Psychic Money Blocks


Having Issues With Psychic Money Blocks? Discover How To Get Rid Of Them Quickly And Easily

Psychic Money Blocks can hold you back from living the full and complete life you were destined to live.

Watch this brief video to discover what a money block is, why it's important to eliminate them and a free tip to begin manifesting more in your life immediately.

Being Stuck With Money Blocks Isn't Bad. Staying Stuck IS!

We ALL have money blocks from time to time. Running into a block is not bad in and of itself. Staying stuck, having a victim mentality or a “oh woe is me” is self-defeating.

Feel free to post a money block below and what you are going to do to eliminate it!

Love and light,

Blair Robertson

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74 thoughts on “Psychic Money Blocks

  1. Thank you Blair for all the little things you teach, and the big things too, just want you to know you are very appreciated by me, and so many others, just wanted to take the time to tell you this…
    Have a great day!

  2. Giving gratitude to you Blair for the reminder of being grateful and for spreading the message. I do it often many times a day and teach this message to others when they are feeling resentful or short changed by Universe.

  3. Thank you Blair,I sure do appreciate your advice and time! It has worked for me and my family,I started by helping my elderly sick parents after the earthquakes for many years it has been hard work, and then we got more and more opportunities come our way,I am thankful and grateful for all we have and we keep getting more!

  4. I feel like I summoned this message today.
    You have a way about you that is soothing and genuine.
    Thank you for the clarity.


  5. It never ceases to amaze me how great you are Blair. Thank you! Thank for your inspiring messages, your good advice and your wonderful outlook on everything. Sometimes I forget to be grateful, but I try and my my plan, starting now, thanks to you, is to try even harder!
    You are a pretty cool guy!

  6. Blair… as usual… spot on. GREAT free advice, delivered in your kind and gentlemanly style. Thanks for the leading questions and answers, and for your love & light! 🙂 Juliette

  7. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for everything I do have in my life. Good message about money blocks. I had chills down my spine while I was watching this video. Thank you for your message.

  8. You my friend Blair Robertson are 100% right on the money! I took my wonderful toffee as a gift to my tax preparer and in return received and order for for 50 within 3 days of that and an on going order from that point on. Funny thing was I wasn’t even out sellin it! lol


  9. I have always believed that if you say “Thank You” to the Universe and say “Thank You God for all my blessings” that everything will come back to you tenfold. Everyday and Everynight, I say my prayers and Thank God for all that he has given us and all he does for us and for all our Blessings & Lessons that he gives us each day. I truly believe in my faith and I believe that there are factors in the Universe that look after those who help others, do for others, take care of others and don’t live selfishly. I have taught my family to always help those less fortunate than us. We don’t have alot, but we know we are blessed and have no problem being there when we are needed. More people should live this way and the world would be a much better place.

  10. I have never had much but I thankful for what I do have.
    I guess it will never have much, it’s not like you can take it with you erne you go.

  11. Thank you Blair! You’re certainly giving! I just want to share that I just watched this and it is almost 11pm. With that being said, I already experienced a few situations where I felt extreme gratitude for what was happening! For example, I felt gratitude for the blue jay that was showing off his beautiful colors through my window and the 5 to 7 deer that were chowing on the grass as I opened the door for the cat to run out. I actually thanked the universe for these special sightings. It’s not often I do that, so it was pretty interesting for those to happen on the same day that I watched this video. It’s not coincidence, but the universe always works for us! 🙂

  12. What a wonderful message you gave. Especially the part about the 98%’ers complaining about the (rich) 2%. You were spot on and I wish the whole country would get that message. It’s the 2% “rich” that create the jobs for everybody else. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  13. Thank you for all your insightful messages and this blog! Finally came to the realization that in order to make money, you have to give of yourself. I have been paying it forward in a number of different little ways for years, but my debt has gone up and I have been trying to pay it off in the next 3 years. Had a small windfall and thought to just save it for a rainy day. NOPE! I decided I can now pay the debt in full and saving myself $$$$$$ in interest and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now I’ll be flush and start looking to buy a house instead of renting. Yay!

  14. Very interesting – and I know when you focus and stay with it – you will reap results. Thanks for the reminder – Harry

  15. Thank you for reminding me of what I already know!! I have been trying to sell off clothes etc not now needed to help out with finances… I think I will now just donate them to the local marae opp shop!!! My grandmother always taught me to “count my blessings” and I have many. 🙂

  16. I’ve always believed in,”pennies from heaven”, when I pick up the coin and put it in my pocket; I thank you Momma, I love you too.

  17. Thanks for the great advise Blair and one day in the near future I would love to come to one of your shows. My co-worker and her mother saw you last year and loved you! BTW, are you going to be sending any more of your predictions for 2014 newsletters?
    Love and Light,

  18. I am born with luck. Hope I retire early early and be happy. And don’t let people who have money more then me. bother me at all. if they are rich, poor, or a million in my home town.

  19. This is very true. Blair. Life is about giving and being grateful. When it comes to money I also look at it as a tool. Just like food, clothing, etc.

    It is a tool to be used. Nothing comes with out work. If you want a good relationship you have to work to have it. If you want dinner you have to work to make it.

    Oh, and by the way when I pay my bills I am always grateful for the money to py them and the service that I received.
    Thanks again great video.

  20. Thank you Blair, I just watched your Money Block video and it makes perfect sense. Starting today I will begin and end each day showing praise and appreciating a new thing every day. It’s a place to start!

    See you in St. John’s, May 03rd (it’s the day after my birthday!) It’s my gift to myself!


  21. Thank you for posting this video. I don’t know why it touched me so much. I am usually a pretty giving person and don’t expect anything in return.I guess I need to work on my giving thanks more. Some of the best lessons are so simple. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Thanks for sharing. What you said made a lot of sense and give me something I never thought about, like finding a penny and saying thanks.

  23. Colleen, while I’m most certainly not going through the exact same circumstances as you, I empathize with what you are feeling, as I’m feeling very very similar right now. I will include you in my prayers – that we both find a way to deal with whatever our individual circumstances are, and that we come out on the other side much stronger, and feeling even more grateful. xo

  24. I have had Akashic Records reading and I was told ‘I am sensing three different words I need to tell you: Negativity, Karma and Fear’ and he goes on and talks about each problem as you said in a video.I was just in your webinar and it was interesting,I will work more on this problem.
    Thanks Blair

  25. What a wonderful simple truth, delivered in a positive manner with a smiling countenance, voice and method. Thanks for the wonderful advice. You know what? I’m thankful you did this and thankful for finding your advice.

  26. Thank you Blair for your message. I believe you should say thank you for everything we do, get and say. I personally thank God and the world for everything.

  27. I’ve been trying to get back into my spiritual ways and sensed that I was blocking it and wasn’t sure on how to get about opening it again. I’ve taken the course of Past Life and Karma these past 3 weeks and even if I’m still at week 1, I can sense that my aura is being opened again. Thank you for your guidance into helping me unblock my path to the spiritual world again.

  28. I’d like to thank you for entering my life. It’s amazing how everything happens for a reason. I completely enjoy all the thoughts & knowledge you share. Than you once again.

  29. Thank you. I have had many reminders yesterday and today on how I am really blessed, even though there is nothing under the tree this year. Happy Holidays to all.

  30. I’m financially blocked. I’m starting a pet sitting business and dig training. I’m good at what I do. But it’s a word of mouth business and I just moved from Phoenix to tampa and haven’t had good luck yet.
    I’d love guidance from spirit as to what my next moves should be to become financially balanced.
    Thanks for considering
    Love and light

  31. Thank You! Blair So many people like I who were taught misconception of money. We have to have it to survive so we have been told. I have been stuck for a long time, now trying to find my true purpose in life. I don’t want to work for anyone else want to be free and happy not have to be concerned where my finances are coming feeling secure. This video was helpful. Thank You! Love and Light

  32. I would like to get rid of money blocks and also like to know why I heard my Grandmother and sister talk to me through my head after they passed away. I also have had similar experiences with voices I don’t know.

  33. Hi Blair. My husband and I are retirement age. We came into a rather large inheritance nearly ten years ago. We bought a larger home so our friends and family could come and relax and enjoy themselves. when they were in town. We also helped out several people who needed it desperately and now we find ourselves struggling again. I pray and ask for help and guidance from God and from our family on the other side. I am worried that we will lose everything and have to start over. I am not in great health and believe it would be very difficult to do. Please give me some insight as you what I should do to
    change our circumstances. Thank you!

  34. Hello Blair.. Woke up this morning and and seeing your like I felt a n urge to write you. Your words have touched me so many times. I have lost many in the past 2 years. I look for peace. Money and peace 2 things that block me. I am thankful for you and had to let you know. Your presence is very strong with me right now. Ellen

  35. My son Josh..Just want to see if he’s going to come through to you. He always had a way of getting what he wanted. I would be the happiest woman in the world to hear back from you. Thank you and God bless you!

  36. Hi Blair loved your video about money blocks I do belong to a support group and donate for charity as much as I can I also work voluntary for the disabled which I get along of satisfaction seeing them happy .I will be writing to the universe again which I found out about in my monthly magazine chat it’s fate thanks again Blair .