Are Dimes and Pennies From Heaven?

Are Finding Coins Really Signs From Our Spirit Guides, Deceased Loved Ones, Or Angels?


Dimes and pennies from heaven are one of the signs that our deceased loved ones show us. Nearly every day people comment along the lines of “My Gary sends me pennies from heaven,” or, “I found a dime on my pillow, and I live alone, is that my deceased husband?”

dimes and pennies from heaven

To the very best of my knowledge, there is no mint in heaven. They do not manufacture coins and toss them from the clouds.

Not all signs are signs. It is important to understand the difference between a coincidence and an actual spirit sign. I’ll help you here.

Pennies From Heaven: You Are Loved And You Are Important

The angels, spirit guides and your deceased loved ones want you to know that you are important to them. They want you to know that they are with you and see everything going on in your life.

The message is simple: you are loved and valued.

Causing coins to appear is a very common way to demonstrate they are around you.

How Do I Know The Difference Between A Coincidence And A Spirit Sign When I Find A Coin?

But not all signs are signs. A coin on the sidewalk is likely from a hole in someone’s pocket. Change on the ground of a heavily trafficked street corner? Probably a coincidence.

Too many psychics and mediums try to convince people that EVERY coin is a sign. Sadly, that dilutes the meaning of a real sign.

How will you know if it’s a real sign or coincidence? The answer is surprisingly simple: you’ll KNOW.

A woman posted on my Facebook page how she lives alone since the passing of her husband. She found a dime on her pillow. That, my friend, is a sign.

Dimes and pennies will often show up in unique places. You’ll know them when you find them.

But please remember this…

Spirit Signs: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

A relative of mine wanted to visit where my parent’s ashes were scattered, a beautiful area with a walking path and view of a river. As we pulled up, I wondered if my parents would show a sign.

We went to the spot, shared a prayer and headed back to the parking area. As I walked up to the car, I noticed a penny on the ground by my door.

I had pulled a muscle in my back, and given it was just a penny I intended to ignore it. But something – an urging – told me to pick it up. I struggled to bend over, and I picked it up.

It was older than usual. Very worn. I looked at the date and was surprised that it was from 1920, the year of my Dad’s birth. A warm feeling came over me, THAT was a sign.

Why Is Finding Dimes and Pennies A Bigger Deal Than Say Quarters?

Ah, this is where it gets cool. Pennies have the numerology/Angel Number value of 1. Dimes ALSO have the numerology Angel Number of 1 (because 1 + 0 = 1).

Angel number 1 is a reminder that we are all ONE. We are one with spirit. It represents new beginnings, the start of a new chapter and a fresh start.

Lost a loved one? Feeling alone? The sign of a dime or penny is a reminder that they are still with us, just in spirit. Love never dies.

Struggling with something in life? It reminds us of our power to begin fresh and tackle anything that comes our way.

Be open to the signs that your messengers and loved ones are sending you. 

Have you experienced pennies from heaven or found dimes that were clear messages? Please comment below! I, and others, would love to read them.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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26 thoughts on “Are Dimes and Pennies From Heaven?

  1. I find dimes in many strange places. In my shoe, under boxes in the house, in the middle of the dining room where no one has been. It is strange. This has been going on for years. I always believed they were coming from my father who passed in 1980. They have slowed down since my mother passed a year ago, I still get them but not so often. Is this a sign?

    • After my husband passed away, I began to find dimes. Not only did I find dimes but I began to notice that when I made a purchase most of my change was given back to me in dimes.

  2. I heard a psychic say that if a coin is face down, it wasn’t meant for you. Pick it up and look at the date. It probably is a year that has meaning from someone you’ve lost. Say thanks to the spirit, but leave the coin, face up for the person who it was meant for.

  3. I have been finding nickles for years now.They all are my birth year.I started a collection.Wish I knew who is responsible.I have also awakened by strong smells of cologne or perfume.

  4. Since my daddy passed so tragically in September I look for every sign I can. Pennies, birds, feathers,rainbows. I have been so depressed I haven’t done anything. This week I got my courage up to go back to my happy place, the gym. After I got my butt kicked I went in the restroom and looked down and found a penny. It was a old worn wheat penny. I’m sure someone dropped it, but I’d like to think it was a sign from him telling me he was proud of me for going back and doing my thing. He always encouraged me when I didn’t want to go and was proud of what I was accomplishing at my gym. I’m a gramma that just turned 56 and I completed a warrior dash in his honor before he passed. He was more proud of that big medal I earned than I was and I was so happy to honor him by actually completing it! It was from 1958 the year my parents bought the lot that they built our family home in by themselves before I was born.

  5. When my Dad passed away a few years ago I used to say I wanted a nickle in the grass to know it was him..several years later I now lived on the other side of the country on a Sunday morning walking my dog,she was being difficult not wanting to walk (suddenly) so I go over to her and there was a nickle in the grass,I knew it was my Dad .The dog continued on with our walk and this happy lady knew her Dad listened and I still talk to him and all my other family cause although I cannot see or hear them they are there.

  6. Dear Blair, First of all, thank you for your wonderful articles! Secondly, when are you coming back to Canada?I find dimes in very unusual places. One was on my way to work at quarter to seven in the morning by the curbside. It was dated for 1974, the same year my grandma died. I find them in the dryer, washing machine, on a rack at work and in a crack in the middle of the road. My friend tells me the year represents the year your loved one passed away. Thanks again

  7. I had a very close friend. She was struggling with cancer. I had two bouts with it when I was younger and as she got sicker and sicker she would call me in the early morning hours. We would talk about what we thought happened when we died. The morning she died she called me at 3 am and asked me to watch out for her son. She jokingly said “I will send money when I get to heaven or wherever I go”. I said “yea pennies like the movie”. Her reply was “No you cant buy anything with a penny so maybe dimes.” I have a box that has over 200 dimes in it. Her birthday was last week, I found ten dimes on that day – everywhere. The bank parking lot, the grocery store, ground by my car and even in my car.
    Her son has been having a hard time – he lost his job the day before Xmas and he called me for help. I sent money and he found another job just days later. I know she is around me as is other family members. So yes love never dies.

  8. My son sends us quarters. I have around 30 or so. They usually are from his year of birth, signify a special occasion. I literally saw one drop out of thin air at my feet on my daughter, his sister’s birthday. That one was from her year of birth. Today is his birthday, so maybe I will get one today!

  9. My son went to the scene of his fathers accident and found a very small feather that was part of a pin he wore on his vest. When he showed me I told him feathers would now be a sign from his dad. orist to order the flowers, and when I came out of the store, there on the side walk were 2 feathers (2 sons) I brought them home and everyone was in shock. We still find feathers in odd places. He lets us know he is around.

  10. Years ago, I used to find pennies in my old house which I figured were from my grandfather, who when he was alive, often gave me silver dollars and coin sets from the Royal Mint.
    Now since my Dad passed in Nov 2015, I have found dimes from time to time. Just recently, I opened up the fridge, and on the floor in front of the fridge, was a dime. I couldn’t see it there until I opened the fridge door. Random! 🙂

  11. The day my nephew passed away from a brain tumor at 39 I decided to take a walk with my best friend to talk about thing. He left behind three beautiful little girls. As we were walking I looked down and saw three shinny pennies! I knew it was him telling me he was here and would be the guardian angels watching over his daughters. When his wife came to visit with the girls a couple years later I told her the story. I gave her the pennies. I hope she holds on to them and gives each one a penny on their wedding day!

  12. I find pennies from my son and daughter. Heads for son, tails for daughter. Now I find dimes from my husband. I know they are from them, they know when I need them. I deploy with Red Cross and have found them in places they could have not gotten easily and when I need encouragement. Haven’t looked at dates, will do so in the future.

  13. After my bf of 14 years passed 10 years ago my oldest daughter and I started to find dimes here and there, sometimes in the weirdest places and when my grandpa passed a couple years ago we started finding pennies . I think one doing dimes and one doing pennies was their way of them saying that it was two different people. We always wondered if it was actually them. I’m so glad I came across this article, it makes me feel better knowing that they are still around.

  14. I was helping my husband in the shower due to a shoulder injury. ..I took my slippers off in the bedroom , my husband was waiting for me in the bathroom, when I was done I was putting my slippers back on and there was a dime ON TOP of my slipper. I was so surprised and a happy feeling came over me. At that time of my life it was tough times, I was finding dimes everywhere, now that things have changed I don’t find them anymore.

  15. My first dime from my son was about 3 months after he passed. As you say, it was very unique place to find one. To celebrate my son’s 36th birthday a couple weeks agi, I invited friends to a pub for food, beverages and karoake, something my son loved to do. Out of nowhere a dime appeared on the table, I spotted it first. Even though I knew what it meant I still had a moment of doubt that it was from someone at the table or the server. So I asked all in unison…is this someone’s dime? Everyone said no…is fact not one of us had ANY coins on us. So I took great delight in others seeing this connection.

  16. I was in the store a few years ago and was shopping and thought I would go over by the dishes, and there on top of a plate was a penny, I do believe at that time it was a sign from some one in heaven and still believe it.

  17. I would like to share this with my older sister (we’re both in our 70s). She has mentioned a few times that she finds pennies every so often and she feels strongly they are from our mother, who passed in 2010. Since I’ve never had any of the same feelings when I find the occasional coin, I tease her by reminding her that “Mom always liked you best.” Seriously, I’m happy that she feels that peace knowing mother continues to watch over her.

  18. My mother told me before she died that every time I find a dime I would know she was thinking about me. I find dimes often and one day I found seven bright silver dimes in a small group.

  19. My coin story is very significant to me. It has been going on for years actually. So much so, that others around me even know it’s my dad. It all started when one day I noticed a penny on my bedroom floor and picked it up. It read 1995. That was the year my father passed. Then, I realized it was Dec. 2nd, the DAY he passed…I thought hmmm…A month later, I found another penny on my bedroom floor…same spot even. It read 1995. I then realized it was Jan. 27th…his birthday. I got chills, smiled and said wow…hi Dad.❤ Ever since then, I know when I find a 1995 penny, it’s him. A more recent one happened at work when I was asked to cover the front desk when our office manager was sick. So as I sat there answering the phone, I saw a silver quarter on the keyboard. Quarters aren’t silver anymore. It had a different feel to it and then I looked at the year, it was a 1944 silver quarter. I sank in my seat in disbelief because you see…it was Jan. 27th that morning…my dad’s birthday. And if my office manager had not been sick that day, I would have never seen it. Later she said it had been there for weeks…but of all days, she unknowingly called in sick on his birthday. She said it belonged to me after that day, and I still have it. There are so many more incidents, but that was the 1st that started it all, and one of the more recent “coin”cidences that my dad is with me.☝

  20. I always find a dime and a penny together …that I feel is a sign from my father who when he got sick we all started to notice the number 11 (11:11 we made/make our wish) after my father lost his 2nd battle with cancer when I find a penny there is almost always a dime near it …..I forgot to mention my father was born on the 11th day of the 11th month and was born 10:49 (11 minutes to the 11th hour) and yes you guessed it there was 11 people in his family. So yes I believe pennies and dimes are a sign from my father ❤❤️

  21. After my son passed I would find coins. I told him, “Mama needs money! Send me more!” That afternoon I was moved my vacuum cleaner and there was a quarter. I know it was from him. I find quarters all of the time in unusual places and thank him for each one, after I kiss it.

  22. A week after my son passed I found 5 dimes and 5 pennies in five different places side by side like someone had lined them perfectly one of each on both sides of my younger son’s bed , one of each in the window sill, one of each at my feet when I sat down on the curb at my husbands office 30 miles away from my house, I A’s so freaked out I got up while talking on the phone and was telling my friend about the 4 different pennies and dimes I walked about 50 feet in between 2 18 wheelers and low and behold there were pennies all over the ground, it looked like someone threw them in the air, after crawling and picking them up there wee 10. I then went into the building to the women’s restroom
    And there was one of each on the back of the toilet. I find pennies and dimes all the time and keep them in a jar by my bed over 350 pennies and 200 dimes in the 3 years my son has been gone

  23. I often find dimes in my washing machine or on the ledge of the dryer door. I always check the pockets for stuff (tissues have made it too many times) so I know there was nothing there before. My mom passed in 2004 and my dad in 1973.

  24. I used to get pennies from my dad now it’s heart’s, either in the form of rocks, or paper, lint, thread.
    The last time I found a penny I asked for one. The very next day, outside….directly across from his army grave plaque thats on my fence on the ground where no one else but me lives or can get to, was a penny. When I picked it up and examined it, the date was 1984. The year he passed! I now get heart’s. The one I found yesterday at my feet on the carpet was formed from the torn off meds bottle lable. I found lint in my pocket, formed in the shape of a heart….wrapped in a tissue!! I have them all too. Nothing short of a miracle….love never dies <3

  25. I was taking my great grandson to Walmart the day after his mother passed, my grand daughter I look down after I got out of the car and found four pennies. One each for her husband and her two children and the fourth for all of the people her life had touched.