Predictions: Plane Crash, Assassination, New Zealand Quake, Explosion, Demi Moore…

psychic medium predictionsCan Blair Robertson see into the future? His successful forecasts of coming events seem to prove he can. Blair Robertson regards his predictions as experimentation. Here are several of them for this week… check on them!

Psychic Predictions

1. I predict a plane crash in Europe in less than 60 days.

2. I predict the assassination attempt of a world leader within 30 days. Likely overseas.

3. I’m sensing large earth tremors for the Northern island of New Zealand within 14 days.

4. I predict an “explosion” that kills protesters at rally within 6 months.

5. Demi Moore will make headlines for her bounce-back as well as positive influence. This will be “her” year.

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101 thoughts on “Predictions: Plane Crash, Assassination, New Zealand Quake, Explosion, Demi Moore…

  1. Hopeing u r wrong about newzealand quake veary freaky expecially liveing in chch nz last time u predected a quake in the north island the feb quake happened

      • thankyou for the warning, i am central north island. i hope everybody will be okay.i have heard of some small ones down wellington area, do you think this could be it?? thanks again blair i love your predictions, love and light xoxo

      • There was a 4.2 a few days ago in Welly. I beat you to your prediction shortly after that one happened 😉

    • We’ll have to see where this one lands in NZ. There have been a number of widespread earthquakes across NZ lately. Little one Wellington & West Coast on Sunday – 4.2. Cheers Dianne

  2. Hi Blair love your work.Regarding the Earthquake within the next 14 days in North Island of N.Z.Do you think this will be Wellington region ? Do you think Christchurch will reveive any significant Earthquake at all.

    Blessings to you my friend 🙂

  3. Thank You for this weeks predictions – here’s hoping the NZ shakes won’t be as bad as we had in Feb 11. Take care all and be prepared 🙂 you just never know where it may hit or when, please have plans just in case and don’t panic. We have just had the most awesome full moon – they called it a supermoon as it is the closest to earth (a pedigree moon) I think they call it. Was Amazing! 🙂

    • Jaba,

      I really wanted to see that supermoon. Alas, here in London (England) its been cloudy for days on end and the moon was not visible.

      Blair, do you see any warm weather coming our way? Its still like winter here, we still have our central heating on and in Scotland snow is forecast – normally by now the weather has warmed up.


      • Hey simon, that super moon was amazing!. it’s suppose to be winter here in australia and we are still waring shorts and t-shirts!.I’m currently in bed with the fan on bizarre!..

  4. Yeah things have felt surreal lately in chch.have followed since 2010/2011 and watching to see if nz and eq were mentioned by you.its like being in the army,and only one word from those you look to arms you with alertness.this is a good thing Blair and still really look forward to your email weekly. Hope you keep the blog going forever.thank you blair,all the best to your family.x

  5. Curious. What is the accuracy rate of your predictions? I expect that you do track them and have some idea. Thanks for all you do!

  6. Hmm yeah earthquake can bugger off thanks I’m coming home to Christchurch for the 1st time since the big quake and my husband has been taunting me that a big one will hit while I’m there in 2 weeks time 🙁

    • hi i think you got the june EQ right, I said to my that morning if anything happens i will be there as fast as I can, I was true to my word i was at that school in a flash, grabbed the animals and survial KIT, And just drove, I was driving when the 6.3 hit that was freaky.
      I really hope you are wrong on this one, I know at times you can be wrong, But in a way i would rather know that we will get something i am always on alert.
      Thanks blair.

  7. OooOoo I love your predictions.. as for the assassination attempt, I hope its on a certain Iranian political leader!! How horrible of me!!…

  8. Amazing, let’s see, Demi i hope your right about, the others well not good but the universe speaks in uncanny ways, have a great week Blair & love to Wendy x

  9. Hi Blair,

    As for the europe Plain crash do you feel it will be a plane coming from overseas…My son is going to a school trip to Ireland in June and I am a very worried mommy…Thks for you for your time and insight.

  10. HI Blair very scary and sad about Earthquake in New Zealand. Do you think it will be bad and where abouts. Will there be loss of life. My family and i are going to new zealand again on the 12 th june -6th of july this year. Will it be ok then. I am worried. It makes me really sad as we have been there 1 year ago and loved it so much we are going back .How much can the kiwis take. It is such a beautiful country and the people are so beautiful. I wish they can get a break . They have had so many disasters in the last few years. Hope you are wrong. Sorry Blair. Regards Sonja in Australia

  11. Hi Blair,

    Any idea where in Europe this plane crash could be? I live in Belgium and fly very often to Ireland and beyond. Thank you most sincerely for sharing your insights and predictions. They are much appreciated and are eagerly looked forward to. Love and light


  12. Hello Blair,

    The people of Christchurch are in need of your insight more than ever before. I heard of a suicide yesterday in Lyttelton of a man who had lost his house and had struggled with EQC and his insurer for more than a year but had simply lost hope.There are people so bereft they are living in garages or in their cars. Corruption in the Earthquake Commission and Fletcher Construction is rife.We need to consider a class action against EQC, Fletcher and Christchurch City Council. Can you give us some insight as to how far through middle management the corruption has penetrated? A name that veatures is Brook Barrington.We suspect as far as Gail Kettle (ex-ACC). This is very important as our recovery is being seriously compromised by the actions of our own government.Please help.

    • Thanks blair, Our prime minister is openly taking bribes from the auckland casino.. surely there was a mistake him even being voted in !! do you think us, the people can stand up to this corruption. I hope so

  13. Good Morning!!!

    Thank you for sharing your predictions. I am sharing with all of those on my facebook.

    Continue to have a wonderful week:)


  14. Thanks again Blair, especially for the heads up about the North Island quake’s here in NZ . Prepare for the worst and hope for the best .

    Regards from New Zealand

  15. Thank you so much Blair for this weeks predictions, and I too missed you last week. Glad you are able to give a “heads up” to those in New Zealand, and pray for their safety.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  16. There have been a few quakes on the NI over the last week. A large earthquake does not mean necessarily damage or loss of life. A 6 on the scale at a 200 Km depth is large but may go largely unnoticed. Kia Kaha everyone!!

  17. Thank you Blair. I look forward to your predictions every week. I missed them last Monday, but know you do them when your able to. Thanks for all you do. I also listen to either your weight loss or sleep CD every night. Thank you for having these products to help us do better in life. Hugs to you and your family.

  18. There has been talk of earthquakes coinciding with the supermoon the we have been having very high tides also I am in the North of Auckland NZ

  19. Ugh re earthquakes. It’s been reasonably quiet in Chch lately and we’ve learnt that’s not always a good thing. If it has to happen yeah, let’s hope it is a deep one and we don’t feel it too much. Still … emergency kits at the ready!

  20. Thanks Blair, I like reading your predictions but now feel a little uneasy about earthquakes. I wouldn’t like to experience quakes like we had in Chritchurch ever again.

  21. Hi Blair.
    Love your weekly predictions. They (scientists)were saying that we are in for a 7 again. I am hoping that you got it right being in the north. Being in Christchurch its pretty freaky at the moment. Kia Kaha Christchurch.. Thank you for you prediction and hugs to you and Wendy.

    • Really? Have you got the link to this Wendy? Last I read was that the likely hood of another 7 was nil??

      Scared from Christchurch

  22. Very nervous about the quake prediction! CHC has been extremely quiet lately, so hoping a big quake isn’t brewing!

  23. Thank you Blair. Hope you are wrong about the quakes. I live in Christchurch and they have been horrendous here so I wouldn’t wish our experience on anyone.

  24. Hi Blair, missed you last week, thanku for this weeks predictions.Im from chch and busy trying to warn family in the north island, (hoping u may be wrong on this one) but i doubt it,Keep up the good work… North island Be good and please stay safe be aware of you surroundings Kia Kaha

  25. Hey Blair, I was glad to hear of the prediction about Demi Moore. She’s been through a lot and she looks like she’s going through a terrific change with her new twitter name @justdemi . Really happy for her. She’s so much better off without that jackass Ashton.


  26. I think you’ll be spot on with the North Island tremors as a group of us monitor earthquakes, and the North Island is way overdue for a 5+ quake, which could be called a ‘large’ tremor.

    Worldwide since the busy April 11th to 13th megaquake period, it’s been exceptionally quiet. There have been no 7+ quakes now for over 24 days running.

    Factoring in some major planetary alignments around the 14th to 16th of May, followed by a solar eclipse on the 20th, we could see some increased activity from next week.

    For the people of Christchurch (myself included), it’s time to stop worrying and try to get your lives back to normal, as we are thru the worse of the quakes here. There will still be aftershocks but at most in the low 5+ range and rarely.

  27. So Glad you’re back–thank you for the predictions–praying things will work out incase of the earthquakes.

  28. Thank you Blair. Missed you last week too 🙂 Heres to no more quakes here in little ole NZ 🙁

  29. New Zealand had a few modicum shakes in the south half of the North Island in the last few days, (no worries), but the grisly ones I would like to avoid. (Worried)

  30. Hi, Blair, many thanks for your predictions. I’m in Chch. On Sunday night my little son was screaming at night: in his dream a very tall building has crashed and smashed a car. The next night my husband had had the same dream. Freaky. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Lord, have a mercy on NZ!!!

  31. Hi Blair, Just wondering with your meditation and receiving your predictions do you just get given 5 predictions, or only ask for that many or do you receive more and choose which ones to be posted? Plus with the phone reading comps you have is that just for the residence of the usa? As the winners have always been from there that i have seen. But love your work. Thanks.

  32. Hi Blair. What makes you say ‘the Northern Island’? Just wondering what image(s) you saw or whether you see news headlines or just snippets. Thanks

  33. Hi Blair. Do you think there will be a eruption on mt ruapehu in new zealand in June this year? I sense there may be one but nothing major except for air traffic disruptions. I do feel also there be some large tremors in NZ in the next 14 days.


  34. Thanks for re-assuring me David! I was a little freaked about another big one for chch.
    Always love getting your weekly predictions Blair! Am interested in the north island EQ. I hope it’s not too bad!

  35. hi blair do u know how bad this will be or were it will be im in hawkes bay 8 and half months pregnant and my partner has gone away for 2 weeks for work i stay on my own do i need to worry do you see tsunami or anything or were abouts i no probly a bit to much to ask but worried now
    could you please answer asap if you could thank you

  36. Thank you for the advance warnings. We can’t stop the earthquakes but we can be prepared. The pantry is pretty full and plenty of loo paper. I have a spade but haven’t bought a pump for water yet. Might pay if I get on to that one. Once again Thanks

  37. Hey Naomi, I saw your post and I understand what your feeling I was 38 weeks pregnant in Christchurch when our feb quake hit and terrified of the moon man predictions but please remember for some reason our anxiety seems worse pregnant try to keep thoughts in check enjoy your last few weeks and keep a positive mind it’s your best asset! Focus on what you know and that’s a gorgeous new life is coming to you, so exciting! We can all be prepared but what’s worrying going to do about something no one can control! All the best!

  38. hey sunny, thanks i have been trying to be positive having alot of complications with my pregnancy also so thats a worry but as you say cant stop it from happenning hopefully all will be well and no one will get hurt very scary an i live by the beach will just have to keep prepared its just a matter of do i get outta here or stay the unknown is bit scary

  39. Thanks, Blair for the great weekly predictions.

    I grew up in So. California where we had quakes all of the time. It certainly doesn’t help to worry or stress over them, as you have NO control over nature. Do whatever safety measures and precautions that you’re supposed to do, and enjoy your life–New Zealand is such a beautiful country.

  40. I’m flying to Rome from Canada in less than 60 days, I also had a dream a couple months ago about me being in a plane crash shortly after takeoff so I hope this one doesn’t come true at all!!!!

  41. Hi Blair. Good to see you back this week, missed not reading your predictions last week. Not good to hear about your predictions of more earthquakes for NZ – I so hope you are wrong about this!!! Take care

  42. Hi Blair,good to have your predictions back again, missed them last week.As for NZ, we will be prepared here in Christchurch too, just in case.We pray they will not be too strong.Thank you.

  43. Thank-you Blair, I live in central North Island of NZ. It won’t matter where the quakes hit, it will affect us all. Our world is definitely changing.

  44. For EQs in New Zealand if you are near coastal areas – they are saying that if you are near a coastal area and there is an earthquake that makes it hard to stand up, or is a rolling earthquake that lasts over 1 minute, or you notice differences in the level of the sea, or you hear funny noises to the sea – you need to head for higher ground. For Christchurch – the new brighton area need to get past the marshlands road roundabout, the Christchurch city council/Ecan website has and evacuation map to show where to go and what roads to use depending on what streets you live in. They are going to install a onshore tsunami warning system which will be in place by the 1st of July this year in north beach, new brighton, south brighton, redcliffs and sumner, they are going to be testing the sirens at 11.00am on sunday the 22nd of July, if anyone is interested. In Christchurch if there is a close to shore generation of a tsunami we will have approx 5 minutes to get to higher ground.
    With regards to emergency supplies – make sure you have lots of stored water in different locations, including your car. Also basic foods – plan what you need, even recipes for basic cooking and stuff to cook things from scratch, and not too heavy and you will be okay. Have a whistle in case you get stuck somewhere. Have stuff ready incase you need to evacuate quickly and just remember you may not be able to get back into your house. The earthquakes are out of our control but if we have our stuff ready, it gives you a sense of some control as in a disaster you have to look after yourselves as we experienced in christchurch everything shuts down, supermarkets run out of food and water, and garages run out of fuel. Be prepared and be safe 🙂 Thank You Blair for all your predictions it is comforting here in CHCH to know!

    • Dear Jaba, you are so right! Thank you very much for this comprehensive reminder. When my house went down after the Feb. quake my family had been using our emergency supplies for quite a while. Luckily we put some stuff to the garage, which has lost all the walls in the quake but was still accessible “through” 🙂 Kia kaha, NZ.

    • That was very interesting, Jaba! Thank you for posting that. It makes a lot of sense now.

      Glad to see you back, Blair. Thank you for your free predictions and free newsletters. Hope to be able to afford a reading with you in the future.


  45. Hi there Blair well New Zealand has been the shaky Isles now for a while just hope this Earthquake is not another city taken out like Christchurch I hope it is a deep one out at sea. Thanks for the heads up, always good to know

    God Bless

    Regards to all.

    Katrina (south Island NZ)

  46. Blair… not about predictions or anything… but did you say you were near Sedona? Have you been to the Chapel of the Holy Cross yet? Just wondering; they say good vibes inside.

  47. WOW! Good call on the PLANE CRASH in Europe Blair!

    10th May: RT News reporting loss of contact with Russian new Superjet 100 that was on a demo flight between various countries.

    48 people on board – lost contact S E Asia.

    Latest news confirms it has crashed into a mountain. No survivors.

    • It was in Europe though. The plane is Russian but the crash was near Jakarta
      Blair, thank you much from all of us who usually are not very good on commenting.
      But we read everything you say!
      God Bless you and your family

      • That was my thought – the crash wasn’t IN europe, just a plane from Europe, completely different!! Hope we are all safe on our travels.

  48. havnt had any replies from blair pretty freaky not knowing im staying at families untill atleast the 14 days is over an miss my own bed 🙁

  49. Hi Blair my husband and i are going for our big overseas trip leaving on the 27th may back on the 20th June, We are going to Europe hope that its not our plane we have saved so hard and so long for this trip please let it be safe

  50. Who said – “Good Call on Plane Crash?” weirdo…

    Imagine if Blairs predictions actually did some good instead of just a pat on the back when something happens…

  51. They had a 5.5 quake in the North Island on Saturday May 12th at 10.07am. It was 40k’s west of Tuatapere and only 12k’s deep so they would have felt that.

  52. I just had a look at the costs of getting readings …

    Although Blair obviously has ‘The Gift’ isn’t it against Universal Law to charge such exorbitant prices ?

    Just a thought …

    • I understand how you feel cause I felt the same way when I hired blair for my first reading. I’ve hired him two more times because he is very accurate.

      Not to diss you Nicky but there are thousands of psychics charging as low as $5.00 a reading and SUCK. There should be a universal law against that! LOL!!!!!

  53. Hi just to let you know Tuatapere is at the bottom of the South Island near invercargill, not the North Island. The quake was a 5.5 however the PGA – g% was low – 1.something which was good. Christchurch had a 3.9 epicentre cashmere hills the PGA g% was 14.something. Magnitude of the earthquake doesn’t really give a true indication of the shaking intensity – by using the PGA dropdown on geonet gives a better indication of how much the ground shook rather than relying on the magnitude. Feb11 was a 6.3 however the PGA g% was 220g% at the heathcote valley school – that is huge! The 7.1 in sept10 at the epicentre had approx PGA of 125g% just to give a comparison.

  54. hi blair i live in chch nz just wanting to no if you see another big event in the forseeable future whether it be earthquake/sunarmi we are still on edge here and am glad for a heads up as i live by a tidal river on the eastside of chch thanking you and keep safe

  55. •Public Id: 2012p378954
    •NZST: Sunday, May 20 2012 at 5:06:55 pm
    •Intensity: strong
    •Depth: 8 km
    •Magnitude: 4.7
    •Location: 20 km east of Christchurch

    Hope thats all lol

  56. Volcano Eruption in Mt Tongariro NZ this morning (7th August) so this could be your prediction on Large Earth Tremours.