Predictions: California Tremors, Earthquake In Guatemala, Icebergs And Airline Close Call At LAX…

psychic blair robertson predicts tomorrow's headlines todayCan Blair Robertson see into the future? His successful forecasts of coming events seem to prove he can. Blair Robertson regards his predictions as experimentation. Here are several of them for this week… check on them!

1. I predict a series of earth tremors across California within 7 days.

2. I predict a sizable earthquake will hit Guatemala within 2 weeks.

3. One of the largest chunks of ice ever recorded will break free in the Arctic by the end of the year.

4. Watch for news of a near miss of two planes at Los Angeles International this month.

Post your comments and feedback below.

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16 thoughts on “Predictions: California Tremors, Earthquake In Guatemala, Icebergs And Airline Close Call At LAX…

  1. Hi Blair, thank you very much for bringing your intuitions to all of us.

    regarding California earthquakes do you feel this is the BIG one, ?

  2. That big one is coming this year, ive felt it since last year. I thought it would be september but I sense its over 7.0

    Most of the tremors that california has (which is on a daily basis) have been happening in baja california and always less than 4 so a series of tremors wouldnt be a surprise…….Blair is smart so he knows this already so anything he predicts like this, its gotta be bigger than the normal cali shakes and shimmies.

    Have a great week Blair


  3. Hi Blair,

    Thanks for this weeks predictions. I am happy to read them no matter what they would be. Just a little scary though for the Los Angeles area. I wonder that too, would this be a BIG one? I guess we’ll find out. Keep doing what you do my friend:)

    Happy Monday To You!

  4. California tremors..OMG..I hate living in CA. Well at least I don’t live in the prone areas. I live in the Valley..but I pray everyday that everyone is safe here.

    Thank you for your predictions. I will get my house in order anyways.

  5. Thank you Blair,
    My question is where is the first biggest seismic event going to be~The Madrid Fault~Yellowstone~or the California Coast,This is narrowing it down to North America.Take care & may the blessings of protection and grace envelope you and all whom you love.

  6. Hi Blair, and ditto on the thanks. Always interesting… I’m hearing from other similarly gifted sources that California is not the place to find oneself after the end of 2010, and I’m posting this not to stir up fear but awareness that we’re moving into a period of dramatic earth changes and we can believe what we want, but it’s time to be aware that these changes are linked to something bigger than just Mother Earth getting a little restless. Along with unusual or unprecedented galactic and planetary alignments and major sun storm cycles moving toward a peak, Earth is about to undergo what’s called a planetary ascension and it’s natural progress and it’s a good thing but it will be rough in bigger ways than can be explained here, and the less you want to know the rougher you can expect. There. I said it.

    Have a great week, y’all!

  7. Poor California, everytime I have been there I have been lucky enough not to feel a shake. Talking of which we had a 5 aftershock here in Christchurch last night exactly a month since our big one. I am hoping that this will be the last of the heavy shocks but on the other had we have to expect some heavy aftershocks right?

  8. The earth tremors in California and the near miss in LA airport this month have me worried about my girlfriend currently on holiday in Western USA, (Cali, Denver ect.) This has me worried about her and her family’s personal safety and more importantly the safety of California! I hope this isn’t the big one. Thank you a lot Blair!

    Thank yous from Nelson, NZ.

  9. Hi Blair………

    The quakes in CA have began today…..
    Northern CA – 3.3 mag
    Central CA – 2.5 mag
    Offshore N. CA – 4.4 mag
    Gulf of CA – 3.2 mag
    Thanks for all you do!

  10. I live in the earthquake zone that hit the Canterbury area in New Zealand, on the 1st of Sept at 3pm, as we were having or afternoon coffee break I said we are over due for a earthquake (everybody loughed) come Monday they were not loughing, but were pretty much giving me hell as I was write, this has not been the first time that I have thought of quakes before they happen.
    On the night That it happened I woke up about 10 or so min before and could not sleep and at 4.35am it started.
    I am just a guy that is married with kids that had a feeling this was going to happen, and I do have witness now I cannot sleep as I can feel all the aftershocks before they happen

  11. Hi Blair,

    I live in Christchurch New Zealand, do you see anymore big shakes soon? its hard living with these aftershocks and wondering how big it will be.


  12. On October 20 2010, ….. A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 jet lost it’s navigation system as it approached LAX, forcing air traffic controllers to redirect several flights to clear the airspace as they guided the aircraft to a safe landing. The weather was bad and the pilot had no visuals until he was below the clouds. I heard this report on my local news today, but it is also on the internet. I believe this may be relevant to your prediction above on October 4th regarding two planes have a near miss at LAX. Have a fantastic week and Thank You!