Do Pets Go To Heaven?

Do Pets Go To Heaven? What Happens To Our Beloved Pets When They Die?

Good news. I won't keep you in suspense… your beloved pet is now on the other side… yes, they are in heaven!

“My Religion Tells Me Pets Have No Souls, Is This True?”

It's false. I always have–and always will–believe that modern Christian religions are misguided. Much of “modern” Christianity teaches that animals have no soul.

Sorry. But if ‘God' created ‘everything,' then why would he give some entities souls and others not?

Partial Truth

Religion aside, spirit creates souls. Period.

Not every beast has a soul that goes to heaven, however. There are higher level beings and low level beings. Ants, for example, I'm confident don't die and go to heaven to live eternity in bliss.

Smack a mosquito… sorry, it's not going to be going to heaven to live a wonderful eternity.

The truth is, there are specific differentiation's with animals. All animals that have compassion to humans have a soul.

A bumblebee? No

A cat… YES! A dog? YES! Our pets do go to heaven.

The bottom line is this: if the animal had an emotional connection with you, then I can assure you.. they are on the other side.

Low Level Reincarnation

I've been told–by spirit–that all low-level beings, such as ants, bees, snakes, spiders, etc., simply automatically reincarnate the very moment of death or shortly thereafter.

My ‘Boy' Comes For Visits…

I had a greyhound dog that I adopted named, Pokie.

Upon adopting him, within 48 hours he became my very best friend in the whole world. His name was Pokie. Well named at the track, as he was, for all intents and purposes, a loser. He never qualified as a racer. He was passed to several adoption homes before I picked him.

Pokie was a good boy. We stuck together like glue. When I got divorced, all I was left with was a laptop, a desk, a table and my boy…

He stayed with me through thick and thin. He was there for me when I cried my brains out at the dissolution of a marriage and a divorce. And I hung with him when he was so sick he nearly died from heat exhaustion one summer. He was there when I met the love of my life–Wendy–and we were there when he breathed his last breath. I cried for days after he passed.

But love never dies. I know he's in a good place, no longer ill. I know he's happy and probably running with his buddies (but still coming in last).

The cool part is that I can still feel him around–often under my desk where he liked it most.

If you had a dog, cat, bird or other animal that had a connection with you, regardless of your religious upbringing, I can assure you it's on the other side: heaven… and will be there when you eventually cross over to meet them.

Remember, love never dies.

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92 thoughts on “Do Pets Go To Heaven?

  1. I’ve lost many of my best dogs nuns Horses..When my Husband died Dec 5th 13… That day I hugged and kissed him told him how much I love him….after that I asked him Please when YOUR going up can you STOP at RAINBOW BRIDGE and please HUG LIL WENDI my mare who was so special to me that to this day I still cry ….I asked Stu to stop hug and love on her and tell her I love her I have her daughter and son here. The best horses ever…I also asked him please please love on all our dogs and let them know they are loved so much… Long winded I am..,BUT can this have been done…could Stu have stopped at Rainbow Bridge..of course I want to BELIVE that with all my heart…..I still wait for a visit from Stu I think I’ve only had 1 and it does hurt ..our anniversary is June 20th…I thank my animals horses and dogs dAily for helping me to go on. Thank You Blair for all you do….

  2. I believe anything with a personality has a soul. Cat, dog, horse, cow, pig, chicken, etc. I used to have a small ranch. Turkey’s even like to play. I decided not to eat anything with a soul. To me it is too harmful to my own psyche but I do not push my beliefs on others. My question is can a pet that has passed communicate other than thru touch?

    • I was under the impression that the animal would meet his owner at rainbow bridge and cross together. I believe your husband and your pets and loved ones will be there to greet you. I had a NDE and I saw no family. I heard a voice a say “It is not your time’ and I couldn’t get threw the tunnel of light. I was sent back. I know now that I will go to heaven and I changed my ways.
      Rest easy.

      • Omg your killing me (sorry!) What did your Dad do??? What was the sign he was to give and gave to you? I couldn’t wait to hear the ending & then??!? Please share!!

  3. My beloved poodle Frosty passed away 30 hours ago. He was nearly 15 years old. He was my buddy. He went through a lot with my and stayed by my side always.. when I would travel for work I was told he kept a vigil at the door. I dreamed he was going to die when he crashed. He held on for five days in the hospital. I visited him every day with boiled chicken and rice.
    When he died I was there within an hour. I clipped some of his fur, lovedd on him, rubbed him, cried on him and said goodbye. I can still feel him. I sense him. When I cry. I know he is here. They go to heaven.

  4. Thank you Blair. We Just lost our best friend Cody two weeks ago suddenly. He was a 12 yr old husky shepard mix. Gorgeous inside and out. I often feel his presence here and wonder if we will ever get to see him again. As I write this tears are streaming down my face. I feel a little better knowing he will be there. I just want to pet him one more time. Our buddy was loved beyond words. Truly missed. Thank you, Nora & Paul Hanley ♡♡♡

  5. Blair, as always you are so right! Our dear SydneyDog died in our arms last December when the cancer grew so big it prevented her from continuing a happy pain free life. We were devastated and like you,cried for days. A few sad and teary weeks later I began to see pictures in my mind of my Mom, who died 4 years ago, resting her hand on Sydney’s shoulder as Sydney leaned comfortably against her. My overactive imagination? I think not. My Mom has sent me comforting and helpful messages over and over again since her passing. She is not gone, just out of my sight. I know with absolute certainty that she and our loved dog are together and all is well!

  6. We adopted two greyhounds that we loved with all our heart. Both Patches and Sweet Pea have passed over the rainbow bridge. I hear footsteps and someone jumping on the bed and sometimes on the sofa. Please let me know if they come to visit. Also if they know how I still love them. I think about them everyday and tell them how much I love and miss them every night. Thank you.

  7. Agree with you totally. My elderly cat – I had a cat in her late 20’s and a Jack Russell in his middle 20’s – both came back to visit so I am sure their souls are where they are meant to be – just recently we had an elderly welsh Pony called Jamie who my elderly father I palliatively cared for five years before he died August 15, 2013, – I saw Jamie the other day galloping across our front paddock – we have 10 acres – his mane flying his ears pricked. I came home before he died to find him in a heap in the front paddock twitching and had to call the vet to aid his way out and I know he is free and with my dad somewhere in the astral realms. I agree with you on modern Christian religions and on the soul’s journey. My dad and I agreed a pre determined signal to let me know he had reached the other side, a very very specific thing, and 3 days to the minute following his death, exactly 3 days to the minute, he did what I asked. It was 12.15 a.m. on a Sunday morning and I heard my husband say ‘oh my God’ because he is not as receptive as me to spirit and he had been there in hospital after he died and when I asked that question of dad again – I had previously asked him when he was in a semi coma during the last three days of his life.

  8. I was not able to be with Little Kitty when she had to be put down to a 2nd bout of cancer. She was 18 and not only I adored her but everyone enjoyed her. She made herself known and loved with her sweet personality. Sometimes I feel her near me or jump on the bed or couch. She was so much more than a friend. It’s been almost 3 years but I still am not over it. I miss her everyday and offer shed tears. I look forward to seeing her again. I hope Lady Tiger (rescued old dog we cared for) will be there too plus my other cats.

  9. For some reason I have always felt that my dog Meggie would come back to me in this current lifetime, does this happen Blair?

    • This is the same question I have, do our special most loved dogs reincarnate and does the universe help guide them back to us?

  10. I had a cairn terrier that I adopted…upon adopting her I found out that she was a biter..not to me but everyone else. She was terrified of people..but she picked me to adopt her. She was by my side day and night. When I had to make the decision to let her was the worst day of my life and ripped my heart out. That the middle of the night…in a sleep daze…I could have sworn that I felt that familar breath and smelled her next to my head..panting. Being half asleep..I said “Tinker lay down.” I then felt a pressure against the back of my legs…where she always laid. It wasn’t until that that I remembered…I looked around…the other dogs were sleeping away from me. Of course, my tears started again…but I always felt that it was her…coming back to tell me she was OK and she would forever be by my side. There are nights I lie there and hope I feel her again…but it hasn’t happened since that night. 🙁

  11. I like your argument that if God created anything then it must have a soul. I believe in the energies of the trees and all vibrations on earth. I, too, don’t eat animals. But what I have always pondered is what about those ants and wasps etc. I killed an ant the other day that was trying to get in my food and I wondered if maybe I’m not being hypocritical by being vegetarian and then killing ants and since all life is a balance of nature (ie dark/light, cold/hot) than do we really know what happens to those lower level creatures and why they were here other than to show the infamous contrasts of earth? I know my pets are on the other side and I *see* them here all the time for visits and they play with my current cat a lot…but I still am not sure about those ants lol

  12. Sometimes I feel my son and loved ones on the other side have to wait for ever to see me again. I heard that there their is no time? Can you explain?

  13. I know from my own experience that our pets DO live on in spirit! When my beloved Natasha (my Siberian Husky) was near death, on more than one occasion I glimpsed my departed Teddy, a black Lab and Chow mix, out of the corner of my eye, waiting for her to cross over the Rainbow bridge.They had been close buddies when Teddy was still on this plane.

  14. we had a golden lab,he passed away when he was 5 ,he had cancer,we cried for weeks when he passed,he was a big part of the family.11 months ago my father passed,and he loved the dog,so i hope da & simba are playing a lot in heaven

  15. my cat Lucy recently died. We didn’t have her in our lives very long, but she was a great kitty that had as great personality! It give me great comfort knowing that she is happy in heaven! Thanks!!

  16. I have a dog that passed over 10 years ago and now have another dog.I swear this dog is part of the dog that passed she has similar character traits.Also do dogs see spirits because our dog many times is staring or gazing at the ceiling and there is nothing there,she does not bark or anything,it’s like she is in a trance.

    • Hi Tammy, I am having the same experience now with a dog I have had for a little over a year. My very special fur baby died in 1996. His name was Josh, a rescued Flat-coat Retriever. He meant the world to me, was always at my side. At the age of 9 he got colon cancer and I had to put him to sleep to end his suffering it was like sticking a knife in my heart. I have grieved all these years. Now I have an Aussie named Ghost ( named by my husband) who amazingly does ALL the little things Josh used to do. Some things I had forgotten about. I even called him Josh to test him, as I have suspected it was he, and he came when I called him. Since I have realized the possibility, the pain that I have felt all these years is gone. My husband thinks I’m crazy but there are just too many similarities to ignore.

      • i believe dogs see spirits. i rescue dogs and have saw this many times. i deal with dogs death often as by the time they find me they are not in good shape. some only stay a few years, the longest 6. i also rescued a dog that seems to be my other dog except on where he sleeps. i believe that will change in time. although Will has been on the other side for a while we can’t stop calling this dog Will. Maybe a gift from Will more than reincarnation.

  17. I had one cocker spaniel sent to me from Heaven, via my Mom and Dad who reside there now…He was only 7 weeks old when I received him and he immediately opened up my dead heart to LOVE…sadly he only lasted 6 days with me on this plane as he contracted some kind of gastrointestinal infection and I actually had to have him mercifully put to sleep in order for him to no longer suffer in pain on my last Birthday, September 27, 2014…..Subsequently a few weeks after that terrible loss and situation, I was given the opportunity to adopt his Cousin…Shane, Morgan, Davies Jr. Since then my Spiritual Journey has continued and my life has turned around 360 degrees!!! They were and are Guardian Angels, all pets, in all forms. They lighten our burdens and complete our SOULS!!! Animals choose us, we do not choose them…they are like us but more pure of spirit, they come from Heaven and return to Heaven when it is time, just like we all do, all living creatures do.

      • In my Will I am having myself “mercifully” put to sleep as well under certain
        conditions. I have given my Will to 2 people I trust in cities far away from each other in case something happens to one of them.

  18. That is such a comforting thought………I always believed they went to heaven,
    but having the validation from you makes me feel more secure about it.
    Thank you for that 🙂

  19. I always knew that pets go to heaven but hearing you confirm what I believed makes me feel reassured. You know, when ever I see a dead animal on the road, whether it’s a deer, groundhog, raccoon etc. I always say a little prayer and thank God that they are now in heaven where they can roam freely and safe from harm.

  20. Blair, this is an excellent post! I’m just imagining: what if mosquitoes really did go to heaven?… I would have to get an eternity of insect repellent just to stay in heaven! Thank you for all the work you do!

  21. Great article, Thank you! I’ve managed, cared for and trained many species of animals for 40 years. From Dolphins to animals that vibrate at a lower level. First and foremost All animals big and small are here to teach us…if we would only listen. Spirit tells me Everything advances to higher levels, depending on their experience here on earth…when a true love connection evolves the animal evolves to a higher vibration. I know many “humans” that vibrate at much lower levels than some of the animals I’ve learned from!
    Peace and Light,

    • Can you explain what that means…that animals move to a higher vibration after a true love connection on Earth?

  22. I have always believed that companion animals, including horses, go to Heaven. My belief is based on my personal experience. My horse made her presence known after she passed away, so I know someday we will ride together again. Horses are very intuitive. There are going to be more fur kids waiting for me than human loved ones!

  23. I just lost my little dog. He made it to 19 yrs old and I did everything in my power to keep him healthy. My efforts paid off because he had a wonderful, healthy life till the end. I miss him …. he got me through some hard times too and was an amazing dog.
    You mention that animals on lower levels reincarnate automatically…..I would think that might be true for some humans as well as we are all on different soul levels.

  24. Hi Blair
    In 2005, I lost my cocker spaniel Piefer. He was my baby. I always wanted a cocker spaniel since I was 9 or 10 yrs old and mom bought a book titled “Prince Tom – champion dog”, I see Piefer in the clouds running with his new friends across the sky and know he is telling me he is happy. I have also felt the presence of our family’s cat (he lived with my sister in TX) when he died before I was told that he passed. Yes, they go to Heaven and wait for us to join them.

  25. Thank you Blair. I just recently had a first visit from our dog Willow who passed 6 yrs ago, so I know she’s waiting for me. After my husband passed 2 yrs ago I had 2 sight visits from him and many messages, so I also know he is looking after me and waiting for me when I join him. It’s feels so good to get confirmation from others because sometimes people close to you might think you’re losing it when you tell them. 🙂

  26. When my husband was still alive, he & I were talking in the bedroom one day. He was getting ready for work & I was sitting on a chair by the closet talking with him before he left for his job. As
    I talked I began petting the cat that was rubbing against my leg. After a long while I realized that none of my cats were in the bedroom! It was the spirit of one of my deceased kitties. & yes! I could feel him/her! I am most comforted knowing our pets are in Heaven, whole, healed & healthy–awaiting our return.

  27. Love this article on Do Pets go to heaven…as an owner of 3 greys that have passed and my current one. I just couldn’t imagine not having any of them in the afterlife. What about pets from past lives? Do you recognize them as well?

  28. Thanks Blair for posting the article about “Do Pet’s go to heaven”. I have lost beloved pets in the past and family members told me “they are only dog’s,they have no soul. I have lost several family members and one was a cousin whose death was a mystery and never solved. And a beloved Grandfather who at times I feel his presence and smell his “pipe” or After Shave. I lost a peice of my heart 5 yrs ago. My Daddy and I wonder if he is ok, Accepted me for me and if he misses us as much as we miss him. Thanks for all your insight. You have made my day.

  29. Thank you for you comments on our beloved pets, I lost two of my little chihuahuas at the end of last year. They were so precious to me, and I know they had souls. I look forward to seeing them when I pass through the gates.

    I have a question regarding my loved ones on the other side. I’m sure my husband and son are together, but I never feel their presence around me. Am I just not paying close enough attention, I do believe in the after life. I know they live on, I talk to them all the time, and hope they hear me, but how can I feel their presence around me or realize they are here?

  30. Hi Blair,
    I enjoy reading your comments. I will be 65 next month and was born and raised Catholic which meant that in the 50s we were told only people went to heaven. When I was 5 my parents bought me a beautiful kitten that I named Smokey. She was a very loving cat and I still had her when I got married. I would have given anything to take her with me, but I was only 19 when I married my husband and he had volunteered to serve in the Army for thee years and he was stationed in Germany. A month after we were married, I was able to join him in Germany. I lived there for 18 months, and I wasn’t able to take Smokey with me. Since she was 14 and I took her to the vet because I didn’t want my parents to take care of my baby if something was wrong with her. The vet gave her a clean bill of health and said she would be around when I returned home. Unfortunately, that was not to be. I had been in Germany 6 months when my parents wrote and said they had to put her down. She stopped eating about 2 months after I had left. They tried everything including giving her chicken that she loved so much. She was literally wasting away. My dad took her to the vet, but there wasn’t any medical condition he could find to explain what was going on, but he said because I went away and didn’t come back, she was dying of a broken heart. A few weeks later they had to put her to sleep. It was then I knew that my Smokey was in heaven. When I got Smokey, my parents bought a puppy to and I loved that dog every bit as much as my Smokey. Her name was Duchess and she and Smokey loved each other very much, they even slept together. About 6 months before I got married, Duchess became very ill and was suffering so very much that the vet told us she had to be put to sleep also. When Smokey died, I knew in my heart that they were together and that Duchess was waiting for her. I never thought I’d get another cat or dog, but when our daughter turned 8, my mother and father bought her a Siamese kitten that was so adorable that neither my husband or I could not say “no,” and she named him Suki. He loved everyone, but he loved Tanya the most. When our daughter got married, she, like her mother was very young. She was married, going to college and working. Not to mention that he didn’t like our son-in-law very much, and since he stayed with us, he kept his distance from Tanya because she traded him in for a good looking blond suffer boy from north Carolina. Suki was 10 when our daughter got married and when she left, Suki decided that whenever we were home, he had to be on one of our laps and when we went to bed he was usually sleeping right between my husband and myself. I think the only time his paws touched the floor was when we were at work, when we ate or when we were not sitting down. He was 20 years old when the vet found a tumor in his throat and he wasn’t able to no longer eat. I’ve told you about 3 amazing animals that gave so much unconditional love to our family, there is nothing anyone could tell me that God, who created these wonderful animals, would not have a place for them in heaven. The Pope in the Catholic church told everyone, that indeed, our pets go to heaven. I know that Smokey, Duchess, and Suki will be there with their tales wagging when we cross over. By the way, 5 years ago we adopted another Siamese from the Humane Society who we named Snookers. We think Suki had something to do with it. You see, the Suki died was the year Snookers was born and the look almost identical except that Snookers has a much longer tale than Suki and Suki had much bigger ears. I think that they made those two little difference so we will be able to tell them apart when we all end up in heaven. Snookers is now 10 and we hope he lives as long as Suki did.

  31. my cat showed up on the baby monitor the weekend that he died . I had it pointed outside, if you would let me post a picture I would show you.

  32. I lost my 90 pound Irish Setter. The following year I got two cats who were sisters. One of the cats had the personality of my Irish Setter, she was dog all the way. My Setter used to put his leg/paw around my neck when we would lay down, this cat did the same thing. My Setter used to sleep on his back, so did this cat. It gave me goosebumps every time I saw her mimic Murphy’s personality.

  33. Morning, Sir Blair Robertson. My point of view if ants go to heaven; Is no, just like frogs & other insects that live on or under the ground. It is like to movie Lion King it rotates to give us the fertilizer to make other things to grow.

  34. Yes they definitely have a soul and can reincarnate, I have a reincarnated cat who only live a year last time, was hit by a car and I got messages from her after she died that she wanted to come back and what she would look like thru lots of dreams, she guided me to when she would be born, it happen exactly like she told me, I now have her in my life again, an amazing experience.

  35. Just put Littlemiss down after 14-1/2 awesome beautiful years. My heart hurt but she comes to visit me a lot, and Ruger is with her also. My sweet rescues are still loving me in another way. I am greatful, Blair for your reinforcement of the signs.

  36. Two weeks ago I lost my beloved mini dachshund,Otto, very unexpectedly at 12. He had cancer and could not pee, so there was no time and no way to bring him home. My heart is absolutely broken and I feel so guilty that I couldn’t help him or bring him home.I cry myself to sleep every night and cry most of my day.. Do you think animals know when they are dying and do they forgive us for euthanasia to keep them from suffering? Did I do the right thing for him and will he be there waiting for me? Perhaps I sound insane,but these thoughts are the only thing on my mind and I am suffering more than I could put into words.Please help me…

    • Poor you, Kimi … I hope your heart is mending. Your sweet pup will be waiting with joy for you to arrive. there would have been no good at all to come from delaying the euthanasia You did the right thing and your Otto thanks you for your compassion and sacrifice that cost you so much heartache with the selfless goal of doing the very best thing for him.

  37. Thank you so much for telling me about our animals that they really do go to heaven because if that’s the truth then I know I will see My baby girl Sissy again thank you again.

  38. I’m so glad you posted the article regarding pets going to heaven. I just recently saw you in Dearborn and neglected to ask you that question. I have lost several pets and it is annoying when I hear “religious” people tell me that pets do not have souls and therefore will not be in heaven. Thank you for confirming what I have known all along.

    Bless you!

  39. The way you describe it is much easier for people to understand when you said “If you had an animal that you had a connection to (because pets can be a variety of animals) reguardless of your upbringing”(because people tend to get hung up on different “religious” views) that they are on the other side & will be there to greet us. You explained it perfectly.

  40. Yes , I agree our pets do live on.
    I have seen my pets who have crossed over .
    And seen clients Pets who have crossed over .
    It is not uncommon for a deceased pet to be sitting next to a client when I am doing a reading .
    Our spirits and our pets spirits do live on!
    Love & Hugs

  41. Enjoying your “Afterlife” book, Blair ! As well as a new acquaintance I “met” when I mentioned I didn’t trust the raccoons to leave my crystals alone when there was a full moon. Turns out we are both from the same part of the country originally, we have both recently lost a son, are both learning to become more intuitive, and enjoy your enlightened thoughts.

  42. Thanks Blair. My cat Tessie died today. She was an old girl with the heart of a lion. When I took her to be cremated the man there said he had a greyhound to be processed and she would follow. I came home and read your tweet. Message received from heaven. Namaste.

  43. I have so many questions and I do believe in an afterlife, still many ?’s: e.g. I die and cross to the other side. I am a music lover, however I am not blessed with the gift of music (do not play) I believe, therefore, that I will not b on the same level as our too many passed on greats…what r the possibilities that I will b able to visit these adored musicians and hear them play?! This would b part of my heaven. Hope this is taken seriously as I mean it to b. Ty

  44. Another question that has me doubting Life After Death is if Heaven is so incredibly wonderful, why do we as human beings do everything in our power to avoid death?! e.g. eat, drink, exercise, try to stay healthy, go to doctors-every thing we can do to prolong our lives here on earth, when truely, I believe, that this life is Hell (on Earth) this life is Hell, not Heaven on Earth

  45. I believe in pet spirits,my beautiful cat Marcus passed on Jan 10 2016.I did gets signs from,jumping on my bed,meaou, outline of his body lying on his window perch.oh how I miss him love him very much.We had a special love we shared.I wish I could of saved him.It was very tramatic for me seeing him passing,with his head jerking seizeing,screaming. Oh how it broke my heart.Can,t it out of my head Blair.Linda v

  46. Yes I have seen and heard from my deceased furbabies!!! I cannot explain the pure joy I felt when my two cats came thru on a medium reading! !! They had no problem interupting my father coming thru!!! My dog does visit me when I am really depressed even tho he didn’t come thru medium. So yes! !! I do believe my pets are waiting my return to them!!!

  47. Of course they go to heaven. If you are a true lover of animals and believe in GOD then, you should be safe in knowing, that your deceased animal is in heaven.

  48. Thank you so much Blaire! My husband tells me there is a very heavy presence in our home of our dog Blake. I smell him even after 2 months. He was a 15 year old Jack Russell. After his passing, it seemed that the majority of my friends at work and on facebook were losing their furry friend. I must have seen 15 or 16 people go through what we went through. I tell them my Blakey is taking care of them! I know everyone had something special that they had with their beloved pet. Mine loved scratchies! I would scrub his hind end and he would just sit there and enjoy it. He is missed but will never be forgotten. He is FAMILY.

  49. I recently put down my cat Cuddles and it really hurts me. I love her so much and always will. She should have stayed and the other cat that was brought up here should have went. I just my fur baby is thinking about me in heaven. I hope I get to see her again when I go.

  50. Blair, this is so true, my babies will meet me on the other side. The 1st ti greet me I’m sure will be Duke who got me through my mother’s death, he was there for me through thick and thin!

  51. Is it possible for an animal not to know it has died right away? My cat was hit by a car and for a few days after he died myself and my daughter seen our cat in our house. Once just setting on the stairs like he often done and just walking around us. Each time was only a split second.

  52. I know my best friend Snickers is in Heaven. He is my soul puppy and I miss him every day! Momma loves you baby boy!

    • For sure! We rescued a dog that we only had for 4 years. He died over 3 days of illness we never found out. We took him to the best vet hospital and spent 2000.00 that we borrowed to save him with no luck. He hung around our home for a good week.. He didn’t know he was dead. I had to tell him he was safe and to go to the the other side. On another note my sister and I couldn’t get over my Mother’s death. We were even jealous of each other when she visited one and not the other. We kept her in what I call pergatory for 6 months. I phoned my sister and told her we both have to let Mom go over and that she was ready. And it happened. We felt it. She once visited me and hugged me. I told my sister who was once again jealous. She phoned the home my Mom died in and talked to the Nurse. Her Nurse told her that my Mom came there frequently and hugged her best friend. I must warn you I have psychic abitities since the age of 17 but did not know till later years. Although not knowing at 17 it had saved my life a few times. All friends were heading to a party. My sister and best friend were going too. I was a big partier but something told me not to go. I sat in the cabin by myself all night. The girls came rushing in all upset. They wondered why I did not go to the party. AT the party a guy had pulled a gun and was shooting it wrecklessly.

  53. I know my best friend Snickers is in Heaven. He was my soul puppy. Miss him every day. Momma loves you baby boy!

  54. I had a yellow lab named Bear and he was to my husband and I, our heart. He was a kind soul. When he was 6 years old he developed cancer and I spent every last penny I had to get him the help he needed. Mainly he had 3 surgeries and some chemotherapy. He never acted sick and was just alittle tired after chemo. One day when I was waiting for Bear to be finished his treatment the doctor came out and said he was “completely clear”. I can’t tell you how happy and excited I was for him. It last 9 months before the cancer came back and this time it was wearing my Bear down. I decided it was time to let him go because I never wanted him to suffer. My husband and I took him to the beach for a visit and he loved it. Although it was so hard for him to get back into the car, he did love the sand and the water while we were there. The last week of his life he barely could walk a block without stopping. So finally the vet, who loved him dearly, came to my home and we put him to sleep outside under the tree. It was summer and a beautiful day. I slept with Bear on the floor the night before and that day he left me, my heart went with him. He laid in my arms as the vet did her thing, and I felt the life go out of him. I cried for days and to this day, and as I am writing this, I still cry. It has been 6 years since that time but I will always feel like it was yesterday. I am hanging on to what you said about dogs going to the other side and waiting for us to come home to them there. I loved my Bear and always will. I friend of mine gave me chimes with his name on them as a memory when he died and every time the wind blows them I say hello to him. Thanks Blair for you words of encouragement. Life does go on and Love never dies. Michele

  55. When we had to send our dog Bijou to the Rainbow Bridge, driving home I asked for a sign that she was where she should be and that she was okay. No more than a minute later the interior lights flashed on and off three times. Solid confirmation to me that “all dogs go to heaven “. Later that night my younger daughter had a visit from Bijou, so I’m sure that Bijou wanted her to know all was well. Love ❤️ never dies.

  56. I am very sick. Since 17 (I am now old) I rescued dogs off the street. My 2nd last rescue I tried to train him but was too sick. I am my best friend (Chopper deceased) if he would train him for me. I let go of my dogs leash and gave him over to Chopper. Chopper helped immediately and trained this dog like no other. Also one time I felt I just couldn’t go on with the pain. I yearned to die. I asked all my Guardian Angels for help but, no one came. Weeks later Choppers Collar showed up in my drawer and muscle relaxants tumbled out of my cupboard when I opened it. Needless to say I cried for hours. I knew it was my dog and Mom helping me. They will help you in their own time in their own way.

  57. I need clarification. If a loved one is in heaven how can they still be with you and around you? Do they visit and then go back to heaven?

  58. I have worked in animal rescue for almost 20 years and many have passed while in my care. It seems that when I try very hard to look, feel and listen for a visit from them nothing happens. But…when I’m busy doing something, I sometimes feel something brush against my leg. I look down and no one is there. I become statue still and ask for them to please do it just one more time, but they never do. This happens at least once a month. I’m sure it is one of my furry ones stopping in to say ‘hello’.

  59. Mr. Robertson,

    I honestly don’t expect a response, but my heart has been hurting for almost 4 yrs., now over the loss of my middle grand daughter whom would now be 7 and my best furr pup, Boots. Yes, you read this right, my dog. I know you prob think I’m nuts and as I stated, I don’t expect a response, just praying that maybe you can tell me something.
    I am not one to read books, never was into reading much, but I went to see Heaven is for Real and read the book cover to cover in less than 3 days, because I wanted to hear what the little boy had to say about pets, and if they are in Heaven waiting for us when it’s our time.
    I am raising my grandchildren, had 3, my middle on, Jesse, passed away before I could even smell her baby breathe, crushed my heart beyond words. I felt like I was dieing inside, and begged God to let me see Jesse & Boots. I dream of them often, and in my dreams I see Boots laying beside Jesse while she swings from a huge elm tree, and together they chase butterflies. Boots was by my side with every awful nightmare I was dealing with and for some reason God needed her more I did I suppose since He took her from me when she was only 4 yrs., old. I died inside when Jesse passed away. Boots always laid beside me and listened to me cry, talk, the whole nine yards. She would hear me as I asked God a million times why he needed Jesse, and then why He needed Boots, knowing she was my best lil buddy, and I needed my best friend. She went everywhere with me, and slept beside my pillow every night. I know God took Jesse to protect her from the evil of the sperm donor her mom married but I still miss her more than words can say, and miss my lil Bootsie Boots just the same. I pray to God that I will see them both again one day, and always keep it in my heart that Boots and Jesse are together, which helps comfort my broken heart. If I could only hear Jesse’s voice and know Boots and Jesse are together, waiting for my time to go to Heaven, I would give the world to know they are well. I love them and miss them beyond words. Jesse’s ashes sit in a beautiful little silver heart box, never a day that goes by that I don’t think of her and pray for her and Boots. Boots was the BEST lil furr baby EVER, and I have to believe she is with our lil Jesse. Even if you never see this or read this, I am glad I had the chance to write. God Bless.

  60. Do I help my dear cats soul by grieving less and less? I’d like to think that by being stronger again might help him. I’m still hurting though, I had Mack for 10 years.

  61. I had a Beagle dog that passed, he used to visit me before we got our two dogs we have now.
    I used to feel him beside me quite often

  62. Blair, thank you for writing this article. My 1 year old kitty unexpectedly passed on yesterday. We buried him today and the pain is unreal. I wish I had the comfort of knowing he was old and sick and it was his time, but by way of freak accident, he wasn’t old or sick, and I’ve been so haunted with the thought that he has been cheated out of his life. While I’ve always been (mostly) Christian and have never doubted the existence of an afterlife, I found myself suddenly panicked at the idea that I don’t ACTUALLY know if there is one and whether my little fur baby made it across the Rainbow Bridge to heaven. I keep thinking, even if I am not reunited with him in heaven, just the knowledge that he’s up there, happy, and surrounded by a giant feast of human food would comfort me and allow me to eventually move on. I’ve found myself foolishly scouring the internet for some proof or Bible verse that will tell me definitively if he’s there playing with his squeaky mouse or not…of course my research has been done between fits of sobbing. Reading this article gave me such peace and really quieted down my racing thoughts. It helped me accept that even thought I don’t hard proof that he’s up there, I know in my heart he is, and like I said, eating all the human food his sweet little heart desires and playing with his squeaky mouse.

  63. Hey Blair, I just lost my bichon Bailey. Beautiful and full of life. I just can’t stand to know that he no longer exist. I always told him he,d get a chance to be a big dog with a couple kids. He loved children and I ,m childless. Please tell me he,s happy now. That he still exist. Thank you, Melissa Duncan

  64. My name is Gary and I recently had my precious little cat of 23.5 years finally pass away from failing kidneys. It was heartbreaking to watch after he was such a vibrant, full of personality for years type of pet. My question is ” I have heard that when we pass on that our pets are the first beings who we encounter when we get to heaven. Do you believe this as well? And if so why?

  65. Hi Blair – If a loved one has already reincarnated then it’s not possible to connect with them right? In your opinion could that be a reason for not being able to connect?
    Looking forward to your event in Sacramento on Jan 5!
    Thank You

  66. I had two black labs that died with in 6 months of each other (Mother & son). And I was very close with them both.
    When I would be laying in my bed watching TV a couple time. My bed would shake, (there was no earthquake.) And I could never understand what the cause of that was! Until, I read a book from a “famous reader”, where she said how our animals come to visit us. And you know after reading that, I knew that it was the 2 Labs I loved so much coming to visit and lay with me in bed. Like they did when they were here on earth.

  67. hi l am an athiest but l believe that all animals dogs ect pass over to spirit world like we do there is no heaven or hell human beings made up religin and its believes l know and have talked with many sphyics and thats what they all told me and they are well know sphycics too anthony l am a good person so l have been told by many people you dont need religin to be a good person okay

  68. I recently lost my beautiful black lab to cancer. She was only four. Months later I seldom make it through a day without tears. When I have lost other pets, I felt their spirits for a while. I was comforted. I have not felt my girl since the day she passed. I need to know she is still near me. I don’t feel that I am dealing with this at all

  69. My Leo was a smart, energetic, foodie!
    He let me know that at 17 he needed to go…a beautiful cream olored cockapoo.
    Leo was 31 kbs and had long legs, so large for his breed. Leo enjoyed my gourmet but healthy cooking…hiking..swimming…walking…..people and other dogs.
    He sat in my office 17 years and is missed greatly. At various times I could distinctly smell him…he’s right there with me…no doubts♡

  70. Blair this was a timely message. I have to put down my two 17 year old dogs – Sallie Belle & Lucy – on Monday. I am so sad, but this message gives me hope. Thank you

  71. Yes, I feel you are spot on. I lost my beloved Brumos (chocolate dachshund) last August. He’d been my friend and constant companion for 17 years. He even held on for 3 more years after I lost my
    husband of only 5 years. It was very hard and his soft brown eyes comforted me when tears came.
    I can still feel that little dogs presence and actually heard a bark one evening. No, I’m not crazy or deranged.
    Thank you for all you do.