No B.S. Testimonial

When spirit brings through messages to me, they can come through in a manner that I don't understand… or that the person receiving the reading doesn't understand at the time.

I always encourage people to remember what is being said regardless as it will often make sense at a later time, or after speaking with another family member.

In the following email I received, it references an event where a Mother came through and was discussing a chair that I interpreted as needing to be thrown out.

The lovely lady politely said that couldn't be correct. Her Mother then told me to say “bullshit.” Yes, those exact words.

Now, from the attendees point of view, it can easily look like the medium (in this case, me) is wrong… but wait for this fun validation…

No B.S. Testimonial

“I don't know if you recall the reading you did for me at Best Western Casas Adobes in Tucson last week. My Moms spirit came thru and you said she was saying “bullshit” in regard to a chair I should get rid of. I had no clue as to what that was all about.


“I came home and came out to the patio to reflect on the wonderful evening and sat in the chair with this pin on it! When a friend sent the pin to me, Mom said it was stupid and didn't think it belonged on a chair.

So there you have it! It wasn't the chair she thought I should get rid of, but the pin. You were spot on with everything you said and I am so grateful to you. Thank you so much for an excellent evening! I'm certainly looking forward to seeing you and Wendy again.” Linda S., Tucson, Arizona

Love Never Dies

Isn't that cool? I'm always amazed at the details that spirit brings through. Incredible. Remember: Love Never Dies!

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18 thoughts on “No B.S. Testimonial

  1. dear blair,thank you so much for all email i receive from you.
    i tru
    ely enjoy hearing about people getting messages from their loved ones.
    like everyone,i,ve also lost family,in fact i,m the last one left of 9 kids in our family.
    i,ve also loss my 18 year old daughter in 1977,and actually came upon her acccident right after it happened.
    it was the worst day of my life,her and her good friend died happened on dec -22,1977,on a thursday afternoon at 10 minutes after 3 .
    i never really thought that much about heaven or hell until i lost her.
    now i,m a believer in both…
    thank you for all of your messages of hope.
    i,m not a religous person,but i have always believed in god and the devil.
    i believe my daughter is in heaven with god and our many relatives that mostly passed after her.
    thank you again blair,you are amazing…
    patsy pollom

  2. Amusing blair, but what we really signed up for is your predictions and you haven’t posted any for months. I feel kind of disappointed. Lots of invites to hook up with you in person, at your paid gigs, but sadly, no predictions. Why did you stop? Isn’t predicting the meat and potatoes of what you do? best, e.

      • Wow – rude!! There is no reason to address your response in such a rude tone to a simple question, regardless of how many times it’s been asked. I hope e prosser has unsubscribed. I certainly will be!

        • Assuming that is Blair and not one of his assistants, it was a measured response to a rude comment. Blair HAS addressed this many times and if e. has been a reader for any length of time and read the emails/blogging, she would have known that. I love Blair’s frankness and directness as I find it refreshing.

          Not to mention that he has stated he doesn’t want negative people around. It’s probably for the best that the both of you leave anyway.

          Blair: I loved hearing the story. I love reading the posts on Facebook from your events. I can’t wait for the day for you to come to Florida! xoxoxo

        • Oh, please. Vicki R., if you don’t want to read these things, then it is your right. That is not rude to tell what spirit has said.

  3. I love it! Boy does spirit have a way to get there messages across. I love that you give us the emails and inter act with us on facebook too! Hope to see you sometime soon.

  4. wow…e.prosser….That is kind of rude….When you signed up for the newsletter, it’s free….Blair did in fact nor but a few weeks ago post his predictions…Regardless, if he did or didn’t, the newsletter is free…I am sensing a sceptic who wants to prove someone wrong…which is ok if you are that way…but the fact that Blair is on tour, is a very busy man, and didn’t live up to your expectations of what are happening tomorrow, is a bit far fetched…Sorry for your inconvienience…Like he said, if you are unhappy and don’t like the way he handles things, Hope you have a wonderful life…Negativity is a bad thing to have….God’s speed to you….

  5. I use to have a great psychic/medium for a few years, until she had a hip replacement and she never seemed to be on target again. As much as I missed her, I still tried to find someone who was credible. I had so many “general readings I was discouraged. Then surprisingly enough when my parents both passed, I became very connected to the other side. My mother came directly to me and spoke to me like we were just sitting together. I followed her message and even tho I felt foolish, but she knew what she wanted and it was real. She knew a close friend was seriously ill with cancer. I contacted the person and shortly the person passed. Mother also gives me signs when she wants me to know she’s right there and they are so clear. My Dad appears to me in the middle of the day when I’m upset, it’s just comforting to know he’s right there watching. He’s come to me a couple of times thru a medium
    with great messages. Two other people in my life passed and they too have communicated with me. so I am very open to all the signs and messages and no longer looking for someone to connect. altho I remain very interested in the work all of the mediums do for those who really need it,I feel blessed that I’m getting direct communications, so about your story..I enjoyed, you really do have to be open all the time and watch closely for the signs, they are right there. My grandaughther who is here but we are separated, comes to me with things she knows only I know she loves, ladybugs, and butterflies. And I know we are thinking of each other. My siblings think it’s strange as they have never been connected. they always ask me why. I don’t know. but it is great!

  6. Ilove how spirit tells it like it is and the way they would of said they things as they did when they were around physically. It’s really beautiful and a great confirmation of life on the other side. I like when my grandfather comes through in readings from time to time and he tells the medium that he’s only gone for a few years it’s because even though in the physical world it has been nearly 24 years to them it’s only been a short time. So it’s a little joke we have and I know who it is straight away.

  7. Amazing! and just goes to show that spirit is always trying to communicate with us but we are too busy not paying attention to recognize their signs.

  8. THX! I love to hear of the happenings when you do readings! Someday, I will afford to have you do one for me…
    Great story.

  9. E.prosser makes me laugh and feel bad for Blair and his staff… During his webinars, the exact same question asked over and over, even when he just explained the questioned topic. People like to run their mouths (or in this case, their keyboards) without first investigating or even looking for the answer! I’ve been very frustrated trying to participate in a webinar and can’t ask a legit question or make a relevant comment due to the same things said by different people. If they would stop typing and listen first, Blair would answer questions before they’re asked, he’s been doing this a long time and probably knows by now what people generally wanna know.
    Who in the heck made that person an authority on the content of what should be on the site anyhow?
    Whomever answered the comment was way nicer than I would have been!
    Good luck, God bless, and positive thoughts to all!