Predictions: Russia Riots, Celebrity Health Scare, Skulls And More…

psychic medium predictionsCan Blair Robertson see into the future? His successful forecasts of coming events seem to prove he can. Blair Robertson regards his predictions as experimentation. Here are several of them for this week… check on them!

Psychic Predictions

1. I predict riots in Russia before the end of the year and an outcry from the way the government “cracks down” on civil disobedience.

2. Macaulay Culkin must watch his health in the next few weeks, he is in grave danger otherwise…

3. I’m seeing skulls in the desert. Lots of them, possibly in a cave. It will be a surprising find and might very well be extremely old. This will be news within a year.

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45 thoughts on “Predictions: Russia Riots, Celebrity Health Scare, Skulls And More…

  1. love the predictions read them every week do you have anything on this augest 17 passing of a planet i been hearing and seeing on youtube

  2. Thanks for the predition Blair. I didn’t see the 4th predition. Will it come later? I am a subscriber. Then again maybe that changed?

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Blair!

    Yes, I’m a bit confused also about the 4th prediction. Trying to remember how I received it the last times. Wasn’t it included somehow with the regular newsletter for those who subscribed? Couldn’t even remember the name “Inner Circle” till I was recently reading
    something else of your mailings. Wasn’t Inner Circle supposed to be an additional website?
    And what if I decide to unsubscribe from the Inner Circle…can’t I still get the regular news
    letter with the 3 predictions? Sorry. I don’t know where my consciousness has been lately.
    Yes, I do! Too many places! In information overload land again. Like so many others. Ha! Ha! Love and Light, LISA…

  4. I always look forward to seeing what you comes your way. Should be getting close for those storms you predicted not lon ago–watching…

  5. Hey Blair, I always look forward to your email! I too am wondering about the 4th prediction. I didn’t get it either! Is it coming later?

  6. Thank you for the predictions–enjoy reading them each week.

    I am already a subscriber, yet did not receive the 4th prediction… just keep being sent to the place to sign up as a subscriber?

  7. The cave find sounds fascinating! Can’t wait. I also DID NOT get a 4th prediction and I am a subscriber. Thanks, Blair

  8. In our lifetime,we will neveer see peace in the middle east-it has been going on, before the time of Jesus. It is not in our hands to solve it. It is a ‘tribal war”. Interferring in it,just causes death on our side. The best of peacekeepers have tried to solve it. It must be solved internally.

  9. hi Blair!

    Thanks, as always, for your interesting and fascinating predictions. You are always the gentleman! Are you British, Austrailian or even a citizen of the British Commonwealth? i forgot to Google you…

    you seem like a great guy and i’m relieved and pleased that these posts today are pleasant and grateful. you handle those other difficult people wilth the utomost grace and diplomacy.

    i appreciate how you stand up and defend yourself, explain yourself and encourage people to stay of your site if they refuse to be nice. honestly, Blair, it bothers your appreciative fans.

    i’m the fan who moved from Peoria, AZ last December. we talked about that briefly back then. i now live outside Savannah. FYI much continued success and happiness to you Blair!

  10. Thanks Blair had a phone conversation with you on the first of the month and was enlightened to a few things in my life I get it eerty time i go over the notes more things come to light ,,, i have others that have been made aware of you predictions ,,, with the help of muy own guides ill begin to listen ,,,

  11. I file all of you predictions in my internal hard drive labeled Blair! When things happen bells go off and I remember where I heard about it before! My buddy Blair. Thanks I enjoy your predictions very much!

  12. Hi Blair,
    I always look forward to your Monday predictions… no 4th one in my email either this week… but I thank you for all that you do.
    Hugs to you and your family…

  13. Hola Blair:)

    I was watching the History Channel and it was on Nostradamus. They are saying that a lot of his predictions are so close to being the truth. Now, December 1212, Something to do with the Galaxy something or another is going to effect the earth.

    What is that all about if you know what’s up with this.

    Thanks Blair:)

    Still enjoying your predictions and facebook postings:)


    • Hi, Linda L. Platko, and this is no joke, just what was shared by a great man whom I was privileged to know. He spoke of America going down and that the sun will rise in the west. I’ve pondered that over time wondering what he meant. I concluded that it may well be that the earth will reverse from it’s current rotation? it’s usual spin direction. Nostradamus that you speak of, for me co insides with what were told of. Uncanny how the two seems to fit together.

  14. 4th Prediction

    I predict that in his usual rush, that Blair forgot to include his newsletter 4th prediction, and that we’ll all be receiving an apology email shortly!

  15. Hello. This is Corey, Mr. Robertson’s V.A. Thank you for all support tickets and comments. Yes, Mr. Robertson forget to write the number four prediction. He wrote newsletter at 4:30am and was sleepy. 🙂 He is off for the day and will write an email to you all tomorrow. Have a nice day.

    @Dave: you are psychic too? 🙂

    V.A. to Mr. Robertson

  16. Thank you Blair for the weekly predictions 🙂 I look forward to reading them every week. Enjoy your week..Sending love from California 🙂

  17. Absolutely edd! I am so sick of these ads from both sides. Truly sad. But also tends to lend credence about a one term presidency.

  18. RE: Prediction #4
    Yes, The Obama/Romney mud slinging has increased! Seems like no topic is off limits! I just hope the candidates and their families are fully protected.
    In the end, after the dust has cleared, perhaps we’ll find another way of electing our presidents! Maybe limit the term to just one.

  19. Blair, Thanks for the predictions every week I look forward to reading them.
    Received my stones today they are beautiful..Thank you!!