hypnosis!

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Experience hypnosis in the comfort and privacy of your own home! It's fast, effective and easy.

Let Blair help you to relax and give you planned, positive suggestions to assist you in achieving your goals, whether that be to stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence or a host of other worthy improvements.

Each audio contains Blair's personal voice and suggestions with soothing background music to help you relax.

THOUSANDS of these cds have been sold after live presentations. For the first time, you can order your own copy in downloadable MP3 format here!

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Lose Weight And Feel Great!

The goal of this program is simple: to help you lose weight and feel great! This program will help you reduce cravings, make better food choices and feel better about yourself. It's TOUGH to stay slim in a world filled with terrible choices. This program will help you win! $24.99 Plus S&H Worldwide

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 NEW! Order: Lose Weight And Feel Great INSTANT DOWNLOAD MP3. No shipping or handling! Only $19.99!


Stop Smoking!

Quit for good! Stop a filthy habit that's literally killing you, improve your health and begin to taste things again! Not to mention saving a small fortune! One of Blair's most popular and powerful programs! $24.99 Plus S&H Worldwide

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 NEW! Order: Stop Smoking! INSTANT DOWNLOAD MP3. No shipping or handling! Only $19.99!


RELAX And Gain Self Confidence!

Stress is everywhere. At work. At home. At school. Stress wears you down. This amazing program contains the exact suggestions that Blair Robertson uses to relax his mind RAPIDLY. Become more relaxed and self confident today! $24.99 Plus S&H Worldwide

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  NEW! Order: Relax And Gain Self Confidence! INSTANT DOWNLOAD MP3. No shipping or handling! Only $19.99!


Pain Control

Manage and control pain through hypnosis. Suggestions include helping you understand pain and it's function, suggestions to control it, and different hypnotic tools you can use. $24.99 Plus S&H Worldwide

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  NEW! Order: Pain Control INSTANT DOWNLOAD MP3. No shipping or handling! Only $19.99!


Memory And Concentration Improvement!

Forgetting things? Having a hard time concentrating? This program will give you planned positive suggestions for improving your memory and your concentration. You'll feel great about yourself and enjoy remembering names, dates and appointments. $24.99 Plus S&H Worldwide

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 NEW! Order: Memory And Concentration Improvement INSTANT DOWNLOAD MP3. No shipping or handling! Only $19.99!


Increase Energy And Banish Insomnia!

One of the biggest keys to increased energy: a good night sleep. Get a great night sleep, eliminate the need for sleep aids and notice an increase in energy and mental alertness. You'll feel great about yourself and be much happier. $24.99 Plus S&H Worldwide

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 NEW! Order: Increase Energy And Banish Insomnia INSTANT DOWNLOAD MP3. No shipping or handling! Only $19.99! 

SIXTY-DAY Total Satisfaction
100% Money Back Guarantee

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All we ask is that you genuinely use them as instructed. Give them a sincere try. We KNOW you'll be satisfied as thousands of others have.

Go ahead and order now. You'll be glad you did!

What OTHERS Are Saying…

I love the tape and it works. Patricia N. Fairfax VA USA

I will and have told people about this amazing CD! Blair has it down right! Getting this CD is a must…Blair's voice is soothing and the overall CD is music to your ears! Staria A. San Jose, CA

That they work well. The tapes are so easy to use. I really like how Blair has made the tapes as well and he has a very nice voice. The best self-hypnosis tapes I have ever bought. I thank Blair for making them. Sandra H. Redmond, WA, USA

I have purchased a few of Blair's items. His approach is so personable and he relates so well to his audience. I feel any of his products are great value. He clearly explains what he is doing and how you can benefit the most from them. I recommend any of his cds and now that they are on MP3, I for one am excited since I put them on my itouch anyways! Tammy A, Maricopa, AZ

Extremely rewarding experience towards my own personal growth, highly recommend to others to also benefit this brilliant knowledge. Linka C. Perth WA USA

I ordered one of Blair's self hypnosis tapes and I can say it was well worth the time and money. It was so easy to just relax and listen to what he had to say. Everyone is different so I can't say how it will effect you but it really helped me and I am so glad I ordered it. Toni M. Keithville, LA USA

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14 thoughts on “Self Hypnosis: Blair Robertson’s MP3 Downloads

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  3. I am just starting to look into spirit guides, just purchased your new book on kindle about spirit guides! My question is: will I eventually know my spirit guide/s by name? Am I even supposed to know their names, do they have names? You see Blair, sometimes when I’m just about ready to fall asleep, right in between that moment when I’m in between sleep and still semi awake, I will start seeing these images, just faces but have no idea who or what they are! Sometimes it’s just one or two and sometimes it’s more, like a slide show. Well, last night after having read the first part of your book, as I was falling asleep, I saw the image of a man. I have no idea who it was. He was a large, burly man, almost a warrior type. I only saw his bust, not his entire body and he looked to be white or hispanic with very dark hair. He was a fierce looking man, to say the least, but I was in no way afraid of him. After a couple of minutes, I woke all the way up. Could he be a spirit guide and does he have a name?. If so, how do I find out his name? Or is this something else entirely? I am very confused as to why these images always come to me just as I’m falling asleep! Any insight you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Blessings!

  4. I really need a stop snoring snoring is tearing my relationship apart. I’m falling into depression because my husband can’t come to bead and sleep..

  5. Hi Blaire, I had tried to get hypnotized by a guy who never had one he couldn’t do. I’m his first failure. When halfway thru I seen a road going to the right and a wolf was coming to me. I was startled and couldn’t focus on his words after that. I was also cold on my arms . After wards he had said something was holding me back well duh. told him I have blocks. So I didnt want to try again and spend a lot of $. I’m trying to do a lot of soul searching while my work is so slow. I’m hoping this helps if I try it. I’m very stubborn, and difficult to figure out, and want to get out of my head and feel joy. Thank you for any help. Meditation is so hard for me too

  6. Hello Blair. ..
    I recently purchased the gift box set on my Kindle, and also ordered the physical set. At the end of Psychic Development you offer a meditation download as a free bonus. It is not accessible, and I also tried and this site. Please let me know how to purchase. Thank you.

  7. I read your book and found it very interesting. At the end I was suppose to be able to download, a sport guide bonus. But when I went to that link there was nothing there. I am hoping that you can help me to get this download. Thank you, Susan

  8. Just finished your Spirit Guides book and loved it. At the end it explains about this free audio download. Doesn’t work. 🙁 Did you discontinue it?

  9. Blair- Is it possible to get your self hypnotic on CD form? I don’t own a MP3 player. I could definitely use some mind bending and I don’t mind paying S/H.