Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones This Christmas (2013)

WATCH the video, please. The following is only a thumbnail summary. The video IS important.

Iheaven have conducted this experiment over several years with tremendous success… this year the goal is to reach as many people as possible. The more that participate, the greater the success so please spread the word and share!

Follow These Easy Steps Exactly As Outlined:

Step One. Post name and relationship of ONE person below in the comment section.  No need for details or story. Just three or four words. Example, “My Dad, George.”

Step Two. Find and have a photo or a memento of the loved one nearby during Christmas day, December 25th, 2013. Don’t leave it to the last minute. Do it now, before you forget. It is very helpful to light a white candle, if only briefly, as well. A white (actually natural cream color) beeswax candle is BEST.

Step Three. On Christmas eve, December 24th, before going to bed, ask spirit and your guides to facilitate a connection from your loved one on Christmas day. Be OPEN to a connection no matter how dramatic or minute it might be. Be thankful–in advance–for ANY connection. Big or small. VERY important. And…

Step Four.  VERY IMPORTANT: ask/pray for a connection for OTHERS *BEFORE* you.

Imagine the amazing POWER that that will hold! People praying for YOU, YOU praying for others. One hand washes the other. Do this with the spirit/attitude that if you don’t make a connection yourself, you will rejoice in a connection for others. Be self-LESS, not self-ISH. Get it?

Can You Imagine?
Tens Of Thousands Of People Around The World Actively Praying For Your Spirit Connection?

IMAGINE: tens of thousands of people praying for YOU to have a connection! Do NOT miss this step.

Step Four.  PROMISE that you will report back–as soon as possible BELOW–the connection you made. Your connection will inspire others and demonstrate that love never dies.

That’s it.

The Spirit Of Christmas!

On December 25th, at 12:01am MST in the USA, I will read through the list and ask my guides and pray for each and every one of you to have an experience/connection.

Some of you will have a connection while you sleep. Some of you will feel a presence. A song might play. Something unusual will happen or stand out to you on Christmas day. You might smell their cologne or perfume. Be open. Be ready. Believe and have faith!

I’m EXCITED for this! I’m EXCITED to facilitate this… this isn’t from ME… this is from my guides… my friends… that recommended I conduct this again… I’m SO GRATEFUL and SO MUCH look forward to the results!

Get going!!! Post the contact below!!!

NOTICE: Please… only ONE name per person. ONE contact only. We want to focus ALL of our energy on this ONE contact for each of us. IF YOU POST MORE THAN ONE NAME, YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED! Let’s make this happen, people! Let’s sound off alarm bells on the other side that we WANT a connection. Be open, be ready and get READY to experience a connection!


I highly recommend that you also sign up for an email reminder and checklist from me as the Christmas season is very busy.

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155 thoughts on “Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones This Christmas (2013)

  1. need to connect with my twin brother who crossed over three months ago…we can not find grandfather and father’s rings. Need to know he is OK.

  2. To all of you in this group to Connect with A Loved One on Christmas Day, may you all make that connection that you need to help you in ways that only this connection can. Peace be with all.

  3. I lost my love September 11th, 2012 and it was written down as a suicide but I do not believe that it was and wish I could find out what happened to my Josh but I would find comfort in knowing if he was still with me or not so my Christmas wish this year is to know this for sure.

    • Jennifer McBride I walk the same shoes you do and they hurt. Hugs and much love to you I pray you find your answers as I pray I find mine. xoxo

  4. I hope and pray that all of you connect with your loved ones! Wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Healthy New Year!

  5. I pray that all who are asking to have a connection with their lost loved ones recieve it this Christmas. I pray that we are open to whatever moment comes through for each of us and that we are not too busy or in too much pain missing them to miss the moment(s). I want you all to have special connections and know that your loved ones are near you and that they are still with you. I pray this with an open, loving, sincere heart. Merry Christmas to all of you. Love, from Heather

  6. Eloise is my Mother . She passed from Parkensons Disease 3 years ago. I use to feel her presence until my older brother passed. I would love to hear from her in some way if spirit will allow this.

  7. I’m hoping I’ve done everything right and have a connection, as well as everyone else! This morning I woke up smelling a live Christmas tree, I’m a truck driver, and this was in my truck this morning!!

  8. I pray to have a connection with my son, Robert (Bear). I miss him terribly, especially during the holidays. I also pray for all those who are missing loved ones have a connection and that is brings them peace.

  9. At about 6:50 a.m. this morning, Christmas Day, I heard my sister Evelyn call my name. I was half asleep lying in bed but remembered to note the time.

    During my sister’s illness she would call out my name for help when she needed me. She was deaf so I had to show up quickly so she wouldn’t panic.

    She just made her transition last week on December 19 the day after she turned 60 so I wondered if she would be able to respond in any way.

    Thank you Blair for making this experience possible. It was a wonderful Christmas gift.

  10. Well first sign from son was when I signed onto fb and saw a gucci add, my son’s favorite brand of all things. Second sign at the casino when I played the Dolly Parton penny machine and when I won butterflies all over the screen.

  11. I pray everyone has a connection with their departed loved ones. I would love to have a connection with my son Andrew. Thankyou BlairXO 😀 <3

  12. Thank you for your efforts to help people to have healing, comfort and joy. Missing our two son who passed in 2012 and 2013, Robert and Chet (Tito)

  13. My teenage son was full of life and jokes. It’s been 8 years since he’s passed on but his spirit continues. Before going to bed Christmas Eve I made our annual crockpot breakfast. I plugged it in and turned it on low and double checked it. In the morning it was turned off and had not cooked at all so that was the first thing I saw. It was my sign from him and it was awesome. Hope all of you had connections to comfort you. Thank you Blair.

  14. Blessings to all and hoping everyone had a connection with their loved ones.
    Mine… Was for my husband…and he was at work and had no idea that I was doing this.
    It was his father, that I wanted my husband to connect with…..And I am sure they were together.
    That’s what my little voice inside me tells me…:)

  15. Hello Blair, I knew my dad and his parents. My mother mother family stayed in touch . I knew three of my grand parents. The only one I never met was My moms dad Eddie Willuams who died the year I was born. I love all of them simply because they are family. When I look at my families website I go thru the names and wonder what each and one us like . on my mom moms side there was Royslity Sir John Shelton. My family got dismissed from rt he Castle because my gggggggggrandms was the fifth wife of King Henry TT Ge 8th.Back to my dad dad Issac Yerby Ge was always dmilling at me .the smile seems more meaningful because of recents discoveies. I feel he was thinking of my future vsc then. Sincerely,KarenYerbyMurdock