Predictions: Earthquakes, Assassination And Cold Cases

psychic blair robertson predicts tomorrow's headlines todayCan Blair Robertson see into the future? His successful forecasts of coming events seem to prove he can. Blair Robertson regards his predictions as experimentation. Here are several of them for this week… check on them!

1. New Zealand: I would like to clarify again that I have NOT predicted an earthquake in Christchurch on March 20th. Furthermore, other than “routine” aftershocks, I do not believe there will be one!

2. I predict that a large earthquake will strike Indonesia by month’s end.

3. Watch for news of an assassination attempt on a European leader within 40 days.

4. A decades old cold-case from the west coast will be solved and make headlines within 30 days.

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61 thoughts on “Predictions: Earthquakes, Assassination And Cold Cases

  1. That is good because we need something to smile about here in NZ before the
    next national disaster strikes, which will be in October, when our beloved All Blacks lose another Rugby World Cup. I am not wrong about this, am I Blair?

  2. Blair, I applaud you for being so gracious when people send you rude and nasty emails.We are the recipients of your gift every Monday and that should be sufficient for anyone.Thank you for giving of yourself and please do not let the negativity that seems to be enveloping our world disturb you.
    We love you!

  3. Just wish there weren’t so many earthquakes
    But what to do, hope something change! Blair you have been so spot on with these predictions, I am just hoping it won’t be a bad one for Indonesia. Thanks and have a pleasant week!

  4. Hi Blair, I live in Christchurch and hope you are right too! It is amazing how many people are going away from Christchurch this weekend.

  5. Thank you Blair. As a kiwi, I admit that I have been a tad worried about the 20th. I hope that Indonesia doesn’t get hit too badly. These world quakes are a bit surreal at the moment.

  6. Blair shocked me your prediction about an earthquake in Japan. In Russia the people want change in government. Do we wait for this year’s change of Putin and Medvedev?

  7. Its Ken Ring thats predicted them. Hes been right about all the dates so far. So i ant smiling til after april when the earthquake cycle here is supposedly finished here.

  8. I live in Christchurch and there is a LOT of hype going on about some devastation happening here on 20th March. I tried to ignore it, but was beginning to feel quite anxious. Thank you so much for for saying you predict there will NOT be an earthquake during this time. I actually feel much better! 🙂

  9. Did Blair say he predicted there WOULD NOT be an earthquake in Chch on 20th March???? Pretty sure he wrote HE did not predict one, big difference. The thing is, you can’t live your life by predictions but you don’t mock them either. Get an earthquake kit together, put it somewhere safe and continue with life. If something happens, your prepared, if not, you now have an earthquake kit!!! Blair can’t pick and choose what he sees and what he doesn’t, just like he can’t control how his readers interpret his predictions. Well done Blair if for nothing more than keeping my curiosity rich!!!!

  10. totally agree with u Michelle, wats to say that since the prediction of march 20th already been made by Ken Ring and a few others that Blair would not pick one up as we are already prepared for it, I mean isnt that why we are told these to get us prepared for them and how many of us are? just a thought thats worth thinking on. I myself wont sleep til that date has well and truely passed us by with/without one.

  11. Fantastic! Indonesia to get hit! My first holiday in nearly 8 years, booked to go to Bali. Timing couldn’t be worse! :o(

  12. i just have to say this much….. with every correct prediction you make Blair espcially the earthquakes and the Sunami’s it must take alot out of you when getting the reading and then once it actually happens must be very emotional and exhausting for you….. i commend your dedication and i see you have a growing fan base… i started with you when you a little while before your popularity….and appreciated your readings back them as much as i do now. i am always so amazed at how right you can be… now i know you are not always correct and you are alwasy very honest to say that. Keep the faith and dont let the ignorant closed minded people bring you down. they just dont want to think out of their box or maybe they are just SCARED of the truth… some people cant handle the truth………. remember YOU ROCK……..

  13. Thanks for trying to calm the situation here in CHCH Blair, but the fact of the matter is even the GNS scientists are now saying due to Feb 22 there has been far more dangerous pressure being put on the alpine and hanmer faults here in the south island, which is increasing the chances of us indeed having another big earthquake. Everyone just needs to be prepared! In saying that, i didn’t learn my lesson from Sept 4 and still wasn’t prepared with food and water for Feb 22!! But have plenty of bottled water in my house now, but only because we still can’t drink tap water here! If something does happen this weekend then i will be prepared and i am still going to stay home alllll weekend hehe 🙂

  14. There have been predictions for a massive earthquake in Nelson/West Coast and Marlborough at the same time as the Chch 20th March prediction.
    What are your thoughts on this?

  15. Hi Blair, thank you for the great reading. It was so weird, I ‘heard’ you talking to me a few minutes before my reading arrived in my inbox(I had never heard your voice before)! Your energy is so WOW and the reading was spot on. I’m holding my breath that your timeline is right and the great things you see will soon filter into my life. As you picked up, I’ve been waiting a LONG time. Also, congrats on 10,000 members.

    Any chance you could do a list of things available on your web site (somewhere on your home page), I get so lost. Every now and then I discover something accidently -then can’t find it again- just wondering how much other great stuff you have that i’m missing.

  16. hi blair

    im not too sure who u are referring to when u say rude (hopefuly wasnt me ) i dont mean to sound rude i am very grateful for your site and what you do also i am very terrified as are many people it is terrifying when you see things like quakes for nz 5+ then dont hear anything else and people dont know weatha to leave or stay or whats best for their families i am so glad to hear there wont be a quake here but i am worried about those people in indonesia hopefully that wont come true (not because you predicted it but those poor people must be terrified of the unknown)hopefully no one will get hurt if it does happen also hopefully no more tsunami’s comming




  17. hi blair

    hopefully the earthquake wont send tsunami warnings here and they wont be anymore tsunami’s anywhere else i just wish mother nature would give everyone a break its freaky people say ken rings predictions are true but others say they are not im unsure of who to believe i think i will stick with you they recon nz is on boarder for a tsunami hopefully that isnt true either do u see any damages or warnings for anywhere else when quake hits indonesia i hope everyone there is safe and prepared and all will be ok

    once again thanks blair your messages has brought a little sigh of relief indnesia people stay safe my thoughts will be with you all


  18. Thank you so much for your comments about the lack of a major earthquake on the 20th in christchurch – Ken Ring is a total idiot – to those who believe him any one who predicts quakes on 90% of a calander has a really good chance of being right!

    You are awesome Blair ! you seem to have a large kiwi following too 🙂 – waves hello to all other fellow kiwi’s(esp us cantabrians!)

    keep strong christchurch (and Japan)

    keep up the great work Blair

    • Stop. Ken Ring is NOT an idiot. Name calling serves absolutely no purpose and being on the brunt end of it a lot myself it’s just plain rude. I’ve met Ken Ring and he’s nothing but a true gentleman. Say you don’t believe in him. Say you don’t agree with him. Say you plain don’t like him. Fine. But name calling isn’t acceptable to me. Thanks.

  19. People out to be ashamed for being rude. I guess everyone wasn’t home trained like you and I Blair. Thanks for everything.

  20. appoligies for the name calling

    BUT the man is hitting alot of raw nerves at the moment and TBH at the moment is one of those times if you havn’t got anything nice to say it is best not to say anything at all – our nerves are frayed enough without people trying to scare us further

    • Is HE hitting raw nerves, or is it the media and the social networks causing it? Fear is a terrible thing and frankly I find it very unproductive. I’m not trying to be a motivational speaker here but the reality is this: whether there is an earthquake coming or not, there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. Being afraid isn’t going to help you, in fact, it will make your days miserable. Stay strong and live each day to the fullest!!

  21. Thanks for making me wake up. I’m in Christchurch and I was about to head out this morning to go and help at a local charity shop but got to the car and just felt too scared to go. After reading your post about fear making my days miserable I realise you’re right. I’m going to hit submit and get in the car and go. If something happens it happens but it’s got to be better than sitting at home full of fear and waiting for something to happen. Not sure if I’ll be so brave this weekend and have planned to clean out the garage (stay home) I’m well prepared for anything (have a couple of bottles of wine as well) but I hope for all of us that nothing happens. Thanks again.

    • Jayne: your comments brought a tear to my eye. But I don’t deserve any credit for your choice.

      THAT is the spirit! By all means, be prepared. Stock up. That’s the intelligent thing to do.

      But fear? Screw it. Live boldly.

  22. I agree, Blair. If we live in fear we will miss out on so much. No one knows how long we have on this earth, so while we are here let’s live, love and be happy. Or as you so aptly put it: screw it and live boldly.

  23. Hi Blair, thanks for your thoughts to christchurch. I have been a cot case but have taken your advice to stock up and live each day to the fullest. I do not believe in ken rings predictions even tho a lot of people here do. I am looking forward to seeing prince william at our memorial service tomorrow and I am putting my faith in the fact that if the powers that be thought there was any truth in these rumours he would not be coming here. cheers

  24. Jayne GOOD on you!!! i hope your day went well?

    and Maggie that’s the kiwi spirit … enjoy seeing Prince Will tomorrow wish i could be there but i am in Auckland … be sure that i will be there will you all in spirit!! nz can be one again just as they were on the 22nd feb … i hear Will and his bride to be are asking for wedding presents to be donations to chch awwww amazing!! savour in the wonder of people and their kindness, as god damn there are some amazing ones out there’
    HAVE fun please check back and tell us how it was, get lots of photos to <3 i adore Will
    Blair thanks so much for helping ease my fellow kiwi family/mates in such a caring manner xx

  25. hi you say chch is fine for the 20th but what about the other dates in the same time
    if you say ken ring is a good man then why is he saying this to scare us poor cantabs moroe and more!
    ”do we leave all what we have worked hard for and up and leave this shaking land of the long white cloud!!!

  26. Blair, in view of the tragedy in Japan, do you “see” how this entire disaster will end. I hope everyone prays for the HEROs that have volunteered to see this through.

  27. @Baz tv gave a special number for people needing to talk about about what this had caused them; Needing emotional support: 0800 777 846
    give them a ring they are AMAZING!
    i know alot of people who were frozen in fear for last 6 months over these predictions and didn’t have the money to run and they have taken the control and power back instead of living in fear … ken ring is a good man …. he could very well be onto something with his theory BUT for the time being he needs to fine tune it and learn how to speak to the public or seek expert help about his findings before telling every one…. i bet ya chch will re build and be be the place to be!! did they say what was found in the time capsules found in the rumble after the quake .. that is soooo exciting and could have valuable info in them about your beautiful city

  28. You say no earthquake in christchurch on the 20th, what about the rest of New Zealand, anything there.

  29. Yes, Ken Ring was bored one day and thought it would be fun to scare Cantabrians with an earthquake prediction – is this seriously what some of you believe??? Don’t take it to heart!!!! Its not meant to scare you, it’s meant to give you a heads up, a warning if you like!!! And if you can’t handle it there, leave!!! If your into predictions, who are you to praise one person and rubbish another??? My point is you guys are attacking Ken Ring for ‘scaring’ you’s, but his prediction is no different to Blair’s prediction to those in Indonesia or a European leader, it probably scares some of them!!! Do I believe Ken or Blair make predictions to ‘scare’ us?? Hell no!!!! They tell us what they get, if it’s something bad, don’t get scared, get prepared!! As for Chch, I’ve had one hell of a year so far between the Qld Floods and the Chch earhtquakes, I’ve lost loved ones, watched family homes destroyed so excuse me if I’m not sympathetic when I know the ones we lost would be out there doing something instead of being to scared to do anything because of a prediction when they rubbish the person who made it!!!!! Come on Chch, we’re stronger than that!!!!

  30. Thank you for your predictions. I am an avid fan of yours. I hope that you’ll also warn the Philippines of any catastrophes that may come to us so we could be prepared.

  31. @michelle Do you have children? do you have any idea what message it sends to them if you run away every time someone makes a prediction?

    my 12 year old son is sooo scared by ken ring and his predictions and there is no avoiding him hearing it the kids at school are all talking about it. If I was to run away with him it would show him that I was scared and bothered by it and this is not a message I want to send to him.

    it is a scarey time for everyone and nerves are freyed the media needs to tone it down and let people make their own decissions without it being in our faces. I for one won’t be running away every time anyone makes a prediction – I was born here, grew up here,my 2 children were born here and are growing up here – none of us will be leaving any time soon.

  32. I to live and come from Christchurch. In a way I am glad to hear that will not be an earthquake on the 20th of March. I have to say in my state of fear I ran to the North Island. I am completely over the fact of having so many aftershocks (which to me is still a form of an earthquake). What I really want to know and every person from our once was beautiful city wants to know is, when will the shaking stop. Call it an earthquake call it an aftershock, call it what you will, but when will the ground stop shaking in Christchurch. I watched the memorial service away from shakes, aftershock and earthquakes, cried and felt the love of every single person sitting in Hagley Park, and it made wanna get on a plane and be there my fellow cantabrians. I am sick of running away in fear but I want to know I am secure. You say to live in fear and be bold, a lot of tells me I wanna still live in Christchurch, but I am stuck on a hard decision to move. Predictions? ok If I lay out options on where I were to be and some right now just for job opportunites, could you please give me some guidence on where I will move to and the reason for that move. My star sign is Libran and we are told we are indecisive. My option are Option one, Stay in Christchurch, option two, Palmerston North, option 3 Auckland, option 4 Wellinton. My question is where will I move (or stay) and for what reason.

  33. All along Mr Ring has made comments based on his calculations, never mentioning a magnitude, and not intending to frighten -only inform those who are interested. Mr Robertson obviously does the same through his own abilities.Unfortunately ‘chinese whispers’ takes over and is what happens with humans.It is Never any given situation that is bad or good, but what is most important is how we as individuals react or respond to the situation.
    And as each of us is truly individual then we will all respond differently and it is extremely unfair to judge others by their response, just because it’s not what we would do.At this time, when minds, bodies and hearts are frayed we would be better to be kind and thoughtful of others when we don’t know their personal situation.This would help us all go a long way to getting through things as a better community.

  34. Neralee as awful as it seems sometimes fate rules our lives, i heard of some one running to welly to get away from the predictions and he was in a ferry accident and truly traumatised by it, and wished he had stay in chch with the ones who knew and loved him and understood him. I also heard of a couple who took the cheap flights out of nz for chch people and went to japan 🙁
    I hope you can come to a decision that suits you and one you can be comfortable with, the memorial day was beautiful wasn’t it? the love was amazing! i am so GOD DAMN PROUD OF CHCH AND NEWZELAND !!
    Prince Will’s quote will be stuck in my mind forever!! “My grandmother once said grief is the price you pay for love” still gives me goosebumps when i typed it out
    good luck and i hope you know all of nz feels your pain although we may not understand your fear

  35. Sarah, yes I do have kids(3). I have not left but I sometimes think for my childrens sake, should we??? As a mother my first instinct is to protect my children so if that means going to visit family or whatever out of town for the weekend so be it, but I won’t be saying it’s because of the prediction to them!!!! More to the point I have sat down with my children and discussed what they’re to do if it hits during the day or even at night!!! Ken Ring didn’t scare me at all, he made me think!!! I don’t think anything will happen tomorrow however as I keep saying…I’m prepared!! My kids are fine because I talk to them, they now know how predictions work and we don’t react to the prediction in a negative way at home. Some people are sacred, I get that, but why are so many people so filled with hate for Ken Ring (maybe hates the wrong word but thats what it seems like), maybe it’s time to stop worrying bout what we’ve lost and be grateful for what we’ve got, we are strong, we will rebuild, and if it gets knocked down again, we will rebuild again!!! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a break from Chch for a day, week, month or permanently. A couple of nights decent sleep without any stress would do everyone a world of good!! If your son has gotten upset with whats been said at school, I would’ve been hitting the school up about it and finding out how they were dealing with it as I’m sure your son would not be the only one upset!!!

  36. I remember 2 days before sept 4th looking up at the sky and thinking ‘that’s earthquake weather.’ Then I immediately thought ‘what on earth does that mean?, I don’t even know what earthquake weather is like!’ It rained heavy the next day and I believed that’s what the day before meant- until our quake early sat am. My initial instinct had been right.
    Afterwards I’d heard Mr. Ring had mentioned on the 3rd,possibility of earthquakes later in the week and I started to read his articles and even emailed him. Therefore I was not surprised when things calmed down over nov or by boxing day’s activity, our couple of hard jolts on the 5th March and the big 22nd of Feb. I was anxious all weekend of 19/20th Feb and relieved when nothing occurred, thinking finally Mr. Ring was wrong.On Mon however, when looking at the sky again I KNEW we’d be in for one the next day. (our cat had also disappeared all weekend)Tues morning there was a 6.2 in Fiji and it confirmed to me that ours would be later that day.I don’t know why-just observance and things made sense based on that.I have been prepared and Not scared since trying to understand more to help preserve my family.Life will not stop but awareness is important.
    The fact that nothing may happen today does not mean activity won’t happen at all.I will always be prepared as we now live in a pressured and active zone. I won’t leave but I will be cautious if others give advice to be so. And I will continue to be observant of nature and thoughtful of those I meet. I think Mr Blair, Mr Ring, Dr Roberts, USGS and others are doing important work and who knows where it will lead in the future.

  37. Hehe.
    Had a lovely, quiet day then just had a big rattle from a 5.1 here in Chch! and I must say it scared the bejeebers out of me!Hope that’s all we get and can get some sleep tonight.But won’t be surpised if there’s more to come…

  38. Hey, Blair! I’m a big fan of yours! Always read the website for updates!

    Please let us know if you feel something about Wellington, NZ! I’ve been pretty scared in here with all the quakes around us!

  39. hi blair, love your work. Curious though, do you remember about 4-6 months ago (approx) you saw something that really really really upset you. It was terrible, so bad you didn’t give any readings that week and you wouldn’t say what it was. Was that premunition (sorry if spelt wrong) the japan earthquake? that was certainly tragic and has gone from bad to worse, earthquake, tsunami, nuclear failure and then snow. Thousands of lives lost, it was that bad i dear not ask if it could get any worse. Was that what you saw? Cheers and don’t for get to warn us Cantabrians (had to get that in everyone else has lol!!!) if you see something bad, we can handle the jandle!!

  40. Hi Blair.
    Re: your prediction of a big earthquake by month end in Indonesia, do you see it affecting Singapore at all? My brother & partner (who live in Tokyo) have just gone there for a short break (though they may stay longer) so that is why I am asking.

  41. Hi Blair,
    Is this your cold case..

    News Release
    Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Media Relations

    1978 Cold Case Murder Solved NR11183kr

    Los Angeles: A 33-year-old murder case has been solved with good old fashioned detective work, forensic evidence and a good witness.

    Los Angeles Police Department cold case detectives have announced the identification of a suspect in the 1978 murder of 45-year-old Robert Rathbun. Rathbun had been stabbed to death on May 20, 1978, during a burglary at his apartment in the 21800 block of Lanark Street that he shared with his18-year-old son. The son was stabbed in the back while lying on the floor as he complied with the suspects’ orders. Although left for dead, he survived the attack.

    Two suspects were involved in the crime. A witness observed one of the suspects well enough to assist with the completion of a composite drawing. However, no suspects were ever identified at the time of the original investigation.

    In late 2010 detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Cold Case Homicide Unit of Robbery-Homicide Division, reviewed the Rathbun case and requested that unidentified fingerprints from the crime scene be processed through the automated print databases. An identification made on one of the prints returned to Richard Daniel Bower, a 20-year old Burbank resident. The print provided a potential suspect, but detectives knew more work would be needed to determine if Bower could be positively linked to the crime.

    As the cold case detectives continued their investigation they found that Bower had a violent criminal history. So violent that on January 12, 1981, Bower was killed during a shootout with Redondo Beach police officers during which one of the police officers was shot by Bower.

    A comparison of Bower to the composite sketch provided by one witness from 1978 showed a striking resemblance to Bower, as well as a very similar physical description described by the witness. Archived reports and booking photos from the Burbank Police Department related to several of Bower’s arrests provided additional clues that aided cold case detectives. It was discovered that Bower’s had been arrested and booked one week before the Rathbun murder, and one week after the murder, for unrelated crimes. Those booking photos showed his appearance in very close proximity to the time of the Rathbun murder and the arrest reports contained other details which greatly assisted in further linking Bower to the murder.

    Amazingly, the witness who assisted in the making of the composite drawing positively identified a photograph of Richard Bower as the suspect she saw 33 years before. She noted his “good looks,” as she indicated in her original statements in 1978, as well as his “droopy” right eye. Regarding the eye, she recalled having the composite artist alter his original drawing in an attempt to narrow the right eye to reflect it being “droopy.”

    At this time detectives have not identified the second suspect. Efforts have been made to do by interviewing former associates and co-arrestees of Bower during the 1978 time period.

    Attached to this release is the composite drawing from 1978 and a Burbank Police Department booking photograph from May 28, 1978, (eight days after the murder).

  42. Christchurch hit by aftershocks

    “A series of earthquakes has hit the New Zealand city of Christchurch, almost four months after a tremor devastated the area and killed 181 people.”

    Wow, your prediction has came true.