How To Attract Good Luck

From Wendy Robertson

Attract Good Luck Blair Robertson

Blair & I have always encouraged one another in our mutual endeavors. For a long time now he has been encouraging me to share my story about my “lucky gemstones”. Stones I have kept with me for several years now, as they have brought me continued good luck. With sharing my quick story, I hope you will find “it can’t hurt to try it” and “if it works for Wendy, it can work for me”.

Several years ago, I chose five beautifully tumbled lucky gemstones from a psychic at a metaphysical shop and have kept them under my pillow. When I am looking to boost my luck, I take them in my hand and hold them, roll them around on my palm and concentrate on what it is I want to wish for. I am never too greedy (or at least try not to be) and after a period of time…TA-DA!! I am not kidding. The shortest period of time I have had to wait for my good luck to manifest was almost 2 days. The longest period of time I had to wait for my luck to change was one year. I know, that sounds like a long time, but it was when I had wished for a good man whom I could be happy with and that suited my personality. Guess what? Yes, you’re right………I found Blair!

It may have taken about a year of lucky stones in my possession, but I had previously been involved with men who had “some” favorable qualities, but none of them were all that I was looking for or needed to compliment me for the long haul. I had been divorced for almost 20 years and dating off & on and had decided to give the dating scene the heave ho for a while. Something I would do from time to time over the years anyway. After a couple of months of “men cleansing” lol, I was reading a new-age site and an article about lucky stones and decided to give it a try. So, no, my wishing on my stones didn’t put me in Blair’s path overnight, but then, good things take time and I am so happy they did. Since then, my lucky stones have always been under my pillow or in my purse and I always keep my vortex blessed Amethyst stone handy in my pocket for a quick rub of luck.

Your FIVE Lucky Gemstones!

Attract Good Luck Lucky Gemstones For Success, Happiness, Wealth And More...

Attract Good Luck with these five natural gemstones complete with satin pouch.

I would like you to have the kind of luck I have been blessed with. So, I have specially selected 5 beautiful tumbled lucky gemstones that will bring the attributes of money, love, well being, protection etc., and took them to Sedona, Arizona (USA). Sedona is a sacred place of spiritual enlightenment and renowned spiritual Mecca with some of the world’s strongest energy vortexes. It was at the base of Cathedral Rock vortex that Blair had my chosen stones blessed.

I also have a beautiful satin tie-string bag to keep your lucky stones safely together. Along with the vortex blessed lucky gemstones and satin bag, I am including a brief history on lucky stones and well as the legend of each one of the beautiful gemstones that have been selected for their exceptional lucky qualities. Of course, instructions on how to use and care for your stones will also be included.

Only $19.99

All this good luck comes your way for $19.99 U.S. plus shipping. I want to keep shipping at the lowest possible cost and will mail all this to you in a rugged mailer envelope via first-class mail. If you would like it sent U.S. Priority Post then the cost will be a tad higher BUT will arrive faster.

Go now to the order page, place your order of one, two or hey, as many as you like to gift to family and friends. Enter your payment information and I will process your order usually within 24 hrs.

GUARANTEE FROM BLAIR: order these stones, try them out. Follow the simple instructions included for SIXTY DAYS and if you aren’t completely satisfied, mail them back and we’ll refund you your money. That simple. YOU be the judge. You have nothing to lose.

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14 thoughts on “How To Attract Good Luck

  1. Just ordered mine, thank you so much for doing this and offering these!! I have been struggling and luck has definitely not been on my side lately with a lot of things. As you say, it “can’t hurt to try”!! I will let you both know :)

  2. Wendy: I am ordering another set of your beautiful gemstones. I have order many sets over the past few years, given all but one set as gifts. Alas, I am ordering another set just for “me” as my Moonstone has broken and I can only find one half! Seen you in St. John’s last year. I may attend the Ice Burg Alley show here in YYT, not sure yet.


  3. Is that Canadain or USA funds? I’m hoping for one to reject negative energies.
    I’m both deaf and partly blind.

  4. Thanks Blair & Wendy this offer came at just the right time, have just lost an important family member and some are struggling to come to terms, hope these will enable me to help them and myself.

  5. Hello,

    Thank you for this wonderful offer. I’ve had my lucky stones which were selected by me for years now, they were the ones that attracted me to them and know this will help others.

  6. Hi Blair and Wendy. I hope you are both well. I was wondering if the 5 gem stones were the same from the seminar. If they aren’t can you Tell me the difference please. Thank you so much, look forward to hearing from you. Debbie

  7. I would love to have these stone’s but have fallen on hard times and cannot even afford that, I have recently had to retire due to my health and am on a limited amount of money. Thank you for your inspiration !! Love & light Lori

  8. I purchased the gem stones two years ago, and they do have a positive effect. In fact they are in my pocket as I type this reply. I believe these crystals give-off a positive energy that transfers into my body. I recommend that you should have them with you at all times.

  9. I just ordered mine. I can’t wait to get them. Instantly I became trustful & my heart and soul told me to go for it! I thank you for offering these to us & I will let you both know what happens.

    Love & Light

  10. I hace 3 gemstones.A black tourmaline,Amethyst and a Tigers Eye,I usually carry my black tourmaline with.I also play soccer and last week I was the best amongst all my friends.But this week luck wasn’t on my side and don’t know whats wrong with me.Please help me.