Reincarnation: Past Lives And Your Future

doorwayDo you believe in past lives?

Have YOU lived before?

If you’ve ever experienced deja-vu: that feeling that you’ve been somewhere before (even though it’s your first time there), it’s a sure sign that you have lived before.

If you’ve ever “clicked” with a person–had that feeling that you’ve known them your entire life–then you’ve likely met one of your soul mates from a previous lifetime.

Of course, if you’ve ever had a past-life regression with a skilled hypnotherapist, you’ll be able to tap into your past life memories and retrieve amazing amounts of information.

Past Lives And Karma

We have all lived many past lives. Each incarnation brings with it our past lessons for us to improve on and challenges for us to work through. This is called karma.

Is there such thing as bad karma? It depends if it is incoming or outgoing. If you are having challenges or hurdles in your lifetime, these are karmic lessons. Sometimes these lessons are painful but you chose to experience them in this lifetime to make you life BETTER. As such, there’s really no bad karma in that sense.

However, you can create bad karma by doing harmful things to yourself or others. Everything has a price. Every action has a reaction.

Karmic Blocks

Of course, it’s fun to learn about your thousands of past lives! When I did past life regressions years ago the stories and details that people brought back were nothing short of astonishing! But the best part about tapping into your past lives is discovering your current life lessons AND blasting karmic blocks. 

Karmic blocks are those pesky things that we experience in our current lifetime and hold us back from being, doing and having as much as we were born to have! Money and career is just one example: no matter how hard you try, no matter how much effort you put in, it feels like you are being held back in some way.

This is a karmic block from your past, and until you reconcile it, it will continue to plague you.

But there’s good news: more often than not, when you discover your karmic block and reconcile it, your life will immediately improve for the better. You’ll feel better, be at peace and you’ll enjoy life more. Not only that, quite often the adjustment is so minor you’ll wonder why it took you so long to discover it!

She Broke Her Money Block

One of my clients hired me to help her break through a number of karmic blocks, one of the biggest being a massive money block. See, my client… no matter how hard she tried… how hard she worked or how many hours she worked… money seemingly avoided her like the plague!

To make a long story short, we discovered that in a specific past life she had been poor and had a deep-routed anger and hatred for those who had more than her. Consequently, she was sending out a terrible message to the universe that money was bad and evil. She was doing this without realizing it.

She had decided prior to being born to correct this in this lifetime but did not realize it until our sessions. We had a healing session, helped her clear this block and move forward. As a result, she made a conscience choice to stop ‘hating’ people with money.

Instead, she took the attitude that money and wealth was abundant and available to all. Best of all, she adopted the attitude that there is no need to compete, instead to simply create and manifest. Appreciate others, and in so doing, valuing herself more.

Result? She said to me in our last coaching call that she feels like a load has been taken off of her shoulders and the money is starting to roll in in small but significant ways. She added “I cannot believe the impact having such a negative attitude was from keeping me from money.”

Most Karmic Blocks Are Easy To Fix And Tweak

You were born to live a full and awesome life of abundance. You were not sent here to live a life of misery or struggle. Yes, we will have challenges and struggles, but once you grasp the reasoning behind what is going on in YOUR specific life, your life then becomes easier. Happier. More fulfilled.

Most karmic blocks are simple to resolve. In some cases, just acknowledging an issue helps. In other cases, understanding will bring contentment. Some karmic blocks will take work and healing work, of course, but it’s important to realize this: when we come into this lifetime the blocks/challenges you face are lessons that you CAN get through!

While they might seem like they are impossible, you can and should embrace them with the knowledge that the faster you can get through them the happier your life will be! Embrace them, don’t run from them!

Focus On Your Karmic Lessons

Am I suggesting that you not have fun in discovering your past lives? No, not at all! Discovering your past lives is both fun and fulfilling. What I am saying is just don’t stop there… find out your karmic lessons and blocks so that you can start to immediately improve this incarnation! The sooner you do, the better off you’ll be as well as all of those connected to you!


Check out my FREE online webinar called “Discover Your Past Lives And Karmic Lessons” by clicking here. You’ll discover the sure signs you’ve lived before, learn more about karma and how it affects you and more! 

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508 thoughts on “Reincarnation: Past Lives And Your Future

  1. I would absolutely like to learn more about the subject . I have heard other versions and would like to hear your take on it!

  2. Do likes and dislikes carry over from a past life? For example: I love clothes that are bright and flashy but don’t like them once I put them on. Always think to myself maybe I wore them in a previous life?

    • I’ve had several past life regressions am just interested in th the subject. My last regression was 4 hours long and has fascinated me. I’m interested in when and why some people are in your lives over and over and why the grief process is so difficult when we know we will see them again.

  3. Yes, I believe in past lives. I often feel like I belong somewhere or sometime other than now. Why is that? Unresolved issues or traumatic death? How do I fix it so that I’m not always feeling regretful and lost?

  4. I have a desire to learn who specific people in this present life were in any of my past lives. This would help me understand why this one person in my present life is here..She is the ONLY person I am most curious about. Yes, I would attend your webinar if it at a time I am free. I have never attended a webinar before. Thank you

  5. Hi Blair,
    I love reading your articles and would love to know more about reincarnation. I have always wondered if present health problems are connected to health problems in a previous life. Not only that but I had a reading done where the woman told me the reason I didn’t drive was because I was in a car accident that occurred on a bridge. Ironically,I am afraid of heights too and she told me that I needed to go for driving lessons to get over my phobia. I would like to know more about this past life.

  6. A webinar on reincarnation would be great! I believe in reincarnation, also. I think that we keep coming back until we “get it right”! I’m sure you will let us know when and where we can sign up. Thanks.

  7. Hi Blair…I’d love to learn more about reincarnation. I’ve heard that if this life was hard, your next one would be better, and vice versa. What do you think?

  8. I would love to find out how my past lives affect me in this life
    And whether anyone I am close to now I have known in a past life.

  9. I’m really really interested in reincarnation. It’s something I believe in. I was even told that this is my 32nd and last life cycle. I love the culture of ancient Egypt and old European, their form of dress etc., I can cook on firewood outside and be very comfortable without the trappings of ease or luxury. You have a vote for that Webinar right here. <3

  10. Most interested in this Webinar, Blair. I have had incidents in my present life that made me wonder if I had lived before. I have a very close friend that I feel maybe we were related in a previous life. Would love to investigate this. Will definitely sign up. Keep up your good work.

  11. I most def. believe in reincarnation. I believe a lot of things in this life stem from what happened in our past lives. Thank you so much for this opportunity! If it’s possible, I would love to find out who I was in a past life to learn why things in this life have happened and how to heal them. 🙂 <3 to you.

  12. Would love a webinar on this subject but am finding it nearly impossible to attend yours and another group I am in because of the times they happen. Is it possible to rerun or make them available to download after the event? It is so disappointing to register and then find that commitments make it impossible to attend even when I have tried to set aside that hour qnd keep it free

  13. So Interested in this…. Would live to take the webinar!!!
    I think things in your past lives can be brought over into other lives.
    I wonder if we can learn more about ourselves by going back and learning who we were.

  14. I would like to know my pat lives so that I can maybe connect some things that effect me in this life, with lives previously led. Thank you

  15. Extremely interested in learning more about tuning in to my past lives…I’m aware that I’ve lived many times before, I’ve been told I have an old soul. Knowing this leaves me craving to find out more about my past.

  16. I would like to know, who I was and what I did.
    To see if it has meaning to the type of person I am now.
    Eg: my strengths and weaknesses and if my creativity came from past lives
    Thank you Blair, I look forward to webinar!

  17. If you’re going to do a webinar on reincarnation, then i would like to take it one step further and ask your opinion on pre-birth planning or if the webinar will include anything on this subject?

    Thank you

    Love & Light


  18. I think its a fabulous idea! I am a hypnotist and trained at the Sylvia Browne school and Sylvia was very big on using past life regressions to help release past life cell memories that can hinder you in this lifetime. After having a session with one of Sylvias trained hypnotists many years ago I was a firm believer! I had a sudden onset of a weird swallowing problem at age 35 I couldnt eat or drink anything without choking it was horrible. I had read Sylvias book “past lives future healing” about a year before and thought “what the heck I’ll give it a try” The Hypnostist took me back without “guiding” or “directing” me and I went back to a life in the early 1800’s in Ireland where I was a man who had choked to death on a piece of meat. theres so much more to the story and its quite fascinating but the end result was that years later when I was in the right place with the right support system I was able to finally go to school to achieve my dream of helping others and it has been an amazing and blessed journey! The places I have visited via others past lives is just beyond awesome and the healing that takes place is just the best feeling to know I could help them get there. So my suggestion would be to discuss a little about how past life cell memories can affect your current life and how releasing those memories can help you move past all kinds of blocks in your life. fears, phobias, odd memories that dont fit this life, the feeling you’ve known someone forever but yet you just met….Great subject matter Blair, God Bless you for all you are doing in sharing your gift 🙂

  19. This is a great idea!! I am very interested in reincarnation and past lives. I know that sometimes your past lives can be intruding on any fears or phobias you have in your current life.

  20. Yes, I would be very interested in such a webinar. Not only finding out how our past lives affect our present life but is it true that each life has been to rectify a wrong or something we needed to learn? Very interesting. Would love to be included.

  21. This is one of the most interesting subjects I ever discussed with anyone.

    I believe everyone should take the time to know all they can find out on all the past lives and the connections to the life they live today. What the lessons are, or the reason for the recarnations?????

  22. I think learning about our past lives would be fantastic and interesting. I would like to take part. Thanks for all you do.

  23. I do beleive in reincarnation. As a child I recall very vividly thinking that something I was doing, I had done before, dejavue. I would like to have you discuss about being with same people in the other lives and why we choose to keep coming back.

  24. Yes – I would most definitely love to partake of a past lives webinar. I absolutely believe in past lives and know some about my own. I would also (like Tammy) like to hear about past life cell memories (explained). I also read some of Sylvia’s books – and it all makes sense to me. Looking forward to these webinars. Thanks Blair.

  25. What does the symbol next to ones name (in the comments section) mean?
    I find it interesting that mine is Green being Green is my Favorite color (and the color of healing, the heart chakra).

  26. I am extremely interested in reincarnation. Would love to know how past lives affect our present life! Your input would be greatly appreciated!!!

  27. Is it true, we are sent back to earth to learn and “get it right”. That if we don’t learn our lessons, we are sent back to try again.

  28. I’d like to know about past lives so I can understand and avoid uncomfortable situations in this one. Or at least I’d like to know why I feel weird ways about certain things.

  29. Would like to know if I have a past life or lives and if so, who was I and where was I. Are the family I have now a part of that past life. Did I choose to reenter this life as who I am now.

  30. Blair, I would LOVE to be a part of your webinar for past lives! I have always had a “feeling” I came from a past life, and would love to know if I am correct in my assumption! Please let me know when you schedule your webinar! God bless! Tonda Taylor Malone

  31. I would love to be a part of this webinar for past lives Blair! I have never known my past lives but I know there are many. Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about my soul. Again, thank you!

  32. My biggest question is how we move from one life to the next and why do we sometimes meet the same people in other lives, or from another life to this one?

  33. Very interested indeed. I would like to know if our past lives come through in our dreams. I cannot wait to attend. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us.

  34. I do believe in past lives. I would like to know how our past lives affect our present ones and if the people we knew/loved in previous lives come into our current lives in a similar relationship (think Time Traveler’s Wife or similar movie).

  35. I would be very interested in a past lives webinar. I would be curious to know how people in previous lives have been/are in my life now.

  36. Blair I just watched the webinar and loved it. Sadly the site would not let me sign up for the 3 week course or download the booklet. Any chance I can still get in on the special?

  37. Blair, please send the download for your free report you offered tonight at the end of your Past Life Regression webinar: ‘You Have Lived Before’. The link didn’t work for me. I tried several times.

    Thank you. The webinar was great. I enjoyed it a lot. I would love to take your course one day when funds are available.

  38. I am interested in how we can tell if certain aspects or behaviors of our present lives, are remnants of previous lives. Maybe some of our interests and habits are roll over?


  39. Last night at your San Diego appearance that “reincarnation doesn’t work like that” when she mentioned thinking her son was another family member who had passed. Can you explain please. I always thought we do come back together in different roles.

  40. Last night at your San Diego appearance you said that “reincarnation doesn’t work like that” when she mentioned thinking her son was another family member who had passed. Can you explain please. I always thought we do come back together in different roles.

  41. I would like to know how my past lives
    Influences my current life? Also how can
    we be more aware of the lessons we need
    to learn in this life time that we didn’t learn
    In the past life time?
    Thank you for your time and interest in
    helping other to be in a better place with

  42. Good afternoon Mr. Robertson, I’ve always felt that there’s a difference between reincarnation and past lives. My feeling is that reincarnation is to come back as myself and have a go at it again. Past lives can be new life experiences. What do you say about the differences.

  43. I was wondering why when you meet some people you feel an instant connection with them like you have known them all your life, do people stay with you from one life to the next?

    • Some people say you do, when I met my partner, it was like we had known each other forever and we had found ourselves again!!!

      I lost my mother and a month after I was pregnant with a girl! I hope is my mother in her, so I can give her what my mother never had as a child.

  44. can the mistakes of past lives be >paid< as a way of saying, in this life. I consider myself a good person and things most of the time go so wrong for me that I must be paying past lives karma. Is this possible?

  45. I believe that our life’s energy never “dies”. We visit and re-visit to learn and heal ourselves and others. Sounds like it would get kind of crowded but I think there’s room enough for all in the spiritual universe.

  46. Hi Blair,

    I would like to know if each message of a previous life only impacts that of the next life, or does each previous life impact all subsequent lives?

    Thank you,

  47. One of the times I had a soul retrieval, I was a Priestess in Atlantis, I had long blonde hair and my bird that was with me most of the time was a Canary. What was so wonderful about this, is that when I was born, I had real white hair and as I grew my hair color has changed, so I would dye my hair to be real blonde and I love Canary’s and I used to have them through my young adult hood. And I am a devotee, which I believe in doing good deeds and I practice loving all and looking at the good of everyone.

    My soul mate is my husband. In fact he is my 3rd husband, we will be married 21 years this coming May and together for 26 yrs. I used to experience out of body, but the thing was, I’d be awake and I wouldn’t know what’s happening to me, and most often I find myself floating around in my room trying to hang onto anything from slipping away. I would then start to Pray, “Our Father” and all of the sudden I would be back in my body. At that time of floating, I’d scream for help and none of the people that are awake could hear me, but I know they are there, so one night, (after my second divorce), I was sitting outside my apartment and I looked up and said to God, “Next time you send a man into my life, this is what I would like him to be like.” So I made a list of what type of man I would want.

    When I met Peter, he was everything I asked to have in my life. And when I really believed him to be my soul mate, is when one night, as we’re going to sleep, I started to feel that feeling of leaving my body and my body was so heavy on the bed, and I could only hear my voice screaming for help from my husband, he got up and came over to sit on my side and held my hands and that helped me from not leaving, it was so calming and he went to the bathroom and as he was returning to bed, I thanked him and he asked me for “what?” I told him how he helped me and he said, he didn’t. That’s how I knew he was my soul mate, his soul heard me and helped me.

    Love and Light…. Cayce

  48. I am in a lot of pain all the time. A lot of back problems. I would love to know how to deal with all I am going thru.

  49. I would like to know how many past lives I have lived and if any do they affect the person I am today,if so what changes do I need to make so I don’t make the same mistake, thank you!

  50. Hello Blair, I follow you often, and I do believe in Karma and Reincarnation.For myself I have a strong belief that I am here to serve. Not sure why I feel this way, but my life path always seems to take me where I am needed. What yo do is very much appreciated.

    Thank you

  51. I have always believed. No matter how many times I hear that it can’t be true, I believe. And I think I was a doctor in a past life. I would love to know what happened in my past lives, where I lived, how I lived, etc. I truly think my son that I have in THIS life used to be my spouse in a previous life. What’s crazy is there are people in my current life that I wouldn’t want to spend any more lives with, but I hear they trail us to other lives and may have been in a very different role in a past life, such as a friendly role, as opposed to the not-so-friendly role in this life. Crazy, huh? My karmic block? Most likely trusting people. I cannot trust a soul! Nobody is ever 100% truthful.

  52. So excited, I had a past life regression years ago. It was so cool. Looking forward to today’s adventure.

  53. Hi Blair,

    Are you going to replay the webinar on Past lives? I was having problems watching the webinar and would love to watch it again.

    Also, how can I find a past life regression therapist?

  54. I have enjoyed reading all of your different topics.. I am in desperate need of a medium. Without telling to much, I am 33 & have lost many. What bothers me most is that i have never once felt or seen any signs or dreams. What is wrong with me? Are they all mad at me. Or not safe and crossed over? I read all kinds of literature to learn everything and anything i can, but nothing is working. 10 years ago i lost half of my heart & have yet to see,feel,or dream of a sign that they are ok. I feel like i cant handle 40+ yrs with out seeing my loved one. Whats the point? Iam left here on earth to suffer with this huge hole in my heart & pretend iam not dying inside? I have never been to a medium before as i dont believe in them truthfully.. This is kinda out of desperation as iam told you are the Real Deal. I am assuming u get thousands of requests & this will just go over looked & ignored in the massive amount of desperate ppl in my situation. Thank you in advance for reading this as it is coming from my heart ..

  55. Blair, I am a true believer in reincarnation and the after life. However… I believe that animals , being God’s creatures can also come to us, either as a guide or a loved one. Would I be correct in thinking this. My love for dogs especially is overwhelming and “odd” to some people. I am a retired nurse and I do love dogs company more than humans for the most part. At times I am ashamed of myself for feeling like this, but it is what it is. Thank you. The sound of your voice is very comforting. I also am a recovering drug addict of 20 years. I have almost 3 years clean under my belt. My higher power… God… has been the most helpful in my recovery. Thank you for what you do for us “believers”

  56. I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have cause someone a lot of pain in a past life. I believe that it’s the reason that the two men that I love the most in this life, died prematurely. My husband died suddenly in my arms, he was a wonderful man. My gentleman friend (I’m too old to call him boyfriend lol) died after we had been together less than 3 years. I waited 50 years to get with that man. I was very fortunate to have spent time with these men, they were both amazingly wonderful and I learned a lot from them. After my husband passed, I learned a lot about myself.
    It came to me one day, recently, that I lost these two men so I could learn the pain of losing someone that I loved that strongly. I did this to someone else in a past life. I deliberately took a person’s life and caused this same pain to somone who loved that person. Could this be true, I don’t know, but I’m inclined to believe it.

  57. About 15yr ago, a new friend, who was psychic, told me that even though I was a relatively “young” life, I have have had many, many lives. An Empress, Indian Chief, a concubine, a well known King’s lover and a Wiccan High Priestess, to name a few. She said that herself, the person who introduced us and myself were all in the same coven. She also said that I have achieved an extraordinary oneness with nature. I have always had an uncanny ability to connect with animals. Even as a child I have had deja-vu. I also have experienced instant connections and instant dislikes of some people on first meetings. Which usually prove to be spot on later. I have always felt a connection to Native Americans. A few years ago, I was given a deck of Tarot cards and I was instantly able to read people very accurately. This was my 2nd ever reading. My 1st was from a fake psychic that was totally inaccurate. I do believe in reincarnation and karma.

  58. Blair
    I always wondered about this…
    Shortly after my 8th birthday I was readmitted to hospital with post tonsillectomy hemorrhage. Whilst they worked on me to stem the hemorrhage I saw several doors, in what can be described a dark ages castle type setting. Unbeknown to me I was at the point of dying as my heart was on the verge of collapse due to blood loss. I eventually pulled through. Fast forward to me 20’s and a visit to the a medieval museum experience at York, I suddenly developed a violent head ache, anxiety type feeling and fled the museum. I was not well for the rest of the day. Bizarre!

  59. Hi Blair. I’m really interested to know how you perceive reincarnation together with the belief that our loved ones are always there…that is, can they be “in the next room” and enjoying another lifetime at the same time? Are we also “in the next room” as we live out this lifetime? Please don’t think I am being glib in asking this question, I’m not sure how to phrase it really, would seriously love to hear your thoughts. I start getting a bit lost when I try and do away with our time/space continuum as well as thinking about enduring soul energy versus personality etc.

  60. I am still going through a spiritual awakening and was able to find one past life. I found out I was Annabel Lee. Aka Edgar Allen Poe’s wife Viginia. He wrote the poem for her. She passed of Tuberculosis. I just found out I have COPD. Im glad it’s ONLY that. Its treatable. Through your white light healing sessions, I was able to connect with my twin flame It wasnt planned. But it’s great to know that true love never dies.