Not too long ago a client of mine contacted me extremely worried and concerned for her spiritual health and relationship with God.
“My Bible study group says I will certainly burn in hell for consulting with a psychic medium,” she said. She was genuinely worried.
I laughed, but I was angry at the same time. Putting aside Matt 7:1 about not judging, this is so wrong… and judgmental.
The verse they burdened her with was the road-worn Leviticus quote 19:31 that says “don't talk to mediums or spiritists.”
So, she and I had a heart to heart chat. I pointed out that her Bible group was denying Jesus by saying that.

Jesus Spoke To The Dead And To God (And It Was Witnessed)

A “medium” is defined as “a person through whom the spirits of the dead are alleged to be able to contact the living.” (
Whenever I'm confronted by misguided religious folks who attempt “Bible-Quote Kung Fu,” I typically remind them of Matt 17 where Jesus spoke to Moses and Elijah. Two very dead guys. This was witnessed by his disciples to boot!
Not only that, this was THE MOMENT that God proclaimed that Jesus was his son, to listen to him and that God was pleased.
Think about it. It can only mean one thing: Jesus himself was a medium.
This was a huge Bible moment. Massive. Bible folks even named it “the transfiguration.”
If speaking to the dead was okay for Jesus, it is certainly fine for me. The gift comes from the same source: God.
Of course, this is where the bible thumpers lose their minds. They'll come back with dozens of quotes to argue against it.
But they can never dispute that Jesus spoke to dead people. As it is written.
In the Bible.
For all to read and see. Denying it is to deny Jesus. Period.

Jesus And Afterlife Communication

Jesus never discouraged people to communicate with their deceased loved ones. In fact, he never mentions mediums once.
Jesus encouraged us to be like him. Given he spoke to the deceased and the fact that he never comments otherwise, I'm happy with it. It is a gift from God.

Leviticus, The Old Testament And Other “Classic” Rebuttals

Leviticus 19:31 is the most used quote mediums (and their followers) get hit with. It forbids talking to mediums.
But when someone quotes it, I always like to ask them how many doves/turtles they have sacrificed when they menstruate. Because, according to Leviticus 15:19-33, women must kill a couple to appease the Lord. (If it is a man, I ask where he sends his wife for 2-weeks so his disgusting wife will not defile him).
As you might imagine, this usually causes a complete melt-down with the Bible slinging hypocrite. In 30-years of me asking this question, not one has given me a number… they tend to be very evasive.
Some argue that Jesus died on the cross so no more blood sacrifices are required.
Ah. So, by Jesus dying on the cross, it erases some of the past rules? So, not everything in the Bible can be taken literally.
That makes sense, doesn't it? It does to me.
Just as it makes sense that Jesus demonstrated mediumship. And at no time did Jesus discourage anyone from practicing it.
NOTE: Leviticus 19 is but one quote. There are many other references. They all lead to the same end: Jesus demonstrated mediumship at a pivotal point in his life, witnessed by his disciples.

Mediums Heal And Urge People To Connect With God And Spirit

Every day on my Facebook page I see bible thumpers judging and posting misguided nonsense. Every day.
It's sad as they are allowing their religious leaders to misguide them. That religion is blocking them from having a true connection to God. It's sad that they cherry pick arguments from a 2000-year-old book written by men.
See, religion is man made. God is not. God has no religion.
Real ethical mediums focus on having a direct relationship with the highest source.
Ethical mediums prove that love never dies by bringing messages from deceased loved ones: who are now free from pain, suffering and their physical bodies and are now one with God.
That's why God has given all spirit guides to help us navigate through life. To thrive and live the best lives we can.
Don't believe you have a spirit guide? Have you heard the expression, “your conscience is your guide?”
Guess what? THAT is your spirit guide. THAT is the “still, small voice” so many refer to.

Spiritual, not Religious

I'm spiritual. Not “religious.”
Spiritual people follow God. Religious people follow dogma created by man.
Want to connect with God? Drop the religious clap-trap rules and regulations and become spiritual.
None better than Jesus himself said the two most important rules are to “love one another and love God.”
Religious leaders don't like it. Why? I suspect it's because you won't need them anymore. And that often leads to a dip in the Sunday offerings. Having a direct connection and relationship with God competes with the business of religion. Coincidence?

Mediumship Is Not Anti-God

It is tiresome being judged and persecuted. But it is part of the calling and gift I have been given.
Mediums are NOT anti-God.
In fact, anyone who attends my live events will walk away KNOWING that there is absolutely a God, a heaven and… that their loved ones are NOT “dead,” but very much ALIVE in spirit.
One only needs to visit my Facebook page and review the past live events… read the comments… SEE the proof.
Sadly, most bible thumpers are not interested in that. They are quick to judge – as soon as they see the word “medium” – which Jesus himself said in Matt 7:1… “don't judge.” It is sad.


So, what happened to my client? She dropped out of her Bible study group and is now happy connecting to God, her spirit guides and knowing her loved ones are very much alive in spirit. She recognizes the five signs her loved ones send. 
She's now happy, content and free.
You can be too.
Please check out my Facebook Page and read about the live events and the THOUSANDS of people who have connected to their loved ones and heaven.
I wish the same for you. Love and light and remember, “love never dies.”