Predictions: Train Wreck, Sandra Bullock Adoption, Supermodel Death, Financial Meltdown…

psychic medium predictionsCan Blair Robertson see into the future? His successful forecasts of coming events seem to prove he can. Blair Robertson regards his predictions as experimentation. Here are several of them for this week… check on them!

Psychic Predictions

1. I predict a major train accident in Switzerland before year end. Dozens injured.

2. I predict Sandra Bullock will adopt another child in 2012.

3. A famous former supermodel will pass from substance abuse within 30 days.

4. Financial crisis, carnage and chaos will unfold upon the unsurprising failure of the Super Committee on Wednesday.

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61 thoughts on “Predictions: Train Wreck, Sandra Bullock Adoption, Supermodel Death, Financial Meltdown…

  1. Hi Blair
    Acutally, i read in a magazine that she has always had it in mind to adopt another child. Was also mentioned on a talkshow from one her co-star friends.

  2. Hi there, just curious…do any of your predictions come true? Also, what objective do you seek in making these predictions? Are you providing a service to humanity? Or are you flaunting an ego? “Thoughts become things”, my dear brother. Is this the world you want to help create? If we think a little different, think a little more about love, then we can create heaven. This is where I live. All are welcome πŸ™‚ Peace, Love and Happiness to all Beings

    • Hey Nic, I agree that we should do our level best to think positively and not focus on the so called problems. The media does a great job of talking about “tough economic times” – they love that phrase – and reporting the bad news. There is much that is beautiful, lovely and wonderful in our world but the media hardly ever reports it. “Financial crisis, carnage and chaos” sells.

      Here is something to think about: 7% unemployment means that there is 93% employment. This is an example of viewing the world positively.

  3. gentlefish: did you READ the predictions?

    Nic: Why are you reading such a “negative” blog if you pretend to be living in “love.”

    Blair: you are truly gifted. I love listening to you every Monday on Hot 89.9. Can’t wait to see you this Saturday! I’m so excited! =)

    • Danika: thank you for your questions to these people.

      Nic: your remarks sound bipolar.

      Gentlefish: i believe Ms. Bullock’s possible adoption would be considered a great prediction! πŸ˜‰

      Blair: you are truly gifted. i wouldn’t bother to read ANYTHING about you or what you say if i didn’t believe in you, otherwise. thank you! πŸ˜‰

      • Anita, well we completely agree on one thing and that is how very wonderful Blair is!! However you should use a little more discretion when insulting an ignorant person such as Nic who clearly does not understand how these things work!! Referring to his remarks as “bipolar” is very insulting to me!! I am far from ignorant, rude, negative or uneducated, however I do have “Bipolar Disorder”!! Please do not put him in the same category as me! Thanks

        • yes, Tink, you are absolutely right. i, too, was diagnosed with this disease last year. i was seeing something there that seemed all to familiar to me. i am so sorry to have offended you.

          • Sorry to hear of your diagnosis!!:( Not much fun is it?! Hopefully you have a great Dr.!! I would not have been bothered if I had known your angle on this but it seems to me (how about you?) that far too many people use it as a reference to insult someone else. I’ve also heard of Bipolar disorder being referred to as the new “fad”!!! Brittany Spears, Katherine Zeta Jones etc… SERIOUSLY?! If only these ignorant people would get real!! It is a very serious disorder and very difficult to live with especially if it is severe. All of the very best to you and I hope your holiday season brings love and laughter!! Keep strong and take comfort in knowing there are people out there that understand!! This illness is for the STRONG, who know how to pull up their boot straps and keep trudging along!! Not to be used as a “poor me” crutch! Take Care

  4. I love predictions,
    But most of the time, these predictions are old,and all the world already knows as well,so it is not new.
    And can you please tell us of good happenings? or are we doomed? just negative stuff!!!

    • GD, you said it!!! Blair is very accurate!! I know first hand because I was on the telephone with him and EVERYTHING was dead on!!!! Blair came off to me as being very polite, kind and caring! Far from looking to have his ego fed. As far as I am concerned, I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to speak with him. Let’s see…Blair is in Arizona, USA and I am in Newfoundland, Canada…he must’ve googled all of the information he gave me!! (Major Scarcasm)

  5. I don’t think its meant to be negative. Its what he sees. I have seen some very positive. Maybe we all need some the cup is 1/2 full training. So there is a train crash there will be injuries, but no deaths.
    And I think Sandra adopting is VERY Positive!!!!!

  6. Yes he is not the negative vibe here its what he predicts and unfortunately most of it is negative for someone to say they live in peace love and happiness is totally unheard of in these modern times our world is just a big negative bubble considering we have a world war happening right now but are masking it as something other than what it is, with all the riots, uprisings, and the falling of countries grrrrr

  7. “Financial crisis, carnage and chaos will unfold upon the unsurprising failure of the Super Committee on Wednesday.”

    Where, all over America? Crisis and chaos is already present, tell us more about the carnage, that sounds very bad.

  8. To Nick, some people actually live their life by seeing that thoughts do not create reality, it is all by design and we are just characters living on a divine stage being lived through, so if Blair is seeing the design for what it is, then it is what it is, nothing more, nothing less, only judgement makes it so called ‘bad;, and even that is by the design as well. So if you see something like Blair’s post then that is what you are to see, whether it comes to be so called real or not. All just part of the fun of the game called life.

    • Mark, your explanation makes sense. furthermore, i really don’t think that some of us are being “negative.” we are optimistic, pessimistic or somewhere in between. others here are just plain judgmental. i do think, however, that most of us are just enjoying ourselves because we are not being force-fed Blair’s predictions! if we didn’t want to be entertained and to see if it’s possible for someone to see into the future, then we all wouldn’t be on this site. Mark, in my opinion, you are right-on when it comes to this topic call the paranormal. thank you. πŸ˜‰

  9. The folks that are whipping up the OWS kids into a frenzy…they want and need chaos. They surely will have them freaking-out, as this group of folks has been primed for failure like this, SO..

    since the Supercommittee has failed, we have automatic Budget cuts coming, our president and those on the left will blame the GOP for the Committee failures and more than just OWS will cause the chaos, God help us even some “Rodney King Riot” style of burning and looting.

    I am not being negative, just realistic. We have at least one generation that’s been slowly, subtly brainwashed to expect handouts and all things given to them. Automatic Budget cuts will deny them part of their “cradle to grave” care.

    This all has wicked, political timing. The left hopes that everyone blames the right, and guarantees the same folks in DC stay in power to finish ruining our country–so that they can succeed in “fundamental Transformation of America.”

    • America has been in economic decline for a very long time. How many Trillions have been spent on senseless wars? And yet, warmongering continues unabated in America with Iran seemingly the next target. Change begins with thought, and unless there is a change in the thinking of Americans, America will continue to slide towards the economic abyss.

  10. Really enjoy reading your predictions Blair. Whenever you’re on Hot89.9 on psychic Mondays and I hear how you connect with people’s loved ones who have passed away, it is so nice when you are able to give them some hope and help them cope with their loss. Thanks for making my drive into work on Mondays so much happier.

  11. Why are some being so negative about the predicted failure of the Super Committee? Don’t you realize that your negative thoughts emit negative vibrations which are very, very unhelpful and actually cause and create the problems? Are there challenges to be faced? Of course. However, to solve the problems we need to give positive thoughts and positive energy to the issues, and look for solutions.

    I refuse to focus on “financial crisis, carnage and chaos”; instead, I will focus on what is good, lovely, and positive in our world. And there is much that is.

  12. I for one am gonna count my blessings for what i have in my life. I have three meals a day, a roof over my head, and ppl that love and cherish me. You know what guys, what is happening in the world at the moment with the economic collapse, the wars, the axis shift ect, is to teach those that have not learnt that human life, compassion and unconditional love, is more important than money or material possessions.

    When those ppl finally “get it”, that is when the positive changes will happen. Everything is being pulled from underneath them, and everything will be taken away from them. Greed will be removed and once again the balance will be restored. Have faith that everything is in its’ perfect order, no matter how hard or negative it seems. Love to everyone xox.

    • Kate Moss came to mind at first because of the publicized lifestyle she shared with her boyfriend back in the day. But Jancie Dickinson? That scares me, too. I really like her. I’ve read all of her books. She’s a blast. A smart women. I hope that no supermodel passes. Blair is an excellent reader but excellent readers cannot be 100% accurate. if they were, you would think that they would have major headaches and/or go nuts. and i don’t mean anything degrogatory about the word “nuts,” by the way. i really enjoy reading Blair’s blog; this particular one has a lot of thinkers speaking out. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  13. Hi Blair,

    What are your thoughts on the Natalie Wood matter? I think Robert Wagner had something to do with her death….just wanted your input. Whatever happens, if she was indeed murdered, I hope the responsible party GOES TO JAIL!!!!


  14. Howdy, folks.

    Sorry for the delay in commenting, I’m currently on the road “touring” doing private mediumship events in Ontario Canada at the moment. It’s been very busy!

    Regarding “negative predictions:” I don’t see anything that I do as negative. I’m simply “reporting” what I sense will happen. Indeed, that’s how I got the moniker of predicting tomorrow’s headlines today. No different than a weatherman predicting a hurricane. I don’t make the events happen, I just predict them. That’s all. (And I’m the first to admit that I don’t want a majority to happen.)

    But… what tends to happen is a majority of folks stumble across this site and attack me without investigating past predictions, or bothering to learn anything about me. Ironically, it’s easier to understand them.

    What I find hard to comprehend is people who visit my site routinely… over and over… and dislike what I do. It’s like a friend of mine who happens to be very left-wing and hates Fox News… the guy watches it every day and freaks out about all the right-wing commentary! It’s crazy. It’s like “Groundhog Day” over and over again. My suggestion to NOT watch Fox goes unheeded. And, every time I speak to him–predictably–he’s fuming about something! It’s nuts.

    I dunno. The solution seems simple to me… if you don’t like me or my predictions, you can unsubscribe to my newsletters in one click and just NOT visit here… but it would seem that perhaps these folks just like drama…

    For those who ARE supportive of me, I just want you all to know that I DO appreciate you ‘sticking up’ for me. It means a lot.

    And for those who have asked for specific predictions… I understand your curiosity, but I post my predictions as I get them. I can’t force predictions.

    Finally: regarding positive thinking. It’s all well and good to think happy thoughts, picture pretty flowers, etc. All good. I’m good with that. BUT positive ACTION is infinitely more powerful.

    Most people, in my experience, wish/hope/dream but don’t take action.

    And don’t confuse matters either. “Bad” things can often be the catalyst to taking action and turning things around. Folks SHOULD be disgusted with the financial status of the United States, for example. It’s going to take leadership, tough decisions and a severe tightening of purse strings for it to turn around… and it will only turn around with ACTION, not talk/hope/wishing/dreaming. ACTION. And it most certainly will NOT go away by blaming the “other party.”

    To paraphrase the late, great, Jim Rohn: Saying “I’m rich” when you are broke is delusional. Saying “I’m broke” when you are broke is the truth and coupled with a drive to change it is positive.

    By all means, be positive. But don’t fake yourself out.

    Blair Robertson

  15. Hi Blair,

    Just a question regarding your predictions, when you say you don’t force predicitions, “they just come to you”. Just wondering if you ever meditate a on a certain something to find the outcome. Does that work for you. Recently i went to the horse races and was trying to practise my psychic skills on which numbers (horses) would win and I was doing pretty well. Wondering if it works like that for you ( not gambling though). If so, you could see the future events happening such as earthquakes. Hope you can follow what i aam meaning. I am just questioning your bit when you say you can’t force predicitions. Where to me meditating on something would be forcing predictions, but I would assume a psychic could do it much easier than me.

  16. Hi everyone,

    You know what guys blair is not responsible for what he sees in his visions. What he sees he reports, weather they be negative or positive. Blair is being true to himself,and from what i can see, he is doing the very best he can. This world is going through a major transformation and upheaval on every level, and when something as major as this happens, there are going to be negative events happening all the time.Until the dust settles and balance is restored then yes negative things are goona happen weather we like it or not. So guys give Blair a break ok, he’s only bringing messages to us…

  17. Blair I’m waiting for your latest predictions with anticipation, regularly checking your site. I hope all the negativity isn’t putting u off! πŸ™‚

    • Blair is too much of a professional to let negativity prevent him from doing what he does, which is probably a passion to him. Do you guys ever watch “Psychic Kids” on BIO? These kids do not like having this gift, at first, if ever. It makes childhood rough, it’s scarry to them and the stigma is crippling at times. That’s what I see on the show, anyway. I’m not a seer, so I don’t know. I’ve seen a lot of psychics, however, and have only met maybe 2 that knew things that only me and the 14-16BC Man knew about me. I’m moving from the Phoenix area in 2 weeks so I will need to do a phone interview with Blair, as I believe in his gift. He’s been OUT OF ARIZONA NOW, LIKE FOREVER! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰