reincarnation past livesDo you believe in reincarnation? Past lives?

Have YOU lived before?

If you've ever experienced deja-vu: that feeling that you've been somewhere before (even though it's your first time there), it's a sure sign that you have lived before.

If you've ever “clicked” with a person–had that feeling that you've known them your entire life–then you've likely met one of your soul mates from a previous lifetime.

Of course, if you've ever had a past-life regression with a skilled hypnotherapist, you'll be able to tap into your past life memories and retrieve amazing amounts of information about reincarnation.

Reincarnation, Past Lives And Karma

We have all lived many past lives. Each incarnation brings with it our past lessons for us to improve on and challenges for us to work through. This is called karma.

Is there such thing as bad karma? It depends if it is incoming or outgoing. If you are having challenges or hurdles in your lifetime, these are karmic lessons. Sometimes these lessons are painful but you chose to experience them in this lifetime to make you life BETTER. As such, there's really no bad karma in that sense.

However, you can create bad karma by doing harmful things to yourself or others. Everything has a price. Every action has a reaction.

Karmic Blocks

Of course, it's fun to learn about your thousands of past lives! When I did past life regressions years ago the stories and details that people brought back were nothing short of astonishing! But the best part about tapping into your past lives is discovering your current life lessons AND blasting karmic blocks. 

Karmic blocks are those pesky things that we experience in our current lifetime and hold us back from being, doing and having as much as we were born to have! Money and career is just one example: no matter how hard you try, no matter how much effort you put in, it feels like you are being held back in some way.

This is a karmic block from your past, and until you reconcile it, it will continue to plague you.

But there's good news: more often than not, when you discover your karmic block and reconcile it, your life will immediately improve for the better. You'll feel better, be at peace and you'll enjoy life more. Not only that, quite often the adjustment is so minor you'll wonder why it took you so long to discover it!

She Broke Her Money Block

One of my clients hired me to help her break through a number of karmic blocks, one of the biggest being a massive money block. See, my client… no matter how hard she tried… how hard she worked or how many hours she worked… money seemingly avoided her like the plague!

To make a long story short, we discovered that in a specific past life she had been poor and had a deep-routed anger and hatred for those who had more than her. Consequently, she was sending out a terrible message to the universe that money was bad and evil. She was doing this without realizing it.

She had decided prior to being born to correct this in this lifetime but did not realize it until our sessions. We had a healing session, helped her clear this block and move forward. As a result, she made a conscience choice to stop ‘hating' people with money.

Instead, she took the attitude that money and wealth was abundant and available to all. Best of all, she adopted the attitude that there is no need to compete, instead to simply create and manifest. Appreciate others, and in so doing, valuing herself more.

Result? She said to me in our last coaching call that she feels like a load has been taken off of her shoulders and the money is starting to roll in in small but significant ways. She added “I cannot believe the impact having such a negative attitude was from keeping me from money.”

Most Karmic Blocks Are Easy To Fix And Tweak

You were born to live a full and awesome life of abundance. You were not sent here to live a life of misery or struggle. Yes, we will have challenges and struggles, but once you grasp the reasoning behind what is going on in YOUR specific life, your life then becomes easier. Happier. More fulfilled.

Most karmic blocks are simple to resolve. In some cases, just acknowledging an issue helps. In other cases, understanding will bring contentment. Some karmic blocks will take work and healing work, of course, but it's important to realize this: when we come into this lifetime the blocks/challenges you face are lessons that you CAN get through!

That's what reincarnation is all about. Growing and healing.

While they might seem like they are impossible, you can and should embrace them with the knowledge that the faster you can get through them the happier your life will be! Embrace them, don't run from them!

Focus On Your Karmic Lessons

Am I suggesting that you not have fun in discovering your past lives? No, not at all! Discovering your past lives is both fun and fulfilling. What I am saying is just don't stop there… find out your karmic lessons and blocks so that you can start to immediately improve this incarnation! The sooner you do, the better off you'll be as well as all of those connected to you!

New Reincarnation Course

Do YOU want to discover your past lives and break through your karmic blocks? Check out my new course by CLICKING HERE today!

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  1. Nadia at - Reply

    I would love this webinar! I think it would be so very interesting!

  2. Ann-Marie at - Reply

    I would LOVE to learn more about past lives. I have my own theories about mine and would just love to learn more.

  3. Debra Staley at - Reply

    Would love to attend a free webinar on past lives!

  4. Debbie at - Reply

    I would LOVE to participate in this webinar if you go ahead with it, and really hope you do!! I would like it if you could show us how to go into a deep meditation to see into our past lives!

  5. Kim Carr at - Reply

    I often have a sense of deja vu and wondered if something in another lifetime.

  6. rebecca at - Reply

    Yes please blair 🙂 I would like to know how many times is the average times you would come back on the planet to live. I am very intrigued about past lives and how they effect on how you live today eg scared of water- you could have drowned in a past life etc.. love and light from perth Australia 🙂

  7. Betty Bennett at - Reply

    i lost my best friend husband aprtner in life march 31 2012 we were together 40 yrs married 37 of those 40 im so lost i keep asking for a sign that hes with me to guide me and i do think i may have been reincarnated as there are many places i have been that i swear ive been before or things ive seen before or done but in this life have never been or done or seen

  8. maureen mccarthy at - Reply

    sounds like a great idea how many of us have not had a sense of déjà I at least once?

  9. Lori Still at - Reply

    I have had many déjàvu moments. 3 years ago I relocated with my husband to another state and immediately several people in the area keep telling us they know us from some place and people look familiar to us as well but we don’t know why. Plus this new location feels more like home to me than the place I was born and raised. Did I live here and know these people before?

  10. Janet at - Reply

    Can we come back and have the same parents/kids?

  11. louise rogers at - Reply

    I’m curious, and would love to have a webinar!

  12. Becky Cotterman at - Reply

    I want to know how to tap into past lives! I would love to know all of them!

  13. Shari at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    That would be interesting, looking forward to it.

  14. Charlene Ryan at - Reply

    Do you think that our previous lives give cause to what our fears are in this life? I am very interested in reincarnation.

  15. Lynn at - Reply

    I would be very interested in learning about past lives. Thank you.

  16. Tony at - Reply

    Awesome idea for a webinar!! My question is do we have karma from past lives to deal with in this life..

  17. Lesia Hachey at - Reply

    Past life seminar would be awesome

  18. Clotilde Cadman at - Reply

    Would be most interesting to know.

  19. Mrs. Margaret Murphy at - Reply

    Do we come back the same sex as before and how long is it before we leave the Spirit World?

  20. Linda Henderson at - Reply

    What have our past lives been, and how do our past lives affect our current and future lives?

  21. Anna at - Reply

    Good Morning ,

    I would love to know because im having such a hard time here in this present life , i always ask myself what Karma em i paying for <3


  22. Shelly at - Reply

    Yes, I would like to hear about this as I don’t understand the concept. If our soul moves on when we die, why come back? It’s already great on the other side!

  23. Marie Klaszky at - Reply

    I would LOVE to listen to a webinar about this subject. I absolutely believe in re incarnation… I think we get sent back time and again to complete our souls journey of love and remembering. I would love to know how to find out who I was before, perhaps answering questions on some current life question.

  24. June Lasch at - Reply

    What is my purpose in this life

  25. Phil Angermaier at - Reply

    Past life information and experiences will benefit the US population. It is a subject that has been long suppressed by religion and lack of education. I first heard of it 33 years ago. Please get the information out to the population. Thank You Phil

  26. Michelle Leonard at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    Thanks so much for all that you do. We are all so lucky to have you. It would lbe so wonderful if you did a past life webinar. I would love to know how many lives I’ve lived and what/where they were. It would be great if you could direct us to past life regression facilitators too. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  27. Terry Everett at - Reply

    Yes, please do! I have been wondering about a little boy seemingly from the late 1800’s that I keep “remembering.

  28. suzanne zimbelman at - Reply

    Great… when do we start. ; )

  29. jeri switalski at - Reply

    Would love a webinar on this

  30. Rosemary at - Reply

    my brother in law passed away about 30 years ago, and now one of grandsons seems to be just like like him in his actions- is it possible that he would come back into the family in this way?

    also I had a very vivid dream once that I lived in Egypt I think it was, and was drowned, is this a way of connection with past lives?

  31. Lynn Gasbarino at - Reply

    I have always wondered why fire scares me – outside of the obvious, of course! I was told once that I previously died in a fire. I believe it because I used to dream of being caught in a fire. I would like to know if this is indeed true, or if it is an imagination!!

  32. suzanne zimbelman at - Reply

    No reply.. let’s get started. Sounds great

  33. Elesha Lambert at - Reply

    When getting an impression of a past live of others, is there any way to prove it happened?

  34. Mary at - Reply

    What kind of life was my past life? Does that past life interact or interfere with my present life?

  35. Sandra Seguin at - Reply

    Was I reincarnated? If so, how do I find out who I was?

  36. miranda at - Reply

    Yes. I would like to take part.

  37. Deb Parmalee at - Reply

    Would really like to know if my spirt lived on this earth before

  38. Tamara Taylor at - Reply

    Do we tend to reincarate in the same geographic locations (i.e. state, country, etc)?

    Is it true that we are in ‘soul groups’ on the other side? If so, how large are these groups?

    About how many years or generations are between our incarnations?

    Is our physical appearance altered greatly with each incarnation? Does the old adage, ‘The eyes are the windows to the soul’ refer to our eyes remaining the same in each lifetime?

    What do we do on the other side between our incarnations?

    Thanks for considering these questions, Blair!

  39. Nicole at - Reply

    I always knew im from past life because there are time I do something that I’ve never done on this time of my life and also I’ve always had this feeling something not quite human if you know what I mean thank you

  40. Nancy Turnbull at - Reply

    I believe in past live and sign me up on this webinar when you run it Blair.. I’ve been told I’m an very old soul.. and I have had a near death and all my past lives have come together as one.

    I find I don’t fit in with anything nor anyone strange to say.. it’s like I’m in two places at once here and in another life time wish I could take my cat and leave this plane for no one would miss me if I was gone..

    this past few years have been unbareable since 2011 lost my job and no work since lost my home as well have to live in a room with little food some days… life isn’t living anymore as you know it to be..

    the silly thing was I believed my loved one’s needed me and found out they didn’t and wish I’d stayed on the other side…

    isn’t life grand..

    blessing Nancy

  41. Sharon Fitzpatrick at - Reply

    i truly believe we have all been here before, but I’d like to know how it effects our current life and the people presently in our life. Are these same people always be in our past, present and our future? Thank you and God Bless.

  42. Sharon at - Reply

    Yes, want you to do a webinar on Past Lives/ Reincarnation. I have always thought I have lived a different life before. When I was around 6-7 when living in N.Y. we were on our way to Mississippi to visit with family, we were rerouted down another road due to work being done. I had my dad stop in front of a white 2 story house with a white picket fence around it. I described to my parents the exact layout of the house, the only thing my parents couldn’t confirm it! I knew that house and still see it today!
    So yes, please do a webinar on this subject! I will sign up most definitely!

  43. ElaineEvans at - Reply

    I would very much like to know if a past life affects the life we are living now.

  44. Maria Bruzzese at - Reply

    I would love for you to do a webinar on past lives

  45. Lori Bernth at - Reply

    I get migraines so I figure I had a head trauma in my past life.. is that possible? Do we carry Traumas over?

  46. Maggie at - Reply

    I would absolutely love a past life webinar! I know both myself and my hubby would gain a lot from it and it could possibly pull together some answers regarding who we are today! 🙂

  47. nadine at - Reply

    can we find out if we were reincarnated?…. and who we were in our previous life?

  48. Gail at - Reply

    How do I tell if and who I was in a past life?

  49. Lynda at - Reply

    I often wonder if present life experiences determine who were going to be in a ‘next life?’

    If ‘reincarnation’ is a real phenomenon, why would anybody want to come back as a killer or have mental illness??? The animal world has predator and prey and it seems, so do we.

  50. Scott at - Reply

    Hi, so ironic I recieve your email this morning about past life. Well, I am having a past life regression done today. Ive heared so much about it and I cant wait. Take care, Scott

  51. jacquie mcColl at - Reply

    I believe I have been here many times.
    My question is,
    The longing I have for another country, and the inability to feel I have a home, is it because I should return to where I have been in the past?
    Still looking for home.
    Jacquie M

  52. Sharon at - Reply

    Is our life we are living now, based on previous lives? Or like in a continuing lesson we are supposed to be learning or is it a different life lesson all together.

  53. Sherri Owen at - Reply

    I have always believed that we have a past life as well as return for more until we learn the lesson we were sent here for in the first place. There are times that I meet people and feel like Ive known them my whole life or known them before somehow. I would love to learn more about this subject so please yes do a webinar…Big hugs and have a fantastical day!!!

  54. pam dixon-hersey at - Reply

    I would love to join you on a reincarnation/past lives webinar, I am very interested in the subject I would love to know who I was before but I have never had the time to find out how. It would be interesting to know how to go about finding out how to do this

  55. Maria Tyo at - Reply

    I would just like to know who I was in a past life and will I be with them in Heaven?

  56. Leigh at - Reply

    how do we know its reincarnation and not false memories

  57. Linda McCleary at - Reply

    Does our last incarnation have more of a residual effect on our current personality than others? In doing past life regression, do the most recent incarnations come through first? How can one tell if a past life memory is really that and not some buried memory from this life, an old dream, or even a story or movie plot that we have seen and consciously forgotten?

  58. Lynn Parson at - Reply

    I would like to know if fears in this life generated from something that happened in a past life

  59. Scott at - Reply

    One more thing I would like to add. If you are interested in past lives, read the book, Flipside. Very interesting! Take care!

  60. Louise at - Reply

    I’ve been told I have had several past lives. I would like to be released from the blocks made with them to open my intuite in this life so I can truly live.

  61. Vicki at - Reply

    Yes! Very interested!

  62. Marianne Whisenhunt at - Reply

    Do you decide your next life? I believe you coome back to learn leasons not learned in previous lives and you keep coming back until you learn them.

  63. Leigh at - Reply

    look forward too it ty

  64. sharon staigvil at - Reply

    would love to attend

  65. Rohan Peiris at - Reply

    Hi Blair
    That will be a great Webinar. A British Psychic told me many years ago, that in my previous birth I was a Buddhist Monk in a monastery in(Nepal?)India. She told me I was killed with a sword or similar weapon whilst defending something valuable (I can not remember what it was now as this happened over 40 years ago). She said that the fatal blow was on my left shoulder and that I would be having a “Birth Mark” on my left shoulder marking the exact spot of. Imagine my shock when I un-buttoned my shirt buttons and found there was indeed such a birth-mark.

  66. Brenda at - Reply

    Could some of the issues I’m having now, be from cell memory of a past life?

  67. heba Ziba at - Reply

    Never tried before. But would love to hear one.

  68. Judith Clinton at - Reply

    I have had a past life regression and consequently have been able
    to explore that past life. I now see so many correlations to this life
    and my past life it has opened me up to a greater understanding of myself, my interests and my drives. In addition it has also created a lot of new questions about my past life that I would like to find the answers to because I believe it will also shed light on my current life, especially since the past life I am exploring is the one just before this life. So,
    yes, I would be very interested in what you have to say about past live in a webinar. Hopefully, I can attend. Thanks

  69. Coco at - Reply

    With the life we lead and live now…….Do we carry any negative energies from our past lives to our present and how do we learn, correct or change that?

  70. Patricia Starr at - Reply

    I would be very interested in a webinar about past lives.

  71. Deb Freeman at - Reply

    I wish to know what roles
    I played in previous lives.

  72. Debra Schreurs at - Reply

    I do believe in past lives.
    Reincarnation and past live
    Who am I? What was I doing before?

  73. Elva at - Reply

    I am just curious. I have met people that I immediately feel are much older than their chronological ages and I am always surprised that they don’t see it or feel it. I have always been curious as to why sometimes when I meet people there is that instant bond, maybe not forever but for a split second there is something really strong. So not really knowing if I believe or not I would like to delve into this thought process a bit more, thanks.

  74. Julie T at - Reply

    The souls that are chosen to reincarnate trying
    To better themselves through us?

  75. Sharon at - Reply

    Oh my goodness Blair, so many times in my life I’ve had that feeling I’ve been there before or had done something before I’d done it. If I’ve been here before why didn’t I bring some past experiences with me or perhaps I did but it was negative. Life may not have been so hard or give me a reason why I seek approval all the time. I just feel like I don’t fit in anywhere and floating through life with no goal but to make it to the next day or week.

  76. Chuck at - Reply

    Blair, I think this would be great – except rather than focusing on who or what we were in a past life like so many others do, I’d like to see a correlation as to how it affects us in the “here and now” and what we may have learned then is helping us grow now. So many past life webinars focus us on what we were, which may sound exciting – but in reality we shouldn’t focus on who we were in the past, but what we learned. Keep up the GREAT work!

  77. Cindy Rottacker at - Reply

    Would be very interested to find out about any past lives I have had & how to find out about them.
    Thank you!

  78. Chara at - Reply

    How to go back and see who we were in each life?

    Can we go back and change the bad stuff so our life now can be good, fun, worth living, loving and successful?

    Back many years ago some people or families were cursed for some reason. Is there anyway to go back and break the curse, change it so it will stop ruining lives down through each generation?

    Do you believe that people that experience a life of pain, sickness, many deaths of loved ones, being poor, always a sad unsuccessful life, and die a tormented death by the hand of someone else is a curse of generations or past lives?

    Is “Deja Vu” things we have lived before and that’s why it feels like we’ve done it before?

    I’ve heard that we live past lives and other lives at the same time (Some times), that they have been known to over lap, is that true? And could you ever see or meet the other life at any point? If so, would you or could you know its yourself?

    Is there anyway or possible that you could leave a letter to yourself that will come next, where would you leave it, or how could you do that so you can talk to yourself and tell yourself certain things that will help the next life you will live? SO your next you will know things that will help them have a much better life.

    When you meet someone for the first time and feel as if you have met them before, or know them from somewhere but can’t put your finger on it, is that someone from a past life and that’s why you feel that way and think or feel as if you know them?

    Is it safe to regress yourself into your past life?

    Do we actually have to keep coming back many in many lives until we learn the lessons we’re suppose to learn or get to get it right? And who is setting the rules for the lessons we’re suppose to be learning?

    Is it true we pick our families before coming back each time and actually pick what lesson we’re suppose to learn?

    Is it true that some times when we come back we stay in the same family but one time we might be the mother to your mother, then next time the father and next time you might be the grandmother, etc but stay in the same family but rotating from one family member to another?

    I know you said one question, but I think about this stuff all the time and have many more question about this. I hope to learn more about all this and can learn how to fix all the bad and wrongs in the past so the now is better, to live a more fulfilled life now. To maybe fix or come to terms with things so we can let it go now and live out our lives in peace, with peace of mind now. Thank you Blair! Many Blessings, Chara

  79. Dee Boult at - Reply

    Do our past lives carry forward into our present lives?

  80. Donna Wilson at - Reply

    Yes would like to know more of past lives…

  81. Cathy at - Reply

    When I was young I had a lot of feelings like I was at that place or time before. I don’t get that anymore? is that because maybe as being young, I was more in tuned with what happened in my past?

  82. Joanne Hockey at - Reply

    I have always been curious about past lives. I had dreams about really weird, and at the same time feel so real. I just want to know how to figure out what lives I have lived.

  83. Shelly at - Reply

    Good Morning from very Cold Manitoba Canada!! Do how we have passed in previous lives, create the fears or phobias we carry in our currents life?
    Thanks Shelly

  84. Nancy at - Reply

    If we are reincarnated how long in between, till our soul goes into a new body & how many times can we be reincarnated?

  85. diana at - Reply

    Blair, unfortunatly, I don’t have interet at home. Funny, you would bring this topic up. I, do, believe in reincarnation. My question is if you go to Heaven, which life do you end up living? I would like a respone but could you please respond to my email. Thank you and God Bless

  86. Mollie Mihalik at - Reply

    Hi Blair, I’m definitely interested in a webinar about past lives!! I’ll be
    There for sure!
    Thanks, Mollie

  87. Karen Kuchcinski at - Reply

    Yes, I would definitely be interested in a “PAST LIVES” webinar.

    Thank You,
    Karen Kuchcinski

  88. Claudia at - Reply

    I would very much like a series of webinars on the subject of reincarnation beginning w/the connection between reincarnation and karma. Specifically, how karma comes to play w/the actions of past and present lives and how your works of the life prior are destined and not completely in your control as a result of these past actions. Thank you.

  89. Judy at - Reply

    Absolutely, do this please!!! This has to be one of my favorite topics. I’ve read all books, except the most recent, by Dr. Weiss. Is there a way to pick the time frame or do you just, take what you get?

  90. Gabriella at - Reply

    Fabulous idea!!! How do we break the cycle if something tragic happened in a previous life so that we can stop it from happening again in this lifetime? (example: recurrent miscarriage or loss of a young child).


  91. Amanda B at - Reply

    Is it truly beneficial to us, to know of our past lives? Are we truly meant to remember them?
    Excited for this opportunity. Hugz from me to you 🙂

  92. Marie at - Reply

    is it real?
    how can you tell what is from your past life or a dream?
    how does it affect our future?

  93. Lisa Jankelow at - Reply

    Would be very interested!!!!!

  94. Raajew at - Reply

    Would love to know more about it Blair. Look forward to the Webinar. Cheers

  95. Kathleen Harkness at - Reply

    Sounds very exciting, count me in.blessed be!

  96. linda at - Reply

    Just curious to know if some of my dreams have anything to do with reincarnation as I have never been to the places before yet I see these places now and quite often

  97. Peggy Wilkinson at - Reply

    No question, just want to attend. Thank you.

  98. Susie Voelake at - Reply

    Would be very interested.

  99. Wanda J, Lembo at - Reply

    I would be very interested to find out about my past lives.

  100. Terri-Lynn Burgess at - Reply

    I think it would be fascinating to learn about past lives. It would help in learning why people have certain fears or why they are drawn to specific things.

  101. chrissy at - Reply

    Great idea Blair, I was so excited as well to see the interest on this topic as well if you noticed (lol) I made great connections. I believe from what I had seen from the responses there were two common themes of questions. How many lives did I live? and how one past live can input the present life, such as fears, phobia, repetitive action and getting the same results and blocks. Since my NDE/cleansing as well a kundalini awakening the people I am assisting, the latter one is the most important to cover.
    (Would love one day to do a webinar with you via skpe and let people know what a NDE feels like and do Q@A’s with you.) In my 7th house this year and this is my year to shine! :-)….. I am loving your 2014 approach to connecting. Great vibes on your pages. Hi to Wendy and have a awesome day.

  102. Sue at - Reply

    I have been told I lived in a past life, I would like to know if it’s true and if Jack is part of it. Thank you. Sue

  103. Lisa Deane at - Reply

    I would very much like to here your thoughts on the topic. I had a past life regression many. many years ago but don’t think I every used the information I learned from the regression.

    I did tune into your webinar a few weeks ago but had family here and they interrupted too much for me to gain any insight into what you were presenting. Friends who listened in found it helpful to them.


  104. Terri-Lynn at - Reply

    I think it would be fascinating to learn about past lives. It would help in figuring out why people have certain fears or why they may be drawn to specific things.

  105. Michelle at - Reply

    I’ve always felt that I’ve had previous lives, with some very specific feelings of some. Why is it that people do not recall with clarity those lives?

  106. Kesha Renée at - Reply

    I am an intelligent woman, however I know things that I a have not experienced in this life. And I see flashes of “memories” that I did not live. I am very interested in this topic.

  107. Meghan Draper at - Reply

    I would dearly love for you to reinforce that ALL of us have lived before; that we reincarnate to experience not only for ourselves, but for the Godhead, too!


  108. Sanantha at - Reply

    I’m very interested in reincarnation/past lives. I’ve always wondered what I did in my past life and what i looked like, if I was an animal and how i died. I’d love to know more about it

  109. Lenna at - Reply

    I would love to see a free past life reading

  110. Cheryl Osten at - Reply

    I would like to know what is my past life but I will not be able it understand if using webinar without closed captions for I am deaf and partly blind.. Then how will that work???

  111. Patricia at - Reply

    I wonder if you dream about your past lives?

  112. Suzanne at - Reply

    It’s a very interesting topic.

  113. Kit Sauer at - Reply

    I knew in my heart, from a very young age(3-4),that I had lived before. I also had an experience when I was 9 when my grandfather was taking my mother and sister and I across country to visit his mother for the first time. It was in the Midwest, farming country, I said “I’ve been here before”. My mother chuckled and said “I don’t think so”. I said “there is a barn over this hill on the left side of the road that has a hip roof, big double doors and corrals on one side”. As we crested the hill and the barn appeared my mother and grandfather just looked at each other silently!
    My questions are; 1. Are De’Javus glimpses of past lives? 2. Why have they diminished in quantity as I’ve grown older when I had so many when I was a child?

  114. sherry caroon at - Reply

    If we do come back, how many times?

  115. kathy at - Reply

    Yes, This would be very interesting

  116. Tina Khera at - Reply

    I’ve always wanted to know what positions/careers/interests I’ve held in past lives and how it shapes who we are today. This is a great and helpful idea, and I look forward to learning about the subject further. Thank you.

  117. Russell Hilder at - Reply

    That would be great….don’t know how it works but should be very interesting.

  118. Karen Cavanagh at - Reply

    Yes!! Extremely interested in this subject!!

  119. Kristi kindberg at - Reply

    I would like to know why I keep repeating the same mistakes. Why is it some people I feel I’ve known forever when maybe I just met them.

  120. Dawne Howes at - Reply

    I would LOVE this webinar!!! Commented on your FB post about how I’d be curious to find out if my fear of the ocean is due to past life or if this is something new to this one 🙂 I also wonder if patterns I have in this life are related to a past one. I did some hokey iPhone app that has past life stuff in it, and while I’m not so sure about the circumstances of my past lives that it came up with, I was surprised at how it did hit upon some definite struggles that I have and possible explanations. Really appreciate you teaching us all so much about all of this stuff Blair, it means so much.

  121. Randy S. Beattie at - Reply

    I have had this done by Brian Weiss, and it is amazing

  122. Signe at - Reply

    I am interested in the concept of karma carrying forward in our lives; that we evidently “choose” our parents and that we “sign up” for the lives we lead. How can/does this “contract” we make before we are born mesh with our own free will?

  123. Sharon Moir at - Reply

    I would love to know how do we find out about past lives we’ve lived. Is there any way to confirm information we have discovered? I’ve never done self hypnosis, how do iaccomidh that?

  124. Lana at - Reply

    Would love a seminar on reincarnations

  125. Laura perfetti at - Reply

    I would love to know about past liives and how many can a person live? I know I have lived in a different time before which Mars me wonder if I can feel that, are there more time’s I have lived and don’t remember.?

  126. Signe at - Reply

    I have listened to your webinar about connecting to our spirit guides and loved ones, but at the end of the session there is no button on my ipad to “buy” or “sign up”

  127. kathy broughton at - Reply

    i have strong feelings about Charleston S C my sister lived there and i had relatives that lived there i think i was a slave there and was some form of help in one of the plantations i went in fort Sumter and i had strong feelings while playing in there back the kids were able to play in there

  128. Carol Castille at - Reply

    I’ve always been interested in past lives – I’m on the fence on whether I believe it or not. If you were to do a webinar I definitely would be interested in it. I’ve been to a few psychics who have told me some of my past lives so I would love to know others. Thanks for doing this for us – and free, too!

    • Carol Castille at - Reply

      I’ve always been interested in past lives – I’m on the fence on whether I believe it or not. If you were to do a webinar I definitely would be interested in it. I’ve been to a few psychics who have told me some of my past lives so I would love to know others. Thanks for doing this for us – and free, too!

  129. MaryBeth at - Reply

    How long, after you pass, before you can “come back”?
    This has nothing to do with this subject, but I have to ask…..
    I believe when it’s your time to “go”,it’s your time, however,what if you are murdered????? Is that in your chart?

  130. Donna Faulkner at - Reply

    I feel that I have had other lives but would love to know more.

  131. Elaine Morris at - Reply

    I would be very interested in learning about past lives

  132. ROBIN PIERCE at - Reply


  133. Karin Stenius at - Reply

    To learn what I need to know to understand what I am going through now

  134. Joan at - Reply

    I’m very interested in finding out about my past lives. I know I’ve had several. Let me know if you get enough people interested and when you will have the webinar. Thanks, Joan

  135. Marta Dupuis at - Reply

    Oh this sounds so cool would love that information!!!!

  136. Jeanne at - Reply

    I have always believed in reincarnation. I have one daughter who was born very unknowing and one daughter born with all the knowledge she will ever need. I believe one to be an old soul and one to be a very new one.

  137. Kat H at - Reply

    I would love to hear your webinar! I’ve always been told that I am “an old soul”. Would love to learn how to gain knowledge about that

  138. Lise Guindon at - Reply

    How many lives can one person have and how far back in time can we have lived.

  139. Judy Anifrani at - Reply

    I would be interested to learn why we reincarnate, how do we choose each life.

  140. Mary McAdam at - Reply

    I know that your family is part of the group that you come back with, but what about friends that you meet? Sometime, it is for a short time, but people that you know have an amazing affect on your life.

  141. Judi at - Reply

    I am interested in reincarnation and who I was and what I went through….why people act and feel as they do in this life now….and what bearing previous lives had upon us…

  142. Lise Guindon at - Reply

    Also, Can what we did in pass lives affect this life time.

  143. Helmut Brodbeck at - Reply

    Looking forward to your free webinar about reincarnation. What hour ( time ) it will be in Thailand, where I am at present, until the end of Janauary ? Greetings from Germany

  144. sandy at - Reply

    i’m not sure but if its true i dont want another life this one has been too hard. just let me rest. thanks for all you do Blair it gives me hope:)

  145. Debby at - Reply

    If we would make contact with someone from our past life would we know them. Ex: a child that crossed over & is reincarnated- would they know their family?

  146. Betty Holsen at - Reply

    My understanding is that we keep reincarnating until we get it right, so to speak. But, how can we know how many lives we have lived before?

  147. Kay at - Reply

    How can we recognize people we have known in past lives ?

  148. Judy Krausser at - Reply

    I definitely believe in reincarnation & would love to learn more.

  149. Marie Scott at - Reply

    Interested in knowing about new and old souls.

  150. Barbara at - Reply

    I think it would be fascinating to learn what my past lives were,what lessons I learned then, and what lessons I have brought forward to learn in this life.

  151. Kathy at - Reply

    Hi Blair, I do believe in past lives, I have a cat that we were together in a past life, and now we are together again! My question is how do we know what blocks we have carried forward from another lifetime??


  152. Kathleen Hunt at - Reply

    Very interested

  153. Mary Jane German at - Reply

    Why are you attracted to a person so much both male or female, even though they are married or in a committed relationship. Does it mean you were connected in a past life somehow?

  154. Kathleen at - Reply

    Been trying to participate, but Saturdays I’m working. Can you schedule in the evening or during the week?

  155. Jhanet at - Reply

    I would love to know if i have a past life, i been wondering this almost all my life. I always wonder if i was some kind of wish or something related to this. Who was i before? All of this is do interesting to me.

  156. donna at - Reply

    I would like to know who I was in a past life and why I am like I am

  157. Irene Wraight at - Reply

    would love to learn about past life and reincarnation

  158. Brenda at - Reply

    Hi Blair, Very interested. I work evenings and would be happy to particpate if it were in the AM before 11:00. Thx

  159. Margaret at - Reply

    How past lives affect us in today’s present life is my biggest question.

  160. donna at - Reply

    I am so interested in past lives and if I lived befor

  161. Micki at - Reply

    I’m very interested in my past lives as well as reincarnation and how we know these things

  162. lena davis at - Reply

    Never really thought about it about myself . But have wondered about a few people I have known in my life were. But it would be interesting I’m sure.

  163. Jhanet at - Reply

    Sorry i wanted to say witch not wish.

  164. Vivian at - Reply


    I have always been interested in past lifes/reincarnation. As a spiritualist I believe in life after death and reincarnation. I would enjoy hearing your insights on that subject.

    One question comes to mind that I have read once.
    Q: Is someone, that reincarnate say in this lifetime, their own ancestor from another lifetime?

    Love Peace & Joy

  165. Connie Tucker at - Reply

    Why do some people remember a past life and most of us do not?

    I would LOVE to attend your webinar!

  166. Linda at - Reply

    Yes, this is a field that has always amazed me and I do believe we have been here before. I look forward to you seminar.

  167. Barbara Bezeau at - Reply

    When faced with a recurring dilemma from a past life. How to resolve it once and for all.

  168. anya laurence at - Reply

    I would be very interested in learning more about reincarnation, having had a few regressions from practitioners in my life.It had always fascinated me and in my own life there have been too many “coincidences” and feelings that I have known ccrtain people before.
    Please do it!
    Thank you.

  169. Deanna Grant VanSnick at - Reply

    I would LOVE to attend this webinar Blair. One question I have is ….If a loved one dies , you say they will always be around us. As mediums; you guys connect with them , have conversations. What if the deceased one , reincarnates 6 months or a year after death ? Some mediums contact people that have been dead for 30 years, you really think that person wouldn’t of been reincarnated long before then.If I want to connect with someone who has been reincarnated , how will you know? Getting off the subject , I have 1 more question…I understand all about people dying and coming back as “ghosts”…what I don’t understand is how their clothing comes with them. Don’t we leave all material things here when we pass away? Thank you for your time. Deanna V.

  170. jane at - Reply

    i would like to know how many past lives we can have and if each of those spirits would still be in heaven.

  171. Louise at - Reply

    I would love to learn more to see if it can help with what’s happening in the Now

  172. Debbie at - Reply

    I absolutely want to know as I have certain fears about things and I want to know why. There are things I have been told about my past life which completely makes sense. I am struggling with certain issues right now that I feel goes back to a prior life!

    I cannot wait to attend this webinar!’

  173. Kim Phillip. at - Reply

    yes I would love to know what I did wrong in my past live(s) to have such a hard time in this life.

  174. Donna Grimes at - Reply

    I have always had a vision of self as a 6 ft. tall lean man with piercing eyes, dark curly hair….pleasing to the eye. I am a 4’9″ female with un-portioned parts…Not pleasing to self…betrayed in Love 27 yrs ago and know I will always be alone… I feel this is a punishment from a previous life ?????? Do we get punished for the acts we do in a previous life ??? JUS WONDERIN….

  175. Rosemary at - Reply

    I have had a past life regression with only a little success. I believe that I have also read every book by Dr. Weiss.

    How come some people easily regress?

    What blocks someone that they are not regressing?

  176. Marlene Mayfield at - Reply

    Yes, I am very interested in my past lives. who was I? What do I have to make up for? whom must I make up to?

  177. Mia Hawkins at - Reply

    Yes very interested!!!! :-]

  178. Marlene Mayfield at - Reply

    this will be an interesting Webinar. Have done some past live meditation and was shocked. Thanks for this service.
    Marlene Mayfield

  179. Maureen Olson at - Reply

    I would love to know what issues or problems I may have brought over from any of my past life’s It would be of great help to learn what I need to release so I can be successful in my present life.

  180. Sharon Vining at - Reply

    I believe in reincarnation. I know that I have had several past lives and would be very interested in your thoughts on the subject.

  181. Candida Ayala-Argueta at - Reply

    Si Creo. Y sueño en lugares que nunca he estado . Como por Ejemplo soñé en un lugar pobre gente viviendo en una gran pobresa . Un día pase en un lugar bien pare sido al que soñé ., y en otros lug ares que no he pasado . Sorry my English Is to poor to describe all this . Woul you please maybe some body transliter to you . Thanks

  182. Kristina Redstone at - Reply

    I would like to know how to even begin to understand my past lives. Can I start down that path by myself or do I need to see someone who specializes in past life regression.

  183. Nancy at - Reply

    How do past lives affect our current lives?

  184. Cammie Lewis at - Reply

    Is earth pergatory? Are we sent back in order to right our wrongs from the
    previous life?

  185. Becky at - Reply

    Yes on the reincarnation webinar

  186. sheila goessling at - Reply

    I don’t feel I have lived many times before, if at all. I am intuitive and I just don’t receive it.

  187. Cindy Talley at - Reply

    I am very interested in learning how remembering past lives will help me in this incarnation. I have always been fascinated by this subject.

  188. sheila goessling at - Reply

    My husband who has passed, use to dream all the time of his past lives. He felt this was maybe my first time being here. Possible?

  189. Toni Schenk at - Reply

    What are the signs of someone who has lived a past life?

  190. marjorie at - Reply

    do we recognize someone from a past life

  191. Cheryl Brogan at - Reply

    Hi Blair! I would absolutely love for you to do a webinar on reincarnation/past lives. I have always been fascinated with it and read about it all the time. I don’t know if I have a specific question, but like everyone else I am curious about any past lives that I’ve had. When I traveled with my parents to Copenhagen I felt like I belonged there. What a lovely thought if it were true! Thank you for all of your posts and I ready each and every one!

  192. Jacqueline Nairn at - Reply

    I believe that we reincarnate into lives on earth in order to perfect our soul for God. I am very interested in learning how to learn about my past lives; how to access that information from my soul. I certainly hope you schedule this webinar on a night that I don’t have other obligations. I am very much looking forward to this webinar. Thank you Blair for everything you do to help us learn about ourselves and connecting to the other side.

  193. Pat Drouillard at - Reply

    I think in my past live that I must of laughed or mocked somebody that worked as a cleaner because now I am a washroom cleaner.

  194. Kris Meinert at - Reply

    I would love to attend this webinar for past lives. I so believe that we have them and other people we meet in this have been in our past lives. What explains déjà vu and the feeling that you know so one from somewhere! I so would love to attend to learn more

  195. mary wagner at - Reply

    hi Blair, I am interested in past life and reincarnation webinar, thanks mary

  196. caroline at - Reply

    I would love to participate in this. I hope I can find out who I was in past lives. Would love to hear from you.

  197. Beth Ballistrea at - Reply

    I’ve been told once that often we carry over from lifetime to lifetime evidence of some of our past lives. For example: asthma could be from a past life occurance involving breathing restriction such as previous asphyxiation or phobias, a goal to overcome in this lifetime. My question: how far back can these situations to be resolved go?

  198. ann trewin at - Reply

    I think I have lived in a past life I just need to know how past lives effect my present life;

  199. Joyce Jones Chandler at - Reply

    Who was I before, and what will I be after.

  200. Iva from S Carolina. at - Reply

    Yes, would like a webinar. I have been interested in past lives for long time.I have never been sure about past life being a real deal.

  201. Yvonne Tabaracci at - Reply

    I’d like to know if I was a lightworker in a previous life and was I killed for it…

  202. elizabeth at - Reply

    yes i do believe in past lives and no im not sure ifi have lived a past life would like for u to give a free seminar on this topic .Did i live in past life and i wander what i was amd how life was for me then was i a animal ,a bird or a human being thank u blair hav a happy day

  203. Jackie Paul-Stevens at - Reply

    I have a fantastic relationship with my husband. Always have, I feel like I have known him forever. I know that I have. I want to know if this is something a person can figure out through regression therapy?

  204. Carol Castille at - Reply

    I’ve been told that I worked with Nostrabomus and that I was a “Madam” in the Wild West. Would like to know of any other past lives.

  205. jennah at - Reply

    Yes I would love to have a webinar about past lives! It is such an interesting topic and I would love to explore it more. Thank you

  206. kellie at - Reply

    Yes! Awesome idea, would love it, Blair!

  207. Kristine Converse at - Reply

    Hello Blaire… Here is my past life question:

    Do we stay with the same family/friends throughout our past, present, and future lives?

    Thank you,

  208. Shirley at - Reply

    My husband cannot watch a Holocaust movie without crying, is totally mesmerized by WWII, I know he is too old to have been part of it (he’s 67) but I always think somewhere along the way in a prior he was affected by the event, is this something that happens?

  209. Christa Hedrick at - Reply

    I am certain, have always been certain that I have had past lives. I was regressed once, but not in a private setting and have always wanted to be regressed again. I would very much like for you to do a webinar.


  210. Melodie at - Reply

    Yes. please do it as people need tobe informed about this belief and then they will understand why they are learning the lessons in this life, my question? how , in a past life does my first love relate to me and w hy doi stillhave gfeelings forhim after 48 years. we see one another intermittenly and he is quite famous and i am also well known but even th he promised to marry me….he didn;t . i am 9 years younger than he, thanks.

  211. Linda Price at - Reply

    YES! I would be very interested in this! I was just talking about this last night with some family members. I do believe in it, I think there is too much eveidence out there not to.
    I would love to learn more about it.

  212. Linda Price at - Reply

    I guess my biggest question would be how could you tell if you had lived a previous life our not, if there is a way. Are there signs?

  213. Misty at - Reply

    I want to know how you can tell what or who you were in a past life. How do you know?

  214. Cheryl at - Reply

    I think it would be very interesting as a topic for a Webinar. One question that comes to mind is does everyone have a past life or lives?

  215. April Pechickjian at - Reply

    I’ve always wondered if people could reincarnate back as animals?

  216. Jacqueline Plante at - Reply

    Very interested in this topic! I have always had an unnatural “fear” of having my back exposed; to a room full of people, in my office to the door, even sleeping and am wondering if this is indicitave of some past trauma in a previous life! Can’t wait for your webinar!


  217. Lisa at - Reply

    I think if we could figure out what happended in our past kives that affect us now we could get past some of the axiety…. Like being closterphobic!!

  218. Karen at - Reply

    Yes, I would like to know more about past lives.

  219. Norella Pilling at - Reply

    I know I am starting to have numerous past life regressions and have lived numerous ones, so please do a seminar. It will help me to understand what I am going through now. Please.

  220. Marsha at - Reply

    I’ve been to one of these and it was on for a few seconds and then went off and couldn’t get it back on.

  221. Patty Mellowship at - Reply

    I believe in everlasting life, so for me, it’s a ” no brainer “.
    I love to hear & learn what others have experienced. To me ther
    is no end, just different realms. ” My Father’s house has many
    rooms”. Love & Light

  222. mary at - Reply

    Can I remove certain blocks by knowing what happened in my previous life? I want to be self eloyed and have many blocks in my life. I was in love once, but it just seems that no matter what I do, I don’t get help from others and I cannot fall in love again. I would like to, but there are b
    Rocks as well as in losing weight too. Why? How can I get past that?

  223. Pat Holst at - Reply

    Reincarntion is a fascinating subject
    I would like to learn about accessing lessons of past lives

  224. Marsha at - Reply

    I do believe we lived before and after this life too. We learn from every life we live. I’m really interested in this and would love to hear about it.
    So please fill me in on it. Thank you so much. God Bless You and your Family always.

  225. danielle manor at - Reply

    is there a way we can recognize signs of our past lives.

  226. mary at - Reply

    Can I remove certain blocks in my life? I want to be self employed, lose weight and find love and get married. How can I get past these blocks?

  227. Cathy Myers at - Reply

    I would love to hear more about past lives especially since I’ve been told I was a witch in my past life. I really want to hear about it from someone I trust and I believe I can trust you. Thank you:)

  228. Alana at - Reply

    I am definitely interested in learning some of my past lives. I want to know WHY I do some things I do …due to cell memory of my past lives.
    Thank you!

  229. Maryanne Brown at - Reply

    Are the webinars available at any time? I work most nights and cannot take part in anything that is scheduled on those nights, but I can download and watch at a more convenient time. Is that possible?

    I am very interested in this topic, so I truly hope that I can work something out. However, I am a teacher and I have classes scheduled for three nights a week as well as Saturday mornings.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed~

    Thanks ~~ Maryanne Brown

  230. sonia singh at - Reply


  231. Louise Casey at - Reply

    My question is: Reincarnation, are you repeating lives to learn a specific lesson. If so, how can we pin point our lessons we must learn?

  232. Sharon at - Reply

    A webinar on reincarnation would be a fascinating subject to explore. Teaching people how to get in touch with their past lives and more importantly Trusting those dreams, cell memories or thought experiences could be helpful to many people. Also what lessons keep coming up in those lives, for me it’s love, living with an unconditional open heart.

    I really enjoyed your last webinar getting in touch with your spirit guides, and I look forward to this one as well. I know you can’t please all the people all the time, but if you hold the webinar at night could you do it on the weekend, Saturday night? I work nights and it’s impossible to get off the floor for an hour of privacy when at work.

    Thanks for all you do.

    In love and light,


  233. walter at - Reply

    My question would be: how can I check or find out how past lives are affecting my this life…????

    thank you and looking forward to your webinar

  234. Shelley at - Reply

    Yes please as want to identify the lessons I didn’t learn in previous life they may be repeating in this lifetime thanks

  235. Sharon Wyatt at - Reply

    I have done alot of reading about past lives, and I find the subject very interesting. So I would very much enjoy your webinar on the subject. Looking forward to learning all that I can.

  236. Randi-kay at - Reply

    I feel like I have a old soul. I like old things especially victorian times, the old houses, clothing, maybe I have lived then??

  237. annepeffers at - Reply

    i would just like to know what i was like in past lives what type of work did i do was i poor or rich my maiden name is callison and my dob is 17-05-1939 thankyou and keep up your good work god bless

  238. sandra at - Reply

    Hi Blair
    what an interesting subject my question on reincarnation is does wrong doing from a previous life affect this life and how would one put it right

  239. frances at - Reply

    Is it possible to dream of past lives?

  240. geri at - Reply

    Can we be held back in this life from trying to deal with a tragic past life. When I was 31 I had a traumatic brain injury and started to have dreams. Now 20 years later still working on what I can do to move past that life. Feeling stuck. Just wish I could go back in time and see what I need.

  241. Joanne Boyse at - Reply

    How do past lives influence our present lives?

  242. Bridget at - Reply

    Yes I would love for you to do a free webinar on past lives/ reincarnation. I really believe what happened in past lives is affecting my current one. If I could just find out some info it may help break whatever is standing in my way of happier times & a peaceful life.

  243. Barbara at - Reply

    very very interested!! Please do…

  244. Linda Martinelli mowery at - Reply

    I think it makes sense to learn to do what is right if we don’t do it the first time around. I always felt that I lived in Tudor times and also nazi germany. Also holland Why? Don’t know but sometimes I get a smell or déjà vie and I don’t know exactly why it’s famiar.

  245. Nancy at - Reply

    After this big ” learning event”, I’ve been working on trying to see my past lives and “the blue print”,,,I need to connect the dots to see how and who I was so my puzzle is all finally connected. I love your Christmas webminar, so this would be very helpful. I know we cannot doubt what we “think” we see,,,but I want to do it the right way and not analyzing too much my information (still the earth thinking mind trying to process :-)).

  246. Liz and Mary Ann at - Reply

    My friend and I are very interested in a webinar on past lives and reincarnation. So please count this email as 2 people. Thanks so much and very much looking forward to this.

  247. Vicki Bell at - Reply

    I am wondering if you come back/reincarnated, does your past family members come with you or past loves? And if you were rich in one life are you poor in the next?

    Sorry I have to many questions, like who was I married to in the past vs this time, who were my parents or kids.. where did I live, where am I buried?

  248. sherrie at - Reply

    A webinar on reincarnation would be awsome. I would like to know if some of my traits are from a past life.

  249. Maureen at - Reply

    I would love to know how I can tap into that part of my mind to learn more about my past lives and the lessons I am meant to learn in this one!

  250. Dolly at - Reply

    I am so interested in past lives,, I remember 2 of them thx for all you do
    I have so many questions,,I will tune in

  251. Gail Odber at - Reply

    I truly believe I have had past lives. There have been dreams and feelings of things that tell me I have lived before. I have been told this is my last life but it is far from ideal so I can’t see that. I believe this is my first life where I have had children. All past lives feel like they were short and never had children. It is something I have wanted to explore but was told that it could be dangerous and could be trapped in that life or time and not return to this one. Thank you for your gift.

  252. Kelly Lalonde at - Reply

    I would love to learn more about my past lives. I am sure I have had many, but would like to learn who in this life I have shared lives with in the past. I figure it will help me better understand some of my more complex relationships. I’ll be anxiously awaiting any seminars you give on this topic, for sure!

  253. tina at - Reply

    would love to know about past lives…future would be even better..:P

  254. Ginny at - Reply

    Hi Blair,
    I would love to here a webinar on past lives please, this has always fascinated me, I have been regressed once and have done several regression meditations, I also know that I have carried forward cellular memory in my bodies some physical some emotional, which I have had to deal with in this lifetime,
    I’m always interested to here more on this subject
    Thank you
    Ginny jones

  255. lis gibson at - Reply

    Would love to see you do something on Reincarnation….being a fellow Etobicokean have you ever read or heard of Ian Curries book called “You Cannot Die”….it’s from the 70’s and he was a professor of parapsychology at the University of Guelph…it’s an interesting read. Thanks, Lis Gibson, Chandler, Arizona

  256. ChelSea at - Reply

    I would be interested in this

  257. Luz Estrada at - Reply

    When I was little I constantly dreamed of being in the middle of a war. And having to run to hide from gun shots. It was such a vivid dream. I actually felt myself there. It would really be an awsome opportunitt to be able to be a part of the webinar. Thanks and Take Care

  258. cessie de mattos at - Reply

    I have been told that I have lived at least 56 lifetimes prior to this one. A well known psychic gave me a reading and told me this was my final journey here unless I choose otherwise. However, with a couple of examples,of past lives, he couldn’t give me any details. He also said that my father had reincarnated somewhere in Europe, but that I’d never find him and that he would die young. I wasn’t trying to find him. Anyhow, I wanted to know how often the family in our many lives return in a new life?
    Thanks, Blair

  259. sheree greek at - Reply

    My question would be- What is the easiest way to connect and learn from my past life experiences?

    I have been to mediums and hypno-therapists that have given me information about past lives, some of it rings true some of it does not. I would like to have process that speaks to me.

    Thanks Blair

  260. Rose at - Reply

    I’m sure you are good at what you do, but seem to be geared for the wealthy with your astronomical fees.

  261. Laurie at - Reply

    Hi Blair,
    Yes, I am very much interested.

  262. Denise at - Reply


  263. Diana Pogue Morgan at - Reply

    I’d like to know if ALL souls were divided at the same time, and if we reincarnate into the same family with each incarnation?
    I had a dream, that my brother was my son, my father and my uncle. I woke up so confused?

    Thank you Blair for sharing your knowledge with us,


  264. Dee Connolly at - Reply

    I would love to investigate into my past lives. I have a feeling about me and my interests in this lifetime.

  265. NEIMAH RAY at - Reply




  266. Lynda at - Reply

    If reincarnation actually exists, do we get to choose who we come back as?

  267. tricia at - Reply

    Yes please, Blair, I have some very strange examples of de ja vu that date back as far as 4 years old, (over 15 times that now!) would really love to know if their could have been a previous existence.
    And, one hears stories of kids that die in a n awful accident and a few years later, Mum gives birth to another child ….that mirrors the lost one, what is this.
    And why do I have this dreadful fear of masks???????? Something in my very early years???????????? or a past life??????????

  268. Deb Gruber at - Reply

    I have always felt that we are drawn to certain time periods because we probably lived during that time and it’s comfortable for us. My questions is… is that accurate?

  269. Diane at - Reply

    Hi Blair, yes this would be interesting

  270. Shellie at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    Thanks so much for your help in this life! Would love to attend should you have the webinar on reincarnation. No question, thanks for asking. Namaste!

  271. Cheryl at - Reply

    Thanks Blair,

    I’d love to know about past lives and how we can determine who we were and how many times we were here before.

  272. Toni at - Reply

    Yes id be very keen. I think some if not all of the anxiety im living with has filtered through from anpast life

  273. Julie at - Reply

    I have a sense of things, people, etc… Also a lot of de ja vu that makes no sense to me. I am extremely curious if this stems from previous lives or if not, then what?

  274. PatN at - Reply

    yes, please.

  275. Dawn Moriarty at - Reply

    Definitely a great idea for a webinar! 🙂

  276. Vickey Miller at - Reply

    I would love to know about my past lives …how many I have had …was my husband in any of my past lives …we feel like soul mates ….

  277. Julia Tucker at - Reply

    Yes, please include me. I feel like I was a child in an orphanage or maybe ran an orphanage in a past life…Just from dreams I’ve had over many years…Thanks

  278. susan at - Reply

    I am definitely interested!!!!! how many lives do we have? do we stay in spirit form for a certain amount of time? thanks!

  279. Denise at - Reply

    Yes I do believe in past lives and have always wondered if we keep with the same people through all our lives and if so what is the reason for it.

  280. Renee at - Reply

    Yes! I have done a few past life regressions that I find helpful in terms of knowing why you love/loathe the people you encounter.
    In addition, I would love to explore my “fear of heights” ..probing deeper might alleviate or hopefully release this fear!
    Thanks, do it!

  281. Christel at - Reply

    I absolutely do believe!!

  282. Germaine at - Reply

    I think it’s a fantastic idea….I have always wondered about my past lives…

  283. Margie at - Reply

    Hello Blair. That idea would be awesome. I have always thought I must have been a soldier since I was a teen. I had an obsession with the Vietnam War during that time and I didn’t know anyone close to the war. Even now it is close to my heart. Generally everything dealing with soldiers, POW’s, treatment of them now. My second obsession is Egyptian things, also since my teens.

  284. Patrick at - Reply

    Hey Blair this would be an awesome topic!

    When you have such strong connections with a person the second you meet them could it be that they are part of pass lives.

    Cool beans!

  285. sharyll at - Reply

    How can I learn about a past life?

  286. Shari Morningstar at - Reply

    A definite yes…I believe in reincarnation. I was adopted and do not have a close relation ship with family on my mother’s or fathers side. I was raised on Bois Forte till I was in foster homes and adopted at 5 years. I, however, have excelled in singing and was always told I moved graceful a princess. I had dreams in which I was dressed in a white, long fur coat in Russia and was very wealthy. I worked on cruise ships as a social hostess and always wore evening gowns…a long way from foster homes, raised on a farm! The Captain and I were brothers in past lives..his wife and I both had dreams about this time..1800’s. Fascinating and would love to know more!

  287. Beryl Lyford at - Reply

    I would be very curious about this. would love to learn more!

  288. Jo-Anne Muciy at - Reply

    Absolutely believe in reincarnation. I have a sense of two of my lives…one as a priestess in pre Roman times and one as an Indian medicine woman. I believe I actually found the physical location of my medicine woman life…..

  289. Cindy Wright at - Reply

    I have had a frightening repetitive dream since childhood. I am a soldier in a war. Wondering if our dreams are a glimpse into our past lives.

  290. Shane at - Reply

    Yes, I certainly believe in past lives and would love a chance to learn through your webinar.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity.

  291. Diana Collar at - Reply


  292. Ember at - Reply

    Can you dabble a bit with birthmarks?? I’ve heard a birthmark can be a “bleed through” from a past life…like a gunshot,stab or a burn wound. How do we explain the concept of a past life to someone who is interested but may not understand?

  293. marilyn morgan at - Reply

    like to know if my husband is all right. love him

  294. Sue at - Reply

    I never used to believe in reincarnation due to my religious beliefs….but I’m starting to think maybe…..the reasons for reincarnation actually make sense to me ie: learn soul lessons, repair past wrongs; souls journey to perfection; I would like to know the cues that are present in this life that point to another life lived & how we know now what lesson we must learn so we don’t keep repeating the same mistakes

  295. Annie at - Reply

    yes thanks I would be interested in this thanks for considering doing this

  296. Rachel at - Reply

    That would be awesome, haven’t done a webinar before is that live streamed on the internet?

  297. Brenda at - Reply

    I’ve always had nightmares about being in wars, not fighting them, but trying to hide/get away from them and seeing a lot of death. So I’ve wondered if these are things from past life/lives.

  298. sandy at - Reply

    would love to know for sure.

  299. Pearl at - Reply

    There has always been a nagging in my mind about a German past life, and I think that ancestry doesn’t have anything to do with it. How far can one go back in their past lives?

  300. Ginnie at - Reply

    I would love to attend a webinar about past lives 🙂

  301. Lisa at - Reply

    Yes I have been told I have had a few past lives. Some good, and some bad. Believe it, not sure. If we all have past lives, does that mean we have never gone to heaven???
    When does the cycle end, when do we stop having past lives??

  302. Sharon at - Reply

    I would love to attend a webinar on past lives. Please count me in!

  303. Lena at - Reply

    Hello Blair,

    First, I would like to thank you for your free seminars, I have truly enjoyed, and received much from them (the ones that I am able to attend),and thank you to Wendy and you both for your consistent work to get the teachings out to everyone.

    I would love to attend your webinar on reincarnation. I would like to know more on the purpose of reincarnation, on human and animal reincarnation, and do they ever cross- over, as far as a human coming back as an animal, or or vise-a-versa. I personally don’t believe that happens. However, my belief is not based on any personal evidence/experience that I have, just a belief.

    Do our guides change with each reincarnation, or are they the same guides from the beginning of the cycle to the end? Which leads me to another question, have we and our guides been in a life on earth together, prior to their becoming our guides, and are they our guides because their cycle of reincarnation has ended and ours continues on, etc?

    Is there an end to our reincarnation/life cycles, and do we ever become guides for others as they reincarnate?

    It seems, as if the gap between life on earth and the other-side is closing, getting closer to one another…does that mean that we are all leveling up, and will there be an end to all reincarnation, as we know it now????

    Thank you for asking what concerns us about this subject, and for providing a place to ask our questions, and a place to receive the answers.

    Blessings to you and Wendy, and all that pertains to each of you,

  304. Lyn McNiffe at - Reply

    I have knowledge of at least two past lives and am interested in further details about those times /personalities and any other experiences.

  305. Lyn McNiffe at - Reply

    I want to know more about past lives = where and when.

  306. Rosemary at - Reply

    I definitely believe and would like to know which life I am currently on and am I learning the lesson I brought myself here for?

  307. Debra G at - Reply

    I believe we have many lives and that in each life parts of our past lives shows up in the things we like and do and things we buy to display in our homes and many things that we eat and love that comes from different nationalities and partly that because we loved it back then lol !

  308. Gail at - Reply

    I would love to know if we have past lives, and if we do, are we with the same people in this life? Why am I even here? At this stage in my life, it doesn’t feel as though I have any purpose here.

  309. Celina Da Costa at - Reply

    I have always believed in past lives, reincarnation. Would love to see a webinar on this.

    Maybe learn to find out about my past lives.

    Yes I believe I have past lives just don’t know how to connect.

    Thank you Blair
    You are an amazing man person I love your work.


  310. Vikki at - Reply

    I’m very interested in past lives. Many dreams and places that
    I feel very uncomfortable with. Have I been here before?

  311. sheila at - Reply

    I believe we definitely have past lives. My question is how can we truly “know” what our dharma is in this current life? I believe we all have traits, lessons, and gifts that carry forward into future lives and that we have lived MANY lives. I have been searching for my purpose in life for a very long time. I feel an urgency to “do” something but have no idea what it is….very unsettling!

  312. Carole at - Reply

    hi there… yes indeed I am interested, I would sure like to know more on this subject of past lives I have read several books and find it very interesting thanks for doing this

  313. Dorian at - Reply

    I am interested in past lives for both myself and my husband. I feel as if we have been together many times also my best friend and myself. Thanks!

  314. Marcia at - Reply

    Hi!! Blair .
    Look forward to you emails and do miss the weekly ones . Still know you are busy and can only do so much .
    My question is, is there a connection between a fear I may have in this life and perhaps the way I may have died in a past life as Yes I do believe but don’t know much about it .


  315. Trisha at - Reply

    yes please do a webinar on past lives… my question is am I fulfulling the purpose for which I am here in this lifetime? Am I moving forward?

  316. Jeanne Galen at - Reply

    I do believe that I have been here before in a previous life – I seem to be drawn to areas of the country that I know I have never lived at in this life. I would be so interested in learning how to get in touch with my past lives.

  317. kimberley at - Reply

    I think its a wonderful thing to do Blair, Go for it!!!!!

  318. Lisa at - Reply

    I do believe I’ve lived before. I have things that happen that I remember, but not from this life. I have had re-occurring dreams that I feel were from a past life. I have been told that my youngest daughter was my Mother in a past life…that my granddaughter is an ‘old soul’. I would absolutely be interested in this seminar.

  319. Dianne at - Reply


  320. shirley Pedersen at - Reply

    I had my husband regressed one year before he died… he had cancer & knew his time was limited.. He did not believe in it as I did.. He was amazed.. no one could make up the stuff he said on the tape.. He was a believer & also came to see me in spirit 2 1/2 yrs after his death.. It was AMAZING.. it did happen to my neighbor & my mom ..but a lst for me.. I always believed but when u actually see it u are kind frightened..We of course talked about it b-4 he died as my dad died here in my home suddenly & we had experience two yrs. of unexplained things happening around here, that we both felt.. Echo Bodine our local psychic gal told me what to do to get him to go to the light, as his death was sudden & he was not sick.. He was not in tuned to what to do & I did not tell him as he was not sick.. He went like a flash to the light. Later I had a reading & he thanked me for that release to the light as he did not know he was dead actually… I am amazed why more people do not have this insight.. I could go on & on… hope to talk in person some day.. Shirley Anna.

  321. Kat at - Reply

    I think a webinar on this topic would be very informative.

  322. kay at - Reply

    Yes please

  323. Jeannine at - Reply

    I was told that in past life I was a healer, would love to know about past life.

  324. julie at - Reply

    Really interested in this was always told as a kid I had been here before lol

  325. AliB at - Reply

    Yes a webinar would be great! I know I have had past lives just from the choices I have made in this life and the way some other countries feel like ‘home’.

  326. Gail Baker-Gregory at - Reply

    I would love if you would do a past life webinar! I do believe we have lived before. My biggest question would be, how do we find out / tap into our past lives?

  327. Wendy Fryirs at - Reply

    Would love to attend a webinar on past lives, I believe strongly in reincarnation, and would like to know how many times I have been here and who I was, also if something from my past lives is affecting this one.

  328. Cindi Williams at - Reply

    I would love for you to talk about past lives. I feel like I use to live in and took care of a Lighthouse. I also was told that I was a rich lady and not nice, so I have come back to rectify that. I have had a very “rough life” in this life.

  329. Constance at - Reply

    I think this would be a great idea. I have sometimes wondered if those feelings you sometimes get of deja vu are really little memory flashes of a previous life. The whole subject makes me very curious =:0)

  330. Candy at - Reply

    I would love to be involved with a past life regression! Very Curious about the concept. I have had some experiences and “knowings” that I would like answers for! Namaste

  331. May Jenkins at - Reply

    I had a sister that believed she was reincarnated and a friend that also believes. I am not sure what to believe I do believe our love one that passed are with us always but reincarnation I just do not believe so a seminar would be very interesting and may answer my questions as to whether it is real or not

  332. Flo at - Reply

    I am very interested in all aspects of past lives. I would love to know who I was and how my fiance fits into the “greater plan”. Very excited about this!

  333. Linda at - Reply

    Yes please.

  334. Starla at - Reply

    Oh Blair, that would be great! I hope you cover familiarity. You know, “haven’t I met you before?” or “gee, this place seems familiar.”

  335. Char at - Reply

    Would very much like to have a webinar on this. Have read & studied it alot & attended an interesting lecture/class with Brian Weiss some years ago. I have a family member in hospice care now — very scared & confused about death tho he has recvd last rites from the priest. Have given him some literature about reincarnation etc that I wish he would read. I feel it would make his crossing over so much easier for him if he believed in it. I believe that to be true for many others who may learn more about it thro your event too & be able to use it as needed later in life. One thing I still haven’t found an answer to is the length of time before a soul reincarnates after death — what factors determine this ? Advance thanks

  336. Janey at - Reply

    Ye would love to learn more

  337. Flora at - Reply

    It’s very interesting. I wonder who am I in the past life and do I related to any relative in the past life as well.

  338. Lisa DiGann at - Reply

    Very interested!

  339. Deanna at - Reply

    Yes – it would be very exciting and interesting

  340. Kitty h at - Reply

    Absolutely and would be intrigued to learn more! Would love to know a consistent method of connecting

  341. Vicki Schmidt at - Reply

    How can you find out if you’ve had past lives?

  342. Gaille Robertson at - Reply

    I do believe that we all have had many lives but my biggest question is since most people can’t remember previous lives except occasionally in glimpses, how is it relevant to this current life and the future?

  343. Marie Bray at - Reply

    Yes I am interested in learning about past lives. I would like to know, once we move on to another life do our past friends and family remember us or do they forget? For we all forget the people we once lived once we are reincarnated?

    • Marie Bray at - Reply

      * Loved ..not live

  344. Judi at - Reply

    Yes am interested in past lives, how to identify blocks and remove them. Plus how to tap in powerful past lives and bring them into the present. Thank you for all that you do.

  345. Kathy Brian at - Reply

    Please do I would love it. I feel I have lived before.

  346. irma Self at - Reply

    Yes would love to know more about past lives. Do our dreams give us a glimpse of those lives? Are our family with us in those lives?

  347. Debbie at - Reply

    Yes, I believe there are past lives, but not completely sure if I had one or not. I would be interested in learning more about it.

  348. Angel at - Reply

    Yes! My question is how do you remember who you were? And how do you figure out who your current contacts were in relation to yourself? Many thanks Blair!

  349. anna at - Reply

    I would be very interested in finding out what I was in my past life.
    and can people who have past on to the other side can they get re=incarnationed

  350. Debbie at - Reply

    Yes, I would be interested

  351. fernando at - Reply

    Whether it is true or not the question should be why do we not have the realization, the memory,the experience that it would of brought to us

  352. ursula walsh at - Reply

    I would love to found out about my past life Blair…Quite often I am somewhere and I feel I have been there and I know I have not etc….

  353. Kristie at - Reply

    I’ve been told things about my past life years ago, but nothing specific like who I was or where I lived or who I was married to. I would love to know ‘where I came from’ and who I was.

  354. Mary Herman at - Reply

    I do believe 100%. I was told i threw people off of a mountain and this is why i have nothing now, because i am making up for everything now to everyone. I would love to know if this is true.

  355. sherilyn at - Reply

    What determines how we are reborn in the next life ?

  356. Kristie at - Reply

    One more thing, it would be nice to be able to watch the webinars you give at a differnt time than when they are aired. I’ve never been able to participate in one because when they are going on, I usually am away or busy and can’t watch them. I am completely ok with watching it as a re-run. Lol.

  357. Bettie Turland at - Reply

    I always wondered about, if a person reincarnates, does that mean their spirit is no longer around us? I am interested in knowing more.

  358. Philippa at - Reply

    I would be very interested in this webinar, especially if it was recorded and I could watch it later as I live in New Zealand – different timezone. Thank you for thinking of your followers with this very interesting subject.

  359. Pamela at - Reply

    Blair, yes I would be very interested in your reincarnation/past lives seminar. Hopefully it will be held in the evening Pacific standard time due to my work schedule.
    How do we recognize clues of our past lives? Are they revealed in our dreams, or by de’jevue? Do we progress in lifestyle if we’ve learned lessons designed for us? Do we regress in lifestyle and or form if we have failed life’s lessons?
    Thank you!

  360. Sandy at - Reply

    I would find this a very interesting webinar topic. Both my husband and myself believe we has “previous lives”, and believe that we are true soul mates. He had flashbacks when he was a little boy around five that he was a little boy named Carl that had died on the Titanic. He would have recurring dreams of being a little boy in a ship cabin on the bed with water rising up from the floor. He couldn’t swim and was always cold. He knew about the tragedy before people would be teaching it in school. I had a flashback when I was a pre-teenager about 11 one day. I was standing in the back yard one summer in the late afternoon. I was leaning against the maple tree with a warm breeze blowing in my face. I closed my eyes, and suddenly I was standing on top of a flat rock with unbridled horses standing by me. Their manes were flowing in the breeze; beautiful horses. I couldn’t tell what I was, animal or human, but I knew there were teepees behind me. I came back to realty after five or ten minutes, back to my back yard. I discovered later that there was Native American heritage in my family background on my mother’s side that I had never heard of. I believe in reincarnation and past lives very much.

  361. tammy puterbaugh at - Reply

    I do believe in it, my question is are we always connected to the same people in every carnation?

  362. Karen at - Reply

    I would love to find out about my past lives. I find it very interesting and often wonder if some of the things I belive I have done before or feel are tied into what hashappened before

  363. Terisa at - Reply

    Yes, I would be very interested in this. Would love to learn how past lives affect the present, how to know which people in our present life shared past lives with us, are there signs/symbols in this life that would help us know what past lives we may have had, and how can we recognize any issues/karma ‘carried over’ to present life that may need to be dealt with. Thank you!

  364. Bobbie Moran at - Reply

    I would love it,i believe in it,and I believe I was here before

  365. Fran at - Reply

    I’m a bit confused. When loved ones pass,I thought their spirits stayed with you forever. So how would you know if your loved one was reincarnated and would they then no longer be available to you in the spirit world.

  366. Ken at - Reply

    I would like to attend a webinar however time deviation from USA to Australia makes it difficult. If put up on your website so they can be downloaded would be great. You do an incredible job and have a gift that you obviously enjoy sharing with people.
    Please forward me next weeks winning Lotto Numbers (joke).

    Best regards ….. Ken

  367. Maria at - Reply

    I would love to have a webminar about past lives.

  368. rosie at - Reply

    Yes…I would definitely love to see your webinar on this topic…I find it very fascinating. thank you

  369. Marion Hird at - Reply

    It is something that I have wondered about ever since I read a book called the Phoenix Fire Mystery. It explains a lot.

  370. Gloria Fraser at - Reply

    yes l would like to know what l did in my past life

  371. marlene at - Reply

    Yes, I would appreciate a seminar on this topic. I have always had a fascination with other aspects of life.

  372. marlene at - Reply

    Yes, I would appreciate a webinar with this topic. I have always been interested in this part of life and would love information on it.

  373. Norma Jennings at - Reply

    I believe I was a pirate in a past life and possibly drowned. I’m terrified of being in the water but have a deep fascination with the sea. I would love to attend a webinar on this subject.

  374. Sabrina Jesso at - Reply

    This would be extremely appreciated. I often wonder who I was before and if it affects my life now.

  375. Lizzie at - Reply

    I’m not convinced that we can be reincarnated. Wouldn’t we “feel” or “know” something if we truly lived a life, or lives, prior to the current Blair, or is it possible one has never lived another life and is solely and uniquely “one” as the Lord created and intended? I believe the later.

    Blair, your are a wonderful man helping us all to gain the knowledge we all seek during our journey here on this earth plain…I welcome your input. Thank you.

  376. Meg Ames at - Reply

    I am definitely interested! Count me in!

  377. Colleen at - Reply

    I am extremely interested in my past lives. I would mostly like to know where I was, what I was doing and if anyone in my current life (family/friends)were there with me. That feeling of when you meet someone and you feel like you have known them forever, I believe it is because I have, in other lives!! I would love to be included!

  378. Andrea at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    Yes, I would be interested in listening re: reincarnation. It is a fascinating topic!

    Thank you for offering the possibility.


  379. Sandy at - Reply

    Hi Blair: This subject has always fascinated me and I definitely would be interested in this.

  380. Rose at - Reply

    I would love to attend a seminar on the subject of past lives.

  381. Rose at - Reply

    I would love to attend a seminar on the subject of past lives and reincarnation.

  382. Rosanne Schramm at - Reply

    I would love to know about my past lives. My husband passed away 3 years ago but our whole lives we kept coming back together. We were friends since we were 16 and finally got married in our thirties. We came in and out of each others lives. I would be interested to know if we were in each others past lives and if he is truly my soul mate as we both believed.

  383. Rosanne Schramm at - Reply

    Would love to know if my husband is my true soul mate as we believe and have we been in each others lives before

  384. carol gardner at - Reply

    Hi Blair. It would be great if you could do a webinar on the subject-i trust your advice and knowledge. I had a reading many years ago, and i was told that i was an old soul that had lived many lives, and that was why there were certain things that I was either afraid of or was familiar to, that i couldnt explain, is this possible? I was also told i had been a Doctor in one of my lives, and ironically i was working in the medical field at the time of the reading-this really scared me! Is it possible that there could have been a suppressed memory that lead me to my interest in medicine in this life?

  385. Aganeta at - Reply

    Hi Blair, Have always been wondering about my past lives. Would love to know more. Thank you

  386. Bonny at - Reply

    I’m confused about heaven and past lives. The two ideas seem to have a conflict between the two. If you go to heaven when you die, how can you have another life???

  387. Lynn Barlow at - Reply

    I would love it. Past lives fascinate me.

  388. Catherine Teti at - Reply

    I would love it if you did this. I do believe in past lives. I feel there is more to me then I am now……

  389. Jeryllynn bushman at - Reply

    I think this is a very interesting topic, one of my sisters and I believe, she has been able to regress while I have a tremendous block, we joke that I must have been a very bad person and I fear facing it. But everybody had to be someone. I really think this would be an awesome webnar. I truly enjoyed your last one.

  390. Lisa at - Reply

    I would love to find out how all of the people I have soul knowledge of affected me in past lives.

  391. Sue Shaw at - Reply

    I would love to get in on the “Past Life” webinar. I have never been interested in the subject but recently I have had it on my mind. I believe that I am a new soul but feel I have had at least one past life. I’m very interested to find out more about the subject.

  392. Monique at - Reply

    I’ve been told by a few people I’m a newbie to this world. But just recently someone told me I may be a newbie but I’ve been here before. Can you explain that please.

  393. Fran at - Reply

    I’m told I’m an OLD soul .. wish I really knew what that meant … the similarities from my most previous life and my current life are astounding, so much in common. I’d like to be able to let myself relax so that I can see my past lives when in a trans … how do I do this?

  394. Sue at - Reply

    I believe in reincarnation but is there a difference between Reincarnation and being an old soul. How can we tell in this life if we have been Reincarnated and how to avoid mistakes that we made before.

  395. Lynn at - Reply

    I would be interested to know about my past lives.

  396. Lori Rushalko at - Reply

    Yes, please do a webinar on this. I have always been interested since I was very young. Did lots of research and still convinced that I have been here before. I believe that we come back to the same family, but not necessarily the same person and it could be an anestor.


  397. Shari Becker at - Reply

    This has been a topic that has interested me for years, I have wondered why I know some of the things that I know without ever having any formal training or schooling to learn how to do them they just seem to be there, and how I could have answers to things that I don’t know why or how but whatever it is that just came out of my mouth was in fact correct and at the time I have no idea why I am telling the person I’m talking to what I am telling them but it ends up being a very important piece of information that I have no clue as to how I obtained.

  398. Dave Rwson at - Reply

    I have always had the feeling of living in ancient Europe and would love to know why.

    • Fawzia at - Reply

      I don’t think there is such a thing as reincarnation: …just imagine all those souls floating around in the cosmic nothingness of darkness pushing and shoving each other to get into some new and unsuspecting body….the traffic jam of these floating clouds must be horrendously comical….and then if you see a perfect new created body and make a beeline for it but pushed out of the way by a stronger cloud of steam….and you end up into a rat’s body…and create for yourself a whole existence of being a vicious rat on silliness street….for goodness sake ….I think it was Einstein who thought we had something in our make up of stardust….just maybe if we’re lucky we will all go towards our light source and be used to power some new and inconceivable form of existence

  399. Patti at - Reply

    Yes please! I think it would be helpful to understand some of the lessons in this life that I need to learn

  400. Eileen LaCasse at - Reply

    I have been interested in past lives since I was very young. I have always felt I lived during the 2nd world war. I have wanted to do a past life regression but either didn’t have the money or wasn’t sure of where to go that was reputable. I would love to learn about this subject.

  401. robin at - Reply

    oh ,I would love it…do believe in reincarnation

  402. Jane at - Reply

    I would like to know how my past life (lives) affect my present life.

    • ankit raghuwanshi at - Reply

      I want to know the reason of my thinking..

  403. Peg at - Reply

    I am open to any possibilities and would attend your webinar for sure. I don’t discount anything as impossible in this lifetime. Thanks

  404. glynis at - Reply

    Yes I do. Look forward to it. Thank you Blair I think it is a great topic.

  405. Billy Leron at - Reply

    I would absolutely like to learn more about the subject . I have heard other versions and would like to hear your take on it!

  406. Fran Racin at - Reply

    Do likes and dislikes carry over from a past life? For example: I love clothes that are bright and flashy but don’t like them once I put them on. Always think to myself maybe I wore them in a previous life?

    • Debbie at - Reply

      I’ve had several past life regressions am just interested in th the subject. My last regression was 4 hours long and has fascinated me. I’m interested in when and why some people are in your lives over and over and why the grief process is so difficult when we know we will see them again.

  407. Tammy at - Reply

    Very interested in reincarnation!!

  408. KATHY NIELSON at - Reply

    I would like to know if I have been here before, why would I want to come back ?

  409. Sarah at - Reply

    Yes, I believe in past lives. I often feel like I belong somewhere or sometime other than now. Why is that? Unresolved issues or traumatic death? How do I fix it so that I’m not always feeling regretful and lost?

  410. Deb Daczkowski at - Reply

    I would love to learn more about past lives.

  411. Ann at - Reply

    I would love it. I do believe in reincarnation. Sign me up.

  412. Terry at - Reply

    I have a desire to learn who specific people in this present life were in any of my past lives. This would help me understand why this one person in my present life is here..She is the ONLY person I am most curious about. Yes, I would attend your webinar if it at a time I am free. I have never attended a webinar before. Thank you

  413. Brenda at - Reply

    I would love to do a reincarnation web. I totally believe in it. Thanks

  414. Jo-Ann at - Reply

    Hi Blair,
    I love reading your articles and would love to know more about reincarnation. I have always wondered if present health problems are connected to health problems in a previous life. Not only that but I had a reading done where the woman told me the reason I didn’t drive was because I was in a car accident that occurred on a bridge. Ironically,I am afraid of heights too and she told me that I needed to go for driving lessons to get over my phobia. I would like to know more about this past life.

  415. Carrie at - Reply

    A webinar on reincarnation would be great! I believe in reincarnation, also. I think that we keep coming back until we “get it right”! I’m sure you will let us know when and where we can sign up. Thanks.

    • Wanda at - Reply

      This is very exciting and have many questions? When shall we get started?

  416. wanda at - Reply

    Hi Blair…I’d love to learn more about reincarnation. I’ve heard that if this life was hard, your next one would be better, and vice versa. What do you think?

  417. Gail at - Reply

    I would love to find out how my past lives affect me in this life
    And whether anyone I am close to now I have known in a past life.

  418. Barbara McCormack at - Reply

    I’m really really interested in reincarnation. It’s something I believe in. I was even told that this is my 32nd and last life cycle. I love the culture of ancient Egypt and old European, their form of dress etc., I can cook on firewood outside and be very comfortable without the trappings of ease or luxury. You have a vote for that Webinar right here. <3

  419. Catherine Thomas at - Reply

    Yes, Blair, I believe in reincarnation and would look forward to the webinar on the subject.

  420. Tina at - Reply

    Is daydreaming part of reincarnation or just an active imagination?

  421. Barbara at - Reply

    Yes, I am so interested in learning more about this and would love to participate!

  422. Cecelia at - Reply

    Most interested in this Webinar, Blair. I have had incidents in my present life that made me wonder if I had lived before. I have a very close friend that I feel maybe we were related in a previous life. Would love to investigate this. Will definitely sign up. Keep up your good work.

  423. Beverly at - Reply

    Yes! I would love tgat web seminar!

  424. Karen at - Reply

    Yes, I think that would be very interesting.

  425. Rebecca at - Reply

    I would love to attend a webinar on past lives—

  426. Jennifer at - Reply

    I most def. believe in reincarnation. I believe a lot of things in this life stem from what happened in our past lives. Thank you so much for this opportunity! If it’s possible, I would love to find out who I was in a past life to learn why things in this life have happened and how to heal them. 🙂 <3 to you.

  427. Mary-Lou at - Reply

    I am interested in reincarnation. I am just not available on week nights.

  428. Pauline at - Reply

    Would love a webinar on this subject but am finding it nearly impossible to attend yours and another group I am in because of the times they happen. Is it possible to rerun or make them available to download after the event? It is so disappointing to register and then find that commitments make it impossible to attend even when I have tried to set aside that hour qnd keep it free

  429. Lisa Siberell at - Reply

    So Interested in this…. Would live to take the webinar!!!
    I think things in your past lives can be brought over into other lives.
    I wonder if we can learn more about ourselves by going back and learning who we were.

  430. Jennifer Moffett at - Reply

    I would like to know my pat lives so that I can maybe connect some things that effect me in this life, with lives previously led. Thank you

  431. Linda at - Reply

    Extremely interested in learning more about tuning in to my past lives…I’m aware that I’ve lived many times before, I’ve been told I have an old soul. Knowing this leaves me craving to find out more about my past.

  432. Donna at - Reply

    I would like to know, who I was and what I did.
    To see if it has meaning to the type of person I am now.
    Eg: my strengths and weaknesses and if my creativity came from past lives
    Thank you Blair, I look forward to webinar!

  433. Patti at - Reply

    If you’re going to do a webinar on reincarnation, then i would like to take it one step further and ask your opinion on pre-birth planning or if the webinar will include anything on this subject?

    Thank you

    Love & Light


  434. Tammie at - Reply

    I think its a fabulous idea! I am a hypnotist and trained at the Sylvia Browne school and Sylvia was very big on using past life regressions to help release past life cell memories that can hinder you in this lifetime. After having a session with one of Sylvias trained hypnotists many years ago I was a firm believer! I had a sudden onset of a weird swallowing problem at age 35 I couldnt eat or drink anything without choking it was horrible. I had read Sylvias book “past lives future healing” about a year before and thought “what the heck I’ll give it a try” The Hypnostist took me back without “guiding” or “directing” me and I went back to a life in the early 1800’s in Ireland where I was a man who had choked to death on a piece of meat. theres so much more to the story and its quite fascinating but the end result was that years later when I was in the right place with the right support system I was able to finally go to school to achieve my dream of helping others and it has been an amazing and blessed journey! The places I have visited via others past lives is just beyond awesome and the healing that takes place is just the best feeling to know I could help them get there. So my suggestion would be to discuss a little about how past life cell memories can affect your current life and how releasing those memories can help you move past all kinds of blocks in your life. fears, phobias, odd memories that dont fit this life, the feeling you’ve known someone forever but yet you just met….Great subject matter Blair, God Bless you for all you are doing in sharing your gift 🙂

  435. Joanne at - Reply

    This is a great idea!! I am very interested in reincarnation and past lives. I know that sometimes your past lives can be intruding on any fears or phobias you have in your current life.

  436. Mary Knox at - Reply

    I look forward to it

  437. Rose at - Reply

    I would love to attend a webinar about past lives and reincarnation.

  438. Chatty Kathy at - Reply

    Yes, I would be very interested in such a webinar. Not only finding out how our past lives affect our present life but is it true that each life has been to rectify a wrong or something we needed to learn? Very interesting. Would love to be included.

  439. Hester at - Reply

    I would be interested to know if past lives can have an effect on our present incarnation? Also why do we come back?

  440. Terri at - Reply

    This is one of the most interesting subjects I ever discussed with anyone.

    I believe everyone should take the time to know all they can find out on all the past lives and the connections to the life they live today. What the lessons are, or the reason for the recarnations?????

  441. Mark Newton at - Reply

    I think I would be fantastic learning our past history could be our best way to move forward thank you Bair

  442. debbie lappin at - Reply

    I think learning about our past lives would be fantastic and interesting. I would like to take part. Thanks for all you do.

  443. Kathy at - Reply

    I do beleive in reincarnation. As a child I recall very vividly thinking that something I was doing, I had done before, dejavue. I would like to have you discuss about being with same people in the other lives and why we choose to keep coming back.

  444. Velma at - Reply

    Yes – I would most definitely love to partake of a past lives webinar. I absolutely believe in past lives and know some about my own. I would also (like Tammy) like to hear about past life cell memories (explained). I also read some of Sylvia’s books – and it all makes sense to me. Looking forward to these webinars. Thanks Blair.

  445. Irene at - Reply

    I’m very interested in reincarnation and would really like to know who I was in a past life .Do we keep with the same people over & over again ?

  446. Velma at - Reply

    What does the symbol next to ones name (in the comments section) mean?
    I find it interesting that mine is Green being Green is my Favorite color (and the color of healing, the heart chakra).

  447. Diane Patera at - Reply

    I would love to attend your webinar…

  448. Josephine at - Reply

    I would be interested to know my past and what reflects in my future out of it.

  449. Angie at - Reply

    I am extremely interested in reincarnation. Would love to know how past lives affect our present life! Your input would be greatly appreciated!!!

  450. Shirley at - Reply

    Is it true, we are sent back to earth to learn and “get it right”. That if we don’t learn our lessons, we are sent back to try again.

  451. marlene at - Reply

    I would love the chance to hear any discussion you decide to give on this topic. I have always been curious about what else there is in life to know .

  452. Donna at - Reply

    I would like to know if my past life has everything to do with my life now.

  453. s4t at - Reply

    I would like to know about my past life! I am 100% sure I was here before.

  454. Barbara Jordan at - Reply

    This is something I have always thought about. Do spirit enter our pets or other humans???? I want to know more.

  455. Lin Gillham at - Reply

    I’d like to know about past lives so I can understand and avoid uncomfortable situations in this one. Or at least I’d like to know why I feel weird ways about certain things.

  456. LOREATHA VERNON at - Reply

    Would like to know if I have a past life or lives and if so, who was I and where was I. Are the family I have now a part of that past life. Did I choose to reenter this life as who I am now.

  457. Tonda at - Reply

    Blair, I would LOVE to be a part of your webinar for past lives! I have always had a “feeling” I came from a past life, and would love to know if I am correct in my assumption! Please let me know when you schedule your webinar! God bless! Tonda Taylor Malone

  458. Sue at - Reply

    I would like to know who I was in my past life and how it has shaped me into who I am today. Thanks Blair

  459. Nancy at - Reply

    I would love to be a part of this webinar for past lives Blair! I have never known my past lives but I know there are many. Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about my soul. Again, thank you!

  460. Nancy at - Reply

    My biggest question is how we move from one life to the next and why do we sometimes meet the same people in other lives, or from another life to this one?

  461. Veronica at - Reply

    Is this why you have strong Déjà Vu? I think that’s why you feel strongly about or very much at home

  462. Karen at - Reply

    I would love to participate in such a seminar!

  463. Mel at - Reply

    Very interested indeed. I would like to know if our past lives come through in our dreams. I cannot wait to attend. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us.

  464. Bobbi at - Reply

    I do believe in past lives. I would like to know how our past lives affect our present ones and if the people we knew/loved in previous lives come into our current lives in a similar relationship (think Time Traveler’s Wife or similar movie).

  465. Linda at - Reply

    I would be very interested in a past lives webinar. I would be curious to know how people in previous lives have been/are in my life now.

  466. Margaret at - Reply

    Blair I just watched the webinar and loved it. Sadly the site would not let me sign up for the 3 week course or download the booklet. Any chance I can still get in on the special?

  467. Vivian at - Reply

    Blair, please send the download for your free report you offered tonight at the end of your Past Life Regression webinar: ‘You Have Lived Before’. The link didn’t work for me. I tried several times.

    Thank you. The webinar was great. I enjoyed it a lot. I would love to take your course one day when funds are available.

  468. Geri at - Reply

    I am interested in how we can tell if certain aspects or behaviors of our present lives, are remnants of previous lives. Maybe some of our interests and habits are roll over?


  469. jorden elliott at - Reply

    Last night at your San Diego appearance that “reincarnation doesn’t work like that” when she mentioned thinking her son was another family member who had passed. Can you explain please. I always thought we do come back together in different roles.

  470. jorden elliott at - Reply

    Last night at your San Diego appearance you said that “reincarnation doesn’t work like that” when she mentioned thinking her son was another family member who had passed. Can you explain please. I always thought we do come back together in different roles.

  471. Tracey at - Reply

    I would like to know how my past lives
    Influences my current life? Also how can
    we be more aware of the lessons we need
    to learn in this life time that we didn’t learn
    In the past life time?
    Thank you for your time and interest in
    helping other to be in a better place with

  472. Natalie at - Reply

    Good afternoon Mr. Robertson, I’ve always felt that there’s a difference between reincarnation and past lives. My feeling is that reincarnation is to come back as myself and have a go at it again. Past lives can be new life experiences. What do you say about the differences.

  473. Rhona at - Reply

    I was wondering why when you meet some people you feel an instant connection with them like you have known them all your life, do people stay with you from one life to the next?

    • Melissa at - Reply

      Some people say you do, when I met my partner, it was like we had known each other forever and we had found ourselves again!!!

      I lost my mother and a month after I was pregnant with a girl! I hope is my mother in her, so I can give her what my mother never had as a child.

  474. cindy swimley at - Reply

    My 17 yr old daughter feels like she’s lived in the 50s era. could this be possible?

  475. Melissa at - Reply

    can the mistakes of past lives be >paid< as a way of saying, in this life. I consider myself a good person and things most of the time go so wrong for me that I must be paying past lives karma. Is this possible?

  476. Barbara Colianno at - Reply

    is our past life connected to our presence life or possibly our future life

  477. Jennifer at - Reply

    I believe that our life’s energy never “dies”. We visit and re-visit to learn and heal ourselves and others. Sounds like it would get kind of crowded but I think there’s room enough for all in the spiritual universe.

  478. Kristie at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    I would like to know if each message of a previous life only impacts that of the next life, or does each previous life impact all subsequent lives?

    Thank you,

  479. Jennifer at - Reply

    I often wonder when our love ones pass on, how do we now if they have been reincarnated?

  480. Mo Page at - Reply

    Can’t wait for yet another great webinar with Blair! Truly enlightening!

  481. Vicki at - Reply

    Yes! Very interested in reincarnation!

  482. Christine at - Reply

    Going to see you in St. John’s, NL May 3!! Cannot wait!

  483. Cayce at - Reply

    One of the times I had a soul retrieval, I was a Priestess in Atlantis, I had long blonde hair and my bird that was with me most of the time was a Canary. What was so wonderful about this, is that when I was born, I had real white hair and as I grew my hair color has changed, so I would dye my hair to be real blonde and I love Canary’s and I used to have them through my young adult hood. And I am a devotee, which I believe in doing good deeds and I practice loving all and looking at the good of everyone.

    My soul mate is my husband. In fact he is my 3rd husband, we will be married 21 years this coming May and together for 26 yrs. I used to experience out of body, but the thing was, I’d be awake and I wouldn’t know what’s happening to me, and most often I find myself floating around in my room trying to hang onto anything from slipping away. I would then start to Pray, “Our Father” and all of the sudden I would be back in my body. At that time of floating, I’d scream for help and none of the people that are awake could hear me, but I know they are there, so one night, (after my second divorce), I was sitting outside my apartment and I looked up and said to God, “Next time you send a man into my life, this is what I would like him to be like.” So I made a list of what type of man I would want.

    When I met Peter, he was everything I asked to have in my life. And when I really believed him to be my soul mate, is when one night, as we’re going to sleep, I started to feel that feeling of leaving my body and my body was so heavy on the bed, and I could only hear my voice screaming for help from my husband, he got up and came over to sit on my side and held my hands and that helped me from not leaving, it was so calming and he went to the bathroom and as he was returning to bed, I thanked him and he asked me for “what?” I told him how he helped me and he said, he didn’t. That’s how I knew he was my soul mate, his soul heard me and helped me.

    Love and Light…. Cayce

  484. Terry Ann Roberts at - Reply

    I would so like to do this! I am VERY interested! Thank you Blair!!! 🙂

  485. Candida argueta at - Reply

    Thanks Mr. Blair . Isinterested.

  486. Alison at - Reply

    I am in a lot of pain all the time. A lot of back problems. I would love to know how to deal with all I am going thru.

  487. cynthia at - Reply

    I would like to know how many past lives I have lived and if any do they affect the person I am today,if so what changes do I need to make so I don’t make the same mistake, thank you!

  488. Darlene at - Reply

    Hello Blair, I follow you often, and I do believe in Karma and Reincarnation.For myself I have a strong belief that I am here to serve. Not sure why I feel this way, but my life path always seems to take me where I am needed. What yo do is very much appreciated.

    Thank you

  489. Sandy at - Reply

    I have always believed. No matter how many times I hear that it can’t be true, I believe. And I think I was a doctor in a past life. I would love to know what happened in my past lives, where I lived, how I lived, etc. I truly think my son that I have in THIS life used to be my spouse in a previous life. What’s crazy is there are people in my current life that I wouldn’t want to spend any more lives with, but I hear they trail us to other lives and may have been in a very different role in a past life, such as a friendly role, as opposed to the not-so-friendly role in this life. Crazy, huh? My karmic block? Most likely trusting people. I cannot trust a soul! Nobody is ever 100% truthful.

  490. Gerry at - Reply

    So excited, I had a past life regression years ago. It was so cool. Looking forward to today’s adventure.

  491. Kremena at - Reply

    I would love to know about my past lives and how they affect my future.

  492. Kremena at - Reply

    I hope this will help me

  493. Jhoely at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    Are you going to replay the webinar on Past lives? I was having problems watching the webinar and would love to watch it again.

    Also, how can I find a past life regression therapist?

  494. Pamela at - Reply

    I’m looking forward to this as well! I believe I have a few karmic blocks going on! Thank you so much.

  495. yionne at - Reply

    I have enjoyed reading all of your different topics.. I am in desperate need of a medium. Without telling to much, I am 33 & have lost many. What bothers me most is that i have never once felt or seen any signs or dreams. What is wrong with me? Are they all mad at me. Or not safe and crossed over? I read all kinds of literature to learn everything and anything i can, but nothing is working. 10 years ago i lost half of my heart & have yet to see,feel,or dream of a sign that they are ok. I feel like i cant handle 40+ yrs with out seeing my loved one. Whats the point? Iam left here on earth to suffer with this huge hole in my heart & pretend iam not dying inside? I have never been to a medium before as i dont believe in them truthfully.. This is kinda out of desperation as iam told you are the Real Deal. I am assuming u get thousands of requests & this will just go over looked & ignored in the massive amount of desperate ppl in my situation. Thank you in advance for reading this as it is coming from my heart ..

  496. Cindy at - Reply

    Blair, I am a true believer in reincarnation and the after life. However… I believe that animals , being God’s creatures can also come to us, either as a guide or a loved one. Would I be correct in thinking this. My love for dogs especially is overwhelming and “odd” to some people. I am a retired nurse and I do love dogs company more than humans for the most part. At times I am ashamed of myself for feeling like this, but it is what it is. Thank you. The sound of your voice is very comforting. I also am a recovering drug addict of 20 years. I have almost 3 years clean under my belt. My higher power… God… has been the most helpful in my recovery. Thank you for what you do for us “believers”

  497. Carol at - Reply

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have cause someone a lot of pain in a past life. I believe that it’s the reason that the two men that I love the most in this life, died prematurely. My husband died suddenly in my arms, he was a wonderful man. My gentleman friend (I’m too old to call him boyfriend lol) died after we had been together less than 3 years. I waited 50 years to get with that man. I was very fortunate to have spent time with these men, they were both amazingly wonderful and I learned a lot from them. After my husband passed, I learned a lot about myself.
    It came to me one day, recently, that I lost these two men so I could learn the pain of losing someone that I loved that strongly. I did this to someone else in a past life. I deliberately took a person’s life and caused this same pain to somone who loved that person. Could this be true, I don’t know, but I’m inclined to believe it.

  498. Claudia Chappo at - Reply

    About 15yr ago, a new friend, who was psychic, told me that even though I was a relatively “young” life, I have have had many, many lives. An Empress, Indian Chief, a concubine, a well known King’s lover and a Wiccan High Priestess, to name a few. She said that herself, the person who introduced us and myself were all in the same coven. She also said that I have achieved an extraordinary oneness with nature. I have always had an uncanny ability to connect with animals. Even as a child I have had deja-vu. I also have experienced instant connections and instant dislikes of some people on first meetings. Which usually prove to be spot on later. I have always felt a connection to Native Americans. A few years ago, I was given a deck of Tarot cards and I was instantly able to read people very accurately. This was my 2nd ever reading. My 1st was from a fake psychic that was totally inaccurate. I do believe in reincarnation and karma.

  499. Hellen at - Reply

    I always wondered about this…
    Shortly after my 8th birthday I was readmitted to hospital with post tonsillectomy hemorrhage. Whilst they worked on me to stem the hemorrhage I saw several doors, in what can be described a dark ages castle type setting. Unbeknown to me I was at the point of dying as my heart was on the verge of collapse due to blood loss. I eventually pulled through. Fast forward to me 20’s and a visit to the a medieval museum experience at York, I suddenly developed a violent head ache, anxiety type feeling and fled the museum. I was not well for the rest of the day. Bizarre!

  500. Cheryl Campbell at - Reply

    Is there any way to view webinars that were given in the past?

  501. Lindsay at - Reply

    Hi Blair. I’m really interested to know how you perceive reincarnation together with the belief that our loved ones are always there…that is, can they be “in the next room” and enjoying another lifetime at the same time? Are we also “in the next room” as we live out this lifetime? Please don’t think I am being glib in asking this question, I’m not sure how to phrase it really, would seriously love to hear your thoughts. I start getting a bit lost when I try and do away with our time/space continuum as well as thinking about enduring soul energy versus personality etc.

  502. Eva Trudeau at - Reply

    I am still going through a spiritual awakening and was able to find one past life. I found out I was Annabel Lee. Aka Edgar Allen Poe’s wife Viginia. He wrote the poem for her. She passed of Tuberculosis. I just found out I have COPD. Im glad it’s ONLY that. Its treatable. Through your white light healing sessions, I was able to connect with my twin flame It wasnt planned. But it’s great to know that true love never dies.

  503. Daynie Showacre at - Reply

    I did a regression and released a big time “punishment” theme with a great healer many years ago. Very helpful. Would love to figure out some fear and money issues basis now.

  504. Pamela Miller at - Reply

    Hi Pamela Miller here I don’t know if I beleive in pass lives or not. I know my Mon was a church going and Bible person. She did not beleive in pass lives or medium. She has passed on and I have seen her in some of my dreams!

  505. Landon Netterville at - Reply

    Hello, all the comments I see are 3 years old at least, I hope you still check this. I’m having a very confusing, dumbfounded, and disbelief, and I’d very much like to share my story that’s presently unfolding in my life and only making me lean towards reincarnation and deceased loved ones keeping in touch is actually real and I’m not just giving myself false hope by misunderstanding some signs and coincidences that have been and continue to occur MULTIPLE times a day or point towards a certain answer for me or my girlfriend who is now 12 weeks pregnant.(:
    So please respond back to this if you still check your site, and I’ll come back and share my ongoing story which I’m desperately trying to get more educated opinions about, in order to have sanity and not tell myself I’m crazy or making stuff up just to be happy.. I have a negative mind.. maybe my past life has something to do with that. Anyways, I appreciate a response! Thanks!(:

    • Landon Netterville at - Reply

      Nvm, disregard my comment about the dates of comments. Didn’t realize the newer comments were at the bottom.

  506. Landon Netterville at - Reply

    Hello,.. PLEASE READ THIS… I CANT BEG YOU ENOUGH…thanks for your time and reply, I’m going to try and sum this up as best as possible while still getting all details, signs, and coincidences in.

    My 7 year old cousin passed away in March ’12 from an inoperable brain tumor. Since, we (family) have done countless marathons and benefits so we coined the phrase “Forever Seven” and made shirts and the rubber bracelets in honor of him… and every year of my life I played baseball except my first 2 years (bc they didn’t let you choose) my number was #7, and this was before he passed. Also since his passing… I, along with my family, and most recently my girlfriend Mia, have noticed 7 coming up in EVERYTHING….. I cannot express how often it comes up, and then comes up in instances where it really stands out… especially with this stuff I’m bout to tell you, now pay attention bc it may get confusing… Mia and my deceased cousin share the same birthday. She was born April 21st, 1997 whilst he was born April 21st, 2005. My girlfriend and I talked/dated for 7 months then split up in July of ’16 for approx. 3 months. Unfortunately that next month, she lost her father in an unexpected and gruesome car accident.. on Aug. 7th, 2016. Under the influence and fell asleep, crossed the center line and had a head on collision with a concrete culvert at 55MPH with no seatbelt. We were split up at this time, but I know what all happened and she experienced. That night when he died, she was restless and didn’t know why until she received the phone call a few hours later… (Subtract the 7 months we were together, January 2016 – July 2016) Mia was with a guy named Kenny, whom from the start convinced her to move in with him and go be big kids, well her Father never liked him from the beginning bc he could tell he would never take care of his daughter and treat her the way he sees fit, especially once he offered him a $34/hr job and said no because he would rather sell weed… they dated for a year and a half before they split up in 2016 and we got together. From the time she moved in with Kenny, her father tried the “let her fall on her face and learn” strategy, and they did not talk for a year and a half, and any instances that they did speak, her father begged her to come live back at home, and even offered to let her stay up late or go to whatever friends house you know, just tryna get her in his comfort zone for his oldest daughter, and away from the rude, asshole, weed selling, stealing from his own family for drugs, boyfriend that she thought was the love of her life. So they didn’t talk. And for that amount of time she didn’t live there, then we got together, beginning of 2016 and talked/dated for seven months and for that entire time even though she was not with Kenny she still had little to no contact with her father. Then we split up in July and then she went back to Kenny and of course her father was not happy and the whole time we were together I wanted to meet her dad and wanted to shake his hand and be approved of by him because of how I was raised but I didn’t get the chance because she was living with her grandmother. (Gonna say this now for the sake of not making it more confusing) along with how I was raised I’m a strong believer and I always look forward to the day that I find a girl I want to marry because I wanted to man to man ask him for his daughter’s hand in marriage and get that approval… Her father died before I ever spoke a word to him… and keep in mind he died on 7 August… and idk what she was thinking, neither does she, but Mia allowed/suggested that Kenny (the boy her fathered hated bc he abused his daughter verbally and physically) kenny was a Pallbearer in his funeral that Mia and her mother regret to this day bc they know and feel as if he is angry with them. 3 weeks after the funeral, Mia and Kenny split, and Louisiana just experienced the flooding of ’16 so she had no choice but to move back in to her parents house where her father lived and wanted her to move back to for the past two years when they didn’t talk.. and now he’s gone.. and she’s broken up with what she thinks is the love of her life. So imagine the guilt, the pain, the anger towards herself at being stupid and not moving home when he asked, bc you know now she wishes she could go back and change it.. so that was taking a huge toll on her personally bc she wasn’t on best terms with him the whole time and now that he’s gone, she’s finally back at the house he’s been wanting her to live in and she has to live there knowing he’s dead. On top of all that her mother took it very hard because when he got in his accident he left the house and they were arguing. She said “Don’t call me when you go back to jail!” and he said “Don’t worry I F***ing won’t!”….so, not the most ideal last words… so that’s her mothers guilt. And then her 10 year old sister, she took it like you can imagine a 10yo would… plus now her grandmother living in that house bc of the flood. And mia and her mom sleep on the “L” couch in living room and her grandmother and sister each have their own room because Mia’s mother cannot sleep in their room since he passed, so it makes it more crowded and whatnot with more emotions and irritability. Not trying to be dirty or give you too much information but for the sake of essential details to my eventual end to this long story.. and please don’t judge Mia or Me. Mia and I both never used any kind of protection during sex…ever. And we both had sex very often and 90% of the time I would ejaculate inside my current girlfriend and 90% of the time she would let her current boyfriend ejaculate inside of her. Neither of us ever had so much as a pregnancy scare, so when we got back together on Oct. 12th, 2016 we did our thing and you know, had sex like normal. Well we both have always dreamed of having children but because of our track records and lack of scares we both were starting to think that we couldn’t have kids… well that ended up being false. But we did not know that she was pregnant until December 19, 2016. My birthday was December 15th on a Thursday and the next day bc of dumb personal reasons we had some issues and she left me and went back to Kenny on December 16, 2016 and went to the movies with him. After her father passed and we got back together we went to his grave and she cried and begged for her father’s forgiveness for her allowing Kenny to help bury him., so they go to the movies and by the time I get back home it’s about 1:00 AM December 17, 2016 a.k.a. her father’s birthday a.k.a. her father’s first birthday whilst being deceased, and she ends up having sex with him. Then they had sex that afternoon. Then they had sex again the next day on December 18th, a Sunday afternoon. Put your seatbelt on this is the kicker… (god this girl lucky I love her, I think this why her father did what imma tell you in a bit) she took a pregnancy test Sunday afternoon because she had been throwing up and she got a positive and she’s told me that anytime she’s ever taken a pregnancy test she never had a positive so therefore she never had a false positive either. That being the case if she had a positive test knowing that she’s never had a false positive then the thought went through her head that she may or may not actually be pregnant for me. (so technically she knew on the 18th) Well I just blame it on confusion from losing her father or guilt or whatever, because I love her, but she had sex with him after she took that test knowing she might have a child for me in her stomach. The next morning she takes three more test and then tells me over FaceTime that she’s pregnant for me. (I find out on the 19th) And of course I flipped out when she said she took a test and then have sex again with kenny… Long story short we got back together for obvious reasons. Because a week and a half prior to us knowing she is pregnant, I was under the influence of something different than her father was when he died but still under the influence and I try to drive home about 300 yards from my road I dozed off. The day before this I asked her for one of her father’s mass cards from his funeral to put with my cousins bracelet and a cross my mother got me that says never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.. so the day after I get that card I fall sleep driving I wake up because I felt the vehicle sliding to the left on an incline. This is what I have been researching all night I swear trying to figure out what exactly I experienced but when I opened my eyes the absolute first thing I saw was a concrete culvert and instantly in a split second thought about her fathers accident and speed and what he hit and being under the influence and falling asleep and the fact that I just got his card and put it on my cross in my truck then I glanced down and I’m doing a little about 55 miles an hour and just as soon as I open my eyes I jerked the wheel to the right in order to climb back out of the ditch and miss that culvert. Millionth of a second later and I would’ve smashed that culvert with no seatbelt on and possibly suffered from the same fate her father did, now, I missed the culvert but I didn’t avoid an accident completely but it doesn’t matter for the point of my story and the advice and opinion I need I just messed my truck up a little but right after I looked up at his cardand I said thank you I’m sorry I’m going to quit doing these drugs I get it you want me to be responsible and take care of your daughter now that you’re gone… Little did I know she also had a little sprout growing inside of her for me☺️ on her father’s birthday when she was with Kenny i’ve visited his grave site and left a handwritten note in prayer asking him to help me help him save his daughter from a worthless man, and I also said that I would do anything in my power to watch over protect and care for her her sister her mother and her grandmother regardless if we were together or not because those women need someone to watch over them now that he’s gone. Along with that note I left a truck keychain that was very sentimental to me and did not want to let go but I did not hesitate to put it with this note at his gravesite knowing that if I left it there that I could not get it back you know it’s got to stay there as a respect thing and that was my way of saying thank you for saving me and my truck. Well back to whatever time we got back together once we found out she’s pregnant and we have our issues because of her mistakes and bad choices considering she was pregnant for me and it was the day after my 21st birthday and the day of her father’s birthday she had sex with Kenny again, but slowly we got over that and went to the doctor finally and we both smoke cigarettes and she’s slow down a lot because they say it’s worse to stop cold turkey, well doc gave us a due date of August 18, 2017, next things I’m saying is 100% my believes an opinion, because cigarettes can cause premature birth and because of the amount she slow down, and my belief of her father saving my life and my truck which she and I both love (and our baby was conceived in it) he spared me from an identical accident that he experienced when he took his last breath in order to ensure, because I believe he sees my intentions in my heart but he saved me to ensure that his daughter received the respect and loyalty, and honesty, and type of man she deserves, wow unbeknownst to us ensuring that his grandchild will have a father to providing care for her and the baby which I also feel as if he is using our child as a reincarnation back into our world so that he may watch over her and his family especially if we end up having a boy and because of the cigarettes I feel like our baby is going to be born on August 7, 2017 which is the one year anniversary of her father’s death which would signify his reincarnation, and express to the family that this child truly is a blessing in disguise and here to heal the pain from his passing… so.. from all the 7’s being associated with my little cousin, my baseball number, and dozens of small things here and there between me and mia, including ( her fathers baseball number was #14, which is 7 doubled obviously, but idk if that means anything ) and the dates he died. My birthday, the way stuff happened with her going with him, and we didn’t know she was pregnant, and I went to his grave to pray and beg him to help me get her away from him before knowing about our baby, and she had sex with kenny on his birthday, with his possible reincarnation vessel, which we have both said is like a big ass slap in the face to him being that he hates kenny, he buried him, and he died and was coming back to be with us in the form of something me and mia both were almost completely adamant we could not have…
    And what you think of my opinion on possible birth date of our child being on his death anniversary… being reincarnated and it being the 7th. Especially if it’s a boy.

    The boy’a name has a lot of potential Significance to both of our family’s bc my cousin’s name was Michael Raye and my Great Grandmothers name is Francis.
    Mia’s fathers name is Bart Francis.
    So our boys name has more significance than the girls. And we think that suits the situation…

    Lacey Faye
    Michael Francis

    Whatcha think buddy? I’d really love to hear back… I’m
    Driving myself crazy. Was my wreck a NDE, or what? Idk. This is all crazy and cool.

    • Fawzia at - Reply

      I think you’re being stupid and that baby is not yours and….she knows it, Kenny knows it, and you do too if you just stop a moment and take a deep breath and think….you sound young enough to just pack a bag, move to a nice city, learn to read and write, find a nice job and girl and live happily ever after

  507. Janet at - Reply

    I would love a webinar to learn about past lives Yes, please and thank you☺

  508. angela at - Reply

    I would love to learn and to teach myself how to access my past lives

  509. Donna Chambers at - Reply

    Thank you so much it amazes me just how much everything always comes at the perfect timing for what I need in my life for the lesson at that exact moment or message. Again this is said to be true. Thank you so very much Blair you are surely a vessel in which the guides speak through. We are all so blessed.

  510. Kathy Essex at - Reply

    Need all good in my life….

  511. Carole Gray at - Reply

    I actually don’t want to believe in reincarnation. I want to think I will be with my husband again after I die and we will be together forever after. I really don’t want to come back to this life again. Does it mean that when I cross over, he could be reincarnated again and I won’t see him? That makes me sad thinking I won’t be with him again and forever.

  512. Diane Snoop at - Reply

    I was told that in past lives I was a psychic but abused my gift and needed to repent. I do not have a psychic power now but do believe I had at one time. I would love to learn more about past lives.

  513. Margaret at - Reply

    I have been told a few times that this is my last life. Any ideas why?

    • Fawzia at - Reply

      So you can make the most of what is left of it …. AND stop thinking of what may not exist, may never be proven to exist, and is yet a proven daft way of spending this life you actually know you have

  514. Valerie Robbins at - Reply

    I would luv this

  515. Koreen at - Reply

    Very interesting

  516. Julia Wieand at - Reply

    I have a question! How does reincarnation relate to love never dying? My husband passed away 3 years ago. I know that he is with me from certain things that have happened after I take the time to talk with him. But, how soon will he be reincarnated? Will I still feel him after he is? Suppose this happens before my time comes. Will I not get to see him again? I am so confused and worried!

  517. Carole at - Reply

    I HATE the idea of reincarnation. I want to live thru eternity with my beloved husband that died last year. I do not want to come back here again and do this all over with someone else.

  518. Well Karma has certainly caught up with me! I’ve recently been obsessed with the Holocaust, I couldn’t understand why until a voice in my head said that I was once one of the person’s responsible for the death of other’s during that horrific time. It also went on to explain that the deaths of my two wonderful men, Tom and Pat, were part of my “lesson”, I had to learn what it was like to have someone you love deeply taken away from you. Tom and Pat were also my soul mates, we clicked so easily there could be no other reason. Pat and I were childhood sweethearts, we went our separate ways, and we both learned a lot of lessons growing up. Tom and I seemed to be meant for each other, and we had 25 happy years, I learned a lot from him, he passed in 2010. Later Pat and I found each other and we found that our love for each other was still there. The lessons I learned with Tom (how to love being the main one) helped me to be there for Pat as he was dying. I also learned a lot from Pat, patience and love among others. I will be forever grateful to both those men for sharing their lives with me, and I will be grateful for the lessons I learned from them and from Karma.

  519. Lisa at - Reply

    I would love to ‘see’ a dear friend, Harold who passed 5 yrs ago tomorrow…I miss him terribly-
    Maybe we’ll be reincarnated together? Or have lived together previously. We had such a strong connection.

  520. Judith Link at - Reply

    Yes, I know there reincarnation, I am a very old soul and my granddaughter at 2 remember the 32 of use having a hat store in England.

  521. Linda Semmler at - Reply

    Came to see you in Ft Myers in February..I didn’t get a reading g but it was a wonderful experience..

  522. Sharla Friedrichs at - Reply

    Blair, as I am approaching the first year anniversary of my Beloved Mother and Best Friend passing, Memorial Day of 2016, May 30th, I am able to embrace it and have such comfort knowing she is with me. I want to thank you!! I have read all your books. I saw you in San Antonio and the healings were amazing for so many. Before that I had a personal reading with you and I know my Mother was there, she’s unmistakable. I understand she’s with me everyday and I recognize the connections she makes with me. I can’t tell you what a comfort that is. God Bless you and thank you again for the broader understanding of life after death that most of us never get to hear about or we are taught to disbelieve. I can hear my Mom right now, “I knew you’d coming looking for me Baby Girl”. Thank you for teaching me to receive. I’m pretty sure she is thanking you too.

  523. Annette at - Reply

    say your name in a past life was Homer Radcliff and he reincarnated into you. What happens to Homer Radcliff’s spirit. Does Homer Radcliff just cease to have ever lived?

  524. Jane Cherry at - Reply

    I love to read your email post and I also have your books. Thank you Blair

  525. Pam Waters at - Reply

    This is what these psychics keep telling me and give me dates to purchase their trinkets that they will bless and so on. So is this true what they say about a curse someone has placed on me or the day I was born on was wrong? I’m so confused.

  526. Pam Waters at - Reply

    Not sure if my email came through. But these psychics keep sending me these emails and they all pretty much say the same. Buy my blessed trinkets and your bad luck will lift. I have a curse on me and on the day I was born something was wrong.

  527. Sherrie Johnston at - Reply

    I love love this.

  528. Sherrie Johnston at - Reply

    Yes, please Blair.

  529. Sherrie Johnston at - Reply

    Wonderful! Let’s do This!

  530. Roxanne at - Reply

    I’ve never come across a person who thinks and understands the big school we live in. I would love to pay for a reading a past life regression for me and my son. He is 17 years old and like my side of the family has always had a spiritual side. I.e. seen spirits. But they frightened him and I when we were young.

  531. Diane Spring Herzog at - Reply

    Do you do past life regressions for people? If not, could you recommend someone? Also what is the cost of a phone reading? I would love to see you live but unfortunately it’s too late this year. How soon does your schedule of appearances come out for next year? Sooo many questions! I’m the girl who asked about Lilydale New York. Have you heard of it? Lisa Williams is a new home owner there, along with many awesome mediums.
    Thank you

  532. Linda at - Reply

    Would be so very interested in hearing what you have to say about reincarnation. Many time I have deja vu, startle myself by saying something that I have already said and know that I have, meeting people that seems as though I have known them forever, with the feeling that we were very close. It just is so frustrating, feeling all these things, and not knowing. I sure hope you decide to do one, I will be there!!!

  533. Leona at - Reply

    I have had Dejavu moments…is this reincarnation? It would be very interesting to learn about this.

  534. Leona at - Reply

    I have experienced dejavu several times…is this reincarnation?

  535. Luanne Kirkham at - Reply

    I have always wanted to pursue past lives. My 94 year old dad pursued his about a year before he passed. What an experience! There is so very much to learn from them.

  536. Annette Byczko at - Reply

    If I was, say, Olivia Woodard, in a former life and I reincarnated into a new body. Is the spirit of Olivia Woodard still in Heaven or does this spirit cease to exist?

  537. Lisa at - Reply

    Love This! Blair, I Can Easily Understand You and Somehow Someway Feel Connected To You? Maybe In A Past Life? Its Amazing It Does Feel Like Ive Known You – Somewhere? I Can Relate To You Completely! Much Thanks And Love To You And Your Family!!

  538. Heather at - Reply

    Looking for help I have fibromyalgia chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic migraines.. Looking for my spirit guide and any help I can get..

  539. Valerie Robbins at - Reply

    love to learn about past lives

  540. Licorice at - Reply

    I am very talented in Energy things and animals and kids love me. I am into most native American everything yet I am not native American. Love dancing, music, drumming, tambourine, maracasas, crock pots, photography , prayer, connected to spirit world, living off land, herbs, homeopathy, eye, trees, sunflowers dehydrator, healing, zumba, teaching, promoting wellness alternatively, wind catchers, wind chimes, antiques (old things) painting, music and singing (highest passion) usually spiritual songs, etc. Mariah Carey..Hero inside you…Sound of Silence…words of a prophet are written on a subway wall…tenement halls…..Let it Be…speaking words of wisdom…let it be….

    I believe I was adopted and family disconnected totally from me and I do not look or act like anyone else in entire family and they shout mean digs and conflict. When going to Letchworth park I was magnetically pulled to statue before reading it. Read that Mary Jamieson was adopted by Indians and raised as their own in Native America Culture and Tradition. Years later read more on google and found out new apartment she grew up across street from where I live now. Very connected to Native American Art at first. I am RN, BS but Alternative and Homeopathic. How does one financially survive on this but it works. Also being conflict with me no matter how loving I am. I think it has to do with my spiritual energy persona and i speak up against injustice or whistleblower if I sense lying.theft and no one wants to even associate with me but can’t hold ccorruption inside because that is compromising what one of the prime gifts I have is. I am investigative and creative and healer Thru music and living foods. I am blocked using these skills because of avoidance and disconnect, and betrayal from others who refuse to allow me to connect. I am skilled but prevented from even volunteering at agencies. Disconnection and estrangement and lonely. Where do I fit in? In limbo right now. Want to help people that heal creatively and using homeopathy.

  541. Emma at - Reply

    I would like more info on past life’s and how to know if you have had a past life because it think I have had a past life because so many thinks are new to me but I feel like I have gone through the stuff in the past. Thanks emma belladawna mace

  542. Cheryl Nunez at - Reply

    I asked you this question after I saw you in NEw Orleans. I brought my granddaughter with me. My question was – my daughter died in 2004, and I have been to many psychic readers, she has never came through. Do you think the reason for her not coming through is that she is reincarnated? and if the answer is yes, in another video you say they can always hear you. If she is reincarnated, how would she hear when she is back on earth? Mind blowing………

  543. melissa at - Reply

    Melissa Ann draper past life. I do believe in reincarnation to.

  544. I am A Transpersonal Psychologist. I would be interested in learning about your expertise in the spiritual realm, defined as past lives, tools you use and what your beliefs are. Thank you for any and all that you share.

    Dr Cheryl Ann Dewmalignon
    Transpersonal Psychologist
    San Diego California

  545. Kathryn Bennion at - Reply

    Hi Blair It’s Kathy Kathryn, it’s one of us, Mom..Aunt..
    S C A R E D
    H U R T

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