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9 thoughts on “Radio Medium Connects Caller To Mom And Murdered Cousin

  1. Hi Blair,
    Chrissy here from your inner circle. I am humam 🙂 that gave me goose bumps and my hair stood up and we wern’t even reading me. Just amazing, and your delivery of the information is so kind.! I got my ticket to see you here in Ottawa and am looking so forward to it. Hoping to get someone to come through (they tend to come for me when I am not trying so hard) and can’t wait to thank you in person along with Wendy, for all you have done for me, more then you could imagine ..opps you probably could lol. All the best Blair and will see you on Thursday night 9pm ! Lots of light and love your way.

  2. ” What a surprise” that made her day.She was so grateful for that message you gave her. You are such a wonderful person, to make peoples dreams come true. “If every get time send me some good news” Thank You Blessings ,Blair

  3. hi blair
    i don’t if i have to write it here
    but am curious about my mom who passed away
    6 yrs ago from alcohol poison if she still around with us
    and my niece caroline i think she got murdered but he said it was an accident
    i don’t know if i had to write that here but i give myself try…

  4. Hi Blair (and Hi to Wendy as well) – loved the radio reading and what a great gift you gave to her. I’m your newbie that lives near you. Will you be doing any private readings (or larger events) in the Phoenix area? Hope you have much success in Ottawa. Blessings,


  5. wow that was amazing so good to get validation sometimes when going through a rough patch just to know they are always around is a comfort thanks 🙂

  6. Wow that last woman you gave anwered I also got goose bumps . Unreal your totally amazing .Wish I was around the area were you are going to be .You gave that girl alot of comfort & answered what she needed to hear. I am In Sudbury, Ontario which is like 5 0r 6 hour drive but I don’t drive I sure wish I did. Would love to meet you. Hugs to you Blair.

  7. What a beautiful gift you gave to the lady on the phone. I was comforted from her message and over joyed to know that their love for us never dies. Will you ever host an event in the Dallas area? I would so love to see you!