Bobby Jindal “Republican Voice” Prediction Proves True

In the January 7th edition of the Washington Times ‘Inside The Beltway’, Jennifer Harper published my impressions regarding the Republican’s finding their “voice.”

“I predict that another voice will rise and join in harmonizing the Republicans: Bobby Jindal. It’s interesting — Bobby has a ‘Life Path’ number of one this year and is poised to make some serious waves in 2010. Number one indicates a new beginning and a fresh start,” he said.

“He has many interesting aspects about him, and ‘interesting’ is just what the party needs,” he added. “With all of the above said, I hasten to add that I get the impression that the surviving voice in the Republican Party may be yet to appear. I’ll certainly keep you updated as it’s revealed to me.”

Today, five months later, the media seems to agree!

The Wall Street Journal reports: “In Criticizing Cleanup, Jindal Finds His Voice”

Even CNN agrees: Jindal’s passion on spill is presidential

Many discounted Governor Jindal last year. Some even do today. But I fearlessly predict you will see and hear much more from this powerhouse in the months to come.

Of course, readers of this blog and Jennifer Harper’s column have known this all along!

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2 thoughts on “Bobby Jindal “Republican Voice” Prediction Proves True

  1. I’m not really into all these politicians, I have no faith in any of them. I think it’s all an illusion, but enough of what I think; congrats on this one! 🙂

  2. I voted for Bobby Jindal and have not been disappointed. I think he is doing a great job as Governor of Louisiana and will continue to do so.