Predictions: Mega Earthquake, Train Disaster, Volcano Hawaii, Next Regis Philbin?

psychic blair robertson predicts tomorrow's headlines todayCan Blair Robertson see into the future? His successful forecasts of coming events seem to prove he can. Blair Robertson regards his predictions as experimentation. Here are several of them for this week… check on them!

1. I predict an undersea earthquake causing massive damage to either Fiji or Tonga (or possibly both). I’d be delighted if I’m wrong, but I’m sensing a 7+ within 21 days.

2. Watch for a train wreck in Europe within the next two months.

3. I predict increased volcanic activity in Hawaii to make the news in the next few weeks.

4. I predict that New Hot 89.9 DJ Jeff Mauler will prove to be hugely popular replacing Regis Philbin on Regis and Kelly this Tuesday.

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26 thoughts on “Predictions: Mega Earthquake, Train Disaster, Volcano Hawaii, Next Regis Philbin?

  1. Horrible predictions about these natural disasters. Hoping that they are just that, and no one is injured. I just watched psychic kids this weekend and the one lil girl could see events like this before they happened. She is only 10! I can’t believe how that affects her:( And how sad she must feel to be helpless, not to be able to say anything to anyone. Your gifts are a amazing thing, and it’s a great service to be able to share them with the world. Thanks for sharing your gift! I am happy for mauler. Congrats to Mauler, that’s amazing for him!!! Cheers, to doing what you do!!

  2. YES Go Mauler…anything to put Ottawa on U S Citizens mind. Hope he s gonna be the best replacement for Regis this wk….who knows, maybe they’ll give him a contract…;-)

  3. Chloe: I didn’t foresee a tsunami, just a quake. That said, if it’s deep in the ocean it’s certainly plausible. I do not see it affecting NZ.

    Thanks for the comments, Jen. I’m sure the kid is fine, it didn’t effect me…

    I’m extremely thrilled for Mauler. He’s a terrific guy in “real life” and a fabulous media personality and I just know he’s going to be awesome tomorrow. I really can’t wait to see it. Sylvie: I hope they DO give him a contract. That would be amazing!

    Diane: Mauler is Canadian. That’s a Canadian prediction! 😉


  4. I hope you’re wrong about the natural disasters but if it does happen, let’s pray the damage and injuries are minimal.

    Great prediction about Mauler, all the best to him!

  5. Hi Blair…. = )

    I viewed Jeff Mauler on the internet clip, since I wasn’t able to see the show. Did not know who he was, prior to the show. He is awesome! I think he is a perfect fit, and I hope he is chosen to replace Regis. Have a great week!

  6. hope note.. praying hard …i am staying on the beautifull island of Fiji near the sea.. right now there is a low depression which will intensify into a cyclone winthin 24hrs…

  7. Gosh, you are very accurate! I’m worried about the Fiji disaster, as I am leaving for Fiji in 2 weeks from New Zealand.. Yikes!

  8. Hi Blair…

    thanks for your prediction..
    hrs ago a 6pointer EQ struck in the sea near Tonga.. hope that is
    it… do u see another EQ bigger then this hitting the Fiji/Tonga region ..

  9. do you ever see good things happening for countries all that is happening is the plates are shifting around and tough luck for whomevers it it’s way no matter what live for today.
    I have to live with predicitions reguarly about family passing on i see it as a time to make your peace with them and yourself we are all told thev future listen to signs of nature and dreams for tell a lot about your own path. and it’s not nice waking up after been told someone you love will die shortly and then tell others i have even had my own grandmother visiit to say that they have started the spiritual call home and within 6weeks my aunty passed so you never know just when or where but lets live for today and take what comes tommorrow.

  10. Will the Kilauea Volcano erupt and cause a tsunami for other surrounding hawaiian islands? There’s a rumor going around the island of Oahu that a phsycic, I dont know if they meant you, said that Oahu will actually get hit by a tsunami and it will run approx. 20 miles inland. The date brought up was June 14th 2011..Do you see anything on that date or anytime soon? Please let me know if you can come up with one of your blessed gifted visions to predict this thing. Cause if it’s caused from the Volcanoe in Kona, none of us would have much time to get prepared and outta there. Hope to hear from you really soon. Mshalo(Thank you)

  11. Hi Blaire, really accurate, good job ( in a way bad). Do you see anything happening in Switzerland because nothing really has since decades except landslides and a fire but no major earthquakes or anything. It’s landlocked so no tsunami unless a massive tsunami takes over Europe( hope not). Also, anything in Arizona especially Phoenix and Scottsdale like another sandstorm or something cause I’m there for another 1 or so

    Thanks and good luck on your future prediction

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