Psychic Predicts: Cancer Breakthrough, Explosion, Obama Showdown, Terrorists Captured

blair robertson psychicCan Blair Robertson see into the future? His successful forecasts of coming events seem to prove he can. Blair Robertson regards his predictions as experimentation. Here are several of them for this week… check on them!

1. I predict the discovery of a new cancer tumor medicine will be announced in three weeks.

2. A factory explosion on the east coast will make the news by the end of June.

3. Another Republican Governor will make headlines by challenging President Obama. This time from the east.

4. I predict spectacular FBI raids and the capture of a network of terrorists in New York in three weeks.

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17 thoughts on “Psychic Predicts: Cancer Breakthrough, Explosion, Obama Showdown, Terrorists Captured

  1. Excellent insight Mr Robertson !
    Any more on your prediction re the current Pope’s death ?

  2. Hi Mr. Robertson,

    I live along the Gulf Coast–do you have any more insight into possible hurricanes here this summer?

  3. Are you able to tell the factory so they are aware and can take measures? I would not want to hear of the casualties that may occur.

  4. Frank: All I know is what I have posted regarding the Pope. To be clear: it’s not a wish but a premonition…

    BC: I feel the weather forecasters are correct and this will be a very violent hurricane season. I often get impressions close to when they hit… if I feel a particularly bad one, I’ll post it for sure.

    Ineke: I post predictions as they come to me, I don’t pick and choose. For instance, I have family back in Scotland and I rarely get impressions for there. Rest assured, I post what I see as I see it.

    TJ: Thank you for posting that. I appreciate it. But that’s only the beginning. There’s MORE to come, just watch and see!

    Shirley: If I knew the name of the factory and could be that specific, I would certainly notify them. Even then, I don’t claim 100% accuracy.

    Keep the comments coming, folks. I enjoy reading them!

  5. Amazing ur predictions,
    Why nothing on Africa, especial Horn & Great Lakes of Africa. Interesting on Uganda-Rwanda-Burundi & D.R.C. Thx

  6. Blair, I know you are right on with the cancer prediction. I have lost relatives because of cancer and I felt that they already had a cure year’s ago but, because of the huge profits they make they weren’t going to reveal it. Now I will wait and see how it all play’s out.

  7. I just saw on the news that there was a gas line explosion in Texas. Three people were killed. It’s not in the East and it’s not a factory, but it’s an explosion.

  8. Thank you for your predictions. I love to read them. Do you see if the ocean floor in the Golf might collape because they are taken out all this oil deposit.

  9. Yes, I would imagine late June or early July WOULD be when all the shit hits the fan for NY when it comes to terrorists…Only because that is precisely when I decided to go there to visit friends and family for vacation…ahhhh, Good ‘ol NY 🙂

  10. Blair,
    Do you see anything else about Breast Cancer? Are you given any information regarding when a Cure will come? Thank you, very much,

    Tucson, Arizona. USA.

  11. Excellent, Blair. I have had a few come true myself over the past two years. I have a few very strong feelings/premonitions, and I was wondering if you have felt anything about these:

    Very large California earthquake happening on a cool september morning, so strong that streets crack and fill with water.

    I have felt that the first half of this year, mother nature would be more chaotic than usual, but feel that the last half will be wraught with natural and man-made disaster, leading into 2011, a very, very dark year.

    Water in the east and midwest, flooding and displacement, perhaps at the end of this year into next year.

    What do you think about these things, Blair?


  12. Cancer tumor medicine found to be successful after conducting tests on dogs with aggressive tumors. Developer of EBC-46, QBiotics hopes to begin human trials by next year. I lost a nephew to cancer so I am hoping this would be THE one:

    excerpt: (Dr. Blum) has treated six dogs with the drug so far and said all had improved remarkably. “I have seen some remarkable resolution of tumors that otherwise wouldn’t have been a success surgery wise,” he said.
    “Some would have died or had limbs taken off.” Dr Blum said within hours of injecting the drug, a tumor would swell and redden. “Then it actually liquifies and gets destroyed and disappears, leaving an open wound. In a matter of weeks it is all gone. It’s just astounding, the results we’ve had, you just haven’t seen anything like it. It’s the most exciting drug I’ve seen. The success has just been unbelievable.”

  13. There is a bill currently sitting on the President’s desk, S.1867/H.R. 1540, the NDAA bill. Use your psychic powers to discover if it will be signed into law or vetoed. The bill repeals the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Indefinite detention for American citizens, no trial (section 1031), no rights.