suicide a psychic medium perspectiveSuicide is painful for those who are left behind. In fact, a friend of mine who lost his fiance to suicide summed it up perfectly: the victims of suicide are the ones left behind.

Suicide: A Medium's Perspective

At the time of this writing, I've been a psychic medium for 30 years. I can tell you for a fact that your loved one isn't burning in hell! That's B.S.

What Happens To Those Who Pass By Suicide?

Suicide is a no-no spiritually. Forget religion. In the bigger picture, there is no excuse for suicide.

When you pass over with suicide, you are definitely “in trouble” with the spirit world.

There is NO HELL. Relax. Your loved ones who have passed by suicide are NOT made to live in eternal hell.

Look: I think that notion was created to *scare* people from passing by suicide.

But we ALL have free will.

That said, you are absolutely going to experience a reprimand for it if you pass by suicide.

Suicide is NOT an escape. It may give a minuscule level of relief, but the consequences are powerful.

In every single case of a suicide that comes through,  as a psychic medium there are a number of things I want to share:

1. Suicide Regret

In every single case of a suicide that comes through, I need to share with you the fact that if they could do it all over, they would. Once on the other side, they quickly recognize the hurt caused, and that nobody can truly escape karma. I have yet to meet anyone that has crossed over who was happy about the pain of those left behind, and doubt I ever will. There is regret, but this is a good thing, something to rejoice.

2. Suicide Punishment? More Like A Review.

Every suicide I have had a connection with has expressed that they have been put in a corner, so to speak, and they certainly DO understand the PAIN of EVERY SINGLE PERSON left behind.

In every case of a suicide I have brought through, they are happy to go through this as it helps them develop, grow and understand the spiritual impact of this.

3. Good News!

There is NO HELL. They do NOT “burn in hell for eternity.” Religion teaches that. And, there's no such thing!

Yes! If you have a loved one that has passed by suicide, they absolutely WILL experience the pain of those left behind and go through a review for doing so… but they will also experience…

4. Forgiveness.

They will experience forgiveness. While they WILL be “put in a corner” briefly, they will be forgiven.

Good news is that your loved ones will eventually realize the pain that they caused and they will understand that suicide was not an option as far as karma goes.

They WILL realize that what they did was wrong. It's guaranteed.

Now, having said that, some will realize this right away. Some will realize this in due time.

But know this: your loved ones will realize it sooner or later.

5. They will connect with you again.

Sooner or later, they will connect with you again. It may be a few months, or a few years. But they will.


Know this: you can't escape karma. Your loved ones know this. You should know this.

Suicides only hit the “pause” button. They WILL return and have to relive the events that brought them to suicide and will definitely make better decisions the next time around.

If you've lost a loved one, rejoice! They WILL return and they WILL triumph!

They are not “lost.” Forget the “burning in hell” bullcrap taught by many religions. Your loved ones are fine (or will be as soon as they pay the price on the other side).

Love never dies.

Remember that. KNOW that they are good on the other side. KNOW that they will return eventually. KNOW that they are no longer in pain.

Rejoice. They are with you in spirit!

Blessings to you all.

Love and light,

Blair Robertson

P.S. Please share this post with someone whom might need this.

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  1. Amy Shirell Hadfield at - Reply

    A few years ago my dad committed suicide due to an extremely painful, worsening condition called RSD.THANK YOU FOR BEING SO HONEST ABOUT HIM HAVING TO PAY A PRICE BUT BEING OKAY! I believe what you say, and totally share your belief that there is no hell. I just really needed to hear that he’s going to be alright. We were I’m a terrible argument days before he went, and I said unforgivable things like go ahead and kill yourself (I did not man it!. I’m happy to know he will forgive me. Thank you again, Blair! 🙂

    • Jaena at - Reply

      If there is no hell.. do demons and bad spirits live in the spiritual realm? Where do these demons and bad spirits come from?



    • Nora at - Reply

      Patsy, I don’t think they are lying or making it up. I believe we manifest our beliefs. Like speaking things into existence. People who truly believe in the Devil and also Hell they can manifest that for themselves. Sometimes, I see a dark energy around people or in places. I do not believe this is the devil or Satan, this is a manifestation of negative energy. Just my two cents worth. Thanks for writing your post. It makes you stop and think.

  3. Marilyn christ at - Reply

    I agree that there is no hell fire kind of place. I choose to use hell more like a discription of a situation or feeling. Example, I will refer to life here in the physical world as living hell. Negative karma . In the after life when one can not pass over and continues to suffer. (For lack of a better term at the moment ) existing in hell. Until we learn how to move on or pass over we will exist in a hell like state. Both treatable, with a little help from our friends. 🙂

  4. Kathy Brian at - Reply

    Blair, thank you for talking about mom did this and it was so heart breaking.i hate it that she has to feel the pain I and my brothers and sister went threw.i know she didn’t mean to hurt use. I wish I could here from her.its been 28 years. Thanks Blair.

  5. Becky Bucci at - Reply

    Many years ago I read the books of Lobsang Rampa a Tibetan monk. He said that suicide victims had to return to life immediately rather than have a resting time between lives. I do believe in reincarnation and this makes sense to me. What do you think?

  6. Lisa Carroll at - Reply

    Thank you so much I needed to hear that

  7. Beverly Sue Davis at - Reply

    Hi this this has come to my attention immediately! 1988 my first husband committed suicide leaving me in a tailspin with our 3 children to raise ! I emotionally ran into a mess, I married real fast trying to make the pain go away., it was a horrible mistake that marriage had to end as it was abusive to the hilt! Writing this know I found a sweet husband and list him to cancer that one was a healing to my soul now I’m alone. The suicide persons name was Keith he is watching me write this I know I feel my guardians nearby. I m a child who lost many starting with my mother at 2 years old. I learned fast after musing both parents husbands siblings that we are responsible for our actions and only us. I try to help many learn to grow spiritually and reach when possible to enlighten others. I appreciate your work as you are like my brother you just dint know me, yet maybe you do! There is so much spiritual energy present right now I can’t write fast enough as they have things to say. I dream if finding another soulmate I pray for my patience as that new love has surfaced yet . I don’t like being Aline yet I’m never turkey alone. Please my friend my grown children are struggle with the loss if their daddy so much I still cry for their pain. Yes their daddy my -st hubby came through to me years ago asking me for forgiveness and not to be angry. I have forgiven him but his actions tore a hole tight through my kiddos even as adults they’ve become . Their names are Keisha Carson and Kevin a grand daughter Harper please I’m not asking for a reading but a little support to help them to find peace someday . I’ve said all this knowing its for a spiritual reason I know also you will feel this spiritual impact I’m writing with Blair somehow within the spirit realm they know your the right one to talk too. I close this in peace and the mist humbleness of spirit I can, waiting to see if ultimately this is a healing that’s going to transpire with mine and your help joining in the acknowledgement we are not better than ine another but all here to carry on missions as set from the spirit realm. Thanks now and foreve for your post if this siucidal thing! Beverly “Sue”

  8. Jess T at - Reply

    Thank you, Blair. What timing you have…my daughter is in the ICU awaiting transfer to the psychiatric ward for overdosing on 4 kinds of medication this past Saturday. I just got a heartbreaking message from her telling me that nothing matters, that she’s going to end her life as soon as she gets the next opportunity. There is nothing I can do — her doctors know her intent and they aren’t taking her seriously. I live 600 miles away and no amount of talking to them is making them realize it’s not just talk. If my beautiful baby dies at least I will know she will be okay one day on the other side.

    • Kyii at - Reply

      Do not give up, please fight for her for her. She is screaming for help and she’s a dark place but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I was the around the same age when I almost got my wish. She does not want to due she does not know how how to manage and voice the pain. Just fight for her as hard as it nsy bbe as much as she does not seem to care. She is in there . you are in my thoughts and prayers! It is a tough road!

  9. Vicki Pogatshni at - Reply

    Tough subject, but you explained it well. Thank you!

  10. Carole Jones at - Reply


    Thank you for your information on a loved one committing suicide. I have grieved for my son for over a year. He was a happy person, so loved by all, had a very good job, and a God given talent for music. Yet, this wonderful man, son, father and brother put a gun to his head and ended his life. He left no note so as his Mother I am still reeling from the shock, his son and daughter and two sisters, plus lots of friend still grieve for him. No one can understand why his did this horrible thing. Your information on what happens to those who commit suicide has answered a lot of questions in my mind. THANK YOU, GOD BLESS

  11. Rose Blaylock at - Reply

    I lost my husband to suicide 4/11/12. He left me a horrible letter blaming me. I and my daughter have been through utter hell as a result. So has his father. BUT, now that I have made the decision to heal and am learning to “ride this bliss” I am experiencing contact right and left. I have learned how to wake up inside a dream while I sleep. I have met with so many spirits. I have watched my husband working to heal my and my daughter’s hearts. I have heard his voice. I HAVE SEEN HIM MULTIPLE TIMES!!! The best news is…he “hand” picked his replacement and I am engaged to be married in June to a man more perfect for my daughter and I than I ever dreamed. Through experiencing this new man’s love my joy has returned. My deceased husband explained to me recently that when I love my fiancé I am also loving him and my first husband in spirit as well. They are not jealous of him…in fact they could not be happier!! I have seen them raining down hearts of light upon us all three as we sleep. How can I be sad when I have experienced such miracles?? Guess what? You can experience contact and confirmations just as powerful. You just have to let go of the dense emotions as they hamper spirit contact. They are LIGHT!! We have to elevate ourselves by expanding our love. That is the key!!!

    • Nora at - Reply

      Wow Rose, this is beautiful. Thanks for reminding us that dense emotions hamper spirit contact. I am sad that you and your daughter had to go through that. I send you Love continued Joy.

  12. Kathy at - Reply

    My question is, so there is no hell for people who commit suicide, but surely there is a hell for very evil people who past, such as all the people involved in creating wars which have killed so many innocent people? A hell for the people who run Monsanto, an evil company which is poisoning our food supply? I can’t believe on the other side evil will co-exist with good so there has to be a special place for the evil. And I do hope it’s true that when you pass, not just from suicide, just people who pass in general, they fell all the pain they’ve caused others while on earth.

    • TK at - Reply

      Maybe there isn’t a hell for people who commit suicide, but I believe there is one. I don’t believe what religion teaches is necessarily “garbage” either. I have a good friend who is a psychic and she has never said there is no hell at all.

  13. Michele Rasmussen at - Reply

    I know I felt my Uncle Dave for some time. Once in a while I still do. And he has let me know that he is around at times. Just last week or so…. I kept seeing the Dave or David and then, the mind blower was seeing his first and last name online, I believe on Facebook. So, I knew he was telling me he was there at times. He was a Medic In Vietnam, because a Captain of the Paramedic team in Michigan. Then decided to kill himself in Jan. 1984.

  14. MK at - Reply

    Hi Blair, you say that a person that has taken their own life must come back. If I am trying to connect with someone who committed suicide but I think has come back, will the connection still work?

  15. NancyLynn at - Reply

    Hi Blair,
    I participated in last nights connection with someone who passed. They committed suicide on Xmas day 2013 just past. I was on the phone with him when he did it, 2 hours away. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that phone call for the rest of my life. He was very very special to me. When I went to bed I did remember seeing him in my dreams… (which seemed to go on forever,… but unfortunately I could not remember what the dream was about at all.) The only thing I was left with was a feeling that something was wrong. I don’t know what that was. I have had many little signs from him since Xmas,… not lately until last night. Not sure of anything, except we did connect,….. Thank you for that,… I will join that again…
    I was hoping I’d get a connection with him in Ottawa when you were here last…. however, you DID do a reading for me, but connected with a very dear friend of my brothers who I knew personally. ) The guy you said: “his nose was missing”. (not sure if you remember… I truly wasn’t expecting “HIM” to show up. Thank you , that was a treat and good to know he still has a great sense of humour.!!
    Sincerely, NL

  16. Stephanie Conroy Vasques at - Reply

    Thank you Blair for everything you for me and others…. That helped a lot 🙂
    My very good friend moved on a few yrs. Ago. Hit by a train, I dont know if he killed himself or was there something else going on ??? I have lost a lot of people in my young age, This one is different I need to know what happened that night!! The night of his death I felt someone die… thought it was my dad, that’s how strong it felt. My cell phone died early in the evening it decided not to turn. …. was there a reason for that? Why did I feel his passing? ?
    Ty Blair

  17. lisa welch at - Reply

    Hi Blair just wanted to say thank you for your post ,my oldest brother did this 5years ago now but it still feels like yesterday its that fresh in my mind, Never have I hurt so much in my life ,its hard enough to lose loved one from old age ,sickness etc but to loose some one to suicide is a pain all on its own, your left here wondering why, how could I have helped, and the big one is I shouldve known something was wrong I couldve stopped it from happening.. This has gotten easier knowing he is ok and he’s not suffering in hell. I could keep writing all day on this but dosnt slove the problem,but knowing he’s ok differently helps so a big thank you <3

    • terry at - Reply

      Hi Lisa. My uncle committed suicide two weeks ago. Your words struck a chord with me. I feel exactly the same. Wondering if it’s gets easier??

  18. Lynette Koury at - Reply

    Thank you for reassurance! I’m the mom from Fresno whose son came through for his brother. This has also been a question of mine as I believe my son took his life by fire. Knowing that I’ll see him again is what I look forward to!

  19. trish sparrow at - Reply

    My father committed suicide in ’71 when I was 8 yrs old. Now that I’m an adult and acknowledge my own gift as a psychic medium, I know my dad is not, nor ever was in hell. Because I’ve communicated with him several times. He was mentally ill in life but not now in spirit

  20. Deborah Wheeler at - Reply

    just wanted to say thank you for this!!! I’ve struggled for the past two years worried about my brother’s soul!! He committed suicide in Dec of ’12 because his wife was having an affair with his partner…I’ve always “known” that he wasn’t in hell and the “timeout” thing…it just made me feel better to see my own thoughts explained so beautifully by you…thank you…you’ve made my day~Deb

  21. crystal miner at - Reply

    Its such a relief to know my sweetheart is at peace and I take comfort in knowing he must answer for the pain he has caused the people who loved him so much. It is such a horrible existance for the people left behind to deal with the loss of a loved one to suicide; the guilt and anxiety, jnanswered questions, the agony of the “what ifs” you can never undo. I know, for me, having questions I must now accept will NEVER be answered is probably the biggest heartache. Why? What could I have done? What did I MISS? Those questions have no answers and that is the most difficult to accept. Knowing he is at peace, at least, is a great comfort. Thank you Blair.

  22. Lynette Koury at - Reply

    Thank you for writing this article. I’m the mom from Fresno, CA who’s son came through for his brother. What didn’t come out that nite was that my angel son started the fire to end his life. He came through saying he didn’t suffer, but part of the nightmare has been the consequences, what has he gone through on the other side. Thank you for helping answer that part of this nightmare. Gratefully yours, Lynette Koury

  23. D.D. at - Reply

    I’ve always (right back to childhood) known that there is no such thing as Hell. I even knew that death was not an absolute. But when I went to see you live I guess I was really hoping to find out that some of what I believed was not true. I was sort of hoping that there is a special place reserved for the absolute worst of the worst. How ironic that the death of the most vile creatures in society actually serves to reunite them with their victims.
    What I seen at your show left me with no doubt that you are the real thing. That led me here and to something I find even more troubling. I’m having difficulty getting past your comment that those who commit suicide will feel the pain of every single person left behind. It makes me wonder what happens when someone left behind can’t move past the pain.

  24. Heather Tripp at - Reply

    What a positive message you sent to the ones left behind! Your that best Blair Robertson!

  25. Mary Rose at - Reply

    Nobody is asked to be born. Nobody can help it that they are born into a family that may or may not love them. Suicide should be a right! Not something that is punished in any way. No one should own or control our spirit, even God for we did not ask to be owned. Owning and controlling and wanting someone to live a certain way or do a certain thing you don’t want is slavery. Simple as that and there is no point in being reincarnated, that too against the persons will to be imprisoned in the Hell they just left when it’s a pointless pursuit. No one is perfect, we will never, NEVER be done paying off karma if it exists. Coming back to this Earth to “learn” a second time and another time and another time is like repeating Kindergarden over and over again. To say that there is punishment for suicide is to say people hurt others on purpose. It ignores the mental illness.

  26. Kaitlyn at - Reply

    I am also a natural born psychic. I disagree that suicide victims are “punished” in any way. They do their review however they are embraced and consoled and get the support they need to work through their Karma. Love they never found here. Yes, some regret. Yet, many feel free and they get a “do over” until they get it right. This is free will and they are not “punished”. I am saddened that survivors of those who choose to cross over are the ones who get the sympathy. People choose to take their lives because they do not feel embraced on this level. They deserve more respect.

    • Jill at - Reply

      Hi Kaitlyn, I really resonate with your response. Can you contact me if you do readings? I’d love to get one from you.

  27. Denise at - Reply

    Blair, great supject!
    When your in a suicidal mind you don’t think of others, your not selfish. In fact it’s quite the opposite! They feel that they are the problem or a burden to family and others. They feel everyone would be better off with out them. So infact they feel that they are doing you a favor by taking away this problem and that problem is them. Or they can’t cope.
    Someone who is in a suicidal state is in so much pain of there own that there not thinking of who there hurting or the damage they will cause. All they want is relieve and a way out from their mixed up mind.
    Of Course she will be full of regrets after, but then it’s to late.
    Religion still plays a big part in stopping suicides, her believes and fear.

  28. Darlene at - Reply

    A few years ago the love of my life committed suicide. His son never got to know his dad, but in his sons heart, he loves his dad. He feels reprieved from not knowing the love of a father and son experiences. I am happy to know that there is a regret of what they have done and now I feel that we will be reunited someday. I wish that my son could only the feeling of the love that his father had in his heart. Thank you Blair.

  29. ann at - Reply

    I have been trying to get the question of why my son killed himself.Has been coming to see me or am I losing my mind. He died 10 years ago ;birthday will be oct.29.

  30. Yvonne at - Reply

    My oldest brother committed suicide, when I was a baby, one of my cousins went to a phycic and was had some one come and say they heard a boom, and he was all right, he just thought family would want to know. Was this my brother?

  31. Lynda at - Reply

    Not sure I am happy to hear they must again face their demons. Good they are aware of the pain caused by those they left as long as they know the pain felt is due to the depth of our live for them.
    I felt some anger that my brother left us but understand why and thank him for leaving us all a note. It helped.
    I am just sorry he never knew the joy of being a father or to know my children.
    I hope he’s been united with our parents and they are ok together.

  32. Debbie at - Reply

    Thank you Blair, I’ve had a loved one pass from suicide , he is a good person . But he had drug problems.
    I believed that he would come back again to learn his lessen.
    It’s good to read it from you.
    I’m part of the web simiares on Thursdays ,
    Thank you for putting them on.
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  33. Linda at - Reply

    My mother and brother committed suicide..I wanted to and was committed to a hospital. I was told that if I did I would have yo come back and do it all over again. I said HELL no I don’t want to do this life over again. This is what stopped me from doing it. Plus I have excellent doctors who have and still are helping me. So I wouldn’t them to feel their work was a failure and they themselves are failures as doctors…I have a question for you Blair …is it true that if you commit suicide that you have to come back and re-do this life again only worse! ..can you answer this for me. Thank you..

  34. Dorothy Hazlitt at - Reply

    My granddaughter tried to commit suicide but I think she really did not know what she was doing, she should have not made it but she did. So many people prayed like crazy that she would not pass on! How come she was spared for she really overdosed on medicine and Doctors were surprised she lived?

    Have a Great Day,

  35. Marianne at - Reply

    I am amazed how timely this is for me. Yesterday was the first year anniversary of my sons suicide. It has been absolutely the worst thing and the most painful experience I have had to go through. He left so much pain and discomfort for everyone. I really appreciate this article. Very helpful.

  36. Debbie at - Reply

    Not sure I understand they will return. Obviously they won’t come back to you and start over again, are you saying they will be reborn and given another life to live ?

  37. D roche at - Reply

    I really would like a reading from you. Please email me with info if possible. My son left two years ago as of October 3 2013 at the young age of 16 due to suicide. I need to know if he his ok. I miss my son so much!! Thanks Diane

  38. Marlaine at - Reply

    I wonder about those who overdose. While they may not intentionally commit suicide, they have little regard for their own lives or those that love them. My best friend overdosed in June. She was suicidal also, but I was with her hours before it happened. I know she had future plans and wasn’t trying to kill herself that day. She was just in the habit of taking too many things at once, had fallen and was in a great deal of physical pain. From all accounts, she got very ill but her boyfriend never called 911. Just went to sleep !!!! She refused to leave him even though she was very unhappy there and practically hated him. She kept saying she wanted to get even. But I know her well enough to know she would have left a note if it was intentional. She comes to me in dreams often. I can’t help feeling that while it wasn’t a true suicide, it may as well have been.

  39. april at - Reply

    Blair..I would like to thank you for posting this about hell & suicide. You are awesome & I am so blessed to get to read your stuff & attend your webinars! Why would a parent want to scare their child with the whole hell thing? I never said that to my children & my parents did not teach that to us/ Again thank you for all that you do.

    Love & Light and many blessings

  40. Jody at - Reply

    Blair, the reason churches teach there is hell is that that’s what the bible says, that God will “consign the goats to eternal fire.” Churches didn’t make it up. If the bible didn’t say it, churches wouldn’t either.

  41. Love at - Reply

    I have been tormented and hurt by the loss of my husband. Just shy of five months. This brings relief.

  42. Heidi at - Reply

    well thank you blair now I am not afraid to commit suicide but i will wait ti talk to you in my free39 minute reading

    • Rene at - Reply

      Did anyone ever check on her to make sure she didn’t commit suicide?

  43. Kaleb at - Reply

    If two people commit suicide, can they meet each other on the other side?

  44. Valerie Reasor at - Reply

    Are there consequences different for those that committed suicide for say, reasons of deep emotional stress, hopelessness or mental issues (which is very sad and hopefully still in time to give them health and relief) vs. someone that has been very ill and there is no cure and they are suffering tremendously? I think ‘death with dignity’ has a higher level of acceptance and I believe in those that should be able to pass with peace and dignity with family around to be there when they cross if possible. We do as much for our pets…it’s humane and kinder passing to not allow them to suffer. But, with that said…is ‘suicide’ still given the same focus of those left behind, regardless of the reason the person crossed? Thank you for addressing this.

  45. Kay Willoughby at - Reply

    Thank you i needed to understand more. Lost my son in 1998 age 18yrs still want the answer WHY but i guess i will never know. I have no fear of death as i look foward to seeing him again. Thanks for mention this page on your tour of the Queen Mary it has helped me alot blessed be xxxx

  46. Vicki at - Reply

    I so need your help, I’ve cared for my brother who is totally blind since birth, epileptic, developmentally disabled ( 5-6 yrs old ) and recently had to have colon removed so he now has a permanent colostomy and hasn’t been able to stand or walk in 6 months. He has lived in my home for 20 years. Our Mom passed 10 yrs ago and I’m not sure how much he understands about death but I do know he has always said he doesn’t want to die. My own health has become poor and being a caregiver has taken it’s toll. My family and friends want me to place him in a Nursing Home but I just can’t as my Mom started saying to me at 9 yrs old “Promise me you won’t put Jerry or I in a Nursing Home you’ll take care of us” of course I said yes. I took care of her 8 yrs and another brother 5 yrs. But I’m tired. I’ve never believed in hell, have always been very intuitive even as a young child, so lately I’ve had some dark thoughts and I don’t know where they are coming from but I can’t shake the feeling my Mom is wanting to speak with me but I can’t bring her through. I think it’s due to the past 7 months which is how long my brothers been going downhill health wise. Any advice on what I can do to help clear these issues up other then the white light of protection? Thank you in advance for your help. Love & Light

  47. Noreen at - Reply

    I understand the pain of being left behind. It has taken my children and I years to deal with my ex-husband’s suicide. Him and I have been together in other lifetimes and I am sure we will in another lifetime. I don’t believe in hell but I wasn’t sure if we would ever connect again.

  48. Tracy Kersh at - Reply

    Blair..just a huge thank you..and an appology..I bought your book Love never Dies..and I will repurchase since I did not read before I threw a fit of hurt,and anger and discarded my book along with a few meaningful items. I have the Afrerlife down loaded and will also be getting the one on Spirit Guides..I know you ask for brief..I just have a lot to tell you..not wanting sympathy..just things from a normal person who lost a mother and brother to suicide..( I only thought this was the biggest tragedy I would ever face) and now I have lost my youngest son Jordan to a fatal car accident on November 8 2014..Blair..I saw my son’s spirit in the shape of a little comet..almost like a paisley shape soar across a dark sky lost coming to find me., ( he was in Modesto Ca. I’m in Tyler Tx…he is my Soul child..and he did get here. That very night my phone just started typing on a keyboard I never saw b4..not a lot were really words..but I did get a few words..feel ..good..and sad..but the typing lasted 4-5 minutes..some of the words looked German (my maiden name is Kersh which Jordan wanted to eventually get his last named changed to) ..I had so many things happen so many signs.. yet my grief is truly unbearable at times. I am not a crazy over medicated recluse with 20 cats..I have 2 sons Joshua and Justin and a granddaughter Jessie and a boyfriend Jesse.. ( surrounded by J’s) lol. The day b4 yesterday I put in a request for your white light prayer..BLAIR…LAST NIGHT WAS THE FIRST TIME I’VE HAD A DREAM WITH JORDAN IN IT!!!! ALL MY SIGNS ..I THOUGHT THEY HAD STOPPED AND I ALWAYS WONDERED WHY I COULD NOT HAVE A DREAM WITH JORDAN IN IT..NOW IT HAPPENED.,THANK YOU SIR AND ALL YOUR PRAYER PEOPLE ..THIS IS REAL.. YOU ARE A BLESSING AND AM GOING TO SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE I CAN…THANK YOU AGAIN I always knew my mom and brother did not burn in hell..they felt our hurt and yes myb bitterness and I was very angry ..but I knew that punishment for illness although mental was not a realistic view would not be fair to punish people who’s mind was not healthy or weak from depression.

  49. Maria at - Reply

    My Nephew 38yes old just committed suicide in the 17th , I know God has forgave him… Thank you for answering my prayers.. God bless you <3

  50. Maria at - Reply

    My Nephew 38yrs old killed himself on the 17th , I know that God forgave him.. Thank you for sharing this , out of all days I seen it n I’m Soo greatful

  51. Pam cruise at - Reply

    I have had two people I love commit suicide..the hardest part is the could have, would have or should have that goes though your mind. It’s like all their pain is shattered and a piece of it goes into the ones that loved them. Now they carry the pain. You don’t get over it you just learn to live with it.

  52. Carin at - Reply

    Thank you for this. I have had 2 brothers commit suicide.

  53. Alessandra at - Reply

    Mr. Robertson,
    I’m curious if this also applies to those who are very old or very ill. Some cultures permit suicide of those people. And what about assisted suicides? If they allow a doctor to help them out of this life, are they still treated like suicides? Is it suicide if the person refuses life saving treatment?
    Thank you in advance.

  54. Rosemarie Varallo at - Reply

    I know that the past five years have been very very hard. Im not coming to your show to hear from anyone just to listen to you and to hear what you have to say.

  55. sarah at - Reply

    what if no one will even know you die
    if you are completely alone in the world
    the one person u had was an indian man who was your companion for 7 years then married an indian girl he barely knew and does not care about u because u r american so would not even know no one wluld even know there is no one else
    would suicide be a way to forget this life completely and be unaware of the indian gold digger who took your heartless man?

    • Cat at - Reply

      Why would you end your life for someone you call “heartless?” Is this “heartless” man worth your life? I am American, and I do know what it’s like to be utterly and completely alone. My kind and beautiful husband was murdered on Valentine’s Day of 2009, and his absence destroyed me. Two years after he was murdered, I developed a painful illness that has no cure. I sit in my house every day and stare at my computer screen. I am dead. The only reason I don’t make it official is because a medium told me that if I commit suicide, I will be disappointed, as I will not be able to connect with him because he will be on a different energetic frequency—much like now. He said I will also have to come back to this slave planet, which I REALLY don’t want to do. So, to leave this slave planet, only to have to come back? Forget it! To leave this planet, only to have the same lack of connection with him that I have now? That would certainly be HELL…

  56. Patricia Brooks at - Reply

    Thank you. We just experienced the lost of my 20 yr old great nephew. His dad and his grandmother (dad’s side) are acting angry and saying he was a coward. The childs mom is being pushed around and talked about and given no rights as far as her child. I am upset and so are other relatives regarding the manner in which this is being handled. I can’t understand why no service is being held. JUST CREMATION. no viewing by friends and other family members. They are acting as if he never lived. I am heartbroken, because this is my sister acting like this. We are close, But, she has shut me out emotionally. They won’t even release the body to the mom so she can have closure and bring him home.

  57. Kathy at - Reply

    I just can’t say enough how much I love you you’re great you’re awesome I believe I am a psychic medium different it’s fun that’s exciting and it’s also very I’m very grateful and I feel alone privileged to be able to help others I just want to know if there’s any way that you can tell if I am or how do I go about finding out more information basically already know I am but I guess I just need more of validation I did get the validation from the people that I speak with the kind of in shock and they can’t believe what I’m saying and I also see things that nobody else knows so that’s a good validation for me was when I know how you feel and what you think thank you

  58. Nik B at - Reply

    Will we definitely see them again? When I pass, he will be there to help me cross over?

    I lost my husband to suicide 2 weeks ago. So distraught. Thanks

  59. Brenda Sumner at - Reply

    Thank you so much for this. I have experienced this first hand. I actually watched my ex husband cross over after his suicide, everything you said is true. I have been able to see spirits since I can remember, not easy growing up in a pentecostal family. I have always just kept quiet about it. Thank you for bringing this to light. No one has ever believed what I saw that night with my ex. You almost described it exactly.

  60. Joan at - Reply

    Beautifully said! Thank you!! 🙂

  61. Joy at - Reply

    Around 6 months ago, I found my brother on the floor of his house (he lives alone) with a cord around his neck. He was already black and blue. A day after, my Mom dreamt that my brother was murdered and she mentioned the name. The name she mentioned is an acquaintance of my brother but my mom never knew him. This was baffling to us. All members of our family from different places came to help clean up his house and found that there was raw pork chop on the kitchen counter, proof that he was intending to cook. He knew I was coming to visit him from another county. He has been manifesting himself to all of us in different ways i.e. flickering lights, candles lighting all of a sudden, dreams, answering the phone, hearing his voice, falling objects for no reason, etc… eversince. If he, in fact, committed suicide, your assurance that there is no hell is comforting to me. Thank you Blair.

  62. Kathy at - Reply

    Lost a coworker to suicide. We were all devastated. Happiest person, awesome smile, you never know what goes on behind the eyes. I miss him. I had a phone call today where the person asked for him? He passed over a year ago. Then the lights on the new copier came on, then went off? Then two of the 3 phone lines rang together. No one one either? Then I come across this article. Hmmm

  63. Kathy at - Reply

    This is by far the best article I have read regarding suicides and the other side. It is so funny that I had this on my time line just after I had taken a phone call at work asking for our loved one, who, 17 months prior had committed suicide! Maybe, as you say, this was his way of reaching out? Is this his way of returning? I love your articles.

  64. Karen at - Reply

    Thank you so much for posting this. My daughter’s father completed suicide 10 years ago and to this day I have often wondered if he wished he could have changed his choice, does he feel remorse and hope he thinks I did a good job raising our daughter by myself. Does he know the hurt and guilt he caused to everyone he left behind. Does he know the hurt his mother caused our daughter. I am glad he will be forgiven and has had time to contemplate his life and actions. I still have so much I’d like to know but this post comforted me a little I wish with all my heart I could talk to him one last time

  65. elinor McCartney at - Reply

    Thamk you Blair at times I have been tempted to ease this worlds sufferring but always manage to talk myself out of it especially after my dear husband passed I wanted to follow quickly. Early teaching I knew this was wrong but pain bllinds us to that……avain my thanks

  66. Marsha at - Reply

    I feel that this is my Purgatory on this earth now and this is my second or other life. I keep going until I understand what I did wrong in my last life.

  67. Laura at - Reply

    Thank you for this.i have tried suicide but it didn’t work.been thinking about it a lot lately don’t want to have to come back an go through this life again.

  68. Tina Ellis at - Reply

    Ty I’ve been so depressed over a suicide and still cry I hope I heal soon having this knowledge can only help me heal praying it does ty again

  69. Laura at - Reply

    I really needed this.i want to go home so bad I have no one who husband is the only one I see plus two dogs.he doesn’t care but I don’t want to have to come back and live my horrible life I guess I will have to try to keep going.thanks and blessings to you

    • Charlene at - Reply

      Laura please I hope you are able to talk to someone. Suicide isn’t the answer to anything. You can be an do anything if you set your heart to it don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t worth it. I have lived through a suicide which left me raising my 11 year old son alone, he’s now 28 and still is haunted by his dads death. I pray your heart is in a better place today than it was when you wrote this.

  70. Carole Gray at - Reply

    The night after my husband committed suicide, I was finally sleeping with the help of my DR. Around 2 a m a loud static woke me up and my TV came on. I really think it was my husband lost and confused trying to get back and undo his suicide. And NO, I did not imagine the static and tv. Am I imagining that it could have been him especially when this had never happened before. There was no tprhyme or reason for him to kill himself that I know of. I just don’t understand why.

  71. Carole at - Reply

    Does this mean that he has to come back here because he commits suicide and if that’s the case, does it mean I won’t be with him again? I don’t like that, looking forward to being with him again. I don’t like the idea of reincarnation.

  72. Marianne at - Reply

    Thank you . My son had committed suicide and honestly I was worried about this . This helped me thank you

  73. Gloria at - Reply

    Thank you. I once again feel the pain of suicide. It’s so hard on those left behind. They seek psychic advice but it’s so conflicting and often brings more questions than answers.

    I was blamed for a suicide 25 years ago. He never left. He’s very close now. He seems to like the pain. The fresh grief he sees. This gave him so much more power. I can’t seem to turn him off like I once could. How do I make him stop or take away his power?

    • Terry at - Reply

      Gloria, hello. Start from the back of your dwelling take.a cup amonia and leave it the room 3 day then move to the next room for 3 day. You have to cover every room, that inclued the bathroom. Head towards the front room. Once done take the cup or glass and throw away from the house. Then sprinkle salt in 4 corners of your dwelling. Go to center of your place call upon God and angels and arc-angelto enter the house and say through the power of God I call upon a seal blocking ( their name ) to enter this house. Burn sage throughout the house. God Bless

  74. Louise taylor at - Reply

    I would like to purchase a ticket to April2 show in Baton Rouge la

  75. DIanne Geddes at - Reply

    MY husband was a good man but not religious…..would he be in heaven or somewhere else????

  76. Jenny BomBerry at - Reply

    How do u fet ovr pain now u r feeling?

  77. Sharon Shaffer at - Reply

    Many, many years ago, my father took his life. I was only 18 and in the 1st semester of college. I had to deal with the arrangements, etc as no one else was strong enough. I was not unhappy that he was gone…he put us through hell when he was alive, physically, mentally and sexually. However, it changed my life forever.
    I hope he did a better job when he returned. And I do NOT want to see him on the other side.

  78. Amanda at - Reply

    After 5 & 1/2 YEARS
    My Daughter just gave me some of the toxicology report from my son. There was 15 types of drugs in his body. When I say half of the toxicology report I mean half. So I am sending my money to get all of it. I have NEVER believed that my son committed suicide. My husband and daughter believe he did. So this is how we found him hanging from our shop in the backyard. He would have had to climb a 15 foot ladder make a roap to hang his self. He was with 2 people that night. Well at 6:30 Am they were ringing my husband got up to see who it was. It was the 2 people that was with him. My husband dialed 911 . The CORNER ruled it as suicide. I was out of my mind . I opened my front door and said what is going on. The girl was sitting by the front door and she said it’s Thomas he is dead.Thomas is my baby he was 23. I was picked up by God and he has never put me down. I just sat down on the couch . And that’s all I remember. So I will never believe my son committed suicide. I believe the guy and girl that he was with totally freaked out. And hung him. I believe my son Od. On medicine that the guy gave him. Because when word spread to my son’s friends. I had a girl call me and said what was Thomas doing hanging around the guy. He was a drug addict. She said that guy was going to Texas to a pain management Doctor paying him 700 dollars a month for all kinds of drugs. The day we found our son the guy and girl was outside. And we have never seen him again. He did not come to my son’s funeral. They can call it suicide all day. But I do NOT believe that.

  79. Billie jean adkins at - Reply

    Thank you blair i needed this my x fiancee committed suicide back on July 14th of 2007 …R.I.P….Richard John Rosebrugh..

  80. Brenda at - Reply

    Thank you Blair!

  81. Charlene at - Reply

    Thank you for this message Blair
    It’s hard to forgive and heal and go on when your living with pain and anger over suicide. I’ve had to live with it for 17 years and at times it feels like yesterday. I have trouble forgiving that’s the part that’s eating me up. Thank you for writing this it does brings some comfort.

  82. Margaret at - Reply

    I am very sad after the suicide of my son. He suffered with bipolar for several years and had terrible anxiety. I just need to know that he is with God and ok. He was very spiritual and I know he didn’t want to hurt anyone he left behind. His life was hard. I miss him as he was the kindest sweetest living son and brother. I am in agony missing him. I feel very guilty. I love you Patrick and please send me a sign you are ok.

    • Cindy Snider at - Reply

      You coming across this very article IS your sign that you’re looking for!!

  83. How do I know what you say is true? I lost my 15 year old daughter to suicide

    • Cindy Snider at - Reply

      You coming across this article IS your sign!

  84. Barbara at - Reply

    I believe it was no accident that I Came Upon Your name on Facebook when I did. To make a long story short my former fiance killed himself last week. We broke up about a month ago. He lost his mother, with whom we was very close, in October. He has suffered greatly since then. It took quite a toll on our relationship, has he started using drugs to cope. He became an entirely different person. Since The Break-Up he has pleaded with me to take him back and I refused. And now he has taken his life. I have been suffering greatly this week they found his body two days ago. They said he’s probably been dead about a week. And I spoke to him last a week ago. I’m really heartbroken because I think what I said to him may have played a part in his decision. I know it’s not my fault. I know he had free will. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking what if… I miss him I’ve missed him for the last year because he was gone even before he was gone. This article has helped me some what. I have hope that maybe he’s still with me. I hope he loves me. I hope he knows how badly I’m hurting , but I don’t want him to be in pain. I’m sorry I’m probably rambling on and on. Thank you for your time

  85. Cindy Snider at - Reply

    I can’t express the level of healing and lightness I felt after my brother, who committed suicide in 1981, came through at your event in Seattle last month! Knowing he’s been with me all this time, after all these years, is so great! You relayed something to me that he said about me being a good mom; that was proof to me that he HAS been there with me, as I’ve questioned my parenting a lot lately. He also said he took responsibility for his passing. I imagine this is from his reconciling, or “being out in the corner”. I was only 16 when he died (he was 29) and didn’t think I meant all that much to him, with him being so much older than me, but when YOU told me that you couldn’t begin to express to me how much love he had for me…well, it’s just something I needed to hear. It was all very freeing and healing that has been needed since 1981 and I can’t thank you enough!

  86. Annette Byczko at - Reply

    Blair, are you saying there is no Hell and the Bible is incorrect? I, too, wonder what happens to the evil ones who harm, torture and murder children, even babies. All the serial killers, gang members who do drive-bys and kill many, many innocent people and children playing outside or sleeping inside their home. There is so much madness in the world these days, I have to think about what happens to these sick individuals. I pray every night for an end to these inhumane acts. Thank you.

  87. Nicole at - Reply

    Thank you. I have read this article and probably will reread it a few more times at least. Helps in my journey of healing with no answers…My husband committed suicide two years ago when I was seven months pregnant. I was in the house at the time as well. I still live in the house, now with my son. Having no answers has been the hardest part. He was diagnosed as bipolar and had back pain issues and sinus problems. Even though I have been hurt terribly by his actions and still deal with the after effects, I’m relieved to know he is not in hell. I am also glad too that he knows the pain he caused. He was so spontaneous with choices in life, especially purchasing vehicles, and part of me thinks this was a spontaneous decision too after an argument and him feeling down about himself. But that decision was permanent and I couldn’t help fix it. I just want to thank you for sharing all that you do. I saw this article today for a reason.

  88. Karen Dillon at - Reply

    Thank you I needed to hear that

  89. Linda at - Reply

    My niece hung herself after she lost her mum in a car accident.I am happy to know that she was forgiven.Thanks Blair.

  90. Carol at - Reply

    You have this to us at a good time. Lately I’ve been considering ending it all. This gives me something to think about. Thank you.

  91. Kelly Anderson at - Reply

    Thank you for this! My son choose to leave at the very young age of 16. I have heard other well known psychics who have said terrible things about this. The more I get to know you Blair the better my life seems to be. I learned to meditate (finally) from your lessons and it has helped me much more than I had even hoped for. I’m hoping to get to see you when you come to Oceanside, CA. I have friends who say they would even pay for me to see you! However…I am saving my pennies. NAMASTE dear friend

  92. How can you tell your Reader’s that THERE IS NO HELL??
    I think that you’re FULL OF CRAP and B.S.
    People like you who tell people things like that and make them believe that THERE’S NO HELL, are actually people who are working for THE DEVIL!!!!
    GOD and SATAN are REAL, and so is HEAVEN and HELL!!
    If you think that you can proof of THERE’S NO HELL, I would be interested to hear what the DEVIL TELLS YOU TO SAY TO ME!!!

  93. Yolanda L Mitchell at - Reply

    Thats not true my brother committed suicide in my first dream he came to me and said tell every one he was sorry the next dream i had when he was coming down from the ceiling arms stretch out face had scars on it eyes behind his head upside down cross on his forehead going down to hell last dream i had he was in an all black car in the back seat banging on the window trying to get out ..after that no more. ..i believe his soul is in hell

  94. Bobby at - Reply

    I have to admit I am a skeptic. But I’m willing to have an open mind. I wonder could you elaborate on when you say people of suicides will eventually return? And is there a heaven as we know it to be described biblically?

  95. Rose at - Reply

    My son was not religious nether was I but he took his life. After his visitation with his kids gone wrong he took his life while I was asleep over night when his kids left over night without my knowledege I only regret if he tried to wake me up or did he i fould him in his closet on his knees thinking he passed out I tried to wake him up to laid in bed that’s when I notice he was cold and stiffed and notice that he had a cloth around his neck so I screamed and ran to my other son to help him knowing that he was gone but I coulding go back in there to see him again now i was scare where are his kids i called 911 tried to explain what I witnessed I had no idea that his kids went home around 2:30 this morning that’s when he decided to leave us cause his daughter said she told him before they left that she never wanted to come back to visit him ever so he told her before they left you all will never ever see me again. And unfortunately he did just that. I freaking missed him every freaking day he claimed to be a atheous me I don’t know looking for answer if I believe I guess

  96. Denise at - Reply

    My only sweet brother of 56 yrs Old committed suicide in the most horrific way. Danny was very mentally ill all of his life. He battled this mental illness with all he had. I am happy he is not in this state of mind anymore, yet I cried when you said, he has to come back to live a similar life but will triumph over his mental illness. For me if I had cancer & wanted to die with dignity which is here now in Canada why would I have to come back to live with cancer in another life. My hope is my sweet brother will have a choice free will, if he wants to come back or stay in heaven. Mental illness is a disease, in saying this I hope my brother would never have to live the way he did, the suffering was brutal. I Love You My Sweet Brother Danny……

  97. jeanie Thomas at - Reply

    Thank you. My son took his life 3 years ago.

  98. Debra Lafnear at - Reply

    I lost my youngest brother to suicide… Hung himself.. Days before his suicide we talked and laughed of old memories… The day of his death I woke up early with him on my mind very strongly and felt the urge to call him..but I never did… I got the call that afternoon he had committed suicide
    To this day I wish I had called him and maybe he would be here today! I refer to a song that speaks volumes to me about my pain, my feelings about his passing and hope he hears it as well… “Lullaby” by Nickelback… He is my inspiration for my Mini Dachshund breeding program and it is named in honor of him…JonDox I hope he likes it.. His dream is my dream and passion..
    . His passing still hurts today! I began to cry typing this sooo miss him!!

  99. Susan Lewonczyk at - Reply

    I believe you when you say,” love never dies!” My brother n law killed himself over a girl.. I understand how they will pay the price on the other side.. but what do you mean they will come back?? Thank you for your time!! Susan Lewonczyk

  100. I loved my husband very much…he was bipolar..if alive he would be 60 years old.. Ever since his passing in 1980 I have had this reocurring dream that his famuly staged his death and never died but has had a completely different life with another woman and other children and they are all against me….I had a dream about a year ago that he looked at me and told me that he knew I still loved him and I said no I dont…now bear in mind I have never remarried but I am not in any relationship…the dreams stopped…I thought it was over now they are back… son is bipolar and talks about dying The torment is driving me crazy…help

  101. Corbett at - Reply

    Thanks so much for this thoughtful, nuanced article — one of the best I’ve read on the subject.

    One question that your article raised for me is one that often occurs to me when reading articles about attitudes toward suicide. Specifically, both authors within the paranormal community and authors within the psychiatric/psychological community often speak of suicide’s painful impact upon “those left behind” as one of the principle reasons why the world of Spirit considers suicide wrong. You raise this point in your article; it makes sense to me.

    Yet, I know people who were raised as wards of the state, or disowned by their families when they came out as LGBTQ, or who otherwise have had no contact with their families for years or decades. Similarly, I know shy, introverted people who have few or no friends in their local areas despite their own good-faith efforts to be ‘social’. Several of these folks are also self-employed people who work from home and thus don’t have coworker bonds. Still others have close friends, but have drifted away from them over time and are now separated from them by time or distance or both.

    In other words, while our culture often reflexively makes the assumption that everyone is surrounded by loving and supportive friends and family who will mourn their passing and be devastated by their loss, it is also true that for some folks, their sense of being alone in the world is not a mirage created by suicidal depression, but instead an accurate and realistic perception of their life circumstances. Quiet as its kept, there are some folks whose loss to suicide might be a loss to larger society because of the gifts and contributions they share with the world, but whose passing will not cause pain to grieving dear ones because they genuinely don’t *have* any dear ones to mourn them.

    Hense, my question: How does the world of Spirit feel about the suicides of people who will not be leaving loved ones behind?

  102. Kathy Welch at - Reply

    Thank you for your comments. My son, David Sliff, took his life December 30, 2017. He was 23 years old and one thing I am getting clarity on is that he made a mistake, he knows it and if he had it to do over again, knowing what he knows now, he would not go through with it. He suffered from depression, worked very hard at getting help, tried to get accepted to clinical trials for depression, researched all the different anti-depressant medications, saw a psychiatrist but also research how to commit suicide by hanging, painless suicide, overdose and other methods. He saw a psychiatrist but none of this helped him in a way and he did have a bad reaction to some of the psych meds.

  103. Hi Blair!
    What a comfort! I have been searching for answers for little over one month ago, when my beloved son of 24 years shot himself in the chest. I was sure it was an accident because he had been drinking, and I had no idea he was that depressed, but the more I looked into it, it was intentional. My son was my rock. He was the only financial success in my family. He was so smart and healthy, and seemed to have everything going, everyone loved him, but his heart had been crushed by a girl a year and a half ago. I didn’t know how crushed his heart was till I broke into his computer and found a video he had made of himself when it happened. He had determined at that point he had to die. We were the closest two people, and he hid his feelings very well from me. I have cried and cried, wondering how, why, what now, how do I move on through life without him…so many questions driving me to craziness. I have felt like I have to go find him to make sure he is okay. I have decided to find someone who can connect with him. I just have to know he is okay. I care about nothing else. Thank you for your answers in spite of the religious teachings you mentioned that I grew up with. I cannot tell you how comforting your writing on suicide is to me.

  104. Thank you for your message. My fiance committed suicide 6 months ago and i still miss him n cry and feel guilty.

  105. Dawn at - Reply

    Hello Blair first I want to say thank you for some reason and I do believe things happen for a reason I’ve come to to receive your gift of the afterlife book there’s also a reason for me to have read every single page at work and I didn’t even do my own job oh well there must be a reason my question is? ( and I understand that parents can live in denial) I have proof and I’ve even had his cases reopened that my son did not commit suicide. ( he was actually murdered) I recently I keep asking myself maybe he did commit suicide how does one really really know was it murder or was it suicide? the case STILLREMAINS AS A Cold CASE UNSOLVED HOMICIDE & change a death certificate AS WELL.. from suicide to unsolved homicide. WHY IT WILL BE 13 YEARS COME SEPT. Y AM I ALL OF A SUDDEN ASKING MYSEL, suicide how would I ever know he has never connected with me as of yet other than MY MOTHERS DAY 2010 story I’d like to ask youABOUT AS WELL but I don’t know if it has anything to do with the connection I read your book and everybody I told my story TO, complete strangers tell me it diffently was, i also belive i connected with my mom, my adultspeacial needs baby sister, but for some reason my live in bf of 8yrs. Whom waS also murdered by a junkie at our corner 7_11 store for a whole2.00 just 19 months after losing my only born, my adult son. Or my dad ALL THE MEN SHALL WE SAY HAVE NEVER CONNECTED. Why.. Would you plz help me understand ty.

  106. Dawn at - Reply

    My son was a resident of SAN MANUL E AZ. D. OD. 9/25/05 27YRS

  107. Dianna Melton at - Reply

    When you are mentally ill, it’s NOT a choice. When you are delusional, it’s not your fault. Period.

  108. Brooks at - Reply

    My daughter has made a connection with my Dad. He took his life 39 years ago, I was just 4 at the time. I don’t know who to talk to or what to say even. Ashley has had this demon with her for years now. She has followed in my dad’s footsteps as far as drugs and the kind of drug. She has been clean for 3 years now, yet this thing is really causing problems in her life all around. My heart really aches for her. She has come to me here in the past year or 2 and told me all about his death, his feelings on it, and that he was sorry. Anyway I have a picture with this demon standing behind my daughter. I am wondering if there is anyway possible my father could be associated with this thing? Please help……I am at a lost, and my daughter has been for some time now. Thanks….Brooks

  109. Myra Schwartz at - Reply

    I have attempted suicide several times before, each timed I failed. I am again at that all time low and planning the best way for my small amount of “loved ones” to deal with. I hate being alive. I pray each night to not wake up again. I have lost many loved ones and long to be with them. It does not help that once in surgery I came very close to pass I g bad saw all of my loved one and wanted to stay. They told me I could not stay and had to go back, I begged to stay and ran after them. But I woke up, in a lot of pain physically and emotionally. I vividly remember this experience and wrote it down.
    I truly believe in reincarnation as a child I had vivid memories of a past life. As a young girl in the Smokey Mts with many children and helping slaves get to freedom. I am truly on the edge of this. My oldest sister is very ill and is passing away. I have great fear of loosing her, another close loved one.
    I have been to your gathering before here in New Orleans. I was honored with the first reading from my mom, number seven. I would love to have a private reading. Please let me know how to do this.

  110. Diane Moretz at - Reply

    I respectfully disagree with you regarding your comments on hell… Yes, there is a hell. I, too, have “spiritual connections”… However, I totally agree with you that suicides don’t go there… Meanwhile, I won’t get into details, I was just “compelled” to respond as I did.

  111. cheri jones at - Reply

    What about assisted suicide? Modern medicine can torment and bankrupt families before an inevitable death.

  112. Scot Morgan at - Reply

    My son committed suicide 19 weeks ago. We we’re very close throughout our lives. He passed away because of grief he had over a breakup from a woman who pledged her undying love for him and ripped it away literally overnight.
    I can’t feel him. I don’t dream of him. I don’t get any signs from him.
    My father passed away natural causes and I felt him around me for more than three weeks.
    Why can’t I feel my son? I do have dreams about him but he is never in them. It’s usually me looking for something for him.
    My son is the kindest soul I’ve ever encountered. There wasn’t one evil or angry bone in his body.
    I talk to him everyday. I forgave him 5 minutes after I found him. I love him more everyday.
    Why can’t I have contact?
    The simplest contact would do to help me with grieving.
    I hurt badly.
    I miss him so much.
    I love him unconditionally.

  113. Jayson Guevarra at - Reply

    If there’s no hell as you stated, what about those numerous testimonials that they’ve seen it or their families and friends are being burn in there on their near death experience? Sorry for my bad English.

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