How To Change Your Life In ONE SECOND With Thought Attraction


Right now!

Are you happy with the path you are on and… are you happy overall?

If you are not… here's how you can turn it around… in just seconds! Really.

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It never ceases to amaze me how many people suffer from negative thinking. Moving along, living unhappy lives.

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.
Earl Nightingale

When I used to perform my comedy hypnosis show, I would illustrate the power of repetitive suggestion in many comedic ways. For example, the volunteers might smell something terrible when I say a certain word. The audience would laugh hysterically.

What makes the demonstration interesting is that the more times I say the word, the stronger the reaction becomes. In comedy, this is called a running gag. But it illustrated the power of repetition.

The Power Of Positive Repetition

Why? Because the more times you give your subconscious mind a suggestion (positive OR negative/real OR imagined), the stronger it becomes. It's the power of thought attraction.

So, if you think negative all the time, you tend to attract negative things. Think positive… and you attract positive things into your life. The power of thought attraction.

It really works!

Psychic Success Secret: The Power Of Positive Thought Attraction!

What are you thinking about most? Are fears dominating your mind right now? Are you thinking about what you'll lose? Failure? Poverty? Lack?

I assure you, that's what you are attracting right now!

But with the simple act of CHANGING your dominant thoughts, you can (and will) attract positive things into your life.

Is it really that simple?

Yes. Yes it is!

Think about it. How would you rather spend your day? Thinking and worrying about all the bad things that could/might come your way… or would you prefer to seek out all the great things that will happen to you today?

And who do you think handles challenging situations best? Negative people or positive people?

thought attraction manifestingYour Mind Is A Magnet

Your mind is a magnet. You can attract to yourself positive people and very good things with a positive attitude. Positive thoughts.

We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within.
Earl Nightingale

How fast can you change your attitude? Will it take weeks? Days? Hours?

You can change your mental attitude right now — in ONE SECOND — and see the results very soon after.

Give it a try.

You'll Never Say “I can't” Again!

Here's a FUN way to change a negative attitude…

When I'm doing one-on-one psychic readings, my guides will often reveal a way for my client to get out of a situation. This is sometimes met with a defeated sigh and the comment, “Blair, I can't do it.”

Another one is, “I can't handle it.”

Here's the deal: the word ‘can't' is a contraction. And you remember back in grade one what your teacher told you about contractions, don't you? The apostrophe is the link between the trains? Remember?

Well, ‘can't' is actually made up of the two words ‘can' and ‘not.' Right? It's simple stuff… but simple stuff is often the stuff we miss completely.

When someone says, “I can't,” they are really saying “I can… not.” Got it? Good.

Now, let's have some fun! Put inflection on the first word of the contraction, pause, and say the second part. Like this: “I CAN, not do this.

See how just changing the inflection turns a defeated comment into a choice?

“I can't do this” transforms from defeat to the choice, “I can not do this.”

“I can't stop smoking,” becomes “I can, not stop smoking.”

MORE Fun With The Power Of Thought Attraction

Want more fun? FINISH the sentence with, …but I WILL (fill in the blank)!

So, “I can't stop smoking,” NOW becomes “I can, not stop smoking… but I WILL stop smoking!

Positive Thinking Doesn't Solve Everything…

Listen, positive thinking doesn't solve everything. You can think as positive as you want, but if you jump out of an airplane without a parachute you're not going to live… you'll end up positively dead!

But positive thought does–and will–make noticeable improvements in your life. Others will notice. Others will be drawn to your magnetism.

Get Positive Assistance

Need help? Get help! None of us were put on earth to go through life alone. A BIG part of being positive and attracting success is getting help when and where you need it.

Need to lose weight? Talk to your doctor.

Marriage in crisis? Get couple therapy.

Tax collector calling, get assistance.

Ask you spirit guides for help. They are right there now wanting to help you.

Being positive is part of being accountable. Doing your best. Living your life to the fullest. Spirit wants you to be more, do more and have more. You can't do that being negative. Negativity holds you back and weighs you down.

Start saying, I CAN. Start looking at things in a positive attitude. Avoid gossip and negative news. Live your life to your fullest potential!

I wish you success!

Blair Robertson

P.S. Need positive reinforcement? I'm best known as a psychic medium, but I'm also a certified hypnotherapist. I've hypnotized, literally, thousands of people. Check out my downloadable self-hypnosis programs that can help you overcome smoking, losing weight, pain, etc. You can start making massive changes within minutes. They've worked for tens of thousands, they can help you. Check them out today by clicking here.

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  1. glynis at - Reply

    Thank you Blair! Even though we all know this we tend to forget the merits of positive thinking especially in these times. I shall make a point of starting each day with ‘positive thinking’ and will forward this email to those close to me.

    • Zip at - Reply

      Thanks Blair…needed the reminder for a very long time and CAN, not help but wonder why AND how I fell of the positivity train.

      Would you consider creating a positive hypnosis CD or download for us?

  2. veronica at - Reply

    Thanks I needed that!

  3. Henny at - Reply

    Thanks for the reminder Blair, this is a known fact but sometimes difficult to follow.

  4. Blair Robertson at - Reply

    Thanks very much. It is indeed powerful stuff. The cool thing? It’s NOT new. These techniques have been around for ages. They work.

  5. aronjon at - Reply

    I think only you can decide whether or not you think you are psychic. Start keeping a dream and vision journal, and go back to it often. You’ll start to see a pattern, noe way or the other.

  6. Crystal at - Reply

    Thanks Blair

    This is difficult to do. I’ve read the books and seen the movies on the law of attraction and it seems easy to do at first but then i slip back into the same old habit of worrying and fretting and feeling bad about everything. My situation is complicated and seems to be getting worse so I know what you’re saying is true, its getting worse because i’m constantly thinking about how its getting worse.

    Hmmm, I’ll make a conscious effort to change my mind set, and let you know what happens 🙂

    Take care


    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Crystal: we live in a negative world. Almost everything that you read, watch or listen to has a negative aspect to it. Especially news.

      Regarding easy… Jim Rohn had a very cool way of defining the word easy. He said, “easy is something that you can do.”

      Think about that.

      Me. Walking on the moon? Not only would that NOT be easy, it’s not likely to ever happen.

      Me. Eating healthy? Easy. Pick up a banana and eat it. EASY. The question is… WILL I do it?

      An expert archer sees NOTHING but the bullseye. YOU need to focus on the bigger picture, SEE the bigger goals, BELIEVE that you are going to succeed and have the DETERMINATION that you will MAKE things to your order.

      Crystal. You are BIGGER than the situation you are in right now. Believe.

      Vision. Purpose. Faith. Gratitude.


  7. S4T at - Reply

    Awesome Reminder! Thank you!! Happy New Year to you and your Family!!

  8. Jen at - Reply

    Thanks for that, I feel that I too am a negative nelly most days. And, alot of things in my life have resulted in negative money, relationship with the DH isn’t getting better, friends aren’t talking to me, and what else…oh ya I am feeling very down about things because of that. And, well feeling disconnected from family too always an outsider..and haven’t spoken to my brother in two years. I know positive thinking works..have seen it. And manifested things in my life, as well. But, have gone back to that negative thinking. I am changing my thoughts this year!! I want direction and purpose this year, that’s the new goal for 2011. For, my future and my families. Thanks for bringing that to light for us! I am totally in need of setting some goals this year and taking action…in a rut, and I’m the one who put myself there!!!

    Thanks, cheers to a wonderful new year!!

  9. debby at - Reply

    Thank you , I have had readings but it is nice to hear some truth. negative some these days try to be postive much going on job famiy

  10. Randy Kemp at - Reply

    Thanks for the great info. Yesterday, I attended a Reiki share meeting. Someone mentioned they bought Wayne Dryer’s I Am thought meditation CD. I brought it at the local bookstore, but it’s sold on Amazon, with great user reviews. I decided to take the Ben Franklin motto of “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Now I convert the last three of health, wealth and wisdom into I AM statements, I say throughout the day. It’s still to early to gauge results. But this practice seems consistent with your article suggestions.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      One step at a time. Positive vibes are always stronger than negative. 🙂

  11. PatN at - Reply

    Thank you, Blair.

  12. jeanne at - Reply

    How timely this post is. I am generally a positive person. As an elementary teacher, I taught my students to be positive.
    Today I am having lunch with an old friend. She has a lot of problems in her life no doubt but that’s all she talks about. I used to try to help her solve them or look at them in a different way but dropped that soon enough because it didn’t matter. There was always a reason why the suggestions wouldn’t work. Now I just say things like “That’s too bad” or “That must be hard.” I’ve often wanted to say,”Isn’t there anything good in your life!”
    Our friendship is drifting apart because I dread talking with her. It might make her feel better to discuss her problems but it makes me feel worse especially since there seems to be no upside.
    Is there a good way to handle this?

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Sometimes you MUST limit contact with toxic people. You can only change yourself. If this person is pulling you down, back away.

  13. Beverly at - Reply

    It is very easy to be more negative than positive,,,i guess when u see it in writing it stands out more to want to try to change….for me its time to get rid of the negative friends and the drama people,,,I Can do it.:) Thanks Blair you always have great input…..Loved you on Hot 89.9 this morning,,Its sexy time is gonna stick now lol….:)

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Yes, this morning was a ton of fun on the Hot Tub. Those guys kill me every time!

  14. Sera at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    Thanks very much for your post.

    Just my humble opinion here and while, like you said, it is very important to be positive, if you really want things to change and to make permanent positive changes in your life it’s necessary to drop the emotional baggage that’s connected to whatever it is that’s making you depressed/unhappy/dissatisfied in the first place.

    Thinking positively helps, but to be honest, for positive, lasting change to happen in a person’s life, they need to release their negative emotions. There are various ways to do this – some as simple as writing down what’s bothering them, saying a prayer and asking that it be released and then burning the paper in a fireplace.

    Hope this helps.


    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Thank you for your input!

  15. Brooke at - Reply

    Thanks Blair! Huge believer and doer of the law of attraction. Light cleaveth unto light!

  16. Iva from S Carolina. at - Reply

    Blair I really enjoyed this about positive.I really needed that today.I been having health issue and feeling negative about it.I am going to be positive and fight this health issue.

  17. Shari Morningstar at - Reply

    I am so happy that I signed up for your predictions and practical advice on all spiritual aspects of our life! I hope you can come to Sarasota, Florida! There is a very large spiritual community here and I would be pleased to put you in touch with someone to facilitate that.


    • Barbara Colianno at - Reply

      I love it Blair when raising my son cant was a forbidden word he has sence passed on but I still live by that. When surrounded by negetive I have to walk away it doesnt always get the best results people sometimes get very angry at you. But im happier with myself in the long run. Life is too short to waste. Thanks Blair <3

  18. Del at - Reply


  19. glynis at - Reply

    Thanks Blair! What a great way to start this week, month and year! GH

  20. Jessica at - Reply

    Thank you Blair! I talk about being positive all the time at work and tend to get many negative looks or responses, especially when I do trainings with teachers. However, I will continue to be positive and promote this positivity in my life because I only want to be surrounded by positive people!

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Refuse to cave in and stoop to their level. Isn’t that sad? Teachers who are negative? Wow. Keep up the great work!

  21. Becky Bucci at - Reply

    Excellent advice. I can, not take it.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Love it!!! <3

  22. Betsy at - Reply

    I would give my eye teeth to be able to find that sense of peace. I think I need one on one guidance

  23. Catherine at - Reply

    I have a friend who is very negative. I have tried everything ti help change her attitude to being a little more more positive. I have tried everything. It’s at the point where I feel I done even want too shop, text , or even consider being around her. I am a very positive and up beat person. But I feel when I am around her I am always trying to get her to get rid of all the people who bring her down and use her. She is very depressing, I like her as a friend.she is very loyal and trustworthy. So it’s hard for me to just drop her friendship. On a higher note. I still do text but with only positive thoughts. If she starts with all the bad happening. I just stop texting. I have told her only surround herself with happy or up people as I call them. Because people who are happy get tired of being around who are always trying to bring them down. Can you suggest something to help her out. Sorry to lose a good friend but so tired of all the drama.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      You can’t change others. Change yourself and limit access to those who are negative.

      Listen: it’s okay to hear out a persons problems, but if they are just looking for someone to have a ‘pity-party’ with, decline the invitation!

  24. Rose Sawicki at - Reply

    What a great uplifting and empowering message. Positive thoughts and actions to start life’s new grand adventure in 2014. Thanks for all the wonderful information and knowledge you share with eveyone. Happy New Year to you and Wendy.

  25. Chris R at - Reply

    I love it! What a great twist on words. Although, instead of “but I will” I would add “so I will”. Thanks Blair!

  26. Lynn at - Reply

    I always start every day with a positive attitude, this is a new day with a new start where good things are going to happen. I figure if I start the day on a positive note that good things are bound to happen.

  27. Carrie at - Reply

    Thank you, Blair, for “positive” advice.
    I used to be the world’s biggest worrywort. As I have gotten older, I have learned to follow the “Serenity Prayer”: “God, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.” This isn’t to say that I have totally stopped worrying or thinking negatively, but I can at least remember (most times) to put it in “God’s Hands”, and try to leave it there!

  28. Donna-Marie at - Reply

    Thank you Blair. Its always good to hear positive information. Its uplifting and motivating 🙂

  29. alana at - Reply

    Heya Blair I absolutely love and look forward to your messages I just wanted to share the motto I live by and even have written on a card in my home for everyone to see It says say no to negativity
    Turning my bak on negativity and not accepting it into my life has bought great positive changes

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Great saying. The word no is not a negative word. It should be used more often.

  30. carolyn davis at - Reply

    Hi Blair,im a positive person,but it seems like nothing ever changes.can never seem it get ahead in life one step ahead and always 2 behind getting tired of this what do u see for my husband and my self

  31. Anna at - Reply

    You are truly so uplifting and I try to live by the yes I can attitude my sister on the other hand has a poor me attitude and she is a part of my life but her always complaining and never satisfied with life brings me right down but I will keep trying to live by my positive but it is hard. Thank you for your site It always puts things in perspective.

  32. Dahlia at - Reply

    this is the SMARTEST and BEST advice! thanks Blair

  33. dorota at - Reply

    Thank You Blair

  34. Hi Blair. I never thought that I would never get a reply back from you. Thought that you had to be so busy that there was no way you could answer all the people who follow you. When I did get a reply back I was so shocked and soooooooooo happy that I did. On Christmas eve I did just want you ask us to do to connect with a loved one. In my dream that night/ morning it happened. I chain smoke. One cigarette after a other. I started when I was 33. That’s 24 years of smocking. I have no ideal why I started. My 1st. husband was a heavy smoker. I hated the smell. My second husband smoked also. But quite the same time I stared. I have tried just about ever thing there is to stop. I have tried hypnotized 2 times. None of it has stopped me. My sister is dieing from Fibrosis’s. She is only 46 years old. I watch her fight for air. It is so scary. I do not want to loose my sister. Nor do I want my family to watch me laying there gasping for air. I am sitting here on the computer smocking one after a another. I need your help PLEASE! I will try “I CAN AN WILL STOP SMOCKING” I would love to have a talk with you if possible. Thank you sooooooo much! I truly believe an thank you what you do for so many.

  35. Linda at - Reply

    Thank you Blair. I have been negative for so long, trying hard to break this habit. It’s depressing. I have been doing the positive thinking & giving my problems to God. It has helped me so much. But it is so good to have someone like you to reinforce this, by saying it. I appreciate it. 🙂

  36. jenny at - Reply

    Thanks Blair.
    I wish you and Wendy and families all the best for 2014 🙂

  37. Nancy at - Reply

    Hello Blair
    Fantastic story and I am learning this everyday. Thank you!

    I am very interested in a Hypnosis CD. When I clicked to purchase there was a space for a “coupon code”. Is there a coupon for this? I am very anxious to get started.

    Thank you for your gifts Blair. Enjoyed seeing you in Oakville Ontario.

  38. Jo Partridge at - Reply

    Thanks Blair, this is definetly great advice that I am grateful to have read. Bless you and your family. 🙂

  39. Shirley at - Reply

    How can you get a spouse to believe to start thinking positive, each time I think I’m pulling myself out of the negativity – he finds something to worry about…we both had crappy childhoods, his more than mine, and he keeps repeating and talking about the pain over and over again! I have tried to walk out of my past and it works sometimes. Thanks for your help!

  40. steve at - Reply

    Thank you Blair. Very helpful. The book or movie, “The Secret,” tells us the mind attracts. Google for “The strangest secret.” It says the same thing too.

  41. Barbara Colianno at - Reply

    Your words are so true im a possitive person but I deal with alot of people unfortunately most of them want to have their pity party’s I use to listen and not say much or maybe just a im sorry to hear that but now I find myself trying to find ways to get them to see things in a different way some times they get mad because you dont tell them what they eant to hear other times they say wow id never would of looked at it like that. My son pasted almost 3 yrs ago it was that time for me that instead of all the normal feelings one has that I discovered how blessed I was that I hadnt lost my son but I had been gifted the pleasure of 24 yrs with him I miss him dearly but it has also taught me to give every thing ive got to get the most out of every day

  42. Maril Christ at - Reply

    I have often been refered to as the “Odie Dog.” Co Workers have given me stuffed animal Odie Dogs. No matter whats going on I Always see the brighter side of things. It is hard at times to be positive with all the negitive thoughts floating around. Being grateful for me is like my magic wand. When I feel heavy from problems, I will light a white candle and say ” Thank you for today Cover me with the white light of protection ,protect me ,my family and all that come to mind today. Send all negitive back from where it came. “. The air always seems to be lighter after that.
    Do you know what you are soppose to put by your front door to bring in more income? It was something you put in a jar/vase with water?
    I want to Thank You! for your webnairs. I have often felt that I have the ablility to feel things and see things. With your help I am opening up and expanding my awareness. Lately, randomly a person dead or alive will pop into my head. Am sensing am suppose to get a message , but am still unable to receive. Will I gain clarity with time? What can I do to be more open to these messages. Geez…as you can tell my mind is all over the place today……focus

  43. Jas at - Reply

    Thank you so much.

  44. teresa ray at - Reply

    I am very confused in my life…reconnected with an old school mate 4 years ago after 36 years. I am deeply in love with this man who has never been married. he sends me mixed signals…we text all day 24/7…have sex text…enjoy each others company, he lives 120 away and I have only seen him in person 5 times in 3 years…I think he is scared too death…we have hugged and felt each other…but never lip kissed or physically made love…I am dying here…he won’t answer straight forward questions…but, he is still my best friend and can’t imagine life without him. will we 4ever be this way

  45. Karleen Morgan at - Reply

    Please let me know if you come to New Orleans. I live in Biloxi MS. Thanks!

  46. Bonnie at - Reply

    Thank you Blair, I am trying very very hard to stay positive, so when I feel myself starting to fail I start talking with my brother, mom or dad that have left this world, is that weird

  47. Brenda at - Reply

    I CAN give it a try!

  48. Fawzia at - Reply

    Hello there

    I just read your post on positive thinking …and I wonder what to make of it.

    I was born and raised in west indies as a Muslim and always will be. ….I also attended baby school lol from 03 to 17 an Ursuline convent and 43 years later still belong to that religious and cultural hand in glove on with the other seamlessly

    So here I am at 60 wondering what happened. …lol. ….first of all life in an Ursuline convent is especially when reverend mother needs a money bags child to think the only way she would make it in life is he bought it. And he bought it for the next 17 most formative years of my life. Years during which I found out that my body and I had a disastrous relationship because I had scoliosis and didn’t understand what would entail until much too late …. for example the years I was at that hospital being stretched for 3 to 4 hours each day gave me practically no time to study, understand being a girl, and making friends ….

    So reverend mother (s) had the time of their lives recreating me just especially for my father….let me include that at approx 5.9 /5.10 I might easily been the tallest adolescent period…so everyone could easily point at me and I had no place to hide. …then she decided to impress my lack Lustre position by choosing such smart words…I apparently was a great plodded (like a farmers pet Clydesdale ) and I had the patient pereverence of a born achiever. …there went the bovine simile through his other eyeball

    Well poor old money bags valiantly pitched in….but now that I was so tall and hard to miss people looked at with sorrow at having been cursed with the burden of a retarded female child….and he couldn’t get away from it because I was often sick he would have to either send his foremen or come home himself to take care of it

    And then 3 times a year report cards came home…I was on lowest rung of every academic ladder and poor old daddy repaired and redesigned and maintained that school for free…ST AGNES/ST ROSES’HIGHSCOOL…..they did much good over years and after but one sacrificial lamb later…..

    Now I’m in Ottawa CAN….and at Canterbury high school everyone thinks I’m smart…because my education is expensive and top notched in every way…ands suddenly I realised maybe somewhere there was a ME …and these people might just get to meet me and I felt free and light for first time ever….

    It never happened again…..and though all the friends and teachers recognized me….I got sick with side effects of scoliosis and there are…as bones keep growing in all different shapes and and in all wrong places…until life becomes unfixable and merely acceptable

    And then you try and try for the rest of your life to show your Creator and people around you that it can be overcome…roll up sleeves and a little equine and bovine DNA might work wonders. …you keep succeeding at each goal you set yourself…

    But then each milestone has another and your strength is practically all gone…you’ve started to realize that your supporters are all gone -father deceased 10 years ago on a quietest of heartattacks, my mom practically died of neglect and sorrow because she knew that I was again too sick to do the things with her I wanted to, and my brother and sister saved themselves by distancing themselves…after I only made it because my family was the village I needed……

    And do you know what I’ve come to realize… my efforts to beat the odds and to capture any winnings was the hugest waste of my life. …it was like taunting the odds into some sort of competition. …if I had only accepted things and never try to apparently challenge reality to a duel. …I and my whole family could been really happy with more health compromise

  49. Luanne Kirkham at - Reply

    Once again, it is exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you!

  50. Wendy Graham at - Reply

    Where can i get a self hypnosis to quit smoking and not gain a bunch of weight?

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