NEW BOOK: Afterlife Connections — Your Stories Shared!

Afterlife Connections: True Stories That Prove Love Never Dies

Afterlife-Connection-EbookCover-smallWhen you’ve lost someone you love, holidays and other celebratory days are the worst. It can be quite painful.

But the truth is that love never dies.

Yes, each and every one of us at some point must physically leave our bodies, but our soul-spirit lives on.

Signs From Our Loved Ones

As I discussed in my previous/companion book, “Afterlife: 3 Easy Ways To Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones” our loved ones regularly send signs to us to show us that they are still there. And those signs can bring incredible comfort and healing.

(By the way: if you don't have the book Afterlife, don't allow yourself an excuse to not to discover all the ways they can and do communicate. If you haven’t got the book, please do yourself the favor of identifying what signs are real and which signs are not. Once you do, you’ll start noticing them more. And the best part: Kindle readers are free as well, and you can download them to virtually any device.)

A BRAND NEW BOOK Filled With Inspirational Stories

You know, over the years, I’ve received tens of thousands of stories from people of their personal Afterlife Connections. They’ve been shared with me at live events, privately, in emails, on Facebook, on blog posts, etc.

But many have been lost. I felt a pull from spirit to put some of them into a book format to encourage those during difficult times that love never dies.

That's why this book is designed to be a quick and inspirational read. It’s designed to help you realize that your loved ones are near. That love never dies.

All stories have been shared by everyday folks just like YOU.

NOW Available On Amazon!

It’s available on Amazon right now. Be inspired by healing messages from beyond that prove love never dies

Grab YOUR Copy by clicking here now! 

I hope you enjoy it. Love and light to you all.

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20 thoughts on “NEW BOOK: Afterlife Connections — Your Stories Shared!

  1. Blair,
    As soon as I opened up the email to your blog I got a huge chill! I really think it will be a success! Also the cover is simply beautiful!
    My best wishes to you & Wendy & I hope Thanksgiving is good for you! We have a lot to be thankful for and you are at the top of the list!

    Sue O:) (y) <3

  2. Blair,
    My sister Charlie died a few hours ago! Any help you can give me now will be appreciated.

    Rita Calvert

  3. I need to read much of the experiences to ensure me I may be lucky and receive a message from my husband who crossed over a few weeks ago. I miss him as you can guess very much. I believe he may have tried to contact me but I have been too upset to receive his messages. Frustrating.
    But thank you, and I hope to order your book very soon. God Bless.

  4. Hi Blair & Wendy…Blessings to ya both! I was wondering if I ever shared the story of my brother who has passed? He was my oldest brother & really gave me a hard,,hard time growing up! He contributed to make my life miserable. (like it wasn’t already) After he passed I didn’t go to his memeriol. I held much angry against him! I noticed he would try to come to me all the time. But I would just block him out. One day I opened my facebook at to my surprise my brother’s picture had become my profile picture!! & I just broke down crying! You see I am the only one who has my password & when I saw his picture it looked to me like he wanted forgiveness. Now he comes to me always & I can honestly say I forgive & love him more than anything! So when ever people say they don’t believe in the after life..I tell them that & many more stories I have.I also lived through 2 liver failures,,,I am pretty sure God has more work for

  5. Thank you so much! I will surely enjoy this new book. I have had many experiences over the years. But one questions when I see my loved one why are they always dressed in beige or very very light brown. Is it something common or just a way for the spirit to connect .

    Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  6. Thank you Blair for assisting with the initiation of dialogue that is taking place around this subject matter. Someday soon….this will be comfortable and commonplace. Blissings to you and your loved ones during your Holiday Season.
    Ute Schmid-Jones

  7. Dear Blair please please please please help me with this one free question my husband kevin williams died Oct 18 is he ok and in heaven when I’m on the phone i hear him whispering something I can’t make out what he saying and he breathing heavy please anser this I’m at a list without him and poor

  8. My son Kenneth died this year July 25th of a heart attack. He was my only child and he was about to turn to 39 years old. He was a well educated landscape architect engineer. He also had a ministry online bracket YouTube heart of Elohim. He wasn’t all the way round beautiful human being and I miss him dearly.

  9. I am so excited about your book, I love to read anything about Heaven and reuniting with your loved ones later in life… question is, do I have to order online, or can I buy in store?

  10. Please pray for me, my life is in bit of a Ruth I mean fighting hard to get out of.
    Love never dies
    Jennifer Parry-Wease

  11. 55 yr old retired USMC suffering from PTSD…suffers severe depression…anxiety & survivor guilt…I’ve asked my spirit guid to connect w/holder of Gary’s “bear claw” necklace..who died in war…Gary needs 2 know that his buddy is ok…can spirit guide help me find that word between them…that Gary will know was from his buddy’s who is gone but loving Gary? I can say that word 2 Gary…so he’ll know its from his buddy…Gary needs 2 live again…he is so lost! He loved his marine buddies very much! Gary needs help…so sick of being sick w/PTSD…thank u from my heart…as u can figure I’m dating him…I’m 69 yrs old & Gary is 55…bet his friend (bear claw holder) will find that funny! But I’m stingy of Gary…only 4 mo’s dating…but Gary…after 32 yrs of marine life…is still gentle…caring & very respectful to me