Predictions: Ann Curry, Tom Cruise, Obamacare And More…

psychic medium predictionsCan Blair Robertson see into the future? His successful forecasts of coming events seem to prove he can. Blair Robertson regards his predictions as experimentation. Here are several of them for this week… check on them!

Psychic Predictions

1. I predict former NBC TODAY show host Ann Curry will vanish for a short time and return with a vengeance with another network in less than 12 months. She needs to watch her health short term.

2. I predict that Tom Cruise will be outed as being bisexual within one year and his popularity will be greater than ever!

3. I predict that Obamacare will be abolished within 18 months.

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87 thoughts on “Predictions: Ann Curry, Tom Cruise, Obamacare And More…

  1. Hi Blair, welcome back! Great predictions this week. I feel bad for Ann Curry, i really liked her on the show. And i HOPE this obama-care does get abollished. I dont trust it..nor like it. Have a great week my friend.

  2. I usually enjoy your blog but this time I really think that predictions regarding a person’s sexual orientation are unfair and unnecessary

  3. Would be interesting to see how the Obamacare gets overturned, and Tom Cruise??? I haven’t got the words ….

  4. Hey Blair ! Glad to hear that you had a good holiday, well deserved but really missed Monday’s predictions. Glad your back !

  5. Hi Blair! I predict you will vote for Romney if you are a registered voter in the USA. That’s okay, since conservatives needs psychics too!

  6. Got to agree that the Tom Cruise thing is a low blow for you Blair. I am disappointed you decided to go public with that, for what ever reason. Possibly redeeming yourself with the end results, but that is way too personal!! Give us a prediction of UFO’s!…end of wars…major natural disasters!

      • I agree it’s not a low blow it’s a prediction. It’s like getting a reading and not liking what you hear….if it’s seen then they say how it comes to them. I mean who cares about Tom Cruise anyway…he’s just another Joe Schmo if you ask me….but it’s a prediction and right now he’s in the spotlight…if he predcited who JLo was sleeping with next that would be ok tho….please let’s focus on important things…keep at it Blair awesome job.

        • I “third” the opinion. It’s just a prediction. He predicts news and you can be sure as said above that it will be headlines everywhere if it comes true.


    • Welcome back Blair. I missed your predictions. As to the Tom Cruize prediction. To the people who don’t like the prediction well if that is what Blair sees that is what Blair sees like it or not. Life is ups and downs and Tom is having both.

    • I don’t think that is a low blow; in fact, I think it is really a part of Tom’s life. He is not what everyone wants to believe he is, and he has done some pretty unusual things in his private life, as well as professional life. I think that Blair’s prediction about him is true.

      • Thank you for the support. I do not believe it to be a “low blow.” I predict headlines with what I call “Time Projected Empathy.” I’m simply predicting what I have seen.

        • Must admit, I dont care a jot whatever his sexual preferences.

          As long as he treats people right, only ‘goes’ with willing adults (no children, no rape etc) so let him be.

          After all, I dont know his life plan and whether experiencing physical relationships with both men and women is what was desired.

          Blair, sorry to read that people are blaming you for honestly and openly sharing information gained intuitively.


  7. I feel bad for Ann Curry, too. I hope she does come back and has a very successful career. Our culture, sadly, is as shallow as it comes. Ann was intelligent, smart, kind, and loyal, fully capable, but in the end, youth, bubble-head-blond-sex-appeal trumps all other things. The Today Show culture has turned into valley-girl-appeal over the past couple of years. They now follow the path of shallow, again for the umpteenth time, get rid of any woman who is either too smart, or not sexy enough, and god-forbid if she shows any signs of aging. Dump the woman, she doesn’t have enough sex appeal= Today Show motto. Brains not required for the Today Show co-anchor chair. Matt is hardly innocent in this dumping of Anne Curry. His hands are dirty in the removal of Anne.

    As to Tom Cruise and his possible “double life style”…. either way, that’s betrayel of his marriage on too many levels. I will chime in and say that I think it goes much deeper with Tom Cruise, or his wife would not file for sole custody. Something dark in relation to Tom and his daughter Surrie. Just a gut feeling.

  8. you guys are so ignorant! blair posts things as he sees them. Please continue to post your true predictions, not censored predictions because some people’s simple brains can’t handle it!

    • Please refrain from name-calling, I’d prefer it be civil here. I certainly understand your feeling and appreciate your support, but let’s not call names. Let ME do that! πŸ™‚

      Seriously, I appreciate that and I will not censor my predictions. This has been a heated week… but I predicted that it would be. LOL.

  9. Glad you and your wife had a wonderful holiday! Arizona really has some powerful energy too so I am sure you feel energized! Great predictions, and as time goes on and the people learn what else is in O-care they will see it is unworkable (only the “trojan horse” good stuff came first). I agree with Sunny, glad you are back!

    • You need to hope he’s right about Obamacare — a doctor told me that doctors will be retiring and going private. So it’s going to not only add 15 trillion to our debt but with less doctors only the wealthy will be able to afford good medical care. We’re going to have to wait months for appointments and tests. Also don’t forget we’re going to be taxed for it — my husband figures it’s going to cost us a couple of thousand dollars a year extra. Remember you never get something for nothing.

  10. To all of those who are offended by the Tom Cruise prediction (or any others for that matter). You have the freedom not to visit this blog…
    I don’t see the Tom Cruise prediction as low or as unfair. If this is to be the case, which would not surprise me in the slightest, then it will be massive news and be splashed on every cover of every tabloid magazine. What is the difference!?
    You read it here first!!

    Well done Blair, great work.

  11. Hi and Welcome back:)

    Well, I don’t know what to say about the Obamacare. I figured if the majority of the Supreme Court voted for it, it’s gotta be okay. Of course I haven’t read the thousand some on pages about it and never have really listen to others talked about it. All I know is that, the people of the USA needs better health insurances and that THOSE insurance companies that runs our lives needs to fold and die. They are controlling everythng that man needs.

    As for Tom Cruise, no one should be surprise by anything that goes on, no one. It’ happens, it is, and it will be.

    Have a great day Ya’ll:)


    • Please see my reply to cindy. People need to do their homework on matters that effect our country and us. We can just believe something because it’s easier to think people who make decisions know more than we do. If we don’t educate ourselves we fall into a vast hole that will strangle us and this country.

  12. Hi Blair! I’m so glad you enjoyed your much needed vacation I’m sure you needed it to recharge your energy and I am sure Wendy needed some recharging as well with all the hard work she does as well, I imagine you use up a lot of energy doing readings and your predictions every week. I am glad Ann Curry will be back with a vengeance withing 12 months, I guess leaving the Today show might turn out to be the best thing she could do for herself.

  13. Welcome back !!!And I’m very glad to hear ur predictions so far u been right on them !!!As for Ann she needs to sue the h— out of them for age disscimanation, and i pray she does come back with a vengence ,As for Tom and kate I guess thats why she filled for divorce ,but its whatever floats there boats not mine, so it is what it is ,doesnt matter to me if theyre blue or green also !!!As for Obama ,well we should of already got him out of here ,but thats another story !!!But sure am glad to hear his health care reform is gonna stop cause the sound of it sounds like Hitler days to me !!!Thank you so much for ur advice and help for all r futures <3

  14. hi Blair will be in San Diego for comic con, you mentioned an earthquake in Mexico will i feel it as i’m coming from Christchurch new Zealand am a bit worried

  15. Thanks for your predictions — loved #3. We have the best health system in the world. I know that there has to be a better why to enabling people to receive good health care than what has been proposed and that wouldn’t bankrupt this country (or tax those who make under $120k a year).

    Thanks again for your insights!

  16. Blair- Thanks for predictions! I’m hoping your
    political predictions (Republican President, dismantling
    of Obamacare) will be as accurate as your Superbowl
    Prediction. Still love you man!

    • Fenton: that really, really made me laugh out loud. I love your dry sense of humor!!!

      Don’t forget how CLOSE that Superbowl prediction was, had that dude caught the ball… you gotta confess… I’m friggin’ awesome… LOL!!!

      Thanks… it was good to get a laugh…

  17. So glad you had a great holiday and so happy to be reading your predictions—-and as always I look forward to their revelation especially #3!!! Thanks Blair

  18. Thank you from California! I just moved from Tucson, AZ a year ago…glad you enjoyed your visit there! πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Blair, Enjoy your predictions immensely πŸ™‚ Can you tell us whether you have any insight into when the appalling corruption associated with the Christchurch earthquake disaster fund management in New Zealand will be exposed once and for all?

  20. Thanks, Blair for the great weekly predictions! I truly pray that “BO Care” will be abolished as it is just another way of raising taxes BIG TIME!

  21. Blair, big earthquake about 25 mins ago in New Zealand, early reports saying 7.0M
    Is this the one you were predicting in the next 7 days, but in Mexico?

    • no blair predicted the n.z. earthquake i think about 3 to 4 weeks ago if i am correct and said it would be in the north Island, so spot on blair you r amazing i have family and friends there, mexico must be another one very scary, but blair right on thank you blair.. no one wants bad news but you r have a very special gift ..

  22. Thanks for the predictions Blair. You predicted a few weeks ago now a quake in the north island of NZ well it hit tonight Tuesday 3rd July. Widely felt across NZ so thank you for reminding us to be prepared.

  23. Hi Blair…I just want to say that I’m an avid Obama fan…The health plan will work if you’ve read all 900 and some pages…Right now the taxpayers pick up all the slack from all those without health care…They have to go to the hospitals for care and who pays for that??? It’ll work and right now it couldn’t be repealed…It could pass the House but the Senate is Democratic…And that won’t change anytime soon…Our country needs a health care plan…There’s too many without it…It makes sense in the long run…Read it…

    • I’ve read it. I agree that the USA needs to improve it’s health care. However, it is a massive tax grab and a step towards bigger government and loss of liberty. Three things that the constitution was created to prevent.


      • You are right, Ted. The U.S. does need a good health care plan. A couple of years ago when BO’s plan was introduced, several of our congressmen and senators tried to introduce their plans and BO wouldn’t even listen to them. His plan has so many “hidden” agendas and taxes in it, that yes, people do need to read all 900 pages…it’s ridiculous!

  24. Hey Blair I am so glad you and Wendy had a fabulous holiday, well deserved. Tom Cruise, no suprises there, funny though. Earthquake in Mexico now that is concerning, lets hope it will not leave to much damage, they seem to becoming more frequent all over the world. Well enjoy your day, I am off to work, thanks again for your predictions.

    Regards Vicki

  25. Blair, having read these predictions over time with their consistant one-sided political slant, and/or their generalities, it sounds more like your “intuition” is coming from your bias’s and pop culture TV, rather then spirit based predictions, as is so often the case with tabolid psychics. But as you said they are “experimentations”.

    • I’ve known Blair since high school and remember him making predictions back then. I remember him being accused of being anti-Reagan, anti-Bush, anti-Clinton, anti-Bush and now apparently he’s anti-Obama!

      You can see why pro Obama folks won’t like his prediction that Obama will be a one-term President. Makes sense too that anti Obama folks love the prediction. He’ll either be right or wrong. And if he is wrong, Blair’s the first to laugh about it.

      Take a step back and just let his predictions be what they are: predictions. Let’s give him some slack.

      Thanks for listening.


      • I am letting them be what they are, opinions based on bias and common knowledge disguised as predictions from some all knowing divine spirit and thus better than mere mortal predictions. I just think if you have an opinion then stand up and state it as your opinion and offer facts to support it rather then try to hide behind claims that the “divine” is informing you. These are my opinions based on careful observation.

        • Meh. You remind me of a teacher in school who used to say, “don’t bother me with facts, man, my mind is made up.” LOL.

          I wonder what you’ll say when he makes a negative comment about the next President or a policy? I guess you’ll label him a left winger then? Time will tell. πŸ™‚


          • Ted, thanks. Johnboy’s mind IS made up.

            Presuming my predictions prove true, I’ve got until November to be a right-wing bastard… come the election and my predictions start flowing, I’ll end up swinging to the other side and start getting called a left-wing commie. It’s part of the job… πŸ™„

          • Well, since you both have missed the whole point of my messages, (predictions like these do not usually come from spirit, but rather our own beliefs) then it sounds like you would not know a fact from a personal belief! Which may be why you call these “predictions” in the first place.
            As for politics, as it is said, you have a right to your own opinions, but you do not have a right to your own facts. For some here, a good place to learn some facts rather than repeating fear-mongering talking points, are the web sites “ and”. A little humility and education can go a long way. πŸ™‚

  26. Obama is wonderful. Stop making negative predictions about him! Look at all the hope and change he brought to the United States…

    He said there would be no individual mandate. Promised unemployment won’t go over 8%. He will fix the housing sector. He will fix the border. He will close Gitmo. He will win and end the Afghan war. He will cut the federal deficit in half. He will end gridlock in Washington. He will not raise taxes on the middle class. He will get people working with ‘shovel ready’ jobs. He will be the most transparent president ever. The healthcare debate will be on CSPAN. And more.

  27. Hi Blair,

    The prediction you made of an earthquake hitting NZ – North Island a month or so back, hit last night. It affected much of the lower North Island, was situated off Taranaki and was between 6.8 and 7.0 on richter scale. Also felt as low as Dunedin – well down the South Island, and as high up as Auckland.

    Fortunately it was 240 odd kms below the surface, and while a moderate sized earthquake, created little damage. Just loosened a fee nerves.

    Thanks for alerting us

  28. Hi Blair,
    Nice to hear your enjoying your new life…love that country, so beautiful.
    About Tom Cruiz…people who are discusted, Blair is just telling what he sees, it is news that will no doubt make the headlines one day. MANY of those hotshots in LA or elsewhere all have some kinda skeletons hiding and they are very different…. I am not Blair and i see things sometimes when i am watching celebrity interviews. I think TC is an amazing actor but he has always made me feel quizzy. Cannot watch him for long. Terrible news to come true because it will be aweful for his family. We should all send out possitive thoughts for Surrey and Kate, they may need it.
    Thanks for your NEWS Blair.

  29. Hi Blair, please to see you back, hope you had a Great Holiday! Yes we did have a large earthquake in the north island just as you predicted a few weeks back – you are the champ! Keep up the great work! I am sure you will get a few more predictions for us all the way down here as the plates in this area seem to be becoming more active. This weeks quake in the North Island just off shore must put pressure on other areas of the plate – so time will tell πŸ™‚ Oh by the way love all your smiley and funny faces they make me laugh – soooooooo cute! Have a great week.

  30. Hi Blair – me again, just wondering how the little pictures above the names are chosen – are they generated from the letters in the user name? πŸ™‚

  31. New Zealand has free healthcare for all New Zealanders. We take it as normal that any birth defects etc, (cleft palate, club foot etc,) are fixed at birth for free, + we dont pay exorbatant taxes. Any accidents/illness etc are fixed immediately at a public hospital for free. I recently had a broken foot, got xrays + 4 days in hospital for free. I was horrified to learn USA has people who got their whole life with cleft palates because they casnt afford medical care. Discusting.

    • Interesting, Nerida. With our new health care bill, we’ll have to pay for our own insurance or pay an extra tax if we don’t. There are no price controls on insurance so it’s very expensive. In addition to that, there will be a lot of new taxes. I’m glad to hear you all are covered. People in New Zealand have been through enough lately. We don’t hear about how bad it is in our news here. If I wasn’t reading the comments here, I would have no idea how difficult its been since your big earthquake in Christchurch. Hang in there.

  32. nothing is free Nerida educate yourself of how is it free and open your eyes and see that it comes out of the tax payers check to provide for your broken foot. neither your country nor the usa has a money tree to pay for every one

    • I’ve always thought Tom Cruise is gay/bi. There’s nothing wrong with making that prediction. It’s simply a prediction. I also hope your prediction on Obamacare is accurate. It’s a MASSIVE tax increase on everyone who pays taxes in this country, and it will do nothing but diminish the quality of healthcare in this country. More importantly, Obamacare is a major invasion of privacy due to the fact that your medical history is now property of the U.S. government. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will. It’s very alarming to think that decisions regarding your health will be left up to a government bureacrat, and not you, the patient, and your physician, based upon costs associated with treating a condition and your age.