Spirit Guides Book By Blair Robertson

Spirit Guides: 3 Easy Steps To Connecting And Communicating With Your Spirit Helpers

I wrote this simply to reach out to as many people as possible, and it was my own spirit guides that pushed me past my comfort zone to publish.

About Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides by Blair Robertson

Number One Best Selling Book On Amazon

If you have ever felt stuck, held back or lost and alone, then connecting with your spirit guides is a fast way of getting back on track!

From the moment you are born to the day you die, your spirit guides are “assigned” to you to help you along your journey. In this no-nonsense and no-fluff book, Blair teaches you 3 simple steps to living a happier and more fulfilled life by communicating with your spirit guides. An easy read, this book can help you connect with spirit and change your life!

In this spirit guides book you'll discover:

* 3 easy ways to connect with your spirit guides

* the five ways that spirit communicates with us

* how to protect yourself from evil energy

* how to be more, do more and have more with the help of your spirit guides

* the ten most frequently asked questions

* and much more.

* Blair Robertson's Spirit Guides book also includes a FREE Bonus valued at $24.99

Your spirit guides are there for you. Waiting. They want to help you start living your life to the fullest. Why not start connecting today?

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Please help spread the word by posting a review from wherever you choose to purchase it. And let me know your thoughts! Love and light to you!

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67 thoughts on “Spirit Guides Book By Blair Robertson

  1. Blair, thank you so much for this Christmas gift. This is just what I need. I just bought it on Amazon. Un gros merci.
    Merry Christmas to you and your lovely wife == I hope she is feeling much better.


  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours also Blair. Thank you so much for the Awsome book. I know that you probably won’t believe this’ but right before I received the g–mail from you. I was just laying down thinking of ways to connect to my Spirit guides. And then I received this from you. What a great gift. Thankyou so much.

    • No coincidence. Please leave an honest review from wherever you downloaded it from. It will help spread the word. Love and light to you. <3

    • You’ll need to contact Amazon to find out… the book is selling and obviously… it’s not on my end. Sorry for the trouble!!

    • Laura, please go to the country you are in and order the book from there. So, if in Canada, visit amazon.ca, etc. That should fix it! 🙂

  3. Thank You so much Blair. This will go so well with the class I took from you a little while back. Glad to know Wendy is doing so much better. Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and the Brightest of New Years. Looking forward to learning more from you.

    • It will go perfect with what you already know. My Christmas present is a happy and healthy wife. Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Thank you so much for the gift Blair! I immediately grabbed it from Amazon and I am so excited to read it! I definitely have to share this with friends and family who are feeling the loneliness of missing loved ones this magnificent holiday season. Thanks again! Much love.

  5. thanks for the early Christmas gift ! Will you publish a hard cover version ? It will be a perfect gift for my parents and friends. Will post a review as soon as I finish reading it : )

  6. Thank you Blair! I am looking forward to reading this on my airline trip on Monday. I have a friend that very recently passed ad I believe she has sent me a sign already. I want to work on stronger communication with her. Looking forward to our next trip to Southern California. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  7. Blair, to get it free on Amazon, just tell them that it’s free on the other platforms. Then, they will “price match.” Usually, you still get the royalty on the “original” price of the book.


  8. Thank you for your kind offer to receive your book on spirit guides, but when I tried to order it…it wasn’t clear how much I would be paying. I hesitate to give out my credit info in this case. and it was asking for it. Thanks anyways.

    • IF you are ordering from Amazon, they are the largest retailer in the world. Very safe and secure. But it’s up to you. 🙂

  9. Thank you so much Blair. This book is something much needed by myself at the moment. Wishing you and your lovely wife Wendy Love light & happiness over this holiday period.

  10. What about all your Canadian friends. Entered all the information only to be told it was only available in the US. Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

  11. Hello Mr. Robertson Thank you so much for all the very interesting things I have learned from you. I took the 4 week course and I have just ordered your first book and I am sure it will be great as everything else you do is great. I am 81 years old and just lost my wife in July of this year after 42 years of being together. I am trying to cope with all this and haveing hope and trust in you does help me some. Again,, thank you Mr. Robertson.

    • I am sorry for your loss. 42 years is a long time. Know that she’s still with you in spirit, Dawaine. Love never dies.

  12. Hi Blair I look forward to purchasing your book on Amazon! Just wanted to say God bless you and your wife Wendy and hope you have a very merry Christmas 🙂

  13. Oh Gosh Blair thank you so much to thank you for but can put it into words. Merry Christmas. to you and Wendy,

  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Wendy, Good luck with your new book, even free I can’t read it as much as I want to I”ll be watching your blog to see other peoples reaction to your book.

  15. Blair-Thank you so much for doing this and making it available to us. What a nice Christmas surprise !
    Glad Wendy is feeling better. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year’s.

  16. Thank you so much, Blair! I don’t have a Kindle, but downloaded the Kindle app for PC – so easy.
    Looking forward to reading it. Hope you and Wendy have a lovely Christmas. Much love to you both.

  17. I don’t have a kindle or anything like it, how can I get a real paper book. You have helped me so much and I really would love a copy of your book. Peace and Love Blair <3

  18. I don’t have a kindle or anything like it, so I was wondering if I can get a real paper book? You’ve helped me so much the last few years and I really know this book will help even more. Thank you Blair Peace & Love …Sue

  19. Thank you for the book down load. I really enjoy following you, and love your style…best to Wendy.! Can’t wait to read your book on my holiday vacations! Thanks!

  20. Thank you so much Blair. A few years back I was happy with how I was progressing in the spiritual aspect of my life, but life threw a few massive curve balls at me. I never lost my faith in G-d or my faith in everything spiritual. I had seen and learned too much. What I did do was I dimmed my light and buried it deep inside my self. I have been trying to get back on track spiritually and today when I saw your email about your new book, I relized that I am back on the path to get back to where I am meant to be.

  21. What happens if none of the sources you said we could get this beautiful Christmas gift from you are available to me? How do I get your gift?

  22. Thank you so much Blair! I downloaded it for my PC as I don’t have a Kindle as of yet…..can’t wait to read it. I’ve made connections with my loved one’s thanks to you and the free webinars. The main connection was with my dad….it was THE most beautiful and amazing experience……seeing him. This book will help me with yet more connections…..you are an amazing, giving soul. Thanks again, Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful wife Wendy.

  23. Just bought the book Blair – thanks for offering such value! Really looking forward to reading it. If you do have time to answer a question (and I realize you probably don’t), regarding my father who died when I was 14 and has now been gone for 33 years, I keep having recurring dreams that he “faked” his death and has really been alive all these years – and now he wants back into my life and I really don’t want anything to do with this. Any ideas what he might be trying to tell me?

  24. Just got your book at barnes and noble. Thank you so much for this great gift. I know it will help me open up communication with my guides.

  25. My good friend is having a extremely hard time believing that her sister committed suicide,the dective that is in charge of the case is not helping her children or family, I no she’s trying to tell them something but they can’t figure it out, do u have any advice for us Thank u in advance for your help.

  26. I’ve recently purchased your book Spirit Guides via my Kindle. It has a link for an mp3 download, but when I attempt to click on it, it says the link it disabled. Is this still available?

  27. I have the book and in the back of the book a free offer for Spirit Guide Bridge Audio Download is offered, however, I went to BlairRobertson.com/GuidesBonus and am not seeing how to get the download – thanks

  28. My 23 yr old daughter committed suicide on October 15, 2017. She has 2 beautiful young children ages 2 1/2 & 6. I know she loved them very much & can’t understand why she did it?? Her 2 yr old son claims she is in the sky, giving me the impression that he can see her.I feel guilty thinking I was the cause of her doing this because we argued all the time. I need to know if she’s ok & if she can tell me why? Is she in the home now? We miss her very much & her 6 yr old daughter & I cry every night for her. We need something to get us through this. Please help.