Deceased Loved Ones: Are They Still Mad At Me?

Are They Still Mad At Me?

are they still mad at me?

This question has been coming up a lot lately, “are they still mad at me?”

For example, someone recently asked me, “Is mom still mad at me?”

The question usually comes with the story goes something like this: “mom and I had a fight the night before she died. I never got to say I’m sorry.”

A medium’s perspective

Here’s the good news: in my 30 years as a psychic medium I have yet to have somebody come through from the other side angry at somebody on the side. It just doesn’t happen.

We become enlightened when we get on the other side. We see things completely differently we see things from a perspective of love.

Silly little arguments, disagreements, and other nonsense falls to the wayside.

More often than not, they will joke about incidents like this when I bring their spirit thorough at live events or during readings.

Why do they joke about it? Because death gets in the way of things! Isn’t that right? And since they have no control over their passing, it’s almost always an inconvenient time to leave.

Our deceased loved ones do not want us getting all hung up on stuff like that.

When we get over to the other side – heaven – we lose all forms of ego. We lose the “I was right/you were wrong” thinking. It no longer exists.

So if you’re feeling guilty, I urge you to let go of that. If you choose to be worried about that, just be clear that it’s only you worrying about it. Not them! So why cary that guilt?

Just to be clear

Just to be clear, let me state the obvious: I’m talking about petty agreements, arguments, etc.

If you were talking about robbing a bank or murdering someone and mom was upset at you because of that, I can assure you she will still be upset on the other side!

Remember this: love never dies. Your loved ones are definitely alive in the afterlife and wish only the best for you. Embrace that, and run with it.

Love and light to you.

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24 thoughts on “Deceased Loved Ones: Are They Still Mad At Me?

  1. Thank you Blair, I am not getting your information on Facebook any more or I am just not online the same time you are. You read for me in Halifax when you were here. I was the one who had a shirt on that looked like a doily! 🙂 I appreciate all of your feed back and healing sessions when I know about them. Love and light blessings

  2. My problem is the other way around. I’m angry with my mother. Probably always will be too. I’m glad others issues can be rectified.

    Love and Light,

  3. Thank you Blair. You are a true giving and caring person. Blessings to you and yours. I so appreciate all the help you give.
    Virginia O’Donnell

  4. my spouse, I don’t think was angry…we had not quarreled, or had unkind words with each other…
    I am the one who feels guilty…that, IF, I had taken him to the hospital a few hours earlier, he might have survived the sudden cardiac arrest… He did not complain of chest pain when I got back from purchasing the tickets for the new years eve celebration…he only mentioned he felt constipated…no chest pain until a couple of hours later…at which time I did call EMS…I have gone over this in my head for the last year and 2.5 months…at times I feel okay, at other times I have guilty thoughts.
    I so wanted him to come through you on 3/17 in Las Vegas, but, it was not my time to hear from him, I guess…
    Thank you so much for being you. You are so lucky, to have this gift.

    God bless you.

  5. Thank you for your response to ‘are they mad at me’ your timing is incredible. I really enjoy the online sessions you post. I try to listen when I can. Hoping to get tickets for Kitchener/Waterloo, just waiting to hear if my husband can get time off work so we can go. I so appreciate your words of encouragement. Have a great day.

  6. Thanks for the blog post Blair! This struck home. I am 61, and my mother committed suicide when I was 15. We had a horrific argument and I said horrible things (as only a 15 year old can !). I no longer blame myself and now understand how unhappy her life experience on earth was for her-she was looking for relief from pain… I look forward to being in your group in Austin on the 7th!

  7. I’ve seen you in person twice in Newfoundland. You never disappoint even though I’ve never received a reading. I have faith so to see the sceptics change their minds was worth seeing.

  8. I am very excited to see you in person on April 7th in Austin, TX. Can you please tell me about the size of your venues.
    I saw a famous television psychic a few years ago and left there crying. There were thousands of people there and she gave 4 readings. The reason I bought a ticket as soon as I saw the ad, even though I had never heard of him was it advertised as a small venue. The closer it gets the more excited I am especially after researching him. But if I misunderstood about the size please let me know. Thank you for any help!!

  9. Blair I so enjoy your books and videos and can’t wait to see you LIVE in New Orleans on April 1, I booked my tickets for myself and daughters over a month ago. This will be our first time seeing you and Wendy and can’t wait for Saturday to get here.
    Peace to you and yours

  10. In regards to the question of if your loved one is mad at you I have to tell you that it might be rare, but in my reading it was true for me. The lack of Love for me from my Mom came through clearly from a famous psychic. Maybe she isn’t in Heaven!

  11. Hi Blare ,
    thank you ! I, a impath ,not sure what i,m supose to do really but i,m seen spirits and also talk with them when i was a kid ,just see them when awake but they come to me in my sleep. Kinda afraid sometimes case they leave there marks on me meaning bruises ect. Glad to connnect with someone who know what it,s like .

  12. Blair,
    Thank you so very much for acknowledging my mother, Adele. She was and still is such a beautiful and bright soul. I sense her presence around me quite often.

    Was extremely surprised that you actually took the time to mention her and I again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    May GOD BLESS you, ALWAYS.
    You will now also be in my prayers.

  13. Thank you!! I have been on a list with the Long Island Medium for a reading to find peace in my life for almost 5 years now. Well 5 years as of April. I didn’t rib a bank or murder someone but did CPR on my fiance and always hope he’s not mad at me that I couldn’t save him. I did bring him back but only for him to code again on the way to the ER. He was in a coma for 11 days and then we had to pull the plug. It was inevitable because of the lack of oxygen deprived his brain and caused too much damage where as he was on life support just to keep him alive, in the end the only thing functioning was his stem cell to brain. I had to sign the papers and feel maybe he was mad at me, but in a way I know he wouldn’t want to go on in a vegetative state!! I’ve been suffering with this on and off thought for years and nightmares finding him blue!! Thank you for this above because I just want him to know I love him more than anything and hope he still feels the same about me!! Thank you!! Tears are in my eyes now as I type this!!

  14. Not true,my brother killed himself when I was sixteen and shortly before we had a stupid argument about pudding. A few months later I woke to find him standing over me telling me he hated me over that pudding so yes they continue to be mad.

  15. I am finally getting some of your posts on FB again. For awhile I wasn’t seeing any of them. I hope they will continue now. I get so much peace from your posts. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

  16. When husband’s are removed from life support in ICU, do they forgive us? My husband had a cardiac arrest and was revived but ICU said he wasent responding enough and I feel dident do enough for him. He did respond to me, but hospital dident believe me. They removed life support when I wasent with him in isu. I’m soooo angry. I feel he is too. We were married 25 years, he is the love of my life and we have kids and a granddaughter. I know he would have wanted to live, and finish coming out of coma. Is his spirit still near me and it he mad.??

  17. For some strange reason I needed to see this article today, I have been struggling with the immense guilt, pain of my mom being angry with me & us not speaking to one another for days. The day she passes away she tried sparking a conversation, I ignored her over my hurt feelings & lost my only chance to clear things up for us. I am crushed by the weight of that loss on a daily basis.